LOVE it! Special AMR Run + Refresh Retreat Swag Giveaway


A lot to love: Two women who register for AMR Run + Refresh Retreat will win this nearly $400 prize package!
A lot to love: Two women will win each win one of these nearly $400 prize packages!

Quick note: This is a redo of a post/giveaway we ran a couple weeks ago, when we accidentally hit a speedbump. Although we reference the upcoming AMR retreat,  this giveaway is open to all mother runners. 

Love: It's a feeling fills a mother's heart, courses through her veins, gives her breath. Yet as much as we love our family members, sometimes we need to revitalize that emotional connection by taking a break from them. I freely admit it: I often take a run just to get out of the house (especially on the so-much-together-time weekends!).

If you're nodding along in agreement as you're bent over your smartphone, we want to suggest you take an even bigger longer break from your family--one that lasts, say, four days and three nights. Or three days, two nights.

Join Another Mother Runner, and a bevy of experts and other mother runners, for our first-ever AMR Run + Refresh Retreat, April 16-19. Journey to charming, vibrant Little Rock, Arkansas, and luxuriate in the posh comfort of Capital Hotel, and focus on yourself and your running, as well as your health and emotional well-being.

Who wouldn't love going on a getaway with her BRF to the posh-yet-inviting Capital Hotel in Little Rock?
Who wouldn't love going on a getaway with her BRF to posh-yet-inviting Capital Hotel in Little Rock?

As we talked about in a recent podcast, the Run + Refresh Retreat is designed to launch you into your greatest season of running ever. Each day will start with a group run along the scenic Arkansas River; a coterie of RUNbassadors will ensure every pace (and distance) is accommodated. The experts (including Dimity and me) will lead sessions on everything from yoga to nutrition, injury prevention to goal setting. Active afternoon activities will include speed clinics and strength-building sessions. There will be time for a tour of the fascinating Clinton Library, plus a farm-to-table outdoor dinner. But we promise you won't be overscheduled--we know the power of down-time as well as bonding time with other mother runners. We are confident you'll check out of Capital Hotel refreshed, brimming with a renewed love of running--and your family back home.

Also at the Run + Refresh Retreat, attendees will be treated to swag from our partners. For a pre-Retreat sampling, we're offering two Love Bundles filled with some of those products.  (Another reason to dub this swag "Love Bundles" is we're guessing a few of you might ask for the Retreat as your Valentine's Day present from your loved ones!)

The prAna bag all these lovely goodies will be packed in!
The prAna bag all these lovely goodies will be packed in!

Here's the products we L-O-V-E:
-June Yoga Tote ($48) by prAna, the company that'll be represented at the Retreat by the multi-talented Sage Rountree. Sage will lead yoga sessions both Friday and Saturday in Little Rock. And as an endurance and triathlon coach and author of several books including Racing Wisely, Sage will also be sharing her deep knowledge about running, triathlon, and the all-important activity of recovery.

-prAna Lueanna Scarf ($35.40), ideal for chasing the chill on your flight to and from Little Rock (as well as looking chic while you're there)!

Cozy and chic: wrap yourself up in this prAna Lueanna Scarf
Cozy and chic: wrap yourself up in this prAna Lueanna Scarf

-a long-sleeve, wicking-fabric badass mother runner tee ($35) to proclaim you're part of the AMR tribe

-an AMR water bottle ($5) + four tubes of Nuun Active ($24), our favorite electrolyte-rich hydration booster

Wet your whistle and stay well hydrated with 4 tubes of Nuun tablets.
Wet your whistle and stay well hydrated with 4 tubes of Nuun tablets.

-two Healing Honey Sticks ($24) from Life Elements, an anti-microbial, nourishing salve in stick form that helps heal everything from chafing to cracks heels

-24 packets of GU Energy Gel ($31.50) to fuel all the miles you log

-a Soleus GO! Activity Tracker ($109) to keep track of your day's movements + your night's sleep

-a pair of Pro Compression Marathon socks ($50), the perfect graduated compression socks for revitalizing your legs after a tough workout and keeping blood flowing during your plane ride to the Retreat. (Psst: If you want to buy a pair of socks, sleeves, or tights by Pro Compression, our new fave brand of compression gear, use code AMR40 for a sweet 40% discount in Pro Compression online store.)

Pro Compression offers gradient compression in countless styles
Pro Compression offers gradient compression in countless styles

Wow, that's a lot of stuff to love--as well as a lot of Retreat sessions to adore. While we're excited for the entire Retreat line-up, we're perhaps most excited for the panel discussions about goal setting and goal "upping."

What session would you love the most to partake in? To enter this giveaway, take a look at the Retreat schedule and tell us in the Comments section below this post, what session or activity you would love best. No purchase necessary, but please consider registering for our retreat. We're sure you'll LOVE it!

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. Part of a series of running giveaways, it begins on 2/11/15 and ends on 2/17/15. We will announce the two winners on our Facebook page on 2/19/15, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize package is approximately $391. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.  

467 responses to “LOVE it! Special AMR Run + Refresh Retreat Swag Giveaway

  1. There are way too many to choose from! However, if I had to pick one, it would probably be yoga since that is the one I need to work on most. 🙂 I would love, love, love to win this trip!!

  2. I would say that speed would be my first choice. I am a ssssllllooooowww runner. I am training for my first half and I know that I will be one of the slowest runners out there.

  3. I am psyched for the Nutrition session! High carb? Low carb? High fat? Paleo? What makes sense for those of us who aren’t sedentary but are no longer in high school and running 8 miles a day?

  4. Hands down… and in the cookie jar…Cassie! Just because I’m training for a marathon does NOT mean calories should be only judged by the number of miles on my schedule. The local bakery with the rockin chocolate cream filled donuts does NOT need to be part of my long run course. (on the way home…in my CAR…driving home AFTER the run.) Next goal: CONQUER SWEET TOOTH!!

  5. I want to get faster this spring so I would the Speed session. Not sure I could hang with the tribe but I’d kill myself trying!

  6. I would love to attend a session with Coach Christine because I absolutely love her training plans. Yoga would be awesome and much needed too since I am so completely un-bendy!

  7. Perhaps TriggerPoint because I just bought myself one for Christmas and I know there is a lot I do know about or how to do. Also very interested in the Yoga. I’m a curious Yoga newbie, don’t know how or where to start with it.

  8. I think either the goal setting or goal upping sessions. I am in a winter slump and have set a sort of broad goal of improving my 5K time, in an attempt to motivate myself. But I admit that I struggle with knowing whether my goals are even worthwhile, much less how to really tackle them. I wish, wish, wish I could make it to the retreat this year, but it’s on my wish list for next year!

  9. Prehab TriggerPoint and Yoga are neck and neck for the top billing for me! It does go without saying I would be a sponge for all the sessions because they all look delightful!

  10. What a great line-up of sessions! I’d love to hear them all. If I have to narrow my choice, I’d say strength with Dimity and then speed with Sarah.

  11. I will be dreaming of this retreat as I run a half marathon that morning… pretending that I’m running with a group of badass retreating mother runners who are sure to be more relaxed than I am.

    So as I run, I will be thinking of the grits at the Capitol Hotel, the Yoga Sessions with Sage, and the Prehab sessions with Trigger Point – all three of which would definitely be needed afterwards as I’m going to for a mega PR.

    Enjoy ladies!

  12. Oh man. If I had to choose a session that appeals most to me, it’s yoga with Sage Rountree. I have found that nothing makes me happier and more in tune with my body than a regular yoga practice mixed into my running. That being said, I would be intimidated by the speed session with Sarah. I really really want to get faster. I have always wanted to hit a sub-2 half marathon, but I can’t stick to the speed workouts in training. It’s like I am consciously avoiding them because I am afraid to fail. Or because I am afraid that it will make me hate running, which would really be awful. So maybe in a way, the session I want to go to most IS speed with Sarah. I want to learn how to achieve my goals so that I don’t always live wondering what I was truly capable of.

  13. I need all of the sessions for my post partum return to running! If I have to pick one I wou say the Yoga with Sage Roundtree. This is one thing I need the most and that my healing body can do.

  14. For me it would definitely be the strength. It is the one ‘hole’ in my training, that despite the best of intentions, gets missed more than it should. As I listened to the podcast announcing the retreat, I was so excited to share the news with my BRFs. Sadly, it conflicts with Boston this year. Please do another one!

  15. I would love to meet either Dimity or Sarah in person-you both are an inspiration! I need to work on speed stuff though, so that’s probably what I would focus on.

  16. Too many delicious choices! What appeals to me most is the group runs of varying distances – followed by Yoga with Sage Roundtree. Finish it off with a shower (no kids coming in to bother me, either) and the Farm to Table dinner….sounds like a perfect day!

  17. If I could attend this retreat I would most enjoy the speed sessions of all the planned activities. But the part I would remember most when I left would be the comradery of spending time with sister runners!

  18. I would love to attend as the whole schedule looks pretty amazing; however, if I were only able to pick one session, I would choose the training session. While I think the best thing on earth would be to meet our fearless leaders, training is the largest hurdle for me and must be tackled before I worry about improving technique. So hope you plan to make a trip to Nashville for the ZOOMA event on November 8th! Thought about making a trip to see you in Atlanta but have to work that day. 🙁

  19. Sage Rountree’s sessions! Just thinking today that I wish there were more days in the week, so I could run AND do yoga more. (and somehow fit in HIIT and weight training…). I love the fact that Sage do eloquently and encouragingly combines both my favorite forms of exercise!

  20. Picking just one session – IMPOSSIBLE!!! They all look fantastic! But if I have to follow the rules and pick just one I will have to pick the Speed Session with Sarah as that is an area in which I really need a good PUSH!! I hope someday when I am an empty nest running mother and can spend my $$ on me instead of karate, dance and figure skating lessons I will be able to attend your awesome retreat!, or maybe I will win the lottery lol Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  21. I would totally need the nutrition check with Cassie. I don’t always make the healthiest choices so getting some good, sound advise can’t be a bad thing. Cupcakes can be good for you, right?!?

  22. Goal setting is what I’m struggling with the most right now – so that topic would be great!
    And yoga with Sage! Yoga has saved my running “career”

  23. Prehab (to avoid my constant little issues growing into bigger ones), but I’d want to attend Speed with Sarah because I want to get faster!

  24. Speed with Sarah! I run with 3 other BAMR’s about 4 days a week and they are ALL faster than me, I love their motivation but I also want to learn how to become faster myself.

  25. I’d love to attend the PreHab session!! I find that as I’m getting older, those first few steps when I get out of bed in the morning are getting harder and harder!! I need to learn to work my muscles and tendons to keep myself running until I’m 100!!!

  26. All of these sessions sound awesome, but I’d really love to go to one of Cassie’s sessions! I loved when she was on the AMR podcast and appreciate her approach to nutrition, which would be very valuable to me for weight loss and running!

  27. I think I would go PRehab with Trigger point — I am already using Cassie Dimmick (thanks to listening to your posdcasts!) for nutrition/training!!

  28. Oooooo … there’s SO MANY good sessions to choose from! I am drawn to the yoga sessions with Sage, strength with Dimity, goal-setting panel with Dimity, goal-upping panel with Sarah, and the large panel session on Saturday. It sounds like it will be a wonderful retreat!!!

  29. It’s hard to pick, but I think I would like most to attend yoga. I am just getting into learning some great yoga poses for stretching and strengthening all those important muscle groups, but I definitely need to learn more!

  30. I will not be able to be there but have would liked to be apart of the speed sessions. Although I am intrigued by the Prehab sessions.

  31. I unfortunately will not be able to attend. But I am intrigued by the Prehab session. My running “Goal” for the last two years has been to get stronger and not get hurt. So far so good, but I am realizing that I need to continually be focused on “prehab” to not get hurt. It’s kinda like maintaining a weight loss, it just becomes a part of your routine and daily life.

  32. I would LOVE to do the strength training with Dimity! As I am aging I find that my upper body strength is diminishing – but my legs are strong with all of this running!!!

  33. Yoga with Sage Roundtree. My New Year’s resolution has been to make yoga a regular part of my life. I’m getting there slowly!

  34. I would definitely get the most out of the PREHAB section. Lately i’ve been battling some running injuries. I’ve never had to deal with these before (old age setting in) and it’s really jamming me up. I need to learn what to do when it happens and how to prevent them from coming. You have to keep this mama running so she is in her happy place. 🙂

  35. The yoga session with Sage Roundtree. I thought she was great on a prior podcast and it will help me as a runner and yogini

  36. I’d love to do any of the strength breakouts with Dimity! Definitely something I struggle with, so I know it would be helpful!

  37. Would have to say the goal setting and just listening to Mother Runners and their suggestions and positive thoughts. That’s what is it really all about, right?

  38. I would love to go to the goal setting/upping ones the most – though I will admit – I would love to just go (why oh why do I only get 2 weeks of vacation per year???)!

  39. I’d definitely be most interested in the speed workshop as that is the laziest part of my race training. I need a kick in the booty!

  40. The morning runs sounds great to start out the day. I think Speed with Sarah would be great as improving my time is an intimidating and challenging idea and any insight would be helpful!

  41. Group runs along the river — like you talked about on the podcast. Some of my favorite runs ever have been along rivers and lakes.

  42. I would love the group runs the most! Truthfully you can learn alot just from the internet, but you can’t get that mother runner comraderie. As a mostly solo runner, with not many runner friends, I wish I could go just to hang out with all of y’all!

  43. I am trying to get myself back on track in 2015 but struggling to get my groove back. I would love to attend the Training session with Coach Christine. It is one thing to read training plans and descriptions but a whole other situation to have an actual coach talk you through it.

  44. I would love all of the sessions but I think the goal setting/upping ones would be most timely for me now. Unfortunately, I can’t attend this retreat but I hope to do so in the future!

  45. I would love to attend the nutrition session. I have issues with low blood sugar and so nutrition is such a key role in my routine before runs. I am always trying to figure out what I need to have so that I have enough in my tank to get through long runs.

  46. I would love to attend the session on nutrition. I have issues with low blood sugar so its always a battle of keeping up with the nutrition so that I have enough in my tank to complete these longer runs.

  47. prehab and training…i am amping up my running and exercising after overcoming a serious case of PF and a healing aggravated hip…..

  48. I am going and so looking forward to so many things: hanging with my sister who will join me; meeting my virtual running mentors:SBS and Dimity; yoga, running and meeting other like minded women. Can’t wait!

  49. i so wish i could go to this. i can’t imagine anything more perfect than a retreat designed for mother runners! i would love to attend the nutrition seminars. coming off an extended forced rest due to a stress fracture in my hip, i know that i need some help in this area to ensure that i’m doing anything to contribute to another one.

  50. I am so sad to miss your retreat, but I have to attend a conference in Indy that same time where I’m presenting… So no getting out of that!
    I would love the yoga for runners and all the prehab workshops…

  51. The Goal Upping looks really interesting. I make goals every year and would like to get some ideas on how to make those goals bigger and better in a smart way.

  52. It’s my son’s 13th birthday today. I have a lot of reflection going on in my brain right now. When this post popped up, I immediately thought “Wow! I could really use the Yoga with Sage Rountree session.” Some deep breathing, calm movement, and self-reflection would be amazing as I contemplate how I became the mother of a teenager in the blink of an eye.

  53. injury prevention for me! As I’m entering the upper 40’s I do worry about parts failing! I don’t take stairs two at a time anymore and I actually hold the handrail sometimes!

  54. I would be most excited about the nutrition session. I often struggle with how to fuel my body for different types of runs (short vs. long, interval or not…)

  55. As a newer runner, all the topics sound like something I could benefit from, but the most the one that seems like a must is the PreHab!

  56. I would like to attend the nutrition session. I am going vegan and I want to make sure I properly
    Fuel my body with this major dietary change.

  57. Would totally love Yoga with Sage Roundtree! Started a bit of a regular yoga practice (finally!) and loving it! Would love to meet Sage!

  58. So many great sessions to choose! Yoga, panel discussions, group runs, the awesome meals, pretty much every session appealed to me. If I could attend, I’d be most excited about the morning group runs.

  59. I would love it ALL, but if I had to pick just a couple things it would be just meeting you ladies, as well as the yoga session with Sage Rountree and the nutrition session!

  60. If I could make it (sadly I can’t :() I would be looking forward to the nutrition session most. I can always use more tips for healthy eating!

  61. I would especially love the Nutrition session. I’m running on empty most if the time and could really use a crash course!

  62. All of the sessions sound awesome but if I had to pick just one then it would have to be nutrition. I could really use some information on better ways to fuel my body before and after runs.

  63. I would love to participate in a good yoga session. I started my yoga practice last summer and somehow, this winter, it just has not been happening. I would love to get back on track. Thanks ladies for all of your words of wisdom.

  64. The best part for me would be the goal setting (Dimity) and goal upping (Sarah.) Sometimes those automatic negative thoughts (ANTs!) get in my way. Would love some help with this!

  65. I think my favorite part of the schedule would be the morning runs. I get to run three mornings in a row, as far as I want, and I don’t have to negotiate childcare? Yes, please!

  66. I so wish I could be at the retreat this year, but living in Germany, it’s not an option! Maybe next year, when I’m back in the states! However, if I could, I would participate in Yoga with Sage Rountree. Loved hearing her on your podcast as well as Runner Academy, and her book “Racing Wisely” has been incredibly helpful.

  67. The yoga classes for sure! But it would be so hard to choose, so many of the sessions look awesome! Bummed I can’t make this one! Hopefully you will do it again!

  68. How can we choose just one!!? If this retreat were anywhere closer to the west coast, I WOULD attend!!! I think my favorite sessions would be speed work with Sarah. And anything related to nutrition. 😉

  69. Speed with Sarah! Reading about her speed sessions with Lynn in RLAM is what gave me the kick in the pants to devote a real effort to speed training. My PRs thank you.

  70. I would attend the Nutrition session. I think the old ‘eat a big carb dinner like spaghetti the night before a run’ isn’t working for me. New ideas are always welcome!

  71. I would love the yoga sessions with Sage! Always looking to expand my yoga to compliment my running, but so hard to get to an actual yoga class with a little one at home and my husband gone so often.

  72. I would love the Trigger Point class–I have some equipment but have no real idea of how to use it, for how long, or when. Second choice–Nutrition! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  73. Nutrition is definitely the area I need the most help in so that is the session I would choose…or strength because I struggle with that, too!

  74. Just the idea of running with a bunch of mother runners in a place where there’s no snow sounds like heaven enough, and an entire weekend dedicated to moving my body, egads!, but if I have to pick just one, the Sat. Q&A panel is of particular interest. Thanks — hope you have a great turnout!

  75. Definitely Training with Coach Christine! I’m using the great AMR Marathon Own It plan for the second time this spring, and I’d love to learn more from her.

  76. It’s a toss up… Trigger point (soooo injury prone), or yoga…because that’s one thing I haven’t really done much of. Oh, the choices!!

  77. Speed with Sarah! I feel like speed work is still a major mystery to me! I have taken 30 seconds off my average pace over the last year but I want to get like a full minute a mile faster!

  78. I SO wish I was in a position to attend this AWESOME event. If I were going I’d want to “do it all”, but I’d have to say that I’d definitely make time for yoga with Sage.

  79. Although I would enjoy all the sessions, what I would enjoy the most is a group run and getting to know other mother runners. I don’t know any other runners, so having someone to run with sounds amazing! A group with mother runners would be a dream come true!

  80. I would love to do the training with coach Christene. The whole thing looks so fun, I hope you keep doing it and that I can go one day. (West Coast next time?)

  81. So hard to choose but I would go with yoga with Sage since I just tried my first yoga video of hers online and felt so amazing…I need more of this in my life! 🙂 Also, I want to go for a run with a bunch of BAMRs!!

  82. I would LOVE to be surrounded by other mother runners. The entire weekend sounds amazing– running, nutrition, yoga… but especially strength training. Overall sounds like a perfect weekend!

  83. I would love the trigger point & yoga sessions. Also would love to run with everyone! Sounds like a wonderful time!

  84. Well I should say injury prevention since I am sidelined for a few days with an infected toe (blister gone bad). However, the speed clinic is really intriguing to me as I want to lower my running times, but speed work outs intimate and scare the heck out of me.

  85. They all look great but if I had to choose probably nutrition (something I’m trying to work at- sometimes with more success than others) and yoga as I really want to return to my yoga practice which has really dropped off lately.

  86. I’d be most interested in the prehab sessions with trigger point. (And, of course, the grits at breakfast!) Can’t do the retreat this time, though….will be cheering on my BRF at her first Boston marathon!

  87. Would love to find the time to swing this retreat!! Although it all sounds perfect for me, I think goal upping/speed with Sarah would go best with my goals for the year and then Yoga with Sage because I’ve always wanted to go on a spa like vacation where running and yoga could be combined with good food and wine!!

  88. I would go for the strength class or/ and trigger point. I am struggling with staying injury free and needing motivation to do anything to strengthen my running! I day dream about going to strength classes but never seem to get there. Looks like an awesome retreat!!

  89. I would look forward to the nutrition discussion the most as it could translate to better health and athletic performance for me and my whole running family!

  90. Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. As a pescatarian, I thought I had it all figured out. I don’t eat pork, beef or chicken simply because my body feels better when I don’t. But then, I started running- and things got complicated. I started seeing food as the fuel in my tank. So many options and possible combinations. One night I even craved a burger. Everyday I am trying to find the right balance that gives me energy but does not lead me to the TMI discussions as I try to sort it all out. I need some professional guidance in this area!

  91. After a year plagued with injuries and a PR half marathon inspire of the injuries, I think I would choose the Strength session. Definitely something I still need to work on!

  92. They all look interesting, but I think my top two would be nutrition and goal setting. As a newer runner it’s hard for me to determine when to push myself with my goals. Also nutrition is to key to any type of success.

  93. Oh my gosh! Can I just say all of them! Sounds like an amazing retreat. If I had to pick though, definitely strength and nutrition. I so wish this retreat was closer. Would you ever come to Minnesota?

  94. it is so hard to choose but if I had to narrow it down I’d say either training or nutrition as both are a challenge for me! I wish I could afford to attend the retreat but alas I cannot!

  95. I would look forward most to speedwork with sarah in small groups. Speedwork intimidates me and I have always wanted to do it with people. I don’t have a bfmr 🙁 not for lack of trying! It’s hard to find running friends with similar distance goals!

  96. I would love to meet all the other mother runners & chit chat during the sessions!! The nutrition is where I need more knowledge.

  97. I would love to attend all of the workshops, but if I had to pick one, it would definitely be yoga with Sage Roundtree. I’ve never felt stronger, more centered, relaxed, and less injury-prone when I have incorporated more yoga into my cross training regime. Also, taking a yoga class from someone like Sage who runs and has done marathons and who knows what yoga poses runners need, would be very beneficial for me.

  98. while I would love it all!!!! i think i could benefit most from the prehab and yoga. the sruff i tend to ignore!!! So wish I could make the retreat….maybe another time!! The bundle looks like an amazing treat though!!

  99. Nutrition!!! The endless fueling options overwhelm me so I end up with either major GI distress or slam into the wall face first on my 18+ mile runs. So. Not. Pretty.

  100. I would take advantage of all the yoga sessions as it is single handedly getting me through the winter! I would also love to learn more about speed training as I’m in search of a couple PRs this year!!

  101. Nutrition! I understand the importance if nutrition, but As a mother runner, I often find it hard to make time for myself to eat like I should.

  102. I just (as in ten minutes ago) signed up for my first marathon…gulp…so nutrition, and speed would be the sessions I’d love to attend. The entire weekend sounds great!

  103. i would love to go, but it’s not in the buget. If I where there I would live to see a session on running as we age, common injeries or problems that come along with that & what preventative measures we can take.
    BTW I’m 42, run 20-25 miles a week & deal with minor IT issues.
    Thank you!

  104. I would most love to attend the lunch “session”! Who doesn’t love to eat! After that though, the goal setting and goal upping both sound like they would be very motivating!

  105. I would love the strength sessions. I enjoy running and really that is all I want to do. I know that you need to work on strength exercises too, but it is so hard to make myself do any type of workout for that 🙁

  106. The session of sleeping in the comfy bed with amazing sheets…I kid (sort of)
    The nutrition sessions would be awesome. I feel I have a good grasp on my running but flounder on the timing and balance of meals, snacks, hydration, and nutrition.

  107. As a mom of 2 kids I feel the nutrition would be the best for me. I am trying to be an example for my kids by running and being fit. I always tell them that food is fuel for your body but I often wonder if I am doing the best I can with our meals and snacks. I feel like running grounds me and makes me a better mommy and I hope to help my children follow in my addiction.

  108. First of all, completely unfair you are asking us to pick just one, but of I HAD to choose, I would say Strength With Dimity because that is where I slack the most!

  109. sighs and wishes she could attend…

    Having suffered on and off with ITBS and sciatic issues for the past several years, the rehab, strength training and goal setting sessions sound the most helpful to me. Great job putting together such great sessions and speakers!

  110. as I sit here with icepacks on both my feet and a marathon in 3 days, I think injury prevention would be an excellent session for me.

  111. Is it a bad sign that my first thought is eating and group runs?! I kid, sort of, anyway… Looking at the schedule, I’d have to say the yoga sessions. I’m horribly tight and prone to injuries yet can’t get myself to commit to maintaining a stretching routine–maybe yoga would click!

  112. I would love to attend the strength session. It’s definitely something I need to work on. I do the running but I haven’t been as good about the cross training.

  113. Despite being very fit, I’ve been labeled pre-diabetic for Type 2 Diabetes. I would love to sit in on nutrition and see what else I could be doing to keep my carb and training in balance. Wish I could go!

  114. Honestly, the meals sound amazing! Could I come just for the food?! 😉 As far as sessions, I think I’d be most interested in the Prehab with Trigger Point. They make the most incredible torcher devices. 😛

  115. Your entire event looks like a great time! I would probably love to learn more about speed…. or nutrition… or…. darn.. it all looks wonderful!

  116. I wish I had the time and money to go to all, but alas I will be scoring ELA exams. I would most enjoy the group runs. Getting to be with a huge group of happy running women in not frigid temps sounds great.

  117. Definitely the goal setting session with Dimity and the panel. I train so hap-hazardly, sometimes my goals are not challenging enough and other times they are unreasonable. Help! 🙂

  118. ANY of the sessions with Dimity or Sarah! You guys are total celebrities to me! I would just be so excited to soak up all of your advice in person!

  119. I would like to attend the Dimity + Panel Goal Setting and Sarah + Panel Goal Upping on either day, I would also like to do some training with Christine! I wish I could attend my daughter will be competing in Oregon Relays that weekend at Hayward field.

  120. Speed because I can’t quite let go of the dream of a sub-2:00 half even though it would be really difficult at my present running level.

  121. Love the whole schedule. Toss up between yoga and nutrition, two things I don’t pay enough attention to in my regular running routine.

  122. Sigh…I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to actually attend, but between a spouse in school full time and a kiddo who’s having surgery just a few weeks before, it’s a no-go for me. Aaaaannndd I know that my answer to your question SHOULD be strength or pre-Han, especially since I’m in week 3 of my comeback, thanks to a pesky IT band/glute issue……buuuutttt I am always enthralled when I hear Sage and her soothing voice, and am instantly whisked away to the magical land of yoga. So yep, I’d go with that. 🙂

  123. I’m going to echo what RLR posted… I would love to get more info about nutrition (pre-race fueling, post-run fueling, etc.) when you are on a restricted diet. Ever since I started one in November, I feel like my energy has been lagging while running. One of Sage’s yoga sessions would be awesome, too!

  124. I Would love a yoga session with Sage! Her book on mindful racing has helped me make realistic goals! Just wish the retreat wasnt during my crazy season. Next time!!!

  125. Um, all of them?! Seriously though, I think the goal setting and goal-upping. It’s hard for me to set appropriate goals. I’m either too easy and not pushing or unrealistic and disappointed in myself.

  126. Does eating count or sleeping in the sheets you guys were bragging about? I would love to go to a speed workshop with Sarah. Need to speed up so I can get s long run and some RR time

  127. Prehab with TriggerPoint. Self care is my biggest downfall as I am usually out the door, run, and home to family with no warm up or warm down. I wish I could come this year. Unfortunately it coincides with a Thomas the Train event for my son’s birthday. I’m not sure which would be more epic; the look on his face when he sees Thomas, or an entire weekend with like minded women!

  128. I’d love to do yoga or strength as those are not my “strong” suits. I’m trying to incorporate more cross training in my schedule to be a better, more well-rounded runner.

  129. I would be all over the speed workshop. Speed has been my biggest struggle since I started running. At first I was good with just building endurance, but eventually I wanted to get a little speedier. I seem to have reached a plateau and am not getting any faster. I know I haven’t reached my full potential!

  130. Strength with Dimity! I could really use some solid guidelines and inspiration to get me to stick with a strength-training routine.

  131. Strength with D! It never fails~ I always seem to feel weak when I run. I start out great and hit my wall so early. I would love to learn about gaining strength and feel like I can finish a run just as strong as I stated.

  132. Nutrition because that’s what I struggle with the most but also the yummy food (see I told you)! I can’t wait for April!

  133. Do the morning runs count as sessions? Those sound so epic, especially since I do 99% of my running solo! Otherwise, I think I would ‘enjoy’ (read: benefit most from) the Trigger Point stuff). Maybe some year I can do this… But not this one!

  134. Three of my favorite AMR podcasts have been with Sage Rountree, Cassie Dimmick, and Coach Christine. So, it’s a toss-up between those three and, of course, Dimity’s strength and Sarah’s speed sessions. But, being a Carolina girl at heart, I think I’m going to have to go with Sage Rountree’s yoga session, since she hails from “The Southern Part of Heaven.”

  135. I might sound like a suck up by saying this (and I’m totally bun bed that I can’t make the retreat this year) but I would love to attend the Speed sessions with Sarah and the Strength sessions with Dimity! Not just because I love you gals but because those are two things that I am always working on! Thanks!

  136. While I want to sound cool and hard-core by saying the best part would be the runs and the wealth of knowledge I could get there, I’ll be honest and say the gourmet meals and shopping sounds divine. I mean, if I’m being honest…

  137. I would love to attend the nutrition seminars. I struggle with eating the right balance to keep me fueled for my runs and strength training and also recovery for my muscles. Thanks so much! Can’t wait to see you Sarah at the newest book release in Portland 🙂

  138. It’s so hard to choose between yoga with Sage and speed work! I guess I will have to go with speed this time! How to get faster even as you get older….

  139. I sincerely hope there is a repeat for this repeat in a year where I don’t have a child getting married because I need it all! 😉
    But if pressed, I’d say speed or yoga. See? I still can’t decide. I’ve been taking a yoga for runners class locally which has been amazingly restorative but speed would probably edge it out. Every pr I have is hard won.
    I’m the slowest in my little family and would like to be able to have a tiny bit of bragging rights going.

  140. Pre-hab because

    1) Pre was an awesome runner and championed recognition for the running community
    2) Hab – because I’m sure I need some hab!

  141. I would love the “Speed with Sarah” sessions. I seem to have hit a wall with my speed, I could use a coach and I really want to reach some new PRs.

  142. my first thought was yoga with Sage, because our names rhyme, and that’s always fun. Then I thought nutrition, because that’s always a weak spot for me. But really what I need most is goal setting and goal upping.

  143. If i could go , i would love to partake in “dimity-Panel, goal setting”, for the reason of im planning to upgrade from running to triathlons, just looking for tips mom-wise to juggle that delicate timing.

  144. Nutrition, no doubt! Its probably the thing I struggle with most. Im very good at justifying that cake or chips if ive run a few miles earlier in the day.

  145. yoga with Sage.. I’m slowly starting to embrace the benefits of yoga, realizing I need to find a means to focus on the spiritual and relaxation as party of my mind/body fitness regime.

  146. since the distance and cost are out of my budget this year I won’t be able to attend (unless I win the giveaway from Nuun!)
    But I would be most interested in the speed training and trigger therapy rehab!

  147. Whilst the informative nutrition sessions, and the spiritually flexing yoga and exciting new route and brf run sessions all sound amazing, what I would probably look forward to most is a night in a bed by myself with the toddler visitor (my son who gets out of his bed and into ours every night) scraping his toenails down my back.

  148. I would love to do the strength session with Dimity – I need to work on my strength to not only run better but make my body stronger.

  149. For a session, I would have to pick yoga with Sage! I’m constantly battling soreness and worried about becoming injured again so I’d love some pointers and insight from someone who knows running and yoga so well. As for an activity, the morning runs with the AMR tribe sound like so much fun. I almost always run alone, just because my BRF is an hour and 1/2 away. Running with a whole group of new BRFs would be AMAZING!!!

  150. I would go to the “goal setting” and “goal upping” workshops. I thrive on making goals and I would love more inspiring ideas!

  151. I would love to learn more about nutrition! Everything looks like it would be wonderful, yoga, strength, speed, training and all would be beneficial.

  152. If I were to go (It is over my husband’s birthday so I won’t) I would be most looking forward to the Strength with Dimity sessions.

  153. I’d choose the yoga. I’ve always had this dream of practicing at some resort/retreat away from home! The entire retreat looks like so much fun!

  154. Bummed I won’t be able to join you BAMRs. The sessions with Coach Christine is probably what I’d most look forward to since I have never received any training before!

  155. The running is most appealing to me right now! I am currently 37 and 1/2 weeks pregnant and haven’t run for most of the pregnancy and am just itching to get back out there!

  156. Strength! I have ignored it and I know that has contributed to various injuries as well as limited me as a runner. I have no core strength post-twin pregnancy and C-section. I would be wise to embrace strength training, but I don’t necessarily know how.

  157. I think I would love Prehab with TriggerPoint. As a keyboard warrior with a history of repetitive strain injuries, every bit of this kind of stuff that I can get is a gift. But the whole retreat looks amazing — I wish it were in the cards for me.

  158. All the sessions sound awesome…wish I could be there. If I have to choose it would be the session with Coach Christine….followed closely by everything else!!!

  159. The entire retreat sounds truly wonderful. Sadly it coincides with a major work event. But, if I were there I wouldn’t want to miss Sage Rountree’s session!

  160. Honestly, while all the sessions would be beneficial, I’m thinking about the food! To enjoy a farm-to-table dinner, in the company of amazing mother runners from all over the US (and Australia) and share about our lives and our running experiences – that sounds divine to me. To relax and dine on a meal that I did not have to plan, shop, prepare or cook and don’t have to clean up – that sounds delightful. (AIso, I have never had Southern grits, so Sarah’s favorites would be a stand out I’m sure)

  161. I’d most be looking forward to running with you ladies along the river! I love running in new places and, of course, running it with my idols would be even better. I love the look of the yoga sessions, and strength training. Also interested in goal-upping: I don’t know what it means but I think I should be doing it! Hoping your Fall retreat might bring you closer to my piece of the world.

  162. I think you’ve put together an amazing schedule and it would be cool to participate in any of the sessions. The one that jumps out at me the most is Yoga with Sage Rountree. I’ve really enjoyed listening to her on past podcasts, and I feel like I’m not making enough time for yoga these days.

  163. I have to pick?! I want to go to them all! I’m hoping y’all do this again so I can participate!

    Okay, if you are going to make me pick then I choose the Speed sessions. My big goal this year is to run a sub-2 half so I need all of the pointers I can get 🙂

  164. I wish I could figure out how to swing this. It’s on my birthday which is perfect so we’ll see if miracles can happen. When I think about what I would love to get out of this retreat it would be meeting the other mother runners since I live in a small town usually run solo after my kids go to bed. However, if I was honest with myself, I really need the session on Triggerpoint massage. I have battled piriformis syndrome and plantar fasciitis and despite that I loath the foam roller! I would love to learn how to use it effectively since right now it’s more useful as a “robot arm” for my kids.

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