2023 Many Happy Miles: New Membership

[NOTE: This listing is for new members; register here if you are new to Many Happy Miles in 2023—or if you’re rejoining after a break.  If you are renewing a current membership, please head here to renew.]

Here’s how to register:

1. This page automatically adds your new Many Happy Miles membership to your cart; you do not need to select it.

2. Choose either a Many Happy Miles tumbler or a Many Happy Miles tech long sleeve from the drop down menu labeled “Many Happy Miles Membership Gift.” This will be your FREE gift as a member for 2023. (You can also opt for “none” if you prefer to skip a gift.)

2. If you want both membership gifts, you can purchase the one you didn’t select as your free gift.

4. Many Nutritious Miles is a new program for 2023. This program is a separate program from Many Happy Miles; it will have separate materials and private Facebook page. Many Happy Miles members receive an exclusive 20% savings on registration for Many Nutritious Miles.

From: $215.00 / year

Many Happy Miles Membership

A year-long membership program to keep your body and mind motivated, connected, inspired and engaged.
More details here.


$215.00 now, and $215.00 on January 1st each year

2023 Many Happy Miles Membership Gift

Choose between a Many Happy Miles tumbler or tech long sleeve (size chart); pick your option in the drop-down menu. (You can also opt out of a membership gift by selecting none.)

Can't decide? Options to buy a tumbler or long sleeve below.

2023 Many Happy Miles Tumbler

If you opted for a shirt as your membership gift, you can also buy a tumbler.
20 ounces; more details.

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