Whether you joined us in 2020 for one of our Love the Run You're With series or you are brand new to this virtual race series, we're excited you're here!

Love the Run You're With: Spring 2021

Beginning February 1, this four-month program is designed to help you speed through spring. In addition to continuing to build your endurance base, the workouts will help you get stronger and faster—and keep you engaged through the entire 16 weeks.

Love the Run: Spring 2021 incorporates four virtual events:

A One-Mile Effort in February (more fun than it sounds: promise!);
A Lucky 7K in March;
A 20K Your Way in April (options include 4 x 5K; 10K + 10K; or one 20K);
The final event? Yep, we're bringing back the popular team relay in May: Virtual teams of six will either run a combined 50K, 100K, or 150K—and have a blast doing it.

LTRYW: Spring 2021 combines all the features and swag you love, including:

A PDF of the 4-month training program that includes separate training tracks, overviews of each month, + space for monthly personal reflections;
Weekly Ask the Coach columns and pre-race webinars with Coaches Jen + Liz;
A specially designed finishers' medal;
A bib for each virtual event;
A custom-designed Love the Run You’re With technical short-sleeve tee by Korsa;
One tube of Nuun Electrolyte Tablets;
1 sleeve of Gu Energy Chews;
A 2-bar pack of dark chocolate FlavaNaturals FlavaBars;
Custom Love scrunchie;
A private Facebook page + Strava group (expert guidance, support, + camaraderie in spades);
The option to add-on a custom Love the Run You're with Hat!

REGISTER NOW: This program only has space for 1,000 people and we are already 1/3 sold out!

Because we know you like options, here are two choices for Love the Run You're With - the program or alone or a cute hat to go along with it. Go ahead and invest in yourself: You deserve it!


How do I know if Love the Run You're With: Spring 2021 is right for me?

If you want the structure of planned workouts, unique and engaging events, expert guidance, and the camaraderie that comes with working toward common goals with like-minded people, this series is for you. Plus, if you're missing the challenge of training for an event (read: you miss training for and running in-person races), you'll love Love!

You can pick the right training team for your running experience + current fitness level; as you get stronger, you can easily hop up a team. Conversely, if life throws (another) curve ball, you can slide into a team with a less demanding training schedule.

Can you explain the Love the Run: Spring 2021 events in more detail?

Of course! We're so excited to about this line-up that all levels of runners or run/walkers will enjoy.

February kicks off with the One-Mile Effort. If the idea of a speedy mile has you flashing back to middle school gym, don't worry: The workouts will get you ready for it, and Coaches Jen + Liz will offer plenty of advice on pacing and effort.

In March, we pay tribute to St. Patrick's Day—and the lucky number 7—and offer up a 7K (4.3 miles).

April ushers in the customizable 20K Your Way: Over the weekend, you can run 4 x 5K; 2 x 10K; or a single 20K (12.4 miles).

And in May? We're bringing back the popular—and—Love the Run Virtual Team Relay. Over the course of a weekend, your team of six will collectively run a 50K (31 miles); 100K (62 miles); or 150K (93 miles).

What are the dates of the Love the Run events?

We have tentatively planned for these dates (yet you can shift as your schedule demands):

February 27-28: One-Mile Effort
March 20-21: Lucky 4K, 7K, or 15K
April 24-25: 20K Your Way
May 22-23: Love the Run Virtual Team Relay

Can you tell me about the hat option?

We LOVE the run so much, we couldn't resist sharing the logo on a limited-edition, exclusive collection of BoCo Gear toppers: a visor, running trucker, running hat, and pom beanie.

You can add any of these styles onto your registration for just $21. (A significant savings from the usual price of our hats.)

And, hey, if you want more than one of these fabulous hats, please include your most favorite in your order, then email ShopGal [at] anothermotherrunner [dot} com to place an order for the other one(s) you want. Regardless of how many you buy or how you order them, all hats will ship with the swag in early February.

What swag is included with Love the Run: Spring 2021?

Love the Run: Spring 2021 mixes up our swag bag with some great new products: For starters, everyone gets a custom-designed Love the Run You’re With technical short-sleeve tee by Korsa. In addition, you get a tube of Nuun Sport electrolyte replacement tablets + a packet of Instant Immunity 3x; a 2-bar pack of dark chocolate FlavaNaturals FlavaBars; four custom bibs; a custom Love scrunchie; and a gorgeous finishers' medal.

When will Love the Run: Spring 2021 swag be shipped?

We're sweet on you: Given that we want you to get the flavanaturals chocolate close to Valentine's Day, we're shipping swag in early February. If you opt for a hat, it will be shipped with your swag package.

Am I charged separately for shipping?

If you live within the U.S., shipping is included with the registration fee.

If you live internationally, you will be assessed a $20 shipping fee.

When will I get the training program for Love the Run: Spring 2021?

In mid-January, we will email you a code for you to access all your Love the Run: Spring 2021 materials: the training PDF, the Facebook page, and the Strava club.



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