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Ode to a Best Running Friend, in Awkward Verse

Me and Molly ready to run in memory of another mother runner, Sherry Arnold

Despite being an English major in college, I am lousy at writing verse. But I felt inspired to write a poem to my dear friend Molly, so here goes. I hope you can relate, even as you cringe at the composition.

We met through carpool.
While one of us idled in the van,
we’d chat about our day, our kids, our school.

You’d look at me like I was crazy;
You said you could never wake up so early to run.
Your excuses even included being too lazy.

But you started asking questions, about distance and pace.
You told me about running at lunch.
Before I knew it, you’d signed up for a race.

One Monday, you beamed and you glowed:
You’d run your first half-marathon,
And all weekend you’d sported the medal you were owed.

Our non-stop chatting made our kids late for class.
Conversation flowed, we shared plenty of laughs.
All our idling made us burn up tanks of gas.

Our friendship moved from the sidewalk and van
To the pavement, as we began to run side by side.
You said you couldn’t keep up; I said, “Yes, you can.”

You started getting up bright and early.
You got all the gear, including a Garmin.
You even wore a skirt, lookin’ kinda girly.

I taught you to fuel, to take in your GU,
To ditch your unders, and go commando.
No topic was off-limits: We even talk poo.

Your insight is unparalleled: You see life so clearly.
Your one-liners give our miles extra zing.
On the long runs you can’t join me, I miss you dearly.

In the Race for the Roses 13.1, you wanted to break 2:00,
Listening to same playlist, together we ran.
Finally at the end, you pushed, I blew.

Molly, far too chipper, near Mile 23 of the Portland Marathon

Then came the big kahuna, the motherlode,
The marathon. My foot said no to 26.2,
But I jumped in for 6 to urge you, to goad.

Your eyes sparkled, as did your wit.
Even after 18 miles, you still were crackin' jokes.
You were fresh, and you never wanted to quit.

Now you support me, as I head for Boston.
You show me the way to sanity.
Without you, I’d be lost.

20 responses to “Ode to a Best Running Friend, in Awkward Verse

  1. Love it and so true! I got teary eyes and excited.
    I just found a run partner for the long runs, and boy does it make a difference! I look forward to 20 in two weeks just to take it on together.

  2. Loved this !!! My running buddy has become such a life line for me and I’m forever grateful for all her love and encouragement in my running endeavours . Nice to know other experience the same thing .

  3. I thought you were nutty,
    Now I know that it’s true.
    But nutty is best when it’s shared by two.

    Thank you for the long run,
    Not so much for hills.
    A morning run with You buddy will cure all my ills.

    Back at you SBS

  4. What a nice tribute. 🙂 I’ve predominately always been a solo runner (if you don’t count the kiddos in the stroller) but I trained for my last marathon and 50K with a friend and I’ve found that it can make a lot of difference on those long runs. Having someone to keep you company can be a welcome change.

  5. Your poem is really inspiring, especially because I’m running the race for the roses with friends and trying for a sub-2 half!

    1. Right on, Sabrina. It’s a great race for running together. My one piece of advice: Check out how far south it goes on Front/Naito right toward the end before runners turn back to head north, then across Steel Bridge. I had NO clue, and I felt it burned me out. If I’d known where we turned, I could have mentally paced myself. Have fun!

  6. bahhhhh where are the kleenex when I need them?!
    this comes at perfect time…a dear friend.. really generous and so kind…and way fast and talented offered me, the old turtle. to pace me for my first 26.2 and to see this picture of the 2 of you at the marathon…
    that makes me want to say yes….

    1. Caroline,
      Take your friend up on her offer….then read the sidebar in TLAM about running with friends. As long as you have clear-cut understanding/agreement, you’ll be fine. It’s when things go unsaid that different paces run into problems.

  7. Thanks for the smile this morning. Favorite line: “You said you couldn’t keep up; I said, “Yes, you can.” And that’s what running buddies are all about.

  8. Very sweet! I’m grateful you girls turned me on to running with others. I trained for 2 marathons solo. Now after training for my 3rd with my BRB, I can’t imagine getting through a 20 miler without her great company.

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