Metabolic Renewal: Winter 2023

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DATES: January 9-March 5, 2023

BEST FOR: Active women who want to kick sugar, return to a more nourished lifestyle, and perhaps lose a few pounds.


You don’t need us to tell you that a handful of Thin Mints isn’t a great call at 2 pm, or that piling your plate with veggies always serves you well. You already know how to front-load your breakfast with healthy fats, and why protein, especially at lunch, is vital.

You may, however, be craving a little nutrition tune-up. No judgment; we all need one regularly, especially when these past two years have been filled with stops and starts and a lack of both consistency and community.

Or your nutrition may be solid, but you feel like you’ve reached a plateau. You’re ready to dip your toe into Intermittent Fasting, the linchpin to push past metabolic stagnation.

No matter how things are currently shaping up for you, Metabolic Renewal is an ideal place for Simply Nourished graduates. You’ll continue to practice—or get reacquainted—with nourishing habits and learn new skills in a supportive group setting.

Over the course of eight, restorative weeks, you will have decisions made for you on a meal-by-meal basis; acquire a whole new repertoire of recipes; learn a safe approach to intermittent fasting, and, more than anything, thrive on that lovely humming feeling when everything—energy, mood, mind, body—feels light, clear, calm and capable.

As with all the programs Ellie Kempton, MSN, RDN, creates, Metabolic Renewal is focused on real, whole foods, renewing your metabolism with information it consistently understands. Not only will you wean your body from the sugar, the ultimate energy crutch, and streamline your liver to function as nature intended, you’ll take it to the next level by teaching your body to switch metabolic gears through intermittent fasting.

At the end of eight weeks, you’ll be structuring each meal without resorting to restriction or withdrawal; you’ll know how to practice intermittent fasting; and you’ll own a whole new set of recipes that allow you to cut [the right] corners. Renewal indeed.


Out of stock

The Details

We will spoon feed you what to do [exactly] week by week so that you systematically regain focus, clarity, and confidence. (And yes, a bit more space in your life and in your favorite pair of jeans.)

  Two, one-hour masterclasses: the first covers why weight stagnation occurs, and how we’ll get to the root of it during the next eight weeks. The second one teaches healthy, efficient intermittent fasting, so you’ll learn how to maximize your metabolism.

Five live Q + A sessions where we answer your questions, cheer you on, and personalize your journey. (These will also be recorded and turned into a video if you’re unable to make it.)

★ Video tutorials from Ellie so you can continue to reinforce your good habits and continue along with your renewal.

Twenty-five new original chef-designed recipes showcasing the bounty of the season.

How delicious do these meals sound?

  • Morning Radiance Breakfast Bowl
  • Cinna-bun Muffins
  • Blueberry Muffin Smoothie
  • Bada Bean Boda Boom Pasta

 A comprehensive food and snack list, driving structure while decreasing inflammation and metabolic stagnation.

 Weekly habits to integrate into your life, paired with a checklist and, of course, all-important group accountability.

A private Facebook page for the duration of the program so we can tackle all your Q’s with supportive + nutritious A’s. Participants will have their group requests approved a few days before the official start date and will be removed shortly after the program ends.

 Overflowing cups of knowledge, camaraderie, and community that naturally accompany the programs in the Train Like a Mother Club.


The brains—and smile—behind Metabolic Renewal is Ellie Kempton, founder of Simply Nourished. At her very core, she is a lifestyle architect focused on functional nutrition therapy.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a master’s degree in Functional Nutrition from Bastyr University, Ellie can understand your situation, think critically to find solutions for your biggest challenges, and ground everything in the best of traditional techniques. Ellie’s services utilize real food and lifestyle design to help you find wellness and balance.

While nutrition scenarios vary from person to person, Ellie focuses on stabilizing energy, improving digestion, and optimizing weight—three pillars that allow for more clarity, focus, and happiness in your life and athletics.

An eight-week program dedicated to renewing your metabolism by giving it the information it understands consistently while weaning the body from the ultimate energy crutch: sugar.

You will walk away from these 8 weeks with a liver that no longer is prone to storing fuel; instead, it will be positioned to use and release fuel just as it is designed.

The line up:

  • Two masterclasses: the first covers why weight stagnation occurs and how to get to the root of it.
  • The second masterclass will be during Week 6; we’ll introduce intermittent fasting in a smart, efficient way that will maximize your metabolic renewal.
  • Five 30-minute live Q + A sessions  to answer questions, cheer you on and personalize your journey.
  • Video check-ins from Ellie on weeks we don’t have a live Q + A.
  • An active, private Facebook page that allows you to connect directly with each other and Ellie.
  • A systematic lineup of recipes to support the directives given: every other week we’ll focus on a new meal so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.
  • A food list, driving structure while decreasing inflammation + metabolic stagnation.
  • Weekly habits to integrate into your life, paired with a checklist and, of course, group accountability.

While Simply Nourished Like a Mother is focused on upgrading foods, reinforcing consistency and laying a foundation you can lean on permanently, Metabolic Renewal takes a more focused approach by focusing solely on stimulating the metabolism in a targeted way.

No. You can come into Metabolic Renewal as a newbie. Given the extensive materials and accessible guidance, you’ll be able to slide into the program seamlessly.

Totally. The program is designed so you can run or do cardio for 45 minutes three days a week, and strength train (or yoga or Pilates) for 45 minutes three days a week. If you want to do more, no problem: We offer adjustments for increased activity levels.

Yes. Think Rainbow Thai Salad, Snappy Chicken Tinga, and Easy Breezy Black Bean Soup. All the dinners—and lunches and breakfasts—follow a micro- and macro-nutrient pattern, so you might need to slightly adapt them for picky eaters, but the bulk of the meal works for all ages.

Yes! Absolutely. While the program is set up to weave in animal proteins with a heavy emphasis on clean proteins, there are easy vegetarian swaps for each recipe.

We strongly encourage you to make sure you have the bandwidth (schedule-wise, mentality-wise, life-wise) to focus on the Metabolic Renewal. It is a significant commitment, and to get the most out of it, you will best served if you can attend the  meetings and follow the detailed protocol.

That said, because Metabolic Renewal is thoughtfully structured and you have support in myriad ways, you’ll be able to follow parts of the program on your own occasionally if necessary.

We will be unable to issue refunds or do-overs for Metabolic Renewal, so please check your calendar and motivation fully before you register.

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