New Feature: Wednesday Workouts

Wednesday Workout 1


Fear not: We have not given up on Hump Day Giveaways. (And we got all your nominations for mother runner businesses: Thank you! We have to sort through them, and we'll have that giveaway in about two weeks.)

Today, we are just taking a break for one week to introduce a new feature we're going to put up every Wednesday morning on our Facebook page: the Wednesday Workout. The workout will be adaptable to all running levels, as this one is, and will hopefully give you a little oomph to get out the door and some inspiration to switch up your same-route, same-pace routine.

We will compile all the workouts on this page, so you'll have a place to check back and grab them when—not if—you need to spice up your routine. And here's the .pdf of this workout, if you want to print it out for future reference.

Do you have a workout you want to nominate for  Wednesday Workout? We'll give you credit, and would love to have  a variety of them. It should be running-based, but you can definitely throw in exercises or a stop at the playground for the monkey bars or...put it in the comments below, or email us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!


12 responses to “New Feature: Wednesday Workouts

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  2. Great workout! Did it Sunday! Yep, 45 sec into har min I wanted to quit but forged forward and love the workout! Thanks for posting it!!!

  3. This is a great addition! I’ve had some sluggish runs in the heat and humidity so I came up with this one. I normally run at about a 10 minute mile but it can be adapted. I use Runkeeper which announces every 5 and 10 minutes.
    10 min warm up
    Run 1 mile fast. Whatever time is left before the next 10 minutes is up, I can walk. (So if I ran a 9:15 mile, I could walk :45)
    Repeat for as many miles as I want.
    10 min cool down.
    I found this one very psychologically beneficial. Just what I needed to motivate me when it was sticky out!

  4. Thank you!!!! This was just what I was looking for today!! Wednesdays are totally crazy for me – I only have 90
    minutes between teaching classes to squeeze in a run, shower and lunch!

  5. I did this on my run today. I only got to 6 intervals, next time I’ll do more! It made the middle miles fly by. I’m looking forward to this weekly workout. Thanks ladies!

  6. Oh and I LOVE ladder workouts, haven’t done that in a while:

    10 min warmup
    30-60 seconds at just under 5K pace
    jog 1 minute
    go at a speed of 15-30 seconds per mile faster for 4 more repeats, then ladder down, and 10 min cooldown. You can also adapt to longer intervals. Gets you used to different paces and gets you out of any rut you might be in!

  7. Love this workout, it’s one of my standby “get the junk outta the trunk” workouts. You feel pretty bada$$ at the end, too.

  8. Thank you!! This is exactly what I needed to add to my weekly workouts. Did it today on the treadmill (I know, I know), but it was great!

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