Run Philly: Limited-Edition Philadelphia Marathon 2014 Running Gear

Cue "Eye of the Tiger." We are giddy with love over this limited-edition "run philly: city of motherly love" hoody!
Cue "Eye of the Tiger." We are giddy with love over our limited-edition "run philly: city of motherly love" hoody!

"Can't keep this badass mother runner down. Graston + acupuncture = my miracle cure."

"So... got through the 19 . Ran the whole thing except for a large hill around mile 16, walked that because I didn't want to risk making my hip more angry."

"PR'd in the half today: 1:52:07....I definitely have trained much harder and smarter during this training cycle."

These are just a few of the texts and emails I got today from, respectively, Michelle, Alison, and Nicole, who are all running the Philadelphia Marathon on November 23. All year, I've been half-jokingly saying  Philly is going to be the fall race for mother runners to coalesce at--and now I believe it! Dimity and I are running the full with our Saucony 26Strong cadets, Kelly and Alison, and we hear from so many other 26.2 and 13.1 moms on social media that they are doing the 5-weeks-and-counting game with us.

To celebrate the event, we are making a special, limited-edition hoody and long-sleeve tech tee with a phrase we dreamt up that makes us chuckle every time we think of it:  run philly hoody up close

Get it? We swapped out "brotherly" for "motherly"!! We love it so much, we put it on a yummy cotton/poly blend hoody in ready-to-recreate-Rocky-run-up-museum-steps charcoal grey, as well as a graphite-colored long-sleeve tech tee. I won't speak for Dim and her cadet, but if it's anywhere below 55 degrees on race day, my 26Strong cadet and I are going to be sporting this kickass tee on Philly race day.

You better believe I'm pairing this tee with my new marathon faves, black Saucony Bullet Capris.
You better believe I'm pairing this tee with my new marathon faves, black Saucony Bullet Capris.

Whether you're running the full or the half--or you do your daily runs in the land of the Liberty Bell--you need this hoody or tee (or both!). They landed in our Mother Runner Store this weekend. We're only taking pre-orders on the hoody, so be sure to order yours; we'll be selling a limited number of the tech tees at our booth at the Philadelphia Marathon 2014 expo. As a special incentive: Any gal who buys one, then wears it to the Philadelphia Marathon expo and stops by our booth will get a free 26.2 or 13.1 mother runner car magnet, the ideal tell-the-world accessory for your bumper.

Again, just so it's clear: While we'll be selling a few of these tees at our booth at Philly Marathon expo, if you now have your heart set on owning one, order the tee or hoody from our online store. We're taking pre-orders, and we'll start shipping orders in early November. 

This fleece headband will keep your ears warm--and your attitude strong!
This fleece headband will keep your ears warm--and your attitude strong!

While you're in our Mother Runner Store, be sure to check out some other new cool-weather offerings, including BAMR thermal headband and BAMR beanie, both by Headsweats and both ideal for keeping your ears and head warm this fall and winter. These items are also pre-orders--we'll be shipping the headband at the end of the month and the beanie early next. We trust temps won't have fallen too low in your neck of the woods by then.

Hope to see a bunch of you at our booth in of motherly love! Plus, we'd love to party with you PA gals: We're hosting a Mother Runner party in Pittsburgh on November 19 and one in Philadelphia on November 20. RSVP here for Pittsburgh, and RSVP here for Philly. (Parties are free: We just want headcount for swag bags, wine, and nibbles!)

15 responses to “Run Philly: Limited-Edition Philadelphia Marathon 2014 Running Gear

  1. Kristin – What is your pace like? I am an 11-12 minute mile and doing this as my first full… happy to run with you if you run this pace!!

  2. Is there a good way to find some ladies to run the race with? Perhaps connect at your booth at the expo? I’m running it by myself but would love some company for at least part of the race.

  3. SO excited to run Philly this year!!! And these shirts are awesome. Plan to order one now and see you at the booth at the EXPO. My sister is running the half and I’m doing the full. My mom is coming along to watch my 2 girls while we run. A full women’s weekend 🙂 See you soon!

  4. So nice to speak with you today, Sarah! Thanks so much for following up to help with my order… I was worried the shirts would be sold out, lol! Can’t wait to run with my Holden Running Moms back home in Philly… we’ll be sure to sport our new AMR gear at the Expo, too. See you there!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Dawn. I was feeling a bit down (gloomy Portland weather), but after I got off phone with you, I felt a pep return to my step, and I handled store biz all morning. So thank YOU!

  5. I’m not the Nicole in your blog post, but that half marathon PR you attribute to hear and the statement about training is almost spot on. I have been wanting to treat myself to something from AMR store for the Philly Marathon, and this long-sleeve t-shirt is it.

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