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Idioms R’ Us: RelaxReflect Winner

A stock phrase with applications for mother runners

My father is a mild-mannered Southerner with an axiom for everything. Despite gently mocking him at times for repeating stock phrases over and over, I find myself spouting the exact same words myself. (To which Dad would chime in, "It must be genetic!" which should honestly be emblazoned on the Bowen family crest.) Just ask Dimity: When we're meeting mother runners at a race expo and she goes to throw out part of a half-eaten sandwich, I'll snatch it from her before she can toss it, saying, "Waste not, want not!"

A lot of his oft-repeateds had to do with safety and hygiene, such as, "Buckle up for safety" (to this day, I feel absolutely naked if I drive even a second without wearing a seat belt) and, "Put your napkin on your lap." He has a whole host of others but I'm about to dash out the door to volunteer at my kids' school auction, so let's get to the good stuff.

Such a bright idea!

The winner of this week's Hump Day Giveaway gets a seriously sweet running kit: a top and a pair of tights from RelaxReflect, an innovative company (founded by a mother runner) that realizes safety and fashion can run hand in hand. The question entrants had to answer was what one sentence do you repeat so often, you could spout it in your sleep. Chosen by is....

Jennifer Z.: “Just 20 minutes”. I tell myself that all the time when I do not feel like getting out the door to exercise. Just stick with it for 20 minutes and if I’m not feeling it I can stop. I never stop. Works every time.

Congrats, Jennifer. Email us at runmother at gmail dot com, telling us your last name, what size top and bottom you wear in workout wear, and your mailing address. As for the rest of you gals, remember things like, "The early bird gets the worm." "All work and no play makes Jack [Jane?] a dull boy [girl]." And "Better late than never." (Maybe tell yourself that last one as you debate between a short evening run v. skipping a workout.)

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