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Mother Runners’ Favorite Podcasts to Listen to While Running

woman running with music
This mother runner is googling, "good podcasts to listen to while running."

When I run solo and I have to acceleratetempo, intervals, race paceI groove to music. But when I'm going easy or long by myself, I listen to podcasts. Our own show (natch!) but also political pods or ones that tell a story. My latest listen? My Favorite Murder, hosted by two witty gals who are, admittedly, obsessed with tales of true crime. Caveat: MFM is NOT for everyone (my BRF, Molly, found the hosts unlikable and the topic distasteful). I can easily see it being deemed insensitive, in poor taste, or downright disdainful by some so consider yourself warned. But the hosts seem to have tongues firmly in cheek, and I love a good "No way!!!" and out-loud laugh on a run.

Always in search of new pods, we asked on our Facebook page for listening suggestions. Here are some several miles' worth of options.


Historical dramas/lady topics:
If my BRF is unavailable, I listen to AMR, Stuff You Missed in History Class, or Stuff Mom Never Told You. I always think I look like a nut if I start laughing at something someone is saying while I'm running down the road solo. 😉  —Amy

Health/running/current events:
Endurance Planet, I'll Have Another, This American Life. —Katie


I love Happier which is interesting b/c I never really got into the books (Happiness Project and others). There's something about listening to two people talk about ways to be happier that makes my runs seem more pleasant. I also love the AMR podcast (and I'm not just saying that) and the Runner's World podcast. Oh, and Spawned also makes me LOL—I know both of the women on that so it's like listening to friends having a conversation. —Christina

Sword & Scale!! —Lori

Current events/law:
I love AMR, The Gist from Slate, and More Perfect, which is a spinoff podcast from Radiolab. —Barbara


My favorite podcasts lately are You've Got This by Kathi Lipp and Edit Your Life. —Kaethe


Yesterday I started listening to a show called In The Dark, about the investigation of the Jacob Wetterling case. A tough, but well-done, podcast. —Holly

I could run for days while listening to The West Wing Weekly podcast! —Sue

My Dad Wrote a Porno!! Hilarious. —Katherine

Tell us: What's your current fave?

26 responses to “Mother Runners’ Favorite Podcasts to Listen to While Running

  1. Besides amr, I love wait wait don’t tell me while I’m running! Though sometimes I laugh so hard I have to stop for a minute to get my breathing right again!

  2. The podcast “Think” from KERA out of the Dallas/Ft. Worth public radio station is fantastic. You will learn all the things you should kno about health, politics, social issues, etc.

  3. I only ever listen to podcasts or audiobooks while I’m running. Lately I am more into audiobooks (bc I’m using an old iPhone 4S with only EIGHT gigs of space…so I have to stream everything and those old phones don’t do LTE so it’s very slow and frustrating). So I’m a little out of touch but my favs were always Stuff you should know, Running Lifestyle, AMR (of course), Studio 360, On the Media, Books on the Nightstand (which recently ended and I cried). This is a great post! I’m going to come back to it when I get a new phone!!
    If you like audiobooks while you run, I highly suggest Nora Roberts…there are awesome plots that make me always feel like a better, more capable woman and the naughty scenes take my mind off running…haha…and there is usually some predictable “he’s out to get her” kind of plot that adds action and I know the books are smutty, but they’re really great for runs. Only those written after about 2002…anything before that were way too damsel in distress.

  4. I love podcasts when running!
    A lot have said ones I listen too, but a few more are:
    The longest shortest time(parenthood podcast)
    Revisionist history(very interesting)
    The mortified podcast(will make you laugh like crazy over good teen angst)
    TED radio hour(learn a lot of interesting things)
    Pop culture happy hour(neat round table discussion on pop culture topics)
    And of course serial when it comes out

  5. The Room Where It Happened is a Hamilton fan podcast that is quite good, and others that have already been mentioned–Marathin Training Academy, Runner’s World, Human Race, The Moth (!!!!oh my goodness, my absolute favorite I have listened to every single one so always anxious for each new release), Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me (a humorous current events show by NPR, and the host, Peter Segal, is a marathon runner and writer for Runner’s World).

  6. In addition to AMR and Runners World, I recently started lists ting to Katie Couric’s podcast. She has great guests and is a good interviewer. On the spiritual side, On Being with Krista Tippett, NPR Politics, and Wait wait don’t tell me!

  7. Just listened to the first episode of My Dad Wrote a Porno and I must have looked like a lunatic while running. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to fall over! Thanks for the suggestions!

  8. LOVE podcasts! A few others that haven’t been mentioned:

    Running on Om
    Real Talk with Nicole Antoinette

    Anything by Gimlet: Reply All, Surprisingly Awesome, Start Up

    The Sporkful (“not for foodies, it’s for eaters”)

    Slate’s Mom and Dad are Fighting


    CBC’s Under the Influence

    Death Sex and Money

  9. I love podcasts. My list:
    Another Mother Runner, of course
    Marathon Training Academy (you don’t have to be a marathon runner to enjoy it!)
    NPR shows mentioned above: The Moth, Ask Me Another
    Home decor podcasts (fun and a little educational): Young House Love Has a Podcast, The Chris Loves Julia Podcast
    Sometimes if I’m in the mood: The Rich Roll Podcast, Ben Greenfield’s podcast, Tips of the Scale (inspirational weight loss), The Minimalists, Runners World podcast

  10. AMR, Runner’s World, Run To The Top (by Runner’s Connect), Human Race (from Runner’s Word). And for non running podcasts, I like Criminal, More Perfect, This American Life, Only Human, Strangers, 48 Hours and Stuff You Missed In History Class.

  11. I have a huge list of podcasts that relate to my position as Faith Formation Coordinator at my church. I generally do not listen to these when I run but when I listen while running, I usually hit up No Meat Athlete and Diz Runs.

  12. Full disclosure: I don’t listen to anything while running (so many these aren’t as good for listening then) but am currently OBSESSED with podcasts. Favorites include Running on Om, Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette, and Baby-sitter’s Club Club (definitely check out if you were a fan of the books when you were younger!)

  13. Undisclosed (spinoff of Serial, now in 2nd season which is NOT about the Adnan Sayed case anymore, sadly, b/c I think this 2nd one isn’t quite as interesting, but….it’s still good), Radiolab, This American Life, and In the Dark

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