Humpday (+1) Giveaway: It’s Garmin Time!

Garmin locked in and time to run! Life is good!

I had to laugh when another mother runner on Facebook said she looks at the sky when she was waiting for her Garmin to hook in a satellite. Like she could give a satellite a disapproving face, as I often give my kids, and it would fall in line.

So Garmins might require a little patience on cloudy days or when you're running, say, in lower Manhattan, but once they're locked it, those babies track pace, distance, time, calories burned and a slew of other numbers that you can slice, dice, be proud of, get disgusted at (only 350 calories for that bun-burner of an effort?) and otherwise analyze.

But maybe Garmins don't do enough. I'm thinking those engineers in Kansas City might need some bigger tasks. For instance, I wouldn't mind seeing:

  • A square that, pre-run, accurately predicts how your run will go. It would say one of the following: mind-blowing; great; normal; crappy; go back to bed. I'd probably still run even if I crappy comes up, but at least then I'd know to expect it. I would go back to bed, though, if instructed to do so. I'm a play-by-the-rules kind of girl.
  • Similarly, a square that you could look at during your run that lets you know how the rest of the miles are going to go: raise a glass!; will get better; riding a plateau; hang on for dear life.
  • Another square--yes, I'm making this imaginary Garmin the size of a laptop--that tells you, as you approach home, how things are going there: tantrums; TV time; whining; quiet play time; begging for snacks. I'd then adjust my routeβ€”or outdoor stretchingβ€”accordingly.
  • An inner chip that would sync up with my music, if I'm listening to it, to give me a boost when my pace or motivation sags. It would clearly know not to repeat songs.
  • A light function that would be synced with your intestines. Green light=you're fine; venture far from home. Yellow=stay within 2 miles of home. Red=you better be within 40 steps of your front door.

So you're probably not surprised to find out that we've got a Garmin Forerunner 210 to give away today. (Whee! Maybe we need a feature that cheers you on as well?) While this $250 beauty can't predict the future, it does log a run mighty well. Stats include heart rate (strap included), average pace, time run and calories burned; it can be set up for interval work as well. In addition, it's definitely not a laptop on your wrist; it's engineered for the dainty, delicate wrists of us mother runners.

What do you have to do to enter, you ask? In the comments below, give us some functionβ€”could be fun, could be functionalβ€”you wish Garmin would integrate into their units. How many grilled cheeses you've burned? How much you're going to kill the upcoming hill? A beacon that would let you know if women running by you could be potential BRF's? A ringtone instead of the you've-run-a-mile beep?

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States. It begins on 3/28/12 and ends on 4/4/12; the winner will be chosen through and announced on 4/5/12 . The prize is worth $250. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.



1,048 responses to “Humpday (+1) Giveaway: It’s Garmin Time!

  1. I would LOVE one first off, but if I had one I would love it to 1: Start beeping if I was going under a 9 1/2-10 min mile pace (or whatever you programed it to beep at) and 2: Be able to play songs.

  2. A well timed mantra would be nice. As it predicts a hill on the course just ahead, it could cheer “kill the hill!” Or, it could say “embrace the suck” when I’m running out of my second wind at mile 13 πŸ™‚

  3. I want my Garmin (have never had one, was just wondering the other day what everyone is using these days as I’ve haven’t been running for about 4-5 years! AY!) anyway, I want my Garmin to lead me to other mother runners in my little city, I need a buddy!!! πŸ™‚

  4. I wish a Garmin could talk to me and give me encouraging words, tell me when I hit each mile and keep me motivated. Then when I am done with my run I wish it would praise me and tell me how great I did even if it was a slow run!

  5. I’d love it to beep loudly and continuously when it hasn’t been switched on for 48 hours. Or maybe just call out, “remember me, c’mon, I’m here for you, let’s do it together”. Or possibly, “oi, lazy arse, let’s get moving”.

  6. My Garmin changed the way I run. First of all know I actually know how far I’m running. Sadly not as far as I thought. πŸ™‚ Secondly I’m a little faster. I can run intervals. Novel concept, right. I have a review on my blog if you want more info.

  7. would be great to have a high frequency sound alerting all would be attackers to run the opposite direction. and also a “i’ve fallen and i can’t get up” button. πŸ™‚

  8. I’d love a Garmin to download songs or audio books as I run so that I could choose the perfect song or book for any point in a run. It would be also be awesome if it reminded me to do my post running stretching and recovery fueling after each run as well.

  9. I would like a weather indicator so I know which direction the wind is blowing, a hookup to music to match my pace and a metronome all built in.

  10. I would like my Garmin to have a microphone and a record button so I could say all of the great ideas and thoughts I have while I am running and listen to it when I get home. Because once I get home, I usually am so busy, I forgot about everything I planned to do and how great I felt on my run!

  11. I would like to have a voice feed back. When it shows that I’m starting to be sluggish that a voice will come on and tell me I’m a Bad Ass Mother and you can do it, you can rock it girl, etc.

    Music being able to sync to it and be able to have wireless ear buds to listen to it.

  12. I would love for it to give calories burned and display how many Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs can be consumed in return! Of course I would change the food to go along with the current season/holiday!

  13. I would like it to be able to predict when I’m going to run out of energy, and warn me ahead of time to take a gu! I constantly find myself waiting too long before refueling mid-run.

  14. It would read my mind and record all of my thoughts, so I could follow through with the great schemes I forgot about while out πŸ™‚

  15. I have a terrible tendency to get lost on my runs, especially trail runs. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ended up with a planned hour turning into 90 minutes… or two and a half hours, when maybe I was supposed to be at a baby shower, but got completely turned around on the trail, and ended up using baby wipes instead of showering and dashing into the party as they were opening gifts. I want my Garmin to talk me back to my car, like the Garmin in my car tells me where to turn. I want my Garmin to say “Gretchen, turn right at the big tree coming up.” Wouldn’t that be nice!

  16. I would love for it to be my personal trainer and cheerleader!! It would also be able to tell me if I’m hurting myself, diagnose it, and give me a cure:)!

  17. I like how the Nike Sportwatch gives you a message at the end, like “nice finish”, etc. Garmin should consider adding that feature.

  18. I wish the Garmin had a square with words of encouragement, like “you’re awesome!” Or, “your butt looks great!”

  19. So many fun comments, I haven’t read them all and I imagine I might be repeating a common one:

    A great big PAUSE button that pauses everything else in my life while I take my time about running, stretching & rolling, refueling, and showering.

  20. I would love a Garmin that has a Skype-type function so that I could “run” with friends in other cities. Although I’d prefer if the video function displayed a professional runner’s form with my face attached.

  21. I would like a Garmin that took dictation while I ran. I could bang out a lot of do list, letters, email. I could get it down and then move on rather that going over and over it in my head so I don’t forget.

  22. A Garmin to protect me from stray animals and “bad guys”, but if I were to be in danger & attacked, the Garmin should notify police & my husband immediately.

    Different colors!

    Music & weather!

  23. What if Garmin could put in a screen saver so that you wouldn’t have to constantly look at the numbers and instead you could upload your favorite picture for inspiration- say your kids, family, favorite vacation picture, etc. I like using my hubbies Garmin, but haven’t broke down to by one for myself yet. This one looks much more lady-like :).

  24. If I won this I would give it to my sister who is also struggling with weight loss. I would love to give her something like this for her birthday which is coming up in August. I rarely see her because she lives in another state.

  25. I’d love it if Garmin could synch with my cell phone and give me not just caller id but whether or not it is a true emergency. There’s nothing worse than interrupting a great run to dig your phone out of your spybelt (because you told your kids to call only if it was a TRUE emergency and since no one else calls you on your cell phone, it must be them, especially since they’ve called back twice when you didn’t answer the first time, so clearly the house is on fire or someone needs to visit the emergency room) only to find out it’s your mom wanting to know why you haven’t called lately. Argh.

  26. I wish Garmin would tell you that you’re doing a great job and to keep going, no matter what, because you owe it to yourself!

  27. I’d like it to predict our great NW weather..and have certain beep tones for when what you think of as a perfect sunny day for a run is about to do a 180 back into rain πŸ™

  28. I would love Garmin to know the name of the person running near me so I could shout out a “Keep it up, Girlfriend!” or “You inspire me!” It’s so cool at races (if your name is on your bib) when people shout out encouraging things to you. This way I could play along and encourage people too πŸ™‚

  29. I wish Garmin had a program to take messages. I always get my best ideas/blog topics when I am out running. By the time I get home, I have forgotten most of what I wanted to say.

  30. I would love Garmin to have a “user defined” field so that each individual can program their favorite treat (in calories) so that we can track how many calories we have banked toward that treat. So, for example, I love margaritas and mexican food (not the healthiest versions either). It would be cool to be able to track “Reward Calories.” Once you have reached your calorie goal; the Garmin should play a fun song and a voice should “You’ve reach your goal, Great Job!”

    And, another cool feature would be to be able to program montras into it so that when you heart-rate reaches certain level, a voice kicks in with the montra. So, for me, “Hills are my friends.” would be the one.

  31. I would love a garmin! I ordered one last year but ended up sending it back and just getting the Nike GPS app for my iPhone b/c it was so much cheaper and the watch was really bulky. But I really like wearing a watch and don’t like using all the data on my iPhone, so I’m interested in a garmin again.

    While not a function, the biggest thing I’d like to see is a slimmer model (something more like a regular watch). It looks like they’re starting to get a little slimmer, but I think there’s still room for improvement. Also, I’d like to see my exact pace rather than average pace.

  32. I’d like the Garmin to take notes for me while I run – I always have great ideas when I’m out running, when my head is clear, but as soon as I walk back in the door the day-to-day of kids, meals, laundry and dishes clouds my head again and my those great thoughts are long lost…never to be thunk again!

  33. I’d love an endorphin monitoring feature. With a husband in the Army (and living 12 hours away for the past few months) I’d love to be able to have a display that lets me know when xM (miles) + xC (chocolate)= Happiness. Either that or a meltdown predictor for exactly how much longer I have before the kiddlets decide I’ve had enough “me time” and I need to pick up the pace and get it done.

  34. I want my Garmin also be a phone…like a spy watch…and maybe there’s a coordinating ear bud – wireless – again, like a spy. Then, I could be a super, double-agent mother runner. Now that would be awesome.

  35. I wish I knew what I wanted it to do because I don’t know what it DOES do since I don’t have one! I run with my huge brick of a phone attached to my arm and have promised myself a Garmin as a reward for sticking to my training plan.

    I want a Garmin to help me get faster, to help me with my training, to make it easier to track and meet my speed goals. If it doesn’t already, I hope it has the ability to beep for intervals… in meters in addition to miles (the app I use on my phone only lets you program intervals by km which makes 400 or 800 m repeats, ahem, difficult).

  36. My Garmin needs an indicator for when my husband might get out of work. That way I can know before 8pm if I should have hit the treadmill at nap. A light that indicates when the Admiral will need a PowerPoint done, or when there will be a e-mail crisis in Japan, would really streamline my decision making process. The time and miles tend to matter less these day than if I am even going to get out there.

  37. I would like my Garmin to wake my husband and gently remind him that although being physically present and home to make sure the kids are alright while I run certainly supports me, that to make them breakfast or get them dressed would be wonderful additional support!!!

  38. I would the garmin to cheer me on during my run, but the voice would have an Irish or Spanish accent so I could pretend that I am running in Ireland or Spain. A girl can dream.

  39. I want to punch in the distance I want to run as well as things like flat, hilly, easy, hard , etc and it tell me where to go. Like left, right, straight up this hill for .5 mile. That would be awesome!

  40. OK – for fun and giggles, I would love the garmin to tell me that I have burned enough calories that I can go and have a slice of cheesecake, or two slices of pizza, a giant sundae (you get the idea) as a reward πŸ™‚

  41. When I am running well I feel like Daniel Day Lewis (or “The Daniel” to my wife) in Last of the Mohicans. But in those horrible race day photos I look more like my dad lumbering along the road. At 55 I expect I am more like the later.

    I want my Garmin to beep (okay…lie) everytime someone drives by while I am running and comments I look like “The Daniel” or some equally impressive image.

  42. I would definitely like to have a real pain/perceived pain button. Is my knee REALLY going to explode or is it just trying to get me to stop??

  43. Definitely would have it have a “make coffee” button that I can press first thing in the morning πŸ˜‰

  44. I’d like my garmin to be able to read and record my thoughts while I’m running. In my head, I think of all kinds of things I need or want to do. By the time I get back from a run, I’ve forgotten most of them!

  45. I would like a Garmin to give me an electrical shock on those days that I feel that I just can’t get out to run.

  46. I’d like Garmin to have a digital recorder so I can tell it everything I remember when I’m running that inevitably I’ll forget again by the time I finish running. I’d also like it to be able to spray mace if I spread my fingers like Spiderman. That would be cool.
    (p.s. I don’t actually HAVE a Garmin yet, so if I had one that did all its normal, boring functions, that would be awesome, too.)

  47. A feature that watched my kiddos at home so I didn’t have to push the double jogger would be nice! Ah, a girl can dream. In the meantime, my lovely daughters will help me burn more calories.

  48. I’d like my Garmin to alert me whether my kids are getting along at home… if it’s world war 3, I want the option to add a few extra miles to my run!

  49. I love all these great ideas…lots of things I would never have thought of! I would like it to take into account terrain and incline when calculating my pace…or does it already do this?

  50. I would love it if Garmin could sync up with your Train Like a Mother plan and tell you the workout you need to do that morning, then lead you through it with pre-programmed intervals, etc.

  51. I would love to win this! If it could tell me that I am setting a new record for myself – that would be motivating.

  52. I would love for it to tell me how far from home I am — do I have to go the long way home to get my miles in or can I take the shortcut?! πŸ™‚

  53. I would love a Garmin that would know just when I need strong words of encouragement – like ‘you are on fire’ or ‘all this running makes your butt look fabulous, keep going!’ and so on:-)

  54. Some kind of forceful accountability keeper to smack me in the morning when I want to sleep in instead of go for my long run and encourage me to keep going when I want to quit!

  55. I would like a Garmin that projects images in front of me that make it seem like I’m running through whatever terrain I choose: like rolling hills, thick forest, a cool city, etc. And sounds to go with that atmosphere! Or, better, it could project images behind me that would make me run faster – dogs, zombies, or my kids! πŸ™‚

  56. I would like a Garmin that can tell me if my two boys ages 6 and 4 will be best friends or fight like cats and dogs that day…might make a difference how quickly I come home!

  57. I would like for it to organize my schedule and let me know when I can fit a run into my day. Hmmm, it would also be nice if it had a slight shocking ability that didn’t let up until I was actually out the door!

  58. A Garmin that cheers would be a plus but what would be really nice is one that pays me the going rate $5.00 per mile or more, tells me my total each mile and deposits it into the bank account ready to purchase more running fun stuff!

  59. I would love for it to cheer when I PR, but even better, send a message to my iPod to play a super motivating song when my spirit (and pace) lag!

  60. I run on trails in Florida. I need the Garmin to warn me of potential snakes, gators, wild boar, and of course the Jurassic bugs I could encounter on my morning run, lol

  61. I would like my Garmin to automatically sense when I’m hitting the wall and then start chanting, “You run this body” until I break through.

  62. I would love for it to talk to me…such as “You’re kicking ass” or “Remember that little black dress??? You wanna look HOT!” It would also be nice if it gave me a foot massage post run!

  63. I would love if my Garmin could tell me when I’m too sick or risking injury and I shouldn’t run. Usually if I’m uncertain I run anyway.

  64. Does it come with a small electric shock to get me out of bed on those “snooze alarm” mornings? And a running buddies radar — that would be good.

  65. Calories burned!
    And, for a screensaver instead of listing the time (useless) it should list the total miles it’s been through. For me that would be over 1,000 on my 405.

  66. Audio!
    I wish it would be like “pick up the pace you know you can do better than this!” … or “you’re doing an awesome job keep up the good work” … “you’re doggin in… get moving” … you know something to verbally motivate me! πŸ˜‰

  67. I would like Garmin to notify me when I’ve run enough calories for a glass of red wine and/or 1 oz. of dark chocolate. A great run would consist of 2 glasses of wine and 2 oz. of chocolate. Think of all the antioxidants…

  68. I would love for the Garmin to tell me exactly how much time I should spend on everything I need to get done in my day. With a “beep” for every time I should stop what I am doing and move on to the next thing on the list. If only daily life could be as black and white as my training plan and my Garmin.

  69. I wish it would do a different tone for each mile and then it would know when you were finished and it would play a little celebration song or congratulations or something. Something you could ‘do a little dance’ to. Also track the number of margaritas I have earned – that would be awesome!

  70. I wish it could remind me to drink water during the day so I wouldn’t get so thirsty during my evening runs. Oh, & tell me that picking up the pace won’t hurt but that it will make me faster.

  71. I want mine to alert me when my thoughts are cleared and when I am in a better mood so that I know it is safe to go back home. LOL.

  72. I would like to see the temperature. And something to keep track of the miles if you have more than one pair of shoes.

  73. My garmin should allow to show me my target pace for each mile. It is hard to remember 26 target paces for a marathon, specially when hilly or the course profile is irregular. Target pace should be a new data field which can shown in the garmin and setup in Training Center.

  74. My garmin should allow in the settings the calibration of the measured distance when using the GPS; something similar than the foot pod. In my case my garmin is always measuring 1.25% more distance. Is funny to see always that my pace is off 6 seconds if I compare it with the my official race pace.

  75. Anything…right? I’d love a laser beam I could use on clunker cars that spew fumes towards me as I lumber up the hills around my house. Just so I could disable them long enough for me to get away.

  76. I want the garmin to show me an automatic πŸ™‚ smiley face for every time I run a set distance faster than the last time.

  77. Garmins are pretty awesome as is. It would be cool if you could sync with other runners and have “virtual runs” with each other, watching your buddy on the screen. Definitely would be a fun way to keep up runs with friends who have moved!

  78. Would love one that could deflect the wind when it blows in your face and then deflect it so that it is at your back! Wish it could literally grab me by the wrist and pull me out of bed too. Practically speaking love the emergency/911 button.

  79. I would like it to shout out encouraging phrases every mile instead of the almost inaudible beep. Or if I am slowing down to shout out some mantras like “strong legs, strong body” or “you got this” or “you labored for hours the next 10 minutes is nothing” anything to remind myself how really strong I am when I am feeling weak.

  80. I would like Garmin to have a motivational alarm, so that when its time to run it tells you to get up and go and will not turn off until you start moving at a running pace.

  81. I wish that my Garmin had a feature that would alert my husband when I am 15 minutes from our meet up spot. That way I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping him and the kiddo’s waiting if I have to take an unplanned potty break (or two or three).

  82. I would love my garmin to wake me up, reminding me to get my run in before the day begins (and that there really won’t be any time throughout the day to “squeeze” it in), cheer me on throughout the run, and celebrate with me throughout the day because I ran. Then, the next day, it begins again … πŸ™‚

  83. I think it would be cool if the garmin could pause time where I could do my runs (no matter how long or short) without really spending time away from my husband and two girls. Once I am done time picks up where I “paused” it. πŸ™‚

  84. So corny, but before each run the Garmin could give me an inspirational or motivational thought to ponder while I run. Maybe a pat on the back when I’m done. πŸ˜‰

  85. I would like it to tell me how close I am to the next mile marker and then give a big chime every time I reach it.

  86. “WARNING: Silent cyclist approaching!” There are some rude cyclists on the trail I usually run who never, ever say “On your left” or anything remotely nice. One in particular seems to be trying to see how close he can buzz by- I”m afraid he’s going to run me off the trail one of these days, so it would be nice if a Garmin could beep and let me know I’m about to be nearly-grazed by a trail-hogging cyclist!

  87. I would like it to let me know when I’m doing something erratic or just plain ugly…you know, if I start breathing funny, it would say “Sandy, you sound like a cow in heat!” or if I start shortening my stride it could say “Really? Do you have the legs of a 2 year old now?”. And when I start getting worried that some roll of fat is visible and jiggling, it could tell me “Not fat, girl…long run fuel!”

  88. I would like it to let me know when I’m doing something erratic or just plain ugly…you know, if I start breathing funny, it would say “Sandy, you sound like a cow in heat!” or if I start shortening my stride it could say “Really? Do you have the lets of a 2 year old now?”. And when I start getting worried that some roll of fat is visible and jiggling, it could tell me “Not fat, girl…long run fuel!”

  89. I would love for it to keep track of my info, but turn off during the run so I wasn’t always looking at it or hearing it beep each mile!

  90. I don’t have a Garmin, so I’m not all that sure what technical features they *do* have. But I’m pretty sure none of them provide a video cam so I could chat with my hubby and kids while I’m out. I love my solo runs, but it would be nice to check in and feel them “running beside me” now and then–they’re my biggest fans!

  91. It wold be. Nice when you set the watch for intervals if you could see the distance and time/pace and I wish the alert was a LOT louder somyoumcould just run through without having to look at the watch

  92. I would love a feature that could somehow determine my real energy level, and give me a workout to do that matches. And override that voice in my head that tells me I’m too tired. Oooo, and maybe a feature that would really get me out of bed for early morning runs. Maybe some short of electric shock.

  93. I would love a feature that moves dog walkers(and their dogs) to one side. This would allow the sidewalk to be shared with runners, instead of forcing us to move on to the street to go around them.

  94. A Garmin that pushes when I’ve decided to wuss out and not go whole hog, maybe with some “you’ve got a lot more in there. Go for it!”

  95. I would like my Garmin to give me an immediate desire to tackle a run confidently and without ambivalence. It would give me that endorphin rush from the start, eliminating my silly mental diatribe, specially on those days when I try to talk myself out of it.

  96. I’d like it to tell me how much energy I have left for my run! Can I push it another 3 miles or should I just call it quits?

  97. I would like a countdown to know when i will feel like ‘me’ again… 8 weeks post baby #2 arrival & having a hard time with lack of sleep & no running…

  98. I’d love a garmin to store all of my important information. I.E. Name, address, emergency contact info, allergies in case anything should happen on my run!

  99. The Garmin could sense when I’m getting too close to something I will regret later and then beep and say, “You will have to run 5 miles to burn off that piece of cheesecake…is it really worth it?”

    Or, spew out positive cheerleading or notes from friends during the run. I love my Nike+ Facebook cheers, but it would be nice if I could hear what my friends are saying.

  100. I would love it to whisper compliments with increasing outrageous adjectives as my run progesses: “You are doing great”, then “Wow, you are on fire” to “You look so hot after running 7.3 miles!” etc

  101. OMG, the first comment was brilliant! Tell me what to fix for dinner (using what I have in my kitchen). I also would love for it to fold and put away my families clean laundry.

  102. I’d love a “Code Brown” button to tell me if I should just run around the block until things start moving, or if I’m safe to run a few a miles from the house! I hate being 5 miles from home and having to search for a restroom!

  103. I would like a button to advise my husband when I’m close to the end of a race so he can take pictures. So he is not at the local bar drinking Bloody Mary’s with my injured running friends πŸ™‚

    Maybe there is something out there like this but I currently have the Nike band that does not. Would love to upgrade!!!

  104. I would like it to sync up with my brain so all of the really clever, witty, useful thoughts I have while running could be recorded and applied when I got home. Then again, maybe I would find that I’m not quite as clever, witty, and useful as I thought, so, never mind.

  105. I would LOVE to see a Garmin HR monitor that has tide information available as well! Would be the perfect enhancement to weekly paddleboard training! πŸ™‚

  106. Wish my garmin would let me know what my 3 yr old will actually eat for the day. One second he wants mac & cheese, but once its in front of him he says he changed his mind! Ugha! Lol

  107. I would like a function that tells me how long I need to recover after a particularly hard or fast run…I always seem to take longer to recover physically than mentally.

  108. My Garmin doesnt need to tell me what things are like when I get home…with 3 and 1.5 year old boys and a hubby who stays home with them, its always crazy! BUT what i already know is that by leaving the house to run before everyone gets up, i will find my center and balance.

    I would like the Garmin to tell me if i have 3 minutes to make my coffee when i get home though!

  109. I would love it if the Garmin could create a holographic image of me that could do all of my “work” so I would have more time to run.

  110. I would love a Garmin with a built in glucose meeter. As a type 1 diabetic runner, I have to carry my testing supplies with me whenever I run anything past four miles and it get’s bulky. A built in meter would be perfect. πŸ™‚

  111. I would like a Garmin that tells me when to hydrate and take in nutrition. Also, it would be good if it had a jet-pack booster to make me go the pace I run in my dreams!

  112. Mine would give me an update on wheteher or not my kids are already awake or if they are still sleeping (which would give me time to shower before hitting full mommy-mode)!

  113. I would love a Garmin that would tell me how ensure my boys will grow into confident, happy men of character. That way I can spend my runs thinking about nothing but the wind on my face and the dirt under my feet.

  114. I would like two things: One practical – a panic button, like on your carkey for emergencies that would sync to the local 911. The more fun, but still practical one: answer my iPhone for me with a message – “Michelle is busy kicking ass on her run right now, she’ll get back to you when she’s available,” since I’ve started carrying my phone again when running alone in the wilds of northern MN. Of course any function that would predict the atmosphere at home when I return from a long run that I’ve had to put off until the weekend when everyone is at home would be awesome as well. As long as I keep my long runs on Friday when everyone is otherwise engaged (work, school, etc.) no one gets in the way of my long runs, except for me..and mother nature..especially today….

  115. I heart Garmin, but wish they would/could integrate an electric shock to “zap” me when it’s the perfect time to refuel. I have the hardest time with gels – either I take them too early or too late. The every 45 min rule doesn’t work for me.

  116. How about a weirdo alert? If there is a weirdo coming up on my current route, I am alerted and can change direction if needed!

  117. Would love for my Garmin to: 1) Keep track of the miles on each pair of my shoes for me automatically, 2) Also double as a cell phone for emergencies, and 3) count the extra calories burned when pushing the stroller on runs.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  118. In a dream world it would talk to me.
    Your doing great, keep going, you only have ____ miles to go, you can do this, your almost there, finish strong…..
    Personal cheering section! LOL

  119. how fun! I would like a semi horn when i have run a mile either faster than i have ever ran it before, set a PR or just under 8 minutes! Goals could be endless.

    On a realistic not so fun note, I wish they would work like Onstar as a tracking device and alert data based. So I could tap it if I needed roadside assistance and contact a person. “HELP! Police Help!”

    And while I am dreaming, can it have a ray gun?

  120. I would like it to convert “regular” miles/calories, etc into what they are really worth while pushing the jogging stroller, with a bonus button for a double (or more!) jogger!

  121. The Gramin should highlight where the closet bathroom is or put a gold star at a place in between the trees in the woods where the trafic and other runners can’t see you GO!!! It could also give you an “all clear” signal so you know its safe to come out of the woods…you can emerge when there are no passer-byers.

  122. I’d like the Garmin to flash photos in front of me of what I could look like if I just ran more! Or maybe what I USED to look like pre-running (particularly my saggy fanny) any time I slowed below a certain pace.

  123. Functionally I would like it to incorporate music so I don’t have to use my ipod. (carry or wear it!)

    On a fun note, I would like it to tell me temperature outside and if I am dressed too warm or cold prior to going out and running.

  124. I would like a Garmin with a special red button that you can press when you are in trouble. It will alert the police to exactly where you are. If we all had this and guys started to know about it, maybe we could all run a little safer.

  125. I would love for it to have an option to set voice commands to include either inspiration/encouragement or “drill sergeant” (depending on what I need).

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  126. A little bit of shock therapy. As in, it would sense if I am getting a little lazy in my run and give me just the slightest jolt to say, “HEY! Pick it up, lazy A$$!” Motivation in the purest form.
    Also, a beeper that goes off, loudly, when it hasn’t been used for too long a stretch. That can’t be shut off until I go out again….regardless of rain, snow, sleet, ice or heat. πŸ™‚

  127. A garmin button that says that nagging little pain in your hip is okay to run through, or whether I should turn around and take 2 days off so I don’t sit out for 6 weeks

  128. I would like my Garmin to stop time so I would never have to give up anything to fit it into to my day. And as soon as your done and showered time would start again like pushing a stop watch! πŸ˜€

  129. I want my Garmin to play a motivational song when I drop below a certain pace…for me that song is Jimmy cliff’s ‘you can get it if your really want it’

  130. I would like it to tell me how much I have improved since I started and give me encouragement to go on. I am slow and tend to get discouraged.

  131. I’d like a positive-thinking horoscope or fortune for the day. Something like: You will run far in life and love.

  132. I would love a Garmin that could clean house and do some laundry. Two things I have no desire to do while training for a marathon.

  133. I would like the Garmin to get me out of bed and dressed for those early morning runs and let me know when my husband is on the brink of loosing his patience with me!

  134. I would like for Garmin to have a weather feature to let me know if it’s going to rain in the next hour or if the temps are going to drop drastically or rise to hazardous conditions. So many times you head out for a run and the weather looks great but then it changes mid run. It would be very helpful to have a little weather indicator feature!

  135. As unrealistic as it would be, I’d love for my Garmin to be able to sync up with my iPod and find music with a beat that matched my pace. Although I suppose it would make more sense for it to play songs that encouraged me to kick up my pace a notch. I’d also love for it to have some kind of emergency response function that would allow me to call for help if necessary.

  136. I’d like my Garmin to tell me how many extra calories I’m burning by running in the Mississippi heat and humidity during the summer. πŸ˜‰ It could also beep and remind me to eat at certain times during my long runs because it seems like I always eat either too close together or wait too long.

  137. I wish my garmin could predict the future, as in what not to say to my pre-teen daughter that will instantly make the tears fall, when raising 4 kids is going to get simpler and where oh where can I possibly meet a great guy (that can deal with 4 kids):) but I would settle for a simple cheering squad via the garmin to keep my booty moving!!!

  138. You could program in when your next race is and it would set up a running program for you to train and track your progress!

  139. I would love to have the Garmin tell tell me that I did that loop faster than this time last month. Or this time last year. Or this time five years ago before I had my daughter.

  140. I’d love it to convert the calories burned into Weight Watchers Activities points as I’m sure I’d be way to tired after a long run to do that myself! lol

  141. My dream Garmin would track all calories in and out, tell me when I need to drink water or nourish my muscles during a run, have a specialized training plan for me and compliment me for doing a good job!

  142. I’d like it to have a walkie taklie feature so I can find fellow runners, or my family at the finish line, so I dont have to carry my phone! Then my girlfriends and I can cheer each other on, or warn eachother of hills during the race when we’ve gotten separated!

  143. I need a Garmin that completes one task of my never ending to do list for every mile I run. “I can’t run, I have to vaccuum, dust, sweep, and mop” would become “I have to run 4 miles because I have to vacuum, dust, sweep and mop”. Oh how my runs would be so much more enjoyable, knowing tasks were getting done with each mile down!!! πŸ™‚

  144. A user manual or helpful hints menu would be great. I have had 230 garmins for horseback riding and still don’t know how do use

  145. I think the Garmin should shout motivational phrases when it “senses” me losing my pace. I know it would get weird looks but boy it would bring my mood up πŸ™‚

  146. I want the Garmin to call to me from where it’s sitting on the hallway table…”I’m waiting to go running”…”I’ll keep you company during every single step”…”Come on, once you’re out the door you’ll be really happy”…”No, you don’t need to do the laundry, clean the dishes, or dust the plants. YOU NEED TO RUN WITH ME. NOW!!!”

  147. I would LOVE for it to show me where the nearest restroom is! πŸ™‚ And, maybe a little shock when I fall under pace!

  148. My Sunday running pals and I always end up at a coffee shop post run. We would like Garmin to link up with Starbucks or Peets and have a “Place order NOW” button. And a “Garmin only” pick-up window, so the process is smooth and line-free! That would be awesome!

  149. I would love a function that allows me to program it with my top motivation phrases, like ” you don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for”, and goal reminders to help keep me focused on why I run/exercise and to enjoy the journey. Thanks for the opportunity! That’s one kickass giveaway!! πŸ™‚

  150. Well, since I just moved away from my two best running buddies, I’d definitely take a Garmin that beeped when possible BRFs are in the vicinity!

  151. I would love a feature that could remotely send a message to other Garmins in the vicinity, at my request, to let them know that I am just taking a breather, or maybe I just hit a really long hill hard and that is why I’m running slow and looking like I might just fall over. It’s not much to ask, really, just looking for a little credit here πŸ™‚

  152. I am dying for a Garmin but am too cheap to buy one. I run behind my husband on his bike (awkward sentence and I am sure my 9th grade English teacher is rolling over in her grave with the dangling participle but my focus is elsewhere), then hound him how far we went, how fast, is he sure that was the distance, how long did he wait for me at the top of the hill, how far ahead of me was he, on and on. It’s a bit painful for both of us. I want to know how far I ran! Today I think I ran 8 but it might’ve been six but I would love if it was ten. I have to try to measure the route with my fingers and the key at the bottom of the trail. I am in the 1980s ladies! The ’80s I say.

  153. Count off my laps on track repeats, because I ALWAYS lose count. I also like the idea of it zeroing in on a potential running buddy, I *really* need one of those.

  154. I wish my Garmin would:
    Make my legs feel light as a feather when they actually feel like two lead poles.
    Give me confidence to know that because I run, I am a runner – no matter my time.
    Prevent me from thinking about cutting a run short because I really have no patience.
    Make clean bathrooms appear when the urge happens and I’m out in the middle of no where.


  155. I would like my Garmin to be like a superhero watch where it a suction cup can shoot out and fling me to the top of the hill. Oh and a hand that will grab a runner when they pass me.

  156. I am a photographer, and it would be pretty cool if I could take pictures while I run without having to lug around a camera.

  157. I would love for the garmin to send an automatic repons to anyone wjo call or texts e during a run to let them know I’m alive and will probably get back to you soon. Also, it’s super annoying to get texts
    whilst running, so could you stop doing that???

  158. Rather than an alert that sounds off after each mile, I’d like my Garmin to whisper sweet nothings into my ear…Mile One – “You Are So Good Looking…Mile Two – “You are a gazelle”…Mile 10 – “Men want you. Women want to be you”…Mile 25 “Inner leg chafing really is sexy”…Mile 26.2 – “Work that Runner’s Gimp Walk”.

  159. I would have a special square to alert me to anyone within a ten mile radius that was ready to go for a run, then .i could always have a running partner! πŸ™‚

  160. A garmin with an alarm clock setting that shocks you if you try to hit snooze would be very benificial in motivating me to get up for early morning runs.

  161. I would love the Garmin to drag me out of bed in the morning to get going, and while I’m running, it should tell me how many cupcakes I’ve burned off so far!! πŸ™‚

  162. I would love a Garmin… How about one that gives a suggestion of where to run based on mileage… I would also love music built in to the Garmin

  163. A garmin with a built-in rocket booster for those days where I’m feeling slow- nothing like a little boost to make me feel faster!

  164. I would love to see the Garmin be voice activated and talk back to you. “You have reached your second mile. Your time is 10 minutes 12 seconds. You go girl!” Wouldn’t it be awesome to have it keep you motivated!

  165. Would be pretty awesome if a Garmin had some sort of Spiderman-style dog-spray silly string that could stop dogs or weirdos in their tracks, just in case I ever needed it.

  166. Maybe have an internal ID page, like cell phones have, to have emergency contact info? I am BAD about “remembering” my RoadID around my shoe laces but rarely forget my Garmin on a run! And while we’re at it, maybe call 911 for you?

  167. I would LOVE a Garmin that can tell me how many chocolate chip cookies, margaritas, and pizzas I’ve earned post-run given total miles run. A Garmin that will allow me to remotely set up a nice bath, chocolate milk, a glass of wine, music…just in time for me to sink into after a run. A Garmin that can give me long massages after a run would be nice too! Sigh….oh I wish!

  168. I would like a Garmin to store music and auto load fresh tunes according to my preferences of course while streaming them to wireless headphones. πŸ˜‰

  169. I would love for it to have a feature better than an alarm that will actually help me out of bed at o’dark thirty to get that run in during the work week!

  170. I would like dog alerts – I was cornered by two dogs last year and I have not been able to get over my fear. πŸ™

  171. I’d like my Garmin to record my thoughts so all the to-do lists I make or fabulous things I process while I run won’t disappear the second I walk back into the chaos of my life.

  172. I need a Garmin that tells me where the nearest bathroom is, and if I really, truly need to pee right this second. I also like the idea of it controlling my playlist so I get a pump-me-up song when I am getting slower.

  173. I know I’m not being original here, but I need that intestines light. Seriously. Every run. Every one. I would spend a lot to have that light…

  174. I would like my Garmin to sense when the kids (oldest is babysitting) start fighting and send helpful problem solving ideas. “Talk out your problem…Take a timeout…Say your sorry.”

  175. I need a garmin to tell me how to run these things! (I am hoping going Garmin will let me figure this out!)
    I am running watch hindered!

  176. I would like a Garmin that could alert me about dogs that are on my path – who is leashed, who is big but friendly, who is small but nasty, etc. It is nice to be prepared.

  177. I’m agreeing with both the function to find a free babysitter AND the function to plan and organize my meals for the week…complet with crocery list and avaiable coupons πŸ™‚

  178. I would love my Garmin to answer my call for Sarah when I run (SBS) and then Sarah would cheer back to me ‘get your ass in gear’ or something to that effect! Sappy, but a Garmin that could project my running victories (of any kind) up to my grandmother and grandfather so they can cheer me on from heaven.

  179. I would love a Garmin to tell me when I drop below my goal pace, give me a high five when I am done and sing just keep runnin’ a la Dori when I need a little kick.

  180. Would love something to help keep my turnover up — as in (an easily muted) metronome function. And an invisibility function so I could slip out of the house without my kids screaming like I’ll never return.

  181. I would love my Garmin to send messages home to let my family know exactly where I am and predict when I will make it home. And a few encouraging words could not hurt either!

  182. I really like the idea of the Garmin being able to control a music playlist depending on pace and where I am in my run. It would play the right song whether I needed a pick-me-up or something slower for a cool-down. That would be wonderful.

  183. I love the comments suggesting that a garmin yell out some motivation…and take stroller jogging on windy days into account because those are a killer.

  184. I need a Garmin that somehow has wicking abilities, I hate, hate, HATE the wrist sweat that builds up around my Garmin strap on hot (or even midly warm) days

  185. I would love my Garmin to encourage me during my run by saying “Two years ago you couldn’t run this far”, “Remember how far you have come”, “It a race between you and the old you” πŸ™‚

  186. I would like my Garmin to glow when I hit a target pace or high/low pace based on history. Might be great to hear a “Good Job” when you stop & reset.

  187. I love the idea of being able to load training plans onto the Garmin and having it be a motivator as well.

    How about a holographic running partners for days when you want one. Or a holographic dog to bring along on your runs. πŸ˜‰

  188. I would love for it to give me a mood boost!!!! Tell me how AWESOME I am for getting out there in the heat, cold, rain, snow and running or biking or whatever…… Also at anytime I am over 5 or so miles if it could scream at the mile markers so everyone else could know how I am doing!! KEEP IT UP GIRL!!!!

  189. I would like my Garmin to spit out $1 bills (I’m not greedy) for every mile that I run. I promise you I would be an ultra runner within the week!

  190. I would love a Garmin just the way it is since I’m so desperate to own one! But it would be cool to have a video aspect of the Garmin so my girls could see me running even when they are at home with dad!

  191. I usually run early in the morning before my kids get up. It would be great if my Garmin would tell me if they were up or not so I could go for that extra mile without wondering if there were waiting for me to get them breakfast!

  192. I would love the Garmin to have a feature that would tell me exactly what to wear so I don’t end up stripping off layers mid-run.

  193. I’d want a Garmin that you could pre-load a training plan onto and it would tell you the optimal place to run based on how you are feeling that day. It should also have an IV that administers optimal amounts of caffeine and reminds you to drink your water at appropriate times.

  194. I wish it would track calories consumed/burned…oh wait, does it already do that?? I don’t know because I’m a poor mother runner & don’t have one =( boo

  195. I’d like a Garmin to remind me when to pump! I tend to lose track of that when running or biking especially. I wish an alarm would sound with a message like, “You have T minus 20 minutes until your boobs ache like crazy and leak all over you. Proceed immediately to a baby or a pump!”

  196. I would LOVE a Garmin that told me where the nearest public/open bathroom is, as well as where the nearest water fountain is.

  197. This garmin would be awesome ! I would like for a garmin to speak to me when I start to slow down and encourage me to keep going…. Step it up….

  198. I would totally dig it if Garmin could wirelessly notify a professional masseur (pref male) when I finish working out, so he can be there to massage my aches and pains.

  199. For it to say something motivational when I am slowing down or start to walk instead of run. Sometimes I need that extra little nudge when I feel like I’ve hit my wall.

  200. I’ve always wanted my garmin to project (hologram style) in the air how far I’ve run, with an option to add AP if I’m feeling good. That way when people who just stepped out their door pass me and say “hello” with a big smile on their face and all I can do is grunt they’ll understand that I’m at mile 19 and ready to be done!

  201. I would love a feature that told me when I ran long enough to burn off the calories of my favorite drink/ice cream/etc

  202. I would want a count for how many people I pass when I race. I’m not the front of the pack by any stretch of the imagination, so a number would make me feel so much better. Also a chime that would say “suck it mile (fill in the blank)” especially when I am doing a long run or not feeling totally into my training.

  203. I would love it if my Garmin would give me little motivational boosts…”Carol,you just kicked that hills butt”…”you are so hot”…”you go girlfriend”. And wouldn’t it be great if Garmin had a special little button to press to give us a nice refreshing mist when we feel overheated?

  204. I would love an extra garmin add on to attach to my dog. I would love to know how much extra she runs as she slows down behind me to sniff or romps ahead of me. Oh to have her puppy endurance!

  205. I would love a Garmin preloaded with a database of silly jokes and sayings. I have found silly songs on my iPod to be hugely motivating; perhaps goofy jokes instead of data on a Garmin once in awhile would have a similar effect. πŸ™‚

  206. I would love for a Garmin to reach over and pick up the toy car, drink cup or snack cup that one of my 3 year twins just dropped while I am killing myself pushing them in the double stroller while running. πŸ™‚

  207. I think the Garmin should tell you when you’ve burned enough calories to eat varies items. It could announce congratulations now you can eat a brownie guilt free or whoo who now you can eat cake and ice cream with no worries!

  208. I would like my Garmin to send me important messages like, “You just ran five mile; Russell Crowe would like to have dinner with you this evening…” or “it’s your rest day, your masseuse this afternoon will be George Clooney…”. Then, when I reach the 10-mile marker, Garmin can alert me to check my hair because Matt Damon is waiting there to retie my shoes and tell me, “hey beautiful, you’re doing great, I can tell you have another five miles in you.” Then he does that thing where he kinda smiles with only half his mouth and hands me a Gatorade and a little towel folded into the shape of a dove to dab the delicate beads of sweat from my forehead. And I say, “Matt, I can’t believe you are being so nice to me, I feel so fat today!” And then he says, “Baby, don’t let the haters get you down, they’re just jealous.”. To put the issue to rest, my new Garmin chimes in and says, “That’s right, honey, you ARE da bomb!”

  209. I would like a terrain readout so I know what to expect in terms of upcoming hills. I’d also like to know where I can run in shade on hot/sunny days. Can it motivate my lazy dog too?

  210. I’d like the Garmin to automatically sense when I am struggling and play motivating songs, clips, to get me through it. My daughter likes to say Go Mommy when I push her. It could play recordings of her voice when I am running solo.

  211. Since I’ll hopefully be coming back to running after a lengthy period off, I’d like it to give me a run-down on the body…”your calves are going to cramp~drink! or “you’re starting to favor the left foot, better get it checked out”.

  212. I would love a if a Garmin would give me a little shock when I tried to start walking during a race, and yell at me that I’ll regret it later. I would also be nice if it could alert me when I need to change my shoes, I always wear them for too long. πŸ™‚

  213. I wish Garmin would have a “real time runners” option in which I would be able to turn on the option and find other runners when my runner friends back out on me. Or have an option so that my friends could not back out on me!!!

    I wish that I could have an option where it would link to my ipod and automatically switch my music to the bmp my pace is at.

  214. I would like it to tell me inspirational things every 1/2 mile or so- You Rock, Your a Hot momma, You’re Kickin some serious #$$…,etc

  215. I love my Garmin, but it would be awesome if it had a setting that would offer automatic “boost builders”. “You’re are the woman!” “Keep going!” “You’re almost there!” “Don’t quit now!” “Don’t think, just go!” (that’s for Dimity!)

  216. I wish it would have a power boost button so that when I decide to cut it short I could push the button and have the energy to go the extra mile!

  217. I wish it would give me directions on where to turn on my long runs! Instead, I carry a folded up piece of paper in my pocket that I have to reference every few blocks to see where I need to be turning!! ha

  218. I would like George Clooney to give me my mile repeats in that oh so sexy voice, while letting me know that yes, I do look amazing while running and no, the farmer blow is NOT a turnoff and begging me to join him for a run in his Italian neighborhood. Can it do that??

  219. I’d like a Garmin that has an Inspector Gadget type arm that would push the stroller for me. I don’t mind taking the little guy, I just wish I could swing both arms at the same time!!

  220. I love the ideas mentioned here! Since I run solo in the woods a lot, I’d like some safety features… pepper spray, emergency button, etc. I never worried about something happening to me on a run until I had kids.

  221. I’d love a Garmin that would applaud randomly. πŸ˜‰ Also, if it could automatically pause when I’m stopped at intersections waiting to cross, that would be awesome.

  222. I’d love it if my Garmin could call my HUSBAND and tell him how my run is going. You know: have a beer ready….she’s earned it or you better cook dinner because she’s gonna come home pissed…..

  223. The ability to record your thoughts while you run:
    It would be very cool if the garmin not only recorded the miles you run along with your burned calories, but also the thoughts that went through each of your miles. Whe you were fighting up that hill, thinking about your grandmother that lost the battle to cancer.. or the long last mile to get you home after a bad run in the snow and cold, where you remembered the day your first son was born and just remembering how strong you were to be able to go through childbirth, got your tired legs moving and got you home… If my Garmin could capture all my worries, prayers, doubts, fears, joy and fullfillment, of every run I’ve ever done, as a virtual diary of my running life… I would tresure it forever… and maybe, one day, My children would see it and understand why I run and how I took them with me, every single mile I ran in my life.

  224. I’d like a Garmin that would check the big pile of second grade papers for me every night, so that I’d have more time to get my run in!

    Or maybe one to drag me over the finish line if I collapse before I get there.

  225. I would like a notepad feature so that I could write down all of the great solutions for my problems that I come up with on my runs. Oh and some magic feature that makes all of those solutions actually work in the real world.

  226. I’d like my Garmin to shout encouraging phrases when I get tired, like “You go girl!” or “Don’t stop now, you’re rocking that running skirt!” or of course “You’re a BAD ASS Mother Runner!”

  227. Since I’ve never had a Garmin or any other gizmo to track my anything … I would want it to do everything! LOL! It would also be nice if it could give me more energy when I’m facing a tough hill and know what my power song is and play it when I need it!

  228. My ideal Garmin app would connect to a site where I have entered all my meals and possibly what I plan to consume post run, and the screen will ring bells every time an item/beverage had been “run off”… great inspiration for those of us that run for beer or cake πŸ™‚

  229. I’d like the garmin to sync to my training plan. So intervals are already programmed in and it tells me when to pick up the pace (and what the pace should be)for tempo runs.

  230. I want my Garmin to be wirelessly connected to my iPhone so it will both predict the song I NEED to hear next and also tell me which direction to run when I get to a junction on my route. It would kinda be like SIRI on the iPhone….except that it would know the days I wanted a long run and plan my route accordingly to include the right amount of miles and hills!

  231. I ran my first marathon with a friend who has a garmin. She kept track of our mileage and our pace. Now I am planning on running my second one and am trying to figure out how to track my mileage! I so dearly want a garmin! How about an emergency home call button…. so when I pass out (as I am known to do occasionally) it would automatically call my husband to come get me? Kind of like those “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” buttons!

  232. I’d love to program a garmin to countdown the runs and miles remaining (or completed) on a given training cycle.

  233. New mother runner!! So much running and a household of 5 equals tons of dirty laundry. I would love the Garmin to start the laundry while I am out running…far fetched??? Yes but worth a shot.
    A more serious request would be motivational messages from my kids and husband!

  234. I have never owned a Garmin but would like it to somehow let passers by know how much of a bad-a** I am as I finish mile 10,11….

  235. I would LOVE a Garmin that did my Laundry!!!
    Having 4 year old Triplet Boys means laundry EVERY DAY….

    PS. Thanks for the chance to win this AWESOME watch! πŸ™‚

  236. I’d live if the Garmin ha a training program built in – ie. run this amount today at x pace to be ready for you r race in x days.

  237. I’d like my garmin to predict my finish time for races based on my current pace, and to tell me the distance to the next water stop.

  238. I would love a refuel alarm! It would also be nice to program in your mantra and hear it whenever you slowed down or if you were close to a PR πŸ™‚

  239. I’d love a Garmin that could do the following:
    a) stretch me after my run (maybe a “go go gadget garmin” function!) and b) give me tips when I run based on what I’m doing wrong (shoulders down! knees up!)

    Great giveaway and fun thread! Thanks!

  240. I wish Garmin could tell me how proud my Mom is of me. Maybe it could have my Mom’s voice to encourage me as well!

  241. I love my garmin! I would love if it could carry on an interesting conversation when my BRF or I am out of breath, but still want to chat to keep us entertained on long runs.

  242. I would love for the Garmin to let me know how many times I will have to say, ‘get your hands off your brother/sister’ while running. While I love my Bob stroller, I do not love that my two youngest can poke, punch and pull each others hair so easily while I run.

  243. A long-range baby monitor that would allow me to monitor if the kids are up, the baby is screaming to be fed, or everyone is still sleeping so I can keep going if I want to!

  244. I’d want my Garmin to tell me how many calories I’ve burned. I don’t want to know numbers though, tell me in foods. You’ve burned off two beers and a slice of pizza…… Fan-tastic!

  245. I want a garmin for my dog that syncs up with mine and shows me where he is at all times. That way when we run out in the country and I don’t see him for a bit I can look and see where he is. It should also keep him from rolling in anything nasty and wipe off his paws when we get home! Oh and scoop his poo too!

  246. I’d want it to wirelessly sync with my music to run at whatever pace I specify, know when to tell me to push it and when to take it easy, and chant my favorite mantras, like, “I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done.”

  247. I would love a Garmin with a snot rag option for those days when I don’t feel like having boogers hanging off my nose. Also, my garmin would need to be able to tell me any possible geocaches in the area, in case I want to go visit them when I turn around and head back home.

  248. I would love for the Garmin to give me extra credit or extra calories burned for running killer hills or in wind that blows from all directions πŸ™‚

  249. I would love it if you could set your Garmin for how many weekly goal miles you would like to get in. If you reach that goal, then Garmin sends you a reward. Something small like a $5 gift card to a coffee shop or your favorite running store, just something to get me out there to reach my goal miles! Thanks for this awesome opportunity at this great giveaway!!

  250. Since I always know exactly where my Garmin is, I’d love one that could tell me where my keys are.
    Also, if it could transmit a little message to the kidlets letting them know where I am and how much longer till I get home, it would be fabulous to avoid the phone calls of “aren’t you done yet? how much loooonger?!”

  251. I would love the Garmin to let me put in how many calories I want to burn and then tell me how close I am to my goal in increments of 100. So it would count backwards.

  252. Didn’t have time to read thru all the comments, but I’m sure I’m not original in my thinking, b/c you ladies are clever! Love it!

    I’d like the Garmin to have built in emergency call capabilities. I may be the odd woman out, but I don’t often run w/ my cell phone, I like to be as light as possible ;), so it would be nice to know there is a quick link to help if needed.

  253. I’d love to hear a comedian (Chris Rock or Kathy Griffin come to mind) give me words of encouragement (with some kickas* tone) when I fall below my pace, head up a steep hill, or getting close to the end of my run.

  254. I would like a Garmin that could babysit while I run. On a more realist not an alert when you increase or decrease your pace by a certain amount would be useful.

  255. I would like my garmin to be able to allow me to check in with my family when I’m
    out on a 3+ hour run.
    You could talk into it. Would help the time go by if you are stuck without a running partner. It would also allow me to find the time to catch up with old friends. Why not during a long run ?

  256. I would love the garmin to talk to me encourage me when I’m down, talk me into a longer distance when I’m feeling great, etc. Also, telling me how much I need to run to burn off say an ice cream sundae:)

  257. I need it to yell at me. “Run faster.” “You can do it.” “Seriously. this is as fast as you can go. I don’t think so.”

  258. Would love for Garmin to reassure me that I CAN do this!!! And then spritz me with cold water when I get too hot : )

  259. I would like the garmin to tell me, “ok, you just burnt off that cheeseburger you had for dinner, so see its ok….now let’s work on those fries.”

  260. To make my kids whiny voice sound like the teacher on Charlie Brown “wha wha wha”. Whining is my biggest pet peave! For real though, I don’t have a Garmin yet so pretty please pick me!!

  261. A built in training plan would be cool, so it can tell me how many miles I need to run that day. Also, a remote to start my coffee maker from half a mile away, and some kind of wine rewards system.

  262. I want a feature that tells me when my son has finished his morning “business” so I can finish my run after he’s already cleaned up. The motivation would be great too. It’s nice to hear someone tell you how awesome you are.

  263. I would like it to have a video baby monitor to help me not to worry about whether or my baby is still sleeping while I’m out running. (My husband works at home, but it’s best if he’s not disturbed by baby’s crying!)

  264. I always want to know what the temperature is when I’m running. So weather info would be awesome. It would be nice to be able to look back at weather conditions on past runs too!

  265. I would love it if my Garmin would tell my kids what mile I was on so they would stop texting and asking how many more before I come home.

  266. I would love a Garmin that gives temperature and wind chill/heat index; bonus if it can provide storm alerts when I set out on a long run and need to know if I should do loops or if an out-and-back will be OK.

  267. I would love it to track calories burned. But I would also like it to do my laundry and make a dentist appointment. More importantly, get me to said dentist appointment that I often make and schedule 3-5 times before actually going. A good cut and color for my hair wouldn’t hurt either, but I digress…..

  268. Looks like everyone covered just about everything already…I’d def love my garmin to cook clean and motivate me to get out of bed and then keep going once I get started. And it needs to have a sexy man voice too to top it all off…like Ryan Gossling maybe?

  269. I’d love a feature that would have a voice encourage and motivate me… a voice telling me to run faster or to keep going.

  270. I would like Garmin to…

    tell you that your give-aways should be open to your adoring Canadian fans as well – we can give you our money at Canadian stores for your books can’t we?

  271. a button that I could press that would relay a message to my hubby about what mile I am on and then a speaker where he could respond to that message and encourage me to keep on, keeping on!

  272. I’d like my Garmin to monitor my kiddo when I run. Maybe a video screen πŸ™‚
    Also like it to track wine I’ve earned πŸ™‚

  273. I would like it to send a message to my destination letting them know that I will be arriving shortly. Please have my foot bath, a good book and a cocktail waiting for me. Oh and I also want my own cheering section. Every time I get a little sluggish it should yell out some encouraging words.

  274. I think it would be cool if there was a security/safety feature
    – so if you were in trouble the wath could immediately contact your husband and send him exact location of where you are. Sort of like “on star” does in cars.

  275. I’d like some sort of ‘crazy’ meter so I know what I’ll be walking into when I get home to the hubs and kids. 1 bar if all is well, 3 bars if nobody napped at nap time, 5 bars for my 4 year olds’ tantrums!!!

  276. I’d like a Garmin to control the weather around me when I wear it–maybe 55-60 degrees in a 5 ft radius.

    Also, if it could change the scenery for the last mile closest to my house. For some reason I always want to walk when I get within a mile of home cuz it’s boring to see the same stuff all the time!

  277. I would love it if the Garmin would let me know when the kids have fallen asleep at night. I would run home faster to kiss my husband!

  278. I would love to own a Garmin. I haven’t been running for too long, so the basic features would be awesome. Ok, I would also take some encouraging words too!!!

  279. For the next 3 or 4 months I would want a Garmin to tell me “you’re doing better than you think” to encourage me through postpartum life. Then I’d like the Garmin to gradually start to harass me a little more so that I get my booty back in gear.

  280. There is no question that I would be more successful if my Garmin could get me out of bed in the morning! This is my biggest obstacle…it just feels soooooo good to be under the covers.

  281. I would like a Garmin that can alert me of the weather, especially on my long runs–“a rain shower is heading for this part of the island so take a slightly different route if you want to stay dry.”

  282. I saw someone else say it, but I would love to have the garmin adjust to calories burned when pushing a jogging stroller with 2 boys in it! All that extra weight has got to count for something, right?!

  283. I’d like it to tell me where to run so I could find the flattest course. I’m returning back to running after a (too-long) hiatus and the hills in my neighborhood are tough!

  284. I’d love it if the Garmin would give me a little jolt (like a MINOR shock) every time I was going to say something negative out loud! I’ve been really working towards improving my attitude (I love running and love being a runner, so why do I say so many negative things while doing it?!) and could use all the motivation I can get!

  285. I would love for it to allow the user to enter motivational phrases that the Garmin would shout out every few miles. That would give me the extra push to keep on going. Even better if it shouted them out when you weren’t running to get you motivated to hit the pavement:)

  286. I’d like a whining-child mute button haha but more seriously it’d be nice to have a panic button so if something happened an alert would be sent to an emergency contact and they could log in to the website and track me.

  287. When I’m ahead of my goal pace, I want the Garmin to flash in BOLD letters BAMR over and over again. It would be great if it would talk to me, too, in positive, affirming phrases, like “you can do this…. almost there….. over half-way done….. you are strong” stuff like that.

  288. I’d like it to read my mind and connect to the stoplights on my running routes: either to bring up a red light when I need a break, or keep it green when I’m feeling good!

  289. I would like to have a Garmin that could hours to my day! What I could do with just two more hours everyday!!!!!

  290. I would like a Garmin that tunes into my house between my music songs. This way I will keep running (& possibly run longer) when it is crazy chaos!

  291. I would like the Garmin to have training plans built into it. Speed work, intervals, long runs, anything and everything you need to get you to your goal.

  292. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the Garmin knew the exact perfect moment when I need my Power Song and could commnicate with my iPod so it would play it.

  293. A on-demand display of my pace, distance, etc somehow in my sunglasses so I didn’t have to keep looking down at my wrist!

  294. one that would yell out some type of motivational quotes to keep me going not just on long runs…short ones too. Something magical built in to tell me how the hell all 3 of my kids moods are going to be when I open up the car door in carpool. Will they all come in happy or will there be a knock out war once they enter. If so…then maybe it can tell me how more miles I should run when I get home with said kids. πŸ™‚ Better yet…how many miles I should make the kids each run on the tredmill.

  295. I would like it to shock my kids a little each time they complain in the stroller. OK how about music in the Garmin so I don’t have to take my phone on my long runs.

  296. I would love a voice feature where you could ask your pace, mileage, etc without constantly looking at it and it would answer you and then say Great job, keep it up!

  297. I would like to enter my favorite foods and have the Garmin alert me when I have earned enough calories to cover those foods!

  298. 1. Where the nearest bathrooms or places to get water are.
    2. Ability to upload ringtones for the mile markers
    3. Ability to upload voices for virtual partner to tell you that you are doing well or you need to step things up!

  299. I’d like it to accurately predict two rain free hours every Saturday for me to complete a long run. I’d also like it to tell me when a runner is coming up behind me so I can at least hold my head high while I’m being passed.

  300. I want a feature that is like an instant message. While on a long run, DH could IM me, “Where do we keep the extra wipes and diapers?” And I could speak back into it, “In the baby’s closet, Goober.” And it would text my message back to him. πŸ˜€

  301. I’d like a Garmin that would tell me when I need to turn around so that I can get home and have enough time to shower before the kids wake up from their nap.

  302. I don’t own a Garmin (yet!), and have no idea if you can even do this – but I’d love it if it had a voice alarm, that could not be turned off, until you actually strap the sucker on and take it for a run for xxx miles or time.

    “are you running yet? are you going for a run now? how about now? how about now? maybe now?”

    Something along those lines would help me stick to my running program – way too easy these days for me to keep putting my runs off later and later in my day. A typical day is me thinking:

    I’ll run at 5:00am, before the kids are up! Oh, kid had a bad dream and is pretzeled around me. I’ll just run at 9:00am, once everyone is at school! Oh, got caught on the phone with the teacher/principal/PTO President/Husband/Neighbor/ Mother for xx amount of time. I’ll just run at 1:00pm, before I get the kids from school! Oh, accidentally just cornered myself into the smallest corner of my bathroom while mopping the floor. It won’t take THAT long for the floor to dry. I’ll just look at this magazine from August, 2003, while I wait. Huh, totally forgot that Jennifer Garner once dated Michael Vartan. What is he up to now a days? And on, and on, and on – until the next thing I know – it’s now tomorrow.

  303. I would like a feature that allows you to load course maps of popular races so you know where the next water stop/energy drink/shot stop is so you can use what you bring with you more effectively!!

  304. I haven’t read all the replies, so sorry if I’m repeating some of this!

    -Encouragement! I’m bad about walking, I KNOW I can run 3 mi but for some reason, I stop and walk. The Garmin could say “Keep it up! Don’t stop!”
    -If you can input your race and it can say “Almost there! Just x miles!”
    -Maybe a “virtual” coach, where you input the pace you and it can tell you if you’re at the “right” pace
    -Future race predictor! If you run this pace, you’ll finish this race in so many minutes

  305. So many great ideas above! My top 2 would probably be my 4yr olds voice saying “mommy you’re a fast runner”. And a warning system telling me if the rustling in the woods is a squirrel, or something a little more dangerous.

  306. I’ve always wanted a garmin. I’d love it to announce my heart rate to let know when to back off or work harder.

  307. I’d like mine to countdown how much longer until I conquer the hill. That way I don’t quit when really I can power through the pain. A personal coach shouting at me not to quit.

  308. A flashlight would be great for winter running! Also a note recorder because things always seem so clear on a run.

  309. I want my garmin to give me a different motivational quote or mantra with every mile. If they could be in Jon Hamm’s voice that would be even better. I really need to win this because I I think my garmin is dead. I am already going through garmin withdrawal.

  310. a function that would remind me of good running posture every now and then and positive words of reinforcement, “mantas,”when it gets tough!!

  311. I would like a feature that would tell me how many minutes I just added to my life by doing my run. A lot of my motivation to run is to get healthier so that I can be around my loved ones for as long as possible:)

  312. I’d like to see everything on one screen (hr, pace, time, milage, ect) without making the watch bigger. I’d also like temperature and wind speed.

  313. I want a Garmin that will tell me what the weather is going to be like and how warmly/water proofly to dress before headeing out and a timely warnig before a weather change during the run.

  314. Features i would like:
    1) music
    2) it to flash messages from friends family from a real-time website update so they can either tell me how great I’m doing, or for my sister to tell me to move my ass faster so it gets smaller
    3) gear envy idetifier – so when i see another runner that gives me gear jealousy, it will take a picture, find it online and save it to my favorites so i can buy later…or better yet, send it to my husband so he knows what to get me for mothers day, birthday, anniversary, Christmas or just because (hahaha, yeah right).
    4) closest non-porta potty bathroom locator

  315. I would love it if my Garmin could make a double rainbow appear when I get a PR. Having live remote gps tracking would be cool too.

  316. I wish it could tell me if my son and husband are up or still sleeping. Also if it could tell me that they are starting to make pancakes on their own or is I should slow down a bit… know I just want to eat the pancakes not actually make them after a long run!

  317. I would like a special function that tells me when I am getting too close to hurting myself. After my injury last year I am often stopping early because I am worried that I am too close to my edge.

  318. I’d like the Garmin to have a countdown for how long I have to run before I’m no longer annoyed with anyone. It would benifit society as a whole.

    I’d also like a little button and electrode attachment that would stimulate my sciatic nerve and decrease that annoying pain in my butt.

  319. I’ve only been running 4 months and all of the runner lingo is so overwhelming to me. Your book FINALLY gave me insight into all of the runner blogs I’ve been pooring over to try and figure out just what the heck I’m doing. I recently started reading reviews on different Garmins. It is such a big $ investment, I’ve wondered if worth buying, but being only 1/2 way through the book, I’ve realized I need a Garmin (& new socks)! I guess my only suggestion would be words of encouragement. Seriously, at this point, I just need it to remind me to “BREATHE”!

  320. Oh, and it would track how many minutes it took to get me from my bed to the road and then allow me to compete with other not-a-morning-person runners!

  321. I would like the Garmin to tell me if there are any “bad” people around so I can run at 5am without feeling vulnerable!

  322. I would like my Garmin to have a terry cloth like surface so that when I’m running and need to wipe the sweat off my brow I can just rub it across my forehead. And it would magically be instantly dry so that it wouldn’t make my arm feel gross and sweaty or when I use it again in the next .5 miles it won’t still feel gross from the previous brow wiping.

  323. I need it to tell me how much farther I need to go before the cake I ate falls off my hips and to let me know where the nearest potty is. Audio would be good too, looking down sucks all the time.

  324. I would love a Garmin that could emit a super high-frequency tone which would send any deerflies or horseflies in my area zooming away. Look, I’m going as fast as I can, but I’m just not up to creating wake turbulence. Don’t make it worse by landing on me and biting!

  325. I’d love the Garmin to tell me where is the nearest bathroom! Oh, and if it could cook dinner, that’d be great too.

  326. My ideal Garmin would have a motivational ‘awake and shake’ feature to get me up and running first thing in the morning!

  327. I wish my Garmin would turn itself off after a race. I could program the distance and then it will auto shut off after that distance. So many times ive finished the race and then forgot to hit stop !!!

  328. I would like it to be able to record voices or messages. I could have my kids or husband put an encouraging message or funny message on it & when I don’t think I can go any further I can play that message & hear their voice.

  329. I would love for the Garmin to be my very own personal cheerleader! I’m totally motivated at races when people are cheering for me! How awesome would it be if it could sense our weak points and cheer us on just when we need it?

  330. The Garmin already does all that I want it to while I’m running. When I’m not using it it’d be really cool if it could fold and put away the laundry for me. Pretty please.

  331. I’m not sure if someone said this or not, but I would love a Garmin that just helps me get out the door first thing in the morning. I’m fine once I get going, but getting there is the hard part for me!! Maybe an attached hand that could come out and keep tapping me in the face until I give in and get up! That would do the trick…

  332. Ooohh!!! I need a new Garmin!!!
    I want my Garmin to give me warning when the race cams are coming up, so I can straighten up my posture, put a huge smile on my face, give a thumbs up, and ALWAYS get the best race pictures!!!!

  333. I would like it to have a built in MP3 to reduce the gadgets fastened to my body. (I’m for certain it would make me faster!)

  334. I would like it to tell me how much further I need to run before the endorphins kick in! Then I can skate through kids, dinner, shopping, afterschool taxi service! Lol!

  335. Motivational quotes along the way. “You got this hill”, “You’re almost there”, “You’re doing awesome” blah, blah, blah

  336. Id love my Garmin to tell me that I just ran enough to see xx% more definition in my legs, or that I burned off the 4 cookies I snuck at midnight πŸ™‚ Or just to have a way to patch a voice to say “you’ve run 3 miles – and you were xxx faster on this last mile or “come on kick up that lazy butt – you were faster last mile”

  337. I want one with boot that pops out to give me kick in the ass when I slow down…Or one with an alarm that says “your supposed to be a badass, not a lazy ass, get out of bed and run”

  338. It’s pretty sweet that this one will actually fit my tiny wrist since my 305 is like a calculator watch from the 80’s! I’d like it to also feature shock therapy to get the “I just want to walk” soundtrack out of my mind.

  339. What about a Garmin that you can progam to play music! I would LOVE to have one less thing to worry about grabbing (forgetting)as I sneak out the door before my 2 year old or 1 year old hear me.

  340. How about a Garmin that can send you a zinger when you are trying to talk yourself out of a run???? That would keep you motivated!!

  341. It needs to speak to me at 5AM: “Get your butt out of bed. If you don’t you’ll regret it, if you do, you’ll feel awesome!”

  342. I would like the Garmin to tell my bladder to hold it and then tell me how far away the next bathroom is…can they find bathrooms (even port-a-pots)? Please? πŸ™‚

  343. Wish the Garmin would double as my house key and Knuckle Lights so I could carry fewer things. Oh, and a water bottle if it’s hot. That’s not asking too much, right?

  344. I would like the Garmin to tell remind me the time I am away from my kiddo running is mine to enjoy and to stop feeling guilty!

  345. I am a safety conscious runner who forgets to carry ID so I would like for my Garmin to have an I.C.E.(in case of emergency) screen.

  346. I would like to have a Garmin that will send out an electronic pulse/sensation through my body to help ease menstrual cramps when I run. πŸ™‚

  347. I would love a Garmin to beep when we are in need of a date night. Schedule a babysitter (and apply my mascara!) after a long run so I can chow on calories and enjoy the night!

  348. I’d love a Garmin that could notify me of impending injury – that would alert me that the pain is either one to be run through or one that I should pay attention to ASAP. (Mighta saved me this enforced time off w/ Achilles issues…)

  349. Silly answer: Can it give me a massage or do my kegels for me.
    Serious answer: I like the idea of any kind of personal safety feature.

  350. I’d love for mine to be able to tell me if I need to head out for stress relief BEFORE my son gets home from school so that way I’m calm if he’s had a bad day. Oh, and if I’ve earned my chocolate chip cookie dough Bizzard indulgence.

    Practical? Waterproof would be good as well as being able to link my iPod with the watch and control my tunes from the watch.

  351. I do some of my best thinking when I am running. This includes thoughts about things that should go on my to-do or shopping lists. Only problem is that I forget it all as soon as I get home. I wish Garmin had an intercomm function so that I could just speak these random thoughts and they would sync with the lists on my desk.

  352. Would love it to have music and alarm to wake my butt up at 5am and scream at me to pick up my pace everytime a 12 yr old or 70 yr old passes me at a race!!! Can it be Siri like??

  353. I wish Garmin would tell me how to get back home! Sometimes I get off my normal routes for a change and never quite backtrack the right way ; )

  354. I need a Garmin that will be my own personal cheerleader, that shouts “I believe in You!” when I start to slow down. <3

  355. I would love to have this as I am a new runner, and am never sure how far I have gone when running/walking in my neighborhood, and the park is not always easy to manage with my four kiddos.

  356. A sensor to alert me when a vehicle is tailgating me, something that is a rarity on my rural gravel road runs! Nothing like running along taking the middle of the road only to realize there has been a feed truck following you for the last 1/4 mile!!

  357. I’d love for it to give me the estimated time of arrival to the finish line, given the current pace and distance remaining.

  358. I would love it if my Garmin could find, do a background check on and schedule a babysitter so that I could run outside on days when the weather is nasty and the hubs is traveling for work. Is that too much to ask?! πŸ™‚

  359. The ability to customize lap beeps…like a ring tone! Hate running in large groups with garmins beeping the same beep and not knowing which is yours πŸ™‚

  360. I’d like a Garmin that would project an image of how many miles I’ve ran on my forehead…maybe then people wouldn’t wonder why I look so tired!

  361. I would like Gramin to tell me, based on my calories burned, exactly what gluttonous, fried, unhealthy, fatty, yummy food I can devour guilt free. For instance, at the end a ten miler my Garmin should say “Congratualtions, you burned 1,200 calories… can go eat two pieces of cheese pizza and a brownie. Enjoy.”…Now that’s a watch!!

  362. All I’m asking for is a little sass. You know how you have to have your power outfit, you need a watch that compliments! Something more tailored to women, created by women! Go mother runner’s!!

  363. I’d love a Garmin that came with built in pep talks that came on when I started slowing down or reached anything past 14 miles!!

  364. I would love for it to have a function to make me faster than a turtle. Or a warning system to let me know that I’m about to get passed by the elderly power walkers.

  365. I do some of my best thinking when I am running. This includes, thoughts regarding all the things I need to add to my to-do or shopping list(s). Only problem is by the time I get home I always forget everything that went through my mind. I wish the Garmin had an intercomm function that would sync with the lists on my desk, this way I could just speak these random thoughts and they would be recorded.

  366. I think I’d like the Garmin to be programmable to flash inspirational images and slogans: Pictures of my kids, pictures of what I weighed two years ago, how much faster I’ve gotten since last year, and phrases like, “8:30 pace! You are an animal!”

  367. I’d love some coaching and encouragement from my Garmin–“you’re just hitting mile 7; time to eat your GU” or “last mile–kick it!” etc.

  368. Waterproof. Please? Here in the great PNW I’m constantly terrified I’m going to kill my dinosaur of a 305 in the rain. I’ve got a waterproof pouch for my iPhone, but I need to be able to look at my Garmin ever 34 steps if it’s that kind of run.

    I do love the smaller size of this. I use the smaller band on my 305 on the smallest setting and it still flops around annoyingly on my wrist.

  369. Creeper alert. Actually a feature that would take pictures of surroundings as well as pinpoint my location and send out a distress alert.

  370. I wish it would tell me when route is flooded or the traffic is heavy. When it rains here in Phoenix sometimes the trails I use are flooded over for a couple of days while the water drains out to the canals. I’ll wade through 6 inches of water because I don’t want to turn around, but if Garmin could tell me when it was flooded I could plan my route better!

  371. I’d love a function that shows stress levels decreasing and maybe showing how much extra patience you have banked by how much you have run. I would totally stay out longer if I saw extra patience building in the bank! πŸ™‚

  372. What that big ominous cloud out in the west is going to do. Living in the mountains can make for some crazy weather.

  373. I would love to have it tell me not only the calories burned, but also the calories consumed. It would be an awesome feature if it screamed bloody murder every time I’m about to eat something I shouldn’t.

  374. I dont own a Garmin, I am very new to running (january2012) But I think I would love all the functions of the Garmin. If if could keep motivating me when I want to stop that would be helpful. Maybe a little shock to keep me going πŸ™‚

  375. My ultimate Garmin would prevent my kids from fighting while I’m running. Not sure what the feature would be called. Perhaps “Anti-Fight Club”.

  376. I’m not picky. I love my Garmin, an old 205 that’s been faithful about helping me train for all my races to date. But, seriously, I want one that helps me dial in to the best workout *for that day.* Like, has anyone else noticed that the day you scheduled the intervals isn’t necessarily the best day for your body to run them? So I want a Garmin that tells me, “Hey, girlie, TODAY is the day you’re primed for speedwork. Run those 800s today, honey. You’re ready.” Or, “You know what? Forget the 16. Who are we kidding? That’s not gonna happen. Let’s just do 12 or so.” And while we’re at it, I wouldn’t mind a subtle metronome, either. You know, so I can tick along with Dimity. 84, 84, 84 . . .

  377. I’d like a countdown that tells me how many days or miles I have to run at the current pace to make it to goal weight or fit in that cute outfit.

  378. Id like to see the watch come in cool colors or have removable covers so we could
    Change things up a bit.

  379. I would love it if the garmin had AUDIO! tells you your pace when you hit a mile marker. So Im not always looking down πŸ™‚

  380. I’d like it to have a button and when you hit it, an instant, clean, port-a-potty would appear! No more holding it or into-the- bushes runs!

  381. I would love the my garmin to tell me exactly what to eat through out the day to have the most energy for my runs and work outs and to post inspirational phrases like: “you can do it” “stop looking at your wrist and look ahead on the road and keep running girl!!” or, “hold your stomach and take deeper breaths” ,,,,,things like that…it would be very very neat. Don’t you think?

  382. I’d really truly love a vibration feature on my Garmin. I do run/walk intervals and its hard to hear the beeps sometimes with my ear buds in. Especially during a race when I can really crank up the jams and when I really should be paying attention to my intervals.

  383. I want a Garmin that chases away scary dogs, kicks in energy for me when I have none and pats me on the back when I do a good job!

  384. I would love it if I could set a certain pace I want to run and then when I was doing well it would shout out “You are basa$$” and if I was sucking at the pace it would say “Come on twinkle toes get moving those legs”. However, if it would also cook my families meals each night and do my homework I would take that too. Simple things, right?!

  385. I would like it to nag at my husband to take the garbage out, buy me flowers, tell me to spend all the money I want, etc. Could that be arranged??

  386. If this thing could serve as a video monitor for my kids, so I could assuage any guilt about leaving while I run, by seeing them playing contentedly, that would be great!

  387. Seriously? My special function? Bathroom locator! It never fails, I always have to go a few miles into my run!

    I was thinking something that would tell me what the kids are doing at home while I am out for a run…then I thought maybe I don’t really want to know!

  388. I would kind of dig it if the garmin could just tell me straight up, when I put it on, whether today’s run is really going to be as hard as I think it is….

  389. I have always wanted a Garmin! I would love it if the Garmin could razz the other runners as you pass them by, lol. I just ran a 10 mile race and I picked out people I wanted to pass, whether they were heavier than me, had on annoying gear, were walk/running (why oh why can’t I be faster than one of those!)

  390. I would love the Garmin to make it easy. You know – going, running, breathing – everything. It can do that. Right? πŸ™‚

  391. How about something totally unpractical like where the next Starbucks is (I guess that could be practical if you needed to take care of business). Oooh…how about this….The Garmin could tell you if you’re kids were melting down with the husband and alerts you to stay out on your run longer?

  392. I hate the wind. My special function would tell me the wind speed: calm, breezy, hold onto your hat, and you’re not in kansas anymore. While we’re thinking wishfully, mine would also have a dial that would “turn down” the wind for X minutes. That would totally rock. Did I mention that I hate the wind?

  393. I would love a little box that has a smiley face that correlates to what my hubby’s gonna be when I walk in the door… πŸ™‚ if he doesn’t care I was gonna longer than I said, :@ (angry) if I should sleep on my porch swing, =) if He’s thinking I’m looking amazing and gonna get some later, or :O if the fam is jut hungry! Would help me plan my response!

  394. I would love for my Garmin to detect dogs along my route. My recurrent nightmare is that I’m being chased by a dog. Fortunately, it hasn’t happened yet in real life and I’d love for it to stay that way.

  395. I wish I could program a great training plan, like the Marathon-Own It Plan from TLAM, and when I turned it on, it would tell me what to do everyday. Then I wouldn’t have to keep looking at the plan.

  396. I would like it to be as sarcastic, errr…witty as me. It would either motivate me to run harder or make me mad enough to pick up the pace! Love the suggestions for a countdown to my next race day & voice feedback for running streaks.

  397. I would love a Garmin that let my family know where I am on my run so they can stop fighting before I get home and have me some chocolate milk ready. But really one that gives me encouraging words at each mile instead of a beep – that would keep me going!

  398. I’d love a Garmin to tell me when it’s time to do EVERYTHING in my day-get up, brush teeth, wake daughter, leave for work now…

    I’d always be on time!!

  399. I am one of those Garmin wearers that holds her breath and doesn’t move while pointing her wrist at the sky, sometimes waiting an interminable amount of time for those satellites to be found! πŸ™‚ That said, I would like my Garmin to play music that matches my pace and sets the BPM and the mood of the song to the environment and landscape that I am running in.

  400. Great suggestions on here! But my biggest motivation is competition so I would want my Garmin synched to my BRF’s and everytime I want to slow down it would tell me, “Kellie ran this mile in 9:15” and things of the like. I do also love the idea of telling me when to rehydrate or have an energy chew.

  401. I’d love for the Garmin to send out electric shocks to the fat cells in my body that kill them off whenever I run. That would be great motivation indeed!