Humpday Running Giveaway: a FuelBelt Helium Sprint

Hot weather is coming (some of you might already be in the "thick" of it), and while plowing through an 8-miler might be a chore, you can give yourself a helping hand: drink more. That's why we're psyched to offer up a slew of Fuelbelt's lightest water bottle, the Helium Sprint.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 2.40.40 PM
Isn't it gorgeous?

A few details: It's BPA-free, ergonomic, and has a leak-proof cap. It's durable, and has an adjustable (extremely lightweight) handstrap. And we think it's awesome.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 2.46.14 PM
Another good-looking color combo.

We're ready to quench your thirst: Ten winners receive a Helium Sprint Palm Holder to make this your most hydrated summer ever!

Here's how to enter: In the Comments section below this post on our website, tell us any tips or tricks you have to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, working out or not (because it's just a good idea overall). Ten lucky ladies will win.

The details: This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 5/25/16 and ends on 5/31/16. We will announce 10 random winners on our Facebook page on 6/2/16, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $15. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

331 responses to “Humpday Running Giveaway: a FuelBelt Helium Sprint

  1. I carry a water bottle around with me all day to make sure that I drink enough water when I am at work.

  2. I ad CalMag to my water because it ads a relaxing combination of Calcium-Magnesium and the Raspberry-Lemon Flavor is refreshing. I always have a pitcher mixed and ice cold in the fridge.

  3. I have four 16 ounce bottles I put in the fridge every evening and make sure I get them all drank the next day.

  4. I love to suck on ice to keep hydrated throughout the day-this also keeps me cool in the heat and from munching on snacks!

  5. I make sure to have a water bottle with me at all times. Also, i make sure to add flavor (nuun) or fresh fruit to it so that it doesn’t get boring.

  6. I am terrible at hydration. I keep water around me all the time, but have to remind myself to drink it (by say, draining my water bottle before I can have any coffee in the am –talk about motivation!). When I’m working, I drink coffee almost unconsciously.

  7. I stay hydrated with some sort of coffee beverage by me all day long with occasional appearance by my new water bottle.

  8. My Yeti cup with my “Runner Girl” sticker goes with me everywhere. Loved when I finished my 12 miler yesterday in the hot, hill, humid TN heat…there was ice still in my cup and it was delicious.

  9. I drink 16 oz. first thing in the morning. I put a cup next to my toothbrush every night to serve as a reminder in the morning.

  10. I have a 24 oz Contigo bottle (no leaking!) that I carry with me most everywhere. On days when I work out or run in the morning, I finish one before I hit the stairs to my office and refill on the way up. I finish that one before i eat lunch, and refill again for the afternoon. I try to finish that one and refill again before heading home, but not always successful… a “schedule” helps me stay on track, though!

  11. I carry a lidded cup full of water with me absolutely everywhere I go. If it’s right next to me and requires no effort, I’m much more likely to drink up!

  12. I have a sticky note on my computer at work – WATER – it helps me to think about reaching for my water bottle:)

  13. I keep a 32 oz in the fridge and 32 oz on my desk. Drink, refill, switch with one in the fridge and repeat.

  14. I always bring a full water bottle with me anytime I get in the car. I find that’s the hardest time to remember to stay hydrated so it’s helped a ton!!

  15. I have a cold cup with a straw. Not sure why, but drinking water from a straw just makes it easier for me to stay hydrated.

  16. I use a double walled tumbler (like Tervis) that keeps my water cold even when I leave it in my hot car! I always drink more when I know it will be cold without me having to get up and put ice in it!

  17. I put reminders in my phone and make sure to constantly have a full water bottle with me. I’ve it’s empty I fill it up immediately even if I’m not thirsty at the moment. Just having water handy at all times helps a ton!

  18. I try to refill my water bottle every time I get up to go to the bathroom. I’m not always great about drinking water in general – something I am definitely working on!

  19. I bring a half gallon jug to work and try to finish it by the end of the work day. I haven’t been successful yet, but I get close. Once I’m home, it’s on to iced tea.

  20. I’m one of those people who has a hard time drinking a lot of water. I just don’t like the taste of plain water. I try to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of decaf coffee (my air-conditioned office is always cold in the summer). I also love seltzer water… so I drink plenty of that as an alternative. Something about the bubbles just makes it more palatable to me than regular water.

  21. I keep water with me everywhere! I find first thing in the morning I can always drink plenty and it starts me off right for the whole day.

  22. I carry a water bottle with me wherever I go. I really have to work at drinking enough water – it’s hard for me to remember to hydrate BEFORE I get thirsty!

  23. I keep a water bottle with me at work and fill it all day. I am also known to have a water bottle with me no matter where I am going. I just stash it in my purse. Love Nuun for my summer runs!

  24. During the day, I keep my bright pink water bottle next to me. When it catches my eye, I take a sip. When I’m running, I usually stay near the house. I put the bottle on the mailbox and drink every time I pass.

  25. I have a liter bottle that I drink one of in the am, one in the pm at work. If I work out, I drink one during that and usually one more during down time (driving kids to school, driving to work, etc).

  26. I have my 30oz Yeti filled with water right next to me all day long. I don’t even know how many I drink a day. If water gets too boring, we have a freestyle machine at work that I can get powerade zero or sparkling water from.

  27. I usually try to bring a water bottle whenever I am on the go. And I also always run with water or nuun whether it’s 5k or 26.2 miles!

  28. I always try to start and end my day by drinking water. If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated!

  29. Using an old, washed out gallon milk jug, I marked 80 oz line and refill it every day. I use that jug, which I store in the fridge, to refill bottles or just for a quick drink. 80 oz seems like a magic number for me and I like the consistency ( and cost! ) of keeping track.

  30. Keeping the water bottle nearby at all times is the thing for me. Plus, for just non-running water-drinking, I got new bottles I love from Costco. Almost no rubber parts which I’ve always found the hardest to keep clean.

  31. I usually keep a water bottle in the car and drink it even if it gets warm. I always carry my handheld when running but love this smaller version for the shorter runs.

  32. I drink Nuun because I feel like water just isn’t enough on really hot days (it gives me a headache if I drink too much water.)

  33. I take a water bottle with me wherever I go, and also drink herbal tea throughout the day at work to stay hydrated!

  34. Ice is hard to come by in my office but I find if I drink cold beverages I drink more. So it’s down to the first floor ice maker I go!

  35. I always keep water close by. At work, home, running errands. I use my polar bear sports bottle then add a thirty-one thermal over it.

  36. I make sure to get water in as soon after I wake up as I can, and then shoot for at least 20 ounces every couple of hours all day long. Drops and nuun certainly help to get it in. It makes a huge difference in preventing “foggy brain”.

  37. Once I cut out the 4 cans of diet soda a day, I committed to drinking just water. I feel so much better and I swear my skin looks better, too!

  38. Every morning I drink a large glass of water right when I get out of bed. I drink another full glass when I return from my run. Keep water on my desk at work and drink all day long.

  39. I try… I really do try. My biggest tip is that I tell myself if I don’t drink x-amount of water, I can’t have a diet coke in the afternoon. Then I tell myself after that’s gone that if I don’t have x-amount of water before dinner then I can’t have a glass of wine.

  40. I live in FL where it’s already super hot! And I don’t like water! So I make sure I have fresh fruit to infuse or some drops to put in my water to make it tasty!

  41. I fill up a 12 oz glass of water from the tap and drink it down. I do this throughout the day. No thinking, carrying or sipping. Just get it in!

  42. Before I step out the door, I always check for my keys and a bottle of water so I know I’m good to go while I’m out! When I’m home, I keep water bottles everywhere and then I refill as the day goes on.

  43. First thing I do every morning is brush mybteeth, then down a 32 oz. Glass of water.I do this whether working out or not.

  44. I refill a gallon jug daily with filtered water & my goal is to finish it by the time I go to bed…I refill a reusable water bottle daily with water from this jug & carry that bottle with me everywhere so I’m constantly reminded to drink water & finish my daily gallon

  45. I won’t lie, this is something I struggle with! Having a designated water bottle in the fridge seems to help. I’m home with three little boys all day, so every time I open the fridge, the first thing I do is take a big drink. With three boys, I’m in the fridge a lot!

  46. When running more than a few miles, I run with a camelback to make nutrition and hydration easy. During the day, I keep one water bottle at work and fill it there.

  47. I ALWAYS have a water bottle with me – whether I’m teaching or running kids around. Speaking of kids…I also like to keep a cooler filled with water bottles in my van for all of the times my kids say “I’m thirsty” or someone else’s kid doesn’t have a water at a ball game.

  48. It really irks me when my husband confuses my water glass for his (who’s kidding who, he doesn’t even try to figure out where he left his), so I’ve taken to drinking from water bottles all day, whether in or out of the house. They’re easier to spot if I forget where I’ve left them, and not easily confused with a water glass. Keeping my hydration vessel free of husband cooties is how I stay on top of drinking water.

  49. I always have a cup of water and drink sips all day. If it’s hot or I have a big workout I break out my Nuun or Gatorade if I want more calories.

  50. I have a hard time reminding myself to drink throughout the day so I like to always have a cute water bottle with a handle that I can carry from place to place with me. It reminds me to stay hydrated.

  51. My husband calls me his “oasis” because I always carry one of those big blender bottles of water with me so he knows he can always come to me for water.

  52. I have a glass of water as soon as I wake up, keep a container at my desk that I refill all day while working and carry a refillable bottle during my activities with the kids! I need my water constantly!!

  53. I alternate between water and iced tea during the day. After running or while cycling I try and drink at least 24 oz. of water to stop the dehydration dry throat feeling from setting in. I could really use one of these as I don’t currently carry water with me on a run.

  54. I start my day with 16-24oz of water. I carry water with me everywhere I go (unless food & drinks are unacceptable or banned).

  55. I don’t usually carry water with me (I think I’m part camel), but a friend desperately needs one of these and I would love to give it to her!

  56. I carry a water bottle printed with all the pictures of my daughter (15) and I running the final Expedition Everest. The bottle reminds me of a fantastic mother-daughter weekend and compels me to keep it close.

  57. In warmer weather I carry a handheld bottle for anything longer than 30″. During the day I always have a 24 ounce Camelback bottle w/me at work all day. I keep another one in my car as my commute can be up to an hour. Same at home- never without a glass or bottle of water.

  58. Always have a water bottle with a straw so you don’t have to open and close it all the time! Also makes you feel like a 5 year old…Makes me smile!

  59. I’ve become obsessed with my 40 oz hydroflask with the straw top. I like my nuun dilute so I put a single tab in most days and I’m sipping all day!

  60. I usually put a water bottle in my drive way and lip back around for a pit stop for longer runs. And now that summers almost here, the ice cream stand a few miles from my house has their water fountain back out! I’ll be taking advantage of that!

  61. I carry water while I run in the morning, bring a small sports drink to work and then make sure I drink at least 2 of my 20 ounce bottles of water before lunch. After lunch I let myself just drink when I’m thirsty.

  62. I always carry water with me, whether running 26.2 or 1! Several friends give my grief for it, but I’ve *never* regretted having it! Plus, I need fewer water station stops during races! 🙂

  63. I fill up my Yeti first thing in the morning and try to sip on it all day. And thanks to MK, I now have an awesome coconut water recipe 🙂

  64. Living in arid Utah, I carry a water bottle at all times and use nuun once a day – especially if I run later that day. I tend to get sucked into work and forget, so yea, I also set an alarm for my fitbit to buzz on my wrist from time to time to remind me.

  65. On my shorter runs, I fill a mini 4 oz Ultimate Direction Gel Flask with water and stuff it in the top of my sports bra on my back. It’s tapered shape is secure, easily accessible, adds no jiggle, and makes sure I have even just a few sips during a 30-40 min run.

  66. A glass of water first thing in the morning and I take my giant jug to work and try to refill it at least once during the day.

  67. I keep a large water bottle at work and set a goal of how many times I need to drink it each day. Sometimes I drink plain water, sometimes I add Nuun All Day and sometimes I add some other flavor enhancer. When I am having a day where I am not drinking enough I tell myself, “You can’t eat your _____ (fill in the blank) until you finish this bottle of water.” Food is a great motivator.

  68. I got a Maverick Chill Pipe straw. It gets super-cool in an icy beverage & makes me really enjoy the hydration process. (Also works with vodka, but that’s not so hydrating)

  69. I will dry my hair in the downstairs bathroom. I workout before work so I’m not always cooled down temperature wise after a shower and blow drying my thick hair in a steamy bathroom makes me feel like I didn’t even shower!

  70. I start the day with a huge cup of grapefruit juice mixed with water. Starting with that makes it easy to keep refilling the cup all day.

  71. I take an obnoxiously bugs water bottle with me wherever I go. I use my gym bag as my everyday/diaper bag (twin toddlers), so it’s always there.

  72. I take my huge water bottle with me wherever I go. It’s obnoxious, but anything smaller is gone in seconds. When I was teaching last year, I had a student go fill it for me pretty much every hour so I stayed hydrated for my runs after work.

  73. I drink water most of the day just sitting at my desk, as much as I can! But of course I should be drinking more. I really need that new fuel belt! I have a 1/2 marathon coming up in 3 weeks and just learned there are NO aid stations the entire race! So I need to carry everything and I am just not used to doing that.

  74. I take water with me everywhere and drink a ton throughout that day while I’m working. I’ve found that the more I drink, the more I need. I’m not great about drinking on runs but I typically don’t run more than 5 miles at a stretch – but I would love one of these cool bottles to help me get through the upcoming Vegas heat! 😉

  75. During the day, I have four water bottles I fill and rotate through. Goal is to drink all of them at least once!

  76. I am a water drinker! I try to make a bottle of Nunn at night so it’s ready to go in the morning. Sometimes there are 2 ready to go -All day and Active. I’ve learned that a good run is dependent on HYDRATION!

  77. I set my water goal and keep my water bottle close throughout the day. I try to drink all my water by 4-5pm so I’m not up all night going to the bathroom. I have to keep my water bottle close to keep me drinking.

  78. To Be honest if I am not working out I forget to drink fluids It is a bad habit of mine. I have kept a 2 liter bottle of water near me at times so that I would remember to drink throughout the day.

  79. Putting just a taste of tea, lemon juice, electrolyte replacement, etc in my water bottle so it’s not plain water. And then carting it with me everywjere.

  80. I start off the morning with water and never go anywhere without my water bottle. And while studies say that lukewarm water is better for you, I say a big NO. My water had to be filled with ice. No better quencher! I can’t wear a belt with water bottles because anything right around my waist makes me nauseous, so holding this slick little bottle would work great!

  81. Ice, ice baby. I love ice water. Every day I start the day with a glass of ice water, then coffee. I move on to filling my liter bottle with ice at work and a bottle of water. I like the idea of lemon and nuun in my water but more often than not, it’s ice and water.

  82. I love putting 1Tbsp of Chia seeds in a quart mason jar of water with a tiny bit of honey and lemon. The texture of the seeds when they swell is very soothing to me and I like to crunch a few with every sip. 🙂 As an added bonus, they help me feel fuller longer so I can make it to dinner time without eating my kids.

  83. First, I drink 8oz as soon as I wake up. I work from home, so I have unlimited access to ice water throughout the day and set goals for how many times to fill various glasses/cups/etc. I hydrate before I run (sometimes during), and always after working out. Today, however, I’m really dehydrated because it’s the first hot & humid day we’ve had this spring & my body is adjusting…

  84. I take 2 full water bottles with me every day to work, 2 liters. The water at my work is yucky, and my home has great water. I also have a backup gallon of water under my desk if I forget. I hate buying plastic disposable water bottles.

  85. I always carry a water bottle with me. On my runs I wear a fuel belt that way I’m not without hydration.

  86. I drink water from a pint glass, and leave it on my desk so I have an excuse to get up often – need to refill! When I run, I plan it out by water fountains or carry a water bottle (or have my boyfriend carry my water bottle on his bike!)

  87. I have a hand held water bottle with a little pouch for fuel that I take with me on longer runs. It is not ergonomic and it is pretty heavy – I’ve hauled it even on 20 milers. I also sometimes plan my route around where I know I can stop to get water.

  88. I start the day with a 24 oz. (dishwasher safe!) bottle of water and try to drink three per day. It’s amazing how you can think you are not dehydrated when you really are.

  89. The first thing I do when I get to work is fill my 32oz water bottle! 🙂 I keep it filled throughout the day, usually by refilling it 3-4 times. I often stash water bottles along my long run routes because I don’t have a fuel belt yet. I am currently training for my first marathon, so I know i will need one! 🙂

  90. So I’m new to the running scene 🙂 I start my morning of with a quart size jar of water and a little acv before breakfast. I fit in another quart size water before lunch and a little extra if outside with the kiddos. One before dinner and a little before bed… It works 🙂 as far as running and staying hydrated, I’m learning! Love all the extra tips!

  91. I have my 33 oz. bottle that I try to fill 2-3 times each day. And I place it on my desk at work where it will always be in my sight.

  92. I fill a water bottle within the first 5 minutes of arriving at my desk. I keep it in reach. I end up drinking it without even thinking. I keep a stainless steel water bottle in my car. I carry one around with me if possible. I always take a glass of water when I sit down at a restaurant. I don’t drink pop either, that helps a lot!

  93. Drink throughout the day, not just when you’re working out and/or thirsty. Getting pre-hydrated is easier than trying to re-hydrate

  94. I purchased a clear blue bottle with a spout I like to drink from. The giant blue tube of refreshing icy water is appealing and makes me want to keep refilling it.

  95. I refill a 40 oz. bottle 3 times a day. On longer runs I take my Flip belt water bottle along so that I’m never without hydration.

  96. I keep a bottle of water visible to me at all times during the day so that I can hydrate. Out of sight out of mind for me. When I am getting ready to go on a long run I hydrate with Nuun the night before and on hot days I use Hammer Endurolites on the run.

  97. I run to work every morning, and can go without hydration in the winter. Now that the weather is warming up, I carry a bladder in my running backpack filled with ice water and cut lemons. I also have a 2qt jug of water and glass at my work at desk to stay hydrated throughout the day.

  98. Before long runs, I drive to a out and back spot and leave a couple water bottles in a bush. One for out, one for back.

  99. I have a lovely silver(ish) cup by my bathroom sink. I fill it and begin every day with an 8 oz glass. During the day, I carry water with me everywhere. And I use this little bead bracelet to count my cups. Any water I drink during or just after a workout doesn’t count for my daily totals in the Texas summer. My mom had our Girl Scout troop make these bracelets way back in 1982. I’ve used one ever since!

  100. I love NUUN and I use the everyday tab when plain water get tiresome. I also try to get my water down early in the day so that later when I get busy and distracted I have most of it drank. I also like my herbal teas after dinner. I can be really bad at getting enough hydration and I gotta keep my focus!

  101. NUUN…especially after long runs! Also I drink my water from 16oz cup with a straw and refill it through out the day.

  102. I make a deal with myself to drink a full glass or bottle of water bedsore I can have my daily iced coffee, then try to finish at least one full water bottle or hopefully two! Before the end of the day!

  103. NUUN tablets are key for me! I’m actually excited to drink water if I know it’s got some fruit punch carbonation to with it.

  104. I have a 32 oz water bottle that I received from the hospital when I have my son, I use that at work and make sure I fill it 2-3 times a day.

  105. I find that if the cup has a straw, I am more apt to drink greater quantities. So I keep my YETI cup with me all the time, filling up with regular old tap water is just fine with me!

  106. I carry a water bottle with me at all times. But when I’m at work, I’m an iced tea fiend. I brew a single cup of decaf iced tea and throw it over ice. Over and over and over and over all day long. Delicious.

  107. At work I keep a large travel coffee mug in my office. After my morning tea, I refill it all day long with water. After hard workouts I always hydrate with Nuun. It’s completely eliminated the post-long run headaches!

  108. I carry my water bottle in my car, my bag and to any room I move to in the house. I also have a rule that I drink a glass of water for every cup of tea or coffee (or wine in the evening!) that I drink.

  109. ohhh I love this, I carry a mini water bottle which I’ve had fling out and across the path a time or ten! I love this idea ~ HYDRATION is huge and what a great SUPER CUTE way to keep hydrated & hip 😉

  110. I bring a fun, brightly colored water bottle everywhere I go! Each of my two girls have one too and we are constantly refilling all of ours with fresh ice water. My hubby considers it an “annoying” habit that since she was three my oldest constantly asks/reminds him to refill it and tote it along for her everywhere we go

  111. Always have a glass of water nearby when home and a water bottle when I leave the house. I was just thinking on my rather warm run on Saturday that I needed one of these bottles!

  112. I could probably do a better job staying hydrated. I do try to keep a water bottle in my bag at all times, and keep one next to my chair.

  113. Always have a glass of water nearby at home and carry a water bottle in my purse when I’m out. I need something like this when I run!

  114. Every member of the family has a water bottle for carrying to school, work. etc. and one in the house be the sink for access and refills. I am sure I could drink more. I have added Nuun in the mid-afternoon for myself (I am the only one who likes the taste. Yippee for me!) and it is helping me adjust to desert temperatures.

  115. I always have a water bottle at my desk at work (one with a built in filter). The only problem with hydrating is having to go to the ladies room hourly.

  116. I drink 28 oz of water when I wake up before heading out the door for work, another 28oz before lunch and another by the end of the work day. Usually one or more of those 28 ounces has a nuun in it.

  117. I always drink a glass when I wake up and try to have one every time I drink a coffee or tea too. I probably don’t drink enough though!

  118. I carry a sigg water bottle with me every single day! Also drink lots of nuun. And if I have a mixed “grown up drink” I also make sure to put nuun in there too to help with hydration 🙂

  119. I get very sweaty in the summer months in Texas and I find I sometimes need more than just water, so I always keep my cabinets stocked with Nuun. Its my go to drink after a workout but sometimes I need it at 3pm on a summer afternoon after sweating for hours.

  120. My 30-minute commute is the most boring part of my day, twice a day, every day, so I use the time to listen to audiobooks and hydrate. Something I forget to do during the day becomes much more exciting when there’s nothing else to distract me.

  121. I try and drink whenever I walk past my kitchen ,and always have a refillable water bottle with me. The area where I run has waterfountains along the boardwalk , so I plan my distances so that I can refill when I need to for my long runs

  122. I’m obsessed with my water intake. I bring two one-liter bottles to school with me. I know that by the lunch period, I need to have drank one bottle, and then by the end of the day at 2 pm, I need to have finished the second bottle. When I get home, I try to drink two more liters by bedtime. When it’s hot or when I exercise, I will add a G2 or a Nuun to the mix.

  123. I still have a hard time with getting my quota of H2O. I drink at least a glass before morning caffeine and always make sure each meal or snack is accompanied by water. I down some both before and after workouts. Super cold water goes down easier than warm, so it’s always loaded with ice. I’ll do lots of herbal iced tea blends in warmer weather. My daughter is a water champ. She has 2 enormous water bottles and will finish them off while at work. I’d be running to the bathroom all the time if I did that!

  124. Drinking water can be a hard habit to get into. I’m really good at it for awhile, then I drop off. (TMI, when my pee is really powerfully strong smelling I know it’s time to tank up.) I like to flavor my water with essential oils. Grapefruit and Cassia together make for a sweet, refreshing beverage.

  125. I carry my refillable bottle EVERYWHERE with me! (Even to church!) I have also started adding a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil to my water….VERY refreshing!

  126. Like previous comments, I started carrying a water bottle around while I was nursing and the habit stuck. I also make myself drink water before I have more coffee. If I didn’t, I would drink nothing but coffee from morning to noon.

  127. I know I need to hydrate, but I must admit….it isn’t always easy when I am out running. I don’t like to carry anything when I run, so I depend on the water fountains on our greenway. I do know where they are and how far they are from each other, so plan my runs around them. At home, I always have a glass of water next to me and drink, drink, drink!

  128. I am trying to learn to drink more water. I have 2 with Nuun each day and the rest is typically plain water. I never used to run with anything, but this past training cycle started carrying a water bottle with me on long runs. It’s a bit too big and annoying though so I’d love to try out the Helium Sprint to see if it’s a better size! There’s no point in carrying around a larger one if it is warm and nasty and I won’t drink at the end.

  129. I aim to drink a glass of water before my morning coffee, afternoon tea and again before bed. I pair that with Nuun after my workout and I’ve hit my goal for the day.

  130. I have a big water bottle with me all the time. It either has water in it or water with Nuun. This started when I was breastfeeding and it felt like the water was just being drained out of me. Now, years later, the habit has just stuck with me.

  131. The last two weeks we have had a water challenge at work. One guy in particular will walk around checking in on everyone throughout the day! Helps keep me motivated.

  132. I carry a water bottle and drop it along my route, then when I cross back through it’s thankfully waiting for me. I’m always a tad worried it may “walk away”. During the day I do a lot of flavored seltzer, but always joke that at work I wish I had a fuel source. I’m not picky: IV, hydration pack, or something attached to me to keep me hydrated, haha!! I work in the medical field and there is never enough time to actually sit and drink!!!

  133. I have a water bottle with me everywhere I go, but when I get tired of plain old water, I either put a nuun tab in it, or drink a LaCroix sparkling water. The day before a long run, I’ll also drink a couple of small G2s (no cal Gatorade).

  134. I have been hearing that inadequate hydration could be the cause of my TMI levels of gastric issues on long runs. For this marathon training cycle, hydration and fueling has been my focus, I use a belt and a hand held with water and Tailwind to fuel and hydrate my runs (so I don’t get the “runs)

  135. I have been hearing that inadequate hydration could be the cause of my TMI levels of gastric issues on long runs. For this marathon training cycle, hydration and fueling has been my focus, I use a belt and a hand held with water and Tailwind to fuel and hydrate my runs.

  136. I have a water bottle and NuuN at the office and try to drink 48 oz. of water during work, more at home and add NuuN on days before long runs.

  137. I have my water bottle with me at all times! I mix it up with Nuun or fruit when I need an extra incentive. I neeeeeeed this fuel belt!! I have finally decided I need something and the lighter weight (and cuter!), the better!

  138. I bring a water bottle with me wherever I go! I also try to treat myself to new water bottles to keep it interesting 😉

  139. It’s way easier to make sure I stay hydrated when I bring my water bottle with me to work (or out running errands), AND when I have a tube of Nuun in my bag so that I can always flavor up the water! I don’t love drinking water that tastes funny or that is not ice cold, but Nuun solves that problem (room temp Nuun is still good to me!!). I try to keep a water bottle at my office so I can always fill it up when my morning coffee is gone.

  140. I carry a water bottle with me everywhere! My husband makes fun of me and tells me that it is my security water bottle:)

  141. I just really love water so I never have to set any goals to drink enough. When I do drink water, which is really often through out the day, I always drink an entire glass in one go so it adds up fast. I periodically need to do 24 hour urine collections for my doctor and I always collect 4 liters or more in addition to sweating from running! I must drink at least 5 liters a day without even thinking about it or trying. Of course some of it is decaf coffee too… Another favorite of mine.

  142. I have a glass of water or water bottle with me all day. If I have a hard time drinking it, I’ll add a splash of OJ or a Nuun tab.

  143. I keep my water bottle at my desk at work and make sure I fill it up at least 4 times while I’m there. No dehydration here!

  144. I keep a bunch of 1 liter bottles of water in my fridge, then grab them throughout the day, and whenever I head out the door. Always having a water bottle nearby means I’m hydrating all day!

  145. Every day I always have a tumbler filled with ice water and try to get in at least 64oz during the day. On the weekends I love using the Nuun tablets in my hand-held water bottle. :>)

  146. I was not drinking enough…unless I was running, so I got a 32 oz filtered water bottle and I make sure I drink at least 2 of them every day, running or not, now that summer in TX is approaching.

  147. Water with me all day, with stashes of green tea and nuun at home and work for when plain water sounds a little too boring.

  148. On running days, I have 16 oz. of Nuun. And every day I fill my water bottle (24 oz.) and have it on my desk all day.

  149. I stay hydrated throughout the day by first getting myself a big glass of water when I wake up in the morning and I sip it while I am getting myself ready for work (before I have my cup of coffee!). At work, I keep a big container (24 ounces) of water on my desk at all times and my goal is to finish it by noon, and then I fill it up again and finish it a second time before I leave. I like to sometimes flavor my water with fresh lemon or True Lemon, which is pure powdered lemon juice that comes in packets that I store in my desk. So, by 4:30 pm in my day, I have usually drank at least 48 to 56 ounces of water.

  150. I drink water all day at work. I often refill my 24 oz cup 4-5 times per day during the work day. During my runs, if I’m doing anything longer than 3, I take a water bottle with NUUN along. If I don’t sip during runs I will have a bad stomach all day afterwards.

  151. I try to really focus on my huge water bottle that I keep on my desk and keep drinking and shoot for at least 4 of those during the day. If I have a race on the weekend, I will drink even more on thurs and fri knowing how much that will help me sat morning, especially in hot weather. When trail running, I also drink coconut water to help stay hydrated in the heat while I’m running.

  152. Hydroflask all day / everyday – getting about 90oz each day. For runs during the hot SoCal months, I freeze my water bottles for my running belt and it keeps me cool, hydrated and its the perfect treat for myself every .5 miles – ice cold water!!!! love it!

  153. My trick is to drink a glass of room temperature water before I eat anything. I drink a big glass of water (with Nuun) before breakfast, a glass of water before lunch and dinner. I run around like crazy all day so it’s a good way to remind myself to drink plenty of water.

  154. Like most everyone else, I keep a water bottle with me at work and try to drink it all and then fill it up again at least once per day. I also drink a big glass of water or two with dinner.

  155. I’m good at work because I talk all day, which makes me notice that I need water. On a run, I plan to hydrate every two miles, more often when it’s hot (but I avoid the heat!).

  156. I love my Hydroflask with water and lemon…in the desert, it’s priceless! As a new runnwr, I definitely need some hydration on the run. Thanks!

  157. I’m pretty good at staying hydrated at work, I have a bottle that I fill a couple times a day and sip on all day. At home, I’m not as good, unless you count coffee or beer 😉

  158. I leave the house with a homemade smoothie. Once I get at work, I refill my 16 oz. cup with water and refill it throughout the day.

  159. To help stay hydrated, especially on run days, I don’t let myself have a soda until I have finished my 32-ounce water bottle. Finish two, and I can have two sodas! (Although I rarely feel the need after getting that much water.)

  160. I use the big mug I got when I had my baby. The goal is to fill it up and empty it four times a day. I also keep one by my bed.

  161. Much like previous commenters, I try to have a water bottle with me at all times. I also try to do infused water to mix it up because even if I have my water with me, doesn’t mean I am drinking as much as I should be!

  162. Water all day, work or home. A water bottle at my desk keeps me drinking all day and makes me get up and walk to the bathroom throughout the day.

  163. I keep a Nalgene full of water on my desk all day at work. I try and make an effort to drink 2-3 throughout the day.

  164. I never leave the house without my water bottle. Also, keep a couple of bottled waters in my car just in case I run out of water while out running errands. 🙂

  165. I stay hydrated by using some flavor drops or flavored vitamin powder in my water, I tend to drink more water when it has a little flavor in it.

  166. I find that not only waking up and drinking a glass of water in the morning helps but I also stop and get a large, iced, un-sweetend, green tea. I find that I am better hydrated and my energy level stays high if I am working out after work. I put mine in my favorite tumbler I have. Not only do I stay hydrated but brings a smile to m face 🙂

  167. At work, I take breaks every hour and climb some stairs to a different floor to fill up my water bottle…this way I get some exercise and water!

  168. I don’t do anything fancy…just keep a water bottle within my grasp at all times. Luckily I’ve gotten to the point where if I don’t get enough water, my body will crave it. I also have a pretty color Nalgene…so that helps! 🙂

  169. I have a water bottle with me all day. On longer runs, I have a fuel belt but would love one of these!

  170. I drink water right when I get up before I’m barely awake which seems to kick start my day, plus I always keep my water with me throughout the day.

  171. I keep a camelbak water bottle with a charcoal filter in the straw on my desk. That way I can fill it with water from the sink and not visit the vending machine.

  172. I keep my water bottles filled and on my desk as a constant reminder of how much I need to take in during the day.

  173. I invest in a couple of fun, cute water bottles that I really like. This motivates me to always keep it handy and refill throughout the day. Fortunately, I talk a lot for my job so I find that I’m reaching for water naturally to keep my throat lubricated.

  174. At work I fill a pitcher of water and ice and work to have it gone by 3pm, later and I have to get up in the middle of the night. 🙁 While out on a run I carry a water bottle with or now I’ve started to stash it next to my good friends mail box, it’s out of the way and I don’t have to worry with anyone tampering with it.

  175. My daughter had me download an app “plant nanny” to keep track of how much water I’m drinking. It will also alert me if I haven’t had water for awhile. It is a cute app and does help me stay on track!

  176. I drink iced lemon water all day long and of course, Nuun…my current fav thanks to Dimity is the discontinued Kona Kola…sniff, sniff

  177. I keep a water bottle handy throughout the day. I especially like taking little breaks at work to go fill it up – it gets me away from my computer 🙂 For runs I have a FuelBelt which holds one water bottle. It’s a bit uncomfortable around my belly so I would love to try out a handheld bottle for shorter runs!

  178. I have a water bottle with me all day. For long runs. I have a great group of BRFs & we put out water stops before we take off. We like to leave little treats to surprise each other along our route.

  179. I’m a big fan of nuun (go #teamnuun !) – pre-run, post-run and during-run as well as all-day-at-work. I also find squeezy water bottles more appealing to drink from – apparently it has come to me being over unscrewing a cap! I also find that if I am working in an area – desk, kitchen, etc – and pour a glass or bottle of water, I tend to drink it without a thought so that helps too!

  180. All my water bottles are filled and put in the fridge the night before and then I just pull them out and take them with me.

  181. I put 4 rubber bands around the top of a refillable, glass water bottle. Every time I drink a full bottle, a rubber band moves to the bottom. It’s simple and keeps me motivated to keep drinking!

  182. I’m pretty bad at this, but when I’m successful at staying hydrated it’s because I always have a cup of water with me at all times. Or Nuun. Nuun really helps.

  183. I typically sip water all day long, but probably not as much as I should. For longer runs during the spring/summer we adjust our schedule and begin our runs early in the morning when possible. We also plan our routes so that we pass by our cars in case we need to refill, or we have been known to stop at a fast food restaurant and fill our water bottles. If we’re really lucky, my friends husband accompanies us on his bike and he carries a backpack with water, snacks etc!

  184. It sounds crazy, but having seasonally/holiday themed water bottles keeps me drinking water and Nuun. I may be an 11 year old trapped in a 43 year old body!

  185. I keep a glass of water by my bed, first thing I do is drink it. During the workday I challenge myself to refill up my water bottle by lunch. If I haven’t I have to guzzle and refill anyway.

  186. I have a refillable water bottle that I keep handy, especially in the car. I also like cool/cold water so that helps me want to keep drinking. Now that I am pregnant, I have to manage my water so that I don’t drink a lot to late in the day…although when you’re thirst it’s time for a drink.

  187. After my coffee, it’s tea, then Nuun in sparkly water and try to keep sparkly water going until bedtime

  188. When I do long runs in the hot summer, I always plan my route around where I can get water. A lot of times this means doing loops around town so I can pass water fountains multiple times, and I loop past my house a few times where I can leave a water bottle outside.

  189. A big bottle of water on my desk always helps me stay hydrated during the day. If it is there, I will drink it! I run with hand held and waist belts, too.

  190. I bring two full water bottles to work and leave one in the fridge and one on my desk. Then when the one on my desk is empty, I rotate and refill.

  191. I take water on my run with me. I have yet to find a hand held I like. We take a cooler of water with us when we ride horse or show pigs. My kids know to go for water or electrolyte drink before pop.

  192. I keep a full bottle of water around all the time. No excuse when it is sitting right there, staring at me.

  193. I make sure my water bottle is full before I start pumping! Gotta keep my hydration up for milk production…!

  194. I’ve found the best way to stay hydrated through the day at work is to have a neon green water bottle sitting at my desk. I know it’s there, you can’t miss it, and when it gets empty it’s also an excuse to get up and move around – so double bonus- hydration and movement in an office setting.

  195. A gallon of LeVai alkalized, ionized water is my constant companion. I buy it by the case, so it’s super affordable and convenient!!!

  196. Lots and lots of Nuun- the all day and energy have really changed how well I hydrate myself. This little bottle will be a great addition as I try to fall back in love with running.

  197. I found the best way to stay hydrated is to always have a water bottle with me…usually with Nuun (bought using the AMR discount code, of course – thank you!) because it tastes great!

  198. During the summer, I drink a big glass of water before my runs, and then make sure my route goes past a few parks with water fountains where I stop for drinks. I’ve never tried running with my own water. I should!

  199. I need to take a few of these tips to heart! I use coffee as hydration in the morning…bad, I know. Then on days with a workout I drink a full 20oz water bottle during/after. That same bottle has a hand strap for long runs but it’s sooo heavy and awkward…would love to try the Sprint!

  200. I use a bottle with a straw. For some reason, I drink more that way. My goal is to have 1 1/2 bottles down by lunch – 2 is good. My biggest struggle is staying hydrated in the evening hours for some reason.

  201. I am a huge advocate of drinking lots of water all day. I look for good water bottles on vacations that have the place we visited. My favorite currently is a 750ml Camelback bottle that has Aspen, CO on the side. I never forget it anywhere because it’s a souvenir and I love drinking out of it because it reminds me of where I have been. I do currently struggle with staying hydrated during runs, especially in the summer time here in SC. I can get away with not carrying anything for 8 miles but those dehydration headaches are not fun. This might be a good fit, Small, lightweight, and just enough water to get me though!

  202. I’ve gotten into the habit of taking my giant Hydroflask with me everywhere. I have it near me at work and I usually fill it at least twice a day.

  203. My coworkers and I keep each other accountable for how much water we drink and occasionally have challenges on how many we drink a day.

  204. I drink water all day – always keep a large mason jar near me at work, and often supplement with Nuun during the workday to keep me interested.

  205. I start the day with a full glass or two of water as I get ready for the day. Once I’m on that roll, it’s easier to hit my water goal for the day.

  206. I have a metal water bottle I carry with me at all times and try to drink at least 5 – 6 each day!

  207. When I’m at the office I hydrate well…walks to the water cooler give me a break and a few steps! Can’t say I’m good about hydration on the weekend (unless we are outside at a tournament then I’m chugging bottles of water)!

  208. I have trouble keeping hydrated while I’m at work so I bought a cute insulated tumbler so I always have water handy.

  209. I try to drink a gallon of water a day. I found that I need to have a water bottle that works. If I have one I don’t like, forget it…I could never get my water in!

  210. I make a point to drink the same amount every period of the day in school. I use the bell at the end of the period as my reminder to check to see if I have drunk enough.

  211. I have a giant Bubba water bottle with me at all times filled with water and ice cubes (a must for me – ice is key!).

  212. One of the first things I do in the morning is have 16-24 ounces. Starts the day off on the right foot!

  213. Water bottle is always with me, plus I like to mix it up with sparkling water sometimes as well as nuun to help me stay hydrated!

  214. I left my competitive spirit help me! I’m much more likely to win the office fitbit challenges if I am back and forth to the water cooler down the hall.

  215. I have a portable water bottle I carry with me everywhere and refill throughout the day. I also squeeze citrus into my water or crushed mint leaves to make it a little more interesting.

  216. I try to always have a bottle of water in the cup holder in my car (since that’s where I seem to spend most of my time!).

  217. I keep a 24oz bottle on the counter and check off on the Fitbit app every time I fill to keep track and make sure I’m getting enough during the day. At minimum I make sure I drink at least half my body weight in water daily, but usually get a bit more, especially in the summer and on running days.

  218. I’m terrible at hydrating while at work. I’m a pharmacist, and I have to close the pharmacy anytime I need to go to the bathroom. I guess, subconsciously, I don’t drink as much because I don’t get many chances to pee! I do always carry a bottle on runs though, no matter the distance.

  219. I use an app on my phone called WaterLogged so that I can keep track of how much water I have gotten in throughout the day. That seems to have really helped me keep up on it.

  220. I use the rubber band trick too! I start with 4 rubber bands on my water bottle and every time I fill it up, I take one off so that I keep track of how much I’ve drank.

  221. I have a goal to drink a bottle of water by a certain time. A reminder pops up on my work computer and phone 3 times during my work day so I can’t forget.

  222. I wish I had good suggestions. I’m terrible at hydrating when I’m not running. I try to keep a bottle of Nuun All Day around, but I need to drink more. Love the suggestion of rubber bands on the water bottle. I’m going to give that a try!!

  223. I just started a new job in outside sales so I am finding it difficult to stay as hydrated throughout the day. My office is my car so I need to either keep a cooler of water as my boss suggested or I need to get better about filling up my water bottle whenever I make a pit stop!

  224. Sadly, I am not very diligent about my water intake. I do eat plenty of fruits and veggies during the day, so that helps the cause. But having a water bottle like this might help me increase my water intake. I just don’t remember to drink (and I do not often feel thirsty). My only question is: how do I stay well-hydrated without making constant trips to the bathroom??!?

  225. Frog tog around my neck (wet it, wring out until damp) which stays cool for quite awhile and freeze my water bottle half full of water night before, fill up rest of the way before heading out. Refill throughout day, keep an app on my phone that tracks water intake.

  226. I aim for 4 refills of my 32-oz Nalgene daily. I’ve got it covered with race decals from Ragnar, which motivates me to drink up!

  227. Place x# rubber bands around top of your water bottle. As you finish and refill move band to bottom end of bottle. Good visual reminder of how you’re doing.

  228. I have a water bottle at work that I’m constantly filling. I sometimes cut up lemons to add a little flavor (and detoxing).

  229. I always have water bottles with me – at my bedside, packed the night before with my lunch, by the coffee pot, at my desk at work. If I see it, I drink it (making sure to refresh it daily!)

  230. Florida summers can be miserable at times. I freeze 1/2 of my water in the bottle then top it off before I leave. Helps keep it colder for longer as it melts.

  231. I always keep my 24oz refillable water bottle with me. If I feel like I may be slacking on my water drinking I use the water logged app for about a week to get myself back in line.

  232. I drink warm lemon water every morning. I do my best to drink throughout the day. I always carry water on my runs, no matter how long or short

  233. I always have a water bottle with me. I start with a warm lemon and honey water on my way to work, a 24 oz before lunch, from lunch on another 24 oz., one for the way home and while I am winding down from work. One while working out and one for the baseball game ( because there is one of them most nights this time of year) and warm tea before bed. Would love one of these bottles!

  234. Keep water bottle handy at all times. I recently found that if I aldd a few lemon slices to water that I am drinking twice the amount of water that I normally drink.

  235. I admit I’m not great at hydrating if I’m not running that day. But I’m fanatical about drinking a glass of Nuun before every run, whether long or short, and either water or Nuun during and after a run. I also try to drink a glass of water before every meal.

  236. Always have a bottle of water with you. You can track how much you drink and make it a game to hit your target.

  237. My tip is to flavor the water. Either using nuun tablets or adding some fresh fruit. I don’t like plain water so changing it up makes it more appealing!

  238. I always drink water through out the day I total close to a gallon a day probably more in the summer when it’s real hot

  239. I always carry a 32 oz water bottle with me – every where I go- at least once a day it has nuun or nuun energy in it !

  240. I pretty much always have a water bottle with me. Also, I’m thirsty a lot, so it’s not hard to stay hydrated.

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