Hump Day Running Giveaway: a Complete Saucony + AMR Outfit

New leaves are perfect backdrop to new running outfit!
New leaves are perfect backdrop to new running outfit!

In most parts, spring's here, and that means you can push your long-sleeved shirts and full-length tights to the back of the drawer/closet/storage area. We're ready for tanks and capris! We're so positively ready that we're showing off a few fresh outfits for warmer temps—and even offering one up to one lucky runner. (See details below.)

We're a little obsessed with Saucony's latest colors, patterns, and cuts. So much so, we designed a crop of new tees and tanks to coordinate with their latest gear. Does your drawer need some new arrivals? Check out our pairings. (Styling fee waived for our finest customers.)

Also of note: All of our technical tees are now $25 (a permanent reduction from $30). Pick up one...or a few!


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She makes it look easy: Our famous model, SBS, rocking the tattoo tee and Impulse shorts


Look 1: Badass Mother Runner S/S Tee + Saucony Impulse Short in Black

For those of us who appreciate a darker color palette [*raises hand*], the comfortable yet flattering fit of the Tattoo tee has a pop of color in the form of a the "badass" illustration--with the signature phrase of the mother runner tribe. Paired with a monochromatic print and mesh side paneled shorts, you won't be rushing to change post-run.


A little pop art and graphic print are perfect together


Look 2: Are My Kids Still Chasing Me? Tee + Saucony Bullet Capri in Carbon Print

We've got a new version of the classic Are My Kids Still Chasing Me? tee, but we turned up the volume on the joke with a graphic inspired by the iconic paintings of Roy Lichtenstein. Add a pair of our all-time favorite running bottoms, the Saucony Bullet Capri, with its wide, flattering waistband on a cool graphic print, and you'll keep plenty of distance between yourself and the kiddos.


A fresh spring color palette: 100% necessary at this point


Look 3: Run Eugene Tee + Saucony Mini Scoot Capri in Electric Teal Print

We love running in Oregon, especially Eugene, a.k.a. TrackTown USA. To celebrate the miles run in this verdant, eco-friendly state and to sell at 2016 Eugene Marathon (where Sarah will be woman'ing an AMR booth), we created this limited-edition technical tee. (Complete the look with the AMR Oregon trucker hat.) Finish the look with a pair of scoot capris, with have ruched seams at knees that give you the extra room you need to move through your stride without the back seam digging in.

SBS once again steps up to model, this time with mother runner Madeline and baby-on-board, Pip.
SBS once again steps up to model, this time with mother runner Madeline and baby-on-board, Pip.


Look 4: Run Like There's No Tomorrow Tank + Saucony Bullet Capri in Blueberry Print + Saucony Freedom Cap in Aero Blue Also...this complete outfit is up for grabs!!!

The Run Like... tee just launched in the AMR Store, and it's hot hot hot. It's a new style of tank top for us--loose, unstructured fit and wonderfully lightweight fabric. It's perfect on its own or as a layering piece. We think it looks pretty fabulous with The Saucony blueberry-print Bullet Capri, and Freedom Cap. Directly from SBS's mouth: "The Freedom Cap is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Light as a feather, it conforms to your head and is super flattering. And it stays on in the fiercest wind—I ran 18 brutal miles in it!" Sarah loves this outfit so much, she's seriously considering wearing it when she runs Boston next month. Get the details below on how to enter to win everything mentioned here.

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Back view of the racerback and SBS's favorite hat of all time


Ready for a wardrobe upgrade? One random runner will win the Run Like There's No Tomorrow Tank, the Saucony Bullet Capri in Blueberry Print, and the Saucony Freedom Cap in Aero Blue, a $118 value. To enter, tell us: what's the one piece of winter gear/clothing you cannot wait to put away? Tell us in the Comments section below this blog post on our website, and you’ll be entered to win.

The details: This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 3/30/16 and ends on 4/5/16. We will announce one random winner on our Facebook page on 4/7/16, as well as notifying the winner by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $118. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

602 responses to “Hump Day Running Giveaway: a Complete Saucony + AMR Outfit

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  2. I have a blue hat that is quite soiled and stained, but it fits my head perfectly and I absolutely love it, so there is no way I am getting rid of it.

  3. I can’t seem to lay to rest a pair of old running pants, they are faded and dated by there colors, and which I found at a second hand store. So who knows how old they really are, ha ha.

  4. I can’t wait to put away my jacket! I’m sick of hearing the swoosh-swoosh of the material. Bring on the sunshine!!

  5. I can’t wait to put away my tights, there is no better feeling than running in shorts for the first time of the season…FREEDOM!

  6. I have a pair of “glittens” that are about to fall apart. They’re perfect for running in the winter but I really need a new pair. Will be glad to put them away in the “winter gear mllk crate” for the summer.

  7. I have a ratty old white Carolina hoodie that I wear to run in the winter. I figure it’s visible, warm, and already yellowed around the neck.

  8. While my fleece headband does a great job of keeping my ears warm while absorbing the sweat, my head is so ready to feel the breeze in my hair!

  9. I can’t wait to put away my ear warmers and my gloves! I hate being cold but they both can be a real pain and I’m alway losing them. (Hence why I have duplicates of everything…)

  10. I love the navy/white bennie I “borrowed” from my husband a couple of years ago, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t wait to put it in the drawer and not look at it again until Nov or Dec if I’m lucky!

  11. I love running in the winter in Georgia. I’ve already put away most of my winter gear, anyway, but it looks like we may have a morning in the 30s later this week so my last pieces to stow away will be long-sleeved tech shirts.

  12. The best under layer shirt that I own was once upon a time white. Fast forward about 10 years to 2016, and now not so much. 50 shades of dingy. I love it and it gets the job done. But I am oh so happy to say good bye until November!

  13. I can’t wait to put away my husband’s fleecy hat! I borrowed it to wear during a cold spell here in Hong Kong (well, unseasonal & relatively cold for this part of the world…). Glad I can leave it off now and not have headphone issues!

  14. I can’t wait to put away the hoodies and jackets. I always misjudge and end up tying around waist or need them and need to circle home for them.

  15. In Minnesota, (where we had fresh snow this morning) I have taken to running with knee high ski socks under my tights. It adds an extra layer of warmth for my calves on sub-freezing days I appreciate. But, I am so ready to stow those away!

  16. I’m ready to be done with wearing a hat. It makes it more difficult and uncomfortable to wear my earbuds or sunglasses.

  17. Tired of my gloves right now. Can’t start without them, but tired of carrying them because too warm for my jacket with pockets. . .

  18. The fleece headband that keeps my ears warm. My earbuds and cord always get twisted up in it. I will be happy just to be able to throw on a cap again.

  19. I can’t wait to put away the gloves! I have a love/hate relationship with them. They are necessary then they get hot, and I take them off, then I have to carry them or tuck them or lose them! Happy Spring!

  20. I can’t wait to put up the long sleeve compression shirt, and the layers that you have to build to run through the winter.

  21. I can’t wait to put away the gloves! They are a necessary evil, and much appreciated, but cumbersome. Back in the (back of the) drawer they go!

  22. I have an old cotton t-shirt from a 5K I did in 1996. It was from a race that my grandparents used to do — and my grandmother won her age group (over 75!) that year. She was an inspiration!

  23. Shorts…I haven’t bought a new pair of shorts for 5 years and I need too…but scared on trying new stuff. Those bullet capris would be awesome and sounds like they are highly recommended!

  24. I’m so done with having to wear a jacket, gloves, hat, and headlamp. All that extra gear when you are trying to get started and get out the door is a pain! I just want to put on my shorts and shoes and GO 🙂

  25. Gloves! I love the warmer weather when I don’t have to be as concerned with my fingers turning white while out for a few miles. Brrrr!

  26. I cannot wait to put away the long tights and feel more free when I run. Although I enjoy a moderate breeze and chill, I don’t need anymore freezing AMs where leggings are a must to get my sweat on!

  27. I have a pair of socks with a hole in one toe and just about every pair of running shoes that I’ve ever owned.

  28. HA ha, oops, I misread the prompt as something that you couldn’t get rid of as opposed to something you couldn’t wait to put away. My answer makes no sense here! 🙂

  29. Embarrassingly, my first real sports bra, obtained on a quick lunch break in 2002. I’m lucky to be small-chested, so the stretched-out-ness is manageable. But it’s still the one I choose for long runs, or any all-day sweaty thing like hiking or skiing.

  30. Um, I really need to wash my gloves. All of them. I use them to wipe my runny nose, and then I forget to wash them when I get home. TMI?

  31. I can’t wait to put away the Yaktrax! I love being able to run during a fresh snow, but I’m done with winter!

  32. There are 2. A pair of Nike running capris, that try as I might, I can’t seem to find an equal too, and sadly, I am pretty sure they don’t make them anymore. At least they haven’t developed holes yet and I am still able to wear them – shoelace drawstring and all. And second is my first Enell sports bra. I am not sure what is still holding it together, but its soft (I did purchase a new one when I thought my first was too far gone (it’s not…yet), but it just isn’t the same), the elastic in the material keeps coming out, and the eyelets have started to rust, but I can’t quite give it up yet, as it still keeps the girls in check. 🙂

  33. My kids’ mittens! Maybe it’s because I can’t handle mis-matched and there’s twice as many mittens as hats, but those things drive me nuts. Plus, my almost-3 is totally “I DO IT MYSELF!” and mittens are hard for little kids!

  34. I was thrilled to put away my gloves and my Kleenex. My nose runs continually (think faucet) in the cold, and when my fingers are cold, I don’t think of anything else except ending the run and going home to warm up so my gloves are a necessity….and one I am all to happy to shed at the end of winter!

  35. I am not a fan of the tights I own. They are too big, not warm enough and generally unflattering. I tripped and fell in November, ripping my favs and I never got around to replacing them, so I’m hoping for some end of season deals!

  36. I am ready to put away my bright pink Brooks reflective jacket. While it serves it’s purpose when it’s cold and dark, right now it gets taken off about half way through a run and tied around my waist. Too cold to leave with out it, too hot to run with it. A few more degrees warmer and I can leave it at home!

  37. Ready to pack away the “cold gear” leggings. I was lucky to get a tall pair this year so the ankles aren’t cold like they used to be…but I am ready for nice weather!

  38. I have worn my Another Mother Runner hot pink tank top in all my big races…. I fear it should be retired but I keep wearing it!

  39. Well, I’m in Southern Cali, so I don’t have the layers that a lot of you have… But I am looking forward to retiring my vest!

  40. I don’t know if I can pick just one item so can I just say all the layers. I live in Montana and I hate the fact that it takes my 30-45 minutes to get ready for a run. From wiggling into the tights, the struggling with my warmer shirt, the layers on jacket, the hat, the two layers of gloves and finally all the extras (watch, water belt, music..ect), it ends up taking my a lot of time. I can’t wait to just to be able to get out and run without all the layers.

  41. Although I love my Saucony wool cold gear, it’s so warm I can use it when it more than 40 degrees. I’ll be so happy to see springtime is here for good and I can put it away til next winter.

  42. I am so ready to put away gloves! This is our first winter in Colorado, have moved from Indiana over the summer, and I am so disheartened to still be having snowy runs in March!

  43. Well, I love to XC ski so I have plenty of winter gear that can either be used for running or skiing. I am comfortable wearing any of it. But I do enjoy the warmer weather so ditching the gloves and hat means the weather has taken a turn for warmth!!!!

  44. I’m actually a little sad to put away my winter running clothes and gear. Technology has advanced so much that it is possible to run comfortably in even really cold weather, you just need the right stuff! In the summer, it gets hot and humid. Again, technology will take you a long way towards having the right gear and clothes, but you can only take off so much without the indecency police coming to call. So it is with a bit of sadness that I put away the winter clothes and gear that have kept me going during the cold…it signasl that the heat and humidity is right around the corner!

  45. Can’t wait to put away my running jackets. I feel so constricted with the multiple layers and just want to have my comfortable tee or tank so that I can run & sweat freely!

  46. I can’t wait to put away my running tights. On vacation I’m wearing a tank and shorts and am not looking forward to possibly needing the tights again when I get home.

  47. I cannot wait to put away all my long sleeve running shirts and jackets! Also, the gloves! Really looking forward to showing some skin being in the sunshine!

  48. I am really happy to put away the gloves. They make running in Chicago winter bearable, but checking the watch difficult.

  49. Sorry! I live in South Florida, so I LOVE my winter running gear because I don’t get to wear it often. So, I’ll say the piece of winter running gear I least LOVE is my long sleeve shirts– I always seems to over dress.

  50. I can’t wait to ditch my gloves. It never fails about halfway or so through my run my hands feel too hot and I rip them off and then just find the first place that comes to mind and easiest place to “stick” them for the rest of my run…

  51. I will NEVER get rid of the shirt from my first 5k. It’s way too big and seriously ugly, but I like to wear it to bed the night before big races. It’s a great reminder of how far I’ve come. 🙂

  52. I cannot wait to put away the jacket. I really hate running with extra layers, just a tank or tee is my preference!

  53. I’m ready to put away my rain jacket! Granted I rarely wear it even in winter, but I’d rather not need to make the call, jacket or not!

  54. I can’t wait to put away gloves. They always seem to come off half way through my run and I usually have to back track to pick up the one I accidentally drop.

  55. A very lightweight running jacket I bought about 10 years ago.
    I can’t find one I like as much as this one. There are holes in the sleeves and the zipper is stuck. I will where it until it falls off one day while running.

  56. This has been a mild winter relatively speaking so I cannot really complain. I’m not sick of any of my gear. Spring always makes me want to add pieces in bright colors though.

  57. Well.. I love running in the cold (not that we’ve had a super cold Colorado winter this year), but if I had to pick one item I’m looking forward to shedding it would be my gloves. Always seems like I need them when I start out, too soon to be shredded and stashed in a pocket .

  58. The duct tape I’ve had to repeatedly encase my shoes with during this El Nino winter! (I know, I’m a bad Californian to even utter a breath of distaste for the much needed rain we’ve been granted)

  59. I cannot wait to put away my toque and running gloves! I hate running with a toque and gloves on- but they are so necessary in keeping warm! Come on spring 🙂

  60. I can’t wait to put away my lotta breeze capris from Skirt Sports. I love them – but love summer and the ability to wear my Gym Girl Ultras even more!!

  61. I have these hot pink dollar store gloves I bought one time for a race with the intention of ditching them at some point on the side of the road… Still use ’em and can’t wait to stop having to so my hands can breathe again!!!

  62. I can’t wait to put away my marmot fleece tights! In northern MN they aren’t ever stashed very far, but between May and Sept they are a distant memory…. Not quite yet!

  63. I’ve spent the winter rehabbing a stress fracture, so I didn’t even get my winter running clothes out 🙁 New running clothes will make my long-awaited return that much sweeter!

  64. I’m a recent transplant to Southern California, and did not experience any winter this year. I actually look forward to days that are below 70 degrees, so I can wear long sleeves to run in!! Sad, I know. But I recently scored a couple of Saucony long sleeve shirts on sale, and love them so much! (For the record, I lived all my life in the Midwest before now, so I’m no stranger to wintry mix ;))

  65. nothing really. I don’t feel like we had a very cold winter at all. I love winter running and I’m am dreading summer running in heat and humidity.

  66. Bullet capris, bullet capris, bullet capris—oh how I love you so! Since becoming a BAMR and finding out about these, I cannot live without them! 🙂

  67. I have a long sleeve finisher tech shirt from my first marathon. I feel like a BAMR every time I wear it. The weather will soon be warmer so back in the closet it will go.

  68. One piece of winter clothing I can’t wait to put away is my winter jacket. While I love the bright color, I can no longer zip it over my big pregnant belly, but can’t leave the house without it when the temps dip. I guess the threat of slipping on ice would also be really nice to leave behind too haha!

  69. My long-sleeve BAMR tattoo shirt. It is wierd to feel so sexy and empowered from workout gear, but I do. Thrilled to see it comes in short-sleeve now!!!

  70. Gloves for sure! My fingers are icy at the beginning of the run and I can’t bear to be without them, but then I end up carrying them at the end!

  71. I cannot wait to put away my balaclava. I have it for those “so cold my face hurts” days but I hate when I need it!

  72. My first running hat from Pearlzumi. It fits my abnormally small head perfectly. When it started to come apart, I had my friend sew it for me. I love that hat.

  73. I live in Houston so the outfit pictured above is my winter outfit. Just kidding. I will be happy to put away the gloves and arm warmers which are the only winter gear I had to use this warm winter.

  74. I have two pairs of Sporthill pants for cold weather running. They do what I need them to do – but I have put in my time with them already. Dying for Capri weather, but expecting another Saturday with highs around 30 and 25 mph winds. Feeling very ready for spring in northern MN!

  75. AlAll. Of. It. UA socks with holes in big toe ( so I switched r and l to opposite feet). First running shoes with sand in them from the beach where I ran my 500th mile of the year of 12/31/2015. All 11 of my 5k shirts from 2015….etc….

  76. I am so done with my long tights and any coat! From now on, it’s only my bullet capris and layers of shirts.

  77. Size large fleece lined pants!!! Somehow I have “muscled” up my legs and the larges are starting to fall down on me! Hooray 😉

  78. One piece of winter gear I can’t wait to put away are my pants. I seriously do not like my running pants but haven’t found good ones I can afford. They don’t keep me warm in the midwest winters so I have to double layer a lot, 1 pair has super wide legs and the other is too short (or I’m too tall…). The only other pair I have has a weird fit and some days I just feel like a stuffed sausage in them! I can’t wait to put them away!!!

  79. I’m so done with both the fleece rights and my ear bands…but I will probably be excited to get them out again in late November!

  80. Ear covers! I hate having to wear things on my head, and I only wear them in the coldest weather. So glad to be done with them for a while!!

  81. My Northface half zip fleece. I love it. It keeps me warm. But it’s bulky even with a slim fit and I’m so sick of needing it. Ready for tanks and capris.

  82. I am so ready to be done with jackets and extra layers!. The outfits you guys put together are awesome! Hope I win but I will probably have to buy at least one if I don’t! 🙂

  83. Not that it’s exactly cold in northern california… but my reflective white vest. I can’t wait to run in daylight again instead of twilight.

  84. Now that I have completed 50 marathons in 50 states, I can say that the most important item I own is my comfy non-chafing *expensive but worth it* Under Armor running undies. I will never, ever give those up; just replace them with the identical pair as needed.

  85. I can’t wait to ditch non-slip-on shoes! I hate having to tie/zip/whatever a pair of shoes just to head down the driveway to get the mail.

  86. I have a pair of smart wool no show socks, that I just can’t seem to let go. They were my first pair of real running socks. I noticed they are thread bear around the ankle but I still put them on every long run. The real kicker is I can’t seem to find a suitable replacement! :(( Still keeping my eyes open because on day in the very near future I fear the back end will fall off literally.

  87. I’m ready to be done with gloves and the headband! Ugh! We’ve had some crazy spring weather lately, 70s one day, snow the next… So can’t put them away just yet!

  88. My hat and gloves!! I actually love my winter running pants but I hate running with a winter hat and gloves. Something about it makes me cringe — I think it’s because I only use them when it is super cold and I hate winter!

  89. Ha! Well… I have exactly 9 pairs of my favorite running underwear left. They are all between 4-6 years old. They are no longer available, and nothing else works. Wish you could help me there, but alas… However, I would LOVE to win this! The hat sounds like a winner!

  90. My first running skirt… not well fitting (I’ve retro-fitted a drawstring to keep it up!), but I love the fabric!!

  91. Living in So Cal means I will be putting away my 1 pair of long running tights and my 2 long sleeve shirts 🙂 Love those blueberry bullet capris!

  92. This is so funny. I seriously can’t part with my first pair of Lucy brand pocket run tights. They have 5 pockets and can carry all my things. I did my first half and full marathon in them. I’ve had to have them seen back up at the seams a couple times now. They are just my favorite!

  93. I keep all of my running gear far too long, but I have one particular visor that I have had for at least 15 years. I just keep washing it, over and over…

  94. I can’t wait to put away my ear warmers. Which I am not sure I have washed enough this winter. Oops! I am ready for sunglasses and brimmed breathable hats.

  95. I still have my first ever running shoes! I keep them in my car for emergencies. I have used them a couple of times and they are beyond being on their last leg…still…I am attached.

  96. What a fun giveaway!! I cannot seem to part with sports bras! I have two that are a perfect fit but they stink the minute I even look at them and think of running. My fear of committing to another bra and being disappointed keeps them in my drawer and on me!!

  97. My neon yellow, blue & green minimalist shoes!! They felt like heaven the first time I put them on and every mile since. Plus, that bright splash of color energizes my run.

  98. I have a pair of blue and yellow plaid shorts that I have had for at least 15 years. The edging has detached and is hanging down, they are frayed, and they are at least one, probably two sizes too big – and while I may never wear them running again, they are the shorts I learned to love to run in, and they will always be in my drawer – wish I could include a pic, they are pretty great!

  99. I am happy to get rid of the gloves! I will know for sure it’s really spring when I don’t have to carry them and lose them.

  100. A long sleeve layer- I can never figure out exactly how warm I need to be and always either over or under dress. I’m ready for spring to come and stay!

  101. I’ll be happy to put away my long john shirts 🙂 I like to run in them but it’s time I get some vitamin D from the sun!!

  102. I can’t wait to put away the long sleeves. I had to dig them back out because it was getting warmer but now its chilly again.

  103. I can’t wait to put away my gloves- haven’t had to use them in a few weeks, but you never know what spring might bring.

  104. My favorite sports bra. I have many others, but it’s my go-to for any hard workout. I’ll wear that thing until it has more holes than fabric!

  105. My first running skirt. Ran many half marathons together. It is stretched out and falling apart, but it is too close to my heart to part with.

  106. Champion sports bra, I’ve had it since 1995 I don’t wear it working out any more just can’t part with it as it was there at the beginning of my fitness journey.

  107. Can I say my treadmill?? I’m training for my first half and with my husband’s work schedule, I’ve had to do a lot (all but 2) of my runs on the treadmill so far, with just 5 weeks to go until my half. I’d be happy if I never did another 8-miler on the treadmill. Ugh. LOVE these outfits and the giveaway outfit is my FAVORITE!! Thanks!!!

  108. My fleece-lined running tights have been banished to summer storage. They kept me nice and warm all winter — from about the hip down, that is, because they sagged constantly. And then my shirt rode up, too. Layers are my friends. Couldn’t wait till the weather warmed up enough that I could wear my better-fitting capris!

    Also, for the record, Saucony needs to make the Bullet capris in plus sizes. I want to join in the Bullet capri love!

  109. I did a 5k years ago run by the local community college cross country team. Instead of having special shirts made, they gave out the team shirts. So, I can pretend I was a college level cross country runner! I just can’t part with it!

  110. Might tight-necked fleece lined long sleeve Marine shirt. I love it. It’s warm. But damn I am ready to retire for a few months!!!

  111. I have a long sleeve shirt from the Pacific shoreline half marathon in 2003. It’s a white shirt with the simple design and a hole here and a hole there but, I still love it.

  112. I am (hopefully) done with my 1 pair of Nike dry-fit winter compression pants. They are so hard to shed after any run, let alone a long run. I am a capri convert and have only 1 Saucony Scoot, and would Love a bullet in blueberry:))

  113. My smartwool gloves. They work perfect on early mountain runs here in the black hills…..almost all year. They have gotten pretty grubby but I just can’t part with them

  114. My first Ironman baseball cap. I have had it since 2003. It has yellowed a bit from swear and washing but I can’t part with it!

  115. I can’t wait to put away my winter running pregnancy pants! I am just 8 weeks or so away from baby and looking forward to returning to my old standbys! That said, a fresh new pair of capris and tank would definitely motivate this momma runner to get moving post pregnancy!

  116. I still have my very first moving comfort sports bra that I bought when I finally understood you had to pay good money for good gear. It is probably 6 or more years old now and the metal hooks and clasps are rusted. I so hope I never fall on my back because I will probably get tetnus from the rust. I just can’t part with it and it is still in my weekly rotation of sports bras:)

  117. I love, love, love my visor from a sprint triathlon that I entered with my mom and, as stinky as it might be, I haven’t parted with it.

  118. I still wear the very first pair of running capri tights I ever bought, purchased about a decade ago and still going strong!

  119. I can’t wait to put away the mittens and gloves! And if this hamstring strain ever goes away, I can’t wait to start running again, instead of just walking and biking.

  120. One of my favorite signs of spring – when I get to put my flashing reflective vest away because the sun is still out for my evening runs.

  121. I absolutely cannot part with my running mom headband. When it’s cold, it keeps my ears warm. When it’s windy, it keeps the hair out of my eyes. I may not be stylin’ (or matching) all of the time, but more often than not that headband is on my head.

  122. I have a pair of purple, nike bike shorts from the 80’s. I can’t run in them anymore but I used wear them running and under my judogi when I competed and to weigh in. It has been a long time but I keep hanging on to them for sentimental reasons.

  123. I have a pair of Nike running shorts that are not flattering in length or style. They are 10 years old, circa 1990 basketball style with a built in boy short liner. I wore them to train for my first half marathon 9 years ago. I have run a half at least once a year every year since. They are my lucky shorts. But the people who get to see me in them I would not call lucky…

  124. I have GOT to put my skull cap away! It seriously makes me look like a cone-head…. 😛
    I have GOT to put my skull cap away. It seriously makes me look like a cone-head… 😛

  125. My lined winter running tights. While they are super comfortable and kept me nice and warm in the fridgid weather, I’m so ready to get back to my capris! They just feel so much more free and light!

  126. My gloves, they keep my frozen fingers warm but then I am always afraid of losing them if I need to take them off mid run.

  127. I’m so ready to DITCH the layers ~I’m done with hats, gloves, a light pull over later tied around my waist boppin’ me in the butt as I run…. BRING ME THE HEAT 🙂

  128. I’ll be happy to put away the ear warmers! They’re perfect for keeping my head warm (I’m too hot in a hat) but I look ridiculously in it!

  129. It’s already warm here–I was very excited to put away my gloves! If it’s less than 50 degrees, my hands get cold and I must wear gloves. And that makes it tough to do anything like getting a chew out of my little baggie!

  130. I’m a little spoiled; running in the south means “winter” is relative. But, I have had to wear pants a few times. And, I can’t wait to put them away. I HATE running in ankle length tights. I had to for my last race ( a Glo Run 5K with my 4 year old) and it was AWFUL! But, my son and I had fun. 🙂

  131. I still have my shoes from my first marathon. They are in the back of my closet and I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to part with them.

  132. I’m ready to ditch my jacket! I don’t know why that one item makes me feel like I can’t simply go out and run, but maybe it’s because along with a jacket and all my other running essentials, it takes me about 45 minutes to get out the door. Looking forward to shorts, tank, watch, sun glasses, music, and hat. It’s a little simpler….

  133. I can’t bear to part with my first ever race tee! It is a white (well pretty grubby white by now) and was from the Providence 5k in 1999. I can still remember turning the corner to head to the finish line and seeing my Dad standing there jumping up and down cheering me on! My mom was at the finish line waiting for me! The shirt brings me great memories and reminds me that I can do anything I put my mind to….but it is pretty gross looking 17 years later!

  134. I cannot part with my on sale, long sleeve saucony top! 5 years ago while pregnant with my son i was running a 10k in Cleveland. Although it was May the weather decided to be cold and rainy and I had nothing to wear that would fit over my pregnant belly. I went to the store and was determined to find something off the sale rack. I got the first long sleeved top i could find in my size which turned out to be this awesome saucony top that even has a pocket on it. When I bought it I thought I might pitch it if need be on the course, but ended up loving it so much I still wear it now even though I’m not longer pregnant. It’s been the perfect cold weather training run top, and has even made many a trip to the store and preschool pick up run.

  135. The shirt from my first trail race- the Rut 12k. I entered it because all the other trail races seemed to be soooo long. I did nto know then that length is important, but so is elevation gain & loss. I loved the race, but man the up was UP and the down was “holy moley this is vertical” DOWN. The second year they added a ROPE to the first stretch of downhill to help you get down it. And I used it. So- always feel very badass when I wear this shirt.

  136. I have a pair of running tights – the first ones I ever got – from the running room that I can’t get rid of. They are very tight on my bigger post child rearing hips now but I still wear them from time to time!

  137. Just before my first half marathon in 2012 my husband got me a shirt that says “2 slow to win, 2 dumb to quit”. It became my lucky race shirt but the once sparkling white top is now meh. 2 gross.

  138. Before my very first 5K the weather turned cold, so I ran to the store and grabbed a pair of capris. They never did fit particularly well, and have the horrible tendency to slide down as you run, but somehow I just can’t seem to toss them. They are in the very back of my drawer right now, all rolled up and ready to go.

  139. I have a pink tank that fits perfectly, not too tight not to loose, that is my go to top. This was my first full winter running in Colorado & I found myself continually putting it on under my long sleeves, on the very off chance that I may get to ditch some layers. 🙂

  140. I look forward to getting rid of the layer of long sleeve over short sleeve which usually gets tied around my waist as it warms up but it will be nice to start without two layers.

  141. I am ready to put my gloves away. They keep my hands warm and that’s a good thing, but they annoy the crap outta me. I cannot open my fuel, change my music and because I bring the pup along with me they get dog hair all over them. Goodbye winter, hello spring.

  142. Nike battle-gray sports, bra. Has to be 10 years old…like, what kind of support is left *there*, not that I require much…

  143. My favorite pair of running shorts. They fit so well and are really comfortable. I ran my first half in them 8 years ago. I just can’t part with them!

  144. I HAVE to wear myGlass slipper challenge shirt on long runs. I have scoliosis and running is a challenge, this was my first race I trained for and reminds me to keep fighting

  145. My battered & old non-prescription sunglasses! They fit under my hat, and keep the sun out. I don’t need to see that there are individual leaves on the trees while I run!

  146. I have my first pair of running capris. I really should toss. but i keep pulling them out and folding thm back into the drawer….sentimentality for that first 5k i thought I could never do. Maybe its time to recycle them…

  147. I’m ready to ditch my long sleeves! We’ve had a mild winter in Denver, but still, there is nothing better than running in a tank. I love the Blueberry Capris! Thank you!

  148. I can’t get rid of my favorite pair of capris tights. they are the perfect fit and I cannot find anything that fits the way they do. I’ve had these for 10+ years and there might be a hole in the butt but I can’t seem to let them go…

  149. I can’t wait to put away my running gloves and hat. Oh, and my jacket. And headlamp. And reflective gear. Basically, I’m done with snow and can’t wait to run in shorts and a t-shirt again!

  150. Oh, I can’t wait for the freedom of running in shorts and a tee. I am so done with my tights and jackets. I can’t wait to wash them for the last time and pack ’em away for several months.

  151. Ironically, it’s my BAMR running ballcap that I bought several years ago. It wicks the sweat and the bill is long enough that it blocks the sun and/or rain that hit my face on my runs. The cool thing about it is that it generally becomes a conversation piece at races…other BAMRs will spot it and come over and start chatting. I adore meeting random BAMRs at local events!

  152. I can’t find the right long running shorts I like, so mine are starting to get holes in weird places and I’ll have to replace them soon, but I won’t do it until I absolutely have to!

  153. My toe socks. When all else fails they keep me from getting blisters on my toes. They are getting thin on the big toe so I need to get a replacement pair soon. I wear them on every long run.

  154. I can’t wait to put away my Brooks fleece tights. Don’t get me wrong they really do the job out here in Utah where it gets so cold. I’m just looking forward to some warmer weather. Bring on the Sun.

  155. I have a pair of running shorts that I have ran in for 6 years. They are so comfortable and hide my muffin top. Here’s to them never getting a hole in them. Ha ha.

  156. I have a long sleeve cotton unisex unflattering t-shirt from the very first half marathon that I ran. I never wear it (see unflattering) but I can’t seem to get rid of it. And they had the same unflattering long sleeve t-shirts for the next 2 times that I ran it – but different colors. I kept those too.

  157. My favorite item I can’t get rid of is a skirt/capri I have been wearing for 5 years! It’s starting to look a little ratty, but I love the “behind coverage” and haven’t found another one that compares to the comfort and look..

  158. I have a pretty sweet fanny-pack thing that is totally unstylish, but works perfectly for carrying my phone and runfuel. I could never, would never run without it.

  159. Most of my race t-shirts have special memories or place in my heart, but the one item I can’t run without is a buff to keep my afo in place:)

  160. Gotta have a hat year round in mn for outside running. In the winter a fleece lined one and in the summer I rotate trough my Asics and under armour ones. Now though I’ve got to get a saucony freedom cap!!

  161. I have one pair of running tights that I love from Target! They are just a great fit and fabric that no others compare to.

  162. I cannot run without my Sweaty Band Headbands! They are a seasonal staple. Yet I am very ready to get rid of my gloves until next fall (despite the fleece being convenient for a runny nose!). Bring on the sun – bring on spring!

  163. ugh, I cannot WAIT to get rid of my gloves! I constantly take them off (and then put them back on again when I turn a different direction–into the wind!), I hate trying to hold them or find a place to stash them, I can’t open water bottles/chomps packets with them on, and it makes hitting the buttons on my Garmin that much more difficult.

  164. I can’t run without my hat! Someone told me once that if you ever start running with a hat, you’ll never be able to run *without* a hat. So I guess I’m hooked for life now 🙂

  165. I have a pair of compression capris that my sister gave me at least ten years ago–as hand-me-downs. I don’t even know the brand as there isn’t a readable tag anymore but I keep running in them and the reflective stripes still reflects! I don’t think of them as lucky but they are still holding up and since they are black, they are always in style 🙂

  166. I have a pair of compression capris that ought to be thrown out but they were SO expensive (& they make my butt look good). I’ll probably keep them until they split.

  167. I can’t part with my favorite pair of running capri’s. If I could find the exact same ones I might be able to part with them.

  168. I can’t part with my bullet capris even though I have worn them to death!!! I need a new pair because I have to have the pockets!!!!!

  169. I was so happy to put the gloves away. Can’t get out the door without them but then my hands warm up so quickly and I can’t get them off fast enough…then I have to figure where to put them. SO glad to be done with them. 🙂

  170. I cannot part with a pair of maternity running shorts that I wore while pregnant. Yes, I still run in them today. They are from Motherhood Maternity and don’t look like they are anything special but they are comfortable even on my most bloated days! lol.

  171. Well, in Northern VA, we’re still rocking our winter gear so… My problem is, I like my winter gear. I like my funky hats and my Target throw away gloves and my new Brooks wool skirt. I guess if I had to pick, it would be the shirts that cover my neck (I always end up too hot!)

  172. I’m embarrassed to say I have a pair of nike capris from 1999 that I can’t part with! They don’t smell, still hold up well and are super comfortable. I also have the shorts I bought at the expo of my first half marathon in 2002. My 17 year old daughter now wears them during track and cross country season. They are great and I can’t give them away!

  173. I cannot wait to stop wearing full pants! i love my capris and running skirt, and can’t wait to have the wind chill go away!

  174. Old race shirts are the hardest to get rid of, even though most don’t fit properly and just take up space in my drawers.

  175. I cannot wait to put away my Turtle Fur balaclava. I am sick-to-death of having to suck in wind through that thing!

  176. It’s Texas so we’ve already put away the winter gear. First to go were the tights! I can’t part with my race shirts – even the ones that chafe.

  177. You asked two questions…are you testing us? I can’t wait to stop wearing my dorky hat. It’s long so that I can pull it way down over my ears (which also means if it’s not THAT cold, then it’s sticking up like a gnome hat!!). My favorite, never ever part with it piece is the shirt from my first (and only) marathon. I wear that thing with such pride…and it’s the most comfortable shirt I’ve ever had so that’s a bonus!

  178. The GLOVES – as I’ve already read, here, I’m not alone in the ‘gloves off, gloves on’ routine! Cold hands are miserable for me, but it’s almost worse when they’re hot! And, seriously, all I need is one more distraction. Haha

  179. I cannot wait to put away my fleece tights! A necessity in the cold but makes me sweat like crazy anywhere else.

  180. I can’t wait to put away all my long sleeve shirts. I can wear capris year-round but can’t stand wearing long sleeve shirts. I get seem to part with all the race shirts I have earned over the past 5 years, especially the tank top I wore to the 2012 Tinkerbell Half Marathon.

  181. I would love to get rid of the neck warmer. I’m always fighting with it, but it does keep me warm 🙂 And I can’t get rid of my first 5k shirt. It was only 3 years ago, but every race shirt is important to me!

  182. Not running related but turtlenecks! My standard “uniform” in winter is a ribbed turtleneck, jeans, wool socks and boots. Frankly, I can’t wait to put them all away!

  183. My first race T-shirt, which is completely falling apart and my first pair of nice running socks. Just can’t seem to part with them!

  184. My dad coached Cross Country for over 30 years. Each season he let the seniors choose the color shirt and ink for the team shirt, a design my mom, an art teacher created. The shirt from 1987 is my all time favorite color palette, and although I was only 4 at that time, I have a shirt and was part of the team. Although it is starting to get a bit holey I still wear it. My senior year we tried to recreate it, but the shirt color and softness of the t-shirt couldn’t be replicated.

  185. Columbia anorak for winter running. It’s a mens size small purchased in the late 1980’s. Luckily it has zippers on the bottom, otherwise I don’t think I could still fit in it.

  186. Gloves. Cold fingers, gloves on. Hot hands, gloves off. Over and over. So ready to put them away, hopefully in just a couple short weeks.

  187. I cannot wait to put away my neck warmer! I LOVE it on bitter cold days, but I feel so free and light when I get to remove it from my everyday running routine. Bring on the t shirt running weather!

  188. My gloves, I love them when I need them, but looking forward to not needing then again for awhile, which frankly could be a couple of weeks in the Northwest

  189. I have this pair of running capris – might have been my first ones – that never let me down. I think I’ve had them since I started running four years ago and they still fit like a glove. They are my go-to pair for races because they are always a perfect fit and we all know nobody wants surprises on race day!

  190. I cannot wait to put away my gloves. First, because they’re annoying. Second, because I need new gloves and am putting off buying any until next year.

  191. I bought a bright pink Run Like a Mother shirt at after my first 5K in 2011. It’s still my favorite race day shirt!

  192. I still have my original pair of capris from my first race. They have a whole in the crotch but I can’t part with them! Although, I no longer race in them:)

  193. C9 light gray (or maybe it was white & has just turned gray after 12yrs of constant use) sports bra. I could & often do ;-0 wear this bra everyday. I forget I have it on, it does NOT stink – at least not to me, and it has not been destroyed like so many others have over the years. Sometimes “new & improved” is not as good as “old & proven.” New SAUCONY GEAR however, would be AWESOME!!

  194. Gloves! Love/hate relationship. Hate having cold hands at beginning of run, but then always end up with sweaty hands and have to rip them off.

  195. I cannot wait to put away my winter running jacket! It was still 32* and windy this morning where I am. I’m ready to run in single layers!

  196. Long sleeves! I really dislike running in long sleeves. Thankfully I live in Florida so we only need that for about a month total here! 😉

  197. My neck warmer! Still need it on some early morning runs in WI. I don’t want my neck/nose to need a cover anymore!

  198. I am ready to be done wearing two layers on the bottom. I have ventured to just one long layer a few times but regretted it once I went out. Yes, it is cold here!

  199. I can’t part with my first running hat, which is black, pink & bedazzled, proclaiming “Running Princess”! It has seen sweat, salt, rain, snow, winds and everything else – but I wore it for my first race ever, a local 5K, and it was my go-to piece while training for my first half-marathon (Disney’s Princess Half, of course). I recently re-dazzled it as it was losing some bling!

  200. I can’t wait to put away the tights and the layers. I hate the bulk of more than one shirt/jacket. So ready for a tank top!

  201. Really, I’m excited to put it all away. I love the warmer temps and the comfortable clothes they bring. I’m ready to have more room in my closet. And it will be nice to not have to hunt down the lights I use to see/be seen. Seriously, my kids keep playing with them, so who knows where they are right now!!?

  202. Here in the southeast, we can almost safely put away our cold weather running gear. I’m always happy to put away the long running tights and start wearing shorts or capris if it is still a bit cool.

  203. The gloves! A necessity to get my run started in the frigid winter temps, but I never know what to do with them when it’s time to take them off and I’m constantly worried that I’ll lose one (hint: maybe if I had those bullet capris, it’d be a bit easier:)!

  204. I can’t wait to put away my head torch and hat. They just remind me that it’s cold and dark. The head torch never quite fits right and bounces around unless I get it and the hat in the exact right places. Grrr, to daylight savings!

  205. We don’t have a real winter down here in Mobile, so not too much to give up/put away! I can never have too many tees or tanks because they can be worn almost year round!

  206. My long, way too long running leggings. I am a petite and it’s soooo hard to find anything that fits me well. The long ones are way too long, and the capri’s come down to my ankles. Why can’t anyone designed a set of running clothes for us shorties????

  207. All of my race shirts! Even the ones that don’t fit: ones that are too big become pajamas and ones that are too small are being saved to one day be made into a quilt.

  208. I can’t wait to put away the wool socks and my gloves. I simply love throwing on a tank and some shorts – and just hit the road.

  209. I can’t wait to put my saucony arm warmers away. They have been awesome this winter but putting them away is a sure sign Spring is here!

  210. I cannot part with my first ever race t-shirt even though it is falling apart and is cotton. I also have my favorite pair of running shorts that I simply do not want to part with.

  211. Have 2 pair of Under Armour shorts that are well past there usefulness. Time for an upgrade to some awesome saucony gear.!

  212. Can’t wait to pack up the running gloves. I keep thinking I’m done with them and they go in the launder-later pile, only to be dug up the next time it’s cold. Needless to say, they’re soooooo gross (sorry, TMI Wednesday).

  213. This is a trick question for me… this winter I have been a total princess and not run in too cold of weather… sorry folks who have snow! So I guess it would be my rain coat. Other than that I will probably continue to run in the same clothes 😉

  214. I can’t wait to put the capris and long socks away for good! I love running in shorts and we’re almost there — so close!

  215. I can’t wait to put away my heavy gear–long sleeve (thick) outer layers and my trusty winter hat, in particular! I am a northern NY runner and so winter wear will be a part of my running closet until at least mid-May, I think. I’m so ready to feel lighter and free-er with lightweight running gear and no jackets, heavy long sleeve layers, or winter hats!

  216. I just can’t part with a blue tank that I wore during my first triathlon. It’s such a nice tank, but I can’t get it around my hips anymore!!! It reminds me of my pre-baby days when I was sleek and carefree. I still keep thinking that one day I’ll be able to wear it again!!!

  217. My gloves! Can’t run with them, can’t start (or end) without them. Number of pairs lost to the side of the road this winter: 4.

  218. My running bras, the new ones I got just arent the same, so even though the elastic is going I just can’t help wearing the old ones still

  219. My favorite and oldest accessory is my IPod nano! They no longer make them and I don’t know what i’ll do when it breaks. It is the size of a postage stamp, has all my tunes and gives me my time updates up to 90 minutes!

  220. I’ve gone through lots of running shoes over the last few years, but can’t seem to let go of my Saucony Guide 7s. I ran my first 1/2 in them, and they pretty much just sit in my closet (too many miles to run in now) But those shoes remind me I’m capable of more than I thought possible.

  221. Gloves! I start off running with cheap-o knit gloves to keep my hands warm and take off the edge, but then my hands are warmed up half way thru my run and it is a pain to carry them the rest of the run (alternating between holding them in one hand, then the other, then back to the other…) It is gorgeous in pdx this week – no gloves needed!

  222. I can’t wait to run without tights! We got a teaser a week or two ago, but then this week its been back to winter wear! 🙁

  223. I can’t part with a very old Nike sports bra that I won in a women’s race. It was one of my first “big” (for me) victories and it has too much sentimental value. Luckily, I don’t need much support, so even though the elastic is all done, I can still wear it on occasion for a good luck charm. I notice your blog page lists a different question, what I can’t wait to put away are my long tights, but these occasional snaps of cold weather are preventing me from doing so! 🙂

  224. I still keep my very old Garmin…it looks like a mini computer on my wrist but it has the best screen for keeping your pace.

  225. I cannot part with my under armour fleece lined tights that aren’t so black anymore. They clearly look old and loved. Too many happy winter morning runs with the girls to ever part with them.

  226. Uhhhh, I live in Texas, so there isn’t much in the way of “winter running gear.” I do look forward to not having to think about what to wear. Soon, the answer will always be “as little as possible,” as opposed to now when one day it’s long sleeved shirt and capris and the next it’s a tank and shorts.

  227. My favorite Marino wool socks. They have a hole in the toe and the foot pads are almost worn through. I guess it’s time to retire them and get a new pair.

  228. My Saucony Siberius tights. Love them, as they keep my buns warm during those cold winter runs, but I’m ready for capri and tank top season!

  229. Living in Chicago, I am ready to store away my warm hats & gloves. Ready to allow my hair to flop around in the fresh air & my hands to be FREE!

  230. Honestly, the treadmill. I ran outside sometimes this winter, but a ran more than I wanted to on the treadmill. I hate that thing. And I’m so excited for it to be warm, light, and not icy so I can just run outside. On another note, it’s my birthday today so I think it would be awesome to win this prize. :

  231. I have a pair of Iron Women socks that I busted a hole in the big toe on my left side. They’re still my favorite socks so now I have to wear that sock on my right foot so that my toe doesn’t pop thru!

  232. I cannot wait to put away my knit hats. They are necessary in Winter in Wisconsin, but my head always gets so sweaty. Can’t wait to be done with thick Winter hats!

  233. I can’t part with my arm band that holds my phone, gels, and pepper spray just right. I have been biten by a dog and now rely on pepper spray for safety. In the spring my running wear lacks pockets (that’s why those Saucony bullet capris would be great) so the arm band holds just what I need for my long runs.

  234. I have a navy-blue paper-thin Patagonia liner glove. Yes, one. I lost the other one so I wear a cheaper liner glove (the mate of which I also lost) on the left hand and the Patagonia one on the right hand. This winter I fell twice and tore my Patagonia glove across the palm. But I’ve still been wearing it! It’s still just-right warm, and I have one finger ripped out of it already. I say that’s just my built in “tech” finger–for my Ipod, phone, etc. Running with that glove until it falls OFF completely!!! 🙂

  235. The running tights. They are a must have here in WI but my legs need some sunlight! I thought I was good and then we had snow last week. Soon I hope I can wear more capris and shorts!

  236. I can never part with shoes. They may not be comfortable to run in any longer, but I keep them “just in case”?!? Also a pair of capris that I wear in Spartan races. Snagged them on barbed wire during my last race, and put a hole in the buttocks..but I can’t let them go either. I may just need to sew them for the next one.

  237. I have some socks that I bought years ago and are stretched out and tend to slide down in my shoes. I tried to replace them, but the design has changed and I just don’t like the new ones as well. So, until I get holes through both layers, on my feet they will go.

  238. I’m glad that the Oklahoma winter was mild without much ice this year so able to run outside more but still glad to exchange the long tights for capris & shorts on the warmer (70+ degrees…) days!

  239. An inexpensive running top from Target–it has permastink in spite of technical wash and vinegar, but it covers what it needs to cover and allows air to get where it needs, as well.

  240. A favorite shirt that is nothing special, however it is my go to even though it is has a few holes and is worn pretty thin.

  241. I can’t wait to say goodbye to the gloves that I wear for the first few miles and then carry for the rest! And my extra-thick thermal tights that make my legs look like an elephant and can’t go in the dryer!!

  242. I cannot part with my old sports bras. I know they’re not doing the trick anymore, but dang those things are expensive. And after so many miles together, they kind of feel like old friends….

  243. Ok, scratch that last comment, that’s what happens when you read with help from littles! I read “you cannot put away”! Hahaha
    I can’t wait to put away the long sleeves! I am itching for the freedom of tanks, but gold old Utah still thinks it’s winter 3 or 4 days a week!

  244. Cannot wait to put away for good the accessories that are required for winter training – hats, gloves, mittens, hand warmers, earbands, and duct tape for my Saucony hurricanes!

  245. My favorite old pair of Mizuno Elixirs, the line and turquoise model. Obviously I’m not actually running in them any more, but they’ve been my favorite “run around” shoe for almost four years. Even as just casual shoes they’re pushing it now though…I just love their feel and colors so much!

  246. I can’t wait to put away all of the confining thermal wear!! Looking forward to more morning light and a nice warm breeze blowing through my tees 🙂

  247. OMG my mom got me an Athleta gift card this year for Christmas and I used it to buy a pair of their tights that look like bullet tights but are not. They rub I guess the bottom of my butt or top of my back upper thigh depending on how you describe things. I’m tempted to test out their give it a workout (or maybe a few with lots of body glide) policy bc they make my butt sad. Glad to be back in my bullet capris and shorts.

  248. I met my now husband volunteering at an IronMan event. While I wasn’t participating in the race…that volunteer T-shirt from 2006 means a lot to me. It is slept in most nights and is very well loved… and worn!!

  249. Gloves. I hate them because I only need them for the first few minutes of my winter runs. Then, my hands get hot and I’m left having to shove them into a pocket or to just hold onto them.

  250. The one item I cannot part with is the shorts and tank top that I ran my first marathon in 10 years ago. Neither sadly fit me anymore but I cannot part with it as it has become a nostalgic memory for me

  251. Haha, “I sort of misunderstood the assignment” (name that movie). I can’t wait to ditch all the cold weather extras on the jogging stroller (the plastic weather shield, the bundleme, the heated ricebags, and all the bundling of the toddler that is always a fight to get her to put on, and she takes it all off anyway and complains she’s too cold…

  252. My very first pair of New Balance running shorts. They have seem my very first 5K, my first half marathon, tons of training runs, and a few “accidents” (TMI?) But I just can’t seem to part with them. Lots of memories and miles in those shorts!

  253. My running gloves! When it’s cold I start out wearing them and depending on how cold it is out my hands will warm up and I’ll want to take them off, except for the dilemma of where to put them (usually tucked under my running belt, and I’ve come very close to losing one or both of them a time or two.) And now that it’s warm I won’t need them for nose wiping! 🙂

  254. I cannot part with the royal blue Lucy skirt I ran my first marathon wearing in 2010. It’s such a cute color and the boy shorts liner is matching white/yellow/blue polka dot. Alas the elastic in the liner (and it’s matching bra) is shot and brings new meaning to the idea of chub rub but I still can’t and won’t part with it as that was the day I truly pushed myself harder than I ever thought possible

  255. I live in the Deep South, so nothing we get is as bad as your neck of the woods. But, I’d have to say my gloves – they get old after awhile.

  256. I have a sports bra that I have worn for years that I cannot seem to find another one I like as much. I wear it for all my races.

  257. My jacket! I have a super comfy and warm Nike running jacket which is great during the winter but this time of year, I end up with it around my waist for the last half of my runs and while I know it’s all in my head, I feel like it drags me down.

  258. I can’t wait to put away my Ice Queen Ultra running skirt. Warm, waterproof, wind resistant, and wonderful, but it feels overkill now. But the forecast says not yet!

  259. You know, they’re not even really technically running pants, they are black Mossimo yoga pants from target from 2003 from training for my one and only marathon (prekids). They were a special treat for myself, instead of running in old ratty sweats, lol! They were actually long enough for me, a bit too long, so the bottom hem was trashed, so a couple years ago I cut them into capris at the knee seam. (I know, weird, seams at the knees?) they are totally grey, no longer the lush black they used to be, but they are comfy and surprisingly haven’t lost elasticity, but they are indeed threadbare, particularly inner thigh area. I should really probably toss them, don’t know if I can bear to.

  260. I can’t wait to ditch the ear warmer! As soon as it’s above 50 and my ears can be free, it means spring running is officially here!

  261. A long sleeve technical shirt from my first Half back in 2010. I wear it with pride! But I’m looking forward to wearing a tank VERY soon.

  262. I have a visor that I’ve worn since college… It is so old, faded, and smelly, but I love it, and I’ll never throw it out.

  263. Can’t wait to ditch the gloves. Just $1 store versions, but finally it seems like I won’t need them to run outside.

  264. Each individual item is just fine. The problem is everything together. The time to get changed. The extra laundry. Ugh.

  265. I can’t wait to put away my Nike jacket. It’s very thin but keeps me very warm. I washed it after last Saturday’s long run, thinking that’s it, won’t need that anymore, but then the weather is taking a turn for the worse — again — in Minnesota so I think I’ll need it again this Saturday. Oh, to wear a tank and NO jacket!! And, of course, my favorite color in new Saucony Bullet Capris!

  266. This will sound corny, but it’s my Proved It tee. All the emotion of running my first half — something I never would have imagined possible even a year earlier — is wrapped up in that shirt! 🙂

  267. Boy, my first pair of running shorts. I just can’t seem to part with them. They are comfortable and comforting, but they really need to be retired…

  268. My head is too large for the cute winter running hats, so all winter long I’ve been wearing big ugly ones to keep my noggin warm. Notable that my husband, famous for the line ‘you look great, honey’ , even when I know I dont, regularly heckles me when I don my winter running hats; yes folks, they really are that unflattering!

  269. I’m not necessarily wedded to one particular one but I have a heard time parting with my visors. They are a must grab for my workouts and thankfully seem to last forever! i have a few favs by Sparkle Athletic and my team gear with Athletes Serving Athletes.

  270. Definitely a couple of my old, gross running hats. The are TOTALLY trash worthy, but they remind me of so many great miles. I might have a hat hoarding problem…

  271. I cannot wait to put away my full length, warm and very old running tights. They have seen better days but they still do the job. Have a good rest old, black tights! See you next winter!

  272. My super-warm hoodie that I thought I’d hardly wear when I bought it. I had to wear it again today on March 30th.

  273. My lululemon purple running skirt. I can’t wear it anymore because the leg grippers stopped working, but I can’t bear to get rid of it. I wore it during the run portion of my first Ironman. I love the soft material and it is super cute with ruffles.

  274. I can’t wait to put away my gloves. My hands are always cold in the winter and I can’t wait for it to be warm enough that I don’t have to be bothered by the cold anymore!

  275. I want to put away every single long sleeved outer layer I own. I can handle pants, but I detest wearing long sleeves and feeling so confined!

  276. My gloves! Can’t wait to put those away, but then again, it sounds like there’s snow in the forecast for this weekend in Boston… ugh.

  277. I have a favorite pair of running socks that are so worn, but I just can’t part with them. I keep thinking as soon as they wear a hole in them I will throw them out, but they are hanging on.

  278. I want to put away my gloves. Living in the Midwest we are on the verge of sprung but there are mornings with a chill in the air or wind that still can knock you down.

  279. I can’t wait to put away my long sleeve shirts! I love wearing tank tops when it’s warm! Plus I can also work on my runner’s tan

  280. I have 2 jog bras that have pretty much seen there end but still don’t chafe and provide comfort so I’m not quite ready to part ways with them yet.

  281. I simply can’t part with the first sports bra that I bought 10 years ago. I just started my fitness journey, and it’s ‘carried’ me through many moments. 🙂

  282. after years and years of racing, i have taken the last few years off and i have just one or two shirts from the last races i did. one is a little stinky but i can’t part with it (and that race no longer happens so it’s just a piece of time)

  283. I can’t wait to put away this hot pink thermal top I wear (I layer up, it gets COLD where I live)…I hate hot pink, yet I have so much hot pink running attire! So happy to put this one away!

  284. My Columbia fleece vest! Keeps my core warm in the cold MI months! (Ready to put it at the back of the closet – bring on spring!)

  285. I don’t want to see anything that’s quilted or contains down for quite sometime. Bring on the bare arms and ankles:)

  286. I have a windbreaker from my early days of running about 25 years ago. The zipper doesn’t work all that great and it’s a little big on me now, but I adore it and continue to use it during the shoulder seasons!

  287. I have a black hat that is sweat stained and stinky despite washing. I have never found another one that fits me like this one does. Everything else tends to give me a headache. I will wear it until it dies 🙂

  288. Can’t wait to put away the jackets… I keep over layering and then struggling with carting them around when I’m hot!

  289. I have an old disintegrated sports bra that I just can’t seem to toss out. I wore it when I first started running so it has sentimental value, I guess, but the support is gone!

  290. Okay – piping in again – because I answered the wrong question – ha!!

    Winter gear? I always look forward to ditching it all!! (Well almost all!) Toque, mittens, jacket, long pants, layers, frozen phone, pockets full of hats and mitts by the end of the run — in spring I feel like I’m flying because I’m so light in way less layers!!

  291. layers. Any type of layers. We’re in tank weather where I live (arkansas), and I’m so grateful (until it reaches 80 by sunrise, then I’ll be begging for snow).

  292. I want this prize so much!!! It’s the best!!! Woot! Woot!

    I have a few sports bras that have been hanging around for a bit too long and I just can’t part with them! Good news is they don’t have to work too hard for my small chest so they tend to last! I also still have my original lulu lemon pants (not running gear but at the time workout gear for sure). It took me forever to save the $$ and decide what pattern to buy – I rarely wear them now but I can’t part with them!!

  293. All of my running pants and capris are black and old… I need some color in my wardrobe and would love some new running clothes!!!

  294. I can’t give up my high school cross country tee with the sassy “no walking” sign on the back. (For the record, this 32 year old mommy of 3 frequently walks now!)

  295. My winter running gloves. I hate it when my hands are to cold or hot. I wear them for a mile and then my hands are to hot. So I take them off and have to carry them the rest of the run.

  296. I can’t wait to put away fleece lined tights! I’ve run in them all winter but it’s time for capris and short sleeves!

  297. I still have a sports bra in rotation which has seen better days. I have had it probably 20 years (I’m a small gal, ok? Sports bras don’t have to work super hard in my life), when I first started running. It’s now a dingy grey when it used to be bright white. The straps curl instead of lay (or is it lie?) flat over my shoulders. It represents the start of my running and I can’t seem to say goodbye. It will be a sad day when I have to.

  298. I have a pair of capris that have holes in one knee and on the side. I was wearing them in a tri when I wiped out on the bike. I dnf, but part of the reason I crashed was that someone just told me I was in 2nd place. I was shocked! So much so I didn’t see the water on my turn and sssllliiiddd… hence the holes. I have them because it was the first time I realized not only do I love it, I can be good at it. It was a small race, mostly comprised of people I trained with on a regular basis. I didn’t classify myself in their same league. I want to keep the capri to remind myself not to sell myself short…. and to remember what happens when I train consistently.

  299. Good socks are a must for my runs! Balegas for shorter runs and my ProCompression marathon socks for long runs. Sure I still get yuck toenails, but no blisters!

  300. I am grateful for all of my winter running gear, so there’s nothing I “can’t wait to put away” (not like my full-length down coat, which I am happy to say buh-bye to every spring). But I am always delighted to have the ease of heading out with just one layer and the feeling of warmer air on my legs!!

  301. For me it is the race shirts from all the 5K’s I did when I first started running. Each one was a small confirmation that I was becoming a runner, even an athlete, and I had never felt that in my whole life. I don’t wear them, but I have them in my closet. Maybe someday I’ll make a quilt or something from them. But for now, they sit there as a reminder of who I was, and who I have become, thanks to running.

  302. First pair of running capris! Too big now but I still have them in the back of my drawer. And my first running shoes. The soles are so worn down but I can’t toss them.

  303. The thing I just can’t seem to toss is my first pair of capris. I’ve come so far that they are baggy, not tight like they are supposed to be. I don’t wear them anymore for exercise, they would probably fall off. I’ve had plenty of stops and starts with this running journey but that pair of capris got me started down this road. I just can’t toss them.

  304. I have a problem — ANY race tee! I just got a new bin so I can keep them all! I don’t even like all of them or wear them but for some reason I can’t let go!

  305. I still have my sweatshirt from college when I ran cross country. It’s pretty snug now and so worn the black is now faded and not really black but can’t part with it bc it’s from the days of when I first fell in love with running and has so many memories with it

  306. I still have the race T-shirt from the first and only marathon I have run- Philadelphia 2004. It is ugly and cotton and not at all good for running, but hey, I ran a marathon!

  307. A pair of sneakers I have had for so long that my toe is popping out of the top… I have replaced them but they are so comfy I still keep them around for runs in the rain.

  308. A super lightweight vest that I’ve had for years. The color is awful, but it has so many hand pockets, and stays down around my hips when I run – it’s ugly, but perfect!

  309. My very first ipod, it is light weight and has all of my favorite songs preset on it. It is so old that it will not even upgrade anymore.

  310. I finally had to part w/ my original running shorts. The elastic gave out. They had rub marks from the running leash I used 3 dogs ago.

  311. Can’t part with an old Lowe alpine long sleeve shirt. Used to wear it hiking and then as a first ls running short when I got into running.

  312. I just can’t part with my first real pair of running shorts…old light blue shorts with just a small key pocket…no room for phones/blocks/gels etc. I still wear them in the treadmill!

  313. I can’t part with my favorite pair of run ing shorts. They are too big now so the drawstring needs to be pulled right to keep them from sliding down.

  314. My first pair of real running shoes! I can’t run in them anymore, in fact, they are barely good enough for mowing the grass these days, but I just can’t let them go!

  315. The old racing shirts that don’t fit – every one has a memory, and I can’t get rid of them – I’ve been trying to think of creative uses for them, but so far have come up empty, so they continue to be stored…

  316. I just cannot throw away my shoes (Saucony) that I ran my first marathon in! The bottoms are worn out but I just cannot part with them. Too many memories and miles!

  317. I can’t get rid of all the race tshirts I’ve collected over the years, many that I don’t wear but can’t part with. Maybe I should make a quilt!

  318. No matter how many times I have thought of putting it on permanent retirement, I can’t seem to retire my mint green sports bra. It wore it to run my first marathon in Dublin, Ireland and have worn it in every marathon I have run since. I am now running half marathons due to a repaired tendon in my ankle. My trusty mint green sports bra is not retired but has been elevated to being worn on long walks or hikes as it doesn’t support the girls as well as it used to support them.

  319. My first marathon shirt is enormous, unisex, long sleeved, (I live in FL) just plain ugly and not fit for actual wear, but I’ll never get rid of it because the sweat and hard work that went into earning it is priceless.

  320. My first pair of balega socks. They are nearly 6 years old, but I keep them as a momento of when I started running (at the age of 49!)

  321. I just can’t get rid of my first running skirt. I wear it to the pool now, and think happy thoughts about that time I first felt enough like a runner that I could order running clothes.

  322. My very first pair of winter running pants- can’t find anything that fits as well so I still wear them even though they’re old!

  323. I’m very sentimental about a few of my race tees, even though they may be oversized, undersized, or simply worn out. My drawers are bursting with shirts!

  324. my first running skirt is now too big to run in, but I keep it around and ponder if I could pull it off at work (like they claim in the T9 catalog)

  325. I can’t part with my running hat! It has a small hole in it and everytime I put it on I have to adjust the pieces around my head in the front, but it was one of my first running pieces and a gift from my mom. So it will run on!

  326. I just can’t bear to get rid of a couple of old sports bras. Every time I try a new one I find something about it I don’t like.

  327. I have all my race cotton, unflattering race shirts. They make great sleep shirts, each time I think about donating them I have to retrieve them from the pile and return to the drawer in the dresser. For some reason, I can’t let them go.

  328. I have a fleece from REI that’s at least 20 years old. It’s not threadbare, though–because it’s REI! It will last forever. It’s just that I got it back when “oversized” was the go-to style, and it’s huge on me and not flattering. But it gets the job done! 🙂

  329. I have a finishers shirt from the Chicago marathon from quite a few years ago, and it really doesn’t look good anymore but it stays in my drawer in the hopes that I replace it with a shirt after finishing another marathon in the future. Not this year, but someday…

  330. I have a vest that is partially held together with safety pins, but it’s the perfect item for chilly-but-not-too-cold days and I can’t let it go.

  331. I can’t part with my first pair of running shoes. I ran a hole into the bottom of the left foot and the right one has a blood stain on it from a toe injury I was completely unaware of at the time. I no longer pound out miles in them but they stick around and travel from house to house to remind me of what I’ve become.

  332. I have a favorite pair of running shorts that I wear way too often. I pull them out of the hamper if necessary! People at the gym probably think they are my only pair of shorts. Need new workout clothes:).

  333. I have a fleece that’s about ten years old. It has holes in it, but I just can’t let it go. It’s a go to when I think of layers.

  334. I’ve got an old pair of super-cold weather running pants with a hint of fleece on the inside that somehow got shrunken, and are now floods. Bad look. But I bought them when I was newly married, living in a big city, and living a totally different life, so I can’t throw them out.

  335. The sports bra that I ran my first half in. It’s pretty stretched out and doesn’t offer much support but I can’t seem to throw it out. Memories I guess!

  336. I have a zip up jacket from the first monster dash 5k I did years ago – it’s really getting ratty but I still love it (and it has reflective skulls so I am seen in the dark when I run!)

  337. Oddly enough, my most worn out running accessory is a tennis ball for that post run rolling. My son is somewhat sports gear/ball obsessed, so I hide it in the kitchen. Weird, but effective (he hasn’t found it yet and I get my stretch!)

  338. Oh I have this pair of capris my mom gave me the day of my first marathon – they are the perfect length and weight – but they are developing holes now from being worn so much! I have other capris but these are definitely my go-to until they completely fall apart!

  339. My Chicago Blackhawks visor. It started of as a deep black and now it’s a drab gray but the Indian head is still vibrant. Should probably replace it with a Saucony hat don’t you think? Although I’d still have to wear my visor on race day – too superstitious to break that habit.

  340. My race tees. I still wear them even when they look like they were run over in the race. What can I say? I earned them!

  341. I have such a hard time to part with old shoes! Even if they are far past their mileage prime, I like to have a couple of back up pairs – just in case of a (literal!) rainy, muddy or snowy day. My front hall is overtaken by shoes!

  342. I have this pair of black 9″ running shorts that the seams are coming loose. I even have a second pair, but they just don’t fit like the original pair. Maybe one day, they will hit the trash but until then, I’ll just keep checking seams to make sure I’m not indecent!

  343. actually it’s my mom’s – a pink, long-sleeve, *cotton* Tufts 10K for Women race shirt from the 80s. I inherited it and it’s definitely NOT good for running – long-sleeve cotton! – and it’s totally threadbare and the logo is quite faded, but oh man I love how retro and lived-in it looks, and I love the Tufts 10K for women in Boston. Now that I’m all grown up, I have run it 4 times myself!

  344. I cannot part with a single race tee. Though they’re often ill-fitting and rarely stylish, I continue to accumulate piles of them each year. Maybe one day I’ll convert them into a quilt!

  345. Some of those first race t-shirts. Even though they barely fit in the drawer any more, too much sentimental value

  346. I have a bright yellow top that I wear when I run outside all the time. It really stinks, I have tried everything and cannot get rid of the smell. I could use some new tops.

  347. My favorite ASICS running cap. I wear it no matter what the weather. It’s starting to show some wear and sweat stains!

  348. I’m a newer mother runner so not much is threadbare yet but my first pair of tights is starting to get that way. If I could only find a pair I love as much, until then needle and thread are my friends.

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