August 2020

In August, we are spotlighting small, local businesses owned by women; our community is so supportive and strong, we wanted to pay it forward a bit.

Check them out:

Koala Clip: A Practical Phone Pocket

Owned by Kristina Powell ("started with a $50 sewing machine and YouTube how-to-sew videos")

Kristina's favorite product: The LUX Koala Clip. "It adds an internal card pocket to keep cash and cards separate from your phone. It was a direct request from our customers who wanted some more security for their cash. "

Deal: 20% off with code AMR2020







Graymount Press: Paper + Card Products

Owned by: Carlene Gleman ("unrelenting optimist who believes there's a solution for every problem, and I believe anyone can learn how to do anything if they're willing to get through the sucky 'I'm a beginner' part")

Carlene's favorite product: Our spiral notebook. "They're compact, cute, and look great sitting on a desk. Notebooks are a fun way to inject a little art into a work day."

Deal: 5 cards for $19 + free shipping in US






HenryMod Jewelry: Leather Earrings

Owned by: Caitlin Hill ("a mama, wife, ultra runner, fitness instructor, entrepreneur, food lover"

Caitlin's favorite product: The Georgia stud. "It's named after my husband's Nana, and you can easily display a pop of color or print. Plus  if I forget to take them out, I can easily workout in them!"

Deal: Save 20% with code AMR20







Her Tribe Athletics: Athletic Tops + Accessories

Owned by: Meg Staples ("mom + full-time art teacher who designs everything")

Meg's favorite product: Miles Change You tank. "It reminds me that every mile, both on and off the pavement,  is part of an important journey I’m on."

Deal: Save 10% with code AMR10






Lone Star Seamstress: Headbands, Keychains + Baby Accessories

Owned by: Kary Nowlin ("mom to two humans, two fur babies, a runner since I was 5 (thanks Daddy!), and avid reader")

Kary's favorite product: Non-slip Stormtrooper Headband."I love Star Wars and everyone has a little Dark Side in them!"

Deal: Save 15% with code MHM15 






Phileo Style: Clothing Boutique

Owned by: Andrea Hanson ("biggest passion is empowering other women to do brave things")

Andrea's favorite product: Our wide array of cozy cardigans. "They can be paired with everything from a graphic tee to a dressy tank. So versatile."

Deal: Save 15% with code motherrunner






TruBiz Design: Running Decals

Owned by: Francisca Schmierer ("a latina deaf runner who was an immigrant and now I am a mother of 3 hearing children")

Francisca's favorite product: Female Marathoner Decal. "I am a marathoner (2x) and I have accomplished and earned all these miles in that one decal."

Deal: Save 10% with code AMR820RUN

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