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Orange Winners

A portrait of our three winners done in the medium of orange slices

Although I have a stern countenance (read: I'm not naturally smiley), I love to laugh. I'm certain one of Jack's top three reasons for marrying me is I laugh at his jokes and anecdotes, not matter how many times he tells them (over, and over, again). And my quick, genuine laugh is some of the grease that keeps the Another Mother Runner wheels moving smoothly--Dimity appreciates that I chuckle at her jokes. (Which are usually a lot funnier than most of Jack's rib-ticklers....) Thus the reason the whole, "orange you glad" line is  not growing old with me. Every time I say it to Dimity, I titter. (Oh, yes, I laugh at my own jokes, too.) What does this mean to you? Just be prepared to read that line countless times in the next few weeks (especially if you follow me on Twitter)--and please giggle along with me if we meet at a race expo this spring. (Or at my reading at Powell's this Thursday at 7:30 p.m.; I'll be workin' the room.)

One of our fresh and tasty tees

With no further ado, orange you glad I'm announcing this week's Hump Day Giveaway winners, chosen via, who each get a signed copy of Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line - and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity, a 4-pack of orange nuun (my fave flave), and one of our bright orange High-Mileage Mom tees (it's an attitude, not a distance). Here are the ladies, and their responses to what they "orange glad" about:

Susan Arnold: I am glad to have kids that still want to hug me. After a brief vacation without them they can’t stop hugging me now!!!! I love it."

Carla: I am so very glad to be training for my first post-baby half. And I am glad to enjoy some of those training runs with my 9-month-old in his orange jogging stroller!

Abbie: I’m so glad for my badass group of mother runners, and our upcoming first 1/2 marathon.

Susan, Carla, and Abbie: To claim your prizes, please email us at runmother at gmail dot com with your first and last name, USPS mailing address, and T-shirt size. (Alas, we're sold out of XL. If that's your size, please request a different size for a friend. Sorry!) And us? We're so glad to feel your zest for our new book and for this community. (Get it: zest? Orange zest...Like I said, I'm an easy mark.)

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