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#64: You Might Be a Mother Runner If…

Ragnar Colorado Running Tutus Mother Runner

Full race report to follow on Friday, when I think—although I'm not 100% confident—I'll be caught up on sleep. But before I crash for tonight, I want to give a huge shout-out to our partners at Nuun, who sponsored our Morning. Nuun. Night. We Mothers Run team in the Colorado version of the Ragnar Relay. Thank you for—and hydrating us through—the best girls' weekend ever.

In the meantime, there's more of this You Might Be a Mother Runner If...validation at our lovely gallery.

2 responses to “#64: You Might Be a Mother Runner If…

  1. Laurel, or anyone on the TuTu team. Pls don’t read anything into this but just wanted to find you guys and send a note, for the sole purpose of staying in touch with you guys. So this is all I could find online and hope you see it.
    Let me explain. I’m Jim Dillon and was on the team #44 “Running on a Prayer”. I’m the one who asked to take pics of you after the race near the finish line and also talked to you guys on the steps and asked where you guys are from right before I headed to the parking garage.
    You guys didn’t know us I’m sure nor did you care about us during the race but after leapfrogging your team the entire race, you guys became a self-made-up rival to our team by the end of the race. It evolved from when we’d be completely spent during a legs 1 & 2 and then one of you would come just prancing by with your TuTu like nothing was wrong and it drove a few of us crazy in a most competitive and yet humbling way. So after leg two, we (at least my van 2) would talk about how we each did on our leg in relation to “those dog-gone TuTu’s URGG” and how we either passed one or got passed by one. Anyway, you guys were great and we were shocked and thrilled that our last runner passed your last runner coming down the mnt to the finish line, only because we got a text from him halfway through leg 36 saying he just got passed by the TuTu who, btw, started that leg ~5 min after he did and thus chased him down to take the lead and our hopes were all but crushed. So that’s why we were acting like we just won the Superbowl. (stupid I know)
    Anyway, so it’d be cool if our paths ever crossed again. But hears the deal, one of you needs to write me back to my personal email to stay in touch but only for the purpose of knowing if we ever do another event then we’d let the other know BECAUSE we’d hope to register/request the same starting time and find out the new name of our teams. Otherwise we’d never see you guys, does that make sense?
    My email is sapporo93 at gmail dot com
    If our paths never cross again then cheers, keep it up, and thanks for the memories.
    Grand Junction, CO

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