Humpday Running Giveaway: A Complete Saucony Outfit (Including Shoes!)

Happy National Running Day! (Kudos to you if you already know it's NRD). When this holiday falls on a Wednesday, we have to celebrate with a major humpday giveaway. If you've been thinking, "Hmmmm...I could really use a completely new, head-to-toe running outfit," then read on. But first, a few of our favorite things.

Sliiiiightly obsessed with this season's python print.


If you'd like a few recommendations from me, I can suggest black capris, black tops, black shoes, etc. See above. This is my current go-to running outfit: a Saucony Sprint Tank, Fast Track Crop capris, Curve Crusader bra, and Triumph ISO 2 running shoes.

SBS can confirm my affinity for black, as well as politely suggest I put some color into my running wardrobe. If you're looking for a bit of color, too, SBS personally recommends the Bullet Capri in Carbon Print with its wide, flattering waistband on a cool graphic print; and the Mini Scoot Capri in Electric Teal Print, with ruched seams at knees that give you the extra room you need to move through your stride without the back seam digging in.

She's also currently loving the Freedom Tank. As she explains, "It's so lovely and great tech fabric that feels like cotton—great for mopping sweat off your face!" (she says this runs a bit large and suggests ordering a size down if order it) and the Freedom Cap, which she notes, " the greatest thing since sliced bread. Light as a feather, it conforms to your head and is super flattering. And it stays on in the fiercest wind—I ran 18 brutal miles in it!"

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Back view of an AMR tank and SBS's favorite hat of all time, the Freedom Cap.


Ready to be #AMRinSaucony? One random runner will win, all from Saucony, your choice of a tank or short-sleeve shirt, a pair of capris or shorts, a Freedom Cap, and a pair of running shoes, which ranges in value from $144 to $323. To enter, tell us: if you had no time or life commitments, how would you spend National Running Day? Tell us in the Comments section below this blog post on our website, and you’ll be entered to win.

The details: This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 6/1/16 and ends on 6/7/16. We will announce one random winner on our Facebook page on 6/9/16, as well as notifying the winner by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize ranges $144 - $323. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

974 responses to “Humpday Running Giveaway: A Complete Saucony Outfit (Including Shoes!)

  1. I would love to be magically transported by plane to a new to me trail that I could totally get lost on , in a good way on a long slow run. Be able to see all new trail finds. I would be in heaven. My heart would be beyond full.

  2. I would wake when I was ready, drive to the site of my only trail 1/2 marathon and run it followed by a picnic lunch and maybe a nap before heading home.

  3. Run with my dog in the morning, run on a beautiful trail in the woods at noon, pick up a smoothie for lunch, coach the middle school cross country team in the afternoon, run with my running buddies in the evening, watch chariots of Fire before bed. Run, rabbits, run.

  4. With no time commitments I would find a really long trail to run on and spend the day exploring nature.

  5. I would wake up early, meet my BRF for a nice long run – the bear loop, finish at Starbucks. Walk back home with our treats, then have brunch. The rest of the day would be relaxing at home, doing chores and keeping a clear headspace.

  6. With no time or life commitments I’d love to do a long run alongside some beautiful ocean waves!

  7. No time or life commitments, I would pack up the kids and head down to the beach with their scooters in hand. What better way to celebrate then showing the boys what their mom loves and what helps keep her happy!

  8. If there were no committments, I would have started and finished my day with a run and had a nice long recovery in between. The location wouldn’t matter as long as it was shaded from the sun.

  9. With no time or life commitments, I’d go for a long run on the Chicago lakefront path. I moved away from Chicago almost five years ago, and while I love running in my new home, Colorado, I do miss the lake. I also miss the restaurants, so I’d take myself out for lunch and a cupcake as well.

  10. There would be no humidity (not likely living in the south) I wouldn’t have work to get ready for, but kids would still have school so I could run without worry!

  11. I would grab my kids and their bikes and go to the nearby park. I love the trails and my kids make me keep up my pace!

  12. I would spend the day running up and down a beach with my dogs. We did that last summer and we all were in heaven.

  13. I would love to do a 5k run along a wooded trail with a bunch of running girlfriends. Then head to the coffee shop for breakfast and laughs.

  14. Nice long cool run solo after a hot un-rushed cup of coffee finishing my run and making it back in enough time to take a complete shower and dress for the day before my kids and husband wake up and need me!! Ahh sweet mommy time! ❤️

  15. Wake up. Make coffee. Drink coffee. Put on running gear and head to the local park to hit the trail and see some wildlife. Have the motivation to do some strength training. Come home and take a nice, long soak in the tub. Make some delicious breakfast–probably eggs and fresh veggies in a sort of omelet. More coffee. Get dressed and head to massage. Leave massage and head to the outlet mall to find some bargains. More coffee. Come home and lounge with a good book. Eat some dinner. Binge watch Netflix. Sleep.

  16. Coffee, quiet, long run with the ocean
    breeze, stretch on the dunes, watch the waves with the intention of reading a book, more coffee, more quiet. Is it also national kid-free day?

  17. Sleep in. Get in an amazing destination trail run with a running friend. Come home to a fabulous meal prepared by someone who is not me. Shower. Massage.

  18. A beautiful mountain trail with a picnic lunch waiting for me at the halfway point. (Love daydreaming about this:) )

  19. Run early before it gets too hot, home to a good stretch, shower and the breakfast followed by a massage than a nap. Location TBD.

  20. Taking a scenic run through the streets of Savannah, GA or New Orleans would be a great way to celebrate.

  21. I would love to host a meetup place for runners who run on that day. Maybe have drinks, posters to sign, and in general encourage runners celebrating running. And of course, go for my own favorite run- a lake loop.

  22. I would either like to go big & run a marathon or take my four children on a 3-mile run for cheeseburgers.

  23. I’d run around all 3 lakes in Mpls – but stop and watch all the ducks and walk through the gardens. Because it would be a beautiful sunny day 🙂

  24. Of course the day would start with a nice long run with my BRF. Then, a leisurely shower and breakfast. After that, I would run around outside with my boys. Lastly, a nice massage and pedicure would cap off the day. Ahhhhh.

  25. I guess I DID celebrate! At the middle school where I work every week the kids have to run the “jaunt” , a 3/4 mile loop that they all complain about. I brought my gear and ran with the kids. One girl, who I was encouraging to keep running, kept saying, “you’re killing me! ” we finished strong! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to encourage my kiddos to do their best and, maybe, just maybe, someday like running!

  26. Well of course the day would have to start with a nice long run. And would have to end with a nice long massage:-)!!!!

  27. I would get my best running friends together, find somewhere new to run, and just run for as long as we could. Then go out for an ice cold one.

  28. I would definitely go for a sunrise run at the beach! I’m fortunate to live on the East Coast, but not close enough to beaches to make them practical for early morning runs before work. If time want an issue, I’d love to get in a good long run along the coast.

  29. If I had no life or time commitments I’d definitely spend it running solo (since I’m usually with running stroller!) at the old golf course trail nearby! 🙂

  30. I would clip the running leash to my dog and head for my favorite trail without worrying about how far or how fast we traveled.

  31. I would spend the day with my runner friends out on some trails we don’t get to frequent often because of time constraints/distance.

  32. I would do a long run pushing my son in the stroller then have a “race” with him running. Following that would catch up with some BRFs. Following that I would volunteer at our local Wednesday night runs which I usually can’t do due to work schedule.

  33. I would make sure I could intersperse running by myself for 45 minutes with running with my BRFs for a few hours throughout the day, followed by an amazing post-run refuel dinner and drinks!

  34. I would travel to Europe and run through all the gorgeous terrains in Ireland, Scotland and Italy! I’d make it a ‘National Running Week’!

  35. I wouldn’t change a thing. I ran 3.5 with a friend/co-worker before work. Our work campus is absolutely stunning and in full bloom. A decent run with good company and beautiful scenery, all before work is perfection and an amazing way to start the day!

  36. If I could spend National Running Day doing anything I want, I would surround myself with my BAMR-est friends and conquer some of our favorite trails!

  37. I’d spend it just as I did! A great run in the morning with my BRFs. Then in the evening, we kicked off our running club Couch to 5k program that my husband and I lead. A great day to share my love of running by helping new runners get started.

  38. A nice run through the local park with the family (kids on bikes typically while Dad and I run) would have been awesome for National Run Day 🙂

  39. I go for a run on a beach somewhere – something I rarely get to do but love. Definitely keeping my HR less than 140 Coach MK.

  40. Without any other commitments, I would be taking a long run with my family in some foreign location like the hills in Ireland or a sandy beach in Australia.

  41. I would have found a running wheelchair so I could take my cousin on a run with me. MS has taken its ugly toll and she no longer has the capability to run. Or walk. I want her to fly again!

  42. I would probably go to the beach and get a good run in (on the roads) and then relax and spend the day in the ocean.

  43. An early solo run on the beach so I could watch the sunrise. And then a nice easy run with my running friends. Then end the day with running shoe shopping and running gear/apparel shopping. Can’t get enough good running shoes or clothes!

  44. I would have spent National Running Day running/hiking 20+ trail miles completing a 5 peak challenge! But I was happy to get to meet up with some other mother runners for a few miles 🙂

  45. I would plan a long group run with my early bird MRTT mamas with the finish at a great local place for brunch. Then yoga in the afternoon.

  46. I would run until I didn’t want to run anymore. Could be 1 mile, 10 miles or 40 miles … who knows?!

  47. If I had no time or life commitments on NRD…or money constraints…I would meet up with my BRFs (one lives an hour from me, the other lives eight hours from me). We could go for a long run together, then clean up and head out for a big, leisurely brunch (that would feature pancakes and mimosas) and laugh ourselves silly.

  48. I’d run the 5 mile path from my favorite park into my town’s downtown, then have a leisurely pancake breakfast at the diner, then nature walk the 5 miles back to the park. After going back home to grab a shower, I’d go get a massage from my favorite massage therapist. A day to celebrate running and myself!

  49. I would run on some of the paths in the park near my house everyday, followed by cooling off in the pool!

  50. I would just go running, whenever I wanted and as far as I wanted. No worrying about the kids, the hubby’s schedule, the weather or anything else.

  51. Drive 4 hours to a state park I ran in as a teen, run the 6 miles past waterfalls & through the woods all while pretending I am 30 years younger. Drive back home & get a massage because I am not 30 years younger.

  52. I’d get to run with the kiddo and cheer on every person we saw along the way! Spreading the run love!

  53. I would much rather have spent the day running with or for my sister but I was supporting her in the hospital while she underwent a double mastectomy fir breast cancer. Running will be in our future though:)

  54. I would grab my BRF and go for an easy run on our canal path so we could spend some much needed time catching up. 🙂

  55. I would run for sure. Have a yummy smoothie after a gym workout. Take in a bit of yoga and finally a epsom salt bath, hot tea and magazine or book. And by the way….love this outfit

  56. I would run with my BRF and my dog, early morning, somewhere beautiful like Oregon or Washington (with more green and less heat than where we are in Vegas).

  57. I would go out for a run with my 6 year old daughter and 9 year old son. Not worried about PB or getting the miles in. Just enjoying their company and sharing my love of running with the two most important people in the world to me.

  58. I’d wake up early, have a light breakfast, call up my running buddy and go for a long run on the SeaWall!

  59. I would run a 100 miler. I’m in no shape to do that but if I had no life or time commitments I would be running long every day and really taking care of myself instead of others, and 100 miles wouldn’t seem like a pipe dream!

  60. I would start with an early morning beach run with my running buddy and spend the rest of the day enjoying the beach!

  61. Nice long run followed by lunch. Then a relaxing bath/soak and possibly wine. And I think the day would end with ice cream. Because..why not.

  62. I would drive to Santa Cruz (about 2 hours away) and go for an extra long run with one of my BRFs from there that I never get to see often enough!

  63. A long, easy run in the morning sunshine, grilled cheese sandwich lunch, hike in the mountains, tea and carrot cake as a snack, and a recovery bath!

  64. The weather was perfect in the morning for a run but I had to wait til the brutally hot afternoon. If I had it my way NRD would mean I got to run whenever I wanted!

  65. I would love to run along the pacific coast highway, because i’d be scared to drive it because i’d be too busy looking at everything.

  66. If I had no time or life commitments AND no injured knee, I would run along the lake in Chicago (because I didn’t run when I lived there and missed out on all that glory).

  67. I would run with my daughters (5 & 8) for a few miles with some skipping and hopping – capturing that pure joy that children have. Then I’d run a few miles by myself with that joy.

  68. I would go for a long run in my hometown (I miss it) with my BRF (I miss her, too) in the morning and then spend the remainder of the day replacing all those “lost” calories with food, drink, and good friends.

  69. I’d go for a nice long run somewhere along a shady trail, with a nice natural spring at the end for jumping in to cool off. Then, I’d drink a beer and eat a picnic lunch before returning to the happy chaos of family time!

  70. I would enjoy the ability to sleep in a little and then go out for a lovely run without feeling the stress of getting back in time to get ready for work. I would run through one of our State Parks. It’s a bit of a drive, so its never an option on a work day.

  71. I would go for a nice long run in the cool of the morning. And then spend the rest of my day relaxing with my husband at the beach or at the lake.

  72. If I had an entire day free to run, I would spend it in the woods with my family and friends, exploring trails, enjoying real food and relishing the extra oxygen! In the meantime, it’s back to the local roads for a daily 4 miler, ha!

  73. I’d of course go for a nice long run. Then I’d love to volunteer at a Marathon/ Half Marathon, so I could encourage and support other runners.

  74. I’d be somewhere less wet, hot and humid! I’d go for a nice long but leisurely run in the morning, then take a long shower and a nap.

  75. I’d love to run another marathon relay – I did one a few years ago and loved it. It’s great because it turns a solo activity into a team sport. 🙂

  76. I’d spend it running with my dogs, through our favorite park, stopping to play with other dogs along the way as they saw fit. Usually, we have to keep pressing on. A nice long bath with a glass of wine afterwards would really be a nice add too!

  77. If time or money were no constraint I would love to be running on the beach. Any beach. We don’t live by one long enough to run on! Lol

  78. If I had no commitments, like my current marathon training, I would go for a two hour run with NO HEART RATE MAXIMUM! 😉

  79. I’d take my dream run at Cade’s Cove, TN. One year I’ll be able to make the trek and be in the condition for that 11 mile loop!

  80. i missed it 🙁 But I am scoping out my next event to get me back on the road after some set backs.

  81. I would spend it going on a long run of 8-10, treating myself to a bacon/egg/cheese bagel and some frozen coffee concoction, taking a long bubble bath, and then foam rolling without a dog trying to help lol

  82. With an entire day of freedom, I’d spend the day running on the beach and through the streets of Cape May, NJ – my favorite vacation spot!

  83. I’m recovering from my first marathon this past Sunday, so if I had no commitments I’d spend my day with a massage (which I was lucky enough to be able to do) and relaxing at the beach or a pool reading a book about running!

  84. I would spend National Running Day with my Running group on the Springwater Trail running to Portland and Back from our little town of Boring Oregon!

  85. If no other commitments, then I would’ve loved to had planned an awesome trail run with my friends somewhere in the N GA mountains. Since I did have to work, I did get to go to a group run and picnic with my running club last night.

  86. With no time or life commitments I would spend the day on the trail….running, hiking, taking in the views!

  87. Without any time or life commitments, I would drive to the beach and enjoy the sun and sand by taking a nice run on the beach and enjoy the sounds of the waves.

  88. With no time on constraints or life commitments on this BEAUTIFUL National Running Day, I would get an early, leisurely run in with my husband. He is my best running buddy, and I LOVE our time together out running, just the two of us. Then we would spend the rest of the day running around and playing with our boys…Park, Picnic, nap, zoo, the works!

  89. With no time or life commitments, I would get in my car and drive the 45 minutes or so out of the city to the Cooking Lake-Blackfoot recreation area where they hold a trail ultra race every year. I wouldn’t run an ultra – but they have these wide rolling trails that take you out and around forested wild areas and then to vistas that allow you to look out over an undeveloped part of the lake. Its wild and lovely. Which is how I would love to see myself and my runs. Wild and lovely. And I would run at whatever pace felt awesome and just go however long it took to refill the tank and clear my mind.

  90. I would run pain free, then get a massage and then have a picnic with my family in the CO mountains or on a beach!

  91. I would spend the time being active and relaxing with my hubby and kids. Run, bike ride, beach, casual lunch… Perfect.

  92. Without time constraints I would take a nice trail run with my son and dog. Love those runs with him and my puppy!!

  93. I would do all the little things I cut out due to lack of time: massage, foam rolling, elevate my legs, sleep. I also would cook myself a wonderful meal and then I would eat it slowly. And without interruption.

  94. I had a ton of time restraints but I still did what I wanted 🙂 I ran two early miles with a friend and then met up with parts of my running group for a mile on the track and then boot camp on the infield as the sun was rising. It meant getting up at 4 am but I don’t think I would have changed it even if I could have!

  95. Without any commitments there would be no excuses. I would have been able to get my 3 mile easy run in prior to long run on Saturday. I instead was at home with a sick kiddo. I am taking him to the doctor this morning. Hopefully things go better tonight and I am able to get that run in!

  96. I would go for a long run with my pals (who would also be unencumbered) and follow it up with a nap, yoga session and a massage at the end of the day.

  97. I’ll also add, if not dealing with PF, tendinitis in my foot and a broken toe, that’s been keeping me from running with my running group… I’d do a nice long run with friends around Pittsburgh and then all out to eat. Later that day I’d go to CrossFit and run more there.

  98. I’d love to do a nice long run, preferably on a trail, without feeling guilty for how long I’m gone. Follow that up with an uninterrupted shower and maybe even a nap and that would be perfect!

  99. I would run twice and shower twice. I would probably spend hours looking at new running gear online without interruption too.

  100. I would still run early in the morning because it is the best part of the day! Then I would take a nap.

  101. I ran before dawn because it was the only time I had. If I had no time or life commitments I would have run in the beautiful part of the day on the trails enjoying nature and running!

  102. I would run along the coast at sunrise. I’d be sure to end where I could sit on a beach and stretch and reflect on the run when I was finished.

  103. I would spend the day running long and peaceful to find my center. I did manage a run, but it was short and my BER, but at least it was something!

  104. I would head back to Brooklyn, my old stopping grounds, and go for a long run from Brooklyn Bridge Park to Prospect Park. I really miss running my old routes through the city.

  105. A run with snacks and mimosas and 30 of my sole sisters, which I did. But if I ran the zoo, it would have happened closer to 7 am than 5 am, and I’d have come home and run a little more with my kiddos!

  106. I would run with one of my friends who is a new runner. I love being able to just go at whatever pace they need, chatting and keeping company and encouraging their love for my favorite sport 🙂

  107. Up at sunrise for a slow and meditative 10 miles on a local trail. Then, I’d take a hot shower and maybe take my time going through my local running store to see if I can find something I can’t live without. Finish off the day with a short evening group run.

  108. A nice long run, followed by a nice long shower, and then time to cook some good food to refuel (showering doesn’t always happen these days and dinner is whatever I can throw together quickly).

  109. …I would spend the day running the paths near my house and do the two lake loop, run around Lake Needwood and Lake Frank. It would be about 14 miles. I haven’t done it yet, but that sounds great to me.

  110. I would spend the time running with my 6 yo, as it makes me smile and remember the joy that running brings 🙂

  111. I would go for a long run with my Chicks, solving the world’s problems.. then we’d go back to the coffee shop and laugh until the strange looks start coming our way….=)

  112. I would run with all of my running friends! We haven’t all gotten together since our relay six weeks ago.

  113. I’d go for a nice long run early in the morning along the farms near my house then grab a coffee and get a massage.

  114. I would spend the day walk/jogging/hiking along my favorite trail-Paulina Creek with my running buddy “River”, my 2 yr old Australian Shepherd. It’s by far the most relaxing trail I’ve ever encounter and has always been my favorite.

  115. I live in AZ and there are awesome mountain trails here. So I would take a drive up north and do some trail runs.

  116. I would go for an early morning long run through Piedmont Park in Atlanta, followed up by a yoga stretching session, a eucalyptus steam, and a big green juice!

  117. A nice, slow, long run. I’ll make it 90 minutes for symmetry, since I would follow it with a 90 minute massage. That would be perfect.

  118. I would take a day trip to the central coast of California and run just for fun! No training, no schedule and no watch.

  119. I would start with a cup of coffee. Since there are no obligations, the weather would be perfect…so I can take time to have a cup of coffee. I would enjoy the 5 miles down to a local hilly park for a couple miles and then back home….listening to AMR all the way!

  120. I would run around Green Lake in Seattle with my hubs and then get coffee and a guilt free donut at Top Pot!!!

  121. 4 mile run, remove shoes and socks, jump in the pool….then a great meal and a glass of wine to toast the day

  122. I would run all day. I would start by running to a coffee shop and enjoy a cup of coffee then I would see where my feet take me.

  123. Running my HRT plan schedule and then relaxing with my pets, content in knowing that I checked the box on the training plan for the day.

  124. I would go for a long run ending at a coffee shop and slowly walk home enjoying my coffee. I would get a massage, go to the pool with my kids and end the day with a quiet date with my husband and a walk by the ocean.

  125. No time or life commitments, I would have spent a good portion of the day at our local race kick off party. Starting at midnight, they had treadmills and bikes out, yoga and Zumba instructors and local running vendors out. Registration for the race was only $20. Then I would go enjoy lunch by myself and have dessert for dinner.

  126. Go for a long trail run with my husband (as we rarely get to run together), spend some time outside playing with the kids, and a grill out with s’mores!

  127. I would start the day with a 3 mile run by myself. Just me and my music. Then I would spend the day in my garden and end the night with a bbq/camp fire to roast marshmallows with my kids and husband.

  128. The day would start early with a relaxing cup of coffee and a light breakfast. Head out for an easy morning run, then come home and take a longer-than-necessary shower. A nice lunch with Mr. Awesome followed by a nap!

  129. I would run a fun 10K with my friends I rarely see then sit around with them the rest of the day, knitting and chatting.

  130. I’d spend it by enjoying spending time w my kiddos,then taking a nice long run, and maybe heading to the beach to relax!

  131. I would do what I did today: I ran 6 miles on the bosque trails, practicing what I’d learned from a fabulous run coach the day before. Then I wrote a blog post about adventure and sent out a newsletter that talked about Global Running Day, running, walking, and our health.

  132. Running the Howe Sound Crest Trail. My BAMR and I have been planning it for a few years… I think this year is the year. Would love to do it today with them if we had nothing going on; would be quintessential West Coast — gorgeous sunny morning turning overcast early PM and raining by mid-PM and into the evening. Awesome!!

  133. i would like to spend it with a short run and then with a family party. Eating healthy, and playing all the family games followed my a big bonfire .

  134. I’d do a solo run in the morning and a run with friends later in the day (with a book and a nap in between)!

  135. Go on a nice long trail run with my husband and dogs and then set up camp, roast marshmallows and sleep under the stars.

  136. I would find a group of girlfriends and get to the Redwood forests of my native California, running from the mountains to the beach in Santa Cruz., hopefully taking the whole day to do it. I’d be wearing a pair of Saucony Triumphs, which I’ve been dying to try out.

  137. I’d start the day by running on the beach (which means I’d be beachside #winning) followed by a massage (also on the beach) and then fall asleep in a hammock, reading a great book (by the beach!) I’m alone in this scenario – just me and the tide (and the occasional bartender and masseus!

  138. As I love to spend 3 out of 5 days each week – swim in the morning, a weight workout a couple hours later, followed by a nice run to top things off!

  139. I would spend the day doing three runs.
    1. With my fav run buddy Maui – my super sweet brown doodle
    2. Guide my blind friend Kate
    3. With my super fast hubby. Because we never train together anymore because he’s so fast and always has a special pace and distance. If I win – I’m going to make him run with me!!!!!!!

  140. If time was not a hinderence, I would go out for a run until the podcasts were caught up. Follow up with a shower and then a much needed massage. Maybe a pedi also! Sounds like a perfect day to me, I might just need to do it soon now that you suggested it!

  141. If I had all the time I would sleep late and take a run with my daughter to get ready for the Girls on the run 5k with her this Saturday.

  142. I would sleep in a little. Meet some of BRF’s for a nice long run on the bike trails and chit chat about life the whole run!

  143. I would sleep in, then get up and go for a run….come home to coffee and a good book, then spend the day sewing myself some new clothes.

  144. I would go for a run with my BRF and then join my son for a run and then take the dog on a run. Everyone would be happy, including me!

  145. I would sleep in. Not make my kids lunches. Not get them to school. Not go to work. Drink my coffee and eat my breakfast in peace. Go for a run for as long as I please. Followed by a long bath and Netflix bing on whatever I want. Also, eat a dinner I didn’t make.

  146. I would just run, before the kind ds get up, with the dog, before the rest of the world wakes up.

  147. I would sleep in a little then drive to a track and do a speed test. My intervals this morning have peaked my curiosity to see how fast I could really go.

  148. I would sleep until 7 am, go for a long trail run with my husband ( we rarely run together) then go out for a post- long run breakfast with him.

  149. If I had no commitments and all the time in the world; I would run, walk, hike, run for as long as my body would let me. A dream come true.

  150. Explore a new trail, run long…followed by a blissfully long shower & then I’d cook something fun for dinner.

  151. I am a native New Englander who now lives in the midwest. If I could, I would go back home and do a long run along Newport RI’s gorgeous beaches. I would end the run with a cold Nargansett beer on draft and a lobster roll for lunch. Yum!

  152. I would go on a long and easy run with my husband. We never get to run together because someone has to stay home with our kiddos. Someday we will do this and I look forward to it.

  153. I started today with a 4 mile run along the beach with my husband while we’re on a family vacation. Have to say it was a pretty perfect ‘National Running Day’- would likely do it all over again if given the choice!!

  154. I would sleep late, then run in cool weather with friends. Needless to say I would have to fly to Colorado to find cool weather!

  155. I would find a new route to run long, listen to new tunes, then eat right, and enjoy a long nap to recover!

  156. I would just go outside around my neighborhood and say hi to as many people as possible. I was so sad that Life got on the way today and I had to cut my run from my day always relish on your run you never know when you won’t be able to go out

  157. I would love to go running on the nature trails for hours and hear the sounds of gravel, birds and running water instead of screaming kids lol

  158. Running by myself on a beautiful scenic trail listening to the soundtrack to Into The Wild with the sun shining down on me.

  159. I would go for a nice run in a local park and spend the rest of the day catching up on weeks of DVR’d TV shows that get neglected due to busy schedules!!

  160. I would run along the ocean in Maine. The temps are always nice and cool by the water. Then I’d just sit and enjoy the views.

  161. I would have taken my son to a state park & hit the trails with him to kick off his summer break! It was a 5k @ an ungodly am hour on the treadmill. But any run works just fine for me

  162. I would gather as many running buddies as I could find for happy hour on the trails followed by hydrating at happy hour on a patio!

  163. A favorite trail run around Golden, COwith my sole sisters (the Golden Girls), yoga, and lattes to cap the morning.

  164. I love this page because it gives us mother runners a place to be real and talk about the things we love most, being a mother and being a runner.

  165. I would fly somewhere cool (ain’t nowhere cool in Texas this time of year) and run and then spend the rest of the day, soaking up the outdoors with my family.

  166. Running! And today was close to ideal. Well, except the unexpected rain. Wish: a pain free run in perfect weather, new route with plentiful drinking fountains.

  167. Well, having just come out of a boot last week from a heel stress fracture (9 weeks in that thing !!!) & knowing I am months away from running again …. I would be ecstatic to got out for an easy run in my neighborhood on a sunny day with a bit of a breeze listening to my tunes and moving my body! (& throw in a cafe au lait, pancake breakfast & massage for good measure!)

  168. Running with friends! Anywhere. I rarely get to run with people as I’m on a treadmill early AM or outside if I’m lucky. So outside with friends (with maybe a mimosa afterwards). Keeping my HR below 140, of course!

  169. If I had no commitments on National Running Day, and was not in the midst of the taper for my first marathon I would go for a run in my fair city of Duluth. Probably some trails, some roads. For sure in a place with views of the big lake, it makes my heart happy.

  170. I would get up early and head out with my BRF on a scenic river route. No wind, perfect spring temps and the smell of lilacs in the air. Perfection.

  171. If I could, I would do my very favorite thing, running in front of the beautiful Willamette River, in my hometown!

  172. I’d sleep until I woke up, then run on a beautiful lakeside path with no mosquitos and a perfect temperature (50s-60s), then get home to a warm shower, massage and chocolate covered strawberries ☺️

  173. I would recreate a perfect Sunday from about a month ago – a half marathon with my out of state brfs in the morning, lunch with our families and talking strategy about the final weeks of prep for my husband’s first marathon.

  174. Obviously go for a run, but no where specific. I’d prefer it be one of this “on” days when running feels effortless and things don’t jiggle as much. However I can’t complain about today, I left my job of 6 years to help grow my career and the role was forcing overtime and mentally draining it was hindering my running and causing me to stress eat. I went on a nice 3 mile run (with extra jiggliness from sugar cookies at work) and now enjoying a cold beer because I don’t have an alarm to wake up to tomorrow as I start my new job on Monday.

  175. I would wake up, eat a waffle with whipped cream, run a half marathon anyplace where it’s 55-60 degrees, then shower, nap, and eat a burger.

  176. A sunrise trail run with my BRF, followed by a stack of blueberry pancakes, lots of coffee, maybe a massage, and a hike or bike ride with my family.

  177. I would love to have spent National Running Day exploring a new trail on vacation with a BRF! I’m craving some adventure!

  178. My perfect running day would of course involve a run…with my BRF, coffee after. Shopping for new running clothes. And wine with my BRF. Perfect.

  179. I’d be going for a nice leisurely run down the Harte Trail in Winnipeg (Canada) with my BRF and seeing how many deer we encounter!

  180. I would drive an hour and a half to starved rock and run there with my brf. I never do destination runs and with little ones at home my runs all start before 5. I would like to drink coffee on the way down and relax on the way home.

  181. Probably sleeping in and then running in the morning instead of being chased by the mosquitoes in my neighborhood this evening. Then relax at the beach the rest of the day!

  182. No time or life commitments? I’d go big and see how many states I could run at least 1 mile in during the 24 hours of National Running Day. Probably head south and east. Try to recruit some of my other awesome mother runners to join me. Because why not?

  183. Perfect run day involves a great pair of shoes, comfy running clothes, my BFFs by my side cruising down Hines Drive listening to Eminem.. While viewing the beautiful scenery and taking time to stop and smell the roses.. Because as a working mom, with two girls that have a better social life than I do – we all know time is of the essence

  184. Oh wow…I’d get myself to the shores of someplace beautiful and run nice and easy along the beach!

  185. I’d wake up early and meet my two BRFs at the navy base where we run our 10-mile loop, where we run over three different runways and then down along the river, watching for the bald eagles who nest in the trees (I am seriously not making this up–every time we run this loop I can’t believe it!). I’d go home for a shower and then to a 1.5 hour massage, followed by lunch with my BRFs. Perfect National Running Day!!

  186. I’d sleep in a bit and then go enjoy a six mile run on a beach or in a beautiful park. Followed by brunch and a nap!

  187. Pretty much like I did- run with my gal pals in the morning and attending an all day field trip with one of my girls which included a 12 mile bike ride.

  188. I would wake up whenever I wake up. Drink a cup of coffee. Get dressed and go for a long leisurely run exploring a beautiful neighborhood. Come home shower and spend the day enjoying the beautiful day outside playing with my daughter.

  189. I would go for a 10 mile run on the Mass Central Rail Trail with all of my Holden Running Moms and take the time to drop water at 3 mile intervals. After the run was complete, we’d all head to Birch Tree Bread Company for caffeine, carbs, and live music.

  190. I would go for a 6-8 mile run on my favorite running route which follows Lake Michigan and watch the sun come up! After my run, I would attend a yoga session at my favorite yoga studio. After that I would eat at my favorite breakfast resturant that uses all locally grown products!

  191. I would go for an evening run at one of my favorite trails. I love burning off the day with a run. And when it starts to get dark, I feel like nobody can see me running to judge my pace or red face or anything else!

  192. I would make NRD my long run day. In the woods. With no “are you finished” texts . After, I would hit Trader Joe’s (it’s still new to us) for a dark chocolate bar on the way home.

  193. I would wake early enough to see the sun rise as I ran. Because money is not an object in this fantasy world where I have no job or family responsibilities, I live on a tropical island, so I can run along the water as I watch the sun rise. Even though this is a tropical island, it is not too hot and there is no humidity. When I am done with my run, I will drink a smoothie made with fresh coconut and other fresh fruit. Then the massage therapist who visits me daily in this fantasy land, will give me a 90 minute massage. I will then spend the rest of the day reading and knitting.

  194. I would run my own 13.1 just because I can! Preferably while listening to an AMR podcast followed by Rock my Ron’s America Rocks- good stuff!

  195. I would do my long run of about 8 miles, shower, nap, then bake something yummy to replenish all those burned calories.

  196. I would wake up early, grab a couple of my BDMR’s and hit the trails for a run for as long as we wanted. Then I would treat us all to coffee and pancakes. I’d plan to grab a quick nap later on in the afternoon.

  197. If my (very slowly healing..4 months now) broken collarbone was all healed, I would be doing cart wheels, pushups, downward facing dog and of course a long slow run. I’m not even picky at this point. 😉

  198. Wake up early, do a long slow 2 hour run, come back, stretch, breakfast, shower. Afternoon nap followed by a massage and more stretching/foam rolling. Heaven!

  199. Stealing a van, snagging my BRFs, and heading to a state park for some long miles, then running into the lake. Man oh man, that would be amazing.

  200. I would go on an “adventure” run. Before kids my husband and I would do this. Pick a place you have never been(close or far) and go for a run there. It’s my favorite way to explore. I feel like you can take in everything so much better and keeps you going because you never know what might be around the bend. Then of course a awesome meal at a new restaurant in the town you just explored. (:

  201. I would wake whenever (no alarm!!) and then stroll out the door for a long leisurely run with some BRFs. I would have plenty of time to cool down and stretch and then go to an afternoon massage. Relaxation!!!

  202. A mid-morning run, no music, 6 miles, sunglasses and nothing planned for the rest of the day. Pure bliss!

  203. I’d wake up to birds chirping, sip a cup of coffee while getting ready and then go for a slow long run 2-3 hours exploring new neighborhoods, looking at big houses and watching the new flowers bloom while appreciating my ability to run.

  204. I would have run the trail from Tallahassee to St. Marks (on the coast). Sadly, I was only able to squeeze in a couple of miles after work.

  205. No commitments?! So we’re assuming someone is watching the kids then, right? 😉 I would spoil myself rotten with a Coffeehouse, fancy drink and along trail run through my favorite state park. Ah! The peace and quiet…

  206. I would invite my running posse on an early morning 6-mile run through the Reservoir Woods, our get-away. stomping grounds right in St. Paul, Then we’d have coffee and fresh scones on my patio, and I would them all off to work while I gardened in the back yard with my kitty, Willow. Btw, gardening is a great way to stretch after running.

  207. I would wake up without alarm clock, have a cup of coffee out of a MUG use the bathroom and then out the FRONT door (without sneaking out!) and I would run for as long as I could. The key is also being able to shower after said run!

  208. Run barefoot on a white sandy beach as long and as far as my legs would take me. All while keeping my heart rate under 140 bpm, of course 🙂 #coachedandloved

  209. I would run with my BFF along the coastal trail in Anchorage AK on a bright sunny evening. Lots of love and laughter at our feet!

  210. No kids?!? What?!? I would find a trail or pathway and get lost in the beauty of the Inland NW!!

  211. Pretty much exactly how I did spend it, with a beautiful 5 mile sunset run through the trails of my favorite park! The only thing I would change would be having my daughter run with me…She’s recovering from a broken 5th metatarsal and hasn’t been able to run with me for a few months 🙁

  212. An early morning run with my BRFs along the river in Pittsburgh…followed by breakfast, shopping at our favorite running store, and a leisurely evening run with my 3 little and hubby. Sounds like the perfect day!

  213. I would run with my teammates from the Boston Children’s Hospital team that trained with for the Boston Marathon!!

  214. I would run with friends and celebrate with a nice brunch afterwards followed by massages to help us recover and then running shoe shopping and a time to sit down and plan all our fun races for the year and work out training plans over lunch. And dinner
    And drinks to celebrate friendships and growth! And hopefully a nap in there too. Lol

  215. No commitments on a Wed the 1st of June would lead me to a short road trip running somewhere I don’t normally get to go. The mountains or Beach for as long or short of a run as I wanted with no time constraints! With a fun drive to and from to plan my next race.

  216. I would gather as many running friends as I could for a destination run. Maybe a lake trail or beach followed by coffee and breakfast and maybe a little running related shopping!

  217. Have a nice long Run with my best running partner –my mom. Take my kids to a nice long breakfast. Swim in the ocean. Spend the day playing and spending time with my kids and husband. ❤️

  218. I’d for sure have a long run on a beach, followed by drinks with umbrellas with my running buddies (on the beach, of course ).

  219. I would be running around the lake at my favorite state park – two or three laps around the lake (a 3.6 mile trail), which is my heart home!

  220. would of ran my little heart out on North Table mountain (mountain lion and rattle snakes included) with a couple of my favorite running buddies. After that, to Cannonball for some brew and hopefully a burger. smooches

  221. I would have traveled to the beach and ran from the north end to the south end. After the run, I would splurge on a massage and totally sat by the beach with a good book.

  222. I would go find a cold mountain to run on. I live in the Deep South where the temps are already in the 90s with 100% humidity.

  223. I would run go on a long run with my sweat sisters near the beach and finish with a cold beer, great food, and friendship!

  224. I would run a new trail along the river…or maybe along a beach, with clear waters and a beach chair and umbrella drink waiting for me when I’m done

  225. I would love to run an easy effort (Coach MK HRT) 5 miler then go out to brunch with my family and friends. I’d end this perfect day with a nap!!

  226. A beautiful run with my running sisters, daughters and son. Checking out a new trail in a new city. Having an awesome adventure and then smiling and laughing afterwards:). Making memories together!!

  227. I live in boring Nebraska! I would make my way to a beach and go for a run oceanside with the waves rushing in, and get my kids in on the action. Sounds so relaxing!

  228. I would meet up for a run with my favorite BAMR’s and then go out to a nice brunch after! I get to run a lot with my friend, but there is rarely time for a nice breakfast after as we all have other commitments. Go figure we want to talk more after running together for the last couple hours.

  229. Just finished up my run at the gym! Few miles around the track on this rainy National Running Day! I make time each day to get a run in after the kids go to bed.

  230. I would drive out to the beach and run along the ocean. Then park myself on the beach with coffee and a book 🙂

  231. I would do a long run with my best running friends and finish it up by cooling off in the Splashpad!

  232. I would go for a long run with all my Strava Fairies, followed by all the extras that I never have time for – rolling, yoga, strength…

  233. If I had no commitments on Global Running Day- I would take a long trail run in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado- followed by some local food and a nap!:) Happy Running

  234. I would have loved to have been able to go into Philly (I’m in the burbs now) and run on my favorite running trail this morning (before it got too hot of course!). It’s one of the things I miss the most about the city and it is one of my very favorite places to run!

  235. I would go into the woods with my dog, so we both could run free in nature. I love watching my dog run and be free. I could stay in there forever; so peaceful.

  236. I think I would have to run my favorite 7 mile loop. I start every year running this loop and it’s a challenge. I would hope I could recruit people to go with me. Too many solo runs. This would have to be celebratory.

  237. I would probably do a double run day! Once in the morning with my brfs then a trail one in the evening for a sunset run! It would have to be followed by cocktails though

  238. I would have run with large group from my running group at Old Plank Road Trail and then went out for some post run drinks, er .. carbs, instead of over sleeping ando going out after my dinner settles which is what I’m actually doing.

  239. I would take the kids to run the the trails at our local state park and then swim in the ocean to cool off!

  240. If I had no constraints, I’d have spent all day running the trails near my new home. Unfortunately, life intervened and I ran three miles around the lake instead.

  241. A 10 mile run on a beautiful trail far away from cell phone service. And if I had the time, I would finish off the run by stretching out on a patch of grass with a good book.

  242. I would run as much as I can throughout the day and get my children involved. I would love it if they get into running too.

  243. I would run the beach at Cannon Beach, Oregon. It’s where my husband and I got married, and it always makes me feel relaxed and happy.

  244. If I could, I would spend National Running Day by our mountain cabin running my favorite trail at sunrise with a few friends. Unfortunately, my reality was spent doing an hour of strength training and running errands. Does running errands count as running? : )

  245. Oo- hard to choose. Nice medium 4-5 mile run in beautiful setting – maybe by ocean in warm but not hot weather. Followed by a nap, definitely a nap and a yummy cookie or something upon awakening.

  246. I would wish for a cone of safety so that I would dare undergo the hip surgery needed to fix a labral tear, so I could get back to high mileage, my sanity, and my healthier self.

  247. I’d travel to somewhere with 55 degree temps with no humidity (this is my fantasy, right??) and some scenic trails and bring along my best friend and my husband and get in a nice, slow, chatty 10 miler.

  248. I would run! But not all day. A book, a movie, coffee and a nap. And a big slice of chocolate cake, because I ran.

  249. a nice chatty therapy session, — er, run with my tribe chasing a cold ocean breeze . Hearty breakfast, then shopping for running gear 🙂

  250. Oh my goodness, if I had no restraints, I would spend it at a running retreat – feeding my mind, body and soul!

  251. Turn the phone off. Sleep in. Eat really yummy things because today there are no calories. Read a good book. Sew a while. Enjoy the outdoors. Watch a good movie.

  252. Oohs, nice long 10-13 mile run, followed up with iced coffee and Pringles ☺️ After some nuun of course!

  253. My goal this summer is to start trail running so I would don my new Saucony outfit and head out on a beautiful day to tackle a trail. I hope my path would cross with at least a few others, though, so they could check out my new Saucony attire!!

  254. i would have hit the trails instead of the road. we are having a little bit of a bear issue where i live so i haven’t been hitting the trails in the early morning like i use to. i did a tempo run (following the TLAM own half marathon plan) then i stopped in at the gym and did a core workout so it still was a great day.

  255. I’d go for a great LSR. I actually planned to do that today despite my crazy schedule, but it’s pushing 100 this afternoon. Dreadmill…?

  256. A long trail run in the American River Canyon with my besties! With a mandatory cool down stop in the river….

  257. I would go to a few new running places and check them out. There’s a couple of trails through the battlegrounds that I’ve been wanting to try.

  258. I would spend it running in a beautiful coastal town with the breeze on my back. And then relaxing with an all over body massage and tasty adult beverage.

  259. Time and life commitments aside, I would organize and run a local 5k in my small town. I’ve always wanted to see a local race that brings together all the local running talent and what better day than National Running Day?! Also, I would make sure to run it next to my mom who happens to have a birthday today.

  260. No commitment?!?!? I would joyfully run 2 or -3 laps around this cute little lake park nearby that is a 3.3 mile loop. Then foam roll in the grass at the Park while I watch cute dogs play in the off leash area…outside of the area to avoid poop 🙂

  261. I’d fly to somewhere cool dry, enjoy a nice long trail run, post run yoga, and a long soaking bath with a fabulous adult beverage.

  262. I would do a full warm up and go for a long no pressure run. Then I would foam roll and take a nice long bath with a glass of wine. Go to the park with my kids and be able to just play with them. Finally, I would make a delicious meal of my favorite shrimp alfredo pasta and bread with a side salad for dinner and for dessert a slice of raspberry pie.

  263. Oh man, that would be so nice… With no other commitments, I would go for a nice long trail run, followed by a long shower and shower beer, and then a nap. That would pretty much be heaven.

  264. Well, I did my run today. But, because of commitments, I had to skip the stretching and strength training that I like to do after my run. So, I would like that plus a cocktail on the back porch with my book.

  265. Since I’ve been doing a lot of running lately, I’d probably choose to sleep in if I didn’t have any commitments! Please pick me computer…I never win anything!

  266. I’d wake up, get my run in as the sun rises, stretch, drink coffee. then shower, then play with my kids, read a great book, maybe a running memior, and cook an amazing fresh healthy dinner for my family that we enjoy and all the kids eat gleefully without complaint.

  267. National Running Day Dream Day: Meet some running friends for a run in one of our local forest preserves or arboretum, followed by brunch and chit chat time. Then in the afternoon, I’d love to be able to curl up with a book outside maybe in a hammock and relax and refresh or chill out floating in a pool or on a lake. Napping would not be stopped.

  268. I would start NRD with a sunrise run with some BRFs around the Charles River, then head to one of my favorite brunch spots. Then it would be spa time – massages and full pampering followed by some afternoon shopping – for new run gear of course!

  269. I’d be trail running! Just a few, easy miles down by the lake sounds so much better than being at work with an injury that has me sidelined for at least a couple more weeks.

  270. I would do a sunrise run in the woods before meeting up with BRFs for a few (or more than a few) miles of chit chat. I’d probably end the day with a massage and pampering… and a glass of wine. Because, you know, it’s important to have balance in one’s life.

  271. I would gather up as many other runners as I could and put in a few miles on one of our local trails then do a giant breakfast date with coffee, pancakes and maybe a few bloody (toenail) marys. Then I’d high tail it to my kids’ school and give them a quick class about running followed of course with a fun and easy run for all of them. Top it off with an evening watching a running movie (Prefontaine, The Spirit of the Marathon, Chariots of Fire) with some friends and call it a day.

  272. I would love to drive over to Fort Lauderdale beach for some beautiful, quiet sunrise miles. Followed by a nice breakfast and book on the beach. Then, I would love to come home to an empty house and clean it so that the kids can all start with summer vacation in a clean house where all the laundry is done and put away (a true fantasy!)

  273. I would definitely take a long trail run with friends, which is exactly what I did this morning. It was a little muddier than anticipated after apparently a 4am rain shower but still great fun to run and catch up with friends. I didn’t even know it was National Running Day

  274. I would start with some foam rolling to prep my legs and back. I’d make sure my unheard AMR podcasts are queued up and head out on a 6 miler along a shaded path that is ideally by water. Once done, I’d stretch out, put on my flip flops and sip on an iced coffee! Taking a long shower and eating a cheeseburger would round out my Global Running Day

  275. My perfect running day: I would get to sleep in until 6:15 (sad but when you get up at 5 to run 6:15 is sleeping in). The weather would be a glorious non-humid 60. I would run a challenging but not killing me distance, maybe 7-8 miles. I would shower without interruption, get to eat a warm meal, and crawl back in bed for a nap. I would wake up without “bed head” and have my wonderful massage therapist make a house call. I guess this would only be a running “half day” but I’ll take it where I can get it.

  276. I would put on my favourite running outfit, on this beautiful, perfect-for-running day, and follow the rail-to-trail until it took me to a new destination, perhaps a new restaurant, or a new scenic view. Running can take you anywhere so lets celebrate by running to a new experience.

  277. I went on a gorgeous 6-mile run with two awesome BAMRs this morning in Spotsylvania National Battlefield Park here in Virginia. I then had to go take a shower and go to work. If I hadn’t had any other commitments I might have come home and catch up on the laundry and binge on AMR podcasts! 🙂 (I’m so behind…you have no idea.)

  278. I’d take my time with my favorite 3 mile route and then come home and leisurely make a smoothie and take a shower in my quiet house. Instead I fit in 2 miles on my lunch break in 80+ degree weather. Whatever works, right?

  279. No commitments on National Running Day?! Then I’m heading out at just the right time of the morning, when it’s light but still quiet and cool and running my favorite route around the Rose Bowl. Then, it’s off to Starbucks for a recovery drink! Cheers to you all on this holiday!

  280. If I had today off to celebrate running…. Today was my easy run, so instead of 4, I would have done 5 followed by a wonderfully long bike ride with my BRF (who does not like biking, but maybe if we had the day off I could convince her) followed by a leisurely cup of coffee. I’d make my 12 year old run another two with me when she gets home from school and have my 3 year old run our half mile loop together while my 14 year old non-runner (but excellent cook) makes a healthy dinner.

    I dream of this as I recall my 4 mile this morning sitting at my desk trying to remember to ice my knee and knowing that my 12 year old got braces today so we are having milkshakes and mashed potatoes for dinner…. But I did get 4 in 🙂

  281. Just waiting for the work day to finish so I can join my husband on a 10 km run on the trail close to our house. We have moved to the country side and we’ve been exploring the trails close to us. Our children are all grown up now and they will not be home for dinner so it will give us a great opportunity to go and enjoy the evening on the trail and listen to the birds and wildlife.

  282. I would spend National Running Day, exactly as I did today, taking a morning Group Loop with my fellow Mother Runners. Today we were Mother Walkers, so that our “injured reserves” would be able to join us…three of our core group are recovering from various ailments and not able to run just yet. We all shared our Injury/Recovery stories, cruised a fast paced (15:40/mile) three miler through a slightly different route, checked out gardens and planned our group “destination race” in Santa Barbara in September.

  283. I would travel to my favorite place, Pacific Grove, CA and go for a long run by the beach and follow it up with a relaxing yoga class!

  284. I would love to run in a forest under huge trees. I used to live in Portland and miss the tall trees in the gorge. The trees in Texas are so small compared to them.

  285. I would go for a nice leisurely 8-10 miler with my BRF. After a nice re-fueling breakfast out, the rest of the day would include some quiet time, reading, maybe a nap, and a great dinner with great wine!

  286. No life commitments!: I would travel to the National Forest and get on the 25 mile loop without looking back. Before children, running didn’t seem so selfish. I was free to indulge in the training plans without guilt. Now the long runs take many hours and I feel like I’m rushing to finish so my husband can leave the house.

  287. We’ll pretend the temps are great today and not summer like. I would sleep in then meet my favorite running girls for a fun trail run. Follow that with a lovely brunch, a little shopping and some time at the spa for a mani/pedi and facial. Ahhh bliss!

  288. Like most of the other mothers, I’d go for a slow long run probably on a trail here in central Ohio in the morning before it heats up. After breakfast and a shower, I would get a massage and a pedicure and then curl up at a park with a good book until its time to pick the kids up from one of their final days at school! Yay, me time!

  289. I’d drive to Volcano National Park and run through the park. Would be awesome to do at night so I can see the lava flow.

  290. I would sleep in, wake up in San Diego (if I have no life commitments, I am going to be somewhere nice) and do a five mile run with temps in the 50s! Spend the rest of the day on the beach.

  291. If I could, I would spend national running day getting up and outside running at about 6 am. I would run for a couple of hours. I would come home and have a big breakfast and lots of coffee. I would take a long shower and then a long nap!

  292. I would go for a long slow run early in the morning. Then a shower and off for a massage. Then a quiet afternoon doing handwork. (I am a quilter) Dinner with my honey and early to bed. My perfect NRD!

  293. I think I would spend the ‘holiday’ running either a 10k or a 10 miler. Nothing too too long. It would have to be on a course that’s shaded well. I’d run with my BRF, and we’d refuel afterwards with a wicked cold beer and cheeseburger. Then, I’d do nothing for the rest of the day – Ha!

  294. How would I spend the day…I would get a morning long run in (can’t do this with kids being a single mom) on the paved path nearby where I will see the sunrise. After that I would have coffee and breakfast on my own. I would then pick up my daughter (who is 6 and now tells everyone she is a runner) and we would run the park path stopping of course every lap for playground time.

  295. My perfect running day….. sleeping in, getting up to temps around 50 degrees and going for a run, while the sun is up, on the bike and hike trails near my house. After that I would head over to my favorite restaurant – BAM! for a smoothie and a wrap with goat cheese!

  296. I would take a long run with my BRF, then head out to a pancake brunch with my husband and son. BRF and I actually cancelled our 5 AM run today because we were both exhausted when we woke up at 4:30. She finishes teaching for the year in one week then we can run a little later and I CAN”T WAIT.

  297. I would get up nice and early, run while it is 40 degrees outside (I can dream, can’t I?), go out for coffee, have a massage and pedicure and then enjoy reading a book out in the sun where the temp is in the low 70s. (I’m still dreaming!!)

  298. I would spend the day running with my BRF who inspires me to get out even when I don’t want to before stopping to grab an iced chai and chat for hours!

  299. Ahhh…long run with The Hubby at a tropical location in the morning followed by a lazy day at the beach! Or maybe a race because I LOVE running races!

  300. I would get up without my alarm clock, take my dog out and run for two miles, then bring her back home and finish up with a happy four miles on my favorite running route..the Long Beach Boardwalk’

  301. Meet up with all my best lady running pals, not as early as we usually have to meet, run at a leisurely pace and then chat over coffee without having to rush home for work, kids, etc.

  302. Meet up with my long lost Mom Squad Running friends. We’ve all gone back to work and struggle to make our schedules synchronize.

  303. I’d get a long run in with friends early in the morning, then head to a local bakery for coffee and breakfast. After a long, relaxing shower I would grab a book and a chair and go to a park with a lake to sit and read and maybe walk some trails.

  304. I admit it – I would sleep in really late. Running would come later – mid-day if it wasn’t too hot, or evening if it was. Being the OCD type, I would probably spend some time tinkering with and obsessing over my running and race schedule for the year. 🙂

  305. I would wake up early and get my run in, then I would treat myself to a massage. And then I would spend the day at the lake reading a good book and just relaxing!

  306. I would’ve gotten up early enough to beat the heat and gone for a 10 mile run. I have my first 26.2 this weekend and would’ve loved to get a little distance in today.

  307. A beautiful early morning trail run along a creek followed by breakfast and reading a good book on the porch of a cabin in the woods.

  308. I would go for a run in the early morning to avoid the blazing heat of the day then relax by the pool for the rest of the day.

  309. I’d run in the morning (early, but not too early) with all by running buddies at an easy pace on a gorgeous trail. We’d run for 20, then go swimming and soak in a hot tub, and then have a BBQ with lots of beers! And we would hang out all day!

  310. Following a good night sleep, I would do a long run and then have breakfast at my favorite Starbucks and then rest

  311. I would go for a early long run, post-workout coffee, and relax by the pool with my family for the rest of the day

  312. Oh, no commitments?! I’d go for a run, take a peaceful shower, eat a delicious breakfast at one of my favorite local restaurants and then go get a pedicure and a massage.

  313. I would spend National Running Day with friends hitting the gorgeous trails in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park!

  314. I would sleep in and then go for a run with the BRF Kristy on a trail by the lake. Then go for bunch and have mimosas.

  315. I’d wake up just before sunrise to enjoy a run with my BRFs. Then I’d head out to a long, slow delicious brunch. Next up a nap! Then an evening stroll along the river.

  316. I would take a long run through the English countryside with my husband, preferably in Yorkshire where I was inspired and encouraged to run again thanks to some amazing women I met there (who are now scattered all around the world)! After our run, we’d relax and recover at the Turkish Baths in Harrogate and then enjoy a pub lunch complete with sticky toffee pudding!

  317. The setting would be a tropical island. I’d run in the coolness of the morning – enjoying a beautiful sunrise while under the spell of salt water breezes. At the end of my run I’d find two hammocks strung across palm trees that faced a lagoon. In one hammock would be my husband. Recovery would include coffee, breakfast and an amazing massage to prep for a day of snoozing, shelling, swimming, sailing, and snorkeling. The evening would end with a glass of wine at sunset, a cozy beach campfire, and happy exhaustion.

  318. I would go for a run along the BEAUTIFUL Kline Line trail here and then eat a healthy snack and then go for a long hike in the Columbia River Gorge. Ahhhhh….wouldn’t that be the life??? I need new running clothes badly! Mine stink even when they are clean. Lol!

  319. I would wake up early and get my run on, and then spend the rest of the day watching Harry Potter with the kids and going to the pool. Then I’d grill something tasty with the husband and have a nice quiet evening. Which luckily enough is exactly what’s on deck for today.

  320. I would find a great trail along water and just go until I want to be done. Hopefully it would smell like pine trees!

  321. I would call my friend Jen to meet at Nort Shore and run our loop, then hang out at Waimea Bay. Oh, to dream!

  322. Since I typically have Wednesday’s off and school is out for the summer, my day has been commitment free. Started with a 5 mile run, then TRX class-all before my teenagers cracked their eyelids for the day!

  323. I would wake up early while the sun is poking over the horizon and grab my trusted running buddy Sydney and hit the trails for a nice long run. After my run I would head home and lounge in the pool on my raft.

  324. Such a fun question to explore! I would head out to run a trail with beautiful scenery at sunrise for a few hours…the scent of honeysuckle would be in the air with 60 degree, non-humid temps. At the end of the run, I would celebrate with a dark roast coffee with other runner gals to talk about that morning’s adventure!

  325. I would spend it with a sunrise run along the paths of a local Riparian Reserve, followed by a trip to a local running store. A nice lunch and afternoon, then walk during sunset!
    Thanks for the chance!

  326. I would go for an early morning trail run and enjoy the sounds of nature and watching the sun rise! Followed by brunch and coffee (maybe even a bloody mary) and a long hot shower!

  327. If I had no time or life commitments I would spend National Running Day like this: Get up when I wake up, not when my alarm goes off. Have a leisurely cup of tea and a bagel and then go for a run. I would run as far as I felt like going and enjoy the time instead of thinking about getting home and what I need to do next. After my run I would shower and read a book, do some gardening and enjoy the day. Like a dream!

  328. I would start the day with a solo early morning run and watch the sun rise. I would love to end the day with a social, easy run or run/walk with a group.

  329. If I had no time and life commitments I would spend this day enjoying the fact that I would be able to pick up my son from school. Something I am not able to do due to the fact that I have to work 🙁 I know it would bring a huge smile not only to my face but to his and that is better than anything in the world to me. And while he was at school I would get in a nice run by the water. 🙂

  330. Cup of coffee followed by run on my favorite trail to watch the sunrise. Followed by another cup of coffee, shower and brunch with my girlfriends. An afternoon nap and a few miles walking with the stroller to round out the day!

  331. oh wow- if I didn’t have to wake up my kids super early, get them to school, me to work- and run at 9:30pm when I’m too tired? No commitments? I suppose I’d wake up and enjoy a really good breakfast (and have time to digest it) before a nice long-ish run without mom guilt of getting back for the kids. And maybe even have time to shower post-run so my kids won’t reject my sweaty hugs 🙂 No complaints, really- just nice to imagine a stress free running scenario.

  332. I’d still wake up early and go for a run. To be followed by some gentle yoga, a pedicure and massage. Oh, and have someone else prepare my favorite meals. Nirvana!

  333. Run. Breakfast. Walk my youngest to school. Chaperone my twins end of year trip. Followed by a date night with my husband.

  334. If I had no time and life commitments, I would be up at dawn drive towards my old roads ( before I moved) and run about 10 miles. Then home for a shower, food, and some relaxing. Then go to the local park with my husband and take a nice long trail hike in the cool shadows of the trees.

  335. In this perfect world of no time or life commitments, I would pack the car with the kids, the running stroller and a picnic lunch. We would head over to castle island in south Boston. I would enjoy a nice run with an amazing sea breeze, followed by our picnic lunch and a trip to the playground before a return run back to the car. I would get in a nice 6 miles round trip and have a great day at the ocean with my kids, who would be on their best behavior. (But let’s be real, I’m gonna have my sneakers laced up and ready to go the second my husband pulls in the driveway tonight…and as I’m running down the street I will hear the echoes of my children screaming and my husband asking what’s for dinner.)

  336. I hate to say this but…even without any responsibilities for the day I would get up early to run. At this time of year, nothing beats a run as the sun comes up. I would spice up my normal routine by driving somewhere beautiful where covering the miles of a long run would be much more tolerable. Without any restrictions, I am thinking a boardwalk near the beach. The run would be followed by a long shower, indulgent breakfast and then a mid morning nap. After the nap I think I would start to miss my kids and would want to come back to reality!

  337. I would take a peaceful, easy early morning run by myself along the lake front and then relax on the deck at the coffee shop with a cold beverage followed by a coffee. Then I would join my daughter for a group run in the evening at her local running store. I might also sneak in an afternoon nap!

  338. Fly to Washington, DC (favorite place ever to run), run by all the big monuments, grab some pizza at Bertucci’s and fly home to see my kiddos. That would be awesome. (And I’d even invite my husband to join me!)

  339. A very long run in the woods somewhere followed by an amazing HUGE breakfast with coffee, massage and then sitting on the deck catching up on all my MK Says… and podcasts from my Train Like a Mother Program. Oh…then I would organize my training schedule into a nice excel spreadsheet cause I am anal like that!

  340. I would go for a long run on the beach, a dunk in the water to cool off and spend the rest of the day in a beach chair reading.

  341. I would start with an early morning run on a local trail and follow with a leisurely breakfast with my running friends. Then, it would be time for a massage and a nap!

  342. I would get up early and run before it got too warm (which I did) but instead of going to work (which I also did), I would have coffee and bagels on the front porch. Then, I think that I would like to go for a swim and maybe have a nap.

  343. I would have a long trail run, enjoying the sun AND shade. Then I’d do some yoga, have a brunch outside, then go hang out at the beach all day w/a good book!

  344. I would spend the day running with my husband on a cool, soft forest trail. Afterwards, we’d sit in the hot tub with a nice, cold beer!

  345. Well, this morning I happen to be on vacation which is pretty close to no commitments (except for the kids asking every 2 seconds to go to the beach or pool). I started my day with a hot and humid HRT run. I would have loved to run further…if I had no other commitments.

  346. I’d go for a run with a friend, which is exactly what I got to do today. She is finally healed of her many back/leg injuries and we were able to go for 3 miles this morning!

  347. I live just south of Boston and my run friends and I have been trying to plan a group run of the Freedom Trail. That’s what I would do if all of our scheduled commitments could miraculously disappear for the day!

  348. I would pick a nice trail and go for a run/walk with my dog. Instead, I got my run in on the treadmill today… 🙁

  349. I would be on vacation somewhere not as hot and humid as home – where I could sleep In and still enjoy a lovely long run in 60 – 70 degree weather. Aaahhhhh.

  350. I would go for a nice long run this afternoon and then I would head over to my local running store to attend their National Running Day party.

  351. I would go for an early morning long run along my favorite route, which runs through all the horse farms and vineyards behind my house. Afterwards, I’d walk with my family to our breakfast spot for some biscuits and eggs!

  352. Up at ~6:30 for a run… early enough for cooler temps and the sunrise but not so early that I can’t get out of bed. Then French press coffee on the deck followed by a spa pedicure!

  353. Several years ago my BRF and I spent the whole day running. We had my husband drop us off about 30+ miles from the house, and we ran and walked home. It was SOOO horribly fun. If I had a day to myself with no commitments, that’s totally how I’d spend my time!

  354. Go pick up my best running friend, Becky, and run the Ice Age Trail! Maybe do the whole 31 mile segment! That would be SOOOO fun!

  355. Playing tennis with my tennis pal (running for drop shots is a good celebration!), then going for a leisurely lunch on a patio where margaritas would be served. An even more leisurely dog walk would close out the day well.

  356. If I had no commitments and all the time… I would start out with a nice sunrise run. Get it in before the 100 degree temps hit! Clean up, have a nice breakfast. Head to the mountains for some paddle boarding an a run around the lake.

  357. I would just run a loop through Central Park and then along the East and Hudson Rivers 🙂 – I have always wanted to do a loop around Manhattan!

  358. I would fly to Ireland with my sister and we would run all over the countryside. Then of course we would go to a great pub for a pint of Guinness!!

  359. Omg this is so exciting to store even if I don’t get to do it!! I would sleep in till like 8 because I’m so tired of getting up at the crack of ridiculous to run before work. I would enjoy my preferred prerace fuel instead of what I normally shove in my mouth as I’m getting dressed. Read for a bit while I digest. Run on my fav trail which is normally to dark to run on. Followed by a leisurely bath with a coffee and a little extra something. Some yoga, then make myself something with lots of veggies – either pizza or pasta for lunch. Then back to my book and a nap. Wouldn’t even know what to do with the rest of my day but wow that was wonderful to dream about even for a moment 😉

  360. If I had no life commitments today I would meet up with my favorite running buddies (all five of them) and hop a plane to Denver. We have been talking for years about how fun it would be to go as a group so… why not forget our responsiblities and get it done on National Running Day! <3

  361. I would run the trail that leads to the top of the Sandia Mountains near my house. I rarely run there because it is at least a six hour commitment, from driving there, to run in the trails and then taking the team back down to my car and the drive home. i rarely have time to fit in such a lengthy run with kids activities and commitments on the weekends.

  362. Sunrise long run on the boardwalk. The quiet sunrise always energizes and amazes me. it helps me refocus, reminds me that every day is a new start, and each stride makes me stronger. I love running with my BRF’s, but a solo sunrise run is always a special treat.

  363. I would head downtown and run along the Rideau Canal! Such a pretty spot to run, but definitely not a regular occurance for me since it involves a 30min drive to get there!

  364. If life/work commitments weren’t in the way I would have loved to spend the early morning hours doing a trail run with my husband!

  365. Well, today is the 12th anniversary of my Dad’s passing. If I had a wish for today, it would be to run with him along the ocean in Vancouver (BC) where he grew up, and then have a great lunch connecting with him. Since that’s not possible – I will run alone, remembering him.

  366. I did get up on National Running Day and ran to Pittock Mansion on the trails at 5:15. I met my Early Bird MAC group and we busted up the Wildwood Trail and other trails, too. It was a glorious morning with views and the sun coming up. If I could have gone longer, I would…but my students were calling me to get to class. Happy National Running Day!

  367. I’m sick at the moment, so no running for me today 🙁 But I wish I could go on a fun trail run either down near the beach or up in the mountains!

  368. I had no idea it was national running day! I would have planned better. Today is my day off and I’ll be doing some strength training( marathon in October!) after work I plan on being outside enjoying time with my kids!

  369. Running on a trail with my dog and then spending the rest of the morning lounging by the lake with a book!

  370. I would be running on a beach somewhere like Cabo or Maui! Then spend the day with a book on the beach and would want my family with me.

  371. An early morning run on the arboretum trails! So peaceful and usually empty in the early hours. And in a perfect world, then sprinkler fun with my kiddos to cool off!

  372. I would drop my children off at camp, go for a run before it rains here in Austin, shower, and go get a very long, deep-tissue massage.

  373. I’m running the Grand Teton half and Yellowstone half in the next few weeks…my idea of perfect runs! (Today I’m in the truck driving all day to get there…not my idea of how to spend Nat’l Running Day).

  374. I would run a little bit earlier in the morning, before the heat and humidity set in, and ideally on the nice greenway not too far from my house. Then take a nice long shower and spend the rest of the day relaxing and reading. Maybe hit the pool with the kiddos after school.

  375. I would start out with my protein/superfood shake and go on a nice long run through a beautiful state park, stopping to enjoy the waterfalls and other scenery.

  376. omigosh – so many ideas running through my head…but I would be out running in the country on the gravel roads. It is so green right now and the place I have in mind is so quiet with some cows and horses in pastures. No music, garmin…just run. Then pick up the kids for a walk/run for their 5K training and off to the pool this afternoon. Great day! 🙂

  377. Start off the morning with a run WITHOUT the dog (whose pee breaks are the bane of my current AM runs). Unfortunately we have hit summer temps in VA so it will still be an early run (5AM). Breakfast and coffee on my deck, then a shower and then go back to bed for a nap!

  378. I’d get up just before the sun rises to run early (I never do this), and then I’d run again as the sun is setting. Slow, not worried about pace runs.

  379. I would go for a run and then spend the rest of the day in my garden! Maybe at the end I would put my feet up and enjoy a good book too.

  380. If my running buddies and family also had no time commitments on NRD, we’d hit the MD section of the Appalachian Trail, packed with yummy stuff and Nuun, to hike & scamper/run the day away.
    We’re happy to be meeting late this afternoon for a few miles on the trail for NRD!

  381. If I didn’t have to worry about time, I would go on a nice long run on my favorite route with a running friend. Afterward, depending on time of day, we could grab a coffee or beer.

  382. I would grab my two best running girlfriends (who are also BAMRs!) and head to Shenandoah National Park near our home in Crozet, VA and run ALL DAY LONG along the trails in the Park, including on the Appalachian Trail, which runs through the park. I’d not worry about soccer car pools, work emails, or what to cook for dinner. BLISS!

  383. I’d grab my BRF, who in this scenario is not injured like in real life, and we’d find a long amazing trail in a place we’d never run before. And we’d run for hours and talk about “all the things”. And then wine.

  384. If time were no object I would find a nice wide flat trail through the forest. In Vancouver we have lots of hilly runs like that but in my perfect ‘time is no object dream world’, that’s the trail I’d find.

  385. I would lace up my Kinvaras and go for a really long morning run, jump in the pool and sip on margaritas for the rest of the afternoon.

  386. I’d wake up late, go for a leisurely run, however long my body felt like, then find a way to get a full-body massage.

  387. I’d head into the woods, still wrapped in the cool morning fog, and catch that ribbon of trail that weaves through Superior National Forest.

  388. I’d go one a long run along the water somewhere (beach?) and then enjoy a nice looooooooong cool down with yoga, stretching and foam rolling! And then replace all of those calories with an amazing brunch 😉

  389. A trail run in Glacier National Park. With my BRF. Because while we’re dreaming, we may as well dream big and fly her over from Ireland for the day!

  390. I would do a trail run through the hills near my work – redwood forest, creek, animals to keep me company. The reality is that I’ll likely end up on the treadmill at the gym, visualizing being in the hills!

  391. If I didn’t have any life or time constraints , I would organize a long run with our running group and a luncheon/breakfast get together afterwards.

  392. I would run my face off in Forrest Park. The trails always call to me, especially in the summer months, and trails are good for the sole.

  393. Oh man, with a hard working husband, a son that plays year round soccer and a daughter that dances on a team…a day without life commitments or time constraints — What is that??!!! Our life has to be scheduled from 6am-10pm, otherwise we would be a mess. A no schedule day would be a dream of setting up camp on the beach. An early 3 mile run, followed by breadfast and a nap. Another 3 mile run followed by lunch and a book and another nap. Another 3 mile run followed by dinner and cocktails. And then I woke up from this amazing dream. Happy National Running Day!!!

  394. I’d wake up and leisurely have some coffee, then I would go out and run for an hour, come home and read the rest of the day.

  395. A nice long solo trail run, somewhere a bit cooler than my home trails in Florida! With a nice cold stream to cool off in post-run while I drink a cold cold beer.

  396. I ran 4 miles before work today. If I had no other commitments I would hit the trail and run all day with my son who happens to turn 33 today. We are the only runners in our family. One of my favorite things to do is go for runs with him. It’s bonding time for us, we have our best conversations when we are out on long runs together.

  397. Why does National Running Day have to fall on my mandatory rest day? If it wasn’t a rest day (maybe I’ll just do 1 mile….), and I didn’t have any kid, work, grocery shopping, laundry, cooking responsibilities, I guess I’d round up my BRF’s, go for a group run, followed by a group brunch, and lots of laughter.

  398. I would hit the trails with a good BRF or two and run somewhere beautiful and then find a magically prepared picnic lunch on the mountain somewhere. Eat, maybe take a nap in a meadow, and then run back home. A woman can dream right?

  399. Started my day with a little over 3 mile run with a good friend of mine. Without other life things that have to be done, I would have stretched that run out much longer! Then I would hit up my local 9round for some kick boxing! But alas, I have 8 kids at my house for summer break instead.

  400. With my sister, I would run 5 miles around Town Lake in Austin. Then we’d have coffee at Jo’s!

  401. I pounded the pavement this morning, but I would have rather run anywhere by the water – the beach, Lake Michigan. Anywhere with a beautiful view!

  402. With a day of no work, no errands to run, no lawns to mow or meals to cook, I would run for hours with my tribe of Mother Runners who have infiltrated the town of Thetford Vermont and jogged into Lyme NH to train for summer races, and, well life actually. This group of women has become each other’s training partners, friends, and voice of reason on training issues and life. GO National Running Day!

  403. Honestly how I am spending today is shaping up to be pretty good. Morning yoga, telling all my students at school about my favorite non-eating holiday, about to take a lunch walk, going to take my kids for a walk later and then meeting up with the local running club. I’ll take it! 🙂

  404. I just finished 10 seaside miles which was awesome ….. But now the madness of the day takes hold! And it’s nonstop until after dinner. Ideally I would come back to fresh cinnamon rolls and coffee made for me. Then a nice stroll on the beach with the family where nobody fights or argues. This is a fantasy right? 🙂 then maybe a little shopping for running gear in which everything I want is on sale. And then a delicious Thai dinner – calorie free of course -and then watch all my favorite shows. …While I foam roll….which for some reason it doesn’t hurt at all this time. Now that’s a perfect running day!

  405. Up at 5 am, so no time constraints to run. I turned my 5 mile run into a 10 mile run. Feeling blissful…

  406. I would FOR SURE kidnap my brf and drive over to the trails about 15 minutes from my home and just get lost. We are having a gorgeous, low-bug, low-humidity, high-sunshine day here so I could go for hours! Then, of course, I would go to a locally owned coffee shop to relax w iced mocha and a yummy sandwich. Instead I will squeeze in a 30 minute stroller run while my middle fella is at guitar lessons later today. Oh well….

  407. If I had no constraints today, I would run with my 10 year old daughter today. She and I ran a 2 mile run for her school last week and she has turned into quite the running partner! She rocks a 8 min per mile pace and chats with her mom along the way. Instead, I am running the Corporate Challenge tonight in NYC. Go BAMRs.

  408. For National Running Day, would get my three running buddies, go on a nice long run on the Lakefront, then out for breakfast and conversation with the ladies !!! Doesn’t get better than that. Would love an entire outfit of Saucony gear. Love my Guide 9’s and would like to try bullet capris.

  409. If I was not busy today, and money was no object and my kids were all at school, I would start the day with a long and slow run, followed up by a massage then a nap. Then a nice bath, and a wonderful date night with the man. Did I mention that all of this would happen on a Greek Island? Or maybe Maui. 🙂

    Happy National Running Day!

  410. I have this fantasy of running to my gym (about ten miles away), workout, and run home. ..If I have no life or time constraints,i take the liberty of being strong enough to do what I want too!

  411. Definitely trail run…sky’s the limit? I would take a flight out to the West coast for a real treat. Stuck at home? I would hit a leisurely run at the trails around Mt. Gretna, and then hit my favorite bar/restaurant on the way out for a recovery meal of a tomato soup crock and onion rings!!

  412. For sure a trail run. Definitely a new trail, that just might be that little bit too far on a Saturday morning with commitments. I’d take my time and enjoy it. Hopefully a few of my running buds would be commitment free too and we could have mimosas with brunch afterwards.

  413. I ran 3.1 miles at 6am with the Fleet Feet crew in Brentwood, TN this morning.
    If I did not have to come into the office today, I would have soaked in my tub a little longer, and the rest of my day enjoying the backyard at my home. My husband prepared a peaceful place for me in our yard. He hung the hammock our children gave me for Mother’s Day. I would have laid out in that hammock and listened to the birds until I could not take it anymore.

  414. I would head up to Mt. Hood and take in a nice long trail run, taking pictures along the way of course. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the silence around me (no hubby, kids or dogs), just me myself and I. Sounds heavenly!

  415. I would go to a nearby State Park and run the trials. I’d take a little snack, take a break at a scenic overlook, eat my snack, enjoy the view, then run some more.

  416. Nice easy run through a wooded trail, lunch with friends, afternoon of knitting and watching a great movie.

  417. I would take a nice, long, slow run as the sun rose, then spend the day browsing running blogs and scrapbooking my most recent races.

  418. I would lace up early, loose all thought over pace and distance, and focus only on feel. I would take some pretty important ladies with me (Beyoncé, Missy Elliott, little Rihanna…) aka tunes are cranked! Get home in time to kiss my kids good morning. Woops, that just happened. Lol livin the dream ladies! Everyone have a fantastic NRD. Sending love!

  419. I would get together with my running pals and have a nice run along the St. Croix River in Stillwater, MN and the surrounding river valley and then enjoy a nice brunch together. Oh what fun!

  420. I’d head to Boulder, CO, just an hour from my home, and spend a day running the trails there in the shadow of the flatirons. I’d take a nice long lunch break and enjoy quiet time with a book before finishing up on the trails and returning home. Sounds like heaven!

  421. I have always wanted to do a “run of my life” starting where I was born and run through the locations of the major milestones of my life.

  422. I would meet up with some running friends and have a nice long run on a trail somewhere. I would probably follow it up with brunch with those same friends. Then home to shower and curl up with a good book.

  423. I would go for a long trail run with my husband, followed by a nice lunch with a cold beer out on a patio somewhere!

  424. A nice long trail run!!!! And lunch out with some girlfriends. A nap and an episode or two of Judge Judy before the clan gets home.

  425. If I WAS able to do so, it would be a great kind of day to pick a lovely shaded trail to go for a nice slow run. Since I am not able to do that, I will do my short burst 200m runs as part of my CrossFit workout this evening – still running today, yay!

  426. My broken toe would be healed 🙂 Then I would go to Lady Bird Lake and run the 10 mile loop on the trail followed by a dip in Barton Springs. Then I’d pick up breakfast tacos and coffee and take my book to my back deck and read for hours.

  427. I’d be on some oceanfront going for a long, leisurely, followed by a day on the beach with someone serving me crisp drinks and tropical fruit platters.

  428. I would love to trail run around Sedona AZ for the day; collecting red dust on my shoes. Then a nice cool shower and lunch downtown followed by some exploring!

  429. I’d drive to Decorah, Iowa, and run the trails I ran in college. Beautiful rivers and bluffs. You can run forever.

  430. No constraints, I would head to the mountains around Aspen, Colorado and spend the day on some trails in the Aspen trees, dark timber stands and high meadows just enjoying the sounds, smells and feel of nature. No time limits, no goals, just enjoy the run.

  431. I’d gather all my running friends and pick a fabulous running trail–maybe the Sequoias in CA or a trail in AK. We would have a run with breath-taking views and lots of rest stops for photos and quiet amazement. Then a huge breakfast with lots of coffee. With full bellies we would do some yoga then relax in the sun with some wine and lots of laughs.