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Another Mother Runner Rise + Conquer RockMyRun Running Mix

In the mid-1990s, I re-read The Handmaid’s Tale in one sitting. The brilliant writing, profound imagery, and troubling themes in Margaret Atwood’s dystopian masterpiece moved me so greatly I pledged then-and-there to read books only by women authors. For nearly a decade I stuck to my vow until I softened my stance and resumed reading works by men.

I admit: a bit extreme, but there’s something powerful about us women supporting each other. (Take, oh, for instance, the amazing Another Mother Runner Tribe!) Thus it’s no shocker I sometimes go through bouts of listening to music only by women artists and bands. I have several years-old “Chix Mix” playlists, filled with tracks from the likes of Tori Amos, Feist, and Dixie Chicks.

As much as I still love all those ladies, I recently got a hankering for a new women-only collection of songs. I asked you BAMRs for suggestions on social media; thumbed through songs I’d Shazam’d; and scoured Spotify: I was in search of fresh new songs by women. The initial result was this playlist for ZOOMA Annapolis. Listening to it at least twice at the finish line as I emcee’d, I realized it was a jammin’ collection of tunes!

Once home, I wanted more. I contacted our pals at RockMyRun, the smartphone app that serves up thousands of DJ mixes to rev up your runs. (RockMyRun even allows you to listen to music with the tempo personalized based on your steps per minute, heart rate, or goal cadence.) I returned to social media and Spotify for more songs, and I’m in love (love!) with the resulting RockMyRun “station” (as the app calls its mixes): It’s called Another Mother Runner Rise + Conquer.

You better believe I’ll be listening on training runs to this 2.5+ hour creation, jammed with tunes by Sia, Katy Perry, Sigrid, Betty Who, Ariana Grande, Meghan Trainor, and more distaff rockers. Get it here.

If you are new to RockMyRun, here’s step-by-step instructions to get this kick-booty playlist:

To redeem:

1. Open or download RockMyRun app on your smartphone. It's free, and you grab it here on iTunes or on Google Play for Android.
2. Log in, or create a free account if you don't have one.
3. Tap the three orange, horizontal bars on top left of the app's homepage.

3. Go to Redeem Code in the menu.

4. Enter code CONQUER, then click Submit.

5. Woohoo! This mix is now at your fingertips for your listening enjoyment, to keep you company on solo runs or fire you up on race days! (If it don't show up within a minute or two, close the app, then re-open it.) BONUS: In addition to RISE + CONQUER, the code gets you a free trial month of Rockstar status on RockMyRun, meaning no ads and you can forward through as many songs as you want. After a month, if you want to remain a Rockstar, you'll have to enter a credit card number and pay a monthly subscription fee.

Current RockMyRun subscribers don’t need the code. Just search for “Rise And Conquer” in the app, favorite it, and let the tunes flow forth.

(If you have any issues with getting the app up or the mix to load, please contact Rock My Run on their help page; they are super responsive.)

We’ve made a handy-dandy list of all of our RockMyRun mixes, just in case you need more!

PS: And if I have my way, this RockMyRun station will be playing as I emcee at the finish line of ZOOMA Cape Cod—I hope to see you there!

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