RLAM 12K’s of the Holidays: Day 1!


Welcome to the Run Like A Mother 12K's of the Holidays, where, in addition to sitting through bad poetry recited under low lighting, you can win 78 products that will improve, compliment or otherwise enhance your running. Emphasis on your: We're hoping that if you win something, you go against the December grain and keep it for yourself. (We know you definitely deserve it.)

Here's how the 12K's works:

1. Each day from today until December 19, we are giving away some running-related items. Today is 12 of the same thing; tomorrow is 11 of something else (oooh, the suspense!); Friday is 10 similar goodies (can you even contain the excitement?). Until we hit the 19th, when we give away one whopper of a prize. (Not even kidding: It's a doozy.)

2. The winners for each day will be announced the following day. So tomorrow, I'll post the names and comments of today's 12 winners. If you win, you need to e-mail us at runmother at gmail dot com with your address and other pertinent info with 48 hours. (I'll remind you of this with every list of winners.) If we don't hear from you within two days, we'll pick somebody else for the slot.

3. I'll pick the winners using And you can only win once.

4. As always, you'll have to answer a running-ish question to enter.


Flex-Power Active Woman. Think of it as your version of your kid's ratty, favorite lovey: provides warmth and relief.

So to kick it off, we're giving away Flex-Power Active Woman, a pain relief cream both SBS and I slather on our muscles regularly; we love the warming sensation and the fact it's made with arnica, green tea, aloe, MSM, & glucosamine--all good stuff that can only benefit overtired, tight muscles. I usually treat my hamstrings and lower back to it after a run before I park myself at my desk for too long.

Twelve winners will pop open a four-ounce tube of Flex-Power Active Woman, a $22 value, plus a handful of travel-sized packets, which are a godsend on long plane flights, I can easily testify. (And the light smell, decidedly not Ben Gay, doesn't overwhelm your seatmates.)

In order to win, we want to know this: what's your preferred way to relax? A run, a bath, a date with "What Not To Wear"?


p.s. One more winner for today: Lois, who takes home the sweet and coveted Sierra Designs Gnar jacket. We received a record 442 entries: woo for motivated women! Lois' December goal is this: I’m just coming off a hip and foot injury, so I’m using the new month to ease back into things. My goal is to walk or run twice a week for the month and to do exercises/stretches for my injuries every day.

241 responses to “RLAM 12K’s of the Holidays: Day 1!

  1. when i saw this post, i have to admit i had a good chuckle. i got a free sample at the Aflac 10 K in seattle this september. my feet really hurt after that run so when i went to the gym for a cycle class the very next tuesday, i rubbed some on both my feet. they felt fine during cycle but once i was done and went to the weightlifting class…MY FEET WERE ON FIRE! of course i COULD NOT for the life of me figure out what was going on with my feet. until, of course, i remembered i had put that cream on in the morning. apparently, all the sweat activated the cream into overdrive. moral of the story, i don’t recommend using it on your feet right before a work out! classic.

  2. I can’t seem to relax if I haven’t gotten a work out in, so that’s first on the list–but after that my favorite thing to do is go sit in the coffe shop and chat it up with friends. If I’m running solo, I come home, take a hot shower and snuggle up with my hubs on the couch.

  3. Relax? What’s that?:) watch a favorite t.v. Show such as Dexter. It keeps me interested enough that I don’t fall asleep while watching it!

  4. After a Sunday long run I love to come home and relax with a cup of coffee and the Sunday paper – even if I have to put the kids in front of the TV to get through the whole thing!

  5. I am a little late for the prize, but thought it would be fun to post. If I had an hour during the day to have time for myself it would definitely would include a good cup of coffee, motivational reading, and running…or any type of exercise! If I had an hour in the evening I would love to enjoy a glass of red wine & cooking in the kitchen while the kids are outside playing with their daddy. : )

  6. To relax, after a morning run with my “girls”, sitting and drinking some coffee and knitting helps me relax…My body is at ease and I feel like I am still doing something productive.

  7. A long run on the trail with my dog, and then a long shower and snuggling in my bed with a magazine! (usually Runner’s World) 🙂

  8. Running a LONG, SLOW run is my favorite way to relax with my best running buddy, Alissa! Then, a nice LONG, HOT shower afterwards and a cup of coffee (depending on the weather)…smoothie when it’s hot!

  9. A nice trail run, or Glee – I know – cheesy, totally unbelievable, but FUN 🙂 Also love a family movie day, everyone piled in one bed, staying in jammies all day!

  10. My FAVORITE way? Lying on a white sand beach, feeling the sun’s rays, and enjoying an adult beverage–just me and my hubby! 🙂 (not that I get to enjoy that very often, however- ha!)

  11. Depends on the day, but my top choices are going to a movie with my hubby, watching a chick flick at home with a big ole bowl of popcorn, or getting in any kind of exercise without rushing to get back for anything at any time. So many ways to relax, so little time!

  12. With book on couch under blanket. This sounds most like I should be reading… but most likely it means I’m sleeping… I can’t seem to stay awake for anything lately!

  13. I can’t believe I am saying this…BUT shopping for outdoor/running/athletic clothes ON-LINE…top picks…Athleta, Title Nine, Lucy….I am so not a shopper…but an Athleta coupon gets me every time and makes me feel at ease and at one with the world 🙂

  14. At dinner we go often go around the family and each say the “high point” of our day. Although I usually don’t say it, I often think to myself that the real high point of my day is the time after the kids are in bed when I really get a chance to “get something done”, and especially the moment when I settle into bed to read (the NYTimes usually, but I love the health & movie sections etc) before lights out.

  15. Relaxing at the end of the day after the kids are in bed definitely means a magazine or Words With Friends on my iPhone and a little television watching!!

  16. A nice long run, a hot shower and then quality coach potato time under a warm blanket with a nice glass of red wine and bad sitcoms or high end kitchen re designs on HGTV….. Any 1 of the above will do but relaxing just to write it out!!

  17. My answer is the obvious, oft cited and, oh yeah, duh! I relax with a good run, preferably in low humidity and very cool temps where I can still sweat like a bear (a girl bear, of course), and leave my stress behind me. P.S. Could really use one now. My Mum passed away today and I am really sad.

  18. Well, actually the run does not relax me exactly, but after I am done I am so relaxed and no longer stressed at all because I feel great and my exercise block is checked for the day!

  19. a glass of good wine, whatever music i’m in the mood for on the stereo, a fresh book, a cozy blanket, and a foot rub from the (usually, mostly) willing husband. with a sleeping toddler safely tucked away upstairs in his bedroom.


  20. I like to relax with a marathon of cheesy reality television…bring on ANTP, Amazing Race, Survivor, Big Brother…and many, many others! 🙂

  21. A glass of wine, fire in the fireplace, and a non-kid movie on the tv (preferably an old black and white movie or a foreign film)!!

  22. Silence. Whether on a long solo run, a nice massage, or just an empty house–not having to use or listen to words is my favorite way to relax.

  23. My current preferred way to relax is to do the People magazine crossword puzzler books. I’m totally addicted to them!! 🙂

  24. If I just want to take a little time to myself to just relax, I like to read or take a hot bath. If I need to work out a problem, I run.

  25. It depends on what I want to relax from. If it’s work and being stressed then a run always makes me feel better. If it’s just a lazy day then a bath is what I crave!

  26. My favorite way to relax is either a class at my gym or a trail run with my running buddy. Exercise might not sound relaxing, but it is one of the only times of the day that I am kid-free, not working, not at my house reminded of the million + things I have to get done (especially during the holidays). It is totally me time, with people I truly enjoy. It clears my mind and I return home refereshed and ready to dive back into being a mom. P.S. Baths with a great book are always nice too, but only if I am home alone.

  27. Since I run 1st thing in the am, it’s not really a relaxer for me, more of a wake up and get going activity! And I feel so great the rest of the day, knowing I’ve gotten my run in. My relaxation comes at the end of the day after all 3 kids are in bed and I’m sacked out on the couch watching tv (my current guilty favorite is the Biggest Loser).

  28. My current way to relax would be tuning out the world with Pandora on my iPhone, while reading inspiring weight loss/running blogs.

  29. Wow, what a great contest! My preferred method of relaxing is curling up on the couch with some knitting, but if I’m really going crazy, only a run will calm me down.

  30. My favorite way to relax is going to a vineyard with my husband (and sometimes kids). I have some of the best memories from visiting the vineyards with my friends and family. When I can’t get to a winery- i recreate with a bottle of wine at home! 🙂 will run for wine!!!! :_)

  31. I love a warm soak in my jacuzzi tub. I plug into my i pod playing the music from “Moulin Rouge”, pour myself a glass of white wine, & light a couple candles. Heaven!

  32. I just like to relax with a glass of red wine and a good book- preferably sitting on the couch next to my husband, with my 5 year old son tucked in bed asleep for the night.

  33. to de-stress during the day exercise (preferably a run) but for really relaxing at night after the kids are in bed. Long hot shower, pj pants, watch tv and browse for crazy, yummy, fattening desserts( that I’ll probably never make) on my favorite cooking websites.

  34. A week ago, I might have answered running or playing with my kids, but yesterday, I escaped work and family for an hour of holiday browsing. Not shopping. No agenda. I was just browsing – looking at items that I would never buy and enjoying some holiday musak. Followed by lunch reading the newspaper. I need to do that more often!

  35. Running is my Mommy Therapy for sure! But, I have the say hubby and I’s last date was hilarious! We went bowling…very bad bowling and I managed to get my thumb stuck in a ball AND hit myself in the back of the knee with a bowling ball. But, it was the most fun we’ve had in a looooong time and we soooo needed to get away. 🙂

  36. My favorite way to relax is not real original, but calming music after a long shower always makes me feel better, and bonus points if my 2 year old is already asleep for the night 🙂

  37. My favorite relaxation is to snuggle on the couch with my honey and watch Modern family with a glass of wine and laugh hysterically!!!

  38. i am a person that has a hard time relaxing (….I am thinking this is probably true for a lot of us!) but…my favorite way is a long run with my two best running buddies followed by making dinner with my kids!

  39. Without a good run to start the day I rank much higher on the stressed out scale but to really relax there is nothing better than a great book (and some peace and quiet)!

  40. My favorite way to relax has always been a hot bath and a good book, usually accompanied by a glass of wine. Lately though, running is squeezing itself into my number one way to relax!

  41. I’m embarrassed to admit that, often, my way to relax is being on FB! Yikes! But, when the kiddos are sleeping and I’ve already run for the day FB lets me veg completely!!

  42. Most favored way – bedroom door shut, ice cream in a bowl, a GOOD adult beverage in a frothy Guinness mug at my side, snuggled against my husband as we delve into a shoot em, kill em, race em, high octane action flick. While he rubs my feet, calves, hams helping me recover from the crazy thing I do to myself. Heaven!

  43. A nice long run, preferably with other RLAM’ers, followed by a long shower, then dinner with family, friends and red wine.

  44. I enjoy sitting by a window of a coffee shop or restaurant and people-watching. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s a lot of fun for me and it does relax me because I’m not doing anything strenuous and I’m not thinking of anything at the time…

  45. My favorite thing to relax me after running is to stretch for an extra long period of time, then drink my chocolate milk, then take a HOT shower until there is no more hot water left! My favorite relaxing thing that’s not running related is to scrapbook. I love it and could spend all day treating myself to a day of nothing else. If only someone were here to do the laundry I wouldn’t be able to get done!

  46. Once my exercise bucket is filled and I feel like I can relax, it is definitely on the couch with husband rubbing my feet while I enjoy my dessert or a cup of tea or my knitting… Sadly husband travels for work then the word relax isn’t part of my vocab.. I have been working hard to bring it back by picking up my knitting (at least when I get a project that just needs to be knit in the round, NO THINKING) or getting my tush in the tub with a good book and some bubbles… 🙂

  47. Relax….my favorite way to relax is under a cozy quilt, on the couch, in front of a nice fire, in the middle of a good book, and the key ingredient is quiet.

  48. A glass of red and anything from my “to be read” pile. With absolutely no interruptions from the children who are snuggled in bed with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads.

  49. I go to BodyFlow every Tuesday at my local YMCA. Nothing gets in the way of that “ME” time! I especially love the relaxation time at the end.

  50. Relaxing, what’s that? Hmm… I watch those crazy housewives and any crime drama I can set the DVR for. I also like to color with the kiddo and play Bejeweled.

  51. I love my Saturday morning run, long by myself then I pick up a friend for 3 extra miles. I get in a relaxing run, get some facetime with my favorite friend and then come home to stretch, or as my kids see it, become the jungle gym they climb on!

  52. Currently my favorite relaxation is sitting in a comfy chair, knitting project in my lap with some old Christmas movie on the T.V…….

  53. My favorite way to relax is a Sunday morning run w/ my friend followed by a hearty breakfast with the family and then watching football…we put a small tv in the garage so we could do yard work and peak in on a game or too! The run allows me to relax for the day!!!

  54. My favorite way to relax is to send the hubby to the movies with the kids, while I get left at home to do as I wish, which may include a walk and/or run.

  55. Gonna have to vote wine on this one! Long run, comfy clothes, kids in bed, all wonderful things… add wine and you’ve got one happy momma!!!

  56. A long run is my way of relaxing and getting rid of all of the tension I’ve been carrying around with me. If I snuggled on the couch with a book or to watch tv I would just get more tense thinking of everything I have to get done (laundry, dishes, sweeping the floors, etc). Running allows me to not think of those.

  57. my preferred way to relax… to take a long (preferably guilt free) “easy” swim, followed by a “so hot your skin turns pink for hours” shower. Of course, we’re mothers, so the guilt free swim is a little harder to find during the holiday season.

  58. My preferred way to relax is with a cup of coffee (with hazelnut soy creamer, please!) my knitting and a good book and my iPod.

    Disclaimer: I (usually) don’t knit and read at the same time, so I alternate.

  59. My favorite way to relax is a nice long run, followed by a cool shower and then soak in the hot tub. The cherry on top…..a nap!

  60. Best relaxation – a glass of red wine, small square of chocolate and a good book! All are even better after having had a great run earlier that day!

  61. I LOVE to run….it helps me relax when I have a lot on my mind. But at the end of the day, when I’m worn out from my 4 kids and their activities, a BATH is the only way to relax.

  62. Mental relaxation- a run on my tried and true neighborhood route. I’m able to shut my brain off and just go.

    Physical relaxation- a date with my bed, my wine, my knitting and some mindless TV.

  63. My favorite way to relax is with some good (ie, guilt inducing) food while watching HGTV. As a bonus, it also gives me more incentive to run so that I can enjoy that relaxation with less guilt!

  64. Last night I went to a “yoga fusion” class (sculpting with weights using yoga moves). It was the best possible way to unwind.

  65. Quality reading in the bathtub: People, US Weekly, Life & Style,etc. (occasionally the New Yorker if I’m feeling like my brain needs some stimulation)…with a glass of wine of course.

  66. I like to relax at home watching a movie with the husband and kids. Throw in a dog or two and I am the happiest woman around.

  67. If it’s not an early morning run with a good audiobook on my IPod, definitely an issue of “US Weekly” magazine and a bag on peanut M & M’s! Yes it’s a tabloid magazine, but you can finish it in about an hour. Can’t say the same for the M&M’s, they’re usually gone before the table of contents 🙂

  68. Long hot shower, sans children of course…then curled up in bed with my heated mattress pad watching tv or reading….alone!

  69. you girls are better than santa, we actually get something good we can use!
    i love to relax with a hot bath, glass of wine and book. or camped in front of the tv with a cat on my lap and a cheesy chick flick.

    ps, my christmas gift to my self this year were the RLAM recomended yurbuds and I LOVE THEM!!!

  70. My preferred way to relax? If I’m feeling particularly restless and need to mentally unwind, then a run. But if I want to be a lazy bum, then its definitely an evening on the couch with the hubs, pizza/mexican/chinese and a movie, and preferably something that is sweet and/or chocolatey. 🙂

  71. With the colder weather here it’s sitting by the fire with my book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo after putting the little one down for the night!

  72. When the weather is nice out nothing beats a run around the lake.
    Now that is is cold, would have to be doing some sort of craft and watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
    I still run on the treadmill at the gym, but just not the same as outside.

  73. My favorite way to relax is to sit in the hot tub and look at the stars! We just got the heater replaced, so after a year and a half of no hot tub, I’m back in the relaxation business!!!

  74. GLEE! Or any other mindless TV for the hour between the kids’ bedtime and my bedtime. Dinners out with my husband (alone) are also great….and doesn’t running go without saying???

  75. My favorite way to relax is with a great glass of wine, my pj’s and facebook! However, Starbucks happy hour with the girls, after our weekend long runs, in downtown Fort Worth is a pretty close second!

  76. My favorite way to relax is having the house to myself, sitting in front of the TV watching mindless shows … or maybe even a good chick-flick.

  77. I relax after running with a big glass of water, and my knitting. Usually socks to keep my battered feet (black toenails and all) cosy when I’m not running!

  78. To relax? It’s not running. Running destresses me. But to relax is to curl up with a good book in a warm, cozy blanket sipping hot cocoa (with or without Bailey’s depending on the day).

  79. Most favorite-red wine, outside, chilly weather, and a fire pit with my husband. Watching a movie in my oversized chair with my feet propped up. Reading a good book in bed in silence. And of coarse, running … especially on vacation when you have no schedule to adhere to.

  80. For perfect relaxation, the day would have had to started with a run. My favorite evening wind down after that would have to be a long phone call with my son (lives in NYC) followed by shared gin & tonics and a sudoku with hubby. I am smiling just thinking of it all! 😀

  81. Yoga, a warm bath, and a good chick movie, right after completing a project that has taken me years to get done. Nothing quite as relaxing as the feeling of accomplishment.

  82. Upon waking-coffee and the paper. After getting daughter to school-a run (outdoors if Montana weather is cooperating). Before bed-with a book and absolute silence.

  83. After the dreaded ice bath and my hot shower, I wrap up in my bathrobe and snuggle up to my sleeping hubby. That is the best nap ever and something I look forward to while I’m running!

  84. PJs + couch & blanket + hubbie/movie OR alone/book. Especially this time of year with the X-mas tree lights on and candles lit.

  85. Great Run, Dishes/Laundry Done, Kids in Bed – Hot Shower, Comfy Clothes, Catching Up on Latest Book/Magazine Feet Up, Relaxing on the Couch – Ahh…Relax/Release!

  86. Relaxing for me typically consists of laying in bed w/my heated mattress pad on, pillows stacked up high, cup of decaf and a magazine and/or crossword puzzle.

  87. While I do love a good massage or spa treatment, relaxing at the end of a long day ideally involves the couch, a blanket and mindless TV (often, reality TV!)

  88. While I wish running was my activity of choice when I want to relax, it is not. The answer is quite easy, knitting while watching something cheesy on television. Kids must be asleep!

  89. For me, it’s a glass of wine, preferably while making dinner with my husband while the kids are occupied elsewhere (even if it’s in front of the tv–I admit it!).

  90. I think there is a theme here – my favorite way to relax is also a glass of red wine, a comfy blanket, on the couch in front of the fireplace with my sweet husband. (And of course for true relaxation, the kids are already asleep!!) Ahhhhhh!!!!

  91. My favorite relaxation time is on my couch with a glass of wine, blanket, and watching a great tv show like Madmen, Dexter, or Boardwalk Empire.

  92. I love to relax with a glass of wine or a candlelight yoga class at a local yoga studio. It really does a body good after a long run!

  93. It used to be curling up with a good book but since having kids trying to do that has become more stressful than relaxing. Now, I lock myself in my room for 2 hours to watch a movie by myself. That’s all it takes. 2 hours with a good movie and I’m supermom again 🙂

  94. My PREFERRED way to relax is sharing wine with my sisters and laughing my head off…. But since I am so very far away from all 3 of them my more common way to relax is a slow, thoughtful, long run followed by a leisurely shower and a delicious cup of chai.

  95. My guilty pleasure is reading mindless magazines in bed. If I’m agitated or under a lot of stress, a good run takes the edge off though.

    Here lately, I’ve found that adding a little Starbucks liqueur to a cup of hot chocolate does the trick 🙂

  96. I love to put on some music, pour a big glass of wine and throw myself into non-required cooking. It is especially relaxing to experiment with new recipes. On my time, solely for my enjoyment.

  97. My favorite way to relax is a hot bath and a glass of wine. Once I am all warmed up and about to fall asleep in the bath I put on cozy pajamas and go veg out watching some movie I have seem 500 times like when Harry met Sally.

  98. My preferred way to relax would be a movie and a glass of wine with my husband, although I only find this relaxing if I’ve already got my run in that day!

  99. Every day during nap time, I try to watch something that no one else in my family would watch with me (i.e. chick flicks or Buffy the Vampire Slayer). That way, I get my tv time and my boys don’t have to suffer watching it with me. 😀

  100. A Bikram Hot Yoga Class after a long run, or Zumba Class which is fun and I laugh all the time while workout melts the stress away!

  101. I run in the evening after the kids go to bed, so my favorite way to relax is to get in a good hard run, shower, put on my pjs and cuddle up under a big blanket on the couch with my husband to watch TV. If I have a glass of wine [after I’ve chugged a bottle of water] it’s even better!

  102. I’m a tv-aholic, so any chance I get to sit and watch senseless comedies (especially those with singing-hello Glee) than I jump on it. In fact, I do it a little too much.
    However, if I’m so lucky to get a few hours to myself to relax, I take selfish pleasure in hitting a large bookstore and taking the time to flip through books and magazines without the pressure of having to make a stop at the kids section. Aaahhhh.

  103. My favorite way to unwind is to sew! I don’t get much time for it, running is always my first choice whenever I get a few seconds to myslef, but when I do get a little time, I love to sit at my machines or cut fabric or even just clean up and organize whatever got left out from the last time I had 15min to myself!

  104. My favorite way to relax is a bath with a glass of wine, followed by cuddling up in my bed with a good book. I WISH a run was the perfect way to relax for me!

  105. A nice candle lit HOT bath, wine, soft music then curl into bed to watch Real Housewives that has been sitting on my DVR. My guilty pleasure 🙂

  106. Lately, my favorite way to relax is knitting while watching TV. I’ve been knitting up a storm what with the holidays coming up, plus there are about to be some new babies in my family/circle of friends!

  107. A nice glass of wine, a pair of comfy p.j’s, a warm blankie and “What not to Wear” (i heart clinton). Whatever happened to “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”….loved that show too!

  108. I love date night with my husband (which includes ANYTHING with no kids – sometimes it’s Home Depot, but it still counts), a run, or that blissful hour of peace right after the kids are in bed and I can curl up on the couch under a blanket…

  109. My form of relaxing is cross stitching. Maybe a little grandmother-like, but I love to it and it takes my mind off everything else. Of course going for a run or doing yoga relax me too, but I never seem to remember that when I ‘m in need of some decompression. 😉

  110. When I finally decide to “chill” and be still for a while — I love to take a warm shower, put on some snuggly sweats, and then cuddle up on the couch with a fleece blanket and a good book! I am a huge reader in my “spare” time (aka when I’m not running or on kid patrol). I could spend an entire afternoon this way!

  111. One of my favorite ways to relax is to get into my sweatpants on my big, comfy couch and watch a movie. It doesn’t relly matter which one because I’ll most likely fall asleep before it is 1/2 hour into it.

  112. It kind of depends on the situation. If I am given a day or even a couple of hours to relax – I always choose a run over a mani/pedi or massage. But if you whisk me away for a little getaway (let’s just dream a little here), I love a good massage or facial. But if we’re talking about relaxing at the end of a long day with work and the kids and dog…I love slipping into bed with a good read. That bed is my little oasis and whatever I am reading carries me off to some other world where bickering kids, runny noses, dogs that chew up everything in sight, and awful work colleagues do not exist.

  113. A good run is so energizing for me! I have to admit though that lately relaxing to me is curled up in my stretchy pants feeding my guilty pleasure…Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or something equally mindless!

  114. One of my favorite ways to relax is to put on a comfy sweat shirt and watch a girly movie. Drinking hot chocolate with mini marshmallows just makes it even better.

  115. The way to relax for me is a hot shower after a long run and settle in comfy clothes under a blanket and just do nothing!

  116. My favorite ways to relax are:
    a massage
    a yoga class
    a glass of really good wine!
    walking my dogs
    reading a book

    This is a time of the year when I try really hard to slow down, control my breathing (and lower my shoulders!), and focus on the good things in my life, instead of working on fixing everything.

  117. A nice easy run on a trail with my dog is my favorite way to relax. I also enjoy an episode of “What Not to Wear” and “Project Runway”! 🙂

  118. My favorite way to relax is to curl up with a good book late at night, once the kids are all tucked into bed. Some night, I don’t move for a few hours until it is my bed time!

  119. Definitely getting kids settled and curling up in bed with a good book or my laptop to catch on all my favorite blogs (like RLAM)!

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