Role Mothers’ Advice for Rehydrating after a Hard Run

Our Role Mothers are feeling the heat! Each offers their take on post-run hydration (spoiler: They're all in love with Nuun), and how you can recharge ASAP after a sweat-drenched run.




Tania, the sputterer

To rehydrate after a really hard workout, I drink all the Nuun! And all the water. And all the chocolate milk. Really it's just what my body tells me it needs afterwards, but it's usually a combo of all of these.



Sarah, the triathlete

No fail, whenever I finish a hot, hard workout, I immediately crave a Slurpee. There's just something about that ice-cold sweetness that I can't get enough of! While I used to indulge that urge as a kid, these days I opt for a healthier (and more hydrating!) option: A Nuun slushie. I just pop a bunch of ice and water in a blender, add a Nuun tablet, and within seconds I'm cooling off--and replenishing my diminished electrolyte and sodium stores--in the most refreshing way. Ahhhh...


Melissa, the marathoner

After a hard workout, I generally reach first for water! After that, I will rotate between an electrolyte supplement (like Nuun) and water. Adding water dense food items like watermelon, cucumbers, beets, and tomatoes later in the day also helps to quickly replenish lost hydration.


Nicole, the regular runner

After a hard workout, I drink a glass of semi-room temperature water. Ice cold often feels like a shock to my system, except in sweltering, muggy weather that New England is currently experiencing.


Ashley, the beginner

Nuun is my go-to. The flavors add a little kick to the bland taste of water. Wisconsin gets toasty during the summer months, and Nuun works double duty in helping your body recover while tasting delicious. My absolutely favorite is Cherry Limeade.


Pam, the grandmother

After a heard workout, I add Nuun to my water the rest of the day. But I also like to go to Starbucks for a lightly sweetened green ice tea.


How do YOU rehydrate?

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2 responses to “Role Mothers’ Advice for Rehydrating after a Hard Run

  1. Nuun. water. repeat…….and once in awhile a Crush Orange Vanilla Float Freeze from Taco Bell. but we all know it is for the sugar and not rehydrating!

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