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Nature’s Gem CBD  is a proud partner of Another Mother Runner. Their high-quality CBD products help with your training, racing, recovery and everyday life.

Their Oil Tinctures and Gummies not only taste good, but are also THC free.

What does that mean? They won’t fail a drug test and their products comply with World Anti-Doping Rules, making it available for those elite athletes who qualify for the Olympic Trials.

The hemp in their products is consistently sourced from organic hemp farms. Their products help you get relief and fight pain, insomnia, and anxiety during runs and everyday life.

Nature’s Gem Topicals
Nature’s Gem CBD topicals penetrate deep into your muscles and joints providing fast-acting support for pain and soreness encountered with training and everyday activities.

Nature’s Gem Rejuvenating Balm is a favorite of runners and their #1 selling product. The non-greasy balm melts into skin to provide relief from sore and painful legs, feet, muscles, and joints.

Nature’s Gem Roll-on balms are perfect for travel and to pack in your running belt to apply when you’re on the run on and off the course.

Oil Tinctures
CBD isn’t just for taking the edge off — it can be there to help those everyday athletes among us recover and train at a high level, too. Nature’s Gem is consistently sourced from USDA Organic hemp farms and is virtually tasteless — not bitter or earthy like so many other brands.

Their oil tinctures and gummies can fight everyday stresses, inflammation, insomnia and pain, all while being completely THC-free. Nature’s Gem CBD is also third-party tested so you can be assured there are no harsh chemicals. No wonder it’s the brand trusted and used by elite athletes and coaches heading to the Olympic Trials.

Nature’s Gem offers a variety of CBD options.
Topicals are a favorite for pain relief and to soothe sore and tired skin and muscles.

Each vegan and gluten-free gummy is packed with 25 mg of CBD and convenient to pack for race day and long runs.

Nature’s Gem also offers bundles for race day, training and every day – making it a great way to try a variety of their high-quality CBD products.

Nature’s Gem CBD goes above and beyond to ensure quality and consistency. 

Third-party lab tested

THC Free

Organically grown and processed

GMO-free, Vegan, Gluten-free

A woman-owned business with a team that truly cares about helping others feel their best.

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We dove into the C's, the B's, and the D's of CBD with Nature's Gem CBD founder Lisa Baskfield.

The Nature's Gem CBD Facebook page is here, and if you want to get in touch directly with Lisa, you can email her at [email protected]


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