National Running Day Giveaway: Ideal Celebration?

A name-tag can't hold all my reasons why I run. A 100-page notebook? Maybe.

So today is National Running Day.

Check that. I should be more enthusiastic about it: Happy National Running Day!

I'm headed out of my comfort zone to a noon-time, downtown Denver run with some runners I don't know, except for one who ran the Bolder Boulder 10K in about 33 minutes. Not kidding. So I may bring down the group average pace just a bit, but it's all in good run--I mean fun--right?Β  (If you want to find a group to celebrate with, check out

Because I am a woman of few words tonight, I'll just lay on the great giveaway we have for you to toast to our beloved holiday.

More pockets than a diaper bag.

Up for grabs today, mother runners, are a pair of 110% Transformer Shorts, compression gear and an ice bath all in one; you know I love the Juggler Knickers, which have pockets for ice packs, included with purchase, for your quads, hamstrings, lower back, and glutes. I feel like they prevent the post-run hangover that often lingers in my hamstrings and glutes.

The Knickers, however, are just a little intense to wiggle into when it's 85 degrees. The Shorts, which have the same muscle pockets for the ice packs, are much more appropriate as temps rise, and they provide the same injury prevention and rejuvenation benefits of ice on freshly worked muscles.

Here's a short video that is much more techy and cooler than my words:

So here's the obvious question to be entered to win these transformative shorts: How are you going to--or have you--celebrated National Running Day? You can tell us about the miles you'll run today, or if you're injured or want to dream up an ideal celebration (I'd run with Colin Firth on a trail in England and he'd mention how firm my glutes are...), we're game for that too. Enter through the comments below and have a terrific National Running Day!

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States. It begins on 6/6/12 and ends on 6/13/12; the winner will be chosen by a panel and announced on 6/9/12. One entry per person. The value of the prize is $110. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.


364 responses to “National Running Day Giveaway: Ideal Celebration?

  1. As a celebration,
    (And to kick off summer fun)
    my little ones and I,
    We all went out for a run.

    The oldest he prefers,
    Riding fast by on his bike,
    And it’s some wheels as well,
    For the youngest little tyke.

    My little lady, well,
    Like mom, enjoys a good run,
    We all had quite the day
    Lots of racing in the sun!

  2. I was ordered a rest day by my trainer, as I had done a triathalon and two rounds of TRX and a bootcamp session. So, I got back into my running groove by celebrating with an adventure 5k last Saturday. Now, if I could find some time to break in my Newtons life would be good:)

  3. I celebrated National Running Day with by walking all around the Magic Kingdom and being thankful that running has made my legs strong enough to handle long days on my feet like that with my daughter. I also put a bug in my moms ear that we should run the Disney Princess Marathon in 2013- I think she is in!

  4. I spent the day doing all sorts of kid-related stuff while deciding whether or not I’m going to run my first full mary in the Fall. (I am) πŸ˜‰

  5. My family has been going through a lots of changes in the past couple weeks. Some good, some bad. I spent the morning of National Running Day doing an easy, slow 5 miles just so I could be by myself and get away from all the stuff at home.

  6. I love National Running Day. The ideal way would be to run a race, but I ended up doing my normal Wednesday workout of sprints. I run so I can sparkle* (*get bling) and eat cupcakes πŸ™‚

  7. Unfortunately, I had to spend National Running Day driving across the country, but I talked about running plans and future races with my husband!

  8. I ran last man ups while tossing a tennis ball to the person behind be for a mile to “celebrate” National Running Day. But today, I ran a 10k trail race. I was almost last but Im pretty proud of my time anyways (1:13)

  9. I ran today to celebrate and left my GPS at home. I ran just to run not to train not to hit a goal just for the joy of runiing!

  10. In celebration of National Running Day AND having just finished my first marathon just a mere three days prior, I signed up for next year’s San Diego Rock n Roll marathon. Yes, the Rock n Roll folks were offering a discount due to the said holiday, and of course, I couldn’t pass up a good deal.

  11. I celebrated National Running Day with a great tempo run before work! Nothing like starting the day off with a great run!! Even if it calls for an early wake up call (4:15 am)!

  12. I’m teaching my six-year-old son to run. He and I ran 1-1/4 miles on a local track – the first time he’s run that far! I’m thrilled that I’m able to share my love for running with him. He’s learning to appreciate it just like his mom. That’s what National Running Day is all about!

  13. I love to run through an unfamiliar residential neighborhood in a part of the world with green, growing things. It sets my senses on overload and makes time and my heart soar.

  14. I celebrated by running two laps around a gorgeous reservoir with my BRF. We are running and 10K on Sunday and it was good practice. πŸ™‚

  15. I ran…quick 2.5 miles of hills! It was painful, I’m injured only ran because I couldn’t stand to miss National Running Day!! πŸ™‚

  16. OK I will be honest. June 6 was an easy/CT day. I was on the elliptical at the gym! Shoot me now…I just finished Train Like a Mother. Until yesterdays, June 8, post on the FB page I have never been a part of a running community. At 46 and driven, others my age (like the 3 peers/friends I saw at the lake yesterday walking and talking with lovely made up faces)are not interested in making a commitment or breaking a sweat. My post 6 miles hills in 56 minutes makes them turn the other direction when they see me. Actually I met them post run so we did chat. (I think I had snot rocket refuse on my face too). Glad to find you all and get informed. RD everyday in my life.

  17. I was on vacation in San Diego with my husband on National Running Day. We were there celebrating 10 years of [mostly] wedded bliss. πŸ™‚ But I still wanted to celebrate, so I trudged down to the hotel’s tiny smelly fitness room and ran 3 miles on the dreadmill. πŸ™‚ Yay!

  18. Well, since I’m sidelined from running for now, I celebrated (without knowing it) by working out my arms and core. πŸ™‚ woohoo

  19. Being extremely pregnant kept me from running, but my husband and i had a lovely 3 mile walk through our neighborhood and I signed up for my first post baby half.

  20. I injured my shoulder, and could hardly move without pain seeping through my muscles, do I could not participate yesterday as it was finally starting to feel better. So instead, I will run today and make up for missing yesterday’s run!

  21. don’t laugh, but i celebrated NRD by spinning. i have a week of runs in my future and had a few days of light work, so i took advantage of midday classes πŸ™‚

    thanks for offering the giveaway! i’ve been eager to try the 110% projects but am not enough of an athlete to feel justified in springing for them!

  22. I did three days of over 2 miles each on my first week of the couch to 5k. Didn’t even know this was the week for National Running day until I started, but I’m happy to be a part of it!

  23. Um, I slept in instead of running! But for me any day is National Running Day. I did 5.25 miles this morning with more 400’s than I’ve ever done before!

  24. I just had a baby so I am easing back into running again. I spent yesterday training with my trainer to get my muscles back into shape to help prevent future injuries. Worked on my abs, glutes, and hamstrings. Here’s to another come back!

  25. I celebrated by rocking out my PT as I continue to recover from ACL reconstruction surgery. I loved running and my amazing running community on March 30 (the day I bit it on Copper Mountain and felt the back of my knee explode), but have a renewed sense of love for running and my BRFs now that I haven’t run in over 2 months. I’m jonesing for a run so bad that it hurts, but my PT is going well and I got news that I’ll be ready to run a 5k by the end of summer. That is worthy of more exclamation points than could possibly fit on this page. The celebration wasn’t nearly as sweet as if I’d been running with my gal pals, but I’ll get there.

  26. I wasn’t able to ‘run’ outside or on a treadmill, but did ‘run’ during my 12 hour shift as an RN!

    I did, however, celebrate by taking Competitor Group up on their offer for $20 off a Rock n Roll event and signed up for the 2013 RnR Portland Half Marathon!

  27. I wish I’d have know sooner that it was National Running Day because I ran the day before. So I guess my Running Day activity was to work on strengthening for injury prevention. I did my exercises from Physical Therapy and spent some time on the elliptical.

  28. I didn’t run on the actual day because I was recouping from a 5K run the day before (an injury has sidelined me a little). But this is the first week that I am actually getting back into my normal running routine after a losing my mojo a bit. So I’m considering it National running week in my case.

  29. i celebrated by taking the toddler for a run in the stroller…but we stopped for pizza on the way home πŸ™‚

  30. I biked first thing in the morning, which started my day on a happy note. I found ten cents on my route. I’m starting a new business and helped my first client, worked on my website, worked in my garden, and mowed yard. At the end of the day my daughter & I ran a new route. She’s eight and tired quickly but it is nice to run together.

  31. I ran 2.08 miles on National Running Day! And I felt great all day! Just starting a program so I can run a Half in Ocotber–slowly but surely, I will get there!!

  32. I ran two miles along Hwy 34, along Lake Granby in Colorado. It wasn’t much mileage and there was even walking involved (for me this is a gasp! moment, as the last time I walked during a run was when pregnant with my youngest)–but, I ran the Steamboat Marathon on Sunday and was still pretty sore.

  33. Tomorrow’s my daughter’s birthday, so I had other things to do…I’ll count it as a day of rest so that I can continue to run on other days!

  34. Hmm, was thinking of doing Jillian Michaels dvd but now that I know it is national running day I will probably run and do the dvd!

  35. I ran 3 miles this morning. Taught spinning class after work and then did my leg/hamstring strengthening workout (which allows me to run with almost no pain).

  36. Today was supposed to be my rest day, but I couldn’t NOT run on National Running Day!! plus, I had to get a run in for RW Run Streak, so I did an easy 2 miles. I’ll be running 8+ miles tomorrow though!

  37. I did my normal run this morning, plus I used a NRD discount code to sign up for Women Run the Cities 10 mile. (Another sweet Twin Cities race you two ought to visit some time…)

  38. Today was not a running day for me, UNTIL I saw that it was National Running Day, so I got out after work and ran 3 miles.
    I couldn’t miss the holiday!

  39. I ran 6 miles this morning while my youngest was at preschool. I had hoped for more, but time got away. Hopped in the car to pick up the older kids from school, and the car wouldn’t start. We only live about 3/4 of a mile from the school, so I figured we would walk to pick them up. Until I checked the time. Knowing my 4 year old would not keep pace to get us there on time, I gave her a piggy back and ran to the school. That was a workout. After we got home, the kids wanted to ride bikes-and the 4 year old is working on learning to ride without training wheels. Which meant I got to run behind her, bent over holding the seat steady just in case. I ended up with over 8 miles for the day, and a tired back!

  40. Everyday is running day in my life. πŸ™‚ I am celebrating by joining a team to run Hood to Coast relay!! Woohoo!

  41. I celebrated by running three miles on my treadmill (was on mommy duty) and by telling my running buddies how special they are!

  42. I’d like to say I purposely postponed my scheduled run for yesterday until today (a bike/strength day) but actually, I was traveling and I just couldn’t get it in yesterday. It was a good, celebratory run either way!

  43. Some friends and I got together to make t-shirts for a mud run we’re all doing this weekend and then I ran 2.3 miles! It’s not a lot, but I didn’t think I’d be able to make it out today, so not only was I excited to get out running, but I felt like I was going pretty fast! I wasn’t timing myself, but it felt pretty good :)!

  44. Ran 17 miles with my Sole Sisters this morning with a view of Pikes Peak all the way! I am so lucky to live in CO!

  45. Ran . . . across the street to the gym in order to lift upper body as I’m resting my posterior tibialis pull another day. Dream celebration: on the beach in Hawaii as the sun is rising.

  46. I did not run today, but I did cross train. I’m tapering for a half this Saturday and looking at a bunch of race websites & running store websites looking at the deals.

  47. To celebrate today, I met with my running group for some hill sprints and a short run and signed up for my 1st half marathon!

  48. I rested! My final non training week before marathon training madness! 3 fall marathons and my first ultra! I enjoyed just pushing thesnooze button

  49. I did 4 miles with a BAMR (on treadmills, it was pouring) and signed up for two races with Running Day discounts!

  50. Not even knowing that today was National Running Day I took a trip with my training partner to Foxtrot Runners and bought a new pair of Brooks Ghost running shoes and took them for a quick 2 mile sunset run at 8:30 this evening. The sky was a beautiful shade of purple and blue that almost matched my new shoes!

  51. I hurt my knee a few weeks ago after having just reached my fartherest distance (7 miles to date). I was on plan to run my first half marathon next month but instead I have been trying to stay fit walking, biking and spinning. I spent all day today debating whether or not to attempt a run for the first time in over a week. I decided to go for it and pushed my 3 year old in the stroller while my 4 year old rode his bike with us. We got 2 miles done! Now I’m trying to decide whether or not to take advantage of the RnR discount today for a late fall or early spring half since I doubt I’ll be able to run much this summer….MRI pending.

  52. Ran 3 miles today–ran 11 yesterday & am super sore today (not sure why…) So my National Running Day celebration has been a little slow.

  53. I did NOT feel like running this morning, but then I was reminded that it was National Running Day and I got myself out the door. Ended up having a GLORIOUS morning run!

  54. Sadly, due to medical reasons, I have not been able to run for over a month. Every week, I ask my doctor if I can start running again, but every week it’s the same sad answer. I know that in the long run, this is the best decision, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Looking forward to the day I can run again, maybe in my new Transformer shorts.

  55. Im recovering from my marathon on Sunday so no running for me! I went sub 4 and my quads KILL like major cut them off, holy moly kill. I did fast walk to the bus stop, so theres that. But I spent my running budget for the week. Sorry holiday-momma is a rebel.

  56. I ran 4 on the treadmill at the gym. My 8 month old’s 2nd time at the gym day care. I think she actually likes it which makes it easy to get a workout in.

  57. I just finished 4 miles with my sweet friend who is just starting up after her recovery from a broken femur.

  58. I celebrated with a 1.5 mile run in honor of a running friend’s birthday. Still sore from my cross fit workout yesterday but I wanted to get some cardio in today and HELLO, of course it had to be running! We also had a Facebook party, where all my runner friends and I talked about our running accomplishments and upcoming goals. Good stuff! Happy Running Day!

  59. I just started running again since college, you don’t even want to know how long ago that was! And I’ve had some set backs, hamstring and calf pains. Slowly, and sometimes very slowly, I am increasing my distance. I am now able to run 30 min. without stopping, after 9 weeks. It is very hard some days to wonder why I am doing what I am doing, it’s not easy to get up before the sun, and trudge along on my own. But when I can keep up with my kids, and out run them it all makes sense, plus I want to be around when they are older. I would love a pair of these shorts, since my only gear is a pair of sweat pants and old paint shorts right now. My plans are completing my first running 5k next week. I am very excited. It would make a very happy running mother to win these so I can keep going and what a reward that would be.

  60. I didn’t have the opportunity to run today but observed other lucky runners on a lunchtime walk today.

  61. I celebrated by running about a mile after my son who was out playing with his friends! It was time for him to be home and he took the LONG WAY around the block with me in pursuit…

  62. I ran 5 miles today to prepare for my next Marathon and half which are a week apart (starting next weekend!) Then I worked a full day, got stressed with my computer and had 2-3 no bake cookies (I lost track of them). I finished the day with teaching my two young kids how to bat a ball. They did tremendous. I will do this day again tomorrow.

  63. Today, I ran 3 miles on my off day and then went to the gym where the trainer had no running at all in the workout. lol.

  64. My latest trend is to get lost in some local woods. Not only is it deliciously mindful and gorgeous, but I go so much further that I would otherwise go. Nearly 7 mi today. Amazing.

  65. I celebrated by registering for my very first full marathon & by having my eyeliner permanently tattooed on (seriously) so that I look like a true BAMR on race days!

  66. I wasn’t going to run until I saw it was NRD too. But it meant dragging the kids out on bikes and yelling “left” or “right” every .15 miles as we wound 3 miles through the sub division. And referring arguments about who got to be in front. OMG I can’t wait until school starts and I can run on a nice trail by myself!

  67. I started my celebration by signing up for a half marathon this weekend and had a nice run partially in the rain to finish it off.

  68. Since I’m late for everything else, I might as well be late for national running day! I’ll be doing 3 or so miles with the jogger tomorrow. A month out from a sprint tri, I’m aiming to maintain running fitness while improving the bike leg!

  69. I just did 2 easy miles today. Was supposed to be my strength training today but my co-worker reminded me to run.

  70. I’m doing the AMR challenge and had scheduled a rest day for today. By the time I saw it was National Running Day, it was far too late to change plans. (My window of opportunity for a run ends at 6:30!) So I celebrated National Running Day by NOT RUNNING. Grand, eh? Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway!

  71. Today, on National Running Day, I ran for the first time ever with my baby brother! He is only a baby in sibling order as he is much larger than myself and ran circles around me! I was so glad to be able to run with him and have him push me to a faster pace! No better way to celebrate National Running Day!!

  72. Ran for 11 slow miles today right after lunch time. The sun came out and it was blessed. No pace goal, just me and the tunes. I ran to the beat of the music. It was very peaceful and relaxing. I took a moment mid-way to stop and stretch. Even better — I had time to squeeze in a post run shower AND dry my hair, both, before the after-school-house-crazy-tornado erupted (love my 2 kids but you know how 3:30 in the after noon can be a bit hectic). A wonderful day.

  73. Ooooh another Colin Firth reference. I cannot ignore this one! πŸ™‚ Although I must confess, I’ve been back on a crazy Channing Tatum kick lately after catching his SNL performance. The MAN CAN RUN WITH ME ANYDAY. Walk with. Snuggle. Eat Pizza. I won’t make him cry like that Dear John chick did. ha ha Ok, how did I celebrate National Running Day? With a well-earned Mother Runner 5 miler. Momma was dead tired, baby girl has a fever, and Momma worked pro-bono for a non-profit today on a project that still didn’t get complete. It wasn’t a pretty day to say the least, but Momma got 5 miles in with full on sun, sweat, but no tears. Ironically while on the run wearing my CW-X compression shorts, I was even thinking that I really don’t like running in anything but compression now. No other bottoms seem appealing. I like it all compact and wrapped up tight, no jiggling for me! So fingers crossed for me on this giveaway!!! πŸ™‚ And thanks for offering such a good one!

  74. As I ran laps around the house chasing our four and six year olds after dinner, my husband, browsing Facebook on his phone, yells “Hey! It’s National Running Day! Aren’t you going for a run?” Yes, the irony was lost on him. Not on me. This was the PERFECT way to celebrate!

  75. I feel like everyday is National Running Day! I did my first 20 miler this past Sunday after being diagnosed with lupus and mitochondrial myopathy in 2008 (how does a runner get a disease that causes exercise intolerance?!)so this week has been about recovery with short and sometimes fast 4 milers at 6 a.m. Running takes dedication, perseverance, patience,faith and a little bit of crazy. National Running Day celebrates not only the act of running itself but possessing the qualities that make runners get up and get to it even when they don’t want to.

  76. I signed up for Twin Cities Marathon. My second ever (and 2nd this year!) The more I run, the more I want to run!

  77. I celebrated with a cross training session and some upper body strength work with weights in the living room while sweet baby girl slept today. I ran yesterday as I JUST began training for the Madison Mini in August. I haven’t run much for over 6 yrs. and although fairly fit, am working so hard (at 41) to regain my ‘legs’ and muscle memory for running. I lost my dad in March, very shockingly to an aortic dissection- he was training for his first run/bike race this summer. So fit and vital was he that I can scarcely believe he’s not here. All I could think of when he died in March was ‘I have to run…I just have to run’ And so, I ran. It’s been difficult physically, but I am already more badass than I was 4 weeks ago when I began building miles again. So I run every training session for my dad and also for me, I need my mojo back! Woohoo!

  78. Cross training today since teaching group ex pays for my running habit. Felt a lot of running celebration with a 20 miler Sunday. Super blessed with a fellow BAMR that keeps me encouraged on so many runs!

  79. I celebrated today by taking advantage of all the discounted race entries and signed up for the Latin Music Half Marathon in Miami this fall. I will also celebrate all of my friends’ runs today as I’m on a 1 week (hopefully not more) rest.

  80. I ran 8 miles and did not have time to ice because I squeezed the run in between nursing my baby girl and making dinner for my toddler girl!! Now I’m hobbling. If only I could ice and compress while running the household!!

  81. I’m on the injured list right now so I’ll have to dream for this one… Not hard though – a looooong mountain trail run with my BRB Val, neither of us has to worried about kiddos and what time we have to be back, and neither of us gets tired!

  82. I’m having a knee issue so no running today, but I did take a nice walk around my favorite park early this morning.
    After work I ventured out to our local lake where the YMCA and the area running group did a 1.7mile Predict Run. I just recently found out about this group so I wanted to check it out and cheer on the folks participating. (hope to start running with them soon) The winner was the person who finished closest to their predicted time before the race. My girls had fun cheering everyone on.

  83. The first half mile of my run is consumed with the usual thought of, “Why do I do this?!” Thankfully, that is quickly followed by hitting the zone where I feel good and cruise along with my playlist. I hit the home stretch and there is dear hubby at the finish line calling out, “Go Pam!” Wait…what’s he saying? Oh….”Get up Pam.” I awake from my dream to him reminding me that he needs me to work with him today. Oh well, I’ll run later. Wait, what do I hear? Thunder, bolt of lightning, very very frightening…me? I’m not running!
    Soooo, the first National Runner’s Day that I officially feel like a runner was spent dreaming and wishing that I was running. Tomorrow’s another day and my running shoes are by my bed!

  84. I celebrated by running two miles and walking one. This is the first time I ran with a back brace, but trying to nurse my ruptured disc in my back that’s been acting up. Happy National Running Day!

  85. wasn’t sure if I could get in a run today to celebrate as my youngest has been very sick with a high fever the last four days but the fever subsided a little this morning so, hurray, I got in a little over four miles. I needed that boost of energy as we ended up at the doc’s this afternoon where he got a full workup plus a breathing treatment. Now home waiting to hear what the results are of all the blood work.Thank goodness for running to help me juggle stuff like this.

  86. It was a beautiful day to run on Cape Cod. To celebrate, I ran 2.5 miles to the gym, did some stretching and strength training then ran 2.5 miles home. It was one of those workouts that felt awesome!

  87. I celebrated with an after school run alongside my 11-year-old daughter. Today was her last day of elementary school- she’ll be a big Jr. High girl in September. The time is really flying! While we were running she told me that she wants to run Cross-Country in the fall… and my heart sang!

  88. I celebrated this morning by running 3 miles with friends- (the second day on my hopefully return to regular running after fighting with plantar faciitis for the last 6 months and being forced to take a break. Also got to take my dog who is now old enough to become my running partner!

  89. I celebrated by picking up my race packet for NYRR Mini 10K this weekend. I’m excited to run the 40th anniversary of this women’s race!

  90. Dreaming a/b my imaginary run today due to my sick 3 year old and pondering my run tomorrow with him in tow. Can’t wait…even though my National Running Day run will be delayed one day. The weather here in Maryland has been glorious over the last couple of days!

  91. On this wonderful holiday, I made sure to get up from my desk on a busy work day and get outside during my lunch break for a quick 2 miles today!

  92. I had organized a community run for tonight at 6:30pm, trying to get more participation and new runners/walkers. But, unfortunately, I decided to start a new medication for insomnia last night that has left me with a drugged up/hangover feeling and dizziness so I won’t be running since I can’t stand up straight for more than 5 minutes! Instead, as soon as this med clears my system I’ll do a 5K at my earliest possible time and then my half on Sunday. This med is going in the trash!! I’d rather NOT sleep than feel like this!

  93. I was able to squeeze in a quick 4 miler while one kid was at their last day of school and the other was at camp. It was short but glorious. πŸ™‚

  94. To celebrate National Run Day I, of course went for a run. Something I’ve done for the past 759 days without fail. So the run it’s self wasn’t so much a celebration but the fact that I cut my run short to “run” with my young kids was. With goals and new races in my mind sometimes I forget that I love running. I love it so much that I need to remember that I want to share it with my family even if it’s only for 3/4 of a mile. So today I had fun and run with the kids so that maybe tomorrow, they might still want to run with me.

  95. Its a cold and rainy day in the Pacific Northwest, I thought about not running several times from the warmth of my bed…. my husband said just do it later… knowing there was no time in my day to run later, I got up and found my running jacket (which one should not need in JUNE), dressed and went… it was a good day to run, 2nd fastest short run ever!!

  96. HAPPY NATIONAL RUNNING DAY! I did a 10.4 mile beach run at Fort Worden in Port Townsend, WA. This beach was one of my husband Bryans favorite spots…he lost his battle with non-hodgkin lymphoma…so now:
    I run for Bryan.
    I run for Don, Kevin and other who are now celebrating their remission.
    I run because I can!
    Getting ready for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon with TEAM IN TRAINING…we all believe in this one thing: A CURE!

  97. Today I celebrated national running day by cross-training in a PiYo class in order to strengthen my legs to run more, longer, faster.

  98. I celebrated with my 7 year old son. We ran 1.5 miles with sprint work (races) at the end, where he fully I believes I “let” him win, when in reality I couldn’t catch the little speed demon!! Best Holiday ever!!

  99. I celebrated today by running w/ my kids!! My daughter whose 12 is training to do her first 5k in Sept.!

  100. I ran 4.5 miles today. 1+ mile warm up, 6 x 400 track workout with about 200 meter rest run than about 1 mile run home.

  101. I ran 3 miles on a treadmill at the gym but I envisioned myself running in San Diego along the coast. Great run!

  102. I will be running later this evening…if the rain stops! Otherwise, I’ll celebrate the day by window shopping running gear online!!

  103. PR’d my timed 5K training run – whoop! & These shorts sounds like they’d be heaven on my legs for hood-to-coast!!!;)

  104. Today I celebrated by running my fastest 5k. Only 41 seconds from 25:00. I know I’ll get there!

    I would like to have celebrated by running with my sister but since she’s over 24 hours away by car, that’s not happening today. Mabe next year!

  105. I did two miles on a tredmill at the gym before my weight workout. Wish I had known it was Running day, I would’ve switched up my schedule to run more!

  106. No running today but tomorrow I will run with my bff Deb and my Newfoundland, Coco. Luckily, I run slow enough for the dog to keep up! Running in 5 mile race next weekend, a distance I have not tackled!! Seems small compared to the rest of the crew here…..

  107. Nursing a very sore back, but wishing I were instead nursing muscles from this weekend’s San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon. Ah well, National Running Day comes once a year…

  108. Today, I celebrated by signing up for my first full marathon. Just thinking about it still makes me want to throw up a bit. πŸ™‚

  109. I ran 3.21 miles at lunch in honor of National Running Day! I usually run 3-4 days at lunch during the week.

  110. I’m running 5 miles with the newest member of my MRTT chapter. AND I am planning some upcoming races that I am super excited about!

  111. Will be heading out for an easy run/walk with the two kids in the stroller now that both of them are healthy again. Training them early to love running πŸ™‚

  112. Because there was a celebration at my kid’s school today, my usual noon or 4pm runs wouldn’t have fit into the day’s schedule. So i got up a wee bit earlier and managed to squeeze in 3 miles.

  113. I started out a solo runner then met a running partner who is now my best friend through her I met 3 other women. The five of us are all so close and can share so much with one another. With out running we never would have met and made these friendships that are so cherished. Today I ran with my Best Friend to celebrate NRD.

  114. Since I’m still on post c-section maternity leave, I celebrated by wearing my Oiselle run run run run run… tee and while pushing my 3 kids in the shopping kart down the crowded grocery isles imagined I was instead pushing them in the stroller while running down a beautifully wooded path by the river. Then when my older two got home from school, I sent them out for a few laps around the block so that they could celebrate too (celebrate/wear themselves out… take your pick :P).

  115. I am celebrating National Running Day by running 4 miles this evening with a good friend in preparation for the Oregon Epic Relay next weekend – my first ever relay!! I am taking my headlamp and reflective vest out for their first run and running at a new time for me to get used to running outside my usual 9:00 AM timeslot.

    I would LOVE these shorts since I have persistent hamstring issues at the attachment point and am ALWAYS needing to ice my hammies… And as for my ideal celebration? Hmmmm… running with Kara Goucher, Raina Rausch, Amanda Bowers in a world where I could keep up with these amazing ladies!

  116. I have celebrated a little too much all week! Today I ran a 5 miler faster than ever, which still isn’t too fast, but I celebrated being able to play outside!

  117. Finished my 5.3 mile loop today with a good friend who pushed me to run a bit faster and out of my comfort zone!

  118. Well, I celebrated by not running but going to the chiropractor for my lower back pain. It’s getting better… I hope to be able to have a belated celebration in a couple of weeks.

  119. I’m a midwifery student, and today is also International Homebirth Day. I actually have attended two homebirths today and haven’t slept since I got up at 6 Tuesday morning. Rather than risk death, tomorrow I will have a do-over and celebrate a pair of beautiful babies and strong mamas with 5 miles, working off what I call the birth hangover.

  120. Absolutely perfect lunchtime 5 miler with some speedwork thrown in followed by laps in the pool to start tri training! Happy Running Day!

  121. Celebrated National Running Day with my fastest 3 mile run ever, followed by a trip to my local running store for a new handheld water bottle! I officially registered for Twin Cities Marathon last night- my very first full marathon!

  122. I was hoping to get in a quick two with my boys, but weather was against me… instead I plotted my nice long runs for the next 6 weeks – a 6+ mile round trip with a stop for coffee and beignets when I move to New Orleans next week πŸ™‚

  123. Running further and faster than ever today…in my mind. Bruised rib makes it hard to breathe, but I can dream.

  124. I ran my 4 miles this morning- only 16 more days until the Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon. We just moved from Seattle to Portland last February, so this will be a great half to run. This will my 3rd half- my hubby has inspired me to run, I wonder if he can tell the difference when Mommy doesn’t get her morning run in? *lol* Ah, the joys of being a mother, wake up early or you don’t get that me time!

  125. A new running friend bailed on my (2nd time in a row) and it made me majorly depressed — mostly the realization that this person is not someone I can count on. So I took my butt and my dog out the door and ran a glorious 4 miles anyway. I’ll find a good running buddy one day, right?

  126. To commemorate National Running Day; I am going to run the route from one of my favorite 5K races (May Day Run)!!

  127. I’m celebrating by going on a night run with my neighbor and running buddy, Amy. We’re trying out our vests and headlamps before our Epic Relay next week! πŸ™‚

  128. This morning I joined my friend (since first grade!) for a 5.3 mile walk/run in the rain. We laughed and chatted for over an hour… it was so fun! She’s a mom of two (younger than 5…eek) a full time nursing student and a military wife, so kudos to her for carving out an hour for some time to work on herself! She’s new to the running thing, so it was my honor and pleasure to join her in this new adventure and fill her head about all my own running obsessiveness, haha! What a GREAT way to spend NRD! πŸ˜‰

  129. I ran 5 miles this morning after dropping my 2 boys (3rd and 5th grade). I pushed my 3 yr old in my running stroller for the 5 miles. It was tough, but I got through it, playing the “what does ___start with” game. Like, what letter does bird start with? This is my daughter’s favorite game, and she and I take turns asking the questions. She is starting to know the answers too! I will cherish these fun running moments forever. Oh yeah, she also got out of the stroller for the last .05 miles, and we “raced” to the end. She and I both had the biggest smiles on our faces! Happy Running Day and many more.

  130. I have been instructed to bike right now, to let my planter fasciitis get better. However, I am looking forward to running with my BRF soon! She was injured six weeks ago, so I am going through withdrawals from our thrice weekly conversations!

  131. I didn’t know about national running day until today! Now I’m tempted to go run, but I’ll have to celebrate by being a smart runner and sticking to my cross training plan between yesterday’s tempo run and tomorrow’s track workout.

  132. I ran six miles this morning, then came home and registered for the PF Chang’s Rock n Roll half marathon!

  133. I’ll run today. It will cause me to grimmace at first, but I will feel looser and happier after a short while. On the schedule: hill repeats. Ugh! and Joy! I’m working on building endurance for longer runs.

  134. To celebrate National Run Day, I stepped out of my comfort zone (solo runs) and invited other RF to run with me on my breezy 3-miler. None could come with me, but I was proud that I had the courage to ask!

  135. Planning to go out for an nice and easy 4- or 5-miler on the trails just outside our house. Dream run? With my now 4-year-old son, he’s too young for those distances just yet, and we both can’t wait for him to grow up so we can go running together (to him, that means turning 10, such a BIG number!)!

  136. My best friend and I just completed Zooma half in Annapolis this weekend so I did a nice three mile run this morning on the treadmill. Then, we both just signed up for Rock and Roll half in Miami! Excited and nervous all at the same time but at least i will be running with my best friend πŸ˜‰

  137. my husband is coming home late tonight, so i will likely treadmill at the gym instead of our family run on the greenbelt (where i breeze through it while he gets a turn pushing 80 pounds of kids and stroller!) im looking forward to it!

  138. I celebrated by doing my first substantial run in about two weeks β€” in my new kicks, too (Brooks Ghost 5)! Covered 3.35 miles in 40 minutes, with plenty of walking breaks to ease back into running (I’m still a newbie!). It felt awesome to be back out, working on my form!

  139. I celebrated by running the trails , singing and yelling to keep the bears away …. and running hard to get a run done while my girl is warming up for a soccer game , then I get to see her run her heart out to get a goal…..happy summer time in Alaska

  140. I celebrated at the DMV. Not my first choice – so I fantasized about running in absolutely perfect weather (which for me means 60 and partly cloudy) on a beautiful trail. I’ll celebrate for real this weekend with a lovely 7 mile run around my local park.

  141. I am celebrating by resting and letting my body absorb all my hard work, just like my TLAM training plans tells me too…my big race is Saturday and I have worked too hard to blow it now!

  142. I celebrated National Running Day with a run as the sun was coming up. Running that early in the morning seems to set the right tone for the rest of the day. And I love seeing the colors of the sky & sun. Beautiful beyond words!

  143. I am taking a rest day today, because I am a good listener and know that I don’t want to be injured again (or ever, if possible). I will be celebrating by cheering on my 10 year old son at his first track meet.

  144. Happy National Running Day to you too! I got up this morning and happily knocked out 10 miles with a hill at the end for extra icing on top. The whole time, I smiled and shouted Happy National Running Day at everyone I passed. They might have though I was a bit loony, but I had a great run!

  145. I celebrated national running day but running a mile time trial. I hadn’t done one in over a year. I ran in 7:55 making that my post baby (3 yr old) PR and just five second shy of my all time college PR.

  146. On National Running Day Eve, I made sure to go to bed early so I could celebrate National Running Day by doing a speed workout before work. I did 6 x 400 — I dug deep, and my final 400 was my fastest. The surprise I felt when I looked at my watch has (so far) made what could have been major annoyances seem minor today and served as a reminder as to why I run.

  147. I already got my run in today. I run because it’s my release, it’s my ME time. I never, ever took time for myself before. I had bariatric surgery and recently started running to stay in shape and because I really wanted that alone time. I may be slow so far but I’m working on it. The arthritis in my knees seems to have improved and I feel joyous when I run. Oh and I’ve signed up to do two 5k races. πŸ™‚ Enjoying reading Train Like a Mother too.

  148. Went for my first post race run this morning….ouch! So it was a slow two miles. Wish I could celebrate with more miles or speed, but I still have the spirit!!

  149. I love National ANYTHING Day!! Last Friday was National DONUT Day so I took my little girls (ages 2 and 4) out to “CELEBRATE”!! πŸ™‚ Since my husband and I are in our taper for our first marathon on June 17th we will have to head over to the high school track and “CELEBRATE” with a picnic dinner and a mile around the track. My four-year-old is also running her first race the day before the marathon so she is super excited to “train” too!

    1. So clearly this was my “ideal” way to celebrate National Running Day! What REALLY happened was my husband was so tired from work he told the four-year-old she could watch Spider Man so when I got home from work she didn’t want to turn it off! My two-year-old didn’t want a picnic dinner. Just when I had dinner ready my four-year-old decided she was tired of Spider Man and wanted to go run instead and the two-year-old cried because she really DID want a picnic. After dinner my husband said he would help with dishes but he needed to sit down for a minute. (Right.) After I cleaned the kitchen I felt I would burst so I got everyone in jammies, loaded up the double stroller and forced everyone including dog to go for a walk at the minimum because DAMMIT, IT’S FREAKIN’ NATIONAL RUNNING DAY AND WE ARE GOING OUT I DON’T CARE HOW LATE IT IS!!! And it was a beautiful night and we all lived happily ever after. πŸ™‚

  150. Today is supposed to be a rest day, but with a high of 88 in Vegas, I’d be crazy not to take advantage of it! My ideal run would be with my Grandma Sue. She passed away about 8 years ago. She was always super active and participated in the Senior Olympics even when she was goin thru chemo. I’d love to be able to run with her and show her how much she impacted my life as my fitness hero!

  151. I’m recovering from a hip injury. Today was my first attempt to run. I ended up walking the better part of 2 miles. The good news: I didn’t have pain. The bad news: it is just not ready for the impact yet. Happy National Running Day to all the Mother Runners!

  152. I am celebrating by running 8 miles today in preparation for my 1st 1/2 marathon in a month. 1 mile for every 10 pounds I’ve taken off in the last 8 months. Focusing on the fact that when I run I can now look around me, take in the scenery and enjoy (most of it).

  153. Didn’t have a clue that it was National Running Day. I will celebrate today by taking my much-needed rest day from the “own it” half marathon training plan. I did my tempo run yesterday (in the HUMIDITY) and my glutes/hip are feeling the pain today…. so rest it is.

  154. I celebrated by taking my 1 year old son on a 3 mile run this morning! πŸ˜€ To help keep him entertained, I made “VROOOM, VROOM” and “CHOO CHOO” noises while winding up and down the hills. πŸ˜€

  155. I’ll be running in the rain – it’s Florida – so that will feel perfect. However if there is lightning I will end up at the gym.

  156. Already did my run, a relatively slow 2 miler this morning, but my knee is really sore – so did not want to push it!

  157. Deena Kastor is going to be in town for a 3mile fun run, so I’ll be there – I’ve only run with a group one time. Ever. Outside of races, that is. I wonder if Deena will want to be my BRF. πŸ˜‰

  158. I am celebrating National Running Day by doing strength training. It is my cross training activity on the TLAM plan. Whoo-hoo! I’ll also have my kids roll down the windows in the car and yell to any runners we see, “Happy Running Day!” They’ll love that as normally yelling from the car is NOT allowed.

  159. Happy National Running Day! I’ll be running/walking about 3 miles. I’m just getting back in shape after a long hiatus from running.

  160. After my daily commitment of employee, mother and wife I will celebrate by taking my 9 year old son on a run before dinner, HE has run a couple of kids races and he is starting to like it, as much as I love my solitary runs after a rough day, running with me son is special!

  161. I’m celebrating national running day by running 2 miles and getting my sister (who just started running) her first pair of real running shoes, I am so excited to get her involved in running and hopefully she’ll love it as much as me!

  162. I ran an unexpected tempo run in new minimalist shoes while on a business trip with my husband and kids. Totally out of my comfort zone in all aspects, but had a great run, so yay National Running Day!!

  163. I’m running to the playground with one of my favourite running buddies, my 4yo daughter (in the jogger), and will do another mile later with my 6yo son.

  164. I ran 4 miles this morning. I REALLY didn’t want to get up but I knew if I didn’t it wasn’t going to happen at all today.

  165. I will run with my husband this evening, then come home and have a cold Stella on the patio. In my fantasy world, I’d be running with Robert Downey Jr and he’d be telling me what a fabulous super hero I would be…

  166. Hoping to be able to leave work and get to the WI Striders ‘President’s Run’ tonight at 6:30, it’s a 3 mile run.

  167. Coming off an injury….I ran 3.5 today making sure I slowed my pace for mile 1. I tend to go out too fast and have to make myself slow down. Happy Running Day!

  168. I’m actually celebrating NRD and our 16th wedding anniversary today! Went for a 3 miler this morning and will go out for sushi tonight. Love that these two coincide because without the love, support, and encouragement from my husband and best friend I wouldn’t be able to reach my goals in running and in life! I’m feeling grateful beyond words today!

  169. Oh man, if I wasn’t suffering from a cyst on a nerve in my knee and a torn meniscus I’d LOVE to celebrate National Running Day with a series of runs. Each one at least 5 miles long with a different beloved running partner.

    You see on 10/10/10 I left the PNW, directly after finishing Portland 26.2. I got in my car with my little family and we drove/moved to NC-where I have been struggling ever since.

    I’d run the streets of Tacoma with my friend RED-and she would give me guidance and support and encouragement and hope and talk me through my current separation/divorce. She shared so many miles with me and she knows my story, and she understands the struggles of a military special operations wife…she, like no one else, can encourage me to keep my head up and keep on keeping on.

    I’d run the trail through South Prairie with Mel. And she would take my mind off my current woes with her positive outlook and personality. We would discuss babies and kids and running goals and training…and we would see a bald eagle and smell stinky fish. We’d talk about the good old days and complain to each other that we didn’t win the Oiselle Totally Trials contest. =)

    I’d run Ruston Way with my old running buddy ANtheRB who I have completely lost contact with. Moving away is hard and some people have a difficult time sustaining the friendships. But I would tell her how much I miss her and think about her, and how I cherished all the miles we spent together.

    I’d run Point Defiance with my TFF Jessica. I’d pace her and encourage her to keep going, she has a wedding dress to fit in to in August after all!

    And finally-I’d love to run with my future Mr. 5 Miles Past Empty…I have no idea who he is or where he is…but I know he is out there and I know we will run together, and I know he will support me and love running with me, and maybe he will let me win…but if not I know he will be at the finish line to cheer me in and to give that hug I have always missed at the finish line.

    And at the end of this National Running Day I would have logged about 25 miles and my soul would be cleansed and my spirit renewed….And my knee wouldn’t hurt and I would go to bed with a ridiculous smile on my face.


  170. I will spend National Running Day working with a personal trainer to create a new training plan to include some tri training (yay!), and maybe some additional speedwork. I’ll also be dreaming about those britches!

  171. I plan to celebrate NRD by running 2-3 miles right after work and spending some fun time with my little one doing the WII Michael Jackson The Experience for a while.

  172. I’m celebrating by running twice today. I went on a small run this morning. I’ll run with the dogs this evening!

  173. I have been reading the letters my grandfather wrote to my grandmother during WWII, and D-Day was a powerful time…so I run for those who fought for our freedom that day.
    I am also taking my 5 year old for her first run. I hope to develop a love for running in all of my 5 children.
    As kids, running is fun, we see it as play….I wish all adults would remember how to PLAY!

  174. Today I will celebrate National Running Day by scheduling a ‘meeting’ on my work calendar to get out and complete 4 miles in the beautiful weather we are having.

  175. 6 miles, just haven’t decided between nap time on the treadmill or right when my husband gets home from work. The treadmill usually wins so I will have more family time!

  176. I’m celebrating by recovering from my second marathon in a year! Driving home from competing in the San Diego Rock and Roll! A year and a half ago, I didn’t run at all. Now I do! So I’ll also celebrate it by declaring myself “a runner.”

  177. i am celebrating by taking a rest day – as recommend by my ‘train like a mother’ plan. i will be really celebrating national running day this weekend during my marathon!

  178. If the rain stops, I’ll take the pup out for a run. we are still learning how to run with each other. If it doesn’t, dreadmill for me tonight.

  179. We plan to go for a run as a family. I think it’s important to show my children a healthy lifestyle as a family and what better way than showing them the sport I love on National Running Day!!

  180. I had 6 miles (3,3) on the “Own it” plan. Celebrated with a baby jogger free run on trails in the park next to my house, happily listening to music and running effortless negative splits. yay!!

  181. I will celebrate today by getting out for a run of course! My 5 year old just left yesterday with grandma and grandpa for a 3 week vacation and that leaves me with just my older boys which means I can leave kids at home alone for a short time while I get out to run. Yeah!!!!

  182. I will celebrate with a nice 5 mile run and a trip to the Portland Running Company to stock up with supplies for the upcoming races this summer.

  183. I will celebrate today by continuing to recover from the See Jane Run half last Sunday in Alameda CA. Meeting my wonderful running buddies tonight for a track workout…one goal accomplished, time to set the sights on the next one!

  184. I didn’t even know. It’s my XT or Rest day so I’ll have to celebrate tomorrow. (Did you notice contest says it’s through the 13th but winner announced the 9th?)


  185. I am going to work in a 6 mile run on my lunch hour – in the 90+Β°F heat! Plus, I’m going to check out a few deals going on for marathon entries … I need to consult the calendar, but might grab a reduced entry today!

  186. I would run but it’s my day off and that’s as important as the run days! I have signed up for Zumba and it would be a Zumba day but my husband and I have a dinner to go to tonight so I am enjoying this extra rest day in hopes that my run tomorrow will be better than my run yesterday.

  187. I’m leaving work early this morning to meet two of my running buddies at Grant’s Trail in St. Louis to run 5 miles or so. Today is usually my rest day, so I’m really looking forward to this run!

  188. As I am currently on the DL with a raging case of PF, I will give you my fantasy running scenario. I would be in Kona, HI running an easy, breezy (see, fantasy) 20 miler with Johnny Depp on one side & Dave Grohl on the other. The best (IMO) of both the movie & music worlds!

  189. I love running because I can love it, hate it and fall in love with it all over again. Today I have organized my first weekly club run but will be unable to run because of an injury. I will be there on my bike supporting everyone that can run and living vicariously through them. Happy National Running Day!!

  190. No running for me today, it’s a cross-training day, but Saturday is the TNT kickoff for summer training and I will be embarking on my very first marathon adventure!!!

  191. I celebrated with a 3 mile run at the track at 6am. Not my favorite place to run, but trying to take care of my knees by doing one of my runs each week on the softer surface.

  192. Celebrating today by a Recovery run! Post San Diego marathon and a PR!
    Its a great week here in Vegas and cooler temperatures, cant ask for more.
    Oh yea, i could, to Win!!! Haha.

  193. Today I will dream about all the miles I will get to run as soon as my hamstring/leg is healed. But also I am going to celebrate because I ran some short laps the past two days without pain for the first time in about 4 months!!! Here’s to learning new running form and the ability to be active! (ps-those shorts would sure be awesome even if I did have to wiggle a little to get into them!!!)

  194. If I weren’t hobbling around with a knotted up glute, I would spend National Running Day on a nice downhill with a cool breeze in my face setting a 5 mile PR. Makes me feel better just thinking about it!

  195. I am nursing an injury so at this point my celebration is just dreaming about getting back to running once my hip is better. Looks like I will be starting all over again with the 5k training program for your book but I have done it once so I know I can do it again!

  196. My run is going to just be routine, but every celebration needs a gift (or so I rationalize) so it’s time to buy the new shoes I’ve needed for over a month!

  197. I ran the 4 mile “running group loop” without my running group! 1 person quit, another had a meeting, and the third is injured.

  198. This is the first time I have ever heard of National Running Day! Oh geesh – did I just admit that!? lol!

    Since I’m 9months prego – I;m going to go for a 1 mile jog and hope this baby comes early! ;o)

  199. I celebrated with a cool 5 mile run this morning on our local greenline. Enjoyed reflecting on how much enjoy the sport and grateful I am able to be out there today. Easier to do that when its not terribly hot! πŸ™‚

  200. I’m at the mercy of the pool schedule, so I have to swim tonight. But I ran 4 last night. I need these shorts!!!!!

  201. After working all day I am going to lace up my shoes and put my feet to the pavement! I haven’t ran in 2 weeks due to injury but have to celebrate today! Looking for just a few short, easy miles.

  202. I am going to celebrate National Running Day by taking my first run after having a baby on May 5 via c section. I was able to complete 9 races during my pregnancy and run through week 36. I can’t wait to get back out there, even if it is just a mile today.

  203. I did a 6 mile run this morning. Some days you feel incredible and light on your feet and other days your legs feel like lead. Luckily today I felt good. I am working on increasing my speed and I was happy with my pace. I will spend the rest of the day with my boys enjoying the beginning of summer vacation.

  204. I just raced a 20K this past Saturday, so I’m still in recovery mode and am working mainly on some cross-training and strength this week. I did a bootcamp class this morning where one of the stations was to run at a 10% incline for a minute. Did the circuit twice this morning, so 2 minutes of running for me today! Gonna try an easy 3 or so tomorrow, though.

  205. I didn’t know it was national running day when I headed out and got 5 miles done! The garmin site is down right not though so I can’t look at my πŸ™

  206. Today I am going to run three miles. I am calling them my magic miles today. Today I celebrate three dear friends, each of which are fighting cancer. So today I run a mile for each of them. I will run the first one for my girlfriend who is a runner, and really all she wants to be able to do is run one mile right now. Second mile is for my best girlfriend’s mom who had supported me and cheered for me (oh so long ago!!) at every single High School track meet possible. The third mile is dedicated to a buddy, who never was interested in running, but is a legendary football coach in our small town. So today as I celebrate my ability to run and the happiness it brings me I run for my three friends who are fighting the fight of their lives. For them I run.

  207. would like to say I’m putting in 6.6 miles today (in honor of 6-6-12, obviously), but given that this will be my first run post-a notoriously hard Hospital Hill 1/2 (KC) last Sat., will settle for an easy 3-ish.

  208. I went for a run after being sick for a week – it was great! I’m at a conference out of town and forgot my Garmin, so no idea how far I went, it was dark and I was running through a golf resort, but I was so glad to move my legs!
    Happy Running Day!

  209. Celebrating by getting back to the swing of things tonight on my treadmill. Gearing up to start my official training plan for the NYC marathon!

  210. I ran 3.2 miles today which was my goal! Yeah me! My first 5k is next weekend. And I didn’t even know it was National Running Day.

  211. Today’s supposed to be a cross training day, but since it’s National Running Day I plan to run 8 hill sprints; one for each member of my family as thanks that we’re all healthy and physically able, one for my dad who’s neither, and one for all those who aren’t able to run but would love to.

  212. I had these lofty plans to ditch my kids with my husband so I could go to my favorite trail and run 10 miles just to celebrate. My kids had a different idea though. They decided to get strep throat, so now I’m stuck home with them, and if I get in 3 miles today I’ll count myself lucky.

  213. I will celebrate by running 3.5 miles today. It will be interesting since all four of my kids will be joining me. The 3 and 4 year old in the stroller and the 8 and 9 year old on their bikes. Gotta love summer vacation! πŸ™‚

  214. In addition to my own run, my 7 year old son has decided he wants to set up a neighborhood Olympics today–so I’ll help him with that!

  215. Taking a pre-nap run with my kids – I get to celebrate National Running Day and the run will get my kids all sleepy…yay for all! πŸ™‚

  216. I plan on running a few miles after work today. I have a 1/2 marathon this Saturday, so nothing too crazy!

  217. I am going for a run… alone. to reflect on how much I’ve grown and learned as a runner in the last year… How I became a marathoner this January and now I am ready for the next challenge…an ultra…
    and then… when I get back home, I am going to eat a huge slice of chocolate cake…. because I can!

  218. Doing my first brick workout of the season this morning. So, more biking than running but now I really can’t skip the run, right? Happy National Runnig Day!

  219. Why oh why isn’t this on a mainstream calendar somewhere? Not my run day…. Well, here goes, the best I can do on such an auspicious holiday! I am starting my big elk hunt training with my new workouts (Your body is your gym/ cross fit)(elk are heavy)
    I am getting my german shorthair pointer pup out for his run (5 miles today pulling me on the bike with the two year old in the chariot), cycling or driving (how hot is it?) to drop off my two paintings that are going to be exhibited at the local bank, a relaxing jaunt to the pool to continue teaching my son to swim….and then if all goes well a well deserved nap or oh wait I have to paint that commission… followed by a sunset walk with my family to DQ or Coldstone.

  220. I just finished my fastest mile repeats ever and tacked on an extra half mile repeat at the end to celebrate. πŸ˜‰

  221. For National Running Day I will take a day of rest (that means no biking, no swimming, no weight lifting, NOTHING!) so that I can continue to be a better runner every other day of the year.

    AND it’s raining, so I’ve got a good excuse.

  222. I’m on week one of the “Finish It” 1/2 marathon plan… SO, today is a rest or XT day. To keep in the spirit of the day, I will take my wee baby on a hilly walk while his big brothers are in Karate this afternoon. I’m sure I’ll sweat and get my heart rate up almost as much as a run. Back at it tomorrow at 5AM with my first “speed” work of the plan. Happy Running Day, everyone!

  223. Happy National Running Day! Yay! Sadly, I’ll have to run vicariously through everyone else as I recover from a minor surgery. To honor all runners today I will dream of running all day … oh how I wish I could run!

  224. Of Course these pants are uber-ific! if I could own them I would wear them with pride…I might even wear just a sports bra on top and do my fun 6.2 tempo run….dare me?
    today I did 3.1 miles and a 5:45am bootcamp class through Allegro Coaching and Fitness in Grand Rapids MI! ohhhhh RAH!

  225. Off to the gym to do a 7 miler today, (following the Train Like a Mother plan for the Peachtree Roadrace..:-)) Whoop!!

  226. I am recovering from an SI joint injury, so no awesome mileage for me, but I’m definitely going to try to pound out a few miles this morning! I miss running :(. haha

  227. well, since I didn’t know it was running day…I already celebrated by running a nice 4 early this am, with no kiddos awake yet, perfect way to start the day…a great run, good weather, and an awesome playlist. Happy running day!!

  228. I started my day off with a 4 miler at daybreak! Now its off to a Luau Day at my daughters school for the end of the year party!

  229. National running day!! This girl is celebrating with an AM bootcamp workout and an evening run through the tree lined streets when i get home. Without running, I would slowly lose my mind and so I celebrate health, sanity, mother runners everywhere, and you all. My daily dose of inspiration and motivation. Happy running ladies!!!

  230. Today’s supposed to be my rest day, but I can’t pass up a run on National Running Day. Probably will be a nice easy 3 miler in honor.

  231. Celebrating the first day of summer break with an easy 4 miler, maybe I’ll even get the kids to ride their bikes alongside me!

  232. I will spend national running day by getting my butt on treadmill (stupid rain) for a quick three miles!

  233. National Running Day! This desperately needs to be on mainstream calendars. In honor of this day I will celebrate twofold: First, an easy 5 miles on a crisp, cool and sunny morning (before the heat and humidity return this weekend). Second, I will dig out my soft, faded, but still wearable t-shirt from my first road race: “Dream of Roses: All Women’s 10K Run…..1986”! I was eleven for that race and the shirt still fits because eleven is the age at which I stopped growing in the vertical direction! Wearing this shirt will be my way of giving thanks for over 25 years of running and hoping for at least 25 more. Enjoy your day everyone!

  234. I celebrated by getting up early despite a terrible night’s sleep, doing a wodnerful 5.25 mile run that was the fastest i’ve done in a long time. =)

  235. Today I am running around to get ready for my son’s fifth birthday which also happens to be today! He’s always on the move, so no surprise he was born on National Running Day. May have time to sneak in a quick run on the this beautiful and surprisingly cool June day in Maryland. Today’s weather is much like the weather on the day he was born five years ago. Maybe he’s meant to be a runner, too.

  236. I’m going shopping for new running shoes- does that count? If I find a pair, I’ll probably log 2-3 miles; if not, I’ll listen to my training schedule and take a rest day to try to help heal a huge blister on the ball of my foot since I’ve been “celebrating” since Saturday’s half marathon.

  237. I got started yesterday by running 3 miles of trails w/ several newbie runners from my running group (all mother runners!!) I came home and ran w/ my 4yr old daughter and 2 year old son to “practice” for their “big waces” coming up in July. Today my hubby and I will go for an easy run together, then tomorrow my before mentioned running group (Soul2Sole) will meet for a bible study before a group training run!!! Why only celebrate one day?!?!?!

  238. I can’t run today due to a medical test. I ran 4.5 miles yesterday but would love to run trails with Jillian Michaels

  239. 3 miles this morning, signing up for a few 5ks in the next 2 weekends for great causes and debating on whether to take advantage of the RnR registration discount.

  240. Its a cross train day for me but we have a No Boundaries information session at the store (I work at Fleet Feet) tonight so hopefully I will spend National Running Day registering a whole bunch of new runners who want to finish their first 5K!

  241. I will be celebrating National Running Day by signing up for not one, not two, but three 1/2 marathons in November, December, and January…so yeah, I am gonna need these shorts πŸ™‚ Happy running!

  242. Going to run after picking up the kids from swim practice, before attending the Brownie-to-Junior Girl Scout fly-up ceremony in the park. Maybe time for a 5K? Hope they don’t mind me being sweaty as I watch my daughter march across the bridge toward a new phase of growing up.

  243. I will celebrate by not running…. After an injury that sidelined me last summer I promised myself I would take rest when I need it. I completed my first triathlon over the weekend and am feeling some pain in the hip that was injured last summer. No running for me today but I will join the local triathlon club for some open-water swim practice.

  244. I am going to walk with my sister. She has been injured for awhile and is pretty down that she can’t run right now, so I will join her to cheer her up and we will plan to do as many miles as her legs can take her!

  245. I’m celebrating by heading out for a short 3 mile run this morning.
    I’m going to celebrate with my son by picking up my race bib for my race
    this weekend. Maybe I’ll even find a group in central park today to cheer

  246. I’ve had a busy week with the kiddo and it’s only Wednesday! But because of this I haven’t run yet this week. I DEFINITELY plan to run between work and the tball game today. And I”m also contemplating a lunch time run. I wanna run! Happy National Running Day peeps!!!

  247. I ran yesterday for my dad, 7 weeks post quadruple bypass. Tomorrow, I will run for my sanity, as we say goodbye to dear friends today and prepare for a whirlwind trip to Florida tomorrow.

  248. I am meeting up with two other mother runners in an hour, both of which I met on dailymile, and we are going for a run and chasing it with some breakfast! Happy National Running Day to all you BAMRs out there!

  249. If I wasn’t nursing a sprained ankle I would celebrate by running my furthest distance to date. I would finally break the 4 mile mark. Ah dreams of another day…hopefully in the not to distant future :).

  250. My celebration was a day early, on the theme of you don’t really appreciate running until you NEED to run. Yesterday, I needed to do something to feel better, so I ran. And it was beautiful.

  251. I’m going to run 5 miles before I go to work. Celebrating my return to running after healing my stress fracture!!!

  252. I’ll be signing my first contract as an assistant coach for high school girls cross country this afternoon. So fired up! Then I will join my running partner and our local running team for a easy jaunt followed by a burrito and a beer. Could it get any better?

  253. every morning i put baby-girl in the jogger and run/walk to the bus stop with my oldest, then run back after she’s on the bus. today i’ve also got 5 miles on the schedule for later on πŸ™‚

  254. Here’s how I’m celebrating: woke to 2 alarms at 4:30 in the morning (during summer break!?!); downed some coffee while checking email and reading AMR, and now I’m off to meet my girls for speed work. If I survive, I’ll come home and wake my five kids (during summer break!?!) and escort them to their running club, where they will joyfully (ha!) run a mile or two.

    Wow. I’m tired already. Maybe I’ll just head back to bed instead…

  255. I will hopefully squeeze a run in after work and a vet appt and preparing dinner but before a baseball game. Maybe I’ll celebrate Thursday. Sometimes squeezing in runs leads to more stress!

  256. I’m running with my running group at the track tonight!! I stepped out of my comfort zone last year and joined a group and I am forever grateful for it!!!

  257. I run because I CAN…
    my dad has a genetic nerve disorder (form of MD) and in a wheel chair and can’t walk so I say that I will run as long as I can because someday I may not be able to walk

  258. I will be having a duel celebration. First I will don my pink/purple glitter tutu and run/skip/dance laps with my Girls on the Run. Saturday is race day for them. Then I will meet a few girls for 3 “runaway bride” miles. We are beginning and ending at a local bar. We are all wearing ugly bridesmaids dresses and the bride will be wearing a veil as we run. This is her last group run before she gets married and we all run together every week. A totally wonderful celebration day of all that I love.

  259. I am not running today, nor have I in 10 days, but whose counting? Tore my fascia..:(
    Ideally..I would have gotten up at my usual 4:30 and met my my gym girls for a nice 6 chat, clear my head and push my body (I am the slowest of the bunch so they always push me….just a tad!)
    And ofcourse the post run chocolate milk is just as big a part of my run as the run itself!!

  260. I’m meeting a friend who is just coming back from an injury. She is one of my BRFs, so I’m glad to have her back!

  261. I run to feel alive and to know that Cancer hasn’t beaten me.Over a year after my diagnosis I am still fighting it. Continuing to run makes me know I can handle anything that comes my way….Time to get off the computer, I am meeting a friend at 5am to get our 6 miles in before the kids need us. Enjoy the day!

  262. I am in taper for my June 23 1/2 marathon in sunriver oregon with team in training so will do an hour on Wednesday evening probably in the rain AGAIN. Rain rain go away.

  263. i plan to celebrate Nat’l Running Day by getting in my usual Wed run of 6.25 miles first thing in the morning. Excited that the “holiday” fell on one of my actual running days! runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  264. I will be running with a large group of community runners. Since it’s rare I get to run with people I think I will make it a long run and enjoy the company.

  265. Been sick – so had to celebrate with a short core and strength training routine just to stay mobile. Unless, of course, you count running after 3 kids (4, 2, and 11 months) all day!

  266. Wednesday is usually my rest day, but I’m doing the RW Run Streak so I was planning on just doing an easy mile

  267. I’ll celebrate by dragging my butt out of bed to run in the early am, even though I’ve lost my motivation since I completed my 1st half 2 wks ago.

  268. I celebrated by taking a prescribed rest day in preparation for my first Half Marathon this Saturday! The Steamworks Half in Durango, Colorado! wooo-hooo—wish me luck!

  269. I celebrated/commemorated by running to a 7-11 to buy a Big Gulp in honor of my dad. Rarely a day passed where my father, an avid marathon runner, didn’t have his Pepsi.

  270. I celebrated national running day by sitting on the couch and playing extra hard with my 3 year old. Still recovering my first 1/2 2 days ago and am trying to let the muscles rest so I can get a run in with a friend from out of town tomorrow! Will actually run to celebrate a day late!

  271. Tonight I had a meeting with KC Express. Tomorrow morning I will be getting up, earlier than normal and go for a 30 min run.

  272. I celebrated by mostly running 3.4 miles in sunny 79 degree weather. And for the first time, I managed to sustain a pace of 6 mikes an hour for about a minute!

  273. I started celebrating on Monday by running with local law enforcement in the Special Olympics running of the torch with a special Olympics athlete! Very humbling, as I nearly killed myself trying to keep up with the young man! It was an amazing experience & charged me up to run anothe 6 today ( after running the whole 12 yesterday with the torch run) . Every run should be that wonderful!!!

  274. I’ll be driving from Tulsa, OK to Dallas TX (5 hours or so) tomorrow for a work conference and then I will be running in Dallas tomorrow evening in celebration of National Running Day! My favorite thing…running in another city!!!!

    1. I ran today even though it was my off day. How can you not run on National Running Day if your a runner right? So I ran 5 miles and bought a new running shirt in honor as well. I ran by myself.It felt awesome!!!! Destiny

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