Hump Day Giveaway: Pros and Cons

The very hungry caterpillar pops up everywhere, including my chaotic world.

For the most part, I eat decently. I try to snack on carrots instead of Cheetos; eat brown rice instead of white; avoid buying the pounder of M&M's, because I've learned that it usually does not make its into my DIY GORP, despite always pretending it will.

If you take away my sugar addiction, my biggest nutritional issue isΒ  I have a knack for letting the almost-empty light illuminate too often on my virtual fuel gauge. My mom--and now SBS, because we have spent so much time together--know that noodle-like, running-on-fumes state of mine well. "I can tell you need food," says SBS, after I either snap at her or become teary (both for no reason) as we stand behind our table at a race expo.

Traveling is more likely to bring on the crazies, but it happens in my daily life, too. Like this morning. I ran five miles, came home, and had a glass of chocolate milk, then I got carried away by sunscreen applying, dog walking, lunch making, and the like. Suddenly, it was 90 minutes past my run. Not only had I pretty much missed the magic 30-minute optimal refuel window, I was famished.

Superfood Slam. Slam it down, and you're ready to rock (and your stomach won't rumble).

Or more like foaming at the mouth. I had to hit the road, though, and I didn't want to risk dripping peanut butter from a bagel on my clean skirt. So I grabbed a PROBAR, which is a dense whopper of a bar. It's a meal, actually: about 370 super-healthy calories (oats, sunflower seeds, cashews, flax seed, tons of fruity ingredients, the like; everything is organic and raw) and 17 grams of fat in flavors like Whole Berry Blast and Koka Moka. Don't freak on the fat: Like I said, the bar is hearty and satisfying. I wolfed it down at 8:30, and didn't wander to the kitchen for lunch until almost noon--a long time for me, considering I was "writing" and had plenty of procrastination opportunities.


Who needs a campfire anyway?

My kids take one bite of a PROBAR and they're full, but Ben devours a whole HALO bar, which comes in drool-worthy flavors like Rocky Road and Nutty Marshmellow, in about 30 seconds. The smaller snack bar, which has a similarly impressive ingredient list, clocks in at 160 calories. More importantly, given the delicious name, it carries a surprisingly low sugar content: about 9 or 10 grams. (Compared to Yoplait yogurt, which has, oh, 30 grams or so.)

PROBAR wants to fend off the hungries in both you and your kids (or just you, if you want to hoard the HALOS...we won't tell). They're giving away two boxes of ridiculously tasty and truly healthy bars--one box of HALOs, one box of PROBARS--to two random winners.

To enter, though, we want some nutritional dirt on you. What is one pro and one con of your eating habits? Do you love broccoli? Drink too much Diet Coke? Plan your well-balanced meals in advance? Or hit the drive-through more often than you'd admit? It's time to spill some secrets, and possibly boost your pantry in the process. We will announce the winner on Friday.

259 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Pros and Cons

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  2. Con – I LOVE chocolate like it’s my job! I’ve been trying to get better, though, and convince myself that I don’t need to eat it every day.

    Pro- I work really hard to home cook dinner every night and make sure we all get our veggie servings in.

  3. I eat lots of veggies and fruit, but I definitely have a sweet tooth AND love to pound back the starchy carbs. Based on the comments above, though, I’m definitely not alone with the whole sugar/chocolate thing.

  4. Pro cook and bake from scratch while using wholesome ingredients. Con too much coffee and not nearly enough water. I am pretty dehydrated a lot of the time :(. Second con rarely take the time to refuel after a run. By the time I am home and showered someone (3 kids) or something needs to be taken care of.

  5. Pro: I am a huge Clean Eating Magazine fan and I plan all of our dinners using recipes from it. We eat lots of veggies.

    Con: I LOVE chocolate bars with almonds in them. If I buy one, it is gone before anyone else in the house can know its there!

  6. Pro: I love fruits & vegetables and like to cook
    Cons: My desk at work is WAAAAAAAAAAY too close to the vending machine. πŸ™

  7. Pro – I love vegies and fruit, and eat plenty of them.
    Con – I love baking and do plenty of it, and eat the results…

  8. Pro – I’m vegan, so I eat a TON of veggies! Volume eating all the way!

    Con – I love coffee, but I’m really working on cutting back! (I actually had a hard time thinking of a con – good sign!)

  9. Pro-I don’t eat meat, so I end up eating a ton of veggies all day, and my kids eat more veggies now also!

    Con-I love sugar!

    So glad that I feel like I have way more pros that I could list, and not that many cons!!!

  10. Pro: lots of veggies and fiber
    Con: way too much caffeine! (coffee, espresso, monster energy drink)
    I’m a very zippy mother runner who poops regularly.

  11. Pro: I’ve got a pretty good diet. Do lots of my own cooking from scratch, eat lots of fresh veggies, whole grains, quality meats.
    Cons: Eating on the run too much… never ‘fast food’, but sushi is fast, so are homemade muffins out of the freezer… I need to spend more mindful time eating. And if there’s food available (potluck, etc), I’ll eat it, just about whatever it is. Bottomless pit, my stomach!

  12. Well, I love Spinach but I’m afraid the scale says I love choloate more : ) Finding a good balance has always been an issue for me. I eat well most of the time, it’s just the pesky sweets that sneek in and sabotage everything.

  13. I actually tried the s’mores ones good & they make you feel full!

    Well, I lost 70 lbs..I am still a carb addict lol..LOVE Sweets..that’s my main weakness..I drink TONS of water..the occasional root beer is also my downfall haha

    I walk alot and try to eat healthy..luckily I LOVE veggies..but I do splurge in moderation on desserts lol

    Thank you for the chance to win!


  14. Pro: I really love fresh fruits and vegetables. All kinds. Fall is my favorite time of year because of the harvest.

    Cons: I really love any other kind of food as well, and I have a hard time limiting myself.

  15. Pro: I love fresh fruits & veggies (and my children do too)!

    Con: Toss-up – I love diet mt. dew code red & drink WAY too much of it. And I could eat a whole jar of nutella in one sitting.

  16. Pro: I love veggies. And I am trying to learn more about nutrition. Con: I love Diet Coke. Pro: At least I have replaced most of my diet cokes with water throughout the day. Con: Some days require more diet coke that others!

  17. Pro: I cook healthy meals for my family at least 6 nights a week. We usually go out one time.

    Con: I’m a grazer. Handful of this and handful of that. I get myself into trouble this way!

  18. It would seem that I have more cons than pros! I drink too much diet soda and I love junk food but not as much since I have lost over 40 pounds. My pros, well since I started running and lost so much weight I have been thinking of food as fuel rather than eating food for emotional comfort. Even though I sneak in chips and chocolate from time to time, I have been better about drinking more water, eating lean protein and whole-grain breads and pasta. I’m so glad because this is impacting how my daughter (Maddie, 2 yo) has been viewing her food. She wants to eat pasta and banana like mommy!

  19. Pro- I love veggies of all kinds and most days go for huge portions of veggies over starches. A fresh crisp salad is to die for too.
    Con – Soda – I can’t staty away from Diet Mt.Dew. I love the taste and the bubbles and nothing else is as good.

  20. My cons are that I just eat too much and to many sweets. My pro is that I eat only grass fed range beef and wild game (my whole family hunts and we live on a cattle ranch).

  21. My pro is that I love fruit and eat it with almost every meal. My con is I always eat food off of my kids’ plates when they don’t finish a meal. And this usually happens when we go out to eat or out for ice cream. I am full, but I eat it anyway. Of course. It is never anything healthy.

  22. Pro: In general our meals are healthy, homemade and full of nutritionist-improved stuff. When I look at my diet as a nutritionist would, I really think that breakfast, lunch and dinner look fabulous: little to no processed food, good balance of carbs and protein, whole grains, green veggies, etc.

    Con: When it comes to snacks, I all too often grab a bar. Sure, it’s mostly Luna bars and they’re not all that unhealthy (and I’ve enjoyed ProBars when I need something a bit more substantial), but it’s not say, carrot sticks with hummus or fruit with plain yogurt.

  23. Pro: I eat mostly whole grains, lots of fruit and vegis and primarily chicken and salmon.
    Con: I REALLY like baked goods. Show me a dessert case and all bets are off!

  24. Pro: Pretty good at eating whole foods. I went Gluten Free to help me avoid all the highly processed food… The trick is to replace the gluten foods with vegis and fruit–not just another highly process starch.

    Con: Need to still work on portion control and over eating. Over eating on whole foods is still over eating.

  25. Chips! Any thing in a bag with the word tortilla. I really like the all natural Mexican kind with salsa, that makes it healthy right? I think my strength is I eat breakfast and plan meals, I just eat chips while making them.

  26. Pro: eat at home 99% of the time – cooking your own food is the best way to know exactly what you are eating. Also, is so much better than a fast food or even a normal restaurant… And it provides family time.
    Con: so many, chocolate covered almonds in very big amounts is one… Tasty salty pig parts (salami, bacon, sausages) is another one – yum… And the drinking is another one..

  27. Pro: I pack a healthy lunch every day for work. Con: it all gets derailed at the first sign of a sweet treat left in the work kitchen. I’ve been known to eat the whole plate of cookies set out for coworkers. Shhhh, don’t tell.

  28. I’ll start with ‘con’, as I always like to end on a good note… my biggest issue is sweet stuff–if it’s around, I will likely DEVOUR it. Whole quarts (not pints–those are piddly) of ice cream and entire batches of cookies have gone missing before. Cookies with frosting on them–how novel and delicious… I will take them all, thank you! As for the ‘pro’ of my eating habits–I have become an excellent planner. This helps keep me on track and easily out of the “I’m starving now and running on fumes and the only thing that looks good is that stack of brownies” phase πŸ˜€ I super-plan it all the way down to my snacks–crazy, but it works for me!

  29. I am really good about only drinking water during the day (and 2 coffees). I stay away from soda & other sugary drinks completely. However, every night before bed I have to have some sort of dessert. Cookies & cupcakes are my favorite!

  30. They look yummy!! My pro has to be the amount of fruits and vegetables that I eat but my con is my complete lack of will-power for desserts!

  31. Pro: I love veggies – loving our CSA & the plethora of veggies this summer.

    Con: Sweets- I LOVE sweets. Must curb my post dinner “must have dessert” habit!

  32. The content of what I eat is usually quite respectable–a good blend of lean proteins, whole grains and fruits and veggies. Never met a veggie I didn’t like, have no problem eating sprouted wheat this, tofu that. All good. My problem is portion size. I have to remind myself that while snacks like Snapea Crisps are yummy and certainly better nutritionally than, say, chips, ya gotta pace yourself. A bag in a sitting=add another mile to tomorrow’s run. Wait. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

    Oh, that and finishing off whatever my kids leave on their dinner plates at night. “Scrape it into the disposal, Meg. Just do it.”

  33. Pro: I love to cook organic yummy wholesome food. I try to grow my own food, and eat 75% organic, at least. I really enjoy veggies and healthy foods. I bake my own bread, yes, all of it.
    Con: I live out, far from take out, where I have to cook my own food. I have a HUGE sweet tooth and LOVE chocolate. So I do try to buy the organic kind. Chocolate is what brings me to my knees. When I limit myself I dream in chocolate. Really.

  34. Eating is good…give myself a b+ but I’m a pretty harsh critic!!! Down here, in south louisiana, one of our sayings is ‘jeet jet?’ which really means did you eat yet? Eating well is crucial to being a southerner!!!

  35. Pro: I drink a spinach smoothie just about every day. Don’t wretch–they are delicious and have helped my body to all but eliminate cravings for junky stuff like soda!
    Con: Like Betsy L. above, I also have a love for red wine. I choose only to listen to the good reports that say our bodies benefit from a glass (or two) of the claret, but I know that my selective hearing may also be considered a state of denial by those in the medical profession. πŸ˜‰

  36. Pro — I snack on fruits, veggies, and almonds.

    C0n — I can hardly stand to go to bed at night without first eating a LARGE spoonful of Nutella. Despite the commercials advertising it as being healthy is pretty loaded with sugar and half of the calories are from fat. But, it is so YUMMY!

  37. The good: I eat tons of farm-fresh organic veggies from our CSA farm, including a spinach smoothie every morning (really!).

    The bad: Cannot live without Diet Coke.

    The ugly: I consume enough ice cream and Cheetos on a regular basis to potentially cancel out the spinach smoothies.

  38. Pro: When I HAVE to eat fast-food (which is occasionally since I’m on the road a lot) I opt for the grilled chicken sandwich, no mayo, and a diet coke. Con: I ALWAYS eat the fries!!!

  39. I love my fruits and veggies and am absolutely convinced my Diet Coke washes away all things bad, but all bets are off when my husband cooks this southern girl his award winning Memphis in May BBQ!!!;) Can’t resist!

  40. What I do well…I eat lots of fruit and veggies and have branched out to try new things like brussell sprouts, edamame, and putting red bell pepper in and on everything. I make my own yogurt and granola and do a decent job on breakfasts and lunches.

    What I don’t do well…I snack way to much around the cursed 3 p.m. hour and dinner isn’t always the healthiest. I love to cook and try new recipes…they just aren’t always healthy.

  41. Yum! The pro–I eat my veggies–plenty of them, in their various assorted forms. The con–sugar, especially in the form of ice cream. It’s hard to resist Blue Bell (if you haven’t had it, you haven’t had true ice cream bliss), especially when it’s 107 degrees outside. Now if I could just stick to my attempts at NOT eating out of the half-gallon . . .

  42. Pro- Oatmeal and fresh berries every morning, and I love love fruits and veggies.
    Con- I love, love ice cream even more πŸ™‚

  43. Pro – I raise hens who provide us with free range organic eggs daily, and I planted a thriving vegetable garden.

    Con – I am addicted to Tim’s Cascade JalapeΓ±o Potato Chips!!!!

  44. I have become a fanatic about whole grain pasta and brown rice but quinoa is my favorite. Balanced out with a love of Mike n Ike’s and how a handful (I have a smallish hand!) can take the edge off a crazy day once in a while.

  45. I can totally relate to being “foaming at the mouth” hungry. Everyone who knows me well, knows to avoid me if I haven’t eat in four hours! I am usually pretty good at avoiding this type of situation because I do a decent job planning meals and snacks for my family. I LOVE doing it even if it came out of necessity. My hubby is type 1 diabetic and wishing to control his blood sugar without using much insulin.

    My biggest con to my nutrition is that I come from an Italian family and tend to overdo it with the pasta and wine. Yeah, eating tons of pasta can be considered carbo loading, just not when it’s not being consumed for fuel. I have never met a pasta noodle I did not love!

  46. Pro Bars are delicious! I break the big bars in half. Save the 2nd half for later. I’ll have to look for the Halo Bars.

    PROS: I have many, many, many small meals throughout the day (I keep an online diary at along with my training. Today I had 10 meals). They range between 150 to 300 calories; they are high carb, high protein throughout the day; they are low carb, high protein in the evening. NO HFCS, Trans Fats and minimal processed sugars and flour.

    CONS: My downfall are french fries, ice cream, and cheesecake. I’m OK if they aren’t around, but there is no stopping once they are on the table. I must be very careful when I visit my mother!

  47. Pro: I like fruits I usually have a banana everyday. I like most veggies especially red & yellow peppers and I try to keep mental notes on how much I have eaten during the day.

    Con: I really like my coffee and usually have 4 or more cups a day–with cream & sugar. I try to stay away from chips (or junk food all together), but when the kids leave an open bag close to me I always cave. And I seem to eat a lot of cheese–it’s on my salad or I have cheese & crackers or cheese on my sandwich–all at the same sitting.
    I must be part mouse.

  48. Pro-I eat a pretty well-balanced diet: lots of whole grains, veggies & I don’t skip meals.

    Con-I drink wayyyyyy too much diet soda (think 2-44 oz sodas/day)…yeah, I do feel guilty.

  49. Pro- I gave up Diet Pop at the beginning of this year and haven’t gone back to it. Although I sometime miss my Diet Mountain Dew and Diet Coke when I see other’s drinking it I know water, low calorie juice and milk are better to keep me hydrated.
    Con- I love “fair food” or what I call “WT” food. Corn dogs, Kraft macaroni n Cheese ( the character noodles, especially Cars characters are so good), cotton candy, funnel cakes. Could go on and on. Something about this food just screams COMFORT and HAPPINESS.

  50. My pro: I eat foods in their natural state, not processed and only whole grains, and I don’t eat red meat. My con: I love ice cream, specifically peppermint stick. This is 75% of why I run…I can’t have more than a Pint in the house, or I’ll eat it all.

  51. One pro – we eat quite a few fresh veggies and fruit (not organic but we just can’t afford that…and next year, if we buy the house we’re looking at, then I can grow my own organic stuff!). One con – I snack quite a bit, sometimes on healthy stuff, sometimes on some not-so-healthy stuff.

    Is apple crisp healthy or not? lol

  52. Pro: gave up the pop and drink water with lunch and all day long. Plus I like veggies and have a garden full in the backyard.

    Con: I hate to cook almost as much as I hate to do laundry. Plus a junk food addict here. If I could eat cereal or a pb&j sandwich for dinner it would work just as well in my world as a gourmet chef prepared meal.

  53. Only one pro and one con? Oh, which one do I choose?
    I guess my Pro is cooking from scratch with local foods, and I’m trying my hand at not killing my tomatoes and peppers.
    My really big Con is that I drink coffee all morning long, with creamer and splenda, and really don’t have any kind of breakfast. I usually forget until it’s time for lunch, but at least I pack mine so I don’t overeat!

  54. Pros – I love veggies! I do eat whole grains as well.

    Cons – I don’t eat a good breakfast. Pastries are my favorites!

  55. Pro:herbal tea [cold or hot] and multi-grain cereal with low-fat milk or soy milk. [keeps me full and satisfied and I look forward to it almost every morning]

    Con: Cool ranch doritos [satisfies my sodium fix when I am PMSing..bad but yet so ‘salty good’]

  56. Pro- I’m a vegetarian and eat pretty clean mostly.
    Con- Cheese pizza and cupcakes can be considered vegetarian. =)

  57. Pro: I cook pretty healthy meals. Even if the veggies aren’t straight from the garden or farmer’s market, they are always there! My kids’ favorite food right now seems to be cherry/grape tomatoes (and any kind of fruit except watermelon, for some reason). My drink of choice is water. I will go days without drinking anything else (except my one cup of AM coffee) because I like it the best, not because I am sacrificing.

    Cons: I eat way too many snacks, and they are no where near as healthy as my meals. I go from one extreme to the other with my cravings – some days I MUST have chocolate, others I need the salty snacks.

  58. Pro: I have been really good about cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for my family as a New Year’s resolution. I eat out with my son once during the week for lunch and we usually have one dinner out per week as a family. I am also cooking real, whole foods and not just a box or can of something.

    Con: I AM ADDICTED TO DIET SODA! I have cut back but I still crave it like it’s a drug. It drives me crazy because I know it’s terrible for me yet I just can’t say no. πŸ™

  59. Pro- I LOVE LOVE LOVE fresh fruits and veggies. So we have them at almost every meal.

    Con-I have a baking addiction and a massive sweet tooth.

  60. My biggest downfall… Cheez-it’s and diet coke. They compliment each other so well πŸ™‚ i am currently searching for a morning ‘meal bar’. Between a morning run, two little girls and a long commute… I need a quick easy fix to last until lunch. Def going to check out ur bars!

  61. Pro – I am not tempted by junk food. Con – I can eat my body weight in things like mashed potatoes or humus or oat meal!

  62. Pro: I eat a pretty low fat diet. It’s due to a malfunctioning but non-existant gall bladder (the gall bladder is a long complicated story… more on that when you ask about missing organs!), but it keeps me eating low fat, lots of fruits, veggies and whole grain

    Con: Beer! It’s been my one “snack” that has survived the low fat diet (beer IS fat free after all!) I have a deal with my boys: if I have beer with dinner, they can have chocolate milk πŸ™‚

  63. You know those “hot” potato chips? If I’m busy and don’t have time to grab something from home, I’ll stop at the gas station and get a bag of those and a Diet Coke and devour THE WHOLE FREAKING BAG! Those things are my downfall. Ever try to run after eating those? It’s like heartburn city!

    On the upside, I try to cook all of my family’s meals from scratch and snack on fruit, nuts, veggies & hummus, etc.

  64. Forgive me mother runners for I have sinned! πŸ™‚ I run on empty as well and get the empty tank crazies! My downfall is sugar and after eating a well rounded nutritious lunch at work I dunk my hand in the candy jar for something chocolate and I feel like I ruin it all. Note to self: work on the all or nothing attitude it doesn’t really work! Amen!

  65. I am often running on fumes also and it makes me super irritable and prone to mood swings!!! I just get too busy, distracted easily, and forget to eat. Not good for anyone, let alone a nursing, marathon training woman.

    pro: When I do eat regularly: its very healthy. Fruits, veggies, lean meats, whole grains, the works.

    con: If its one of the many times I’ve already forgotten to eat a meal, I will eat brownies and ice cream, cookies and milk, etc. And God help anyone that points out its not actually a meal to me….

  66. The pro of my eating is that I don’t snack mindlessly or after hours. I don’t sit down with bags of chips or tubs of ice cream and eat my way through them. I eat 3 regular meals plus relatively healthy snacks in between.

    The con is that a simply eat too much – at nearly every meal. Portions are too big. I eat bites while I’m cooking, and more bites while I’m cleaning up. I put too much on my plate and often go back for seconds.

    On the plus side, this means that portion control goes a long way when I’m trying to cut calories. On the negative, it means that I often wonder why my weight-loss is stagnated since “I eat pretty healthily.”

  67. Pro to my eating – I eat mostly organic foods and avoid processed food.

    Con to my eating – I love to eat out and enjoy wine and beer with my meals.

  68. Yummo…
    The good…i cook most ever night and generally eat healthy.
    The bad…when I am bad I can be very,very bad!


  69. Pro – I can have a taste of the bad stuff, without eating every bite..
    Con – as much as I love healthy food, my family doen’t, and since I don’t do most of the cooking, I don’t buy nearly as much of the good stuff as I should.

  70. Pro: my daily smoothies of fruit, greens, protein powder, Chia seeds and a splash of ice water.

    Cons: way too much coffee and a serious inability to say no to dessert, usually eaten after the rest of the house is in bed.

  71. Pro: We eat nearly 100% organic foods and get our veggies from a CSA. We plan our meals in advance and I generally make good food choices during the day.

    Con: Will run for beer!!! I have a very, very bad snacking habit late at night.

  72. My pro is definitely that I love vegetables and fruit. Especially in the summer time I feel like I can’t get enough! I want to buy everything and have to be careful to only buy what I can consume before it will go bad.

    The con is pretty easy too – sugar, chocolate and sweets. Chocolate is the main downfall for me but working at Starbucks and being around tasty sweets all the time… everything is tempting so I make sure to bring lots of fruit with me to satisfy the sweet craving.

  73. Pro- I generally eat pretty well & plan my family’s meals in advance even if I’m not home to prepare them.

    Con- Will run for wine!!!

  74. Pro-I have a large garden, love fresh veggies and fruits, run regularly, and keep a super active lifestyle that keeps me moving constantly. My kids and hubby also love healthy foods so I have the support at home to stay on a good diet. Even when I’m on the run I carry granola, almonds or dried fruits for my briefcase and the car.

    Con-Something happens to me in the middle of the night…regularly. My running time is usually around 8 or 9 pm so I usually have a light dinner then something light and healthy right after my run. Although I’m not a big sweets person, I’m constantly getting up in middle of the night with a major craving for LittleDebbie Honey Buns…..ahhhh! Pretty sure my blood sugar drops at night which spurs the cravings.Any suggestions? Come on! Help a girl out!

  75. Wow that packaging is making me DROOL!

    Cons: Put me in the “I drink too much diet coke” camp.
    Pros: I also drink my spinach almost daily with a green smoothie!

  76. Pro-I cook from scratch for nearly every meal. I include plenty of variety on my dishes. Also put a lot of work washing and chopping up fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Con-I bake from scratch quite often. I’m a sweet-aholic!

  77. Pro-I eat everything in moderation and feed myself and my family home-cooked meals using meats, veggies, fruits, whole grains, etc… Have never had a soda/caffeine habit so am pretty hydrated and happy with water. I also never forget to eat because it just isn’t pretty when I don’t have food in my system.

    Con- Portion control and eating out. Potlucks kill me because everything tastes so good and when we do eat out I always feel compelled to finish my meal because I paid for it!

  78. I have good intentions (as do we all!). My favorite snacks are apples and yogurt, so I eat lots of those, but I have my vices too..namely mountain dew and the ridiculously good McDonald’s Carmel Frappes. I do have the restraint to only order a small, especially since I found out how many calories they are….but I have to confess I’ve rationalized the purchase by figuring the caffeine will make my run easier later, or the next morning, or whenever!

  79. Pro- If I overeat, I know it immediately…I used to do it all the time and didn’t feel yucky. Now, not so, I feel awful if I eat too much, so I don’t!

    Con-I still can’t get rid of my sweet tooth!

  80. Pro: I love veggies, tofu, and other healthy foods. I don’t need too many sweets.
    Con: I also love cheese and salt. French fries are a huge weakness, as are crackers and cheese. So much so that I don’t even allow myself to have crackers in the house, except for some kid friendly things that I think are gross.

  81. Pro–after many years of being totally carb addicted, I’m good now about making sure my meals/snacks are somewhat protein/carb balanced. And I try to stay away from processed foods.

    Con–waaaay too much Diet Coke.

  82. Thanks for the introduction to these good looking treats. Sounds like just what i need. I tend to grab for the wrong thing when hungry instead of planning for the healthy route (con). My pro however is – if the healthy is there and available i am completely satisfied with fruits, veggies and whole grains. So where is my good fairy shopper/maid/housekeeper/chef to keep me headed in the right direction? These bars would be a good start me thinks.

  83. Pro- Living on Prince of Wales Island, we mainly eat that we catch/hunt ourselves (halibut, salmon and venison).

    Con- I snack too frequently on my daughter’s fruit snacks.

  84. I eat pretty well ( fruits, veggies, protein and whole grains), but I reward myself with movie theater sized boxes of Hot Tamales. The best candy ever made. It’s a problem. πŸ™‚

  85. Oooh, those sound great! A nutritional pro in my life is that I just bought my first cookbook last week — maybe mid-20s means it’s time for adulthood! Haha. A con is that I tend to overindulge — not because I’m hungry, but just because I like what I’m eating. Recipe for weight gain right there!

  86. Pro: I do alot of cooking and have trained myself (working on the kids…) to like more green leafy and whole wheat dishes!!
    Con: I LOOOOVVVVEEEEE chocolate…. almost more than I love my hubby!! ha

  87. I generally eat a fairly healthy breakfast and lunch because I bring both meals to the office (and therefore limit my options)–Greek yogurt and berries, quinoa salads, etc–but when I get home from work it’s tough to fit in time to cook a really nice family meal after a long work day. We do eat together each night, but there are a whole lot of easy-to-make burritos and pasta in our standard rotation.

  88. Pro – Our family eats homemade meals with great produce (organic for the dirty dozen) for almost all meals. I have 2 little ones who needs lots of veggies and fruits so there is never an excuse to skip. And I don’t buy cookies/salty chips/candy so I’m not tempted to indulge.

    Con – I find myself skipping the veggies at more meals than I should. I really need to practice what I preach! I also tend to indulge on any kind of bread – especially bagels. I think I ate my way through Panera through both my pregnancies!

  89. Pro: I watch my portion sizes regularly. I also use my VitaMix to get those daily veggies in my system.
    Con: Sugar addict. I have to keep the house clear of sweets or I will eat them. The neighbor girls brought over some chocolate chip cookies yesterday and three were eaten before I knew it. Ugh!

  90. My pro- I always make sure I and my kids drink lots of water, and I never buy soda or juice.

    Con- I often skimp on my veggies. I always puree them into everything for the kids, but I know I need more than what I give my 18 month old. I need to get into my green smoothie habbit that was broken during the cold weather, and never struck up once the heat resumed.

  91. Tough one…

    Pro- We rarely eat out. MAYBE once a month, but usually less. We used to eat out a lot. Then I realized that I just don’t enjoy it. I enjoy what I cook at home so much more. So why pay for food (or eat it, for that matter) that I don’t enjoy.

    Con- I’m a carbaholic. A carb addict. I never met a carb I didn’t like. Pasta. Rice. Bread. Potatoes. Pasta. Pasta. Pasta. You get the point. I try to get my veggies in, but my plate is normally carb-heavy.

  92. The bars sound terrific πŸ™‚

    Pros: In the last 6 months my husband and I have completely turned our lives upside down when it comes to diet and exercise. He starting riding, I started running, and we decided that there were a LOT of changes that needed to be made to our diets in order for the exercise to really pay off. We completely stopped drinking soda, and have cut down our fast food consumption to maybe once a month, vs. the two or three times a week we were doing before. I prepare meals w/ twice as many veggies, and half the amount of meat. And the most impressive for us was switching to Turkey products: Bacon, burgers, and hot dogs. Our kids are loving the changes and we have seen a large improvement in their overall health as well as ours.

    Cons: I crave pepperoni pizza w/ extra cheese like a pregnant woman in her second tri-mester who is starving 75% of the day, and unfortunately for me, pizza (good pizza) has fallen into the category of “fast food”, so therefore it has been a few months since I have indulged. Oh, and fruit snacks…I really try not to buy them, cause the kids dont need them either, but can’t help myself from eating a pack or 4 when we have them in the house. πŸ™‚

  93. those look amazing! i need to try them asap!
    as for me- i eat lots of veggies & fruit, a pretty “clean” diet, but when my sweet tooth gets activated (which happens like clockwork once a month) i will eat everything in my path that is even a little bit sweet!

  94. con- I love coffee, and don’t really care that I put processed non-dairy creamer into it. I pour it in generously.

    pro- I recently switched to organic, natural peanut butter. The kind with nothing added, that you have to stir up? Why did I let the need to stir stop me for years? This stuff is so much healthier AND tastier than JIF.

  95. Oh…my sweet tooth. If it were not for ye, I would don a six-pack. However, I am pretty proud of the way I (and our family) eat. Little to no junk stuff–lots of whole grain, lean protein, no soda pop, and only healthy fats.

    Except for that chocolate and ice cream. But when I want some I get the GOOD stuff. Not the fake stuff–if I’m splurgin’, then I’m going all out!

  96. Pro – I don’t buy junk food and keep it in the house
    con – because it it’s anywhere in my vacinity I will eat it all in one sitting

  97. Pro – I like most fruits and lots of veggies and am often (especially when it’s hot) content with a large salad for dinner.

    Con – I LOVELOVELOVELOVE sweets. Specifically chocolate…in the form of, well, anything. And I’m bad about snacking out of boredom or frustration…lots of emotional eating going on over here.

  98. Pro: I eat lots of fruit. I always include a serving of fruit with my breakfast.

    Con: I am the original cookie monster. I love, love, love cookies! Cookies are never safe in my house. I’ve been known to inhale a “tube” of Girl Scout thin mint cookies in one sitting.

  99. Con: I have a serious, serious, serious sweet tooth issue. I looooove the sweets. I crave them. I never go a day (heck, half a day) without them. My other con is that I can have a tendency to overdo it when I’m dieting. I become to rigid/strict to the point where it is detrimental. I constantly struggle with trying to accomplish my goals while loosening up.

    Pro: I feel like I understand nutrition. I diet intelligently: count calories while upping protein/fiber content to curb hunger. I aim for a reasonable rate of loss (losing about a pound a month while I breastfeed right now – only 3 pounds to go to pre-pregnancy weight!) and eat enough to fuel my workouts while achieving my goals. I have identified a number of foods that fit these criteria, and it sounds like ProBar would fit right in!

  100. Pro: I just figured out how much I love roasted vegetables. Yes, it’s summer (but cool-ish here – sorry…) and yes, I’m 31, but why did no one tell me how easy it is?

    Con: I drink far to much pop (mmm, Cherry Coke – when I can get it from the States) and not nearly enough water.

  101. My pro: I LOVE fruit! During the school year (I’m a teacher), I eat a banana every day for breakfast and an apple every day at lunch.

    My con: My husband!!! He likes to eat out a lot, and it’s hard to say no.

  102. I am a fairly healthy eater. Load up on the water and fresh veggies and fruit. I do indulge in a “mother certified” glass of wine a couple nights a week. However my downfall, and it’s an I can’t resist, is gummy candy, well all candy, but with gummy candy it just doesn’t feel bad for you. So my portion control and will power are out the window and into my mouth fly little bears of sugar. Yum.

  103. I eat pretty healthy for the most part…try to eat lots of veggies and fruit, drink lots of water. But my downfall is chocolate..especially M&Ms. I did recently try the Skinny Cow Chocolate Candy that came out recently…it’s pretty good and doesn’t have as much calories or fat…it does give me the chocolate fix I crave!

  104. Pro: I plan my meals with my family and I try to make good switches- Ezikle bread for regular bread, popchips for potato chips, fruit and almonds and cheese for grab in go snacks. I have tried to change out bad habits for similar but better habits.

    Con: I like to eat a lot. And all day. I am a volume eater and I am not satisfied with a piddly amount of anything. Even if I am not hungry. SO I need to work on that. And my pants want me to get started on that right about..uh…now.

  105. Pro: I buy lots of fruits and veggies, and usually eat them

    Con(s): I’m a snacker, I nibble on everything rather than sitting down for a meal. And heaven forbid if there are sweets in the house.. they will be gone in no time. I don’t know how to say, “just one brownie, just one handful of M&M’s..” It’s the whole pan or nothing, the whole bag or nothing.

  106. Pro: Affinity for whole wheat bread with “seeds” or crunchy stuff. I don’t drink any sodas or juice, only water and a small glass of milk with dinner. I love veggies and my afternoon Pink Lady Apple (the best apple to ever fall down from a tree, in my opinion).

    Con: Affinity for Skittles and butterscotch disks. By the handfuls! We won’t even start talking about ice cream. That may lead to a support group. πŸ™‚

  107. Pro: We are members of a local CSA and eat a lot of local, in-season fruits and veggies.
    Con: I am a tireless snacker and often eat so many snacks that I’m not hungry for dinner – especially carbs πŸ™

  108. I think this is both a pro and a con – I am completely, utterly addicted to peanut butter. I buy the all-natural kind, and I know it’s good for me in a lot of ways, but I seriously cannot get enough of the stuff, and yes, it’s got a lot of good protein, but those calories and fat add up when you eat it several times a day!!! I’m an ‘everything in moderation’ kind of gal, and generally do really well with that, except when it comes to the peanut butter. And now all this writing about it has made me want some……

  109. Pro- I buy lots of fruits and veggies that I use to cook and feed my daughter. And I eat them.
    Con- I can so easily be talked into jumping in the car to get ice cream it isn’t funny. After we put my daughter bed my husband and I have a sweet tooth (teeth?) and we go to Rita’s or the ice cream shop more then we don’t

  110. Pro: I drink plenty of water and my meals are relatively healthy.

    Con: I can’t seem to drop my mid-morning and afternoon snacks. Or at least make them healthier options. I guess it would help if I would get back into the habit of grocery shopping once a week to have fresh fruit/veggies. The summer schedule has messed that up big time! Pro though, we ate almost everything out of the chest freezer so we could de-ice it. πŸ˜‰

  111. pro: I eat a good breakfast every day and kale is my new favorite veggie
    con: Portion control- when it tastes good i have trouble stopping.

    Unfortunately if these bars make it to my house, my husband will probably consume them on one of his epic bike rides. He consumes a ridiculous number of bars.

  112. Pros – I drink lots of water, no soda. I eat a healthy, balanced meals most of the time. I don’t use sweetener in my coffee.

    Cons – Nightly ice cream habit! I also like red wine and chocolate more than I should.

  113. Pro: I know how to enjoy in moderation, and I’m perfectly happy counting calories to make sure my weight stays where I want it to be.

    Con: SERIOUS sweet tooth!

  114. My family and I bought a share in a CSA program this year, so we are getting farm-fresh veggies every week. We’ve always been good veggie eaters (I’m a mom who insists there be a veggie for both lunch and dinner), my kids really don’t turn up their noses at much and we have gotten to try some new things that we know are chemical free and grown with love.

    Now for the confession: Must.Stop.Buying.McDonald’s.Hazelnut.Iced.Coffees.

  115. I tried the wild berry probar once while shopping-I was starving and it looked good-and it was! I would LOVE to win a couple boxes πŸ™‚

    What is one pro and one con of your eating habits?
    One pro is that I definitely like to eat quality/clean foods. I like all the veggies, I enjoy cooking and so it is fun for me and good for my body. I don’t drink any soda or alcohol-I don’t like “fast food” so it’s easy to bypass those things.
    The con? Well, I like chips. A lot. I am good 99% of the time but if there are chips in the house I will ceertainly have a hard time staying away…

  116. Pro: I just recently made the switch to being a vegetarian, and I am proud of the healthy, whole food meals that I make for my family.
    Con: I am a GRAZER. I would eat little bites of things (especially chocolate, chips and crackers) all day long if I don’t watch it! And let me tell you, those little bites really add up if I’m not careful.

  117. I am way, way too fond of dark chocolate and sweet things in general. I am likely to overeat at work and have to be careful what I keep in my drawer! My self control depends on the day, but I have helped myself out some by pretty much only eating the ‘good stuff’, which I know costs more so I try to savor it more too.

    However my husband is a huge proponent of eating raw veggies, which are now a main staple for my afternoon munchies at work and home. And we eat a lot of local, a lot of organic foods.

  118. Pros – it’s easy for me to pass on red meat and other fatty foods. I also tend to consume most calories during beginning/middle of the day.

    Con – sugar addiction, and the sinister notion that since I run a lot, I can eat junk.

  119. Cons: Like another poster, I’m addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper! Down to 3-4 cans a day. And I love Dove chocolate, also down to 3-4 pieces a day! And like most other posters, I love wine! Also, as a working mom, it’s hard to cook decent dinners during the week, so we eat a lot of pasta (whole wheat though!) Those bars would be a good afternoon snack to hold us off so I can cook dinner!
    Pros: I’m a vegetarian (although I don’t like a lot of veggies), and eat only whole grains, no more white rice, pasta or bread. And I drink a lot of water!

  120. I eat healthily. I cook 29 of 31 dinners a month. I menu plan the dinners 2 months in advance. I shop in bulk. I buy organic sometimes. My garden is organic (though with the snail population this year, I would like something a little stronger for the little buggers). I have a fridge at work and everyone jokes about my personal pantry of healthy foods.

    What’s the deep dark secret? I eat healthy first, and then can be a bottomless pit for anything with sugar and butter (and sometimes flour) in it. No matter how satiated I am from a healthy dinner, I can pack it away after, if it’s got sugar/butter/chocolate in it. It’s like my stomach gets a second wind!

    I LOVE probars. I just ordered some online, and my Costco has them right now. first got one in a Ragnar swag bag. Friends, go buy a ProBar. You will NOT be disappointed.

  121. Pro: I practically live on fruity protein smoothies with spinach
    Con: I can’t keep my hands out of the giant stale bag of popcorn at work

  122. Pros: I don’t believe in “diets” and just try to practice balanced eating and everything in moderation.
    Cons: I have a bit of a sweet tooth and could probably balance out my carbs with a little more protein when snacking.
    In the end, my weight has been within one or two pounds of the same weight for the past 20 years (excepting pregnancy of course). The distribution may change here and there based upon workout routines at the time, but overall I’m happy and not battling with the kitchen cabinet or the refrigerator.

  123. I have terrible snack habits…anything with sugar, salt, or cheese ranks high on my list. It is especially bad because I could snack all day long.

    On the plus side I do love cauliflower!

  124. Pros: Instead of large meals, I eat every couple of hours throughout the day.

    Cons: Some of my small “meals” involve non-healthy food like Nacho Cheese Doritos. Please no one tell me I must give up Doritos! hahaha!

  125. my one good eating habit is eating almost no processed food (except an occasional whole grain cracker) and one of my several bad eating habits is the sugar addiction which I’ve greatly reduced lately but still I crave the stuff

  126. Pro: We belong to a CSA so we always have fruits and veggies in the house and I try to use them in new ways for almost every meal. ( I LOVE to cook!)

    Con: I also LOVE to bake and eat what I bake. When I find new recipes I love trying them out which means we usually have sweets in the house. Case and point, I baked an entire cheesecake the other day because the recipe looks awesome. And God forbid I try to lighten up a good recipe like cheesecake!

  127. Funny thing, I did the same thing this morning! I got home from my run at 6am, had a glass of chocolate milk, then forgot to eat. Until 9am. And I was totally confused as to why I could not get my sorry butt moving this morning. Duh.
    I try to eat healthy, but have a bad habit of not planning ahead and waiting until I am ready to devour anything that looks somewhat look food. Needless to say, this does not always lead to healthy choices. I’ve found that pre-prepping healthy snacks makes it possible for me to not just grab a handful (or 3) of fruit loops on my way through the kitchen. Baggies filled with a true serving size of pretzels, celery, etc. If I have to cook it or fix it, the fruit loops will win out a lot of days. Sad, but true.

  128. I work at a hospital with an awesome cafeteria (oxymoron?)! So for lunch, I do great with having big salads or veggie sandwiches/wraps + fruit + filtered water. But then, at about 3:00 I head down there for a green tea + a big COOKIE….every day!

  129. Pro: I drink mostly water and hardly any soda or other sugary drinks

    Con: I think the con might outweigh the pros since I am a serious sugar addict….but I’m working on that. Yesterday I found a recipe for chocolate fudge-like brownies made with black beans and agave syrup so I went by the grocery store last night to stock up on the ingredients. Except that while I was there I picked up a package of red licorice that I had been craving. Guess which one I worked on last night?

  130. Way too much diet soda–I know all the drive thru girls’ names at my neighborhood Sonic, where I am a regular for their Diet Dr. Pepper! But on the flip side, I am good about veggies and my fav Saturday morning, post long run refuel is a frozen berry/nonfat yogurt/protein powder, a handful of spinach/banana smoothie! Definitely looking for a replacement to GU, which I have been known to “eat” in a pinch when there is no running involved…ug.

  131. My eating habits:
    Pro – I know the side effects on going out of hand with unhealthy foods so I will be conscious about what and how much to eat.
    Con – I love every food and don’t discriminate any dish (Italian, Thai, Mediterranean, Caribbean, etc.) You name it, I’ll eat it

  132. Pro – I can’t eat a lot at one time so I usually don’t overeat. This is not helpful when running a race, however. I have learned the hard way and had my fuel tank running low very early on.
    Con – Sometimes my lack of a fully tummy leads to me needing to eat something NOW which means I compromise my nutrition for the sake of my hunger. Also, I love coffee which leads me to believe that I am not as properly hydrated as I should be πŸ™‚

  133. I plan my meals ahead of time and only grocery shop once a week. We have fruit and veggies at almost every meal and stay on point with our budget. Even though I buy organic produce as much as possible and of course organic dairy I feel bad that I don’t shop at the farmers markets in the area. I know local food will beat our big Ag. organically grown produce any day but I’ve rarely found the time to make two trips one to the market and one to the grocery store. Oh and I try and buy one meat for the week thats grass fed and pastured but the rest I usually have to compromise and buy the regular stuff, my paycheck can’t handle that punch quite yet.

  134. Pro: Does knowing what and how to eat count…even if I don’t do it :-0
    I always try to eat a balanced breakfast but after that, forget it!

    Con: I overeat WAY to much….my biggest downfall is eating my children’s “scraps” (how nasty is that) I also cannot control myself around ANY baked goods or candy. Not to mention I rarely drink water and drink WAY too much diet sodas and coffee! I swear I’m a trainwreck!!

    Those bars sound awesome!

  135. Pro-I really try hard to get lots of veggies in our diet. I’m trying to buy more local products and get us eating fresh foods rather than processed. My kids don’t drink pop and we hardly ever have dessert with our meals.

    Con-I often fail in my good natured attempts to eat well. My kids will hardly take a bite of a vegetable. We eat out way too often. And I have a hard time coming up with meals to make for dinner.

    But I’m not giving up! πŸ™‚

  136. Pro: I make nonfat cafe au laits in the morning at work – half nonfat milk, half half caf coffee – then drink plain hot water the rest of the day.

    Con: Aside from a love for all things cake, I have a tendency to eat instant noodles for lunch.

  137. I am a 44 year old mother of one. I have just started running seriously and plan to run my first half marathon in October of this year. My one pro is that I do plan healthy meals and snacks in advance. My one con is that I just started liking Coke Zero and I can’t seem to stop drinking it. I have been SO HUNGRY I think I could eat my steering wheel sometimes since running some serious miles and would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to try these bars. Thanks! Leslie Bayne

    P. S. I’m in Atlanta, Georgia

  138. Pro: I love milk-good for my bones! Con: I also like other beverages… iced latte on hot days or wine in the evening, which both will deplete my hydration. Worst con? salty chips to go with said wine…

  139. Con – I tend to eat out to often because of convienance
    Pro- I do my best to make better choices while eating out
    I also believe that moderation is a key factor πŸ™‚

  140. I was eating broccoli w/garlic sauce and brown rice as I was reading your blog this morning! Yep, at 10:30 in the morn! I enjoy eating healthy……LOVE edamame, red bell peppers, vine ripened tomatoes, cucs, 2% cottage cheese, arugula, spinach, romaine lettuce salads topped with Newman’s Own Low Fat Sesame Ginger Dressing! Love my hubby’s grilled salmon and love my salmon cakes!!!! I don’t eat red meat……get plenty of protein elsewhere. Oh, and I make sure to have Salada decaf green tea every day. Now for my cons on the diet table……..I HAVE to have Donut House brand Chocolate Glazed Donut coffee (LOVE my Keurig) w/Coffee-mate Peppermint Mocha Creamer AND I dip my bittersweet chocolate dipped Cioccolati Biscotti (Thanks Sams Club) into my lovely coffee! YUM!!! (Did you get that?!) *smile* Another indulgence of mine would be Baked Ruffles!!! I can eat a bag in TWO days and sometimes I can almost finish a bag off in one sitting! Ugh! Get my hand out of the bag!!!!!

  141. Pro- I joined a CSA about a year ago and it’s been a great tool getting me out of my carrots and celery veggie rut. I get to expose family to organic fresh produce and it’s so much better than the stuff we’re shipped up here in Alaska. Also, I just kicked my Diet Coke habit, but my sweet tooth just won’t subside.
    Con – There’s the love of sweets, and the constant snacking that happens in a home with a preschooler and a toddler. If only I could resist the 3 string cheeses a day! I’d say my lack of portion control is probably my biggest diet problem.

  142. pros: i LOVE my green protein smoothie shakes! and clean eating has made me a more *consistent* cook–it’s the planning, i tell ya!

    cons: every now and then, i crave a cream-filled doughnut. i will occasionally graze to beat the craving and end up eating my weight in supposed healthier substitutes! but alas, a doughnut or DQ blizzard will be the only thing to kick it! πŸ™‚

  143. pro- I log my food religiously through Much more eye opening when you look at a food and know it will take a mile (or two!) of running to burn it off.

    con – I still have Diet Coke as my vice. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, no drugs, coffee or tea. Just soda…..

  144. Cons: Definitely eat too much on the go, still sneaking those glasses of Diet Pepsi at dinner

    Pro: Love fresh fruit and veggies, rarely-rarely eat fast food

  145. I have finally gotten good at eating when I am hungry and not when I am (fill in the blank with happy, sad, stressed, tired, bored, etc.) and to see food as fuel for my body. A bad eating habit of mine that remains is picking at cereal… I can think “oh it’s just a handful of cereal” but do that 3 or 4 (or 8 times) and it can add up to a LOT of cereal. Pro Bar was giving out samples at Ragnar in June and these bars are SO tasty and I don’t usually like bars.

  146. I would have to say Panera Bread is my pro and con. Pro is that they nutrition information website is awesome in that you can take out certain ingredients and it will update the calories, fat, etc. which is a savior to this Weight Watchers graduate. Con is well, it’s Panera Bread and you HAVE to walk past that bakery counter. I try to stick with the salads and the black bean soup (yum) but sometimes a cookies makes it way to my tray. I have tried this compromise: I tend to go on Thursday afternoons before I pick up my daughter for a few minutes of “me” time with the latest “US Weekly” a cup of tea, and a pumpkin spice muffie. It’s my little recharge and the muffie is many less calories than a muffin.

  147. I am a horrible water drinker. I rarely remember to drink it. Unless I am dying of thirst. I have tried carrying around a container, and end up forgetting that too! I am a great veggie eater though!

  148. I would much rather drink Coke Zero/Diet Coke than water, but my runs keep me honest because I’ll pay for it with a huge headache afterwards if I don’t keep drinking the water. Oh, probably too much coffee too.

  149. Pro: I only eat fast food when in desperation (read: flat tire in the middle of nowhere and only food for MILES is mickey d’s)…we cook or eat at the local fresh, vegetarian place.

    Con: Beer. Love the stuff.

  150. Pro: I’ve been a Weight Watchers follower since 1997 when I lost 60 lbs and have mostly kept it off since then (thanks to running and following WW).

    Con: I sometimes get tired of being “good” and get bored and lazy about food long enough for 10 or more pounds to come back and then I really have to reign myself in and get back on the WW bandwagon. I’m in one of those modes right now. πŸ™

  151. French fries, french fries, french fries…. I can pass on chocolate any day, just give me my Mickey D’s fries!!
    Cut down to 1 cup of coffee a day – really good as I have a little coffee with my creamer πŸ™‚

  152. Since being diagnosed with Celiacs Disease 2+ years ago, I eat a mainly whole and healthy diet…that being said, there are still lots of unhealthy foods I can eat, like potato chips. I figure that I’ve cut out so much other stuff that I should be allowed to indulge every once in a while…ok, more than once in a while. πŸ˜‰ While Pro Bars aren’t gluten free, I bet my husband and kids would love them, especially the Halo bars!

  153. Pro: These days switching all my grains to whole grains, simpler food, more things cooked at home from scratch and more canning.

    Con: Alcohol. Sorry just can’t give it up. Not completely. Nothing like a glass of wine on the deck on a hot summer evening. Oh, and I know an awesome recipe for cherry mojitos – perfect for those fresh BC cherries I bought from the farmers market today πŸ˜‰ – kinda healthy right?…right?!?!

  154. Con – All thing sugar! I have a huge sweet tooth that is bigger than my will power most days.

    Pros – I do eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday.

    Balance – If I decide to indulge in my sweet tooth, I do so moderately and I pair it with one good for me item such as an apple or a banana.

  155. Pro: I eat mainly balanced and regular meals everyday – whole grains, fruits, veggies, meat. My cholesterol is amazing despite the whole milk and butter I consume daily (and I’m not shy about either) and the red meat we eat regularly.

    Con: White sugar. I have tried not using it in my tea or coffee but nope, not the same. And I always think we could be eating more veggies.

  156. PRO – CSA! Oh how I adore my CSA. One box a week has added so many fruits and veggies to my life. Like the other night I was home alone and was going to make an Amy’s frozen pizzza (spinach) for dinner. Which I did. But I also had bowl full of green beans that needed to be eaten. So, I cooked those up and ate a huge bowl of them while waiting for the pizza.

    CON – Diet pepsi habit. It went from one bottle (24 oz) a day to 2 or 3 or…. I have decided to rein that in. I am allowing myself 1 CAN (12 oz) in the morning and then only some more if I go out to eat. At night I have substituted fizzy flavored water (no calories) and just water during the day. It isn’t easy but it was just a con that was getting out of control

  157. Yummy those bars look so good!
    My con is too much sugar. Although I have limited myself now to one treat a day. That seems to help! Also I have limited my diet coke to one a day!
    My pro is well balanced meals and I cook every meal. We only go out to eat about once a month.

  158. Pro: I cook most of our meals from scratch. I used to bake all our bread and I want to get that started again.

    Con: We have dessert almost daily. Either something my dd baked or ice cream.

  159. I’m pretty good at meal planning. We eat healthy most of the time.
    Con: I’m a freak for ANY homemade cookies or stress turns me directly to the dough. I have been know to eat cookie dough and baby carrots as a meal! (but only a few times!!!)

  160. PRO: I pack my lunch and bunch of healthy fruits and veggies for work pretty much everyday. I even skip the ‘free lunch’ with lunchtime meetings.
    CON: Nighttime is my problem, I love a good beer or glass of wine and usually 1 is not enough πŸ˜‰

  161. Pro — I love to cook and we have real meals together as a family almost every night.

    Con — I love to cook and that includes pies, cookies, breads…anything. And I can’t seem to kick the diet coke habit!

  162. Pro: I start my day with a big bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon and loads of berries.
    Con: I end my day with a big glass of wine or bottle of beer.

  163. I try to eat pretty healthy but my biggest CON is I don’t eat enough vegetables! On the flip side, my PRO is that I eat a ton of fruit! It’s all about balance!

  164. 2 years I gave up sodas cold turkey. I LOVED Coke, especially on a hot day. Now I have not drank it in 2 years, not even once. I now drink a lot of water and eat healthy. I love fruit and whole grains. My biggest con is COFFEE with CREAM and SUGAR!! I have to have one cup a day and I have tried drinking black coffee, but can not do it!!

  165. Pro – I eat a healthy breakfast almost every day. Either oatmeal with blueberries, Greek yogurt, and OJ, or bran flakes w/grape nuts, milk and OJ.

    Con – I eat a vanilla, cheesecake, double Reese’s (with an extra Reese cup added by me) from Cook Out once a week. In all honesty, sometimes I never taste any cheesecake and they tend to skimp on the Reeses. And in the spirit of complete disclosure, I sometimes have 2. πŸ™‚

  166. Pro- I am good about remembering to eat carbs after a long hard workout.

    Con- I have a sweet tooth and often count a peanut butter and honey sandwich as my carb after a long hard workout. And sometimes a piece of blueberry pie counts, too.

  167. This required some thought, but my big pro: DARK CHOCOLATE. Before you all fly into a frenzy over it, look at the nutritional benefits. Needless to say, I consider it a good addiction. The way I see it, it helps my breathing when I run….

    My con: RED WINE. Ok, some of you may classify it in the same category as dark chocolate, but I call it my nemesis because of how it always affects my run the next morning. Not good, but oh, the joy!

    By the way, I eat very well most of the time, and eat all the stuff I should eat, like flax seeds, whole grains, etc. But I can’t beat the joys of chocolate and wine!

  168. Pro – I eat pretty clean – lots of veggies, protein, and low starchy carbs. Con – I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas. Like they say, “things are bigger in Texas”.

  169. Yum!

    Pro – I add Kale and Flax seed to anything I can! I sneak it into morning smoothies, lunch sandwiches, and dinner stirfries

    Con – I’m a sucker for sour/gummy ANYTHING! I can eat 10lbs of sour patch kids and still want more!

  170. Those sound yummy.

    My Pro- I like vegetables-roasted, especially.

    My con- I LOVE sweet treats and easily overindulge on them.

  171. My pro is that I’m a good water drinker and usually only one diet Coke a day. My con is that I barely get a day’s worth of fruits and veggies in a whole week. I know, I know, I really need to work on that!

  172. My New Year’s resolution (which I so kindly included my family in) was to not eat ANY fast food in 2011. While the kids still fantasize about Happy Meals, we’re making healthier choices. The only time it curses me is when we’re on a long car ride with three hungry kids… ohhh how easy it would be to hit a drive through! And for the not so good – Lean Cuisines. I toss them in my lunch bag and even often have one for breakfast (Chicken Carbonara – so tasty!). I know the sodium among other things are not good, but they are such an easy, quick, calorie controlled meal on the go. Don’t judge. πŸ™‚

  173. Pro…I eat really healthy and clean 90% of the day…Con…I go home and drink wine with my dinner…calorie sink hole πŸ™

  174. Pro: For nearly our entire decade together, we have made a Saturday morning trip to the local farmer’s market and organic grocer to purchase what we need to make healthy meals for the week. Now, with the addition of our two year old, one thing that I am most proud of is our simple, beautiful, healthy meals together — even though I am continually surprised it makes it to the table each night!

    Con: I am such a sucker for the tortilla chips and salsa, available as take out, from the local Mexican place. I simply cannot resist them… and if you give a momma chips and salsa, she’s going to ask for a beer, too πŸ™‚

  175. I usually eat really healthy, lots of veggies and whole grains. I used to be very overweight and lost weight by making major healthy changes to my diet, and I’m happy to stay that all the changes mostly stuck. However, I am a huge carb fiend. Bread, pasta, baked goods…I crave anything starchy and carbtastic. That’s what first got me started running! Now I just have to exercise moderation. And keep running!! πŸ™‚

  176. Pro: I don’t buy much packaged food anymore. I really believe that it doesn’t take much longer, if any, to just make it yourself.

    Con: Sugar addict. I can’t buy anything sweet or it is gone. I can’t even pretend to say I’m buying it for DIY gorp because no one, including me is fooled into that!

  177. I LOVE Pro Bars! So my pro is I’m great about eating during the day, salads and whole foods, super healthy. But once 8pm comes so does my con because I find myself, more than once, standing in front of the refrigerator eating pb straight from the jar, sometimes dipped in chocolate chips or whatever unhealthy snack I can find.

  178. I’m studying to be a health counselor so I should really have my nutrition in check…I eat a lot of Kale and shop at the Farmer’s Market as often as possible…Pro…but I always want something sweet and too often opt for ice cream…Con!

  179. Pro: I pack a healthy lunch/snacks each day for work and space my meals out perfectly.

    Con: After the kids go to bed I hit the Ben & Jerry’s (favs include Peanut Butter Cup, Oatmeal Cookie and Milk & Cookies)

  180. PRO: After growing up as a child who snuck candy and ice cream on a daily basis (even going so far as to eat ice cream in the bathroom so my mom wouldn’t catch me), I’ve somehow managed to become an adult who doesn’t eat all the sweets, candy, chocolate, ice cream as soon as it’s in the house. I think we STILL have some candy left over from Easter … a small victory which my mom refuses to believe!

    CON: my favorite restaurant is Dunkin’ Donuts … so I get WAY too much coffee in my diet. We are remodeling our kitchen and I would say I’ve stopped through the DD drive thru 4 out of five days the past two weeks! Yikes!

  181. I looove salad for breakfast. Nothin starts off te day quite like veggies. To balance that though, I let my three kids get in the way of eating and find myself grabbing weird crap to eat to fend off passing out. Oreos are the preferred method.

  182. Pro – I have made lots of small changes at a time, resulting now in a daily food intake that is mostly healthy – choosing fruits/veg. over a cookie has become routine, lots of whole grains, less meat, etc.

    Cons – I drink too much Diet Coke (although less than I used to). I know I drink too much, I know water is a much better option, but I don’t really want to give it up.

  183. Pro–I have recently given up diet drinks! I was certainly addicted to them and realized it when I couldn’t start my morning on a recent Girls’ Weekend without my Diet Dr. Pepper! I hated the feeling of being dependent on those chemicals to get my day started!! So, I am now 1 month free of diet drinks and my body craves water instead!!

    Con–We eat out way to much! I have 3 boys, so we are always on our way to some sort of practice, game, or extracurricular activity! It is so much easier to drive through a drive thru where everyone can get what they want than to try and pack a cooler! But, our bodies (and checkbook) deserve so much better!! Since I have kicked the diet drink habit, this BAD habit is next on my list!

  184. I really want to try those bars!

    PRO- I don’t eat too much. I am good with portion sizes. I eat a good variety of foods.

    CON- I am a dessert addict (as evidenced by my blog). I usually eat a dessert at lunch and dinner and sometimes even have a dessert for breakfast. Very bad. That said, I probably wouldn’t be a runner if I wasn’t addicted to dessert.

  185. Nutrition? I used to eat anything and everything that got in my way, except healthy stuff. That was almost three years and 60 pounds ago. I gave up sugary crap and still stick to it. I don’t eat desserts, cookies, candy, chocolate, soda- anything like that at all. My energy level soared! I also started running a few months after the diet started. I/We eat as much organic stuff as we can afford plus veggies and fruits as well (from the farmer’s markets as often as we can get to them).

    I still snack at night, sometimes twice, though my weight stays around the upper 150’s. It’s the night time snacking that I still need to cut out. Well, not cut-out, just move to a more appropriate time- I really don’t need more weight off, just to get leaner.

  186. Pro: I actually eat pretty darn healthy on a daily basis, and attempt for my family to do the same.

    Cons: Cold beer with cheese and crackers after work. I can’t stop myself.

  187. Mmmmm, tasty!

    Pros: Eating a solid breakfast. Usually fruit, yogurt and granola. Keeps me going for a good five hours. Always feel ahead of the game and happy after morning run.

    Cons: Trying to figure out how to eat for three, w/ twins on the way in December. My go-to is usually what my 3 yr-old is eating and well, i’m sick and tired of cheddar buddies and fruit leather. Just makes me more hungry… And would hate to think the bambinos will come out wanting cheddar flavored milk.

  188. The bars sound great!
    PRO: I eat healthy most of the time – lots of protein and decent amount of fruits and veggies, whole wheat, blah, blah.
    CON: Kids snacks! Chocolate teddy grahams! Iced animal crackers! Honey nut cheerios! I nibble on these items way too much throughout the day.

  189. Pro: I follow Weight Watchers pretty rigorously and have for the past 3 years. So lots of fruits and veggies, protein, whole grains, etc.

    Con: Can NOT kick the diet Coke habit. I have eliminated virtually all other artificial sweetners in my life, but cannot get rid of d.c.!

  190. Pros: I love water and am also a fan of vegetables and fruit.

    Cons: Evening snacking. I want a salty snack, followed by a sweet snack – but wait now I need a salty snack, and then another sweet.

  191. Pro – Started eating more protein, less carbs, drinking GALLONS upon GALLONS of Crystal Light and water about a year ago. Coupled with beginning to run, that’s helped me lose 45 whopping pounds of flab and gain a whole new ‘tude about me, health and life in general! πŸ™‚

    Con – not nearly enough dairy or fresh veggies on a consistent basis. Oh yeah, and I have a serious ice cream/frozen custard weakness…. If only that counted as a ‘healthy’ dairy product. πŸ™

    1. amen, sista!

      I, too, cook from scratch most days, although it’s not always (read, not often) healthy. Because most meals *are* at home, I forget that is, in itself, much healthier than restaurant-food.

  192. Pro- I have switched to water from my diet coke and try to stay hydrated throughout the day.

    Con- I think my biggest weakness is chips and queso. It’s a good thing the nearest chili’s is 2 hours away but to fill my craving I will eat chips and frito lay jalepeno cheese dip. At least half the can at a time. Ugh! I do need a better option.

  193. Every 2 weeks I make a detailed list of the main dishes I want to serve and how long they are going to last. This is a pro, I am good at planning ahead which saves us many trips to the grocery store. My downfall is that after I finish making these main dishes I often lack the energy to make that all important veggie side dish.

  194. I love chocolate so that is my nutritional downfall. But I do use it to reward myself so I don’t eat any if I don’t have a hard workout! On the upside, I love veggies and as a result, my kids love veggies too.

  195. Pro: I eat all the healthy stuff I’m supposed to; whole grains, fiber, veggies, fruit. I also cook all our meals from scratch and try to avoid highly processed foods for the kids.

    Con: Set a baked good within 5 feet of me and you’ll never see it again. I LOVE treats. Not necessarily candy, but cookies, breads, cakes…pies. Hmmmm, heaven! I rarely bake cookies for my kids because I’ll give them each one and eat the rest myself. How awful is that?!

  196. Pro: I hydrate well. Con: I forget to eat. To make matters worse, someone in my office eats the food I put in the communal fridge and freezer. In order to eat the food, the person must remove this carefully worded label: “Please don’t eat my food. I am hungry and this is the only time I get to eat. I am too busy taking care of my house and work to eat, and I cannot leave the office to get food. I cannot go to the grocery store without herding two kids. Please don’t consume my only source of calories for today. I need them.” I know who eats my food, and I stand outside of his office complaining about someone stealing my food while he’s consuming something delicious of someone else’s. He is large man who eats my weight in calories everyday. He does not need my burrito, but he cannot stop himself. I would love some probars to stash in my office to keep them out of the communal fridge.

  197. Pro: I always have fruit in the morning a yogurt mid morning and then a Salad for lunch and something healthy for dinner, some meat and veg.With everyone’s schedules it’s tricky but, I do cook fresh every night.I am trying to instill healthy eating habits into my children too. Only a take out once a week, everything else is fresh

    Con: I get hungry when the kids come home and am guilty of having some of what they are having, goldfish,crackers but, my biggest thing is chips! I love them, any kind will do! I crave salt after a run and that’s what satisfies me sometimes a whole packet! Very bad I know! My glass of wine or two at night is also my con but, hey if I am good all day and running the kids everywhere that is my treat!

  198. Pro: I tend to eat lots of small meals or snacks throughout the day, and I’m fairly good about having stocked up with easy-to-grab healthy stuff.

    Con: I love, love, LOVE baked goods. Not chocolate or overly-sweet stuff anymore, but honest-to-goodness fresh-baked muffins, bread, cookies.. like really hearty homemade stuff. Fortunately, I do find the ones made with whole wheat flour and oats, but damn.. my bottom half does not need those extra carbs!

  199. Those bars sounds really good!

    Pro: I eat pretty healthy overall – lots of fruits and veggies…and as much organic as the wallet allows!

    Con: I have a dangerous love affair with ice cream that threatens to expand the size of my hips and thighs — thus one of the many reasons I run πŸ™‚

  200. I am a super healthy morning eater — egg whites with veggies, salsa, and some protein (turkey, lean ham, chicken, etc). But come 11 AM, the time I “deem appropriate,” my sweet tooth wakes up and I love my frozen (makes it harder to eat it as fast) gummy candies and hot tamales. I do eat them in moderation, but what started out healthy in the AM and became questionnable midday, falls apart at night. Not that I eat anything bad, it is the wine and late night dinner combo that kills my virtuous morning start and leaves me less rested and dreading that 5AM alarm.

  201. Pro: I am an “everything in moderation – including moderation” kinda girl but I eat primarily healthy, small meals all day.

    Con: I love to bake. It’s my OTHER stress reliever (after running). And I have some baked good with my second cup of coffee almost every day.

  202. Those bars sound wonderful!!

    Pro: I think I eat a pretty healthy and colorful diet. Lots of vegetables and fruits. I make most of my own meals so I know what goes into them. I pack snacks when I am on the road. Nothing derails a healthy diet faster than being on the road without something nutritious to eat.

    Con: I LOVE coffee and Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips! I could easily eat a bag of chocolate chips and wash them down with a couple pots of coffee.

  203. Pros: I eat greens–kale, collards, lettuce, beet greens–almost daily; love me some greens:).
    Cons: I also eat chocolate at least daily;)

  204. Pro: My family lives on a farm. We raise our own chickens so we have fresh eggs daily and butchered meat chickens earlier this year. My husband also worked wheat harvest and brings me home a pillowcase of fresh wheat-think Little Red Hen. “Who will help me eat this bread?” =) The final great thing about my house is our large garden. Last year we had sweet potatoes stored in the basement until April.
    Cons: Chips, chips, chips!!! Wow! I love those things. Especially Nacho Cheese Doritos. I can hear them calling my name if they are in my pantry. I have tried the baked, low cal. and other options. They are not the same! I love the salty, finger-lickin’ goodness of them.

    The bars would be great as I experience the same issue as Dimity. I have 4 kids, 3 dogs, 11 cats, and the farm animals. I get busy and just forget, which then causes me to get the shakes and feel horrible. I would definitely have to hide them from the kids!

  205. Pro: I just bought a juicer and now come closer to eating enough vegetables each day.

    Con: I am almost always dehydrated and I am still trying to give my sugar habit.

  206. Man those look good enough to actually try!

    Pro – unfortunately there isn’t one really worth mentioning.

    Con – Everything. I don’t drink enough water, 1 bottle a day, I don’t really eat any veggies, I have a microwave meal every day for lunch and I am addicted to chocolate.

    Wow, actually writing that down makes me want to kind of change things!

  207. Pro:
    I always eat breakfast…after losing over 100 lbs I’m pretty good at knowing HOW to eat. It’s just hard to always make the right choices. For example, I had chicken fried steak for lunch last Saturday (I did split it with my husband)…but, then…we both ordered a piece of yummy pie!
    CON: I REALLY LIKE BEER. I will even run an extra mile to justify a beer.

  208. I drink lots of water, eat tons of spinach and use carrots in place of chips. Mostly. Sometimes. My new cheat is Nutella, a spoonful is just as satisfying as several chocolate chip cookies. Mostly. Sometimes.

  209. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of “pros” when it comes to food. Not only am I seriously lacking in the veggie department for myself, but I seem to be passing it on to my five children. Not one of us would touch a green bean with a 10-foot pole. So, I dole out the Flinstones… when I remember. My other great downfall? I have a serious addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper. It is my sole form of hydration throughout the day. And, I’m constantly hydrating. You should see my recycle bin. It’s embarrassing. The bars sound awesome. I’d love to have something like that on hand to keep me from eating something horrible when I’m in a hurry.

  210. I definitely hit the drive through WAY TOO OFTEN, something I’m feeling guilty about (but then I just go do it again). Also love Buffalo Wild Wings way too much! But I’m good during the week with my lunches–often make salads and eat low-fat. I would love to try these bars. I think they would help keep me away from that drive through window!

  211. Pro: I’m a vegetarian so I get plenty of fruits & veggies. And after reading up on the wacko content in many veggie “meat” products, I even skip those and make my own veggie burgers.

    Con: I’m a chocoholic. No joke. I have to eat it. Everyday. All day. I get depressed-like-a-former-smoker-on-day-one-of-quitting if I don’t have it. And angry. It’s not healthy. But, it’s probably less damaging than, say, crack….

  212. Pro- I cook for my family every night and make healthy meals…that can be eaten whenever someone gets hone from a practice! There is a hot and cold plate ready for them! I also encourage heathy snacks and pack some ahead of time for kids to take to practices!

    Con.- my addiction to coffee in the morning and wine at night. The coffee thing has been passed on to my older kids! Oh and they are coffee snobs. We drink Goshen coffee which is awesome and totally fair trade organic and roasted with green technology so I feel good about that!

  213. Pro: I gave up sodas last year, and love veggies and fruit.
    Con: After work, but before dinner, I struggle and the bad part is that I am not starving, I am just in the kitchen among the food. Everyday on the way home, I tell myself to be strong and not cave into the chips or the goldfish or the cheese. However, most days, I do cave. I could probably get these last 10 lbs off if I didn’t take in those extra calories every day… but oh well!

  214. Those bars sound great. I have never heard of them but would love to try them and have my boys try the halo.

    Pro: I like to eat fruits and veggies. I make it a priority to have fruit in the house and cut up veggies in the frig waiting to be munched on.

    Con: Whether its healthy food or non-healthy food I just eat TOO much. I take in too many calories during the day. For the amount of time I exercise you would think I would weigh less. Sometimes I am embarrassed to say I participate in sprint triathlons and half marathons because I feel people look at me and think, ” why doesn’t she weigh less then”.


  215. Wow, those bars sound AMAZING! Let’s see – I’m pretty good about planning & cooking healthy meals during the week, but I tend to want a break on the weekends and end up eating out or eating junk food way too much!

  216. I’d like to put “Fueled by M&M’s” on a shirt to wear for my fall marathon. I’m all about moderation, so I don’t feel guilty if I need a few (or more) to get me through. On the pro side, I drink mainly water and try to eat lots of fruits and veggies.

  217. Pros: I too enjoy healthy food. Love whole grains, nuts and most vegetables. Still can’t get my head around lima beans!

    Cons: In PMS mode….cookie cake. Yes, the giant chocolate chip cookie with buttercream frosting. Seriously… That and wine. I will, at times, sacrifice an indulgent snack to enjoy another glass!

  218. I was in a sorority so here’s my pro-con-con-pro—-

    Pro: eat well balanced meals on most days

    Con: ate corndogs yesterday

    Con: drink 2-3 glasses of wine at night (yep, even on school nights)

    Pro: not skipping meals and not beating myself up when I’ve slipped up with my eating habits

  219. I eat a pretty healthy diet..whole grains, lean meat, leafy greens… until you put something sweet or cheesy in front of me. I have *no* self control for the bad stuff! If it’s in front of me, I’ll eat it.

  220. Pro – Oatmeal keeps me full and happy and my blood sugar level.
    Con – Chocolate covered jujubes make no sense in my hemp happy diet; however, I do like to tuck into them once in awhile. So strange!
    These ProBars are the BEST! Love them. I’ve never seen the Halo bar, though. Are they new? Not yet available in Canada, perhaps?

  221. My pro is that I enjoy healthy food. I rarely crave junk food, especially now that my periods are few and far between. I have a great CSA farm share, I am too frugal to buy unhealthy snacks or fast food, and I do not have a sweet tooth. The con is, given the nature of my schedule (I’m a school based psychotherapist in an urban, special Ed, public school, I’m often stressed and rushed. I only have time to cram my lunch inti my mouth between sessions, after sitting with my clients who have heart wrenching histories. I can’t do enough for them but I can nourish myself, too fast and too often.

  222. One Pro: I eat a little snack and make a thorough list before I go grocery shopping. It’s amazing how much this has changed my shopping (and therefore, my eating) habits! I don’t even walk down the snack aisle anymore because I know if it’s in my house, it’s in my mouth.

    One Con: I struggle to hydrate enough. It’s not that I don’t like to drink water. Honestly, I don’t even have an excuse, but I somehow find myself frequently wondering at the end of the day, “Did I have ANY water today?” Naughty.

  223. Pros- I drink lots of water, eat green beans, broccoli and berries almost daily, and I always have breakfast. I really try to keep junk food out of our house. My kids still have Easter candy which says a lot about my will power. My Mom is the place for the kids to have sweets.

    Cons- I enjoy my Stellas.

  224. Pros ~ I kicked a crazy Diet Coke habit (we’re talking a 12 pack on a bad day) and am now in love with my water. I try to eat decently, but I’m not so good at it just yet πŸ™‚ Veggies and I are becoming fast friends though.

    Cons – Huge junk food addict here. Working on breaking this habit next. I’m finding that the better I am about getting my workouts in, the less I want the junk. Huh – who woulda thought?

  225. Pro: I eat pretty well — veggies, dairy, etc. Could do better, but couldn’t we all?

    Con: My tough spot is that I eat too much of this “pretty good” diet. My stomach is a bottomless pit! I swear the satiety center in my brain doesn’t work right and hasn’t since I was about 7 years old.

  226. Pro: I’ve been eating smaller portions and healthier foods on a more regular basis.

    Con: ben and jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough is my arch nemesis! But oh how I love it!

  227. Mmmmmmm….those sound yummy!

    I seem to be more of a con girl right now eating candy and other junk. I usually do pretty well until mid-afternoon. But then my cravings start!
    Pros for me tend to be that although I have a craving for junk, I do make great efforts to eat healthy the rest of the day. My husband might say that I am too hard on myself when it comes to food. What can I say….not all of us can eat whatever and stay the same size!

  228. I usually do really well with eating until around 3, than it slips and than again after dinner. I’ve tried many many times, but it only lasts a day to not have my slips…oh well!

  229. PRO: I eat and drink pretty healthily… plain yogurt, local honey and fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast each morning. I always bring my relatively healthy, smallish-portion lunch to work instead of eating out; and my husband and I nearly always cook dinner together, trying to make meat a “side” to our veggies and starches. Oh, and water… LOVE it and drink at least 2 liters every day. Have almost completely broken my once 2 or 3 a day soda habit. Now I only occasionally splurge on a soda.

    CON: My nightly glass (or two or three) of wine. Love the red stuff! If I could kick this habit, I’d not only cut a lot of calories, I’d also feel a lot less sluggish at 5 AM when I haul myself out of bed for my run!

  230. I eat peanut butter by the spoonful. By the not at all small spoonful. And opening a bag of tortilla chips means that I eat a bag of tortilla chips. But I will say that I get a reasonable amount of whole grains and vegetables.

  231. The pro for me has definitely been switching to Paleo Nutrition for my marathon training. This has been a total lifestyle change for the better for the whole house. My one con that keeps me falling off the Paleo wagon time and time again is my relentless sweet tooth! I l.o.v.e KITKATS! Seriously! My husband brings KingSize kitkats instead of flowers when he wants to see my face light up! lol!

  232. wow … those sound too good to be true.

    okay, pro: we love the farmer’s market and make it a point to go often! nothing better than strolling by each stand sampling fresh-off-the-tree or out-of-the-ground produce on a sunny day. even better is taking your goods home and creating an entire meal out of what you purchased that day. yum.

    con: i love to bake. LOVE to bake. baked goods are my definite weakness and i don’t leave it to the pros to supply my cravings … i do it myself. in excess. i should share more, but then i’d only bake more. it’s a no-win. πŸ˜‰

  233. Oh my goodness – the bars sound delicious!

    Pro – I cook most of our meals from scratch using local produce. My husband had a stroke at 40 and I have celiac so it has been a process to learn to cook healthy, low sodium, low cholesterol & gluten free recipes that actually taste good. He is doing great (he is a cyclist and rides over 200 kms per week!) and I feel a lot better when I stay on track so it isn’t like I’m doing something virtuous – it’s more of a necessity.

    Con – Where to start! I am addicted to candy and chocolate. When first diagnosed with celiac I eliminated most of my favorite treats. Sadly with time I have found lots of gluten-free options!


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