Hump Day Giveaway: LÄRABAR + Renola

Renola: rhymes with granola, but it's so much more.
Renola: rhymes with granola, but it's so much more.

Sometimes, a small tweak makes a big difference. Run your typical route in the opposite direction, and you notice that you’ve actually been running a slight uphill on a part you swore was flat. (Yay, you!) Throw a slice of lemon in your water, and one gulp makes you feel like you’re coming out of a spa appointment, not vacuuming the family room for the fifth time this week. Tell your kid, “You get to pick dinner tonight,” give him a few guidelines (one veggie, say), and the omnipotent battle of the broccoli quickly becomes non-issue.

Our stash of LÄRABAR for Ragnar Napa: helped get us through 205 miles--and through long plane rides home.
Our stash of LÄRABARs for Ragnar Napa: helped get us through 205 miles--and through long plane rides home.

Humm Foods first tweaked boring, not-super-nutritious granola bars when they created LÄRABARs delicious bars that contain between five and ten simple, pronounceable ingredients, max. The gluten-free bars are perfect for a diaper bag, a travel bag, a post-run bag, and any other time you need a dose of healthy, yummy calories to keep you humming.

Renola also comes in snack sizes...perfect to funnel right into your mouth.
Renola also comes in snack sizes...perfect to funnel right into your mouth.

Then they set their sights on granola, which is often junk food hiding under a health-food umbrella. Not so with Renola, their new gluten-free, grain-free, non-GMO granola in scrumptious flavors like Cinnamon Nut, Cocoa Coconut (my fave), and Berry, which is heavy—and heavenly—on blueberries. Although it fits in all the usual places granola does—in yogurt, on ice cream, with milk, by the handful—grain-free, nut-and-seed-packed Renola is definitely not following the usual cereal-aisle crowd.

We’ve got three generous mixed prize packs of LÄRABARs and Renola to send to three lucky winners. In order to enter, please answer this question in the comments below: What small tweak has made a difference in your life or running recently? (And if you can’t think of one, what’s something you’re contemplating?)

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States. It begins on 10/8/14 and ends on 10/15/14. We will announce the winner on our Facebook page on 10/16/14, as well as notifying the winner by email. One entry per person. The value of  each prize approximately $53. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law. 

384 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: LÄRABAR + Renola

  1. Run less, run fast ! to avoid running over-use injuries I treasure my 3 days a week I run and Spin and lift weight other days :0

  2. I just started low hr training again and I love how nice it feels to run true conversation pace. Plus I know it is building a great base for me, so I can have a great marathon cycle starting in January! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lara bars so I am really hoping to win. 🙂

  3. Running my easy runs a little easier and my faster runs a little faster. I feel better physically and felt super strong in my goal race last weekend!

  4. Strength training with my hubby on Saturday mornings has made a huge difference in my running…and it’s fun to spend extra time together!

  5. The biggest thing that has helped me with running was changing my goals. I thought I wanted to do a full marathon but during training that I wasn’t doing it for me and that it didn’t align with my priorities right now! We will see in a few months/years!

  6. Going to bed earlier! I have done this very well lately and I feel so much better all the time…why do I forget this and slip into late night habits from time to time?? Must stay focused on this–Zzzzzzz…

  7. I have recently just started cross-training and what a difference it really does make! I am not as bored while running and it helps me SOOO MUCH!

  8. Reading about SBS running a marathon made me think about “digging deep”, and I have run through some uncomfortable moments instead of giving up and walking. I found out that I could dig deep and come out stronger at the end of my run!

  9. I just recently started setting a monthly mileage goal with my husband and a friend. We check in once a week with each other to see how we are doing on our goal. This has given me the freedom to schedule runs as I can throughout the month while still holding me accountable to getting something done when I’m not currently training for a specific race.

  10. Getting rid of gluten. I found out I have a gluten and dairy intolerance and removing both from my diet has allowed me to get back to training and feel even stronger and healthier. I’m anxious to see what 2015 brings in triathlons.

  11. I have started covering up my Garmin and running by feel. It makes you understand what you body is capable without putting a time constraint on it. I would like to try and not wear it at all but I just can’t bring myself to leave it at home yet!

  12. Somehow I inadvertently changed the settings on my Garmin and now it no longer beeps after each mile. It’s been a blessing in disguise — when I do glance at my watch, I’ve gone much, much farther than I realized!

  13. The most recent tweak I’ve made in my life is saying “No” to all the “extra” stuff at work. No matter how hard I try I can’t give 110% in everything in life. I’m back to focusing 110% on myself and family. Work is not taking as much of my focus now. We’re all much happier now that I did!

  14. I finally realized that my body (and mind) needs more rest and have started going to sleep earlier and taking a rest day each week. It’s taken 3 years, but better late than never 🙂

  15. I have added walk breaks to my long runs. I am able to go the entire length instead of cutting it a mile or two shorter. Might seem like a step back to some but to me it has helped me make those extra steps forward.

  16. I have finally learned my limit on how many miles I can run without water: 8. Anything less, I can manage without (except on hot days). Today, I ran a 10.5 without water and those last couple were rougher than they should have been. So there’s a tweak!

  17. I’ve made a small tweak of actually resting on my rest days. I used to try and walk a lot (10,000 steps), take the stairs, or bike to work on my rest days and was sore and tired all the time. I’m trying to embrace at least one complete rest day a week!

  18. I’ve added ice baths to my post-run routine– 3 x per week, after runs that are especially long and/or have significant track or tempo work. The results have been amazing; I can’t believe how great my legs feel and how quickly I am recovering from long, hard runs!

  19. after being sidelined with horrible PF (& surgery to correct it), I’m now running every other day. I found that not running back to back days has helped me get back on track!

  20. I splurged big time and bought a treadmill which has led to the small tweak of getting up early to run. I am hoping soon I will be happy to get up early:)

  21. I’m back to my morning runs with my brf after a summer of hot, evening, training runs with a local group to get ready for my fist half. I love running in the morning and am thinking of adding some of the stuff I learned about with the group (hill repeats, fartleks, etc)

  22. Running at least five miles every time I run has made a difference. I don’t focus on pace AT ALL, but running more lengthier “short runs” has improved my pace and endurance.

  23. Getting a puppy that is a runner gets me out there on those days I’d probably bag it otherwise. Even if it’s not a long run and we stop a bit on the way I’m out there. Without some exercise he is simply wild in the house

  24. As I’ve been sidelined for a ridiculous amount of time for mainly non running related injuries, I’ve had to work really hard to keep the negativity in check. I’ve started being mindful about the negativity and trying to keep my mindset positive and grateful for what I do have and can do.

  25. I have try to do yoga on Sunday instead of a recovery run and it helps my legs to be ready for the next weeks training runs.

  26. Changed listening to podcasts instead of music on my long run. Thinking about no longer wearing an arm band and switching to a flipbelt.

  27. Lately I’ve been getting in “two a days” for running. I’ve been coaching a Couch to 5k running program, and the run/walk program has been a great warm up for my later run. Also, I’ve been using dynamic drills as warm up with that group, and actually practicing what I preach. Crazy good tweaks!

  28. I was out of commission with a herniated disc earlier this year. It’s amazing the perspective you get when you can’t do the things you “suffered through” before. I’m so thankful for every excruciatingly slow mile now. It’s all a step in the right direction.

  29. Daily reports back to the coach, who has informed me that I do not follow training schedules as closely as she would like.

  30. Restorative yoga. It seems like a completely indulgent way to spend 90 minutes (especially as about 20 min of that is guided meditation, which for me = nap) but it feels like the best night’s sleep ever.

  31. I have discovered the benefits of ice baths during my recent training for an October 12 marathon. I was always afraid to even TRY it, but now I know it’s not only a must, but it actually feels kind of good, in a strange way, after a long run of 14+ miles. Who knew????

  32. doing back to back runs had made a huge difference for me! Pushing an running on tired legs. I get similar mileage in but splitting my long runs have made me feel stronger, and i find I am recovering faster.

  33. I’m finally getting serious about my running and am just now working on running a certain length of time and not miles and/or pace. I’m also trying to will myself to get up early 5:30 a.m. and run before the madness of the day.

  34. I started actually scheduling my after-work runs in my calendar, including the number of miles I am planning to run. I put them in the same calendar I use all day at work, so I am frequently reminded of my plan when I look at my daily schedule.

  35. I’ve hit a bad lack-of-motivation stretch in my training lately…so I’ve been focusing on just 30 mins everyday. The days my motivation wanes, I’m at least getting out there, and the days I feel great, well…let’s just make it a longer run! It’s a little tweak, but it’s certainly helping me stay active and moving.

  36. before my last race I got up early and ate some peanut butter toast 3 hours before my race, helped me keep going for sure other than my standard coffee only re-race meal!

  37. A tweek I made is having a snack when I get home from a run. It helps me recover and I feel better the next time I go for a run.

  38. Buying new gear, that is my motivation. When I cough up the dough for that crazy expensive gear, it turns up the guilt to get me out there and using it! Signed up for 3 races in the next 3 months as well…$$$ is my motivation!

  39. Having to run without my best running buddies lately causes me to realize what an impact they have on my running. Runs are lonely and I sure miss them!

  40. I started running with a Garmin periodically – helps
    Keep my pace up especially in the last few kms. I also have done a bit of trail running/races which has added some variety!

  41. Making power green smoothies for breakfast for the family. Easy and yummy way to get a serving of veggies for everyone!

  42. adding 2 TRX classes a week has made such a difference in my balance, my form and my strength!
    the Renola sounds really neat – I’ll look for it at the grocery store

  43. I’ve recently become a two coast woman. I’m splitting time between Upstate NY and the desert in CA. The move has made me a morning runner which I have never been.

  44. Shoes!! I was fitted for my first pair of “Real” running shoes at a local running store. The sales lady watched me run a short distance and determined that I late-pronate. She put me in a pair of shoes that was supposed to help. $130, a few months, alot of pain and a PT appointment later, I found out that I actually do not pronate at all and that I needed a neutral shoe. Once I had the right shoe, I was able to run pain-free!

  45. I have finally come to accept the fact that a missed training day is not the end of the world. I am trying to move on and not beat myself up or get super stressed that I may have to miss something that is up-coming on the calendar. It has made realize that this is a long-haul passion and not a chore!

  46. I have a tweak I am contemplating. Since having my 3rd baby 3 months ago and moving across the country 3 weeks ago I have only been able to get out for a run about once a week. The baby isn’t sleeping through the night and I really don’t want to get up at 5 a.m. to run, but a run never happens if I try to wait until my husband gets home from work. I think I need to suck it up and make this tweak for my own sanity.

  47. I have a tweak I’m not happy about: we just moved 2 weeks ago so my strength training has completely fallen by the wayside! I’m training for the Philly Marathon and a few long runs took a hit but I’ve managed to get back on running training schedule but I’m still SO tired from the move, everyone got sick this week, etc, etc. I just need to force my self outta that bed and get it done…..

  48. A small tweak that has made a big difference has been motivating to get up and run at 5am! I decided to just bite the bullet and get into the habit now, before it gets super cold and I get discouraged! It has made such a difference and I LOVE getting up and running while the city is still quiet – it is peaceful.

  49. I have started to let my 3-year old son help out in the kitchen more as I’m making meals. He loves to add spices, put diced veggies in salads, and get measuring cups and spoons out for me. He’s been more interested in trying new foods, especially the fresh produce we get from the farmers market!

  50. My small tweak has been to actively incorporate a form of fused Pilates and yoga into my daily routine. I run four days, ride my bike two days, and rest one day. On my run or ride days, I also do Pilates and yoga (for strength and flexibility). My body is so happy with this change. My mind is, too. I look forward to my workouts now because of how I will feel after they’re both done for the day (stronger, capable, looser muscles, less tension = happier me).

  51. I’ve recently started fueling during my long runs. I’m still trying to find the right balance but it is making a difference!

  52. Unfortunately, it’s the small tweak in my heel/ ankle that has had me hobbling around (and definitely not running) for the past six days. 🙁 But I’m determined and hopeful and staying healthy so I’ll be ready to get back out there when my foot is back on board!

  53. One small tweek I made was to join a second running group. This group meshes with my running style and I can join them for my long training runs. My heart still belongs to my first running group, but now I have more options.

  54. It’s a toss up between 2 tiny tweaks that make a big difference in my life. 1) running the dishwasher at night and emptying it first thing in the morning, and 2) throwing in a load of laundry on my way to the coffee pot in the morning and switching it to the dryer before I start making dinner. Instead of having to stand in front of a sink of dirty dishes and start my day discouraged, I get to wake up to an empty sink and go for my run. As far as the laundry goes, it cuts down on morning chaos of “Mom, where’s my shirt?” And “Honey, do I have pants?” Running and peace are way big returns for these tiny tweaks.

  55. The small tweak I’ve added is switching out Diet Dr. Pepper for Nuun. I have less headaches and cramps with my long runs and I am so glad to get the chemicals out of my diet!

  56. Change of direction is always a great change but my recent tweak is pushing the mileage a little further during my often too short lunch break at work. This change has been an extra mood booster!

  57. The timing is funny, because recently I started eatinga Cherry Pie LaraBar before my morning run. It’s now my go-to pre-run food – it’s filling but doesn’t weigh me down, and it tastes delicious. I’ll never go back.

  58. Foam rolling BEFORE I run! As my muscles start to creak with the cognizance of being 17 weeks pregnant, foam rolling before has made such a difference in getting in that extra mile or so. I just might run be able to through this whole pregnancy! Third time’s the charm? 🙂

  59. Started doing long runs with an old friend. Now we are both training for a marathon. Love getting to spend time with her every weekend.

  60. Giving myself permission to go for it! For a while I’d been holding back for fear of getting injured but when I overcame that fear, I pushed myself this past summer to PRs at 4 distances!

  61. We run early, 5am, in the morning so I am use to running on an empty stomach. However when it is race time, the start time is later and I’ve been trying to find the right concoction to get some fuel in my stomach so I’m not starving and losing energy.

  62. I’ve added electrolyte capsules to my sweaty workouts (pre-, mid-, and post-) and I feel so much better when I’m done. I no longer collapse at the end or feel nauseous or freezing cold an hour later.

  63. Breastfeeding my daughter I’ve been forced to eliminate a lot of my normal diet — I switched to eating real food for fuel on the run/bike – my GI track agrees so I plan to continue.

  64. I am contemplating on what I am going to do with winter coming and wanting to become more inspired and active…Have goals to obtain in 2015!!!! Making better choices!!!!

  65. Put more thought into my lunches. Real simple, but more mindful. Way back on carbs and up the protein and less, less, less. My energy has shot up.

  66. I’ve been having my kids make their own lunches after dinner while I focus on dishes. I feel super productive and our mornings are much less hectic.

  67. I’ve been making a big effort to eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day, and it really does make me feel better, and I find that I am more hydrated, too.

  68. I got so tired of the sweet GUs and candy I was carrying with me during marathon training. My husband suggested taking Hot Tamales with me and holy cow, has it made a difference. They are yummy and have enough burn to break up the parade of sugar.

  69. I think I am continually tweaking my running nutrition – what to eat and when – especially in differing conditions – hot vs cool days, hilly runs vs flatter courses. It seems to be an ever evolving tweak 🙂

  70. Walking while drinking my Nuun on my Long Runs…you ladies are so wise, I don’t know why I didn’t come up with this before!

  71. Going to bed early so I can get up early to get my runs in AND trying to not eat past 7p.m. which is hard, but it’s helped tame the early morning mid-run “urge” if my body has more time to digest.

  72. I am on Taper week so trying not to over train has been huge and I can’t seem to stop eating. So this new healthy snack would ROCK!

  73. Running few miles and doing more strength training has definitely given me a bit more spring in my step! Now…to just find time to stretch. 🙂

  74. I got back in to early morning workouts. That way I can focus on my family when I get home from work and not worry about getting in my workout. Getting up at 4:00 is not easy but I would rather do that than take an hour out of family time.

  75. Mine is a strength training tweak….nose to ground push-ups. I recorded myself on my birthday doing them (I had made a goal to be able to do 38 push-ups when I turned 38) and I realized after watching myself thar my form wasn’t all that great. So now I’m working on nose to ground push-ups. Sidebar-I’m not a card carrying member of the super size over the shoulder bolder holders so it’s doable.

  76. After battling hamstring issues all summer I realized I needed to put effort where my mouth had been all summer and get serious about complementary strength training!! I need to prepare for a comeback!!!

  77. Trying to run or lift on days when I only have 20 minutes–I used to skip the workout if I didn’t have 30 minutes, which led to too many skipped workouts. I find if I squeeze in 20 min of hard intervals or lift weights, my mood improves and something is truly better than nothing.

  78. Realizing that I need to go with the flow and run whenever I can, not try to keep to the same time each day. Life has been too busy and I’ve learned to fit in runs in very random pockets of time

  79. I’ve been reading the AMR blog every day and now I’m listening to audiobooks and doing interval runs on the track and planning to run before dawn and join a running group! I’m getting so much more excited for races that I have been in the past. Thank you!

  80. To mentally break longer runs into shorter distances, so a half marathon is 4 5ks and a mile at the end. I had a PR recently doing that. What’s the saying? You eat an elephant (or Renola) on piece at a time!

  81. I started practicing yoga for the first time 6 months ago and it has made a difference in my running – I feel stronger and I can finally touch my toes!

  82. My dad was diagnosed with leukemia last month, the same week my dearest running friend was told she has stage 4 breast cancer again after beating it 10 years ago. The night before I ran the 2014 Berlin marathon, I found a lump in my breast and am going in to my doctor next week. I don’t know if you’d consider this a tweak, but my perspective has undergone a seismic shift. Running is a gift. There is no such thing as a bad run for me anymore and I am truly enjoying my moments on the run.

  83. I’ve been recording my mileage regularly. Before it was really a hit or miss practice for me. But now I have a good idea of what kind of workouts I’m doing and how much mileage I’m actually running.

  84. I have tweaked my perspective: “Every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back.” Whenever the stress tries to creep in, I remember this quote.

  85. Not totally running related, but I started packing lunches the night before. Makes the mornings more smooth and easier to get out the door for a run.

  86. My small tweak was adding a lifting class twice a week. I go on my lunch hour, so I can only make it to 40 minutes of the class. But I feel like it has made a big difference.

  87. I dunno if it’s a small tweak, but I’ve been running daily – streaking for over 130 days and it’s really renewed my love for running and I feel really great 🙂

  88. I use to wear my compression socks after running but lately I have been wearing them during a workout. I have increased my mikage these last few months so I have been extra achy

  89. Starting to lift heavier at the gym–really strengthening my body is helping me stay injury-free and run faster! 🙂

  90. Taking a break when my body tells me I need to, and likewise squeezing in a run when I can by carrying a bag with my running gear in the car during the week!

  91. I was recently challenged to a lazy Iron Man. So I have the entire month to complete the mileage in the running, swimming and biking. It has been great to get out and do new cross training along with running. I never thought I would enjoy swimming or biking…and it turns out that I do! I have really enjoyed this new challenge!

  92. Adding in yoga 1X per week and a day of walking in place of running. My joints are thanking me! Plus, the break from running makes me look forward to my runs. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder!

  93. Adding speedwork has helped improve my overall pace, which will hopefully lead to a PR in this weekend’s half marathon!

  94. Being ok with not running or just taking it easy. I’ve found listening to my body us helping me run stronger when I am feeling really good.

  95. Running with a friend. Having someone to be accountable to makes a world of difference for me. I would cancel a run with myself more easily.

  96. Speed work! I added a speed work workout to my weekly running schedule. And as I much as I hate doing it, it really works…I shaved 30 seconds off my 5K time in just a few weeks AND has a post baby 5k PR!!

  97. Two little things I’ve done that have made a difference…. Massages at regular intervals during peak training weeks, and chocolate milk after runs for recovery! Delicious and so healthy!

  98. Ab work every day before I run. Used to try to do it after, but between being wet and sweaty, and everyone needing something I wasn’t getting it done regularly.

  99. YOGA!!! And chocolate milk, but not together of course! But I am so much more flexible than I was before and well……chocolate milk is just delish!

  100. I have added foam rolling to my nightly routine and I have noticed that my legs are not as sore and tight the next day. Wish I would of started this years ago!

  101. I am actually trying to run “less”.. I’ve been cramming lots of little short runs in, I need to be more strategic about it, and have a few rest days, and get a long run in.

  102. I find that making myself do my long runs is so important. If I am running short on time for all of my weekday training runs, it’s ok as long as I still get the weekend long miles in. Now to find time for everything and everyone and I’ll really be onto something!

  103. Accepting that as I get older it’ll get more difficult to set PRs – especially since I’m in my 50s now… And doing more cross-training, including my first tri, to stop me getting injured and sidelined from my favorite sport – running.

  104. Going to the chiropractor! After having my son, my back was way out of whack and physical therapy wasn’t helping. Chiropractor care made a huge difference in relieving hip pain.

  105. Giving back. Being assistant coach for my kids cross country team. Encouraging and teaching these kids the love for running.

  106. After 3 injuries in one year, I began physical therapy and added core work to my running routine. I am now running pain free for the first time in a long time. 🙂

  107. Doing yoga! Ever since I added yoga to my workout regimen, my hamstrings aren’t as tight and my breathing is much more natural. My pace has increased! My friend recently told me I run like a gazell….not sure if that’s good or bad, but they’re fast!

  108. I’d really like to start getting my runs in in the early morning. I’m nursing and having issues getting sleep and finding a good time between feedings to run.

  109. My best running tweak was dietary–I noticed a couple of years ago that I run much better if I don’t eat sugar the day before my run.

  110. I set a “sleep alert” to ensure that I go to bed by 9:45 to get my 7-8 hours of sleep in. That, and sipping Nuun-spiked water throughout the day has helped me run stronger and recover better. I even feel younger!

  111. Remembering to check my mileage and take a gu or other gel before I hit the wall during my long runs. Makes it a much better run.

  112. Recently I’ve started leaving my garmin at home once a week. It’s helped me get in touch with my pace by feel and more importantly taken the chore out of my training runs

  113. Making sure to drink enough water every single day!! I was never a water drinker so it was hard to get started but now I can definitely tell when I haven’t had enough!

  114. Running just for running’s sake…not having something that has to be accomplished in the run…other than enjoying it and getting it done!

  115. New Saucony Guide 7 running shoes! Made the switch from a pair of Mizuno’s that were killing my feet and am SO happy with my new purchase 🙂

  116. My marathon training plan has contained some negative split long runs. That has been new for me and has given me TONS of confidence to start my upcoming marathon a bit slower, than pick up the pace in the second half.

  117. Not a small tweak, but does taking two weeks off and going to PT for an injury count? It definitely changed my running, in that it allowed me to heal and run again!

  118. I have been trying to include protein into all meals and especially snacks! Seems that I have felt less ravenous through ghost the day.

  119. Adding pre-run fuel has helped me immensely. A half a banana with almond butter before and the other half right after. I feel better and I’m recovering better!

  120. Aside from change in weather making it possible to run outdoors again, the start of my boys soccer season has been my forced tweak. I work out in the morning, but during their soccer practice I can get in and additional quick 15 minute run or cross training sesh before starting dinner. A little boost I’ve needed

  121. Really focusing on all parts moving forward while I am running has helped me a lot. Little checks on arm swing (forward and back instead of across my body) and hips (as headlights) and eyes are making a big difference for me. I actually feel more confident running and find I am not constantly looking at my feet.

  122. I have made the transition over to a 4;1 and 3;2 run;walk program and it has made running fun for me again. I feel much stronger and my times are actually getting faster. I worried that it would make me less of a runner… but I have given up on that notion and of what other people think.

  123. I used to be an avid runner and even ran through my whole pregnancy, 2 1/2 years ago. But, after I had my little girl, I got real lazy and didn’t want to do anything. I work 24 hour shifts and so having a toddler and being tired all the time, I was not running. Plus, I used the excuse of not having anyone to watch her, even though I have a jogging stroller. I entered a half marathon to have a goal, last Nov, but then had a bull calf run into me and causer to roll my ankle, so I was not able to run. But this fall, I have set my sites on another half and have been running again, with no excuses! I even take her out in the stroller!

  124. I love my green kale juice in the mornings. However, I have just moved and doubled my commute time each day to work. The extra 15 – 20 minutes was time I could no longer spare. The result was that I was not having my go-to breakfast. I was stumped – how could I have time to make my veggie juice in the mornings? I worried about cutting up the apple ahead of time – it might change color; the veggies wouldn’t be as fresh, on and on my mind was racing. Meanwhile, I was lethargic and missed my morning elixir!
    Finally, I decided to experiment. I cut up the kale and spinach the night before and put it in a big bowl ready for the juicer. i cut up a slice of lemon, orange and one whole green apple and put them in a baggie together. In another small bag, I put the celery, cucumber, and carrot.
    In the morning, voila! My green kale smoothie is back and the time to prepare it is about 5 minutes. I don’t have to put anything away since the ingredients are pre-measured. I spray water over the juicer parts and do the cleanup in the afternoon.
    This sounds simple but I find it interesting how things that change our routine can make us despair so easily. Giving myself permission to not worry about the slight discoloration of the apple or the loss of nutrients that might occur from cutting up fruits and vegetables the night before allowed me to re-vision how I might work within the new constraints of my situation. I feel better all day, eat better all day, and run better each day. Small changes….

  125. Using a headlight to run in the mornings now. Colder weather using warmer clothes and cute hats and gloves love the change up of clothes

  126. The weather has tweaked itself and it’s no longer as hot and humid as it was. The spring in my step is back and my times all go up a few seconds!

  127. Trying to put my phone down when I’m at home with my son and husband. Not always successful but it really improves the quality time at home!!

  128. The change in weather has allowed me to not be so rushed to beat the heat that I can actually enjoy a cup of coffee before my run. Gives me a bit more to work with.

  129. Changing up my running route! I didn’t realize how bored I was with my usual route until I switched it up and enjoyed my runs so much more!

  130. Getting off of the road an on to the trails has renewed my love of running and has given me a great excuse to spend more time enjoying the beautiful outdoors!

  131. It’s silly, but eating! I used to drink a little bit of water before I would go out and run, but no eating. I’m not doing super long runs (3-4 miles in the early mornings) but eating even just half of a granola/protein bar before I head out, and then finish it when I get back has made a huge difference in me not hitting a wall on my runs. I’m now able to push through where before I would give up.

  132. Instead of listening to playlists straight through while running, I sometimes hit shuffle. It’s allowed me to hear songs I haven’t in a while and makes my run feel a little different.

  133. Mixing more cross training into my workouts has been the magic ingredient to help me lose those last 10 pounds of baby weight.

  134. I recently made the move to do my weekend long runs on trails versus pavement. I don’t worry so much about the time or pace and it definitely is easier on the body!

  135. Showering at work has made a huge difference. Now I can get out the door at 5:45 am for a run, instead of 5:00 (which I didn’t do at all last year).

  136. I started eating MORE calories per day. Crazy, but so far I haven’t gained an ounce – I’m trying to restart my slowed metabolism, boosting up from 1200 calories to 1500 a day. So snacks twice a day has been a strange new addition to my life, but I feel better if I eat an apple once a day and some kind of nut and fruit combo once a day – preferably a larabar (I swear, my family is responsible for about half of the annual profits of larabar!).

  137. I know that I need to drink more water. I have focused on this in the past and it makes a huge difference to how I feel throughout the day but also when I’m running. Time to get back into this habit!

  138. I have some hardcore dental surgery coming up tomorrow and won’t be allowed to lace up for awhile. Not even to walk. I have relaxed my last few runs just a bit to be sure I’m really feeling and appreciating each run. It has really helped me soak up the freedom and privilege of running. What a gift a run is.

  139. Treadmill running has made my life so much easier. I don’t have to worry about getting my kiddo anywhere, I can do it while he sleeps. One more tweak is that I will be moving my treadmill so I can listen to my music a little bit louder.

  140. I did a complete food overhaul and completed the WHOLE30 plan. Life changing!

    Now that is ONE heck of a give-away! I just tried the Cinnamon Nut blend. YUMMY 🙂

  141. I’ve actually been making more of an effort to to REALLY take a rest day when I need it. My knees are thanking me!

  142. I’ve been caffeine free for many years. I was hesitant, but after a couple mentions in podcasts about caffeine reducing perceived effort I’ve added it to my long runs through GU and Nuun Energy. I have seen a positive difference and my tummy has been OK.

  143. I’ve been diligent about my cross training. It’s about all I can be diligent about, fighting bad runners knee. 🙁

  144. Focusing on upper body strength and conditioning physically. And mentally trying to slow down and enjoy life’s little moments instead of rushing through things.

  145. Trying my best to go get more rest especially on long run days. As I get older realizing the importance of more recovery!

  146. Strides! I just finished my first half marathon and the training plan I used had no strides in it. To change a recent workout up, I did a few on the flat spot at the end of my run. It felt good and I felt powerful. I shall use the AMR 5K own it plan next and do more strides!

  147. I am going to have my daughter join me for my shorter run/walks. She wants to run a 5K with me so after my half next week we are going to start training for a 5K.

  148. Found a group of great women doing a weekly track workout. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but seems that most fall on nights I work. There will still be conflict every other week, but I’m hoping to get there at least twice a month. Yeah!

  149. I’ve decided that I’m going to stop racing. This may go against the grain, but I feel like I put in a lot of effort in training and I don’t feel like I get good results. It’s disheartning to fail. 🙁 So, I’m going to just run for fun and try to renew my energy towards running. No pressure to get a certain time. Just. Run.

  150. Stretching out after my run. Instead of coming in and downing a glass of Nuun, I’ve found that some simple leg stretches on the stairs to my house really help.

  151. Tweaked my whole life with swimming! Great for cross-training, confidence building, lifting the spirits, and it is easy on the joints, and provides a nice complimentary upper-body workout (perfect partner to the bottom-body workout of running).

  152. I kept wondering why I was getting a headache after a morning run. I knew I was hydrating well enough. Then I realized I need to fuel my engine. So from now on, I will be eating something before a run–a banana, a Clif Bar, etc. Seems like a no-brainer, but for some reason it’s just now clicking for me.

  153. I have decided to run/walk instead of running full on every time. My stubbornness kept getting me injured! So I ran/walked 8 miles with a friend last week and feel great!

  154. Get a dog. In January my running companion Max our English Setter was diagnosised with cancer. It became obvious to me something was not right when he was having problems during our three mile runs. We still had our daily walks even as be lost his vision. For a month I walked him two to three times a day. We tried chemo but in February he passed and I lost my motivation to run. I felt guilty and simply not comfortable running without my partner. So in May we decided summer would be the perfect time for training a puppy. We brought Beau our Brittany Spaniel home. When you get a Brittany they will tell you they require at least an hour of exercise a day. This is no exageration. He is now 8 months old and we are doing daily runs. He loves it and it gets me out of bed every morning.

  155. I started running trails with new running friends at 6 o’clock in the morning with headlamps. It really spices up my routine!

  156. I’ve started running with a friend. The accountability makes me get out the door, knowing she’s waiting on the corner at 5:30 in the morning.

  157. Foam rolling and stretching immediately after a run! Nothing like a little back and hip injury to drive home how important it is to stretch.

  158. following a training schedule & finishing my first half has given me a great amount of confidence. 3 used to be all I would run & be glad to be done. Now 5 or 6 is so much easier and gives me a great feeling. The lemon water is good too!

  159. I’ve been running more by feel, and relying less on my watch. This has meant some slower times, but overall, I’m feeling better throughout the day.

  160. Seems cliche but my shoes! I was having hamstring issues and decided that the new shoes I had just bought weren’t working. So I tried a different pair and brand and they were like magic!

  161. After having some back problem, I’ve been doing more weekly miles on my bike. I was initially disappointed, but I’m given myself a break and now relishing the higher weekly mileage I’m able to rack up now. 🙂

  162. I started taking a gel before my morning 5 mile runs. I don’t tolerate solid food well just before a run and I always thought I was fine doing 5 miles on an empty stomach, but it has made a HUGE difference for me.

  163. Having a plan for the week/month instead of simply heading out the door. It helps me stay motivated and keeps boredom at bay.

  164. I am trying to pay more attention to my foot strike as I return to running after injuries. Being too far out front (after transitioning from heel striking) gave me a lot of foot problems. Now I am looking for the sweet spot in the mid-foot strike. We’ll see.

  165. After years of a kind of part time vegetarianism, I finally took the plunge two months ago. I feel great and have more energy. I think it’s really because this little change is causing me to be more deliberate about what I eat.

  166. It isn’t necessarily a little thing, but for my last marathon (Maine Marathon this past 10/5) I really took the training seriously, following my plan (almost) to the letter, and tood 45 MINUTES off my PR!!! Woot!

  167. I tweaked my attitude. Injuries over the last 8 months – major and minor – kept me from training for an ultra that was on my turning-40-bucket list. I have no idea when or how, but at some point I realized that no one (including me) would die if I did not run 40 miles at one stretch. I still have it on my list and I know it will happen, but there’s no deadline on this goal. This change has been like Renola for my brain parts.

  168. I have started drinking more water. What a difference something so simple can make! I bought two new water bottles and I keep them filled with ice water (the colder the better). I have cut my soda consumption down to almost 0 and drink water with lunch and dinner now. I only have coffee in the morning and usually just black or with a little flavoring. I target 2 liters of water in every day and have been hitting my target for the last two months! I use to hate water and now i crave it:)

  169. Last winter, I started taking a combined Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc pill, and I swear it has made my running feel easier. I think the extra Vitamin D is the main contributor, since in MN, generating vitamin D from time in the sun is not really possible in the winter months.

  170. Adding kettlebells to my routine has made me a stronger runner for sure – just getting there is a step in the right direction

  171. I have been working with a personal trainer for over a month now and feel so much stronger and healthier. While I am not running as much as I once was, I feel like the strength I am gaining from focusing on other aspects of exercise has been incredible. I feel so energized and excited to exercise again.

  172. When I shifted my training runs to the wee hours of the morning, I acquired, and now use knuckle lights. Boy, they made a world of a difference! Outside of the obvious, ‘this is a more safe way to run in the dark’, they also allow me to investigate the creepy noises that pop up…

  173. Packing a bag with my running clothes and shoes every day so that if I have an unexpected opening in my schedule for the day I can get a run in.

  174. Adding core work has definitely helped. That core strength adds that extra umph to get you up a hill or pull it out in that final 5k sprint.

  175. I’m nine months pregnant – due next Monday. Learning to just ask for help (or accept offers of help) instead of trying to do everything myself, has helped tremendously!

  176. A small tweek in my running routine is laying out my running clothes the night before. I have it all set up and ready to throw on right when I wake up! No more walking around in the dark trying to find my sports bra and socks!

  177. If I could ever make the commitment to foam roll (or at least stretch) after a run, I know it would make a big difference.

  178. Losing a little weight (10 lbs) has helped tremendously. I’ll never be a fast runner but dragging around some extra pounds certainly didn’t help.

  179. Just last night, I pumped up the tires in my old jogging stroller and strapped the youngest in for a long-overdue postpartum stroll/jog. Getting her outside, in the fresh air, is my driver for pounding the pavement once again!

  180. I am running my first 26.2 next weekend in Des Moines.
    Knowing that my shoes are getting up there in miles, but not wanting to break in a new pair so close to the race, I recently switched out the insoles.
    WHO KNEW the difference such a small change would make. I feel like I’m running on clouds again!!

  181. My “normal” weekday run was always 3 miles. This fall, I made my weekday runs 4 miles. Only 10 extra minutes, but it has made a huge difference in my overall feeling of fitness AND it has helped me bust through a weight loss plateau that I had been held up at for a few months.

  182. On shorter runs, I have been running without water and making sure to focus on the swing of my arms. I noticed that when carrying a water bottle, I was not uniform in my swing and not getting the power that my arms could contribute. Not sure it my latest PR’s can be attributed to this change, but I’m going with it!

  183. I recently started taking Body Pump classes and have noticed an increase in strength and endurance—and best of all, I really love the class!

  184. I use the alarm on my iPhone as my morning wake up call. Recently, I moved it from my nightstand to the bathroom counter. I am forced to get out of bed as soon as I hear it go off so it won’t wake my husband. This change has given me an additional half hour each morning. Because of this, I have been able to add an extra mile or two when I run before work. Yeah!

  185. Not being locked into a training plan for the first time in forever. I finished a marathon a few weeks ago and have a 50K coming up next weekend but the only thing my BRF and I mapped out where a couple extra long runs. The runs in between have been open to how we’re feeling and what our daily schedule looks like. It’s been surprisingly freeing. 🙂

  186. I’ve always let daylight dictate when I run (I’m a morning runner). Today I’m going to purchase some sort of light (headlamp, knuckle lights) so I can run when I want. I’m hoping this small change helps me maintain my running through the long dark winter without excessive use of “the mill”.

  187. I have started incorporating more vegetables in my diet and am enjoying the way I feel! I recover quicker and have more energy (really have replaced much of the meat I eat with veggies). I really didn’t expect this to happen, but just wanted to take in more nutrients. Positive results all around!

  188. Cross Training has improved my running 10 fold! I use Beachbody’s PiYo, which is making me so strong. Also, making sure to drink enough water. P.S. LOVE LARA!!!

  189. I started running in the morning most days. The change in time (I used to run with the girls in the stroller while my son is in school) has opened up a lot more time in my day, and it really starts my day out well.

  190. I have been working on paying attention to my toes when I run. How silly does that sound? (Amazing the things that go through your head on mile 11, right?) But seriously, when I pay attention to how my foot hits the ground and then push all the way through my toes, I’m stunned to learn that I go a lot faster, like my toes are pushing me forward. We’ll see how this shakes out on race day!

  191. I have several racing charitable racing events scheduled for the year so I need to get out there to run! I use my Nike+ app as well as MapMyRun to track my progress and to keep me motivated to run more distance more often. I’ve also added some of Jeff Galloway’s running interval programs to my iPod which has reduced the boredom I sometimes experience!

  192. Adding a morning carpool in for one of my kids ( who are one per elementary, middle and high school). Having that extra bit of time a couple times a week helps me squeeze in a little more of a run before work.

  193. Giving myself permission to run only for 10 or 20 minutes. I usually run longer, but on days when I am feeling depressed or lazy, it gets me Out. The. Door. And I am always happy afterwards.

  194. For me it is having a schedule or a weekly running goal in mind (x miles for the week). I love knowing what I need to do for the week but also make it flexible enough that if I do not get time to run one night I can adjust the schedule to pick up the run a different night.

  195. Laying out my running clothes the night before. It’s like I’ve already made the decision to go, so I have to go when the alarm clocks goes off at 5:30am.

  196. I’ve learned to be ok with missing a shorter run during busy weeks. I’ve moved to 3 days running, 2 days strength, 1 day of yoga and 1 true rest day. That has helped me recover from my achilles injury without pain and I’ve been able to get almost back to my pre-injury pace!

  197. I just recently added a boot camp style fitness class into my running routine to help with cross training. The first night I thanked my running as I knew my endurance and cardio gained from running helped me get through that class!

  198. In the past, I would only cross train if I had the time….which was basically never! Now that my son takes karate twice per week, I dedicate one of those to cross training. I feel like my legs are fresher for my weekly runs now.

  199. I started thinking about my eyelids because although on a long run my body hurts,my eyelids don’t. Great distraction and great advice!

  200. A small tweak I’ve made to help running and LIFE as a mother-of-four runner is to start fueling with a green smoothie every afternoon. It has helped my energy levels into the early evening, and cut my snacking on junk and soda.

  201. Strength training. It’s made a huge difference in combating my IT Band pain which has been an issue for years. Ready to run the KC Half Marathon in just nine days – hoping to be pain free for all 13.1 miles!

  202. I’ve recently switched from coffee first thing in the morning to hot water with lemon. I still have a cup of half caff later after I’ve eaten something but it’s become something I really enjoy instead of dread. I’ve even found that although I was previously not a morning runner if I go after the water but before the coffee I actually have a better run. Who would’ve guessed?

  203. I’ve stopped beating myself up for not getting up and running at zero dark thirty. I don’t like running in the dark, so I decided to stop doing it. Now I’m only running 3-4 days/week but I’m also doing crossfit style strength training a couple days. I feel stronger and have more energy on my runs now.

  204. I’m recovering from a stress fracture, so I’ve been working on my hip strength. I’ve already noticed a difference in my everyday life, I can’t wait to see how it affects running when I start agin later this week.

  205. My tweak for a positive change has been getting extra sleep. Adding in more stretching has also helped my hips and back feel better. I love those Larabars and can’t wait to try the new granola.

  206. I recently injured myself and durimg rehab I kept trying to run long distances. I have had to make peace with the fact that I can only run a few miles at a time right now and, in doing so, I have seen increases in my 5K time that I have never been able to make previously because I had never focused on that distance before. So I’m taking time to allow myself to heal fully and enjoying some added benefits!

  207. Non running related…I took my soon-to-be ex off VIP stays on my iPhone, so now his emails don’t show up on my alert screen, and I don’t have to get stressed out when I glance at my phone. Small move, huge mental boost.

  208. The way I lace my running shoes. After reading an article (I believe in Runner;s World) about preventing heel slippage by changing the way shoes are laced, I entered a blissful, blister-free life! A small, free tweak that made such a huge difference. An added bonus, no more black toenails!

  209. Now that my kids are in school, I plan to change my running time to mid-morning so I don’t run in the dark and freezing cold this winter!

  210. Actually a big tweak– just being grateful to be able to run EVERY mile. Coming back from injury, it makes me appreciate my body. I’m learning that every run is a GREAT run, because at least I’m out there!

  211. Four tweaks helped me broadened my running regimen: ran without music and my garmin (this was very challenging and rewarding!); ran at a different time of day; and ran in gross weather instead of going inside (race day can turn out to be gross so might as well be prepared).

  212. Getting up and running early in the morning rather than wait until after work. There are many times I don’t want to drag myself out of bed, but I’m always glad I did.

  213. Convincing my husband to watch my two little girls on saturdays. Going from pushing a stroller for last 2.5 years to running free is amazing!

  214. I am taking a break from tracking my runs with technology. I am simply checking off on my calendar wether it got done or not, and for now, that is good enough for me (and much more relaxing!).

  215. The discovery of a pumpkins banana smoothie recipe. With a little protein powder and cinnamon, it is like pumpkin pie for breakfast

  216. Cooler temps! I live in Texas, but ran a half in Virginia recently. It was 30 degrees cooler there than during my last long run at home, and I felt like I had wings.

  217. I have started to follow some baby steps to eating a more “real” and less processed diet. I have started to do some healthy snack prep so I can just grab and go. I also know that I have to eat what I have prepped before reaching for goodies in the pantry. Eliminating cereal from the house and skimming the book “100 days of real food” have been a huge help.

  218. After hitting 40 and running my usual smattering of fall races, I noticed so many more injuries popping up – nothing that would knock me out for a long time but enough to wonder “what is going on”? So handy Google comes in and lets me know i now have a name as an over 40 runner – when did that happen?

    Realizing I needed to try some new things, I turned to foam rolling and surprisingly up-dogs or cobras. With all the forward flexion stretching, this one simple thing helped my back and my running (name or not).

  219. My small tweak has been to trust my healing. I twisted my ankle back in February, but was still running with a brace. I don’t need it. I was just afraid of the possibility of pain if I ran without it.

  220. Lara bars have become a favorite also as I have become gluten-free recently and has made quite a difference in my running (increased distance this summer and competed my first 10K) and general health (ya-no more brain fog!)

  221. I am contemplating signing up for my first marathon. Just completed the Twin Cities 10 Mile and with all the hype for the TC Marathon I really want to do one.

  222. The small tweak I made recently is to not be so hard on myself. Marathon training for the first time and it was really stressing me out with everything else going on in my life. But a couple weeks ago I finally decided I will not get upset if I miss 1 run here or there. Im doing the best I can and I will finish thismmarathon! !

  223. Recently I have started running three days a week at 5:15 in the morning with a group of women. Before I would have to run later in the day and these morning runs not only make needed space in my day but I feel more focused and energized for my day.

  224. Well, the old adage “break a leg” came to fruition this summer. So my upcoming change will be my return to the road!!! Just a few weeks left!

  225. I finally bought a massage roller for my car and use it immediately post run, rather than the standard “oh, I’ll foam roll tonight, promise!” I just use that bad boy while I’m stretching and drinking my protein Shake and-tada- loose muscles and no more my jams are too tight so my hip hurts pain!

  226. getting all my running stuff together the night before as well as an outfit for my daughter to wear to daycare and me to work. Amazing what a time suck getting outfits picked for each day are.

  227. I’ve started meal prepping all my meals for the week on Sundays. No more scrambling around at 5AM trying to figure out what to pack for lunch! Plus I know I’m eating a healthy option.

  228. I started running in the afternoon one day a week due to a schedule conflict (I’m usually a morning runner.) To my surprise, I’m finding it a refreshing change. Added bonus: my daughter who has mostly stopped napping dozes off during the run in the stroller!

  229. Resting more.
    I was definitely overdoing workouts, listening to my body instead of looking at numbers or a schedule had been real hard, but really helpful!

  230. Rolling and stretching did not happen until my thirties. Good addition. Lately my tweek has been ice to my knees post long run!

  231. I’m doing a better job hitting the paces I need during speed workouts. Before I was pretty willy nilly with pushing myself to hit them. Big difference in my speed.

  232. This question is easy…. glute strength!! I’ve been solidly working on bridges, dead lifts and squats, and the difference is phenomenal!! In speed and injury-(almost)proofing this bod!

  233. setting a calendar appointment to refill my water bottle. Reminds me both to drink more water and move around more (which is important when you have a fit bit competition going with your boss, who is training for a 50 mile walk the same weekend as your half marathon)

  234. I’ve started adding some basic (at-home) yoga and stretching in a few times a week…it’s too early to tell how it has helped my running (although I’m sure it has) but it has definitely helped me mentally!

  235. I made the switch to a paleo diet back in February hoping it would help with my marathon training. It has worked! I feel better overall and do not have any issues with inflammation this time

  236. Finding my mental toughness for racing this summer has made a huge difference, both in my race results and everyday runs. I’ve learned that being uncomfortable isn’t fatal, and now instead of backing off when things get tough, I push myself to go just a little faster.

  237. After switching my weekday runs to the late afternoon/early evening, not fretting about taking a day off. Following a full day at work (somewhat stressful), practices for kids, homework, etc…it’s okay to give myself a break and not stress about fitting my run in.

  238. Just yesterday I had my first sport massage. I am 1 1/2 weeks from my first half marathon. She was also a runner and a wealth of helpful information. So excited!

  239. Constantly working on my nutrition. The healthier I eat, the better I feel and it really makes a difference in my running!

  240. My depression improved significantly when I started taking Vitamin D3. I didn’t think that little pill would make such a big difference, but it did.

  241. The cooler weather has helped and changing up my music. I also bought new quest protein bars. Sometimes it is nice to east something different

  242. I am trying to focus on getting more sleep every night. I was waking up super early to do chores or work before my am run and I finally realized that my runs felt flat and what I needed was rest.

  243. There is an awesome woman in our area (Erin Byrd, NC) who specializes in doing gait analysis. I haven’t seen her yet bc I’m too close to my half finish line and don’t want to tweak anything at this point but plan on seeing her soon as my next goal is a sub-30:00 5k. And for only about $35, I plan on taking my sister as her Christmas present!

  244. this was an easy one for me! i am a 47 year old woman who started running when I turned 40. I currently have 3 teenagers in the house. My oldest daughter (who just turned 16) has developed a love for running. I have tweaked my running by enjoying slower runs with her ….we have great conversations and she has re-introduced me to the joy of running to run!

  245. I have allowed myself to be OK with what I (me…just…me) could do in that moment, that day, that week and that month. I have lived most of my life with a little birdie in my head comparing my accomplishments to others and placing my at least a portion of my self-worth on them. This doesnt mean that i don’t have goals or have become lazy – it means that they are my goals and mine alone. Oh…and a little B12 complex everyday doesn’t hurt either – LOL!

  246. Being fully commited to speedwork has made a big difference in my over all pace. I love seeing the result of my hard work.

  247. I tweaked my breakfast – my oatmeal now has a little bit of peanut butter mixed in -it’s delicious and has the protein I need in the morning.

  248. I take a deep breathe and realize that I choose to run and I’m free to run. I run grateful and take the great runs with the not so great runs. Life is Good and running makes life awesome!

  249. I’ve been doing a lot of core work lately. I always ignored that when I was younger but now that I am in my 30s I need it and notice a huge difference when I haven’t been doing it lately.

  250. Embracing the hills around where I live. The last training session, I tried to avoid them and it showed in my results. Now, I am using the hilly terrain to my advantage no matter how out of breath I am at the top of the hill!

  251. I’m contemplating getting to bed at a decent time so I actually get up and run. This new job has really messed up my schedule and running mojo!

  252. Switched from evening running to early morning running. The switch made a world of difference mentally. I now feel accomplished by 8 am. Sets the tone for a great day!

  253. I don’t know if this is a “small” tweak but they don’t take very long….during this training cycle, I started doing the Coach Jay Lunge Matrix before runs and his General Strength and Mobility (GSM) progression. I think that these things have made a noticeable positive difference in my strength, mobility and running. (They’re add ons to my regular routine of 3x/week core workout, 2-3x wk chiro rx’d exercises and daily Wharton AIF.)

  254. A very slight, but impactful lift in my right running shoe made for me by my chiropractor. Good-bye hip and knee issues!

  255. Hmm… well, a small tweak (fracture) of my kneecap has rendered me totally unable to run (or bend my leg)! But on the bright side, it’s renewed my passion and given me a huge drive for a comeback. And I’ve firmed up my core and upper body in the past weeks, so I think that will really help my running when I come back and it’s something I hope to keep up.

  256. I have the same running route and mileage every day. I recently started going into work a little later on Friday which give me more time in the morning to try different routes. So much fun!

  257. I am learning to make larger dinners for the family so that there are leftovers. This means I can run or exercise the following evening, the family still has a great meal and mommy does not feel guilty for working out!!!!

  258. Small tweak? i rarely listen to music…so when i do, it feels like something new and gives my run a boost! i like afro-cuban to pick up the pace.

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