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Nuun Year: No Limits Challenge Starts Soon


As we round the final corner of 2014, we're going to take a few posts this week to talk about resolutions.

Before we kick it off, we need to make one thing clear: by resolutions, we don't mean look like Heidi Klum in a bikini or always be happy or never yell at your kids. Or even stop biting your fingernails (typed by the mother runner who is finally at peace with the fact that her nails will always be nubs).

Resolutions, in our minds, are not black or white, succeed or fail, bite or don't bite. They don't involve unrealistic expectations (stop eating all sugar) or murky, directionless statements (reduce stress) or other must/can't/will/won't directives that ultimately set us up for more stress and, likely, failure.

Resolutions can also be called goals around AMR, and goals, we know, are achieveable. Not easy, mind you, but achieveable—and incredibly fulfilling.

Goals are more fluid and fractionable (a word?) than resolutions. Goals are best tackled with an inchworm mentality: tiny, regular steps towards a half-marathon or a PR or consistency in exercise. Sometimes we stop moving—or a stupid roadblock makes us inch back. But the goal, as patient, forgiving, solid as we'd like to be ourselves, is there waiting for us, ready to reward our perserverance when we finally have all the tools to grab it.

Goals also feel much more achieveable—and sweeter tasting—when you've got a team, a community rooting you on, laughing at your jokes, empathizing when you've got five miles on your plan and Ma Nature thought 5-degree temps were appropriate. When somebody has your back, your goal doesn't feel quite so far away.

With that in mind, we wanted to remind you that our first AMR Challenge of 2015—Nuun Year: No Limits—will start on January 26. Nuun Year: No Limits is a 10K and Half-Marathon Challenge. (We're thrilled to work with Nuun, the best electrolyte hydration tabs ever, to make this the best Challenge yet.)

The 10K and Half-Marathon training plans will accomodate most levels of runners, but if you're a beginner or just getting back to it after a long layoff, know that we're also going to have a 5K No Limits Challenge that will start on March 2nd, when the weather is a wee bit more cooperative.

If you haven't participated in an AMR Challenge, you're in for a treat; we support you from the first mile of your training through the final mile of your race. Truly: from a loaded swag bag at the beginning to kick off your training to private club pages on Strava, where you can connect with (and cheer on and bitch to) your fellow Challengers to support from Dimity, Sarah, and Coach Christine to a unique finishers tee and medal, you'll never run a mile alone.

Plus, this year, we're working with Training Peaks so your Challenge workouts—today's and tomorrow's—will be emailed to you daily.  (Read: you can't use the I-forgot-my-workout excuse.)

We're busy setting up all the details now, but we wanted you to have Nuun Year: No Limits 10K and 13.1 Challenge on your radar now. We'll officially open registration on January 9th; the announcement will be via our newsletter, in which we'll offer a discounted rate until January 19th, when the rate goes up and we post it here, on our website.

If you get our daily emails, you'll get the January 9 newsletter. If you get our (almost) monthly newsletters, you'll get January 9 newsletter.

If you get neither and want to know all the details for the Challenge, you can sign up here:

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Ok, enough forward-thinking talk for today. We'll see you tomorrow, when we feature a mother runner who set a big goal, then inched her way towards it beautifully.


8 responses to “Nuun Year: No Limits Challenge Starts Soon

    1. Yep, Dawn, we’re doing a full marathon Challenge that will start on May 18: a 20-week plan with a fall marathon in mind. (Any October race date will work.) Hope you’ll join us then!

  1. Two years ago I couldnt even run a block. My daughters and I did the Mothers Day virtual 5K and I was hooked! Last year I used the challenge to complete my first ever half marathon. This year I am signed up for the Lincoln half and am planning on the Des Moines half in the fall. Thank you AMR for giving me running. (Forgot to mention I started running at age 60 🙂

  2. I was hoping that there would be another challenge this year. I hope to join in on the fun. The challenge last year for Mothers Day changed my attitude about myself tremendously. I learned that I can do hard things…and I like it! Hooray for more! : )

  3. Sorry for racing ahead, but may I assume this will work if your half is scheduled for May 3 – a week prior to the end of the plan? :-0

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