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Managing the Hurt

John Mellencamp belting out, "Hurt So Good." (Random photo, I know!)

Dimity and I often talk about our differences, joking that we are yin and yang. One major difference is Dimity suffers from a slew of injuries whereas, knock on wood, I've never had a sideliner. Not to say I'm pain free--can any runner over the age 0f, say, age 15 make that claim?--but my niggles don't keep me from running. I'm incredibly grateful for this. My heart goes out to Dimity, especially when she tears up talking about possibly taking time off from running to heal.

Thirty-two runners shared tales of their injuries with us, as well as solutions for dealing with time off from running. Using , we have a winner: Carolynn, who, from the sounds of it, probably spent money more on physical therapy than Jesse James dropped at strip clubs. She's now recovered and swears by stretching to prevent future flare-ups. Carolynn wins a pair of heat-moldable SOLE inserts. Like Dimity, I am devoted to my SOLE inserts. When my on-again, off-again Achilles tendinitis flared up due to increased mileage, the pain lessened dramatically after I slipped those pups into my running shoes.

Carolynn: Please email us at runmother at gmail dot com to let us know your mailing address.

Have a great weekend everyone. I have my longest marathon training run tomorrow--22 miles--then off to Bend, OR, on Easter afternoon for a run and a reading at FootZone on Monday (9:30 a.m. and 7 p.m., respectively). Happy miles to you all, and I hope to meet some of you in Bend!

3 responses to “Managing the Hurt

  1. oh i am so glad i found this blog! i used to read your blog on runners world and really liked it. i also have read so many good things about your book 🙂 good luck on your long run-my goodness and have fun in Bend. Oh i love it there 🙂

    1. Glad you found us, too. Long run went well, and legs are feeling shockingly good today. Who knows what 4-hour drive will do for them. Hoping snow isn’t too bad near Mt. Hood. At least I’ll have RLAM books and goodie bags in trunk to put some weight on rear tires. And I’ve told myself if I get stuck, at least I’ll have enough PowerBar Gel Blasts, mini Lara Bars, and Probar Fruitions to last me for a week! “;>)

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