Hump Day Running Giveaway: a Polar M200 GPS Running Watch


I don't fall in love with electronics easily, but the brand new Polar M200 has—wait for it—almost stolen my heart. (Why almost? Because its older brother, the M400, was my first heart rate crush, and you never really forget your first, right?)

The M200 is the newest iteration of the Polar Heart Rate running watches, and it's simple and beautiful.

Simple as in, just two buttons. If one doesn't do the job, the other will! (Reason #1 for infatuation: No complications, no unspoken expectations.)

Simple as in, an interface that is logical and easy to understand. (Infatuation reason #2: Do not say you want tacos when you really want steak and then get mad at me when I make tacos.)

Simple as in, all the stats you need—heart rate (average, max, current), distance, pace (in all iterations: fastest, average, current), calories burned (based on your individual height/weight/gender), elevation gain/lost—and none that you don't. (Infatuation reason #3: No unnecessary baggage please.)

Simple as in has an activity tracker that makes you feel like a rock star (Compliment me!) when you go for a trail run in the morning, then an afternoon hike. And the sleep monitor? Recorded some deep z's that night.

Simple as in an, affordable at $150. (Infatuation reason #5: It knows how to budget!)

Simple as in—wait for it—no chest strap!

Optical heart rate monitor: photo from DC Rainmaker's M200 Review.

Yes, the M200 has what tech geeks call optical heart rate. #Motherrunners like me call it a dime-size device on the back of the watch that—this is where I cut and pasted from the Internet— measures your heart rate using a methodology called photoplethysmography (PPG). PPG is a technical term for shining light into the skin and measuring the amount of light that is scattered by blood flow. (Want more info? Here's a basic explanation.)

Technology aside, the M200 is very accurate, according to my unscientific tests: going for three runs while wearing the M400 on one wrist (and the chest strap) and the M200 on the other, the beats per minute were almost beat-for-beat synced.

So if your relationship to heart rate straps is like my kids' relationship to cauliflower (!), then the M200 has your name on it.

But it truly, truly proves what an amazing #motherrunner partner it is when you connect it to Polar Flow.

The Polar Flow website dissects your run, and, among other helpful states, gives you Training Load. Around the heart rate challenges, we call that the Injury Window. For this demanding run, my body needed 15 hours of recovery to keep the injury window fully closed. (I could run easier within that time, but not harder in the next 15 hours if I wanted to recover well and stay injury free.) I mean, whose partner pays that much attention to them?

Ok, enough about my tech crush. We've got a Polar M200 to share with two lucky #motherrunners. Here's how to enter: In the Comments section below this post on our website, tell us: What or who has stolen your heart recently? Two lucky ladies will win.

P.S. If you've been oogling the M400, save 20% (a whopping $46!) on it by using code AMR at Plus free shipping! (Note: code is good through 12/31/16, and only applies to the M400).

The details: This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 10/26/16 and ends on 11/1/16. We will announce two random winners on our Facebook page on 11/3/16, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $150. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

685 responses to “Hump Day Running Giveaway: a Polar M200 GPS Running Watch

  1. My daughter…I admit,I always wanted a boy,but I love my dauther more than anything and I’m grateful she’s in my life 🙂

  2. I’ve become smitten with the AMR podcasts again. The Heart Rate recap had me pulled over on the side of the road because I was choked up with pride for the women featured. Thanks for that!

  3. My 9 year old who just started running cross country. During our first run together he told me, mom I really love running with someone. It is fun to talk. As a talking runner myself it just made that morning run even more special.

  4. Fall runs have stolen my heart, again! After being in a running rut and then injured, I am absolutely falling in love with fall running! Cooler temps, gorgeous views and PSL rewards!!

  5. my husband! he does so much for our family and never complains. he fully supports whatever crazy idea i may have….including all my races! he’s just the best!

  6. My autistic son is speaking much more spontaneously lately and we’ve discovered how silly and funny he is and it makes my heart melt. While driving in the car to an early evening function:
    DS: “Mom, moon!”
    Hubby: “I don’t see the moon, son.”
    DS: “me neither”

  7. Pregnant running (again). This is the third and final time I will be spending the miles wondering and hoping about my little passenger and our growing family.

  8. My mom. She has been in and out of hospitals since June 2015 when she broke her hip. She spent a year in a nursing home and now was able to go home in September. Her strength amazes me. Thru the whole period, she was always happy and excited to see her family. Never sad or depressed.

  9. I’ve recently started targeted strength training in the form of crossfit, and while I am still in “training camps”, I love it! I really think that those classes, combined with the “train like a mother” programs, are going to help me become stronger and achieve my goals. You guys rock 🙂 thank you!!

  10. Falling in love with myself again. Looking to find something to take me out of my comfort zone while I am nursing an injury and cannot run. Went to a film festival by myself because I am my own favorite company.

  11. That feeling you get when you’re helping those in need. Volunteering time or running for a charity are so rewarding when you know it’s going to a great cause.

  12. I stopped using my old Polar FT60 heart rate monitor because of that darned strap. Oh the chafing! This would be a great way to try the Heart Rate challenge. I’m all for keeping the injury window closed!!

  13. My son just turned 12-years old and I am loving this age. He has become more talkative about all aspects of his life, still wants to be seen with me in public (most of the time) and still wants me to tuck him into bed at night and snuggle. I get the occasional eye roll from him and know these days won’t last forever, so I am savoring these moments while I still have them.

  14. Loving running with friends lately. Always used to run alone. Thought that I could never run, breathe, and talk at the same time. Found out it is so much more fun to run with a buddy! The miles breeze by! Love it!

  15. I am really crushing on podcasts lately! There is so much great info out there on any topic you want to learn about. And I love how you can hear from experts in the comfort of your car, bathroom, or anywhere else you try to go to hide from the kids…

  16. 5k races! I’m getting back into running after a bummer of a knee injury and 5k’s are the best way, I’ve found, to track my progress. I’m hoping the m200 will help with that too!

  17. cycling class and speed work! This up coming year I am working on cross training and getting faster. So I am focusing on shorter runs at a quicker pace and really taking that whole crosstriaining thing to heart.

  18. My oldest daughter, again! She has started getting into fitness and loves to go for walks/runs with me now! I love that she is wanting to keep me motivated, and getting healthier herself.

  19. I’ve really been loving running with my husband. Spending 30 min a few times a week with just us and nothing to do but talk has been great for us.

  20. I’ve recently fallen in love with the Caramel Popcorn Cake from the Cake Bake Shop (look it up!). Now I need to add another run per week to compensate.

  21. My son’s love for pups has stolen my heart. We haven’t found the right one yet but his enthusiasm to find one is amazing! It trumps screen time/xBox!!!!

  22. Running has stolen my heart again. After a lay off due to a dog bite and a rough first week back running, this past week’s runs have all been just perfect!

  23. My husband has stolen my heart. He wakes up early every Saturday morning and takes care of our daughter and everything else while I’m out on my long run with my bestie <3

  24. After being hit by a car on my morning run, knuckle lights have stolen my heart and I feel so much safer with those added to my safety vest.

  25. We are in the process of a total remodel of our main living level and my husband is doing most of the work. The new kitchen look is stealing my heart….as is my husband (again) for the many many hours he is spending on it after he gets home from his full time job. (Note to self…moving is easier than a remodel 🙂

  26. My youngest daughter has recently stolen my heart as she just graduated from the Marine Corps bootcamp. She was her company Honor graduate as well as scoring a perfect 600 on her physical fitness and combat fitness tests, the highest score of all 623 graduates, men and women combined. 13 weeks of intense training, a 54-hour Crucible (check it out on YouTube), evacuating Parris Island during Hurricane Matthew and sleeping on the floor in Albany, Georgia for 5 nights, no shower, and then not having their uniforms ready for graduation because of the hurricane and graduating, wearing their cammies….all the while a positive and encouraging guide for her platoon of over 60 young women at the ripe age of 18 years old….beats anything I ever did at that age!

  27. The Tuna 200 Relay Run stole my heart this past weekend. There were 13 amazing BAMRs, 203 miles across rural eastern NC. It was like an experience I have never had before. We can’t wait until next year when we can do it again!

  28. The sonogram picture of my first grandchild has stolen my heart! I can’t wait to buy a fancy new running stroller. #BAGMR

  29. The sonogram picture of my first grandchild has stolen my heart!! I’m really excited to get a fancy new running stroller, too! #BAGMR

  30. This beautiful country. I immigrated to the US from Europe for a job, and here I found the love of my life and my passion – running.

  31. Fall weather! I’ve always hated fall time because it leads to the dreaded winter. I’m a fan of the Georgia heat. This is the first year that I’ve been running regularly. I never realized how nice autumn is, but now I’m convinced.

  32. HRT running <140 has stolen my heart! I tried running faster for the stride into school training program. I ended up having hip troubles and have now reverted back to HRT and now I am pain free again. I love it!!

  33. Running has stolen my heart…again. Ran my first marathon earlier this month – Twin Cities Marathon – and after months of training and then running the marathon, I now just get to go out and run for the pure enjoyment of it!

  34. It is a toss up between corner bakery tomato basil soup and chick fila chicken noodle soup. I has jaw surgery 3 weeks ago so both of these flavor filled soups have my heart. Anxiously awaiting the OK to get running again. This watch would be the perfect thing to keep me going. Lord knows after a month off I need to keep my heart in check.

  35. I just started a new job after taking 8-months off after the birth of my first child. I work in a high school as a speech-language pathologist and my new students have stolen my heart! Their humor, intellect and insight is endearing!

  36. I know this sounds cheesy, but truly, running with my HR <140 for this past month has stolen my heart. It is easy, relaxing, fun, but still challenging! I love it!

  37. My husbands new puppy has stolen my heart….I am trying not to become attached to this one, I love them too much, they’re working dogs and some don’t stay…but realized last night this little guy is in love with me,
    so I will enjoy and not fret about things out of my control…..

  38. Stolen my heart: Socks. It has been a looong summer & just this week I wake & need a fluffy pair of socks. If only for that one hour, it is cool enough for socks. <3

  39. Can a burrito steal your heart? I fell in love with a black bean plantain burrito this week and I might need this watch to help break us up!

  40. My hubby’s got my heart, we just ran his first 10K race together (I got him into running when we met) . Amazingly, despite racing in the rain and on a very hilly course, he wants to try another. Love having a running buddy to keep me inspired and motivated.

  41. Early in June, another mom,Liz, and I drove a van for 12 xc girls doing Ragnar. We bonded over the the lack of sleep and miles with the girls. She was inspired to start running after that weekend. She has stolen my heart with her perseverance and determination and awakened my love for running again!

  42. My two kiddos have stolen my heart more than usual lately – they are so wonderful and supportive and tolerant of extra time in the jogging stroller!

  43. The unseasonably cooler weather we’ve been having in So Cal lately has my heart pitter-pattering!! We had an actual, genuine thunderstorm that lasted all night this week. It was fantastic. We need the rain and it’s been years since I’ve experienced a thunder and lightning show like that!

  44. what has stolen by heart recently was my son – 8 years old. How kind he is to others and trying to help his pre-teen sister to calm down.

  45. Helping my friend train for her first 1/2 marathon has stolen my heart – she is working so hard and I am so thankful that I am able to help her. We are running her longest miles yet on Friday = 8 (with strollers!) 🙂 Happy miles, Happy Fall!

  46. My new Polish Pottery mug has stolen my heart…just in time for the rainy weather and hot tea that I need! Would love to win the Polar!

  47. My husband has stolen my heart recently…I have been having a tough time at work and he has been unbelievably supportive and such a great sounding board and shoulder to cry on.

  48. A little fella on my son’s baseball team has. All season he’s been striking out or being walked. He finally hit a good, solid double last night. The crowd cheered, his teammates cheered, and it made my heart feel good.

  49. We got a goldendoodle last year and I have been running with her. She has stolen my heart in ways I never imagined. Thanks to her I feel a lot safer when running alone.

  50. Run Fast Eat Slow has stolen my heart! I am rediscovering beets and cauliflower. It is getting me excited to make some warm meals for cold days!

  51. My amazing husband always steals my heart. He is my rock and my best friend. I have been having a very stressful time at work lately, and he somehow knows how to calm me down and make me feel better. I am the luckiest woman to have him in my life!

  52. It may sound odd, but bravery has stolen my heart. I currently made a big decision to leave my current job and it took a lot of strength and bravery that I didn’t know I had in me. It feels amazing to do something hard, but that you know is right for you.

  53. My 18 year old daughter called me from college because she missed me. Filled my heart with joy! She is also following me for my first marathon in 6 years!! MCM… we go!!

  54. My 15 month-old daughter, who has recently started to shake her head “no” emphatically, when she really means “yes.” Like, “Evie, do you want some more cheerios?” Grinning, she shakes her head no while grabbing for more on her tray. My heart melts for my baby princess.

  55. That watch would go nicely with my crisp fall runs and would also transition beautifully into the colder days of winter. Pretty please!

  56. My 4-year old’s basketball league. It provides 60 minutes of hilarity every week, helping me forget any and all troubles!

  57. My new students! I have returned to the classroom this school year and remembering why I love being with kids all the time-they are GREAT!

  58. This beautiful autumn weather. Fall is always my favorite time of year and the weather has been exceptional in Oklahoma. I’m taking advantage of every fall evening run I can!

  59. My 4th grade son playing his first season of tackle football has stolen my heart. He is more focused on improving his sprint times than the actual tackling part ❤️

  60. It’s my son’s senior year so his football team, the 14 seniors, and my husband – one of the coaches, have stolen my heart right now. And a few of my tears too!

  61. That five minutes where I find my happy place on a run and can just let go. We spend so much time juggling the details as mom’s, I savor this small window into me time.

  62. The moon….in the summer, I hardly ever see it but during the fall my morning & evening runs are guided by its glow. It’s presence makes me feel wild & unincombered.

  63. My new sea turtle pjs! We’re in the middle of a cross country move, and I picked them up at the gift shop at work (after thinking they were adorable for months) on my very last day in a quick 30 second instance of self care. They’re a little thing that reminds me of my old home and makes me smile every time I wear them. Silly,I know, but sometimes it’s the little things.

  64. My 12 yr old son has amazed me this week as he zips though the Hunger Games books along with playing club soccer 4 nights/wk and running cross country. I’d love to be the 6 min/mile runner he is – maybe HR training with this watch will get me there!

  65. After completing my first round of heart rate training and running my event – a 200 mile relay in the mountainous area of NW Arkansas – I can honestly say that relay racing has captured my heart. I have never been good with being uncomfortable but I learned so much during my training that not only helped my running, it also helped me know that I could do hard things. Like sleeping in a van for 57 minutes over 36 hours.

  66. My husband. After 27 years together he still steals my heart. Not everyday is a fairy tale but it is the day in and day out of just “living” that is so comfotable and easy. He is not perfect nor neither am I or my kids (gasp!) but together as a family we are the perfect fit with our grumpy cat and perky dog (who the cat hates and to this day he still tries to play with her). My husband encourages my running and although he has no interest in running himself is a cheerleader for me. i’m not where I want to be right now with my training but I am not giving up. Not now, not ever…

  67. Right now I am in love with my new running socks. I had no idea I would love socks so much or that they would make my runs so much better. Many happy miles 🙂

  68. I just finished my 1st half marathon since baby #2. I did it with my mom and while it was amazing I came out with a hip injury. Running has been slow and difficult the last two weeks. Because of this I have fallen in love with Orange Theory Fitness. It’s HIIT and I’m obsessed! They use heart rate monitoring to get a picture of how you are doing in the workouts and improving. They use chest straps and that part is a pain in the butt. I love that I’m able to still be active while nursing this hip and it’s something that I absolutely love!

  69. My cat has rested my heart! I’ve had him for 11 years now and from day one, he was amazing! Fetched balls of paper like a dog, always around his people. A gentle hearted giant kitty who has beautiful fur and face, and the character to match. I noticed he’s been losing weight and was getting sick. When I took him to the vet we found out he has a cancerous tumor in his abdomen. He had rewon my heart, not that he had ever lost it, but I’ve been enjoying taking more time to spoil my furry boy rotten.

  70. What has stolen my heart lately? I’m currently doing my first round of Whole30 and am in love with my Instant Pot for meal prep. On the run I’m using my old Garmin 305 with chest strap to keep my HR <140 and would love an upgrade.

  71. My 2.5 year old son has stolen my heart as he has embraced becoming a big brother to his 6 week old sister. He truly loves her and is so excited to spend time with her. He doesn’t even mind sharing mommy’s attention!

  72. Who has stolen my heart? Well my kids do every day, my sweet kindergartner and toddler. But recently, the AMR half marathon Own It plan I used for the Columbia River Gorge half. What a fun, easy and effective way to get my PR- thanks ladies!

  73. My three boys steal my heart! One particular moment was a couple of days ago when I was running with my two year old in the jogger and he told me, “Mommy, I need more speed!”

  74. My family always steals my heart- my devoted husband, who has been my one and only since high school, who works so hard for our family and supports my running, along with my littles who inspire me everyday to get out of my head, take chances, and embrace down time to enjoy them growing up. Also, to be honest, *I* have stolen my own heart. How? I am finally improving and making steps to better myself, to know the person I am and love her unconditionally and I am proud of the changes I am making. It’s been a long road and I still have many more obstacles to hurdle, but running, my family, and I are in this for the long haul.

  75. My husband, as he struggles with some health issues, I realize even more how much I love him after 35 years and that I have become the Mama Bear to him and not my kids (well, even though they are adults, honestly I probably still am a Mama Bear)

  76. Of course my two besutiful children! However after a workout hiatus, hot yoga has changed my life! It gave me the motivation and strength to begin running/training again and I have my sights set on a 10k!

  77. The baby girl growing inside me right now- but even more so how her older brother and sister have taken to talking and singing to her. They’re excitement fuels mine for this new addition. AND once I deliver, I’m going to do HR training! I can’t wait to see how it helps me become a healthier runner.

  78. Getting back into running — v e r y slowly — after hurting my hip over the summer, and having this perfect fall weather to tempt me outside.

  79. It’a starting to get chilly here in New England so my heart has been stolen once again by toasty sweaters and socks.

  80. The leaves turning into their gorgeous fall colors! Oh and This is Us on NBC. Almost as good as leaves crunching under my feet during an autumn run.

  81. I made a recent work change. The new place has stolen my heart! Thanks for the entry and your podcast and this blog that I just discovered. 🙂

  82. I run with music and a few of the recent additions to my play list are Meghan Trainor songs- “Feel Better When I’m Dancin” has a great beat to run to and is uplifting at the same time.

  83. My running group! Two of the women came out to pace me and support me in a race recently – and my heart is so full of gratitude for their help and support.

  84. After years of dreaming of relocating to a warmer climate, I’ve recently realized I love where I live right now! Close to mountains, ocean, a beautiful city when we want it and most of all the feeling of home. Falling in love with what you already have = priceless.

  85. My fellow BAMR and neighbor is amazing. When I told her the only time in my schedule I had for running was 5am, she said okay! She’s not a morning person but says I’m turning her into one! Not many non-morning people would do that to run with a friend.

  86. My physical therapist has stolen my heart! Helping me get through a nasty case of Achilles tendinosis. Had to back out of MCM but I am happy to be able to slowly and steadily get back to running!

  87. I have a new job and working with my students to has stolen my heart!! Also the return of trader joes pumpkin coffee!!!!! Wooowooo

  88. Adding new cross training and weight lifting to my workout schedule has stolen my heart because it actually makes me a better runner!

  89. Honestly. ..running has stolen my heart lately. In just under five months I have lost right over 80 pounds by eating right and starting to run. I am now training for my first half marathon in April!

  90. Of course my kids have my heart, but in my running life – easy! It’s my Hoka One One Cliftons! I’ve never run this much without knee pain in my life!

  91. A sweet little girl in my daughter’s karate class. She is always the encourager for the whole class. Even when she doesn’t feel well, when some of the kids aren’t treating her kindly, she always has a smile and gives kindness in return. She is truly an inspiration!

  92. My brand new baby niece Lenya has stolen my heart! Nothing better than baby cuddles in the fall. My sister (her mom) got me into running in high school and Lenya has now initiated her into the Mother Runner tribe.

  93. The show This Is Us has stolen my heart. There are only five episodes so far and I keep rewatching them. They are just so good!

  94. Spending precious moments with my daughter has really captured my heart. She is a college freshman in Madison, WI, just an hour away. But, she has come home a couple weekends and the time we’ve spent has been special. I love that she looks forward to the visits and the time that we can spend together.

  95. My sweet six year every night when I sneak into her room after she falls asleep to give her one last goodnight kiss. So peaceful.

  96. Really trivial – but dark chocolate covered ginger. We just (a month ago) got a Trader Joe’s in town. And the freeze dried raspberries are pretty good, too.

  97. Running has stolen my heart lately, with all the ups and downs. Some days it’s easy and clear, other days it’s muddled and I’m not sure we’re the right fit.

  98. Holiday Larabars! Snickerdoodle, Gingerbread and Pumpkin Pie!!! (Have been focusing on better nutrition since 10/1 to go along with HR Training. Kinda loving the new me who is making better choices!)

  99. The first thing person that’s came to mind was a student in my class. He has a heart of gold, sweet smile and an amazing outlook on life. He’s a bright light to see each morning and a reminder of what JOY looks like.

  100. My youngest is at a new school this year and I had no idea what to expect at his parent teacher conferences. I almost cried with happiness at how well he is doing.

  101. Coach MK has stolen my heart–literally and figuratively. My injury-prone body has settled into heart rate training with ease, and I’ve loved following her plans.

  102. My brothers best friend, his soul mate, his dog Willow. She’s getting a bit old and it breaks my heart when she visits. She can’t hear that well anymore. She hurts a bit when she tries to get up. I want to cry because I will miss her but it will soon be time. LOVE YOU WILLOW!

  103. My son has stolen my heart recently. He suffered a concussion during JV high school football practice. He sat out for 3 weeks after he had earned his starting position:( came back to play one of his best games ever. Last Friday he suffered a blind side hit and flew to the ground. While I sat waiting for him to get up, I thought about all of the amazing things about him. Luckily he got up with help and sat out the rest of the game. His doctor advised us, rightfully so, to end the football season prematurely. He has vowed to come back stronger and faster. He is one of my biggest run supporters. (I just started 4 years ago). When I ran my first marathon in May at the age of 43, he said it was cool he could tell his friends that his mom had run a marathon.

  104. Spindrift seltzer now available in a reasonably-priced 8-pack. Not sure whether it’s a good or bad sign that a yummy carbonated beverage is all it takes, but that’s my truth today.

  105. My husband and daughters continue to amaze me! I am jumping up another decade (tomorrow) and they pulled off a spectacular surprise party for me. I have been researching a new sports watch to get and this one has everything I” searching for in a nice simple way. I would love to train with this through my 40’s.

  106. Morning runs under the stars! Prior to doing Ragnar, I was afraid to run when it was dark and hated running in the cold. Now, (as difficult as it still is to get out of bed in the morning), I love looking up to see the stars and feeling the crisp, cold, fresh morning air!

  107. my baby Grace, all of three months old and pure Roley-Poley goodness, has completely stolen my heart! I’m in full training mode (check out Alysia Montano on Instagram where she’s leading a “5 weeks to Turkey trot Challenge” #5Weeks2TTC it’s totally awesome!!) and baby girl is giving me enough sleep to really dive into this and maintain mental stability through these tough, yet wonderful, postpartum months

  108. My son is tugging at my heart strings. He has had a tough cross country season as a senior – his last chance to record PRs. He has been dealing with leg pain that has completely blitzed the season but he has persevered throug his discouragement.

  109. My 11-yr old daughter stole my heart this afternoon after a run. She ran cross country for the first time and has decided to make efforts to improve. I told her that I appreciated her positive attitude this week about running right after school. She warmed my heart when she said she felt really bad about complaining in the past about running. She’s got a heart of gold and I love her dearly! I’d love to hand down my Garmin and give the Polar a spin.

  110. My son, Nate, has always had my heart. But, recently he has shown interest in running and doing 5Ks with me. I’m excited to spend time training together and watching him grown into a runner.

  111. My husband continues to as we travel to DC for me to run MCM (he has started running again and will tackle the 10k) and coach MK of course!

  112. HRT all the way!!! It has “stolen” my heart as it has helped me return to my love of running (& being outside), coming back from an injury!

  113. Our 4th child has stolen my heart. We brought him home a year ago through international adoption. The past five years have been nothing but ups and downs. The process of applying for adoption, becoming registered with his birth country, updating home studies, waiting for a referral, flying across the world to meet him, leaving him, bringing him home, settling him in to our family, medical appointments, followup reports, the agony of dealing with his delays and all of the unknown…should have left me cold and bitter. However, he has captured my heart and by the grace of God my love for him is immeasurable. He has stolen my heart.

  114. My heart has been stolen recently by my neglected i-tunes playlists. I started listening to more music and find myself laughing, dancing, and crying more often because of it.

  115. My husband will always have my heart, but recently, our 6-month old German Shepherd pup (Jagger) has been stealing a piece every day when he is a very good boy. Can’t wait until he is old enough (and trained enough) to become my running buddy!

  116. My one and only kid…my 17 month old boy! He continues to teach me and love me regardless. Everyday there’s something new and even more cute to love!!!

  117. I’ve been totally swept off my feet by amaretto coffee. I don’t miss the sweetness of creamer with the hint of amaretto. I think I could have my heart stolen by the Polar M200, though. 😉

  118. Who: My family. First, my 4-year-old twin girls who have been teaching me how wonderful the world is through our homeschooling lessons. Second, (but most important) is my husband. After 4 years of being “parents,” we are rediscovering what it means to date and be a couple without kids in tow.

    What: Running has stolen my heart again. After taking a few months off from being burned out, I am rediscovering my love for the sport.

  119. Husband, yes. Kids, yes.
    But secretly it has been our “cat” that is not our cat. She is our next door neighbor’s cat who camps out on our porch. I never knew how much I loved her until those mornings she doesn’t show up on our doorstep. She just wants love. She lets me and my three kids pet her, pick her up, and play with her. She is very tolerant of our showering of love. We have no pets, so she’s a great sub..for now.
    I have been battling a running injury which has sidelined me from running for a minimum of four long weeks. Mid day when I would normally be running, I find myself sitting on my porch, petting this big furball….who has stolen my heart.

  120. Fall running in the Dark is my new jam. Cool Temps. Limited light…the headlamp beam keeps the outside out. Very peaceful and meditative. Calming. Even energizing! Luv it!

  121. HRT 102!!! I love the different runs each day. I feel like I am getting stronger each time I finish the days activity!!

  122. Every morning when I drop my boys off at school , a fellow student’s little brother steals my heart. He is only 2.5 and ass me out for donuts every morning. This morning he asked to go for coffee!!!

  123. My heart has been stolen by my two fabulous boys! They can (and do) drive me to the brink but wow are they amazing kids that make me so proud.

  124. Almond Butter has stolen my heart…which I can explain! I have major food allergies, and have been on a highly restricted diet for 18 months. My doctor is letting me test a few things around the edges of my limitations, and to my delight I can eat almond butter with no problems! Being able to add that back into my weekly food rotation has been miraculous!

  125. My 24 year old daughter has stolen my heart many times in her life, but most recently she has shared her heart with me. My husband and I began running almost eight years ago; I was 42. We hoped to set a positive for our children and grandchildren, and show them that one is never too old to set goals and work toward them. My daughter Bethany began running in January (it took awhile for our influence worked!), and in less than two weeks I will have the privilege of running with her as she crosses the finish line of her first half marathon (my 10th). She has worked so hard, and it’s been such a joy to train with her. I cannot wait for her to meet this goal, as I know it will be a moment neither of us will forget. She is a fifth grade teacher, and is setting such a positive example for her students. I teach eighth grade, and my students always ask about my running. How many moms can say they not only share a career, but also the love of running with their children? I am blessed.

  126. I am in love with the rental car we have while our family van is being repaired (small car accident a few weeks ago). To drive a fast, sporty lovely (that doesnt have enough seats for the whole fam – bonus!) after TEN YEARS of being Mother Van Driver…oh my! Smiling like a crazy person while blasting the AWESOME sound system and feeling young and single again. LOL

  127. I have been reading “The Book Thief.” It has been so long since I have immersed myself in a good book and it feels heavenly.

  128. My little family has stolen my heart lately. It was great to get away this past weekend with just the husband and the littles. It was nice to leave everything behind.

  129. Fall temps, clothing, coffee on the porch, fairs, perfect temp runs with family members and friends have all stolen my heart recently. Thanks for a great review!

  130. Halo Top ice cream has my heart recently, satisfies my post-run sweet tooth and I don’t feel so guilty if I go a little overboard. I lost my Fitbit so I’m in need of a new activity tracker to help me keep my ice cream/activity balance in check

  131. My hubby has restolen my heart. He met me at the gate to our farm after my long run with the 4 wheeler and a bottle of water so that I would not have to walk all the way back to the house.

  132. My husband has been really great recently (not that he isn’t always) but sometimes I notice more. He has my heart forever.

  133. My hubby has restored my heart. He met me at the gate to our farm after my long run with the 4 wheeler and a bottle of water so that Inwould not have to walk all the way back to the house.

  134. Crisp, fresh air in the mornings, crunchy Fall leaves underfoot and the feel of a warm cup of coffee in cold hands – bliss!

  135. I actually have two (hope I’m not breaking the rules!). My running group that I was sooo scared to join has completely stolen my heart. Reason being, no matter what your pace or ability, someone is always there for you to encourage and support you. They set up routes, water stops, and make sure everyone is safe. This run group is not only for running. But for my mental sanity too. It gives me a little social time and a great run to help me be a better Mom. And I can’t go without saying, my husband stoke my heart too. He takes over all evening duties (which is a lot with 3 busy boys!) so I can enjoy my run group night!! Filled heart for sure!! Thank you.

  136. My 8 year old daughter who asked if we could get all cozy in bed and have “girl talk” – which consisted of her detailed plans for trick or treating!

  137. Dimity and Sarah have stolen my heart! After buying their book a few years ago, I am finally taking time to read it. At age 52, the mother of 4 (ages 17, 19, 21, & 22) and NOT a runner, I am trail running 12+ miles a week and loving it❤️️

  138. Writing one sentence a day in my journal about my kids. It’s a fun way to reflect on the day and not lose the memories.

  139. My daughter’s preschool teachers! They encourage her, support her, “get” her and – dare I say? – like her! This mom’s heart wants for nothing more.

  140. Today at parent teacher conferences my first grader’s teacher said she was so glad we had our son, because he is such a sweet and smart little guy. Proud parents!

  141. The trails! It’s been months since I have been out on the trails and my BRF Jody and I did a 10k trail race on Sunday and all the reasons I love trail running flooded back to me. I am now looking to stack up a bunch of trail runs before it gets too cold and muddy.

  142. My baby boy, who will be 1 on the 31st. (Birthday present) He’s my 4th and last baby. I’m a bit sad, but he steals my heart a little more when he grins his big cheesy face while getting into mischief. Love him. And the other 3. And their dad. Lol

  143. My newest heart-stealer is my 8 week old son. He coos and grins at me while I bounce him (I think it reminds him of all our runs together when he was still on the inside!).

  144. I was tired, exhausted, and downright crabby tonight. When I went to kiss my 4.5 year old daughter goodnight she said “mommy, tell me where it hurts I’ll kiss it.” So sweet. Heart melted.

  145. My running has taken a back seat to my first little one who will make me an official member of the tribe! 22 weeks today! He has definitely stolen my heart, unfortunately can’t figure out how to put a pic on here.

  146. Although he already had my heart, my three year old has stolen it more than usual lately with his extra sweet snuggliness.

  147. My new dishwasher has stolen my heart. It arrived today. I haven’t used it yet, but being without one and hand washing since July has been really hard with a family of 7! It was a long wait!!

  148. A kindergartener in my class tells me daily that I’m beautiful. He has stolen my heart. I told him today that I hope he tells his mom the same thing. Love my 22 kindergartener babies.

  149. My heart was stolen a few weeks ago when my son was getting ready to be baptized and he asked me to baptize him! It was an awesome experience!

  150. What has stolen my heart recently are coffee mugs, for some reason I didn’t use them at work until recently and now I have three at work 🙂

  151. I am so sad to say that nothing has stolen my heart recently. Feel sorry for me? I’m sure the Polar M200 can fix me right up!

  152. Being able to send quality time with my youngest since the oldest has headed off to college has definitely stolen my heart!!!

  153. My new job as a midwife has stolen my heart. Catching the baby of a hard working mama is a special privilege. I can’t believe I get to do it every day!!!! But also my last relay race took my heart…..thanks to HRT. Was an amazing experience.

  154. The sun has stolen my heart and hidden with it behind some clouds. Honestly, I miss summer already. Oh, and Trader Joe’s Gluten Free brownie mix. OMG!

  155. My sweet pup has stolen my heart all over again this week. I’ve been flattened by a migraine and she has stayed with me nonstop. She wants to kiss my face (yuck) and make it all go away. Sweet pup tut is taken for granted far too often!

  156. My newest daughter of 7 weeks has stolen my heart, as has her brothers and sisters that love her so much they just can’t leave her alone.

  157. My great nieces and nephews. It’s been awhile since we’ve had little ones around and I get so much joy from their little worlds!

  158. This semester has suspended my heart. I thought my heart would be freed last week but, nope, too early. I can’t wait until I can enjoy life again! Fall semester is always the busiest.

  159. Lightroom and editing photos of my kids has stolen my heart. Looking back at old photos and seeing just how small they were and how much they have grown. Just wow. And my oldest daughter who says she loves to run. She said she just runs at lunch cause she likes to. I love watching her run and the joy she gets from it. Wish I had a little more of that when I run.

  160. Running while my son rides his bike next to me. He finally graduated to that level where I can take him away from our subdivision and it’s almost as good as having him running right next to me. Another opportunity for quality time!

  161. Trails. I could run a trail forever, lose myself, find myself and feel like the world is just as it should be. Trails in the autumn are especially breathtaking and close to my heart.

  162. My brother’s son has done it lately! He is only 9 months but is so active….crawling down stairs headfirst….you know how boys are!

  163. My kids have been stealing my heart lately. You know there are times when, let’s be honest, you’re not wild about your kids? Lately, my 10 and 12 year old kids are just so darn charming, funny and quick witted that I’ve fallen back in love.

  164. What’s stolen my heart? My 11yo son! We started running together over the summer (doing a C25k), and in a recent 5k I asked if he ever doubted he’d get this far — and his response was, “Of course not. Look who’s teaching me.” Thank God for sunglasses, I cried.

  165. My 99-year old grandmother stole my heart. She’s limited physical but still so full of spunk that she amazes me all the time!

  166. My #1 child stole my heart, again, by signing up for his high school cross-country team. I hope to give this heart rate monitor to him so that he can train in the off-season and come back even stronger than before.

  167. My heart has been recently re-stolen by my son, who is a freshman in college and is away from home for the first time. He is no longer the non-communicative teenager living in my basement – he texts, snapchats and calls just to say hi. He tells me that he loves me and appreciates me and it just melts my heart and makes me happy.

  168. My heart has been stolen by cooking. I have never been interested in cooking til I started running. I have noticed a huge difference in body and mind after eating homemade meals and beverages (juices).

  169. My 75-year-old mother has stolen my heart lately. (She’s always had it.) I am so impressed how my walking mama has turned into a running mama; she has trained diligently for her first half marathon over the past 4 months, which is this Sunday! I am proud and excited to be running with her. : )

  170. My son in law!!! My oldest just got married in June and my son in law is darling. He is perfect for her. Happy HRT mama dance right here!

  171. My (fairly) new job has stolen my heart; personally and professionally I am exactly where I need to be and it is a wonderful feeling after being a bit lost the past year. My heart has also been stolen by the recent reminder about how precious friendships are. I have been blessed by many amazing friends in my life and hope to never take them for granted. xoxo

  172. Heart Rate Training has stolen my heart. Ha! Seriously, though, I totally love that I can go for a 60-minute run and not utterly dread it beforehand.

  173. My high school runner son recently stole my heart when he said, “The first thing I want you to do mom when I leave for college is find a running group.” How thoughtful is that?!! An app that I recently found called Tempo Magic Pro allows you to change the tempo of your existing playlists to your running cadence. It works awesome for warmups, cooldowns, intervals! And I’m pretty cheap when it comes to spending money on apps for my phone. No other music to download, it just grabs your iTunes playlists.

  174. My Saucony Guide 9’s just arrived on my doorstep a few hours ago. I brought them to work just so I could try them on. And I haven’t taken them off yet. The love is real, and it is intense. I am hoping it isn’t a fleeting love (highly doubt it), as I’ll be breaking them in tomorrow morning.

  175. This may sound odd, but I am totally in love with clean eating right now. I started the Whole 30 challenge 10 days ago and I am feeling great and eating great food! My runs suffered a little at first, but I am getting faster now, even if I am not putting in long distance runs just yet.

  176. My daughter is really starting to get her personality and sounds like a southern lady calling everyone Darling and Honey.

  177. So many things steal my heart (of course, my two girls) but I agree with many others, right now the cooler weather is making me very happy and making me run faster!

  178. My three-year-old in his dinosaur costume (every afternoon…and it isn’t even Halloween yet!) especially when he pairs it with his running shoes. “I roar and run fast Mama!”

  179. My heart has been stolen by my new post-workout snack: oatmeal with PB, almond milk, hemp seeds and a banana. It’s not glamorous but sometimes (often) it’s the thought of this delicious treat that gets me through a tough workout.

  180. I am 30 weeks pregnant and my growing baby bump has stolen my heart recently! I have other kiddos so sometimes it’s like I forget I am pregnant, but I am trying to be more conscious of relishing such a beautiful time, taking it easy for the latter part of my pregnancy and not feeling guilty when I just have to put my feet up for a bit. I’m SO excited so for sure, this baby has already completely stolen my heart! Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂

  181. My heart has been stolen by running and I’m swooning over this new love affair! I started running three months ago and after two 5k races and one 10k I’m training for my first half-marathon next month. I feel stronger and happier than ever and hanging with a whole new crew of amazing running moms has been an inspiration!

  182. Drawing is my latest crush actually. I love the way my mind goes to a different level when I’m observing so closely and drawing .

  183. My six-year old’s relationship with his three-year old cousin has completely stolen my heart. They ADORE each other, and seeing how sweet they are with one another makes me all kinds of warm & fuzzy. Now if I can just get my sister to move her family back near us!

  184. My heart wraps around my dearest daughter, who amazes me ever day! My heart swells for my mother living with dementia, because she needs me every moment of every day. I thrive on these two beings in my household. I love my family, but these two give me a keen purpose.

  185. My husband! Our children are recently on their own and it is just us again. I love my children but my husband is the best ever!

  186. My youngest son who just turned 13. He will catch me off guard with a sweet smile, a laugh or a nod and my heart will swoon with the attention from my “baby”.

  187. The Bay Area! Been here for just over a year. I love that I can run at anytime of day because there is no sweltering heat to deal with!

  188. My husband, my soldier, my best friend has stolen my heart recently. Every time he goes away he becomes a more loving, caring and sweetheart of a guy. He sends me flowers, buys me new gym cloths and says the sweet things we all want to hear.

  189. Honestly, my son has recently re-stolen my heart. He had entered the terrible threes in the last several months and has been a very disagreeable toddler. In the last couple days, his demeanor has soften. He is talking gently and giving hugs and kisses freely. It really brings me to tears thinking that we have made it through a rough patch that I had expected to last many more months (and having 2 older children, I know this is just the first of many ups and downs in our relationship).

  190. My son and his friends. He’s just reached the age where he can play outside, ride his bike and be “busy” from the time he gets home from school until dinner time. So much fun to see him growing up!

  191. Punta Cana has recently stolen my heart. My husband and I went there last week for our first anniversary. I got to spend 5 uninterrupted days straight with him (except when I went for my daily run for 45 minutes). I was able to read “What Alice Forgot” and was reminded to keep true to yourself as we age and life changes. I was reminded why I fell in love with my husband in the first place and why he continues to be my best friend. And then coming home to my 5 year old son after not seeing him for a week and hearing how much he missed me. The break apart also helped strengthen our relationship and his behavior has improved as well as my patience.

  192. Laurie Hernandez – she is my spirit animal! her enthusiasm is so infectious, and I channel her mantra “you got this” when something seems impossible.

  193. The wonderful fall weather that we have been experiencing in Colorado recently has made my heart full. I’ve had so many beautiful trail runs with good friends; great conversations, great support and great exercise.

  194. My parents/siblings have stolen my heart lately. We’ve all been keeping close tabs on each other and being especially kind to each other since my Grandma passed away last week. So sad to lose her, but the closeness that has been rekindled between my family and I is treasured.

  195. My 10 year old daughter who fell in her biggest competition of the year, got up and finished strong! On the drive home, stopping for food and getting a compliment on her wonderful manners from a stranger! Just when I didn’t think my heart could hold anymore, it grew more because of the love and pride for this girl!

  196. 1. Coffee. It continues to steal my heart day after day. 2. My 2 sweet labs, Jake (12) and Colt (2). Since running with Colt, I am (mostly) tech-free and whole-heartedly happy. As for Jake, I can still see the puppy in his eyes and for that I understand what life is all about.

  197. My 2 teenage kids who are not giving me teenage grief–they are a joy. And my BRF, my dog Harlie. You can’t ask for more in a running partner.

  198. My bike on my trainer has stolen my heart. I currently am recovering from a stress fracture in my leg so no running for me! I was told the last few weeks in my boot I’m allowed to bike. Never knew I would miss cardio so much!

  199. Overhearing yesterday my almost 3-year old son telling my 9 month old son “I love you Paul”. Definite heart-stealer!

  200. My kids – daughter who is pushing 8 1/2 and so who is almost 6 – are my everything. And as a single mother runner (who is on the injured reserve list for now), I don’t always appreciate them amid all the “must do’s”. But they are the reason I do what I do and I love them dearly.

  201. My kids always have my heart! What makes my heart race lately is learning new things and getting out of my comfort zone.

  202. My two boys, as they grow into tweens and lose their “little kid” cuteness, I realize just how cool these boys are, even when they don’t let me pick out their clothes anymore.

  203. Home improvements have stolen my heart recently. We moved into a new house in April and have slowly been doing improvements throughout the whole house. Right now we are working on painting. While the improvements aren’t always fun, we love the finished products!

  204. My oldest son. Today’s his fourth birthday, and he is consuming my thoughts today. On his birth day four years ago, we learned that he had Down syndrome and had a congenital heart defect. He has overcome so much in his four years, and he is such an inspiration. Goodness… I love that boy!

  205. I an a full time working mom of twin 3 year olds. After a LONG 10 hour day at work as a mammography technologist, they mange to steal and melt my heart by how excited they are to see me when I walk through the door. It brings tears to my eyes hearing little foot steps running at me yelling with joy “mommy home “. And it melts my heart even more that they know and want to come with when they both see mommy in her running clothes. I love being a good, positive role model for them!

  206. I’ve rediscovered how much I love reading. I’ve been taking the time to get myself a book when I take my kids to the library and listening to audiobooks again and it is making my heart very happy.

  207. My children. They are amazing students and surprise me every day with their abilities and love. I love that I would, and do, give everything to make their lives better.

  208. It’s been continually amazing to me that even though my kids are now 3 and 5, they still manage to steal my heart on a regular basis with each new stage as they grow up!

  209. What has stolen my heart? My running squad. I began running with a sub-group of our larger running group at the beginning of June. We run 3-4 days a week together. We encourage each other, share what’s going on outside of running, etc. So I have a group of about 15 BRFs! Men and women! It’s the greatest group in the world.

  210. My husband. We have been married for 25 years, have three wonderful children and are now empty nesters. The change is agreeing with us and I feel more in love with him than when we got married!

  211. My daughter, Raygen, was born 5 years ago with half a heart (HLHS) and she has undergone 3 open heart surgeries and hundreds of pokes, test, etc. and this month I was able to take her to her first ballet class. She has stolen not only my heart from her birth, but my entire family. She truly is our hero.

  212. Pilates has stolen my heart. This summer I incorporated it into my workout plan during my marathon training and have stuck with it after since I love it so much. Yes, I really do have abs.

  213. My husband stole my heart years ago, but then a new guy (my son) came along and I have to admit he has it! Especially since it took us a lot of prayers, 5 years and finally that successful IVF to get him here!

  214. My son has stolen my heart lately, I get up early to run and he has begun to put out breakfast for me in the morning when I return-water, dog biscuits (for our pup who walks with me post-run) yogurt, nuts and baby carrots, this morning. He is a sweetie!

  215. My BRF has been wonderful lately, letting me vent about all kinds of worries and stress — related to life in general, my first EAT attempt, and our long runs each weekend during our HR half-marathon training. She’s truly one-of-a-kind!

  216. On my evening walk with my dog in the country I get to see the sun set behind the cow pasture. JUST LOVE IT. My favorite part of my day. All too soon I’ll get home while it’s dark outside already and won’t see many sunsets.

  217. My local Moms Run this Town Chapter has stolen my heart lately with the extra encouragement, gear swap, advice and help they provide me and all around them! I am so grateful!!

  218. Meeting like-minded #BAMRs! I joined a mommy running group with a 5AM track workout (!!!) this morning, and found working moms like me, struggling to make it all work, while pushing to go faster, stronger, further, harder!

  219. My oldest daughter turns 10 next week, and she has started joining me on the track at 5:45 a.m. once a week. She gives up two hours of sleep per week to do this, and she generally only runs 1/3 to 1/2 of our workout (which is great!). When I ask her why she comes with me, she says, “I love being with you, Mama, and I didn’t know you were that fast!” I am decidedly not fast by the world’s standards but in her eyes, I am, and that is just one of the many reasons this girl has my heart!

  220. My heart leads belongs to my kids. My oldest who is really stressed as he is trying to buy his first house, number 2 who is working so hard as an intern on an organic farm after recently graduating from college, number 3 who just started college and is really struggling to make friends and adjust to a new life and new town, number 4 who just lost a month’s worth of work to a computer malfunction but won’t give up and is just starting all over again and my youngest who has her own personal struggles but always tries to put on a happy face! Life is hard and not fair but when I see how my kids can rise to the occasion, my heart swells with pride… These are good people!

  221. This fall in Colorado has stolen my heart. Beautiful runs on the trail, not too hot not too cold, the leaves, the vistas, an extra few laps at kids soccer practice because it is so nice. I am grateful!

  222. My husband stole my heart over 30 years ago and continues to still it today while I recover from heel surgery and can’t run (or clean!)

  223. I have had a cat as a therapy animal for 6 years now (I’m a combat vet), and that little creature continues to steal my heart! He knows how to calm me down, stays by my side when I’m sick, and will even “guard” the bathroom door when I’m taking a shower and home alone.

  224. My five year-old daughter steals my heart daily! Being a city girl, her class field trip yesterday was to a working farm; when I asked her if she got to milk a cow, she said no way! Too wrinkly! : ) She is my joy!

  225. Fall runs in the chilly morning have stolen my heart lately. Crisp hard ciders have stolen my heart as a weekend treat during the football game. 🙂

  226. My running buddies have stolen my heart as of late! I am usually one of those folks who likes to run alone—wolfpack party of 1. Running is my time to think things out at either a fast or a slow pace. But due to some safety concerns with running at 5am in the morning, I have started trying to run 2-3 days a week with a group. It has provided me a good sounding board and new friends in a new town!

  227. During my recent Half Marathon training I have thrown out the question of which one to get! I run with my iphone and find it hard to keep turning my phone on to see my stats. Also, with cold weather coming it will be too hard with gloves on. This would be perfect for me…what timing! This is one I really need!!

  228. I’ve been working three jobs for the past couple of months. My husband has stolen my heart again by all of the helping out he has been doing at home. He runs errands, puts wash in the dryer, and tons of other little things that when added together, are really saving my life right now. He’s made me more grateful for him and our marriage every day.

  229. My 5-year-old, who wiped my kiss off his cheek outside school the other day when one of his friends was watching, but later apologized and said he hoped he hadn’t hurt my feelings by doing so.

  230. Stories about random acts of kindness. The election coverage has made me anxious and cynical. These stories have renewed my faith in people and the power of kindness and service.

  231. My daughter has stolen my heart. Made her a Medusa costume for Halloween and she is so pleased with how it turned out, beaming smiles, strutting around waiting for the big day. That’s why we do stuff for our kids, right? To see that joy on their face. 🙂

  232. My children have always had my heart, but sometimes they steal it all over again by making you fall even deeper in love. Their support and cheerleading through my latest training cycle has meant everything to me. Plus, this fall especially I’m getting glimpses of how awesome they have grown up to be. Entering the season of Thanksgiving, I am truly feeling blessed this year.

  233. My new Brooks Defyance 9 shoes have my heart (and my feet) now. They feel so wonderful, but I can’t pinpoint exactly how they are better than the Defyance 8 model which I used for 2 years.

  234. What has stolen my heart lately? Friendship and family. Celebrating Friendsgiving soon with the dearest of friends because truth be told, it’s the friends around that table that will carry me through the hard times. My family is a little too soft for that.

  235. Having dinner with my hubby, two daughters, and their two hubbys, and getting a PR in my last 10K this past weekend. Bliss!

  236. My 2 year old son has recently started saying “I love you, see you soon!” when I leave for a run. Talk about stealing my heart and giving me a head start on my runner’s high!

  237. I have been falling in love with all of the pumpkin/fallish beers lately! This is my favorite time of year for pumpkin pie ale, pumpkin spice beer, hard ciders…and of course a delicious SOUR pumpkin beer!! So good

  238. October has my heart right now! 🙂 It is my favorite month of the year! I just can’t get over how each day can be so beautiful (perfect temps, colorful leaves everywhere, fun family activities planned) I just love it!

  239. Have recently become empty nesters as my youngest kids (twins) went away to University…hard to lose last 2 at once (the house is so quiet!)…but my heart warms time I get a text from my 3 kids with news of their student lives. My heart is also full with love for my husband.. we recently celebrated 25 years of marriage and we are enjoying going to the gym and hanging out together like we did before we had kids.

  240. My husband as usual. He works so hard and always supports me in my running. He’s even going to run his first half this December because my sister asked us to. Trust me, it wasn’t in his plans. Lol

  241. Having family in town for the past 2 weekends has definitely done my heart a lot of good! We live 500+ miles from any of our family, so our kids have been reveling in having grandparent time with both sets of grandparents.

  242. I’ve fallen in love with trail running! I run up around Bon Tempe Lake in Fairfax, CA, and even when I run out of steam the views and the peacefulness I find there leave me feeling recharged. ❤️

  243. I’d love to win this! My beloved Garmin went kaput, along with my running lately since I found out I am expecting (a surprise!) So, that little nugget is what has stolen my heart already. And my wallet – haha!

  244. Returning to physical health has stolen my heart. I just started week 5 of Heart Rate Training 101 and I registered for a half marathon at the end of April. I am looking forward to registering for one of the half-marathon heart rate training plan, and not having to wear a chest strap!!

  245. I’ve had my heart stolen by kefir lately. I used to have pain after eating- due to ulcers- and the kefir has helped tremendously!

  246. Good things in my life that make my heart happy…..My PR at the TC 10 Mile a couple of weeks ago AND news from my son that he’s going to graduate on time with his double major!!!!

  247. Our new silver lab puppy has stolen my (and our whole family’s) heart! So excited to have a new little running buddy. Our old lab has had to stop running with me, so I’m looking forward to this little guy!

  248. The two things that have stolen my heart are the FINALLY cooler temperatures and as always my two sweethearts, husband & son.

  249. My heart has just recently been stolen- again. I gave it willingly 26 years ago to the one. I gave it again 25 years ago, yet again 15 months later. Little did I know I even had more to give 18 months later. For awhile if felt like my heart was not being taken care of by the first one I gave it to…perhaps it was the business of raising babies while he was in the business of keeping us afloat. I had more to give 2 years later. My heart was full – full of babies, toddlers, play dates, appointments, sticky faces, loud noises, giggles, whineing and very little sleep. My heart may have been on hold for that one and only, but we powered on to create acceptable little humans. Fast forward 26 years – he has stolen my heart again. It is a choice to perservere, even when it feels like your not the first choice. But then again, clearly I always was always the first choice. He’s still my first choice now. My husband.

  250. My son has stolen my heart! Seeing his high school senior pictures and how mature and grown up he looks. ❤️❤️❤️

  251. The night sky has stolen my heart. I’d much rather not have to run so early that it’s still dark, but being able to look up and see the moon and stars is a nice consolation prize!

  252. The two missing front teeth on my youngest child have stolen my heart. They’re growing up too fast, but this is a cute reminder there’s still a little baby in all of them!

  253. The crunch of fall leaves under my feet takes it every year (and my 9 year old Molly feels the same way, which I love)! We live in Indiana and were expecting a beautiful fall this year, but so far the trees are turning more brown than red and yellow – but that delicious crunch is still there under your feet. Also, a great reason to hold off on raking the leaves until the last minute!!

  254. I’m totally enamored with the city of Minneapolis right now. It’s been amazing weather, TCM weekend was awesome, we have great restaurants popping up, and I love my community of neighbors and schools.

  255. My daughter steals my heart. We got to share this incredible moment earlier in the fall on September 18th running together in the Terry Fox run a huge deal for us in Canada. So she only ran about 1 km but it was so amazing to cross the finish line together and to be able to be running and inspiring her to want to run! She makes me want to do more and be better at making a priority of doing what’s good in life!!

  256. Colorful knee high socks have stolen my heart. They’re comfortable and the colors and designs make me smile every time I see them!

  257. Ooooh! I would be super excited to win this. Thanks for the giveaway. Fall flavors have stolen my heart right now. I love food and am enjoying all the fall flavors available right now.

  258. My 12 year old daughter has stolen my heart. She is maturing into such a beautiful human and I can (almost!) look past her completely irrational drama-filled pre-teen outbursts because I can see that she is becoming a genuinely lovely person right before my eyes.

  259. My new sodastream. I used to buy plastic bottles of seltzer as I am completely addicted to bubbles in my water (and I drink a lot of water because we’re supposed to!). Now I just refill the CO2 container and reuse one bottle! Win win.

  260. Fall running – it steals my heart every year and this year is no different. Cool Northeastern mornings, seeing your breath when you start, warming up as you go and getting the views of bright blue skies and colorful trees. I’m in love.

  261. LIFE has stolen my heart–I’m in a sweet spot right now where everything is running smoothly, I have great family and friends, and we are all healthy and happy!! : )

  262. My running partners have stolen my heart! After years of running alone I’m finally getting that it’s more fun and I’m more motivated when running with some buddies.

  263. Two recent crushes on my heart are my Momentum Jewelry wrap bracelets & my first tattoo (a heart with each half drawn by my two daughter) on the inside of my left wrist. A constant reminder to choose love & live gratefully.

  264. The new area where I’m living is stealing my heart. I moved from Hawaii to Florida two months ago and the new community where I am is great. So much to do and see. My new neighborhood is idea for running and very exercise friendly.

  265. Fall bike rides in MN! I am a bit injured so am taking more outings on my old bike – a mid ’80s Motobecabe. I’m loving it!

  266. My Granddaughter owns my heart – lock, stock and barrel. I went to visit my son and family recently and when I stepped out of the room she started crying because I left! Awwe…

  267. Im supposed to say my hubby or my kids- but they already have my heart! Right now I am totally head over heels for my running group as I prepare for my first marathon next week! Love these girls more than I can say!! ( my second new crush is Luke Cage- he is HOT!!!)

  268. The thing that has stolen my heart lately is our cabin (a one room hunting shack) up in the northwoods of Minnesota, inside of a state forest. It’s twelve miles from “civilization” so it’s so peaceful. I can hike or run trails and then sit and knit to my heart’s content.

  269. My dog, Ruby. First dog who doesn’t like to run, except to her food bowl. She is a recuced stray who has epilepsy. When I run, I think of her waiting to sniff me up once I get home.

  270. Heart Rate training has stolen my heart. I always started quickly and had to slow down after a mile, because I started too fast. NOW I know it’s because my heart rate is way up. Now I look at my heart rate to see if I can pick up the pace again. But the item I use keeps breaking!

  271. My best friend’s 3-month old baby. I cannot get enough of her – so full of personality and spunk, and super cute to boot.

  272. The Another Mother Runner tribe has stolen my heart. I just recently found the website and podcasts. I know, I must be living in the dark! I absolutely LOVE the podcasts. Not only do they make my long runs more enjoyable, I have learned so much and laughed in the process! I find myself running more miles than I had planned on just to finish listening to the podcast. A big thank you to everyone at Another Mother Runner!

  273. My oldest – he leaves for college in August. I’m not super sentimental, so I thought I’d be okay. But it turns out he’s not just “stealing” my heart; it’s more like he’s ripping it out, shredding it into pieces, and scattering it in the wind. TGFR (thank God for running) – keeping me sane!

  274. The NYC marathon has stolen my heart – after spectating for years, I am running for the first time and getting so excited as the city is getting ready – the bleachers in Central Park at the finish line are being installed, the inspiring ads are up in the subways and my taper is in full effect. I <3 NYC!

  275. I have fallen in love with Fall weather! After training for a marathon through the summer and running in the heat, I am loving the cooler temperatures, beautiful leaves and the crisp feel to the air. It just calls to me to put on my running shoes and go out for a run!

  276. I am pregnant with my first baby— a girl due in about 5 weeks! She has absolutely stolen my heart and I am has joined me on many miles already. I am looking forward to pushing her on many stroller miles in the years to come! I know this watch will help me get back into training and racing mode post-partum.

  277. My kids (and roasted brussel sprouts) have stolen my heart. My kids are 9 and 7 and growing into wonderful little people that i actually enjoy spending time with. Roasted brussel sprouts are my favorite and I could eat them breakfast, lunch and dinner. 🙂

  278. My husband, son, dog always. The extra lovely fall we have had this year. And running, feeling strong training for a marathon, and loving my new Altras.

  279. SLEEP <3 I have a sweet Type 1 Diabetic daughter who has been battling highs lately which means many many broken nights of sleep waking up 3-4 time to dose her. Last night she was SOLID all night which meant SLEEP! 🙂

  280. My kids have stolen my heart and I’m so thankful they have. Running keeps me sane, but my kids keep me going on the hardest of days.

  281. It’s trivial, but with the weather turning cooler again, my Patagonia Houdini has once again stolen my heart. I don’t know why I own any other running coats – I have 2 and they are all I reach for once it gets cool, rainy and windy.

  282. My kids have stolen my heart recently because of their incredibly enthusiastic support of my upcoming marathon and showing it by cheering for me in the driveway when I come home from my runs in the morning.

  283. My kids always have my heart but recently finding out I am deploying to Kuwait this coming spring has really put a special place in my heart for them. The upcoming holiday season seems much more special knowing I am going to miss 11 months of special moments (and the stressful moments too).

  284. I love-love-love my rechargeable headlamp. Seriously. Long. Battery-life. I L-O-V-E not throwing away batteries. It wasn’t pricey. Everything to enjoy!

  285. My three year old twins have stolen my heart by hijacking my runs. The last three times we’ve run in the stroller to the park (we take the looooong way!), they have insisted in running the “marathon” with me. Their sense of distance is off, but they are darned adorable!

  286. Much to my surprise, the half marathon has stolen my heart. It has always been my least favorite distance but I finally PR’d it and felt really good about it.

  287. Candy corn (blush) has stolen my heart. I just can’t resist its chewy goodness. I need Halloween, and Halloween candy clearance section to disappear and now I might need Ellie more than ever!

  288. October in Wisconsin has stolen my heart – as it does every year. Beautiful weather, colorful leaves and abundant produce (squash for days!). It’s fleeting and will be over soon, but I look forward to it all year.

  289. This time of the year hot yoga steals my heart as the temps fall here in MN. Also small races with their friendly low key atmosphere are becoming my favorite thing.

  290. My oldest daughter Brooke, 14 yrs old, freshman in High School has stolen my heart. Watching her complete in cross country this fall. She has fallen in love with running and attending races seeing others enjoy and embrace running..what a great fall it has been. And to read one of my BFF’s post on a cross country picture that my daughter has developed her love of running just like her mom (ME) puts a smile on my face and warms my heart.

  291. My kids continue to steal my heart daily. I’m finding 5 is such a sweet age (yes they are twins). Running and feeling strong through strength training continue to steal my heart and make my heart strong.

  292. Recently we adopted a dog from a rescue who was a Mom at a Puppy Mill. It is amazing to see how in two months time she has blossomed. Clearly, she had been mistreated. To see how much she loves our family and how her life has been transformed has definitely stolen my heart. Its been an amazing experience, and a great lesson for my kids.

  293. Like an earlier poster, yin yoga has stolen my heart. It’s solved some issues I’ve had with groin and hip soreness and tightness, and made it possible to run pain-free. This summer, AMR stole my heart! Love the community.

  294. What has stolen my heart? This is crazy but the answer is succulents. I fell in love about 18 months ago and now my front window is full of these beautiful and easy-to-care-for plants.

  295. My 9 year old daughter running her first 5K on Sunday and totally out-kicking me at the end. My heart couldn’t be more full.

  296. Alright, ready to sound a bit corny, but I’m more in love with myself and who’ve I”ve become as a mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter since I started taking better care of me and running has a huge part in that. Since I am 40ish I have found I’m more centered and comfortable in my own skin than ever. Thank you BAMRS!

  297. My babies–both human and canine! I have two sweet three-year-old boys and two sweet dogs. They’re a lot of work and they drive me nuts sometimes, but I was just looking around the other day and wondering how I got so lucky to have all of these gorgeous little creatures in my life. 🙂

  298. The Chicago Marathon. I know, it’s crazy. I ran it for the 4th time in October and it was perfect weather, I felt great, and I PR’d! I think all of the planets were aligned to make it such a great day. Not once during the race did I say, oh crap I still have 18 miles to go, or anything like that. It makes me want to run another marathon right now!

  299. Running! I am a relatively new runner (got into it in March), and it has absolutely stolen my heart! The online running community is amazing as well. So inclusive and encouraging, so many inspiring stories to keep me going when it gets tough. Can’t wait to continue this new love affair!

  300. My boys have always stolen my heart, but what has recently is how I have been taking care of me by running 5x a week with the TLAM HR 101. The blind love that the community of #BAMR has for each other has stolen my heart. #coachedandloved

  301. My 6 year old joined her school’s “run club.” I accompanied her on her first 2.5 mile run this week. She’s already got my heart but seeing her enjoy her run was pretty special!

  302. Ok, I am going to be less touching/more light with my answer, but the Instagram feed of Esther the Wonder Pig has captured my heart & delights me. It’s the little things!

  303. My two boys. They are 3 and 5 and the reason I continue to push myself to my limits. I want them to learn from me and I hope that my love for running will shine through and teach them that no matter what you are capable of doing anything you put your mind and heart into!

  304. Lularoe leggings! I am now working from home instead of going into an office so no more business dress. I can wear comfy leggings every day!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  305. MK and Dim and all my HRT marathon group Facebook peeps. I feel like I have such an amazing support group. I fretted for 6 months about signing up for a TLAM group. I could not understand why I needed to pay that much for a coach and support group. Then I experienced it. Wow, I’m hooked.

  306. My 8-year old son stole my heart yesterday when he blew me a kiss & yelled “Bye, mom! I love you!” in front of all his friends!

  307. I finally took the plunge and tried a new (to me) sports bra by Handful and it has definitely stolen my heart! Who knew a sports bra could be the cause of such happiness?

  308. My son. He stole my heart nearly 21 years ago and even though he has not lived with us for over 2 years, he is still in my mind and in my heart and in my prayers. Once a mom, always a mom. No one told me this would be the hardest part.

  309. My sweet husband. We’ve been together for over 15 years now and have four kids, so time for us is hard to come by. He’s made such an effort recently to squeeze in sweetness in unexpected (and efficient, non time consuming ways;)) and has made me feel all warm and tingly for him all over again!

  310. My friends have stolen my heart, again. For the past several years we have been moving in pursuit of my husband’s training and career. In the next few months we will move back home after a seven year absence. I’m breaking the news to local friends and preparing to say good bye, while reconnecting with old friends whom I never intended to leave for so long. Their enthusiasm and willingness to help me and my children move back East has been overwhelming and that is why they have stolen my heart.

  311. Something that has stolen my heart lately is listening to podcasts (including AMR of course!). The running related ones give me great motivation to move.

  312. Who has stolen my heart? My youngest son, the youngest of 3 boys and a first grader. Every morning when I drop him at school, he drops his bookbag on the curb and runs up to the driver’s door to give me a good-bye hug. The older boys (6th and 7th grade) simply nod or say goodbye- I know they are too cool for a good-bye hug and perhaps I cherish my youngest’s hugs that much more because I now realize how fleeting they are and how quickly they are too cool for a morning hug from mom. But, I swear that little guy gives the best hugs of the bunch and I am going to savor every one for as long as he is willing to keep giving them. Nothing like those little arms encircling your neck and a quick “love you Mom” to remind you that you are doing a good job raising them, even on the craziest mornings!

  313. My daughter steals my heart, but especially recently. She has mastered writing words, so everywhere I go I see hand made signs that say “I love you mom”. Nothing will cheer you up faster than seeing a flowery picture of you with I love you mom written on it.

  314. My newborn daughter has stolen my heart; I’m 2 months post partum and getting out and running every morning so she can see a healthy mom has made me a better person and I do it all for her; this watch would be wonderful to have to push me to do better and be a role model for her and my oldest daughter.

  315. 26.2 !! Yes that’s right- 26.2 miles has recently stolen my heart. Hard to believe I know since I was totally convinced that it was one and done for me in the marathon category but after doing HR training with AMR’s Dimity and MK and of course my Polar M400 – I am in love with the new distance!! I would also love Polars upgraded version the M200 and not using a HR strap 🙂

  316. Well. (gag, gag) My same ol’ husband who has stuck around me for 23 years continues to steal my heart every day. True story.

  317. My daughter has been stealing my heart. She has some real struggles but keeps working through them to reach her goals. Love her so much!

  318. Coffee? No, wait, that’s a long-term love affair.
    I think the newest thing that I love are my Bucketfeet shoes. I have some with pink flamingos and some with foxes. Fun!

  319. My soon-to-arrive (2-3 weeks) grandson who is tipsy-turvy in my daughter’s womb for whom I’ve been praying to get that head down so she doesn’t have to undergo a c-section for her first pregnancy! Whichever way he comes out, he’s already got my heart ♥️

  320. A Facebook video of a little 12 year old boy in Tasmania who spends all of his free time sewing bears for children in the hospital. That’s what has stolen my heart recently!

  321. My 14yo son. He is 5’10” and his voice is getting so deep that I sometimes mistake him for my husband. He isn’t as cuddly as he used to be and has mostly abandoned running for basketball. Then last night I was curled up in bed reading an amazing book, and he came to tell me goodnight. He laid there for 10 minutes holding my hand and chatting. I sure miss snuggling with my little guy, but this big kid stole my heart with just a simple gesture. How do they get so big so fast?

  322. Not much has stolen my heart recently. I’m in a bit of a funk but shaking it off on a good run always helps! I hope to fall back in love with running!

  323. A new pair of shoes! Not running shoes, but kicks for kicking around town. They are lightweight, cute, and I can throw them in the washing machine when they get dirty or funky.

  324. I’m getting all emotional reading these posts this morning. My goodness so much love abounds. My Mudlove bracelet has stolen my heart…so much so that I keep buying them to give away to those I love. From mud to love to you!

  325. I love my hoorags right now! There fun patterned buffs/headbands that are perfect for cool days and keeping the hair out of your face

  326. Who/What has stolen my heart recently? I know it will come across as cheesy, but coaching for Girls on the Run. Our season ends next Tuesday, and we had the practice 5k yesterday. The official 5k is this Sunday. I watched girls blossom when encouraged and celebrated. I have seen them understand how to stop the negative cycle of gossip and bullying. They have learned to receive compliments and see themselves in a more positive way. I have been searching for 14 years to figure out what I want to do with my life and it brought me back to where I was 5 years ago, seriously re-considering education, but with a twist. I am sad I can only volunteer for 10 weeks out of the year the way our council is set up, but I will now cherish and look forward to those 10 weeks simply knowing I will be able to watch girls build a positive and strong foundation based on a confidence in themselves and a strength no one can take from them. (I’m so sad the fall season is ending!!) But Girls on the Run and the girls I was able to coach have fully and completely stolen my heart!!

  327. My 5 month old granddaughter has stolen my heart beyond anything I could imagine… she has a thousand and one expressions and I just melt seeing them whether they are goofy, pouty, giggling.. or her latest where she just grunts and pulls herself up… I called her ” hulk baby” .. she’s beautiful and I love her so very much! Yes… I’m being mushy about her and it’s awesome !

  328. I have a brand new baby girl, and she has definitely stolen my heart. But she is also the reason I need to get out there and start running again! I’ve been wanting to try heartrate training.

  329. I have a new student who is non verbal but was infatuated by my watch, to where I got him to at least imitate a few words. Imagine the language I could pull out of him if I had been waring this beauty. (And really, it’s time I stepped into the 21st century, right?) Thanks for this opportunity!

  330. Oooh, I would love to win this and try out some heart rate training! I am a high school teacher and despite the stress of it, my students steal my heart everyday with their goofiness and enthusiasm! I can’t imagine having any other career that would make me feel as fulfilled.

  331. My husband. He just celebrated his first year of sobriety by running his first half-marathon. I was overwhelmed with emotion when he crossed the finish line.

  332. A sweet 1st grade girl brought me cupcakes “just because” yesterday! She said she just wanted to do something nice since I always plan activities for her and her friends (I’m a Children’s Minister). She melted my heart and stole it all at once!

  333. Podcasts! (Especially AMR!) Never really tried them until recently training for my first half marathon. I can’t believe how the miles fly by!

  334. My awesome running group have stolen my heart! They have inspired me to run my first half marathon this weekend! They are supportive, always offer advice and are just a fun crew! Without them I would have NEVER started running (in my 40s!!) much less thought about running a half marathon!

  335. My husband recently stole my heart when he told me that I looked pretty. To any other 45 year old mother runners, this may or may not steal your heart but it is especially special to me because my husband suffered an aneurysm four years ago and has a severe brain injury. Just little things like that (three simple words), rock my world. I miss him like crazy everyday but when I get just a little glimpse of who he was (and really still is) – – it steals my heart and keeps me going. I know that I used to take those little things (like a passionate kiss or a compliment) for granted but I cherish them now. So, appreciate the little things in life as they truly are a blessing!

  336. Lately, my heart has been stolen by my 11 year old cat. I mean, he’s always had my heart, but he’s recently been diagnosed with lymphoma…so I will lose him soon. We’ve had an amazing life together and I’m spending his last days loving on him as much as I can. 🙁

  337. My sweet daughter, Ada Bernadette, who will be one next month. I thought my heart was bursting at the seams when my son was born 13 years ago but she proved it can grow even bigger. Can’t wait for to run with me!

  338. My heart has been stolen by Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs. Not only does he hit well, but his eyes and smile are just….well MVP worthy.

  339. All of those video recipes all over facebook. I finally started making them instead of just “saving them for later”. They have saved me and my family from our usual frozen pizza or buttered pasta for dinner.

  340. My 5:00AM runs — when there is no sign of the rising sun and the stars are so bright you can see the constellations and it’s cool enough for my favorite long sleeved running top = happiness.

  341. New life within my womb (this will be my fifth precious child) has stolen my heart. I just started running this past year and I intend to keep running through pregnancy to be strong and fit for this little one’s arrival!

  342. Listening to my daughter read. She has dyslexia, so it has been a real struggle, but lately she has made great strides! I am so thankful for her perseverance and her wonderful teachers.

  343. The NYC Marathon. I got in, trained hard, and strained my calf during a run last week. Ugh. I have a huge crush and will be back fighting for the 2017 race! I probably could have used a heart monitor and some recovery info to keep me in line! Sometimes we just fall head-over-heels…

  344. A wonderful woman named Allie in my community has stolen my heart! When she learned that an 8 year old had his bike stolen, she bought him a new one! Their families didn’t know each other – she did this just to be a kind person. Love stories like this! What a great example she sets!

  345. This morning it was our pet turtle Manny. He was sitting in his water dish with his front “arms” hanging over the edge, like he was lounging poolside. So cute!

  346. My new baby sula! She is the sweetest smiliest little one! I love looking at her watching the leaves fall from the trees as she rolls along with me on runs!

  347. The fall weather in New England! This summer was way too hot for running outside but now the weather is brisk and the leaves are beautiful. It’s this knitter’s favorite time of year.

  348. Benedict Cumberbatch…just saw his rendition of Frankenstein’s creature. wow. just wow. he had me crying throughout his performance…

  349. Half marathons! Ragnars! So much fun, so much challenge, and so much joy in completing them. Absolutely love being part of the running community.

  350. The Fall brisk mornings in South Carolina and the bright stars before the sunrises on my early runs has stolen my heart.

  351. Exercise has stolen my heart! I started running when I was 41 y/o. 9 years later, I go to the gym 3x a week and still run. At the gym, I check my heart rate on their blood pressure machine. My heart rate today was 55 (a lot lower than before!) Exercise has stolen my heart but given me back my life!

  352. Reading a real book instead of a reading books from my iPad. There is just something about holding a book that I can then share with others

  353. It’s a tie…the new extended running trails have certainly stolen my running heart, while a recent no kids weekend away with my husband has him stealing my heart after 12 years of marriage it’s so important to reconnect.

  354. My neighbors new baby. It had been a number of years since I spent time with an infant. But also my teenage boys who are now young men. Amazing to watch them and be a part of their lives.

  355. I have a new trail run that I can’t get enough of. The view from the top has stolen my heart. I dream of it while sitting in my work cubicle.

  356. My two baby boys have taken my heart for good but also my new job which allows me to work from home and gives me a sense of purpose. Sometimes things just work out the way they are suppose to even if it takes years to get there. This watch looks amazing btw!

  357. Running marathons! Had my first encounter with Twin Cities Marathon three weeks ago and I can’t wait rendezvous with that gorgeous 26.2 again next year!

  358. The trails have stolen my heart! I am really enjoying time on the trails with my BRFs. Even on dark trails before the sun has come up – I loved the adventure and the quiet and the beauty!

  359. What has stolen my heart recently is the audiobook “The Outlander” (book 1 of the series) – I know I’m way behind the times on getting on this series – but OMG!! Listening to the Scottish accents and the Gaelic words used – I’m in love with Jaime and Claire. I love the idea of this Polar as I am having major issues with the heart monitor chest strap and chafing… off to my run and more of Jaime and Claire……thanks!!

  360. The TV show “This is Us” has stolen my heart recently. The perfect snuggle up with your spouse and be touched by the human reality of love and family kinda show. It’s a gem.

  361. My one year old learned to say ‘bye’ — in a deliberate, drawn out way…. byyyyeeee. It’s so darn cute, he steals my heart every time!

  362. My heart has been stolen by the student body of the high school my kids go to. Just recently (big news) a girls from a rival school posted a hateful racist photo targeting the kicker at my kids school. The kicker is a black GIRL who is leading kicker in their conference and also happens to play on 2 travel soccer teams and maintains high academics. The students at the school have circled around this young lady like one big mama bear. My heart is broken for this young lady, yet it is full to see the outpouring of love towards her.

  363. Yoga has stolen my heart lately. I’ve upped my yoga game because plantar faciitis has sidelined me and is now a heel spur. 🙁 Please, oh, please let me be back out running again soon with this beauty on my wrist!

  364. My great grandson has stolen my heart! He is so cute! My husband also stole my heart when he didn’t fuss about my signing up for a half marathon to celebrate my 60th year on this earth. 🙂 (He worries about me getting hurt)

  365. The gorgeous Western North Carolina weather has stollen my heart! The beautiful leaves, the perfect temperatures – it’s so good! We’re spending as much time outdoors as possible: hikes, playing with our two little boys and of course RUNNING! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

  366. I am a preschool teacher and I had a little girl join our class yesterday. She stole my heart at circle time when she joined us in our morning songs. She didn’t know any words, but boy did she put her heart into it! She told me later that she loved my orange playdough and my crazy curly hair! I may not get my heart back this year!

  367. Fall weather has stolen my heart BIG time. After suffering through the endless humidity and heat that a Midwest summer brings, my BRF and I went for a run last week and it was 45. 45!!!! I was in pants and long sleeves!!!! The cooler temps and be crunch of the leaves as I run make my heart smile and make me feel like I’m soaring. So here’s to fall weather!!!!!

  368. It’s a tie! I ran my first 10k last weekend and just loved it! BUT while I was finishing (as in the last .1) my husband had raced over from soccer with the kids to support me as I finished. I had no idea they were coming and it felt so great to see their faces!!

  369. Softball!! I’ve been playing again recently with a casual town league and it’s the most fun ever. I didn’t realize how much I missed it!

  370. My husband’s ergometer has stolen my heart. I unwillingly started using it a few weeks ago to add some diversity to my daily workouts. At first I wasn’t thrilled, but now I find I want to be on it every single day! I love it!!!

  371. Hmmmm……things that have stolen my heart lately – a pair of discounted oiselle running tights I may never take off all winter, apple cider by the bucket because I can’t get enough of it, the TV show This Is Us watched late at night when everyone is in bed, the feature in Strava that tells you whether you are tracking faster or slower on a specific run….the lightness of my kids’ hand in mine because I know they soon won’t want to hold my hand. My heart is easily stolen….

  372. My hubby tops my list! He has been a rock th last months while I pursue my NTP training. Running outside in fresh fallen crunchy leaves comes in second.

  373. my BRF Andrea has stolen my heart lately. She just did Newport and in the pouring rain and wind she remained all smiles and inspired me for my upcoming marathons. I love her so much and wish we didn’t live so far apart 🙁

  374. My husband, who works hard everyday to give me and our boys a wonderful life has stolen my heart…yesterday, today, and always….!

  375. My littlest has stolen my heart again–he has been bringing his favorite stuffed animals and leaving them in my bed so I can snuggle with them when I go to bed.

  376. My 9 year old son stole my heart last night when he, out of the blue, looked at me and said “I love you, mom.” This being after several days of battling between the two of us, it choked me up a bit!

  377. The natural park area we live right next to, with its miles of muddy, uneven trails and beautiful fall foliage. We recently had our family pictures taken there — right next to my favorite root-strewn downhill, with many friends and neighbors walking by and greeting us. It just feels like “our place.”

  378. My niece Meredith has definitely stolen my heart. My sister had her 7 weeks ago and she loves to snuggle. She’s the first girl in the family in almost 14 years. Plus I get my baby fix and I don’t have to do any of the work.

  379. My running coach, Amy. I joined a running group for accountability and to meet new people. I trained for 16 weeks for my first 1/2 marathon running, race day came and I felt great. I started with my group but two of us went ahead of the group. They eventually caught back up to us. Amy passed me then we passed her again. My running mate decided to walk some, I wanted to wait with her but I wanted to finish my best and meet my goal of 2:30. I catch back up to Amy and she starts walking, we were within sight of the finish. I encouraged her that she’s trained us to get to the end and I believed in her. We finished together and she thanked me for helping her finish strong….but she helped me! Thanks to Amy’s coaching and encouragement through the race training she helped me crush my goal and finish 2:18! And I might just have a desire to do another one!

  380. SNL has stolen my heart. I hadn’t watched since I was a teenager but with this terrible election it’s been fun to have something to laugh at.

  381. Non-running related, but down vests have stolen my heart. I love that they keep my core warm and make me feel all lumberjackery cozy.