Hump Day Giveaway: Icebreaker Aero + Other Woolie Goodies

The Icebreaker Aero Long Sleeve Half Zip: it's woolie cool—and warm.
The Icebreaker Aero Long Sleeve Half Zip: it's woolie cool—and warm.

A few of my delights of running:
*The lay-out outfit and pin-on-bib night-before-a-race routine.
*Peeling off a soaked sports bra + shirt, post-run, and hanging it up on my doorknob. Oddly satisifying.
*The last mile of any run. Almost done.
*The first mile of any race. Concentrating on not going out too fast
*The first run in the fall when I'm wearing long sleeves—and don't have to take them off.
*The first run in the spring when I'm wearing long sleeves—and get to take them off.

Delights come from details, and Icebreaker, a New Zealand-based company that makes running gear out of  merino wool, knows that intimately. Icebreaker's details start with their merino wool, available in a variety of weights, is ridiculously soft (seriously!) and wicks ridiculously well. (When Ma Nature created sheep, she included natural climate control.) aTrust us: You're never too chilly—or too hot—in merino wool.

My outfit buffet for Pikes Peak Ascent. The important details: the Icebreaker Aero  X 2: tank (grey) and long sleeve (blue).
My outfit buffet for Pikes Peak Ascent: delightful. The important details: the Icebreaker Aero X 2: tank (grey) and long sleeve (blue).

Thoughtful details continue with great colors, designs that flatter a variety of mother runners' figures, and features like flatlock seams to maximize comfort.

Add in a Chase Beanie + baa-liciously cushioned socks, and your extremities are happy.
Add in a Chase Beanie + baa-liciously cushioned socks, and your extremities are happy.

One baaadass lucky mother runner is going to get to note the Icebreaker details for herself: We've got a trio of wool goodies, including the Aero Long Sleeve Half Zip, a Chase Beanie (perfect for keeping your noggin' warm), the Multisport Cushion Micro socks (keeps your tootsies toasty).

In order to win this trio, please tell us in the comments below: What is one small running delight of your's? 

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 10/22/14 and ends on 10/28/14. We will announce the winners on our Facebook page on 10/30/14, as well as notifying the winner by email. One entry per person. The value of  each prize is approximately $117.97. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

960 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Icebreaker Aero + Other Woolie Goodies

  1. My delight is the feeling I have once I complete the workout. I always tell myself that I have yet to regret going for a run but I always regret not going,

  2. Listen. It’s gotta take a little more than cold weather to stop me from getting away (I mean, out) for my “me” time. At least with these I wouldn’t have to freeze to death while doing it! LOL! Seriously; great reviews. Will def look into them myself!

  3. Being able to listen to “inappropriate” (not preschooler friendly music) and be able to sing along mindlessly without worrying about having little ears ask what a certain word means or have her learn new 4 letter words to incorporate in her vocabulary. Mother Running Bliss!

  4. Hearing about my running friends life and the thrill of completing my long runs-all done in cold rain the last 2 months!

  5. After a run (and during) I am thinking about what I’ll be eating for breakfast afterward. That first cup of coffee-yum!

  6. Some of my favorite running delights are seeing deer on my run, analyzing my running log and seeing improvements, and the occasional “surprise” when a race is faster than I anticipated.

  7. When my favorite song starts playing and I have enough air to sing it out loud on the trail. The animals may think I’m a little odd but it makes me smile.

  8. Realizing at the end of a run that I kept a steady pace throughout. I tend to slow down after a few miles, but occasionally I’ll stay steady and am pleasantly surprised!

  9. When I look down at my watch mid run and I’m surprised I’ve gone farther than I thought I had already. 🙂 Its a confidence boost and helps my mood for the rest of the run

  10. On my runs, I am delighted by the smallest things: nice weather, the right clothes for the weather, a car that stops so I can cross without breaking my stride, a sweet little dog encountered on my route. Oops I guess that’s more than one!

  11. Just getting out a running is a delight. It always makes me feel strong a refreshed, no matter the distance, company or weather!

  12. I really just take immense pleasure in the way the light filters through the trees–especially on a crisp day where the leaves are brilliantly colored!

  13. Me time! I’m a physician by day and a mom by night – it’s nice to have a little bit of time that is all about taking care of me, both physically and emotionally.

  14. Buying new running gear. Could be shoes, cute capris, a fancy top, pricey socks. It makes me feel professional, and it gives me just the slightest bit of hope that I just might be a little faster.

  15. I love the feeling I have after a run, short or long. And after a long run, I delight in a meal out. I don’t eat out very often so it’s a nice treat to get a burrito bowl or cheeseburger after a long training run or race. 🙂

  16. Getting up in the dark before the family wakes, meeting my BRFs and having great conversations before the rest of the world is out of bed. Best way to start the day!

  17. When the conversation flows so freely with my BRFs that an hour passes in a flash. This happened on Saturday and it bolstered me all day. 🙂

  18. My delight is seeing beautiful, scenic places! I run outside so while my environment is not always (hardly ever!) rewarding, I am rewarded instead by amazing views

  19. Running is my “me” time! I have a 4 week old, and I can’t wait to get medically cleared to get back out there again! I never realize how important running is for my mental health until I can’t do it!

  20. Running on trails in early fall is my absolute favorite time of the year to run. The air has the most wonderful scent that just makes me want to stay out for an extra mile or two. Crunching on the fallen leaves and if I’m extra lucky, listening to the elk bugle.

  21. A running delight for me is starting in the dark and getting a beautiful sunrise as I finish my run! I also delight in a run on fresh fallen snow when the world is quiet and still.

  22. I love chocolate milk after a run 🙂 I never used to drink it until I started running longer distances but it makes me feel like a kid again.

  23. My BRF and I completely delight in salted caramel gu. Especially now that the weather is colder and the gu is thicker, it really has the mouth feel of a caramel. It adds an entirely indulgent experience on a long run.

  24. Cherry Limeade Nuun – I only let myself have it while running. It is so yummy that sometimes it is the motivation I need to get out the door.

  25. My delight is that getting up early and logging miles on a dark, cool fall
    Morning is so worthwhile. Running is the boost to my day.

  26. I get to listen to a story. I have audiobooks on my iPod shuffle that I only get to listen while I’m running. Gives me motivation to lace up, and helps the miles fly by!

  27. One delight is noticing the leaves change color in the fall (and noticing the leaves appearing in the spring). It is a delightfully refreshing change.

  28. My favorite small running delight is when I walk out my back door into the early morning darkness, and the joy I feel with my first running steps – I feel free, and alive!

  29. it is so satisfying to knock out 5-7 miles before my family & friends even clear the sleep from their eyes! I feel so accomplished throughout the day regardless of what I knock off of my todo list!

  30. I straighten my hair the night before a race- it makes my pony tail so much easier and lightweight. Volunteers- this is a new delight I learned to appreciate in my first 50 mile race- having outrageous and fun volunteers!

  31. A few of my small running delights are:

    *Arm-warmers: The first time I bought and wore them I felt like a poser. Arm warmers are for real runners, right? Well now I feel pretty badass when I wear them, and then get hot enough to strip them off and tie them to my belt.

    *The feeling I get after a long run: clean, relaxed, a lightness in my step.

    *Sunrise: I love running as the sun rises. And getting done with my long run before the rest of my family is even out of their jammies.

  32. That mid-run switch in mood from “I don’t really feel like
    putting out all this effort” to “I’m on top of the world!”

  33. My post running delight is a bottle of Zico chocolate coconut milk for recovery – it’s such a treat and it gets me through those last few tough miles!

  34. I’m still working on finding small delights, but one I’ve noticed is the lovely crispness of the air this time of year — so much better than running in the summer.

  35. The possibility of “chick”ing my husband at a race, since he tends to start out too fast and that leaves time for me to catch him. 😉

  36. My llittle bit longer trail running shorts with the pocket in the back that just fits my iPod. It took a long time to find them but I’m so happy I did!

  37. One small running delight of mine is that I get to hang with my new found friends. I love having friends that are like minded and want to run. We have fun and enjoy every run.

  38. The tree lined street, ever so slightly down hill 1 mile home stretch, that I need to run no matter which route I take. I can always get a negative split and finish happy, even if everything before it was not so great.

  39. The gratitude I feel when I tell myself through the difficult part of the run that I’m a better mother to my children because I am not going to stop. I’m going to make it up this hill.

  40. My running pleasure is the sound of my own thoughts–with a house full of loud boys (6 of them)–it really is a delicious treat!

  41. My small pleasure is slipping into my Oofos recovery slides after a long run. My feet immediately feel much better. I also love drinking my chocolate milk while I stretch and foam roll 😉

  42. I have an old fleece pullover that my kids call my security blanket. I use it for wearing outdoors on a brutal day, but also wear it as that warm-me-up item post race or run. It may not be the freshest smelling thing I own, but it sure is comfortable!

  43. One small running delight is getting a bagel after a long weekend run. There’s something about knowing I’ve completed my training for the week and have earned the bagel (or bagel sandwich if I’ve gone more than 12).

  44. Running with my girlfriends on brisk fall days. Crunching of leaves. Fresh cool air. Not sweating to death, lol!!

  45. The knowledge that even at almost 54 years old, I can run 3 – 5 miles when my mother was this age she was morbidly obese and rarely left her house.

  46. Running on the hilly & forested backroads near my house. Right now, hearing the red and orange leaves crunching under my feet is the best.

  47. Breathing deeply during a fall run and smelling the earthy smell of fallen leaves beneath my feet, and seeing the fiery colors above me. Heaven, pure and simple.

  48. I absolutely love getting in a hot shower after a really cold run, and feeling the hot water turn cold as it runs down my skin. That may sound really weird, but it’s true. Also, there is nothing better than a cold beer in the shower after a hot run.
    So, I guess I love extreme weather runs, and the showers that follow them!

  49. Running in the fall enjoying the crisp air while enjoying the beautiful fall colors and maybe, just maybe, being able to catch a glimpse of wildlife.

  50. 1. The first coolish fall run in my leggings and long sleeves.
    2. The first warmish spring run in my capris and short sleeves.
    Those are the (running) joys of living in the Midwest. Whichever way the weather has switched, it adds a little spring to my step to wear the clothes I haven’t been able to for 6 months!

  51. After running over half of a long run with your BRF and one of you comes up with a story that you forgot to share and catch up on. It’s like a brand new episode of your favourite show and we no doubt end up picking up our pace as we chat.

  52. When a guy rolls down his window and catcalls me while running. At first, I’m mortified, then I think “I might be a mom, but thanks to running, I’ve still got it!” haha!

  53. My current running delight has been thinking about how far I have come in the last year since I decided to start running. Last October running 2 miles was daunting and this October I completed my second half!

  54. My favorite small running delight is the “you must be crazy” comments I get from people. As in “I saw you running in the rain this morning. You must be crazy.”.

  55. Running on a really cold day and having someone in a car look at you like you are crazy. Also – anytime the B-52s come up on my Ipod.

  56. With our recent move, more of my runs take place on trails through a massive city park. A new delight for me is running without stopping for street lights, cars, or other interference and enjoying a run in nature’s beauty!

  57. I love being able to run. For 41 years it was always something for other people to enjoy and now it is something I can do! I run because I can!

  58. Giving the runner’s wave to other BAMRs at 4:45 am and feeling like I am not the only crazy person running in the dark at that ungodly hour!

  59. My running delight is running without having an asthma attack every time. Have had severe asthma my whole life and never thought I’d be able to run (a half-marathon!) without being hospitalized. It’s a great feeling training your body and seeing what you can accomplish.

  60. My biggest delight in running is the huge hill in my neighborhood, I used to not be able to run up it without stopping midway through. Now I am able to plow right up it (and catch my breath at the top).

  61. My running delight is that I can/do run! A few years ago I never would have thought this was possible. And it’s brought about so many new feelings and experiences!

  62. there are so many delights that keep me running — totally agree with the pre-race outfit/bib/ipod prep. and on the other side, when the race is completed… getting to wear a new race t-shirt the afternoon of a good morning race.

  63. We don’t have too many days around here on the Gulf Coast that are not humid suffocating or mosquito infested. But yesterday was one of those perfect days…..My delight? Getting the kayak out for a while, then hitting the trails for a short run-no mosquitos, low humidity!

  64. Speaking with my actions- my kids see me making exercise a part of my life (I walk the talk) that it is necessary and an be fun.

  65. One small delight of running is finishing a race, no matter what distance, with people cheering you on near the finish line.

  66. my running delight is that it’s my chance to catch up with my BRF, share parenting fails, and just laugh and enjoy ourselves.

  67. My delight is that I have finally found a doctor who said I could try running after being rear-ended at a high speed late last year. It is delightful to be able to pound the pavement, albeit slowly and not for long periods right now.

  68. Being present in the mile I’m running. Not thinking about the next one or the previous one. It’s taken me a while to get here.

  69. Post run. The energized feeling blood coursing through my veins, the feeling of accomplishment, and best of all the feeling of the shower after a hard run
    No matter what else is going on in my life, that feels like success.

  70. That the focus is on me when I run…my steps, my breathing, my time! I can’t do laundry, fix lunches, clean the house while I’m running so I just enjoy the solitude.

  71. Most recently I’ve been able to help someone I didn’t know very well train for a 15k and in the process she has become such a great friend!

  72. I delight in when the other labels associated with me disappear while running, and then I’m just a runner. Love that feeling of being the essence of me…

  73. Deciding on my run what kind of coffee I’m going to order…mocha? Latte? Triple shot? Whipped cream? In the summer I have to think iced or hot. It gets me through the trip back.

  74. The one small thrill in running is the hour or so that I am just me! Not wife, not mother, not daughter, sister, or nurse. Just me!!!

  75. I delight in that song.
    You know that one song when your are slugging along wondering if you are going to be able to keep going.
    Then that song comes on and it is just what you needed. Your feet pick up, your head is held higher and you just keep running.

  76. Strengthened tan lines after a run; sunglasses, tank top, even sock lines. It’s evidence of being outside doing something awesome!

  77. To not rely on anyone, the road is always there and every touch on the pavement is another of freedom from my mind and everyday work. It’s my escape

  78. I’ve added Hot Tamales to my long-run snacks. They are a welcome break from the sweet of the Gu (which I love but can be a lot to take on those reaaallly long runs).

    The cinnamon makes me happy.

  79. I LOVE the cool crisp feel running in the fall and the sense of quiet during the first run after a late night snow fall.

  80. Beginning my long run in the dark – often in the cold – and as I run taking in the incredible beauty around me as the sun rises. And I also love the smell of petrichor.

  81. That smile you just can’t help when you hit the stop on your Garmin after a long training run and look to see you nailed your pace.

  82. During these darker months, one small delight is arriving back at my doorstep post-run, pleasantly fatigued and headlamp aglow, and knowing that I have logged something positive before most of my neighbors have even hit the snooze.

  83. I’m training for a marathon and have been listening to a bunch of old AMR episodes during long runs and I’ll tell ya, a recent small running delight was hearing SBS completely misuse the word “scatological.” No one called her on it, but I thought (to myself) it was retribution for all the times she’s corrected Dimity’s grammar!

    (This is meant in good fun, of course, and not to be catty! I’ve enjoyed listening to the two of you banter for many, many hours throughout my training!)

  84. Two details: the beep of my interval timer when it’s time for me to walk for 30 seconds (ahh, the relief); and the beep of my interval timer when it’s time to run again and I feel ready to go for another few minutes of running!

  85. Hearing a song from my playlist during a run — and being transported to another time and place, such as a race when it helped me push through.

  86. Getting back to a routine after the “seasonal shakeup” of the start/end of the school year. I always end up with an unplanned hiatus for a week or two as we settle into a new schedule at these times of year. Getting back to my routine is like a celebration of weathering the transition!

  87. My small running delight is relishing in the knowledge that I had again conquered or overcome yet another reason/excuse to stay on my butt. I find this little tidbit of information very empowering.

  88. Those first few runs in any new outfit component…shoes, top, sunglasses, playlist, even socks! Fun to put on something new,

  89. The perfect downhill – steep, but not too steep; challenging, but not too technical; perfect for racing down laughing like a kid.

  90. Lately I have been delighted with the solitude. As my days have been getting busier, I look forward to my quiet time. I even have been leaving my iPod at home.

  91. My post run stretches which I almost always do outside, looking at the mountain and feeling grateful for living in such a beautiful place as well as being able to run.

  92. My “treat” is eating a Honey Stinger Waffle Cookie before a run, particularly in the pre-dawn hours. It helps me to get out of my nice cozy bed, just knowing my cookie is waiting to be eaten before I hit the pavement.

  93. I’m going to be vulnerable, since Dimity took some of my favorites. I have to admit when I’m having a kick butt run, I might just jump up and high five a few leaves along the way.

  94. Knowing that I have accomplished something on every run; whether is new mileage, faster time, or just getting out the door!

  95. Early morning runs with my BRF, coming home completely exhausted but yet refreshed and ready to start the day.

  96. The feeling of that last running step before I walk up my driveway at the end of a run; I delight in the feeling of the day’s first accomplishment 🙂

  97. The cushion of a new pair of sneaks! The laughter of my BRF! Warmth of the sun on my face! A breeze off the ocean! Knowing I can sneak a treat on a long run day! The perfect exhausted feeling after a good run!

  98. I love that moment after I’ve taken the first few running steps, when I go from “brrr, it’s too cold” to “aaahh, it’s PERFECT!”

  99. When my granddaughter asks, “Can I go running with you?” And her mom comes along, too. Three generations of slow, happy running.

  100. Seeing cool cloud formations over the East River and Brooklyn Bridge on my go-to route, especially at sunrise or sunset.

  101. Sharing my love of running with my son. He just finished his first running series, and is loving his twice a week running club, and he’s only 6.

  102. My one small delight is being out in the fresh, crisp, cool air enjoying the beauty of fall colors, witnessing seasons changing!!

  103. Catching a gorgeous fall sunrise at the tail end of my run. Makes me feel like I can conquer the world based on what I’ve accomplished before most people are out of bed!

  104. I love the smell of the woods and fallen leaves during our crisp Michigan fall mornings, it has such a comforting and distinct smell!

  105. I always end each run with my hands raised and face lifted upwards, in thanksgiving of the day and my run, no matter how amazing or horrible it may have seemed.

  106. Running and jamming to my favorite tunes while forgetting about all the cards in the world, even if it is just for a short 45 minutes. Ahhhhh

  107. I love the first run in the fall when the temp finally falls, cool air surrounds me, and I suddenly feel like my feet could fly. I also love my long runs when my fellow bamr and I get together and talk the time away. Those long runs always feel like half as long as when I run by myself.

  108. My running delight is the simple act of putting on my running shoes prior to starting a run as it means I am about to get a solid 60-minutes or longer all to myself, with no one interrupting me.

  109. Just running… Period. I’ve been out for 3 months with a pelvic stress fracture. Just a few weeks left and hoping to be back at it!

  110. My running delight is when the weather is just so wonderful and you feel so good you are smiling while running with no one else around but you and your surroundings!

  111. I love when I go out on runs without a plan, then come home and find that I went father and/or faster than I thought. Nothing makes me feel stronger!!

  112. Finding a trail in nature that with every step just inspires!

    And When you go out for an easy run and then look down at your watch to realize your “easy” pace is faster than its been in awhile. I just experienced this and think it may be due to cooler temps! I love it!

  113. Most of my runs are completed before most people even think of getting out of bed. My delight is in the quiet me time that running before the world is awake provides. Seeing the stars, the moon, and the greatness of the outdoors is just beyond words.

  114. Sense of accomplishment for just getting out the door to run, then peeling off the sweaty clothes for a hot shower when I’m done.

  115. There are so many delights to running! I love race spectators and the excitement and energy I feel when a complete stranger cheers me on and gives me a high five! That energy then gives me the boost I need to run harder and cheer on my fellow runners!

  116. One of my most delightful runs was with my “sole sister”, snow was falling on country roads.. Those big fluffy flakes….so beautiful & peaceful!

  117. Oh, there are so many simple things I love… That point I sometimes reach when I feel like I could run forever; the smell on summer nights outside when people are mowing lawns and barbecuing; “visiting” with farm animals while running my country roads; a hot shower after a rainy run… I could go on. 😉 Would love to win this gorgeous Icebreaker pack!!

  118. my running delight is socks!! Always have something good on your feet and they will always treat you well. Shoes of course too but if the socks don’t feel good on a run it ruins everything.
    I also love peeling cloths off after a good run in the rain, something very satisfying about that

  119. Smiles, nods and waves from other runners along my route-the knowledge that I’m part of a running community that encompasses people of all ages and shapes puts some serious spring in my step!

  120. One of my small running delights is turning a short, easy run with a friend into a lovely, easy 6+ miles of conversation and commiseration.

  121. Ice cream treat post race, first run in new shoes, first run in new apparel, kids runs with my little ones, marking my workouts on my calendar, running or cycling inspired jewelry

  122. A small delight of running for me is about a couple of things that are not so small…after a long run, and I finally doff the boob prison and free my 34D girls….Aaaahhhh.

  123. I ran cross country in high school then took years off from running. A small joy for me now is running farther, and sometimes faster, than I ran as a teenager.

  124. Running with my hair down when the weather gets colder. Something about my long hair flying behind me on a run feels so satisfying.

  125. Having the right gloves and socks on during a run. I suffer from Raynaud’s disease and having come close to loosing fingers to frostbite I am thankful for warm hands and toes on rainy and cold runs in the northwest. Now I’m going through menopause and get to have hot flashes while wearing gloves. I am still happy I’m able to run through it all.

  126. I am a somewhat new overweight runner so a small running delight for me is finishing a run. Big or small, they are all accomplishments for me.

  127. Coming home to my house full of boys that welcome me, tell me they missed me (was I really running that long?), and my husband who makes me an egg&cheese bagel after every long run!

  128. Anytime I see a fellow runners during a run that look like their enjoying their therapy/alone or BRF time as much as I do.

  129. My small delight is those few days in West Michigan where I can wear a long sleeved tee shirt in the cool air but not need gloves!

  130. Passing a local dairy farm and having the cows run along the fence line with me….those buggers are pretty darn fast!

  131. When I happen upon a little beauty that I wouldn’t have noticed from my car – lately it’s been the fall leaves, but it happens year-round. It makes me so grateful for the chance to run.

  132. I keep track of my mileage after each run. I love to add it up at the end of the week and month and see how far I’ve run. I set a mileage goal at the beginning of the year and I will far exceed that goal due to training for two 1/2 marathons this year!

  133. I love the freedom of having time to myself to either wake up and jump start my day as a stay at home mom, or to let go of any stresses I have at the end of a long day!

  134. Finishing a run and thinking: wow I could run more! For a gal who is not a natural runner (I know, what does that mean, right?), that feels so good. It’s a reminder that I’m getting stronger. I’m capable of so much more than I think.

  135. Loading my run from my Garmin onto the computer and looking at the numbers (I’m a numbers girl). It is always a source of pride and satisfaction.

  136. I love it when I start to worry about getting my run in at the end of the day and then remember that I ran in the morning. I wish I had that feeling more often!

  137. I squeal inwardly when a see our school’s cross country runners and I hear them say “I didn’t know she ran this far” I love it.

  138. I love the rhythm of my feet to the songs in my earbuds. I love uncovering my pace to reveal the result. I love sharing smiles with others on the trail. I love having leaves breeze by me during the fall. I love the smell of cut grass in the spring. But mostly, I love that when I stop, my thighs and booty stop now too!!

  139. The peace and quiet. And the clarity that comes from a good sweat. Plus an adult beverage I’ve earned doesn’t hurt either.

  140. Seeing the sunrise at the end of a run – makes me feel I have already accomplished something before the day starts for everyone else.

  141. This past week I eyed a newly laid sidewalk of finely crushed rock and sand. I couldn’t wait to feel it beneath my feet so immediately planned my next run to cross that path. I don’t live in a pedestrian friendly community so it’s my little pleasure of being one of the few to experience it.

  142. I secretly delight I the fact that I am faster than my daughter. She is 11 and I know she will be passing me soon enough!

  143. Running in the dark before the rest of the world is up and about and getting home knowing I’ve started my day out right.

  144. I love seeing my shadow. Because no matter how a run is going, I look like a runner. A happy, strong, and capable runner.

  145. The rounding the corner when headed back to my house…a bit downhill and a lovely sprint to the mailbox and BAMR! Hit the stop button cause I hit it exactly at a something.1 not a something.005123 on distance

  146. My running delight is when my runner high kicks in and I am just grateful, loving it, and I feel pure happiness at being out there. I’m always chasing that high.

  147. Entering my time run into my weight watchers app and seeing how many activity points I earned (ie how much extra food I get to eat).

  148. One small running delight — the post-race rehash in the car ride home! I carpool to races with a few BRF, and the ride home where we dissect everything that happened at the race, is just heaven!

  149. I love seeing wildlife on my run. I can always count on seeing at least one groundhog. I also love a nice warm shower after running on a cold day.

  150. New songs on a playlist and being able to let it all go during a run, even if it means singing, “let it go, let it go, can’t hold me back anymore!”

  151. I live in Upper Michigan and the weather is getting cooler now. It makes getting up early to run outside much more harder. What gets me going is reminding myself I will feel so good the rest of the day and a glass of strawberry protein powder/milk when I get done. I love it and I only drink it after running. It gets me moving!

  152. Running delights: I love building a new playlist, especially if I have a couple of new songs; I love trying new running clothes; probably my favorite is having a new pair of shoes–because I buy new running shoes every 300 miles, so that means I have run 300 miles. Woohoo!

  153. When I didn’t have kids, it was crawling into bed freshly showered after a Saturday morning long run. Such a good feeling! Not how my Saturdays work these days!

  154. -spotting new critters on or around the trail
    -that first crisp fall run every year
    -the first signs of spring (crocuses! birds!) every year
    -running in the rain…or snow
    -running up a hill and making it to the top without walking
    -running down a hill and making it to the bottom without falling
    -catching up with friends I haven’t seen in a while
    -catching up with friends I see all the time
    -finding just what I’m craving (usually oranges or salt) at an aid station
    -pretty much every moment of every run because they are scarce and they are precious

  155. The smells that I encounter on my runs make me feel so alive.I love the smell of the earth of running on dirt roads, the fall leaves crunching underfoot, the smoke rising from the chimneys from early morning risers starting their wood stoves, and my favorite,the fragrance of pine needles as I run through the woods. I am thankful for this experience everytime I run outside and catch the scents of the seasons.

  156. One small delight is when I get back from my early morning run and my girls come running to give me a hug yet immediately stop right in front of me and ask “Are you sweaty?” with their crinkled noses. And then the chase is on for me to get my hugs!

  157. My delight is in the freedom I can feel running on a trail and the accomplishment I feel.
    (and also my sparkle skirt, my icebreaker shirt, which is as awesome as they say it is, and all the brownies I want)

  158. One small running pleasure is simply feeling alive. I’m booted right now and on crutches and I feel anything but that wonderfully light and free feeling. Can’t wait to get back out there!

  159. Coming home from an early morning run (haven’t done in a while, I admit) and the lights in the neighborhood all go off simultaneously as the sun comes up and the light lengthens and you finish your run. Makes me feel like Dumbledore, magically shutting all the lights off at once.

  160. There are so many things – where to start! Certainly, the first morning when I open the front door and the air outside is actually cooler than inside – usually mid-to-late October here in Florida. What a treat! A cool shower in the summer to cool off and wash off the salt crust. A new pair of running shoes on the first run. A cold Gatorade after a hot run. Watching the sun come up over a pond during the summer. Run when the full moon is out. I could go on for a while!

  161. By far my biggest delight is finishing the run and taking really deep breaths. It feels better than almost anything else.

  162. Run/ walking 2 years now, I was thinking that it wa s the feeling I get when I cross the finish line but I realize it is the amount of people that I have met and we now have our running groups……..never had so many positive people around me and encouraging me!! Makes my day!

  163. I love that even though I’m not fast, I am strong and can pass people anytime there’s an uphill section. Makes my day. lol

  164. I love walking in the door after a long run to see my son beaming and yelling my name. It’s like it is the first time he’s seen me!

  165. Not that I’m competetive or anything…but when I finish a pre-dawn run before work, I feel like I’m already ahead of 99% of the population. I’m WINNING! And nobody else knows they were in the competition! I’m a winner all day! I love that amazing feeling! I enjoy my coffee with a its smirk on my face.

  166. I love coming home at the completion of a long run and after showering, slip on my compression socks. That is such a great feeling!

  167. Using an online log. It is so satisfying to see my totals, graphs, charts, etc. I recently added up my shoe-log miles since 2010 and was surprised to have run 3,300 miles.

  168. The pure joy of a road race! I’m always overwhelmed by the spectator support for ALL of the runners, not just the runner they’re there to see.

  169. That part of a run when suddenly you notice something new on a trail or route you’ve run so many times before, instead of noticing how hard your run is!

  170. A small delight is stopping my garmin at the end of a run so we girls can stand around and talk some more about how awesome of a run we had.

  171. I would say my favorite part of the run is my girls opening the door for me and asking, “How far did you go today mom?” Then I absolutely LOVE taking a shower and feeling refreshed.

  172. Checking RunKeeper at the end and seeing a consistent pace throughout the whole run! Negative splits and faster paces than normal don’t hurt the ego either!

  173. Listening to AMR podcasts during a solo run. I save them for when I’m running alone (unlike NPR and other things that I listen to in the car).

  174. A delight of mine is when someone says, “Was that you I saw running (insert place) the other day? You looked great.” I always feel great when someone gives me a compliment along those lines! 🙂

  175. I agree with Valarie…that burst of energy to make it across the finish line!! As well as laying out the outfit the night before and running in my Girl Power Sox Box:)

  176. Mine absolutely is being close to the end of my run. It’s such a great feeling knowing that once again, I’ve gotten out there and done it!!

  177. Anything after mile 4, (when things start to feel “good”), The first run in the spring in a tank, crossing the finish line faster than expected.

  178. My small running delight is looking up at the stars and sometimes moon wwheni first walk out to start my run in the morning. It’s strangely calming and makes me feel connected to the planet as I’m moving my body through it.

  179. I look forward to my older dog’s excitement when I return from a run. She can’t run with me but she can come on a cool down walk afterwards!

  180. When I crest a hill and am still running! I’ve been running in a mountain-town for years, but still LOVE it when I power through the last 15 yards of a good-sized hill and live to tell about it! =)

  181. I love hitting the 3/4 mark. Knowing I am closer to the finish line than the starting line gives me the extra push I need to keep. moving. forward. That and when “Free” by The Martini’s pops up on my playlist. Ssssiiiiggghhh

  182. Peeling myself out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to hit the pavement. Watching the sun rise always puts peace in my soul & a smile on my face.

  183. When the sun peeks out from behind the ever-present grey skies of Germany… the way the rays of sun reflect off the clouds is just gorgeous.

  184. I am so excited when I get home from a run where I picked the right clothes to neither be too hot or too cold. It’s an art (or science?) that I have yet to master.

  185. Visiting with the prairie dogs along my normal weekday route and thinking about how my 2 yo sticks his head too close to the holes. “Hello, come out doggies”

  186. The changing scenery on my favorite running trail. Flowers blooming in surprising places, leaves changing, snowy foot prints, the first green leaves of spring.

  187. My small running delight is when I’m on the trail with my Goldendoodle, Butterscotch (who is always way ahead of me,) and she’ll stop, turn around and check on me as if to say, “C’mon Amy, keep on going. You can do it!!!” It always makes me smile!

  188. A slight downhill that shows up when listening to an exact right part of a song where I feel strong and kick ass and in sync
    With everything.

  189. Pushing myself during a run, even when it seems impossible (hills, distance, pace) and I feel strong and powerful when it becomes possible.

  190. My little delight is lacing up my shoes. I often slip on shoes and don’t tie them to run to the store, get the kids, etc. But lacing them up means “game on” and I get to run!

  191. One small running delight that never gets old is that “wow” feeling after a good run. I’m still amazed at my body’s ability to carry me all those miles.

  192. Getting to drink my protein shake afterwards and a salt soak with lovely essential oils! During the run I love to try new nuun flavor combinations!

  193. I love recording my workout online (and especially the part when I type in the amount of time I ran, and then I type in the distance, and the auto-calculator doubles the number of calories I burned because I went farther than the auto-calc assumed I would in that amount of time. It’s just a nice confirmation that I have improved over these last few years!)

  194. That moment when I take my last step at the end of a run, take my phone off my arm, press stop on Runkeeper, take a post run badass selfie to document the run (good, bad or ugly), and hear that automated Runkeeper voice telling me how I’ve done.

  195. Mine is when I run over the crack in the concrete at the base of my driveway and I cross the “finish line” as fast as I can at the end of my run.

  196. Those first steps on fresh legs when you feel strong and natural and as though you could run forever! Even sweeter when you still feel that way at the end of your workout!

  197. When I get home, I step into the shower fully dressed. It’s so weird and strange and special. It’s also the easiest way to remember to wash my running clothes.

  198. The route I take on weekday mornings includes views of the sunrise on the water this time of year and the colors change daily depending on the cloud cover. It’s beautiful!

  199. I love that feeling of getting out super early- the cold air that shocks your body awake, being able to see my breath, hearing nothing but my foot strikes, my own head noise, and an occasional car or bird pass by.

  200. I love the end of the run; not because I enjoy the run being over (well, sometimes)but the sense of accomplishment that I got out and did it, not matter how short or long.

  201. A tall glass of chocolate milk! I train for triathlons, but the only time this +50 age-grouper “gets” to have chocolate milk is after a run. It’s helped push me thru the last mile many times!

  202. I LOVE the first fall run of the year when the leaves are falling and the air crisp! This and all fall runs followed by a hot cup of coffee…so satisfying!

  203. Doing yoga stretches after a long run. Lying on my back in the “legs up the wall” pose is surprisingly satisfying, not to mention good for the legs.

  204. That elated feeling after my run is complete. Not a ‘runners high’, just a feeling of utter smugness that I went for a run, and I feel better for it!

  205. My running delight is the quiet. My kiddo is going through the SHOUT EVERYTHING phase and my runs are so peaceful compared.

  206. Crossing paths with other friendly runners. A wave or encouraging word can perk me up when I’m having a difficult run

  207. When the weather is just cool enough for me to run in a t-shirt and shorts and not be dripping in sweat before I’ve run a block. It’s still hot here in Oklahoma so I’m anxiously waiting for that day!

  208. When the weather is nice so I can sit on the step of my front porch to put on my running shoes while my GPS is connecting.

  209. I love that I get to see and feel the mornings subtle variations. I feel so alive when I’m out in nature, regardless of the season. Be in the moment!

  210. My favorite running delight is when my current favorite songs play one after the other on my RUN playlist set to “shuffle”.

  211. On long run day, I can span running 3 of the adjoining towns to my own. A small delight is that I will get texts from friends by the time I get home that saw me out on the road in an another town. “I saw you out there crazy lady! Great job!” or “How many today? I saw you on Main Street.” or “My son said to me on the way to soccer this morning – I think I just saw Liz running on route 27? How’d she get way out here?. Awesome!” I love getting shout outs and getting to respond – “Yup, that was me!”

  212. Just being able to run outside at all! After a long, hot Phoenix summer, it’s awesome to get outdoors again early mornings or evenings!

  213. Fall. I LOVE getting up and running while it is still dark, cool enough to need long sleeves but I can still wear my running shorts. Living out in the country I enjoy seeing the stars and moon while I run.

  214. Honestly, the encouragement I get from my boys delights me. When they brag that I’m a runner and think it’s cool makes me happy 🙂

  215. Last weekend I had a real break through run after some horrible (ACL/MCL/meniscus re-built) and then annoying (calf hamstring) injuries. I did 12 miles and after listening to my usual podcasts – including AMR, natch – the BAMR playlist came on. I ran the last 3 miles waaayyyy faster than the first 9 and felt more badass than I have in a long, long time. My small running delight (which is actually huge) is the feeling you get when music kicks in and you know you are crushing (all things being relative) your run.

  216. I run pretty early in the morning, and I love hearing the dawn bird chorus, especially in the spring when new migrants come through daily. You never know what you’re going to hear!

  217. This is probably a little weird…I have only had my Garmin for a little while, so I really enjoy the little beep – start, stop, at the interval, etc. I’m such a dork.

  218. I run in the early mornings and nothing is better than running that last leg of my journey seeing the sun popping up over the mountains. It is so serene.

  219. When the weather breaks, both fall and spring, after months of very hot or very cold runs, and you feel like you can run forever!

  220. You know how when it’s cold and you’re running and sweating and those little drips of sweat on your head — around your hat or headband get all frosty? I love, love, love that! I had that happen the other weekend for my long run when temps were in the low 40s at the start. I’m not a huge of cold-weather running, which is bad news because I live in Green Bay, Wis., but I do like the frosty dew!

  221. My daughter shouting in the running stroller, “run mommy, run mommy” when we are a block from home. And the occasional shouting at strangers to run.

  222. The one small running delight right now is actually getting to run period. This stupid injury (my first in five years of running, I know, I am lucky) is really starting to wear down on me. This is my favorite time of year when I see paces that i love and scenery that i love as well. I am at least getting to enjoy it on my bike but I miss running my routes so much.

  223. Weird…but I love the chills you get 20-30 mins after finishing a run or race – before you re-layer. Reminds me of the effort I’ve made.

  224. there are SO many…running fast and loving it and not dying, then getting to WALK afterwards! when it is so cool i don’t sweat like a pig, but not so cold that i freeze! when i get to say, “it’s ONLY a 10K” without even thinking about it and someone is impressed–same for “running a half marathon”!

  225. I am a morning runner. Morning, like zero o’clock. I love the quiet as the world wakes up and watching the sunrise. Delightful.

  226. Yesterday on my run my audiobook was putting me to sleep – I’m really enjoying it, but it was not the best running entertainment. So I switched to random songs, and Vampire Weekend came on. I was so excited I almost started dancing. Well, dancing as much as one can while still running. It’s been a long time since the middle of a run felt so joyful.

  227. The knowledge that this is MY time, to appreciate nature, to commune with the God of my understanding, to work through all those little nit-picky details so my mind and soul are at ease.

  228. Watching the leaves change color in the fall. Smelling the pine trees. Seeing views of the city that I normaly whiz by in the car.

  229. The feeling of “YES! I did it!” When I finish a run and walk the last little bit from the road to my porch and have triumphed over the mental challenge to just get out there and run!

  230. Seeing my BRF at 5:30am, waiting for me, after trying to talk myself out of getting out of my cozy bed at an unholy hour. So thankful she doesn’t text! Too easy to get out of it… 😉

  231. That moment, usually about 2 miles into a run, when you suddenly stop feeling the run, and start feeling the high. Usually it is unconscious, and suddenly I realize my mind has wandered and my body is just doing what it knows how to do… meditative.

  232. Having some time to notice the changing seasons: flowers in a neighbor’s yard, the changing colors of the trees, the way the snow blankets the trail. Inside it’s so easy to be blind to those details, and I’m richer for noticing them.

  233. Running over fallen leaves and hearing, “crunch, crunch, crunch.” I purposely veer on the path to promise my leaf crunch.

  234. When my girls are outside in their pajamas on Saturday morning waiting for me to return from a long run. They start cheering, “Yay, Mommy!” and I feel like a million bucks.

  235. Making it to the top of a big hill and that transition from climbing to breezing down the hill on the other side. Such a reward for hard work!

  236. Coming around a 90 degree turn in the road (on a sidewalk, let’s be safe!) while a good, fast tempo favorite is on my headphones on blast. As I blaze around the turn I feel invincible!

  237. I delight in running when others won’t – especially too early, too dark, too cold – makes me feel truly Bad Ass to be out there in less-than-ideal conditions.

  238. today it was making it 4 miles in the lovely wind of the midwest when we initially planned to bag the run altogether. wind! I mean, WIN!

  239. king it up the long steep hill! I feel like the rest of my run is doable after that. (It’s even better if there is traffic, I feel totally badass!)

    Coming home after a hot sweaty summer run and jumping in our pool!! Instant relief.

  240. This is my favorite running-delight time of year. I love the smell of the air, the coolness and the leaves. I take a deep breath before I go…ah so sweet!

  241. My small delight is being able to rip open a Gu packet during a long run! I can’t explain why, but I really enjoy those things! It’s like a mid-run treat for me!

  242. Downloading new podcast episodes and creating a multi-episode playlist for runs…for example, long run always starts with the newest episode of one podcast then I mix and match others by topic/guest, interest, length to come up with one that fits the goal and length of my run!

  243. The greatest delight is finishing a run that I didn’t want to start in the first place. No matter how bad I feel when I start running, I always feel better when I finish. I never regret going for a run.

  244. When I come in from a run and wipe my sweaty face and neck with a towel. I feel pretty badass for getting it done.

  245. After hot summer runs being able to still wear compression shorts at 40 degrees with a long sleeve top, neck warmer, hat and gloves. I love early morning fall runs! Below 40 degrees…it’s time for tights!

  246. Sunny fall runs! Our fall season is short and generally wet so those days where the sun is shinning and the leaves are crunchy are the best!

  247. The first few steps because I usually feel stiff, but am always grateful for the ability to run (especially after gallbladder surgery and a knee injury this summer).

  248. One delight I get is that instant change in mood after a run. I know no matter how bad a day at work I’ve had it is always better after a run! 🙂

  249. 1 of my running delights is the great group of friends that encourage each other through the year (no matter how fast or slow you may be) whether it be the cold of winter, newness of spring, hot summers, crisp,fall days as the leaves are turning or nighttime running with headlamps & reflective gear.