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Special Mother Runner Contest, Redux: This Year I Will…

adrienne resolution

If today's post looks a lot like yesterday's, never fear: You're not losing your mind. It does. We wanted to throw a couple more real mother runner intentions your way to get you fired up to make your own. (Don't worry: Tomorrow will be a new post, penned by Ms. Martini—above—herself. And yes, she will talk about her resolutions and explain the chicken thing.)

sage resolution

On Monday, we warmed you up with some talk about resolutions and goals, and mentioned our Nuun Year: No Limits Challenge that starts on January 26.

On Tuesday, we fed into that inspiration by profiling Malena, a mother runner who inched successfully towards her goal of running 40 races before she turned 40 years old.

jonna resolution

Now, it's your turn.

Today, we want you create your own intention(s) for 2015. Can be minor, can be big, can be solo, can be a list, can be whatever feels right—and most, importantly—doable to you right now as you stare down the next 12 months. (Yes, we want you to veer just slightly out of your comfort zone, but going from a 5K to a ultra-marathon is no bueno: You'll likely end up either injured or burnt out—or both.)

cassie resolution

Perhaps the best guidance in re: resolutions comes from Ted Spiker, author of Down Size: 12 Truths for Turning Pants-Splitting Frustration into Pants-Fitting Sucess, which he writes in this piece for Time:

**Vague platitudes (“lose some weight”) are less effective than specific directives ( (“I will set my alarm for noon every weekday for a 30-second stretch of my adductor longus muscles").

**Motivation research tells us that three things need to be present to sustain your fire over time: autonomy (you control what you do, rather than letting others dictate it); competence (you have some success the more you do it); relatedness (you share the experience with others). Which means: You can manufacture your own motivation by choosing an action that includes all three elements.

**Tweet/Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat your goal so that you can feel accountable.

Christine resolutions

Which leads us to this contest. As you can see, a few mother runners have already put themselves out there. Now we want you to put yourselves out there too. And realize this is an easy one:

Here's the assignment, if you choose to accept:

Fill in the picture below with your 2015 goals in words. Decorate it further if you want with pictures or hearts or shoes—and know how to: I've wasted many an hour on, a free picture editing app. (Its overlay feature lets you in your own pictures.)


If pulling the above jpg onto your desktop isn't working for you, you can also access the template as a PDF through this link.

(Like we said, you can decorate it however you want...and if you have technical difficulties and can't get our blank image to work for you, feel free to create your own.)

Once you're happy with your masterpiece, here's how we'd love for you to share it—a couple options, in case you're not social media crazy:

1. Share on our Facebook page with the hashtag #AMRResolution.
2. Tweet it to us @TheMotherRunner with the hashtag #AMRResolution.
3. Instragram it, give us a head's up by using @themotherrunner and use the hashtag #AMRResolution. (We realize the image is not a square, so it's not an ideal IG situation.)
4. If all else fails, you can email it to us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject line, "This Year, I Will..."

You need to have your entry to us on or before January 6 at noon MST.

Why the deadline? What do you get for putting your intentions out into the mother runner universe—besides, of course, the knowledge we'll all cheer you on?

We've got a few prizes queued up:


The winners' winner will come from our Facebook page. At noon MST on January 7—one week from today—we'll load the five resolutions we like most, and announce a contest for the five entries. The one with the most "likes" by noon MST on January 8 wins our newest sterling silver mother runner pendant with a chain.

I am stronger tee

Two additional winners will win an "I am stronger than I thought" lifestyle tee. These winners will be those who come in second and third in the voting on Facebook on January 7.

To be clear: You don't have to be a member of Facebook to win. You don't have to load your resolution on Facebook to win. You do, however, have to get it to us by noon MST on January 6 via one of the four methods mentioned above, and then the contest will take place on Facebook.

Other questions? Hit us below in the Comments. Otherwise, just take this contest in the spirit in which is offered: a chance to think about what you'd like to accomplish in 2015–and a chance to do a little artwork on the side.

Here's to many happy, strong, injury-free miles to us all in 2015!

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