Pssst: New Train Like a Mother Club Opening Soon!

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Just like the petite elves that we are, we're busy at work creating a new website that will be home for all of our training programs—and a home base for you mother runners headed towards a fitter you or a finish line.

We're going to have all the details up shortly after the calendar turns to 2016, but we wanted to give you a head's up as you make your plans, both running-based and financial.

Here's what you need to know:

On January 4, registration will open for the following programs:

10K: Finish It: $52.50; 15 weeks.
10K: Own it: $52.50; 15 weeks.

Half-Marathon: Run/Walk: $52.50; 15 weeks.
Half-Marathon: Run: $52.50; 15 weeks.
Half-Marathon: Race: $52.50; 15 weeks.

Marathon: All Levels: $63.00; 18 weeks.

Training will go off in waves; wave 1 will start training on January 11.*

*One exception: If you've got your eye on a marathon the weekend of April 30/May 1, we're going to have one training group start on December 28. If you'd like this option, please email us at tlamclub [at] gmail [dot] com.

Because of the rolling waves, we can accommodate race dates from April 23/24 to June 18/19 for the 10K and half-marathon and from May 14/15 to June 18/19 for the marathon.

We will also have another keep-moving, five-week Stride Program: Stride into the New Year, which will run from January 11 through February 14 (heart that day!). Cost will be $17.50.

Finally, a 5K group will kick off on February 29, train for 10 weeks, and hit a Mother's Day 5K on May 7 or 8. Registration will open on February 15, and will cost $35.00.

For all the programs mentioned above, the (new, significantly reduced) price includes access to, where we'll have oodles of resources, a private Facebook page full of #motherrunner teammates, a private Strava club so you can log miles and pile up kudos, and a seriously stocked swag bag, shipped right to your front door.
(A tee and medal are optional, and will be an additional purchase.)

Ok, we need to go edit some training plans and/or eat a candy cane.

If you have questions, let us know in the comments below: we're happy to answer them! You can also hit us up at the new email for Train Like a Mother Club: tlamclub [at] gmail [dot] com.

50 responses to “Pssst: New Train Like a Mother Club Opening Soon!

  1. Hi there – I don’t see “train like a mother” plans other than the marathon plan on your site, yet you mention half marathon, 10K, etc plans/challenges. Am I missing something or looking in the wrong place?

  2. Just registered for my first 1/2 on April 24th. I’ve been doing great with getting 3 runs in a week. My last run I ran 10.5 for the very first time and injured my right knee. Everyone tells me it’s normal and its “runners knee”! It’s been 5 days since my injury and I’m feeling much much better but I’m afraid to run now!! Thinking of joining but I’m not sure what the 52 dollars entails or should I just buy the book “train like a mother “?! Help confused new to this all!

    1. Hey Vanessa–“Runners knee” isn’t normal. Yes, small aches and pains are typical, but not injuries that totally knock you out and make you scared to run.

      Given that it’s your first half, I think the 13.1 run/walk or plan could both work well for you. (I’d vote for run/walk, given your fragile knee.) TLAM.Club is a living, breathing machine that will answer your questions, cheer you on, help you with your injuries, get you fired up, and support you from your first mile to the finish line. The book is also a good option–we’d love it if you bought it–but it doesn’t come with the support that TLAM.Club does.

      Here’s a link to the 13.1 Challenges if you want to check them out. Thanks, Vanessa!

  3. Re: Triathlon
    Omg! That is so exciting!
    I’m doing Iron Girl (a Sprint Tri) on August 7th (Grimsby, Ontario, Canada). Olympic next year, maybe…but I really love Iron Girl.

  4. I’m starting from square one. Haven’t run in years but really feel ready. Would The Stride Challenge be the best way to start? Thanks!

    1. That’s definitely a good one, as you can adapt the workouts to running, walking, or run/walk.

      Another option is the 10K Run club, which will slowly take you up to a 10K over 15 weeks. We also have a beginner-focused 5K plan starting on February 29. Thanks for asking–hope you’ll join us!

  5. I have a half marathon July 17 which is outside the window of the plans you are releasing. Is it possible to get the 1/2 marathon plan and just start later on my own?

  6. I’m looking for a 10-mile race plan, would following the half plan be pushing it, or would it be something I could easily adapt?

    1. The 13.1 Run and Race plans have hill repeats in them, and if you’re headed towards a hilly half-marathon, you should also do your long runs on a hillier course. These plans are 15 weeks, and yes, they’re different than the FYS ones. Of course the main staples of a training plan, like long runs and increased milage, are the same, but we have definitely tweaked the plans to keep things interesting for your body and mind. Thanks for asking, Janelle!

  7. Hey guys, I have my eye on a half marathon March 19th and wanted to try out a different option for training. My last PR race I used Jack Daniels’ run smart program and it was great but why stick with what works right?! 🙂 Do you guys customize each individual training plan? Or nah?

  8. Would love to join another club. The first I did was great. My Half is on April 17 and was just going to do the Finish it Plan. Do I sign up for the first wave then? Also, the half is pretty hilly. How do I modify the plan for that?

    1. Hi Rose–We can get you into a half plan for April 17. We would start you on this Monday, the 4th, so you can get in 15 full weeks of training. We can help you get ready for hills as well…email us at [email protected] and we’ll get things set up! Thanks!

  9. I’m going for a half in May 1st. How do I choose between run and race? My last half was Oct 2013 at 2:13. Of course I want the same or better finish.

    1. Hey Sandy–

      We’ll have an overview of both plans when you sign up, including biggest training week and longest long runs, which will help you make a decision. If you want additional help after seeing those descriptions (they’ll be up on the 4th), we’ll be happy to answer any questions.


  10. Hooray! I’m running a 10k on May 1 — my first trail race! — and was looking for a plan that’s longer than the 10 weekers in TLAM. I used the Finish It plan for my first half in April 2013 and LOVED it. So excited for this one to come out!

    1. Yes, they’re a bit different than the ones in Train Like a Mother. The essence of the plans stay the same—one workout you can bail one, one you need to do—and they build up in mileage in a similar fashion, but we’ve added some strength training components and other variations to keep things interesting. Thanks for asking, Janet!

  11. I’m interested in the program! But I’m awaiting the birth of my second child and probably can’t start running again until February. I already registered for a half marathon in October. So is there a program I could join, which and when? Maybe I could join the 5k program that begins at the end of Feb, or if there’s a 10k to be done in July, that would be great!

    1. Congrats on babe #2< Christelle! The 5K will open at end of February, as you mentioned, and we'll definitely have more Challenges this fall, as well as five-week stay-moving Challenges through the year, so we'll definitely have something to fit your needs. Good luck with the birth!

  12. Too bad I’m running the Princess Half in February! I’m using your Finish It plan from Train Like A Mother, but I’d love to see your Run/Walk plan!

  13. I have a half scheduled for 3/20 and plan on doing another on 6/22. gulp. Do you think I could buy the half marathon plan and try to adjust it to make it work? I did the half program with you last january for a may race and it was amazing.

  14. Definitely second Cat B’s interest in triathlon programs! In the meantime, I have my first 70.3 on 6/20 and am debating joining the half marathon group for this program, just because I want to be part of the fun!! Ridiculous FOMO, I know.

  15. I’ve been eyeing a 30K trail run I’d love to do just before my 40th in June. Would the half or full marathon training plan work for that? I’m not sure which to choose since the distance is sort of in between.

  16. I am totally in! The Find Your Strong Marathon challenge really helped motivate me, it was the best thing I could have done for my 4th marathon.

    1. We’re still confirming partnerships for 2016, but a potential list: GU samples, tube of Nuun, socks, samples from SweatX, Action Wipes, Hyland’s, and a little giftie from AMR. (Again, those aren’t confirmed, but are representative of previous swag bags.) Thanks for asking!

  17. These are great. Any chance of doing triathlon programs in the future? I’m struggling to find a realistic program for my schedule.

    1. Definitely on our list, Cat. Thanks for asking. We’re going to roll out these running programs to get things up and running, so to speak, then focus on a triathlon group. Do you have a specific race or date in mind?

  18. So relieved when I woke up and read about upcoming training programs! I was going through withdrawals. Can’t wait.

  19. Thanks for re-vamping the challenge to make it more affordable! Love the ideas in this post and of course I love the camaraderie too! Happy candy canes!

    1. Thanks, Donna: we’re thrilled to be able to bring down the price point and meet the needs of more women (and families on a budget)! Glad you’ll be joiing us!

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