Jonna’s Gift List—and Win Red Fox evo4 Bluetooth Earbuds!

You better read Jonna's gift list—or she'll coerce you into a #motherrunner selfie, like she did with Kim (right) at Happy Girls in Spokane.
You better read Jonna's gift list—or she'll coerce you into a #motherrunner selfie, like she did with Kim (right) at Happy Girls in Spokane.

While I love Christmas, the symbolism, and festivus, I’m not one who decorates much—but when I do, I get miles of enjoyment from my efforts. Our Christmas tree often serves as an MLK Day tree and Valentine’s Day tree. One year I powered through and got an Easter tree!

That’s right—I’m about endurance, not speed.

Brown paper packages tied up with string are truly one of my favorite things. My naught-nice ratio this year has dangerous margins, so who knows if I’ll score a Halo Fire Runner’s headlamp by Nathan, new button-down pjs, or—oh please, Santa, cut me some slack!—coupons from my sweet tribe granting me privacy while going to the bathroom.

If I don’t make the cut for the above, I’ll count my blessings as I can share my joy of these favorite gifts for runners!

To anybody who needs a holiday squeeze: PRO Compression socks and sleeves.

Perfect for post-run relaxation, PRO Compression socks speed healing blood to tired muscles, speeding up recovery time.


And bonus: the PRO Compression sleeves
Bonus: PRO Compression calf sleeves make a perfect #motherrunner hack. I did this bun on my daughter Grace with just one sleeve—and no bobby pins!

Need to hack a bun or squeeze your calves? Save a whopping 40% off all PRO COMPRESSION PRODUCTS with code AMR15.


To EVERY mother of toddlers (12mo+): Strider Balance Bike.

Both of my nieces got Striders from their favorite aunt this year. Strider’s balance bike is optimal and most effective for teaching little peeps to ride bike. Say good-bye to training wheels and hello to agile, confidently balancing little peeps on bikes. Ruth loved hers so much she tried to ride it in the snow! Share this with parents of special needs kids too! Striders come in larger sizes ideal for special needs kids and adults as well as the elderly.
Both of my nieces got Striders from their favorite aunt this year. (My daughter Ruth got one too--and loves it so much, she rides it in the snow!) All three of them are going to learn to ride bikes efficiently, thanks to the no-training-wheels philosophy that combines agility, natural balance, and confidence. (The ease of use also makes it ideal for those with kids of special needs).

Get free shipping with code HRTSTRIDE; in addition, when you use code HRTSTRIDE Strider Bikes donates $20 to Heart Strides, AMR's non-profit partner that helps moms of kids with a chronic illness or special need keep moving.


To me: AMR’s badass mother runner tattoo long sleeve tech tee.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 7.46.53 PM
I fell in love with this wicking long sleeve at the Rock n Roll San Antonio expo last weekend; the “back interest” is my fave—there’s a red bird on the lower right hem that I adore. Another Mother Runner purchased the last shirt in my size at the expo…clearly, she’s been less naughty than me.

Get your badass on here. (Or better yet, get a badass gift combo with a trucker hat—and serious savings!)


To all my mother runner pals who love Christmas music as much as I do: Red Fox's evo4 Premium Bluetooth Earbuds.

The Red Fox evo4 Premium Bluetooth Earbuds deliver ridiculously amazing sound—and are ridiculously easy to use for music, podcasts, and phone calls. The charge lasts for seven (long) hours (read: many miles) and the volume and pause controls on the wires are intuitive. Plus, with (genius) magnets on the earbuds, you'll never lose them if you need a break from tunes.




What we're giving to you today—and not to Presby, my cat: Red Fox's evo4 Premium Bluetooth Earbuds.

Presby chewed the evo4 earbud connection cord. My left bud is forever silenced. Good thing he's photogenic.

If you promise not to chew the cord, we've got a pair of Red Fox evo4 earbuds to give to one lucky mother runner today.

In order to enter, please answer this question in the comments below: What is one highlight of your running in 2015?

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320 responses to “Jonna’s Gift List—and Win Red Fox evo4 Bluetooth Earbuds!

  1. Getting to run NYC!!! It took my breath away and has left me with a lifetime of memories. I was my 1st time visiting NYC and we took our kids who have not stopped talking about how flipping cool NYC is. Honestly….my head is still spinning from the race. All good.

  2. My highlight was having my husband agree to the 10 mile Monster Dash, train for it, and then he decided mid-race to just finish it and go the distance to complete the half marathon. I was so proud to see him cross the finish line.

  3. My highlight of 2015 was running my first full marathon! I was always the girl in school who hated to run. I dreaded the day we had to run the mile in PE. So for me to complete 26.2 freaking miles is an incredible accomplishment for me! I feel like I can do anything now!

  4. this year I ran Ragnar Miami to Key West. It was amazing. My last run was a beautiful one through a nature preserve on the coastline. I felt great, it was beautiful.

  5. Highlight by far is that I finally started trail running!! Especially with trails just a few miles away, I can’t believe it took me so long to get started. New love for sure.

  6. I’ve gained great strides as far as speed and endurance after having my 5th kiddo! I won 2nd in my age group in a trail race and set some new PR’s!

  7. My highlight is my mother’s day run on the beach with my mother! We did a 10k together and she placed 1st in her age group! It was her first 10k, makes me smile just thinking about it. : )

  8. I spent the end of 2014 injured and just when I started to get my groove back in 2015, I became pretty ill and had to give up running for many weeks. The fact that I am now training for a February half and just ran a 10 mile long run on Saturday makes me pretty happy.

  9. Going on a 5K running tour in St Thomas with my fiancée (now husband) the day before our wedding down there. My husband started running for the first time in over 10 years in July and hasn’t stopped. He’s signed up for his first race in March now.

  10. I set a goal to run 15 races in 2015 and I accomplished that. My highlight for 2015 is definitely completing my first marathon in November. I am still on a runner’s high from that.

  11. This was a big year. I ran two marathons about 6 weeks apart. I had not run a full 16 years. The first of the two was with my husband who was running his first. (We ran the same race but definitely not together). The other was with my 70+ year old mother. I ran side by side with her the entire way to encourage her along. She was amazing. She won her age group and was the oldest female in the entire (large well known) marathon! It meant a lot to run it together.

  12. This was a year I paced myself after an injury, which has always been very difficult for me! My patience paid off and I was able to get back out there much faster and stronger than ever!

  13. My highlight was doing my first Ragnar. Running sane on a trail in he middle of the night was terrifying! But I did it!

  14. I started this year by doing the Goofy Challenge. Not only were the races fun and the sense of accomplishment huge, I ran my fastest split of the weekend in my last mile of the marathon. I was worried I’d be walking during that 39th mile of the weekend… instead, I was having a blast and feeling badass!

  15. This fall I developed some wicked SI joint pain while training for a half marathon. I finally had to stop running completely for about 3 weeks. Although this was certainly not a highlight of the year for me, the fact that I got back to running after those 3 weeks instead of throwing in the towel completely is a major mental win for me! I missed that half marathon, but I’m looking forward to signing up for some runs in 2016!

  16. My 2015 (and overall best running) highlight would be running my first marathon, doing it with my sister, and both of us qualifying for Boston 🙂

  17. I ran a half in May, where from Mile 8 on I felt awful. I thought I would puke, and it felt like I was running with a golf ball under the ball of my right foot. Instead of beating myself up, somehow I was able to enjoy looking at the scenery and watching people. For once in my life, I didn’t feel guilty when I needed to walk, and I finished with pride for the finish, regardless of how I got there. Running is way more mental than physical for me, so this new mindset was entirely welcome 🙂

  18. My highlights for running in 2015 were running 3 miles without walking and doing a long run (run/walk combo) of 6.3 miles.

  19. One highlight this year was the Halloween dash of doom race my kids (7,4,2) and I ran together! It was my 2 yr olds first race (1km!!) and the first race I took 1st female in (5k in 23:43!) It was a truly spectacular race day!

  20. 2015 Highlights…running in River to River and being the only girl on the team (again!), meeting Dimity in Indy at a AMR party, running a half marathon with my sisters, seeing Dimity & Denise (again!) in Nashville & crossing the finish line at the Nashville Zooma half holding hands with my husband and daughter. Extra bonus…the professional picture of crossing that finish line has all three of us off the ground, mid-stride!

  21. My running highlight of 2015 was training and finishing with my BFR as she completed her first marathon! Now if I could only win these fabulous Redfox earbuds to join me in training for and finishing my first ever Ultra in 2016!

  22. My highlight of 2015 was finding two awesome BRFs to train for races with and then have a girls weekend for the races!! Awesome!!

  23. My 2015 highlight was becoming injured during a remix challenge but carrying on to finish and not giving up. Loss of pride felt but proud of my perseverance. And then came the recovery! lol Injuries stink! But I have big plans for 2016!! 🙂

  24. The journey back to running after having a baby in March was such an adventure. I was so unsure of how it would go but I am now faster than I ever have been and loving seeing the improvements keep coming!

  25. I’ve been sidelined from running races in 2015 b/c of plantar fasciitis. “That’s okay, I thought. Listen to your body and take a year off from races.” However, my husband had already signed up and paid for a Spartan Super race (8+ miles and 20+ obstacles) in November. I had been doing Crossfit for much of the year, but I was more than nervous for the mileage b/c the most I had trained was 4 miles of run/walk intervals. But, guess what?!?! We completed it and I finished (even the run) very strong! A BIG success– and a fun accomplishment with my husband–in 2015!!!

  26. My running highlight was definitely the Across the Bay 10k. I have the hardest time going over the bridge in my car – eek! – and I ran over it, with my BRF who has been sidelined with a knee injury for months. Beautiful day, one of my favorite race experiences, ever.

  27. My one highlight was getting injured (broke left pinky toe on door jam) to only heal it up and then BREAK THE RIGHT ONE on the edge of a suitcase wheel. My “highlight” was that I took my first real break (about 3 months) from running to come back and realized that I truly missed it. It was like connecting with an old friend-it didn’t go anywhere-just waiting for my return with steel tipped shoes 🙂

  28. Reaching my 1000 running miles early, in the first half of October, and quickly approaching 5,000,000 total steps (this weekend during the Jingle Bell 5K, maybe?). I’m a sucker for metrics (and have been pining for wireless earbuds all year! pick me, pick me!).

  29. Earlier in the year I would have expected my highlight to be running the 40th Annual Marine Corps Marathon but after a doctor-baffling knee issue turned out to be osteonecrosis in my femur (it spontaneously started to die… who knew it could do that!?), the highlight of my year has been getting cut loose from the doc and running on LAND – queue the angels singing! For nearly two months it looked as if I might never run again so I finished up that mile and then did what any badass mother runner would do and cried the whole way home.

  30. “Beat the blerch” 10k. Finest race I’ve run. Aid stations with cake and nutella. Couches and yetis on the course. People on crazy costumes. It was a hoot.

  31. The accomplishment I’m most proud of isn’t even my own! I helped another mother become another mother runner. 🙂 We are planning lots more sanity runs in 2016.

  32. How do I narrow it down to just one? There have been so many amazing milestones this year for me with my running. I think the best highlight would be completing my first marathon. What an amazing accomplishment.

  33. My highlight was coming back from a bad car accident that caused 2 bulging disks in my back, and running a 10k six months later.

  34. Unfortunately my running in 2015 was nothing to brag about! I totally slacked off and am not happy about it! Turning things around for 2016. Love the coupons for privacy in the bathroom! LOL!

  35. Without a doubt, my 2015 highlight was completing the Portland Marathon – my first 26.2! So thankful for the AMR Community and Find Your Strong Challenge for training and supporting me in my marathon quest. My second highlight was reaching my goal of running 1,000 miles for the year….checked that off my list, too! 🙂

  36. I think being able to run a couple big American racews – in Phoenix and Vegas were my highlights!!! I was lucky to have been given gifts of airfare! IT was a great trip

  37. Completing my first 1/2! But, even more so, moving cross country and now being able to run in sunny beautiful CA!

  38. The opportunity to run 2 relay races in summer 2015 — including a BAMR getaway to do the fabulous Cascade Lakes Relay. Yes!

  39. One highlight of my running in 2015 was to be featured in Women’s Running in the, Who’s your biggest fan section! #IRun4Dylan

  40. Being able to run with so many great friends that I’ve met through – running of course! There is always someone there to run with when you want and someone to pick you up and give you the motivation you need!

  41. my 2015 highlight was PRing a 10K I was using as a tempo run for an upcoming 1/2. I wasn’t gunning for a PR, it just happened and I was psyched! Unfortunately, the next week I injured myself in kickboxing, so wasn’t able to run the 1/2 I was training for. Took me months to recover, but I got 2×13.1 in at the end of the year, so it worked out.

  42. I became much more confident calling myself a “runner,” even though I don’t do really long distances or have the typical runner’s physique.

  43. My proud of the fact that I ran each and every week (that I wasn’t injured) even though there wasn’t a race on the calendar.

  44. 2015 highlight was running my first marathon. I need to channel that amazing feeling again because I’ve gotten a bit lazy.

  45. Working my tail off for a 26.2 PR that I’m pretty proud of, and it got me into Boston 2016! Also finishing my first 50K with Karen, a fellow BAMR. 2015 had a lot of highlights for me – it was good year and I gotta be realistic that not every year can be one like this, so I’ll just be thankful and grateful.

  46. A pre-wedding run with my daughter. This kid had no interest in running as she was growing up – in fact she mocked me a bit – but around age 20 took up the sport and has become nearly as addicted as her mommy. She logged her first 1000 miles in utero and her second 1000 (or more) in a baby jogger, but now she’s running her own race – with a wonderful husband by her side.

  47. My highlight was running a 5K on Disney’s own island, Castaway Cay. It was hot and humid but I managed to pick off a few people and PR!

  48. The highlight was definitely training for my first marathon (which ended up being cancelled 3 weeks out!). I realized I can do hard things!

  49. After years and years of trying I finally got a PR in the half marathon and even beat my 2hr goal by 2 minutes!!!!! 1:58:23 🙂

  50. Stayed injury free! I think I finally struck a balance with cross training and decreasing mileage where I can run and have fun and not end up killing myself for some esoteric pace/distance/goal….it’s felt so great that I am not planning any “big” running goals for the New Year and plan to just keep on keeping on with a nice mix of all the things I love!

  51. No particular highlight, but I’ve loved the time spent with my BRF, who has become a BFF. We keep each other going in many ways.

  52. My highlight was running The Bridge of the God’s half in Oregon, so beautiful! I loved it so much I went back and ran the Columbia Gorge Half 2 months later in the same “ish” area!

  53. Running a half with my husband on our anniversary. It was his first, so I was totally the proud coach as we crossed the finish line!

  54. Remembering that I love to run with people, especially my BRFs. They have helped me to realize that I can run faster than I think I can. And that I don’t need all of those walk breaks.

  55. Even though it didn’t turn out at all like I thought it would, the highlight of my running in 2015 would be my second marathon which I ran in Richmond, VA.

  56. 2015 was my most consistant year of running, and I’m really proud of that. Consequently I PR’ed a 5k and half marathon this year, so obviously consistancy pays off!

  57. Running a half marathon with my sister, and getting a PR by more than 20 minutes! I learned that if I push, I can do it and keep improving!!! Now on to the next PR in 2016!!

  58. My first Boston!! The weather was awful, I had an injury I was dealing with, and the actual running part of the race was so very much not what I wanted it to be. But the experience was completely AMAZING!

  59. Knowing that even with training issues I am still able to run a half marathon, and learning that the demon voices in my head can just be quiet!

  60. My running highlight was completing the Big Sur Half Marathon on Monterey Bay. It was my first half, and my family moved from the east coast to the west coast during training (luckily we were moving close to the area). The move totally screwed up my training plans, and due to housing issues outside of our control I wasn’t able to really settle in until maybe a month before the race. I just kept running when I could, though. One of my good friends came out and ran the half with me – if it weren’t for her I would’ve given up. That was our first time running together as well. Next year, I’m going to run the half again and absolutely kill it 🙂

  61. Running Pittsburgh’s Great Race with my 12 y.o. son. Our finish line picture showed some runner dressed as a large wedding/birthday cake just behind us. We have proof that we did outrun a bad diet that day.

  62. Completing the Marine Corps Marathon as part of the Find Your Strong challenge. During my previous marathons, I always trained alone but with this one I felt the love and support of my online BRFs and it made training (and finishing) so much more rewarding!!!

  63. Running highlight was a solo trip to Mpls/St. Paul for the Twin Cities 10 mile in October. A fantastic run and some much needed down time.

  64. Jonna: my dad’s Christmas tree theory is to keep it as long as it lives! This philosophy worked well in Minnesota where “easter trees” were frequent but not so well in Hawaii. Sometimes they don’t make it until 12th Night! (but he’s in Hawaii……can her really complain?!?!?) I always want them to stick around until my birthday in mid-January.

    my highlight was almost getting back to my half PR a couple weeks ago. I didn’t realize I was doing that well with my half-efforted training post injury. guess it means I should be good to go once I actually focus! (btw, don’t pick me to win……I already bought some Red Fox earbuds)

  65. It’s a tie for the highlight for my running year: Traveling to the Pacific Northwest to run my first Ragnar and completing an ultra relay!

  66. My running highlight for 2015 has to be getting to run with my 9 year old son. He’s just starting, but I can see the need for speed creeping up in him. My goal for 2016 is to get my husband on the running high as well!

  67. My running highlight for 2015 has to be meeting two friends in Colorado to run the Rocky Mtn. Half Marathon. It had been about 4 years since I last saw these ladies in person but, of course, we didn’t miss a beat once together again. The race was gorgeous and while it was far from my fastest, it was certainly my most joyful running alongside my friends . And yes, we’re all already registered for next year!

  68. My running highlight was the Chicago Marathon. Great weather, a great course, and a great finishing time. So much fun!

  69. I don’t have a 2015 race highlight, but overall training the highlight is the feeling of gradual fitness improvement along the way. But the biggest running related highlight was the AMR retreat in April!

  70. My highlight was getting that PR I have been chasing for 2 years. It wasn’t the exact number I wanted but it was still an awesome PR.

  71. My running highlight, for sure, was running the finishing chute and finish line of Ironman Arizona in November. After 2 separate collarbone breaks with surgery (one each side!) it was the sweetest redemption to finish that race!

  72. Looking back, I realize that I PRed at the 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon distances this year. I’m at an age (44) and years running (5) that I was starting to think that PRs would be fewer and farther between, but I managed to smash all of those this year (except the marathon, which was barely a PR and remains my nemesis, but I’ll still take it!).

  73. My biggest 2015 running highlight was crossing the finish line of the Marine Corp Marathon. I did the race as a fundraiser for Zero Prostate Cancer in honor of my brother. When I signed up for it in January, he was in remission and doing great, but two months before the race he succumbed to an aggressive and unexpected secondary liver/bile duct cancer. The race was already going to be meaningful but now it was a memorial. Race day circumstances and muscle cramps added to the pain and the finish line seemed much farther away than usual. I counted on the strength of my brother’s memory to carry me though and completing that race was more awful and more beautiful than any of the 20+ marathons I have run. I love my brother and will miss him forever! Thanks for listening…

  74. This year was a year of firsts: first half relay with my husband (after a rocky start to the year for him health wise), first time leading a pace group for a half marathon, first trail running class, first barre class, and my first triathlon. Loved trying new things this year!!

  75. The entire summer was a highlight for me, my RP and I spent the summer running trails in the mountains, we took almost every Friday afternoon off and escaped together. The cap of it was running our first 50k race in October. It was the best summer ever (yet)!

  76. My running highlight of the year was being able to get back into a good running routine (and training and completing a half marathon faster than I expected) after having my son last year.

  77. My 2015 running highlight is having inspired others to get off the couch and out of the house to hit the road or trail. Four women have told me recently that my consistency, persistence, and enjoyment of outdoor running has inspired them to step outside their private comfort zones (couch, tv, treadmill, gym) and pound the pavement, asphalt, and/or dirt. Showing off my super cute new running shoes probably helped too.

  78. My highlight this year was getting a new AMR to join us on runs. We took her the farthest she had ever gone (7 miles) and made her part of a marathon relay team. I’m glad Larua is now part of the tribe.

  79. What sticks out as a highlight for me isn’t a specific race but the mental toughness and consistency I’ve brought to my running. I’ve really upped my ability to tough out a hard workout or race.

  80. Running is hard for me. I want to like it but it seems everytime I get in a groove I have a setback and have to start trying to like running again. Until this fall. This September my husband and I were going to do our first Trail 50k (I KNOW seems contrary doesn’t it? Running and I are strange bedfellows…) but, I coming off a stress fracture and not getting enough miles in opted for The Bear Chase Half. I absolutely, fell in love with running on the trails. I can’t explain it, it was the hardest, most rewarding and most enjoyable run I have ever done. Thanks for turning me on to Sauconys- my Peregrine 4 trail runner were also a DREAM. No blisters even crossing 3 streams!

  81. By far, my biggest highlight was qualifying for Boston at Twin Cities Marathon in October. I set an 18 minute PR at TCM–my first marathon in 5 years and 3rd overall. The proudest part for me was training for and accomplishing this as a mom of 3. My husband may say the biggest accomplishment was our marriage surviving this…!

  82. My running highlight of the year was the NYC marathon. From the fabulous women I meet in the AMR find your strong challenge who provided advice and friendship, to the awesome training plan by Coach Christine that got me to the starting line injury free and to the finish with a PR, and the fabulous support my family gave me, I’m still in awe over the event and yes my name will be in the lottery for next year’s race.

  83. I found a Moms Run This Town running group this spring. I had always been envious of women who had people to run with, and through this group I have found my tribe. The support we give each other is amazing and I am grateful for each and every member. Thank you MRTT!

  84. Taking second place in my age group at my local Thanksgiving 5K, with a time of 25:45. In K–12 gym classes, I was always the straggler, often finishing laps in PE class a full lap behind everyone else. At 41, I finished second among women my age (out of 60), 61st out of all women (out of almost 700), and #211 of all runners (out of almost 1200).

    Oh, and I won a pie!

  85. The Boston Marathon was my race this year! I trained hard and ran a string race feeling no pain throughout! It was an emotional race for me made even better by jumping in after to run in a best friend from college!

  86. The highlight for me was completing my second half almost exactly the same time as my first, with not great training due to various injuries. All ready to try again next year.

  87. Finishing the half marathon (wineglass :)) I’d been training for despite taking nearly 3 weeks off right before it due to a foot injury.

  88. It’s a tie- running with my BRF in her first 26.2 in Pittsburgh and running strong and finishing under my 5 hour goal in NYC. It was a great year!

  89. Returning to running after having my son 2yrs ago and completing 3 half marathons in 2015 after the return but also seeing my son at the finish line of my last 13.1 for the year and hearing him tell people his mommy runs

  90. Without a doubt the highlight of 2015 was running the MCM with my BRF Tina. The race didn’t go as we planned ( we started nearly 30 mins after the gun, whoops!) but we laughed and laughed the entire way. It was the funnest 26.2 I’ve ever run!

  91. PRing the Indianapolis Monumental Half by 2 minutes in a race I felt like I had no chance of PRing. My training had iOS and downs and I spent much of the 6 weeks up to race day battling sinus issues. But I woke up to perfect weather, executed my race plan to a T and ran a serious negative split.

  92. Discovering AMR podcasts and therefore actually running long on long run days is a definite highlight! Getting back under 30:00 with my 5K is a close second.

  93. I have two main highlights for 2015. First is completing marathon #2 and #3 after a 10 year hiatus from marathon #1 where I threw up afterwards and broke my foot. I am also a single mother so the training for these two marathons have been tough but I did it! My second is PR’ing on marathon #3 by 13 minutes!!

  94. The highlight of 2015 for me was coming back to running after foot injuries in 2014. I had my non-weight bearing cast removed in January after 8 weeks toting it around (and 12 weeks in a boot before that). 2015 included a half ironman and 4 half marathons, races that I was so grateful for following injury and renewed my appreciation for running. In 2015, “I get to do this!”

  95. 2015 was *not* filled with PRs, but *was filled* with Joy, avoiding running injuries, running with new and old BRFs and dreaming of tackling new challenges in 2016

  96. 2015 was a big running year for me – my first, second, and third half marathon, with a sub-two hour finish on the third. Woo hoo!

  97. I rocked my 2nd marathon with an awesome new PR … and drum roll please. Got to the start line and finish line HEALTHY!

  98. Running my first marathon at Chicago! It was truly a dream come true, if you can call running a marathon a dream! The weather was perfect, the crowds were rocking and I never hit that mythical wall!

  99. Completing a marathon (post kids), even though I was sick and every mile was hard. Also, made a decent dent in my 5K time.

  100. The highlight was definitely running the Marine Corps Marathon! Running through the summer prepared me physically, but I wasn’t prepared for the emotional experience of feeling so grateful I could run it while so many others can not, especially during the Blue Mile and seeing all of the racing pushchairs. There might have been “sweat” coming out of my eyes…

  101. I had the best marathon of my life at Grandma’s after having a tough Boston. I actually enjoyed every single mile!

  102. I ran the Carlsbad marathon last January after recovering from a stress fracture. It was my slowest time but I was very proud of myself. It felt great to be back out there after recovering.

  103. Tough question as I didn’t run many races, but I think the highlight would be that I’m still running after 6 years. I arrived at this journey late in life and fell in love with it. So, I guess it would be that running is still so important to me.

  104. Running my daughters first 5k with her. At 6, it was something she wanted to do and was willing to train for it and did a fantastic job.

  105. My highlight of running 2015 was rediscovering my love of running after my post baby hiatus. My half marathon PR 1:45 was pretty wonderful as well!

  106. Gosh, it seems like so long ago now but I ran my first Disney race in Feb & did the Glass Slipper Challenge (10k +13.1). I PR’d both races swearing i was just going to “run for fun” b/c I was in Disney.

  107. The highlight of 2015 was that I am still running…ish. It’s been a tough year, but I am hanging in there, and hanging on.

  108. Surprising and running with my very good friend in her first half marathon back at “home” after moving 1,100 miles away last year.

  109. One of my highlights was actually placing 2nd in my age group in a trail marathon without trying to be competitive and just focusing on the trail and holding back for the first 16 miles. My training made me strong enough to feel awesome in the last 10. Imagine that—holding back to have a reserve! The beer at the end, didn’t hurt either.

  110. Tough to pick! I think it must be the absolute relief I felt as I charged down the finish chute at the Richmond Marathon with my BRF… the last few miles were tough, and I had to dig deep (we’d done our first 70.3 one month before and were a little under-trained on the whole 26.2 thing!), but we finished strong and I ended up with a 30 minute PR (that’s not a typo). We’re going back next year to bring it under 5 hours (damned porta potty stop ate most of that!)

  111. My 2015 season was not my best. My training wasn’t consistent and I didn’t get the times on the races I liked. But I guess my highlight would be running with my youngest son in a a couple 5k’s this year. Of course he kicked my butt majorly 🙂

  112. I ran two marathons back to back (Dec and Feb), so my highlight is that, though I did take a break, I am still running. I am not as hard core, but I still crave a good run even though I am not training for anything.

  113. FInding my running groove again after 11 months. Finished the Disney full in January 2015 and I just lost it. It has finally returned!!!

  114. Bright yellow highlighter for consistency! Ive been able to run consistently this year even as I worked through Bertha the Bersa playing on my IT band and Carla Calf playing a tug of war game that resulted in plantar fasciitis. I was able to yoga and run through all sorts of things this year!

  115. My highlight was actually supporting, cheering and running in one of my best running friends on their first ever marathon. It’s amazing when you know the commitment they put into getting to that goal and be there to watch them crush their goal!

  116. Running the Philly Marathon…it was my first really big race and I loved it!

    Also…I’m dying to know how you use the sleeve for the bun. Must have video….

  117. There are still 22 days left in the year so I’m almost hesitant to write this but I haven’t been injured all year!!!!

  118. Can it be both a highlight and a lowlight? Finishing Grandmas marathon even tho it was stupid for me to do so. That required more grit than I thought I had – worst time ever but I was so proud of that finish.

  119. 2015 has been a tough running year. I’ve struggled with injuries all year, but the highlight was definitely coming back to running after the birth of my son! I have been patiently waiting for injuries to heal and am really looking forward to 2016 running!

  120. It is very hard to choose a running highlight. I ran 21 races and stayed injury free. Maybe being injury free is my highlight? Seriously, it’s probably a leg of Ragnar Adirondacks in Saratoga Springs NY. Perfect weather, glorious water views and my kids were even there for high fives!

  121. One highlight of my running in 2015 the best time ever with great friends at the Disney Princess 1/2 M. Love this long girls weekend!

  122. My 2015 highlight is that I missed my goal of getting a sub 2:00 half mary. This just means I get to try harder next year. Bring it on 2016!

  123. Running injury-free, thanks to yoga and strength training, for my 44th year of putting myself on a few staring lines (and completing my 125th triathlon!)

  124. 2015 highlight is that I have recovered and running again. Started running in chi/pose method and it has helped with ankle pain. Another highlight is discovering your books and site and getting to hear Dimitri in Nashville

  125. Finally breaking out of my shell and running with others. It has helped push me to the next level with my goals and helped me to complete a 15k and to increase my speed under 11 minute mile pace.

  126. My BRF and I participated in Run the Edge 2015. Together we ran 2015+ miles. It was a great motivator to run consistently and it was a great feeling when we hit 2015 miles. Now, we are seeing how many more we can squeeze before the end of December.

  127. My highlight is the joy my 12 year old daughter has found in running! She joined the cross country team and worked really hard – and LOVED it. Made a mama proud!

  128. I trained for and ran my first marathon. And I met some amazing BAMRs through training and at the race. We have haves to run together again in 2016.

  129. I went to an out of town half marathon with my two BRF’s. It was the first time I’ve done a girl’s weekend with a race. We had the best time, shopping and eating the night before. Not only did I have a great time with my friends, but I also PR’ed!!

  130. I was lucky enough to get an entry into the beach to beacon 10k this year. Such an amazing experience! I usually only get to run small races since I live in such a rural place. It was incredible to run among thousands!

  131. My running highlight was my stopping due to an injury. From that I’ve started a walking group where I’m meeting great strangers in my new city. As a new runner, I was not comfortable enough to join a running group. Now that I’ve had this experience I feel more confident that I can join others for running when the time is right (when the injury isn’t an issue)!

  132. One highlight from 2015 was finding trail running. In addition to running around my neighborhood I love getting out on the trails. I did two trail races in 2015 and look forward to more in 2016.

  133. Finding my strong! For someone who used to get winded walking to the mailbox, I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that I am a marathoner!

  134. I think one highlight for me was that I ran my first race with my mom after many years. We ran an 8k together and had so much fun!

  135. I can’t nail down just one highlight. I think being able to run through my past pregnancy (#4!) was 9 months of highlights. Not the most comfortable I’ve ever been, but so good for keeping the crazies in check.

  136. Finally feeling fully recovered from a 2013 injury. I feel strong, confident, and unstoppable! (Well… As long as I keep up with my pre-hab.)

  137. One major highlight was running Reach the Beach! What a fantastic, fun challenge!
    The other highlight of the year was the growth and new running friends I’ve made through our local MRTT chapter. What a fantastic group of supportive women!

  138. Finally running a new half marathon PB after 3 years of struggling – definitely my biggest running highlight for which I am grateful

  139. I signed my husband up for his first half marathon without asking. We trained together and ran the race together. He was a little grumpy along the way, but did a great job and I actually think he was proud of himself – I know I was very proud of him. He claims he’s one and done, but just wait until he sees his registration for the race in his Christmas stocking!

  140. I’m still gaining confidence in myself as a runner. Every time I step out the door, I still have this tiny, e-vil voice telling me that the last time was a fluke, I’m not really a runner, I won’t be able to run to the end of the road let alone a half. Each time I’m successful, the voice loses power and volume, and I gain confidence. The one highlight for me is the next finish line. Right now, that’s three days away at the half on Kiawah Island. Voice of doubt? Stepping right on past that! Run on, run strong!

  141. Finishing 50 km was hotter, took longer and involved much more chaffing than I ever imagined but I crossed that finish line 🙂

  142. I ran my first 10K last weekend (Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio) and finished with a better than expected time. I’ve already signed up for my next in February. I also got to meet SBS which was so cool!

  143. Consistently training through the cold winter with my 11 yr old son to run our 1st half marathon in May. And watching the huge smile on his face when he learned he placed 2nd in his 14 and under age group.

  144. So many to consider! I think continuing to run with my two friends is my “highlight.” We tough it out through everything – even with snow accumulation on our eyebrows and zero visibility! Any special running moment I can think of this year was with them by my side.

  145. Training with my 68 year old father to complete the 2015 NYC Marathon! Not only was the marathon spectacular but the whole training process was a wonderful experience and to not only complete the marathon but with my father was amazing!

  146. The running highlight of my year was my first walk/run after a stress fracture in my foot sidelined me for too long. It felt so wonderful to get back out there!

  147. My highlight is definitely crossing the finish line at my first marathon– NYC marathon. I trained all summer as part of the AMR marathon challenge and although my race was far from perfect, it was one of the most memorable and emotional moments of my life!

  148. The highlight of my running was running in World’s Toughest Mudder– it was the first event where I logged an ultramarathon!

  149. A half marathon PR and completing a challenging marathon feeling strong and happy the whole time (4th marathon, first time feeling that way)!

  150. I completed from November 2, 2014 through November 2,2015 four half marathons. My first and last half were the same race, and I shaved five minutes off my time at a hilly race in hot weather. I’m so blessed to be a runner and look forward to my first spring full marathon.

  151. A highlight of running 2015 for me was that I was part of a running group that ran through our crazy MA winter. I mean there were literally walls of snow, but our coach would find us carved out areas to run. I had to buy steel treads and cover my entire face, but it was worth it!

  152. I’ve been a runner since college and I PRed in two distances this summer as a mom of three! My goal this year was to see how fast I could run a 5K and I was successful and just last weekend I also ran a faster than I thought I’d ever do 5 mile race!

  153. I ran two marathon majors this year! Boston, which was cold, rainy and in which I was a mental disaster, though my time wasn’t too bad. And Chicago, where I learned my lesson in Boston, stayed positive and strong and had the most enjoyable marathon of my life, if not the fastest. Best part is that I’m finishing the year off healthy and strong.

  154. The best part of my running year with completing a half marathon with my sister. It is the first time that we ran a race together. It was a perfect day and a perfect run. We celebrated with lunch with my other two sisters and our father. Win!

  155. I did two Disney races this year, one in Florida and one in California so I was able to earn the Coast to Coast medal. The best part was my daughter and granddaughter were able to join me at both races so I was able to see them twice in one year even though they live far from me.

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