Martini Fridays: winner, winner, chicken dinner

Remember last week? Remember how I said “From here on out, I plan to finish the race plan as written?” How innocent we all were, back then.

First, the good news. Saturday’s long run was pretty good, with a few exceptions. It was a foggy morning so I took to the high school track, because I don’t trust drivers in dense fog on the sidewalk-less route I take for my long runs. Plus, the track is flat.

I was maybe three miles in when small, helmeted bodies were suddenly underfoot, having snuck up on me through the lingering haze. Then the bleachers were full of cheering people. And, then, a modified football game broke out around me.

These emerged from the haze.
These emerged from the haze.

One of the refs let me know I could just keep running, if I wanted to. Which was nice and all but grinding out 9 more miles in front of an audience didn’t seem like a good time. Also: it was right about then that I realized which t-shirt I’d grabbed that morning …

It's a great shirt, yes, but not to everyone's taste.
It's a great shirt, yes, but not to everyone's taste.

… and wasn’t sure that every single parent would appreciate explaining it to every single kid.

NBD, thought I. I have options. I detoured into a nearby park and ran smack into 20ish Boy Scouts learning how to build lean-tos and start fires. There were other kids toting soccer balls. I gave up and decided to run laps around the high school. Boring, yes, but I had Dimity and SBS’s Ragnar Round-up to keep me amused, even as my bowels clenched in sympathy.

My time for 12-miles was no great shakes, partly because I was taking pictures and answering phone calls, because some days are like that. The only hard part was levering myself back off of my bedroom floor after my post-run stretching and hauling my behind into the shower.

Later that afternoon, my nose started dripping. It wasn’t a polite little sniffle; it was like someone had opened up a fire hose in my sinuses, like shove-two-twists-of-Kleenex-in-your-nostrils-just-to-get-some-peace-levels of dripping. By Saturday night, I knew I had caught the cold both of my beloved children had been incubating all week.

It’s been years since I’ve had a cold. I’ve long chalked up my cold-free status to running, fine moral character, and obsessive hand washing. I’ve lorded it over those who have colds, if only inside my own head. And, lo, hubris comes for us all.

I haven’t run one step since Saturday. I might try an easy three tomorrow, which is Thursday as I’m writing this, just to see how it goes. There has been no five miles at tempo, no FUN workout. There has been a lot of lounging around and sighing heavily. So I have that going for me.

The Boy Scouts were at the end of this green and leafy path.
The Boy Scouts were at the end of this green and leafy path.

According to the 13.FUN training plan, I should be doing 10 miles with the middle 4 at race pace on Saturday. I won’t be doing that, not because of the dread lurgie I’m slowly getting over but because Sunday is the Pit Run, which is Oneonta’s premier racing event. I’ve run it for a few years and have no intention of stopping because of the sniffles. I’ll be running the 10K and trying to beat my PB, which is 1:16, which seems completely do-able, even with the phlegm in my head.

What I’m on the fence about is whether or not I’ll run from my house to the starting line, which is about a mile, then home from the finish so that I can get a 8 or 9 miles in. Or, given that one of the big draws of the Pit Run is the chicken lunch afterwards, which would be hard to carry while running back to my house, I might just run to the start and call it good enough. I suspect this will be a game day decision but also know which way I’m leaning, because that chicken is pretty dang tasty.

Speaking of tasty, I finally made a plan for the meet-up in Syracuse on October 18. Nestico’s Restaurant is near the Expo, has good reviews, and, most importantly, has plenty of carbs on the menu. I’ve made a reservation for 5 p.m., which gives us time to chat and eat and still get to our respective beds at a decent hour. Give me a holler at [email protected] if you think you can make it.

I look forward to my post-Pit Run chicken lunch every year and, even though it’s from a local institution, I only eat it annually after the Pit Run. Is there a post-race treat that you anticipate? Or, even better, only eat on race day?

10 responses to “Martini Fridays: winner, winner, chicken dinner

  1. Yesterday’s chicken was the best chicken ever. More in this Friday’s post, though. Don’t want to spoil the surprise.

    And thanks Holly! I haven’t been knitting as much lately but that was such a fun (for broad definitions of “fun”) project.

  2. Enjoy that chicken! I know the establishment of which you write and enjoy it every time I am in town for a college buddies reunion (one still lives in Oneonta). Can’t resist the delicious aroma …

  3. I love a big juicy cheeseburger after a long run. On a completely unrelated note, I have enjoyed your posts so much Adrienne, that I scouted out your knitting book you wrote several years ago. Even though I haven’t knitted in years, I am loving it.

  4. I love a good margarita after a race and I drink them very, very rarely if I’m not racing. I think I love them then because I need the salt and also margaritas are great for re hydrating (right?). I also do a race every year where there are hot blueberry donuts at the finish line. Those blueberry donuts are the best things ever…but I only eat them on that race day. I’m pretty sure it would be bad karma to eat them any other time.

  5. Pre-race, oatmeal and some water. If it’s a marathon, i throw in a bagel with PB. Post-race, it depends on the distance but for a half marathon or full, it’s really anything goes! The irony is that you burn pretty much a full days’ worth of calories, only not to be too hungry afterwards. If I’m going to splurge, it’s tartufo or a hunk of heavy crumb cake from B & W Bakery (my fellow Bergen County NJ mother runners will know it!)

    Good Luck! You are doing awesome!!

  6. We have a local prediction race that has a spread put on by the Fire Dept ladies auxiliary. Best post race spread ever. It features home made chili (meat/meatless options)and home made chocolate chip cookies, along w/ the usual post race food.

  7. Nothing I only eat on race day, because I live to eat, and so need no excuse. After listening to Sarah talk about having shrimp cocktail at a baby shower after a 20 mile run in a podcast long ago, that is my go to for some reason, with a bloody Mary, if I’m out. Home: sushi and likely a dirty martini with blue cheese stuffed olives.
    Apparently my goal post-race is to erase all the calorie burning I’ve accomplished!

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