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What a Mother Runner Looks Like: February 2017 (part two)

A few weeks back, we asked the Tribe to share what their proudest running moment has been — and, if they’ve a mind, to send a picture of what a Mother Runner looks like. The Tribe responded -- and is a strong, good-looking crew!

The first part of this series is right here. More parts will follow! You guys sent a lot of photos!

This picture was taken at 5:45 a.m. when I was 37 weeks pregnant with baby 2. I’m tired but happy. Happy because I'm still able to get out and run with my favorite fellow mother runners. Happy because I'm still able to carve out time for myself, even if it means waking up at 4:30 in the morning to make it happen. Happy because my 2-year old points out runners to me and says "like mama!" Happy because I am setting an example for my (soon-to-be) two girls. But tired because, you know, 37 weeks pregnant.

An update: I had a little girl, Quinn, early in the morning of January 31 -- and went for a run with my best running friends hours before I went into labor!

— Madeline, 32. Mom to a 2-year old girl and a newborn girl. Her favorite body part is her legs, because they've carried her through many amazing adventures and she can't wait to see where they take her in the future.

I’ve been running for 30 years. My proudest runs have been three marathons with my dad, Andy.  He has always been my running inspiration.

— Michelle, 47. Mom to 16-year old triplets, who are now driving. Her favorite body part is her back because it is strong from strength training.

I can't believe I'm even doing this! I am so self conscious about my body image. And, yes, the cut off head was kinda intentional, even though my chins are showing! I've been running for almost five years.

— Angie, 44. Mom to two young men ages 18 and 20 and a daughter, 12. Her favorite body part is her lips.

I started running 4 years ago and continued through my pregnancy with baby #8. My proudest running moment was finishing my first marathon. I was suffering pretty bad but I finished.

— Jennifer, 40. Mother to eight. Her favorite body part is her legs. “For a few years,” she says, “my legs were a shameful image to me. It is where I gained the most weight and I just hated how they looked. Now I love them. Yes, they are smaller and showing some muscle but they also helped show me how strong I am and that I am grateful for!

This is me after a wet run. I have been running since 1977. I think my proudest running moment was finishing my first official timed half marathon in 2009, the Rock ’n’ Roll in Chicago.

— Joanne, 61. Mother of three grown sons. Her favorite body part is her arms.

So what is your proudest running moment, BAMR? 

Your favorite body part? 

What do you look like after a run?

2 responses to “What a Mother Runner Looks Like: February 2017 (part two)

  1. Getting up this morning before work after spending ten days with my family in Ohio and caring for my dad who has had a series of hemorrhagic strokes. He used to run. And swim. And at 92 and a half, he has a strong heart and lungs, but I don’t think he ever knew who I was the whole time I was back there. It was heartbreaking- I ran in Ohio flurries in his honor of who he used to be.

  2. My proudest running moment was training and finishing my first 1/2 marathon in 2007. I continue to train for 1/2 using heart rate training because I want to still be running when I am 60. My legs are my favorite body part because they are strong. I also like my shoulders. I trip to end my runs smiling even if the run was terrible. I can not let a bad run define me, so I smile and carry on.

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