Hump Day Giveaway: Second Chances on Holiday Wish List

Second Chance Just Ahead Green Road Sign Over Dramatic Clouds and Sky.I don't know about you, but I didn't get anything from my holiday wish list. My feet froze on winter break bike rides because no shoe covers in my stocking, and I've now had to borrow Jerusalem: A Cookbook from the library. Not complaining, just stating fact.

But for you, dear mother runners, there are second chances when it comes to getting what you want. For this special running giveaway, you can choose from one of the items in our gift guides in the hopes of winning it! Here are your drool-worthy options, then see far below how to enter to win--there will be three winners (!!!):Saucony FRAME

Saucony gear! Options include the Dash Seamless Long Sleeve ($60), the most excellent long sleeve we've ever worn (super-long arms!); Bullet Capri ($65), which three generous pockets; some darling and functional accessories like the Swift Glove ($24) and reversible Swift Skull Cap ($28); or a new pair of kicks like the Omni 14 ($130), a package that delivers both support and cush. (It's winner's choice of one Saucony item.)Trigger Point Collage FINAL

TriggerPoint Therapy's arsenal of self-massage tools, which release every muscle in your body from the arches to your feet (see: NANO Foot Roller, $25) to your calves (see: GRID STK, $35) to your shoulders (see: GRID Foam Roller, $40). (Winner's choice: one TriggerPoint Therapy product.)Balega FINAL

Balega's Women's V-Tech Enduro No-Show Socks ($12/pair): Although they stay almost completely hidden in your shoes, your feet will appreciate the amazingly soft cush and arch support for many, many miles. (Winner's choice: 6 pairs of these fabulous-o socks!) TubeWaistband frame

The Tube ($25), a wearable waistband with three pockets that comfortably and snuggly—not an oxymoron—holds your phone, ID, cash, GUs, and any other essentials. (No extra muffin top or chafing: We promise!)Handful Bra FRAME

Perfect padding and support from the Handful Adjustable Bra ($48), which hides the headlights and offers myriad strap variations. ROVER FINAL

A Red Fox Rover ($100), a rockin', Bluetooth-enabled, easy-to-use speaker that mounts to a stroller, bike handlebars or anywhere else you need to pump up your jam.smith glasses

A pair of Smith Pivlock Asanas, sweet sunglasses that feature an adjustable nosepiece, rest gently on your nose and ears—and, once they're in place, you don't notice them again. They don't fog, they don't slip, they provide supreme protection from all the sun's rays, and, perhaps most importantly, solidify your reputation as a badass mother runner.

Drooling yet? Chosen which item you'd want? Here's how to enter: In the Comments section below this post on our website, tell us what item you want to win, and a reason or two why you crave it. Three lucky ladies will win the gift of their choice. 

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 1/6/16 and ends on 1/12/16. We will announce three random winners on our Facebook page on 1/14/16, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize ranges from $25-$140. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

707 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Second Chances on Holiday Wish List

  1. Oh, do I have to pick just one item? There are so many good choices! I guess my favorite would be the sunglasses. I sure do need a good pair that doesn’t get heavy on my nose.

  2. I would love any of the Sauciny gear. I bought my first pair of Sauconys at your recommendation and love them!! I really want to try the famed bullet capris!

  3. I would love the NANO Foot Roller! I run 3-4 days a week and downhill ski frequently. Needless to say my feet take a beating. I can imagine how good it would feel to roll them out in the evenings!

  4. I go through shoes so fast and I just tried the Saucony Omnis and loved them. It is less of a stability shoe than I am used to but maybe I could tolerate it due to focusing on my hip strength:) Definitely lighter shoe than the clunky and heavy high stability shoes! Thank you!

  5. I would love the Bullet capris. they are my list as a reward to myself for getting healthier. I’m getting close to them fitting so it would be awesome to win them!!

  6. I would love to win a new pair of Saucony shoes. I run outdoors year round so I need good quality, comfortable, week made shoes I can trust and this brand is fantastic. It would be amazing to win these and I would get use out of them right away.

  7. I’d love to have that Trigger point foam roller! I’m a daily user of my black foam roller to get the kinks out of back and knots out of my legs. Love your podcast!

  8. I would love the sports bra. Mine have gotten quite old and, well, smelly. I am in desperate need to replace them! That would help for sure.

  9. I’d love to win The Tube for carrying necessities during a run. I need something that stays in one place without bouncing up and down.

  10. That Saucony shirt and gloves would be perfect for my planned run tomorrow morning. The forecast is 1 degree down here in Durango!

  11. This nursing mother runner would love, love, LOVE a new sports bra to keep “the girls”from giving me whiplash and prevent my natural high beams from shocking passers by.

  12. #AMR Rocks – what an awesome variety of giveaways! I’d particularly LOVE the GRID STK foam roller since keeping my calves injury-free is one of my biggest running challenges.

  13. I would love to win any of the Saucony gear or socks…but I think my first choice would be the shirt – it is pretty cold here and I really need some new cold weather running clothes!

  14. I am torn between shades, shoes, or swift gloves. Do you pick cool sun protection, comfortable feet, or snuggy warm fingers. I kinda think shoes since protecting my faithful feet is top priority.

  15. I would love the Balega socks. I only have one pair that I received in your goody bag in RVA and I love them! Running again for stress relief and honoring my son who has rare illness and multiple surgeries with all my miles.

  16. So many awesome choices! I would probably go with the Smith shades. I would love a pair of sunglasses that are made to support an active lifestyle!

  17. I would love those Smith Pivlock Asanas Sunglasses! I have never treated myself to a good pair of sunglasses, I usually get something that costs $2. I have always thought that at some point I would get a good pair – maybe now would be the time!

  18. I’ve tried three different brands, each with a slightly different style, of hats to keep my ears covered when running. I’d love to try this Saucony skull cap. The long sleeved shirt would really keep me warm too. Baby it’s cold (-22 windchill as I type this) outside.

  19. I could ise the Saucony bullet capris or the Balega socks. I tend to go conservative and basic in colors and this would be the perfect opportunity to step out of my box and get some fun colors or print. I just adore Balega socks.

  20. The Trigger Point tools! I saw these in action at the retreat and think my wonky hip would benefit from them. I like all of these gifts though- I’m not picky!

  21. I could really use the Trigger Point tools. My IT band and upper back have been screaming for so rolling, and I really need to bite the bullet and by a foam roller.

  22. I would love a pair of Bullet Capri! I need some additional running bottoms and was hoping for some to be under the tree but that didn’t really happen as the head elf (me) thought they were too expensive.

  23. I had great plans for my Christmas presents (since I do ALL the buying) but the money ran out on me. So a saucony shirt, capris, or pair of shoes would be a wonderful late Christmas present!!

  24. I am seriously jonesing for those Smith Pivlock Asanas! They look amazing, your review tells me they feel amazing, and with my new old lady dual vision contact lenses, I could really use some excellent sunglasses to keep my eyes protected from sun, wind, dust and whatever else the trail throws at me today!

  25. I would absolutely LOVE to win the Balega socks. I love these socks! Never had a blister wearing these socks. Besides being comfortable they keep my feet dry. Just last weekend I slipped on some ice crossing over a creek, landing in the creek with both feet. Water was ice cold and I still had 2 miles to go to get back to my car. My socks kept my feet comfortable. They weren’t completely dry but the sock wicked most of the water keeping me comfortable. LOVE my Balega socks!!!!

  26. Oh I would love to win the sweet shades! I’m still wearing my regular old fashion ones or squinting as I run. I new set of shades would be awesome for my half training!

  27. I could really use a new pair of running shoes. Mine hit 450 miles on my long run Friday! I had hoped for some for Christmas but they weren’t under the tree :(. My birthday is tomorrow but I’m not holding my breath.

  28. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Smith Pivlock Asanas! It’s something that I would absolutely never buy for myself but I haven’t found a pair of sunglasses that are comfy for running in. (Likely because I hate to spend that kind of money on something for myself.) I have so much trouble getting dust in my eyes when I’m running, but I just end up wearing the cheap $10 sunglasses from Target that end up giving me a headache because they fit so horribly. For Christmas, my son gave me a bottle of soy sauce so this would make up for that. 😉

  29. The Smith sunglasses would be awesome! The lenses on my running glasses broke about a year ago and I’ve yet to replace them!

  30. Sunglasses! That’s the last piece of BAMR gear still missing on my list. I run at 5am most days with local mamas, so when I have a race at 8 or 9 I feel like a vampire hissing at the daylight.

  31. I would love to win the Smith Pivlock Asanas sunglasses. I have yet to find a pair of sunglasses that are comfortable for running, and have resigned myself to wearing a visor instead. These glasses look very cool and functional.

  32. I love the glasses, socks, and Saucony gear! So hard to choose but I vote for the Saucony gear. My favorite running shoes are Saucony plus I have been wishing for a pair of bullet capris. Thank you!

  33. I want them all, but if I have to pick one I’d say the Smith Pivlok Asanas Sunglasses. I know I would use them all the time, but whenever I think about purchasing a pair I tell myself that they aren’t essential for running, like shoes are, so I decide to wait. I also think they would make me look really fast 😉

  34. I totally am drooling over the sweet eye bling! I truly need some hip cook shades to rock my runs and bike rides. I learned the hard way how much you need shades while biking. Holy bugs in my eyes! Plus, maybe, just maybe I could look cool for an hour our two and NOT feel like such a mom. Love you gals! Happy New Year!

  35. So torn between the capris and the sunglasses!! If I could only pick one I’d have to go with the sunglasses. Living in Hawaii the sun and glare off the water can be brutal.

  36. hmmmmm… many choices, so little time. Probably would have to go with the bullet capri’s since I have heard you talk about them a lot. Although The Tube sounds great, and I do need new gloves…….it’s all so hard!!

  37. Something from the Trigger Point package would be amazing! I just had surgery on my right leg Wednesday (compartment release to repair a damaged nerve), and I believe that Nano roller has recovery tool written all over it!

  38. All these items are great its so hard to decide. But, I’d love the bullet Capri. You guys talk about them all the time. The Capri is my running bottom of choice most of the time but anything other than Target or Old Navy is usually way outside my budget.

  39. SOCKS!! I love these socks but rarely do they make my list of priorities! The last year has had many ups and downs and running had to be put on the back burner. I am so ready to shake off the dust and step into some cooshy new socks and my old (barely worn) shoes and start fresh!!

  40. Handful Adjustable Bra! I am still looking for that “right” bra to hold the girls in but not make me look pancake-ish.

  41. I love my saucony shoes! I discovered them when I began running 10 years ago, and have never looked back. I currently wear Hurricanes, but would be willing to try something new! I love Saucony shoes, and I love AMR!

  42. Would love all the new Balega socks. Quality socks are so, so worth it, and they are often the last piece of clothing I replace.

  43. I have always wanted to try the Saucony bullet capris. You ladies are always singing their praises, so I want to see what all the hype is about. My budget usually only allows for running gear from Nike outlet, Marshalls, or TJ MAXX. I would love a taste of high quality gear! Awesome giveaway!

  44. Hi, thanks for giveaway! I would be over the moon to try out that long-sleeve running top, those capris, those fabulous gloves that I totally need, and I wish I had that hat on my run this morning!

  45. I really need a new pair of running shoes. All of a sudden, the back of my left shoe keeps rubbing on my heel something fierce. I’m too stubborn (and cheap) to replace my shoes until the tread is worn so I’m just dealing with the discomfort in the meantime!

  46. Saucony gear! I bought my first pair of Saucony running shoes, and they are amazing. I have a makeshift set of colder weather put together by scrounging off my husband and kids’ castoff unwanted items – hat, wicking shirts, etc. It’d be sweet to have a complete set that I can call my own.

  47. Saucony gear! I’d love to try the bullet capris you all rave about. My costco pants are great, but I’m sure those Sauconys are amazing.

  48. I would love a new bra. After nursing my two boys and a 60+ pound weight loss my girls can use all the help they can get. Thank you for all your tips and advice as I train for my first half marathon this April!

  49. I would LOVE the shoes. My old shoes have seen me through lots of miles but leave me with blisters and back pain after even a short run. New shoes are not in our revised post-holiday binge budget. Our new motto is “use it up, wear it out, make do or do without” so I will be sitting here with my fingers crossed. thanks for the giveaway.

  50. Would love The tube. Sometimes you just want to quickly head out the door but I alway want to have my phone with me and I prefer to have my hands free!

  51. I’d pick the Omni 14 shoes. I am in desparate need of new sneakers/running shoes and these look great. I noticed they come in three widths and three colors (I love the Blue/Black/Citron color) — that is awesome!

  52. i always wanted speakers since I can make music so much louder than my kindle or phone. I don’t like earbuds so this would be great – Red Fox Rover

  53. Dash Seamless bc I hate doing laundry! And 2nd, it doesn’t help that around mile 3 or 4 I realize I forgot to put deodorant on!

  54. So many choices! I would choose the Saucony Bullet Capris. I have never seen them in a store, but the multiple pockets are calling my name.

  55. Oh boy, what a decision! I think I’d go with Saucony gear, either the bullet capris or the Omni shoes. It was a tough choice though cause I love my Balega socks and I’ve never tried foam rolling, so both of those were close seconds!

  56. I’d love to win the Saucony item. El Nino has hit hard in Reno and I’ve been running in freezing temps and ice & snow for weeks. A new hat or gloves would be fabulous as it appears El Nino is here to stay for a while.

  57. Oh my goodness! It’s my birthday month so I am full of wish lists. I would choose Saucony bullet capris. They get such rave reviews from the tribe, I want those pockets!!!

  58. Wow thanks for the second chance giveaway. So many to choose from! I would love to win the Balega socks as I know how comfortable they are – have a pair and they’re my favorite. And second choice would be the adjustable sports bra because the ones I have are starting to show the wear and tear from being overused and it’s time to overhaul my collection. Thanks!!

  59. I would love the Red Fox Rover so that I could jam on my treadmill! How fabulous! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  60. First choice would be the sunglasses — my husband keeps stealing my sunglasses for his runs and I never see them again. Second choice would be a foot roller — this I would keep under my desk at work to roll my feet whenever needed. Thanks for the chance!

  61. I would choose the Smith sunglasses! The glare off of the snow and ice is pretty bad when the sun is out up here in Alaska.

  62. I would love and crave the Saucony gear! It’s cold in Michigan and I am turning 50 the first day of Spring! To celebrate I am running a 50k so I’ll be out in the cold logging miles to reach my goal! Need new shoes!

  63. My first choice is one of the Saucony items. A close second is the Trigger Point roller. I had a roller on my Christmas list, but alas, I didn’t receive it!

  64. I would love some sweet Saucony gear; I’ve had my eye on the Bullet Capris for ages and the Dash long sleeve shirt looks dreamy! So many great options to kick off 2016!

  65. I’d say the awesome sunglasses so my eyeballs don’t freeze during the cold winter runs!! Although, my running mommas get me up at the butt crack of dawn so, I’ll wear my sunglasses at night!! B-)

  66. I would be so grateful to be selected to receive the TriggerPoint Therapy items! I run so often and work so hard to rehab, but having those amazing resources available would really help me to enjoy my runs even more!

  67. I’d love the Balega socks, ’cause you gotta take care of your feet! My feet are my biggest issue when I run and while I know it would probably help, I would never spend $12 on a pair of socks. This would be a fabulous gift for this mama on the run 🙂 Thanks team for all you do!

  68. So many great things!! I would love the trigger point roller!! I am having the starts of posterior shin splints, and I’m training for the Glass Slipper Challenge. The trigger point roller would make a world of difference for recovery between my runs!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  69. We have to choose?! So cruel, SBS and Dimity. 😉 I would love the Saucony bullet capris. My go-to Athleta capris have a hole in them courtesy of a dog who jumped on me during a run…2 years ago. I’ve been in denial about getting a new pair. Tiny holes in your running capris are fine, right? (Answer: not 2 yr old ones) Love you guys and love Saucony!

  70. Please please please any of it!!! I’m trying to get 1000 miles in in 2016. I need all the help I can get! Cool stuff motivates!!!

  71. The bra looks wonderful. I’m having a baby in March and I can’t wait to get back to running again. Breastfeeding always makes life interesting! 🙂

  72. I covet all the options except maybe the bra since I am a hard core no movement type of person but that is just me!!! My ultimate choice would be the Saucony Gear!! I am trying a no spend January but am in need of some new gear badly! I know first world problem. These would help in this not so pleasant winter WI weather!!!!!

  73. The Saucony gear! With 2 half marathons on the horizon for 2016 new shoes or capris would be the perfect compliment to my training.

  74. TriggerPoint Therapy please!!! I am going to train for my first 50K here in Colorado and my hammies would love the feel of a good foam roller after a day of trail running!

  75. I would love the TriggerPoint prize. I listened to your podcast about those items and was intrigued. I need foam rolling in my life!

  76. I would love the Saucony gear. My race gear is especially sad and I have a few exciting races coming in this new year!!

  77. I would love to win the socks. I have experienced some unfortunate foot pain issues in 2015. I plan to rock 2016 with my first half marathon in February. The socks would be awesome!

  78. I am craving the Saucony gear! My cold weather gear is worn out and old. I try to replace when I can but it adds up and somehow my clothing purchases come after buying bats, gloves, shoes/cleats, etc for my four kids sports. My sport comes last which is how we moms roll I guess!

  79. Definitely the sunglasses! They would be great year round. In Minnesota, when you run outside, the reflection from the snow can be blinding!!! These would be great to have!

  80. I’d love the sunglasses as the lens on my current pair (from 2007!) are very scratched. Smith’s are the only sunglasses I’ve successfully worn running. Highly recommend!

  81. So much great stuff! I would love the Balega socks, they are my faves and these colors look great. Wouldn’t mind the Handful bra, i need to find a new bra since champion discontinued the one i wear. Trigger point stuff is great, wouldn’t mind some of their stuff. And you are right, the Smith sunglasses are soooo badass. I could be happy with any of these. Happy New Year to you all!

  82. Wow! So much great gear!!! I’d love a stick roller from TP because it’s one of the few things of theirs I don’t own yet but NEED with my constant calf problem! Oh and of course Saucony shoes, because they’re amazing!

  83. I would love the Saucony bullet capris! I drool over them every time you post pictures. Capris are the perfect length for me, as full length are usually too short on me anyway. And shorts are too cold in winter. And that pocket!! Must have. 🙂

  84. Saucony Shoes!!! My two pairs of Ride 8s are both at the 200 mile mark, so it is at the point where I like to begin phasing in a new shoe. I have recently developed blisters along my longest toes, so am thinking that I should try a different model from the Ride to give myself more room in the toe box. Winning a pair of shoes would be sweet!!! It would mean more money for race registrations!!!

  85. I would love the Saucony set! I have been so pleased with Saucony’s line of clothing and shoes, ever since I started running! I wear only their Rides, my Bullet capris have seen me through two marathons so far, and even the arm warmers are fantastic on my less-than-thin arms! Love, love, love them!!

  86. I’d love to win the sunglasses! I’ve been wearing the same pair since I started running, and I’d love a second option. 🙂

  87. I’d love to win the sunglasses! I love wearing sunglasses when I run but I want some that fit the workout attitude!

  88. The shoes! I am wearing my Ride 8s right now which are great for my shorter runs but too narrow in the toe box for longer runs. I’m in marathon training so I’d love to get a new pair of Triumphs to replace my retired pair!

  89. The Saucony bullet capri pants! I don’t have many bottoms with pockets, and three pockets sounds positively over the top!

  90. The Saucony gear!!! WooHoo! Training in cold, snowy northeast Ohio for my very first half-marathon. Need stuff to keep me warm – I’m a cold weenie. 🙂

  91. The Smith sunglasses! Because they are sooo cool and who doesn’t want to be cool when they are, um, getting really close to 50? (Yikes, I said that out loud!)

  92. The Smith sunglasses would be amazing! I haven’t found glasses that work for me while running and biking. I’m training for my first tri and need sunglasses like these! Actually, all of the items seem awesome!

  93. Hi, I am a new runner and AMR Stride Through the Holidays is what got me out and running! I am going to put my name in for the running shoes because I am still using the shoes I’ve had for the last 10 years (I admit, they were in a box for a long time). It would be such an awesome chance to see if Saucony shoes are as great as everyone says!

  94. Either the Balega socks…they are sooo comfy. I just have one pair from your “Another Mother Runner” and I fell in love! Or the Rover. It would be excellent for my tunes while I’m running.

  95. Definitely the Saucony gear! I have had some of my running clothes so long….I buy shoes because they wear out but my running clothes are different…they are outdated and baggy :/ Like most moms….I don’t take the time to go, try things on and treat myself to new running clothes…

  96. the saucony gear would be great. I recently went through all my running gear and threw out all the old and smelly things & some of my favorite things had to go!

  97. Wow,. this is hard to pick! I want it all!! I think I would have to go with the Swift Glove… phew; that was hard to choice from all these great Mother Running products!

  98. It’s so hard to decide! I think I’m choosing the Balega socks – because I never seem to be willing to spend the money to replace mine. It would be a treat to have a fresh stock of soft, cushy, supportive socks. 🙂

  99. The Omni 14’s. To be perfectly honest I only buymself one pair of running shoes a year and I really want some new ones and have been wanting to try the OMni for a long time.

  100. Saucony Please!!!! I can not bring myself to spend more than 25 bucks on capris or shirts! This would be a huge treat for this Mother Runner!

  101. I love love love running shoes. I look at the shelves of shoes in running stores and drool with want… I would love a new pair of Saucony kicks!

  102. I want the balegas! You have turned me on to them and they are now the only socks I run in. I lost 2 different socks (1 from each pair) on vacation this year, and I miss them like they were my friends!

  103. I’d love the sunglasses. I *never* leave home without them, and look like an idiot sometimes, but my eyes can’t take the glare. New gear always makes you run faster, which I certainly need help with after too long on the disabled list.

  104. I LOVE the sunglasses! I am always buying myself cheap ones and those would be AHHMAZING! Close 2nd – Saucony gear. 🙂

  105. The shoes….after today’s podiatrist appointment and him telling me to ditch stability shoes to help my chronic tendonotis I wanted to cry. These 11.5 monster’s need to find a neutral, plush cushioned shoe so they can get back to running before I lose my mind. The Chicago Half Marathon is calling my name!!!!

  106. The sunglasses!! I am a cheapskate when it comes to buying for myself, so I don’t have a quality pair of sunglasses for running. I would LOVE to have a pair!

  107. Oh my feet ache for those new Saucony shoes! Instead of giving me one present of new Saucony running shoes for my plantar fasciitis-laden tootsies, my family got me three lovely gifts: bath stuff (cause I always shower), a board game (was that for ME?) and a book. Ok, the book was good. But those shoes would be better….;)

  108. I’d love the Saucony kicks! I am in need of a fresh pair. I received a reaaaaaallly ugly pair of sneakers chosen by my 11 year old at Christmas and would love an excuse not to wear them!

  109. Trigger Point therapy Arsenal for sure!!! My goal is to keep my body from getting injured this year and even though I put it on my Christmas wish list, I did not get it. My legs and feet would LOVE to have it!!

  110. I would LOVE to have the sunglasses or any of the Saucony items as I’m due for replacing my stinky old running clothes.

  111. Tough decision from all the fabulous choices! I am going for the Blaega socks. They are my very favorite and the only kind I wear enough that they finall get bare in the heel. Time to restock for spring training!

  112. The sunglasses!! I LOVE sunglasses, I literally cannot function without them! A new running pair would be awesome!

  113. Gotta go with the socks. Being a modern dancing mother runner, my socks do double duty as gear for dance rehearsals! My poor socks take quite a beating.

  114. The bra! I’ve lost some weight and I tend to buy myself clothes instead of a new bra, so I know I actually need the bra, but I don’t need the other stuff. Thanks!

  115. Man, it’s a close cal between the l/s shirt and a new sports bra. I think I’ll have to go with the bra…it’s only been 3 years and about 4 cup sizes since I bought a new sports bra….yeah…I should probably get on that.

  116. I’d LOVE a new pair of sunglasses. Mine have fallen on the ground one to many times and the lenses got all scratched. If I got an awesome pair you can guarantee I’d keep them safe.

  117. This is almost like deciding which child to give away (if you had to give away 1). However, I’m a shoe whore, so I’d have to go with the Saucony kicks. (The capris might be a close 2nd.

  118. What a tough decision, but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the sunglasses! I have been wearing a pair of sunglasses that I pulled out of a pile of belongings that was going to be thrown away when a neighbor got evicted last year. They sort of work for me, but real, new running sunglasses? WOWZA!

  119. Oooooh! They’re all fabulous but I’d really like Saucony bullet capris. I can’t bring myself to splurge on them myself!

  120. The Dash seamless longsleeve would be ideal for the freezing template this winter. I’m having a hard time finding a top that works!

  121. Saucony shoes would be a perfect way to kickstart my running in 2016. I’ve been struggling with some health issues, and a new pair of kicks will help me get back on track.

  122. The shoes..this girl is ALWAYS looking out for shoes! I would love to upgrade my worn-out Sauconys to a shiny new pair of kicks!

  123. Tough choice but I’d love one of the rollers. I started weight training along with running & my body hurts. All. The. Time. It’s a “good” hurt but those rollers would be heaven!

  124. So many amazing choices! I think I would pick either the socks or the Bullet capris. I have one pair of Balega socks, but I always save them for longer runs, so I would like the option to wear them more often! An I have a pair of Saucony bullet tights that are currently getting washed immediately after every run so they are ready for my next outdoor run, and I’m pretty sure I would also fall in love with the capris. Thanks AMR!

  125. I would choose the Handful Adjustable bra—it looks so comfy and soft and I love how you can switch the straps! I would probably wear it as an every day bra as well, because that’s the way I roll.

  126. I would love to win something from Trigger Point! Nursing an injury back to health and somehow I feel a new Grid Foam Roller just might make me *want* to foam roll. At least I would like to think it could do that.

  127. I’d like to win The Tube. Now that I’ve finally upgraded from an Iphone 4s to a 6s, my phone doesn’t fit in my old running belt!

  128. Tough choice! But I saw the bullet capris and was drooling over them at the run store. The awesome pockets got me wanting them. So that would have to top my list.

  129. I’d LOVE the Smith Pivlock Asanas! I’ve never had a pair of sunglasses for running…and who wouldn’t want to solidify their reputation as a BAMR???

  130. Well, of course I want all of it!! But since it’s not cool to be greedy, I think the capri’s would be at the top of my list. I only have a couple pairs at the moment, and they are a bit threadbare!

  131. They all look great, but if I had to choose, I would love the saucony bullet capris! I’ve heard so much about them on the podcast, that I’m.curious to see why they’re so great!

  132. Craving the smith optics. Training for my 3rd marathon and going for a BQ. Hoping my futures so bright, I’ve got to wear shades!

  133. I would have to go with the Swift Gloves. I’ve been eyeing the blue pair up all winter. It’s been unseasonably warm in Wisconsin this winter, and now that it’s finally snowed, I’m struggling to get my butt off the treadmill and back on the trails. ❄️

  134. What great choices! Thank you for being so generous. I’d love any of these, but right now I have to put the TriggerPoint NANO Foot Roller at the top of my list. I’m worried that something unhappy is happening to my left arch, and I hope some good rolling could make it happy again.

  135. I would choose the saucony shoes because I’m still looking for the perfect shoe and I haven’t tried this brand yet.

  136. I want them all Lol! But I’ve been dying to try the Saucony capris after hearing you ladies rave about them. So I think that’s my first choice 🙂
    Makes for a nice wish list!

  137. Handful adjustable bra … like that it has a variety of ways to wear the straps and looks like it might come off with out a huge hassle. Oh and the red rover simply because the multi mount system on the packaging made me giggle like a 12 year old

  138. Sooo hard to choose! I think I would go for the Saucony shoes because I have always wanted to try them, and my current shoes don’t seem to be making my feet happy.

  139. Man alive ladies!!! Choosing between the bullet capris and the smith optics has this pregnant mama flip flopping like a beached whale! I want the bullet capris because of the drool worthy reviews they receive from you girls on the podcasts, but I want the smiths because my current smiths are a smidge tight so wearing them gives me a headache…so I guess I want the smiths! Stylish, functional, and will fit this pregnant mama through delivery and beyond! Thanks for the second chance!

  140. The Handful Bra. Being practically less than an “A” cup, padding is a must and this bra has the best removable pads I have found. Easy to put in and take out (if you choose). Very comfortable too!

  141. I would looove those sunglasses, why you ask, that would be because I lost my last pair and also I need to protect the fragile skin around my eyes!!! Also, I will be the big 5 0 in a few months and I need lots of stuff to keep me from getting down!!!!

  142. I would love the sunglasses. Mine are of the, shall we say , “less expensive variety”, and an upgrade would be fabulous.

  143. I would love the Red Fox Rover for all of my runs this year with my one-year-old in her jogging stroller. She has loved jamming since being in the womb for spin classes and she taps, sways, and dances to beat of music. This would really come in handy for logging the miles this year!

  144. I would absolutely LOVE the long-sleeve Saucony shirt!! I’ve committed to running outside as much as possible this winter, and that would be an awesome layering piece! I especially like the longer sleeves!!

  145. The choices: would love to try the Bullet Capris that the ladies rave about, the Smith shades that don’t fog up, the Swift gloves as am struggling with finding gloves that handle Wisconsin weather..

  146. omg. The sunglasses! I bought my Oakleys over 10 years ago when I was training for a century. I gave up cycling but the Oakleys have stuck with me on all my training runs and outdoor activities. They are overly “loved”

  147. This is sooooo hard to choose. I love them all. I’ve recently pulled my hip muscle and was introduced to foam rolling. I would love the package of trigger point rollers. The feet and heels are dying to try the foot ones. I’m already addicted to rolling and am too ready to add it to my daily routine.

  148. The swift gloves, my Raynaud’s keeps getting worse and I’ve been going through running gloves pretty quickly. The long sleeve shirt is a close second 🙂

  149. I am drooling over the Dash Seamless Long Sleeve shirt–It’s long, it’s got thumb holes (I am a sucker for thumbholes), and I could use it on these chilly winter runs.

  150. I would love to win the Smith sunglasses! It’s the one running related item I’ve never splurged on…and feel guilty asking for because of the price. They would be a big step up from my everyday, bargain sunglasses that I wear now.

  151. I would love the Trigger Point Therapy… I have an ongoing issue with my left butt/piriformis/hamstring, I’m sure that would help!

  152. I would love the Saucony gear! I feel like I’m running my gear ragged and something new would be an awesome pick-me-up during this cold, dreary winter!

  153. Ohh, I’d love the Bullet Capris! I’m in desperate need of new running bottoms, and I’m forever stuck in plain black. They look great and I bet the feel even better!

  154. So many really good choices! I would be thrilled to have any of them! But since I have to choose, I would saw the sunglasses because I don’t have a pair for running and often think they would be nice to have. Thank you Another Mother Runner – You rock!

  155. I would LOVE to win the Pivlock sunglasses. I’m training for a marathon on May 1st, and it would be great to log those miles without scrunching up my eyes outside while I run. Regular sunglasses always fog up on me, so in the summer, I wear a visor. Unfortunately, a visor doesn’t cut it when its 10 degrees outside!

  156. Soooo hard to choose but I think I’d go for the Bullet Capris! Long runs in the early morning in the summer I always wear capris. The ones I have are fine but not as high quality and have gotten a little wider in the waist and tend to slip a little! But getting super nice ones like these are just not in the budget!

  157. I would love the trigger point package, I’ve managed to add cross training three times a week and this would help with strength

  158. I would like the Smith Pivlock Asanas Sun Glasses, I never wear them because I wear a hat but I have been wearing an new ear cover and it would be great to have them when it is sunny!! Portland doesn’t have a lot of sun but when it does sun glasses are needed!!

  159. I’d love one of the Triggerpoint items – I’m so happy to be running again, but my IT band is telling me it’s not so sure…

  160. Saucony gear for sure!! I’ve never used the brand before but found an amazing deal on a jacket while on vacation. Now I’m in love! I need more!

  161. Tough choice but I definitely have to go with a new pair of Saucony’s – love new running shoes and Saucony is the only shoe I’ll run in.

  162. I would love the Handful Adjustable Bra. It’s been a while since I’ve had a new one and this has been on my shopping list lately.

  163. I would choose new kicks for sure! A girl can never have too many, right? I’m actually only down to one good pair right now and would like to try a pair of Saucony’s! 🙂

  164. I would LOVE the Saucony Dash Seamless Longsleeve! I’m chasing a goal for my March half and am building my winter wardrobe to help me get there!

  165. I would love a pair of bullet capri’s because at 9 weeks post partum, none of my previous capri’s fit, and with a little one around, many of my runs are going to be on a treadmill (just getting started working back to fitness)!

  166. I would love the Handful Adjustable Bra – all of my running bras are of the “uniboob” variety, and I haven’t found an affordable alternative!

  167. I want to win the Balega socks because- seriously, though- I fail to believe that there is anything better than a high-quality sock. I only have one pair of Balegas and I love them!

  168. A friend of mine, who is a personal trainer, has told me repeatedly that I should be rolling out after each and every workout — especially at the end of my daily hour of weightlifting — but I HATE foam rollers.
    I have seen the Grid STK at several recent races, tried it, and LIKED it. I would love to win one, because I believe that I would actually USE it. =]

  169. I completely forgot to put a Grid STK on my list!! 2016 is going to be a big year for me. I’m officially training for a sub 2-hour half. I even wrote it down in my run journal. If you write it down, you know it’s serious business. A STK would help with recovery from all the hard speed work which I’ll be doing twice a week for the next 16 weeks!

  170. I need the sock any gear. Why you ask because I am training for the Alaska marathon in June it’s my first marathon in 10 years and I live in old Arizona and will be cold Brrrr

  171. Oh how I love all the products from Saucony that I have ever owned therefore I would love to win a pair of their running capris! The way Saucony empowers the female athlete is also fantastic!

  172. They are all great. I would, love to get the Saucony Bullet Capris. My running wardrobe could use an overhaul, my elastic is reaching the limits of its lifespan and it is time to rid my drawers, literally of the old and bring in the new.

  173. SMITH SUNGLASSES! Because even though I live in Oregon, I wear sunglasses almost every day. I think I’m part vampire? Thanks for the chances to win! XO

  174. Bullet capri! I have one pair after hearing you guys rave about them and I need another to add to the rotation. Always pumped when the come out of the wash!

  175. Momma needs new shoes! Oh, but the bullet capris have been on my list for like as long as you two have been raving about them! And then the sunglasses, oh my!

  176. All of the above?!?! How do I choose just one? I don’t own any Saucony gear (yet), so I guess if I had to choose, it would be the Bullet capris that Dimity and SBS constantly rave about. I’d also love to compare the Tube to a similar product that I bought (and love) at TC Marathon race expo. Speaking of which, will you ladies be making an appearance in 2016?

  177. Saucony gear please! Pretty Please, with some sugar on top :). I need some motivation to get me back out there. I’ve finally ended PT for ACL tear and re-entered running life, but need some pick me up, because as I’m running I’m not yet back to racing- so this would be a great motivator!

  178. Those Smith sunglasses look awesome. My running sunglasses broke during a race this fall. I keep putting the lens back in place but it keeps falling out. New sunglasses would be great for the running and showshoeing I will be doing this winter! Thanks for another give away!

  179. Can I have the abs of the woman in the Tube ad???

    If not, I guess I’ll take the sunglasses. I never splurge on sunglasses for myself — I don’t think I’ve every paid more than $20 for a pair…and you can tell….

  180. The Smiths – so luxurious! It’s not something I would buy for myself – I have cheap-o sunnies for running and wish I had some badass ones!

  181. I’d love the Balega socks. They were an item on my Christmas list that I did not get. If I didn’t already have two pair of the Saucony Bullet Capris, I would have listed them!!! I can never thank you enough for introducing me to the capris!! Love, love. But I could really use some new socks.

  182. Sports bra – because I’m stubborn about buying things I really need. My boyfriend is also more of a gadget person and shares with me…he obviously doesn’t have any sports bras tho 😉

  183. I would love the Reversible Swift Skull Cap. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and it get so very cold and windy during the winter. This cap would be a blessing to keep my head and eyes warm. Plus it looks so cool!!

  184. Smith Pivlock Asanas! I’ve only ever had cheap running sunglasses, so they would be such a treat! Plus maybe it would help me get over losing my favorite everyday Kate Spade shades which went missing over a year ago….

  185. That Saucony long sleeve tee is so darn cute…especially with the matching gloves and hat. It’s been cold up here in Seattle…cold for us at least.

  186. The bullet capris! Would love to try them after hearing all the great things about them. I also love new running bottoms

  187. I would LOVE the self massage tools. ANY of them. Why you ask? I have four young boys. I feel that is all I need to say.. XD

  188. Hooray!! Such a fun after holiday surprise! So. Many. Wants. In order of awesome/greed: the Bullet Capri’s-I could use a *legit* pair of running bottoms. My shorts are amazing for warm weather…but I live in MA is right now the weather is my enemy. Plus: pockets! Speaking of pockets…the Tube! Yes please! I never know where to put my keys. I don’t have a place to put them while I run & leaving them in the car just seems like a bad idea. And my phone is gigantic. I might as well strap a fax machine to my arm. Balega Socks? Like feet pillows. Swoon. I think I just heard my feet happily sigh. Happy Holidays BAMRS! Cheers to new year!

  189. I would want the Bullet Capris. I’ve heard some wonderful things about them from SBS and Dimity. That would be a fun surprise to win!

  190. I would love to win one of the Triggerpoint products – the GRIDSTK or the foot roller. Anything to help keep the plantar fascitis at bay! Thanks for the 2nd chance! 🙂

  191. I would LOVE any of the Saucony items. I recently made the switch from another running shoe brand to Saucony and wouldn’t it be all matchy matchy cute if I had the running attire to coordinate? BTW, I adore my new Saucony running shoes. Thanks AMR for turning me on to the brand.

  192. I would love to win the Saucony Omni shoes! I was just released back to running after healing from a stress fracture and the pt stressed running in good running shoes! These shoes would make my legs and feet happy along with my physical therapist.

  193. Would love the Smith Pivlock Asana. I have been wanting a pair of Smith sunglasses for about 5 years, drop a hint at every birthday and no takers! I have a small face and these would fit very well and I would look ever so cool!

  194. Any of the Saucony clothes would be amazing (I recently bought a couple of ViziPro tops that I LOVE), but I could really use a decent pair of gloves. I have thin Target cheapo gloves, and really nice mountaineering mittens. The thin gloves are too thin, but my hands start sweating after just a few minute in the mittens.

  195. I’d love those sun glasses. My daughter sat on my purse this summer and broke my sun glasses. I can’t seem to find another pair I love. The snow is so bright here in WI and I hate squinting.

  196. I think a new pair of shoes is in order as I’ll be racking up the miles in my New Year’s goal of 2016 miles in 2016. That’s approximately 39 a week!

  197. Oh I would love the Smith sunglasses! Whether I’m running, or fishing, or snowshoeing, good no fog sunglasses are a must!

  198. I would love the Trigger Point tools. I have a set of them already (which I brought with me to the Disney marathon this weekend) but would love another set to keep at our mountain cabin. I know it sounds greedy to ask for something I already have, but I LOVE these tools. I roll out before every run and use the stick at night before bed and have been injury-free for almost a year which has included at least 3 half marathons, and two marathons. These tools are simply the best!

  199. So many fabulous options! I love The Tube, but I really, really need a new pair of kicks and Saucony is my absolute favorite brand of running shoes!

  200. While I ADORE the pink/orange pattern Saucony has this season (I have the sleeves, and they are so fun and WARM) my feet have been beaten up from the past training cycle, and the trigger point nano would be so kind to them!

  201. Smith Pivlock Asanas look so cool! As a 42 year old mom, I definitely need some help looking cool! (or at least that’s what my kids think!)

  202. I’d select the Grid Foam Roller. I’m not the most dedicated roller out there, but I think a quality roller (not one that is starting to flatten under my weight!) would be great to have.

  203. Oh my! I love it all but the color of that sport bra rocks if I must say so myself. One can never have too many and I think this one would looks amazing. Thanks!

  204. I would love a Trigger Point roller. Because I am An Old, and am starting to look like a sasquatch when I run due to stiff crampy unstretched running style.

  205. Wow, the TriggerPoint Therapy’s arsenal of self-massage tools would be amazing to own! As I continue to conquer new training goals, I realize that I am no longer a spring chicken and that taking the time to roll tired muscles is vital to helping me continue to enjoy running.

  206. Smith Pivlock Asanas: my current sunglasses hurt my ears when I run and fall off (I once held them in my hand for a half because they kept fogging up!). Plus I want to look cool.

  207. I’d love the Tube! I always struggle with the built in pockets, especially when I travel and carry my phone and hotel key along. I would also use it extensively traveling abroad – to always keep my passport and cards safe!

  208. I would love the Saucony shoes! I plan to do five Half Marathons and my first 30K this year. Lots of miles means I may need a couple of shoes to get me through training! Happy Running!

  209. I would love to win the handful adjustable bra because a handful is exactly what I have but I am not great at replacing my bras on a timely basis!

  210. Do I really have to make a choice? I think I love them all! I guess what I really would want is the bullet capris. I have heard they are great and I would love to try them.

  211. My choice would be the Dash Seamless Long sleeve. I live in Wisconsin and it is cold here and going to be getting colder. In the past I have always moved my running inside. This year I want to do more run outside so I need to stock up on cold weather gear to help me get out the door and tackle the miles.

  212. Either the trigger point or the Saucony shoes. I’m currently sporting Brooks, but have been wanting to try Saucony for a while now!

  213. Such a tough decision! Not sure if I could decide between Balega socks or bullet capris. I have just been introduced to Balega socks and can’t believe I have run so long without them. But, I have heard so much about bullet capris (an SBS favorite) I have been wanting to try a pair.

  214. Gasp! I can’t believe that I kept scrolling and scrolling down through such a list. It was like the showcase room from old school Wheel of Fortune. OKay, ummm…practically speaking I need that Handful bra since I’m breastfeeding and could use something new and fresh and kind. But, the skull cap and gloves from Saucony are fabulous and I could wear them for all to see for a little winter pep every day. Thanks for a little dream list, ladies!

  215. As much as I love all the items the item I least want but mostly need is the trigger point therapy. Though I’ve been a runner for 13 years I’m terrible at stretching and taking care of my body so I know these would be beneficial to allow me many more years of healthy wanting and I would have no excuse maybe my calves and hamstrings would actually love me again.

  216. There are so many amazing items to choose from! But, if pressed to narrow it down, I’d either choose the Dash Seamless Long Sleeve (love Saucony gear!), the NANO Foot Roller (LOVE TP products!!), or the 6 (!!!) pairs of Belga socks (my FAVORITE sock … ever!!). It would be difficult to choose between these three options but, if I’m chosen, I will gratefully make this hard choice. 🙂

  217. I don’t usually run in sunglasses, but now that we have moved back to the Northeast, the sun glaring off the snow is blinding – need sunglasses now!!

  218. I am drooling, panting, salivating over the Smith sunglasses. I am that gal that doesn’t have a great pair of running sunglasses, and you can see me chugging along either with my visor brim pulled down low, or my driving sunglasses looking all bug eyed and over fogged. Happy New Year!

  219. I would love the Saucony shoes!!! I have gone thru a bunch of shoes this last year finding that I really like the feel of the Saucony. At the end of the day, and the next morning, my feel don’t ache. I really crave them because the would look great on my feet and Hey, a free pair of shoes??!! YES!

  220. I’m due for a new pair of shoes, and I’m a Saucony gal. Money is tight, so winning these would be like Christmas all over again.

  221. I would love any of this, literally I could use every single thing. If pressed to pick, the Saucony shoes. I am new in my fitness journey but totally hooked. I did my 1st race, a half, and now have a goal this year to do a marathon and even an ultra. Races and gear are expensive though, whew! With all the training I will really go through some shoes and sure didn’t know when I started that I would need different kinds for different types of places, you mean shoes for trails are different than other shoes? Who knew! I’ve never tried Saucony, but have heard they are amazing!

  222. The bra! Mine are starting to cause chafing (ugh) so I need more! I got a lot going on up top so keeping the girls immobile during a run is a necessity.

  223. I am dying to have the Bullet Capri from Saucony..I have promised myself I can not buy and more gear until after I hit my mileage goal and that seams like a long way off. But getting it for free would give me the extra push to log a few extra runs!

  224. I would love the Omni 14 shoes! I am due for a new pair of shoes and I am training for Big Sur in April (so excited)! Looks like these might be good shoes for me as I am a pronator. Ready to put some miles in!!

  225. Trigger point roller, because I don’t roll enough now, and when I do it tends to be on a tennis ball. An actual roller with knobby bits might just get me to roll more often.

  226. It’s so hard to chose but I’d have to go with the sunglasses as I’m always in need of a good pair in sunny Colorado. My cheap pairs just don’t cut it!

  227. I love the sunglasses, but I actually crave the Foam Roller! For Marathon training and runs in the past 2 years, I have had my sons walk up and down my legs with the specific thought of their toes digging into my calves and hamstrings!!! Well, the youngest turned 3 and is 40 lb. While I love them to death, it is getting to the point where they are so heavy they may break my leg in the process!!! lol.

  228. I would choose the Balega’s Women’s V-Tech Enduro No-Show Socks. I LOVE LOVE LOVE nice soft supportive cushy mushy,(not wet mushy) socks!! These look as though they would be heavenly on my tootsies!! 🙂

  229. The Saucony Omni 14’s! I have been on the hunt for the right pair of shoes for what feels like forever. My current pair isn’t great, but I just can’t afford new ones right now. Sticking it out – but a new shoe fairy (or elf) would make my training year!

  230. I’d love the pair of Smith Pivlock Asanas this year. I’m looking to invest in some of my Tri gear for the warmer months. I’m usually a hat/visor girl but could totally use these to keep that summer sun out.

  231. Not working full time puts a crimp in buying run gear. Socks are one of those things that are pricey and when you find the brand you love….you stick to them. Balega socks rock!! I would love to win a pair or two! lol

  232. I would love the Balega socks! I have two pair in constant rotation and am so sad when I didn’t get the wash done and have to wear a pair of non-Balega’s. They are the perfect sock.

  233. I would love the trigger point therapy roller. I stand at a desk all day, and then after a run or yoga workout, nothing sounds better than a little foam rollout!

  234. I would LOVE the Red Fox Rover. I really want to get into riding my bike, and this would be a great way to get into it (ability to listen to books, YOUR PODCAST, etc). I would also be able to use it as a 5th grade band teacher for my kids to listen to accompaniment music while they play. And it looks really cool!

  235. I’m torn. The bra or the saucony gear!

    I’m torn. The bra or the saucony gear!
    I’m torn, the bra or Saucony gear. I love that brand of bra and I’ve been cheap and haven’t purchased a new one. The Saucony gear because I’m hoping a new shoe will help my plantar issues.

  236. Noooooo!!!!!! I typed in a wrong letter on my email!!!! No “k”. It’s a lower case “l”…. This one is correct!!!!

  237. I would love to win the Saucony gear. I am just getting back into running after burning myself out after running a marathon, new gear would certainly help with the motivation!

  238. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Saucany Dash Longsleeve. I live in Boston and would love to run outdoors more this winter….you all remember last winter right? Crazy cold and snow. Thanks so much!

  239. I’m torn… I’d LOVE Dash Seamless Long Sleeve OR the Balega’s Women’s V-Tech Enduro No-Show Socks – COLD weather and WORN OUT socks = PICK ME! PICK ME! 😉 Thanks for the 2nd chance RUN ON!

  240. I sure would love a pair of Saucony Bullet Capris in my size. Nothing is worse for my motivation than having to squash into too-small gear! (Although now that I think about it, that should be MORE motivation…but it’s so not.)

  241. I would LOVE the Saucony package! I’m in week 12 of my 2nd marathon training (Phoenix) and Ascics has messed up my Nimbus 15 shoes! I need to find a new brand, which I am sad about! Maybe Saucony will be my new Loyal brand!?! And I already told my family and cousins to be watching for me…”I’ll be wearing pink and a smile”! That’s my trademark!
    Thanks for doing this giveaway! BAMR’s ROCK!! Woot Woot!!

  242. I would love the Bullet Capris! Everyone seems to rave about them but I don’t have a pair yet! Love that they have pockets!

  243. I would absolutely love to win the Smith Pivlock Asanas because, to be honest, I am cheap and have been longing for a new pair of sunglasses (the clearance ones I have would be better suited to a big-headed male). I had them on my Christmas list, but….. Thanks for the 2nd chance 🙂

  244. My hip needs those Bullet Capris….I’m 27 days post-op from a hip arthroscopy for cartilage and labral tears. Thus far I’ve spent 160+ hours in a CPM (continuous passive motion machine) and have another 100 hours to go. It’s going to be a long haul of time on crutches, rehab and hopefully (fingers crossed) a return to running in 6-8 months. All this comes at the end of a great year in which I was inspired by Dimitis’ article about going big–last year got into triathlons and did 2 Olympic tris and a half-ironman. I think it was worth it. Anyway, my hip needs those capris!

  245. The Bullet Capris. One can never have too much workout gear anyway, and I love that they have side pockets. Not a lot of running capris/tights have them!

  246. OMG! I want to win it all! I could really use a new pair of rocking sunglasses to protect my eyes from the snow’s glare!

  247. I’m drooling over the Bullet Capri and the Dash Seamless Longsleeve. You can never have too many running clothes! I would love the capris, because they are perfect for many temps…pair with a long sleeve, shortsleeve or tank and voila you’re ready to run. However, I really love the Dash longsleeve. I’m super long-torsoed (is that a word?) and sometimes it’s hard to find a running top that keeps me from baring a midriff! Help a mama out!

  248. The Bullet Capris! You guys have been singing their praises for years and I would love to give them a try. Or the Omnis. That model is a regular in my shoe rotation.

  249. Red Fox Rover would be amazing for my bike! I got into long duathlons and having music/books/podcasts on the road miles would make the 50+ miles go by faster!

  250. I could really use a trigger point item! I have a cheaper foam roller that isn’t as strong as the real thing, and with plantar fasciitis and bursitis in my hip, I could use a solid roller to keep me running!

  251. I’d love the Saucony Dash long sleeve. Got in to the NYC half in March and have lots out outdoor training in my future.

  252. I would love to win the Omni’s or the Smiths. I’m hurting for a new pair of treadmill and track worthy runners (I use Hokas outside or my knees cry sad tears) and those seem like they might fit the need 🙂

  253. I need those sauconys. My shoes have holes in the toe and I don’t have time for that! I’ve got miles to run and I need shoes that can keep up with me!

  254. The Smith Asanas would be perfect for me during my 100k training this year. I spend a lot of hours out on the trails and need good coverage for my eyes! (Besides which, my daughters are starting to steal my sunglasses!)

  255. I wanted new Balega socks for Christmas and didn’t get any.. 🙁 These are my favorite socks and I only have 2 pair and definitely could use a few more pair..

  256. I would love the Nano foot roller. I am currently using a frozen water bottle to help with arch pain and it’s just not cutting it anymore!

  257. I would love to win the Omni shoes. I just got orthotics for an arch and bunion issue and would love to have another pair of shoes to keep up with my 2016 goal: run consistently.

  258. I’ve been eyeing up the Smith sunglasses for some time now and sadly I did not find them in my stocking this year. My current pair (not Smiths) have seen a lot of mileage over the past 5 years and are starting to show some wear and tear. It would be great to start the new year with a fresh new pair of Smiths!

  259. I wish I may, I wish I might I wish on those capri tights. I am back running in 16 after a year away from running due to injury and my old faithful capris are ahem! waiting for me to get down to fightin’ weight. It would be lovely to have a pair that fit well until I can return to the old faithfuls!

  260. I would just love the Saucony skull cap. My hair is falling out due to illness and my head gets quite cold on winter runs.

  261. The last is not the least: the sunglasses. Nth days are already getting longer. Looking forward to more time in the sun.

  262. The gloves please! In usually chilly New England (not so bad this winter, but waiting for it), gloves are key. I only have one lightweight pair of gloves currently – I’d love an extra to work into the rotation.

  263. The sunglasses! I’ve just been told by my eye doctor that I have sun damage on my eyes from not wearing sunglasses. Silly me, I mentioned that I use SPF70 religiously, but, as my doctor reminded me, you don’t put that in your eyes! So, I could really use a good pair of sunglasses that will stay on my face while running.

  264. I would love a pair of those Bullet Capris! I’ve been wearing a lot of capri length pants this winter and the pockets look great.

  265. The Swift Skull Cap, for sure. My running hat is in need of a serious do-over. It gets a lot of use here in chilly Colorado!

  266. I would love to get the Omni14 because I know they come in wide widths. I’m a 7W and have a terrible time getting running shoes that actually come in wide widths. These have been in my bucket list for a while. I’m a teacher so I have to wait. I would settle for the skull cap because I’m petite and the long sleeves of that beautiful shirt would be crazy long on me. I never win anything, but here’s to wishing…

  267. I would live the capri pants. I have sewn the inside of my other running pants so much that they are getting way to small.

  268. I would choose the Smith Pivlock Asanas. Smith sunglasses have been on my wishlist for a long time, but It’s not something that I would buy for myself.

  269. I want those sweet smith pivlock sunglasses!! I run a lot during the summer at the beach. I need better UV protection for my eyes and those would do it.

  270. What an amazing assortment of gifts! Thank you! I would go for the sunglasses as they are the one thing I don’t buy for myself. I always seem to find hand-me-downs or use the ones I got at the eye doctor…which really don’t count as sunglasses!

  271. Trigger Point!!! with strength and cross training becoming higher priorities, I am finding new muscles to annoy! lol! THANKS!

  272. I’d say the capri tights have my name on them. My 8+ year old running tights are still run worthy but my style certainly needs updating! (I’d also LOVE the Smith shades!) Great contest! And Happy New Year!

  273. I would love to have the pants!!! My newly post baby body isn’t what it used to be and those stretchy pants would be just the thing!

  274. I would love to win the new sports bra and especially the running sunglasses. I don’t have a decent pair. Thanks!

  275. I would like A Red Fox Rover…I am a Mother Runner to 3 beautiful girls, the youngest who is almost 8 months old. I can’t wait to get back out there on the trails and sidewalks with my new little one now that she’s big enough to ride in the jogging stoller without the infant seat. I invision myself jogging with my older kids peddling along side me on their bikes! This momma needs some tunes to keep her motivated!

  276. Oh man! What wouldn’t I like?? Any of the Saucony gear (especially the shirt – I have freakishly long arms), the handful bra (it’s definitely time to upgrade from my well-loved Target bras), the awesome speaker, the tube… I would happily find a home for any of these prizes. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  277. It’s sooo hard to pick, but I could really use some new socks. Every time I go to buy new ones, the price tag holds me back. “No, I really don’t need them.” Reality is I do. I only have two pairs that are decent.

  278. I am a saucony chick. But this is hard. In our house we are always fighting of who gets the trigger point roller. I would narrow it down to the shoes or roller.

  279. I would love the trigger point foot roller. I am worker hard to cure some plantar fasciatis and be back running longer and racing in the spring!

  280. So hard to pick. I have been “eyeing” those sunglasses for quite some time. I love the no fog feature. I’ve not yet had an accessory for my face, so that would be “eye”some.

  281. It would have to be the bullet capris. You can never have to many pairs of running capris and I have yet to try these. Love the fact that they help hold mama tummy in. 😉

  282. I would really like to win the Bullet Capris. I really really really want to try them but can’t justify making the purchase myself!

  283. Saucony gear! My running gloves have holes in them, and I just never buy new ones. I always tell myself they’ll last a little longer…

  284. Saucony gear would be awesome! I froze my “boohiner” off the morning and fleece tights are at the top of my list of desires.

  285. The Saucony Bullet Capri would be my choice. It’s the one piece of running clothes I don’t have and would really be great now that I’ve moved to Colorado.

  286. The Trigger Point roller. When I was younger, I never realized what all the fuss was about with the massage rollers. I’m starting to understand.

  287. I would LOVE a new pair of Omnis!! I didn’t ask for any running gear this Christmas because I’m pregnant and running is minimal these days. These would GREATLY contribute to my badass comeback in May (well…. okay…. June). Thanks ladies!

  288. I would love love love the Saucony kicks! I never get a new pair of shoes until the old pair is practically falling apart. I would love to have a new pair and actually have a rotation of shoes! : )

  289. The smith sunglasses would be my choice. I’ve had a pair of smiths for 15 years and they’ve been amazing but are finally needing to be replaced.

  290. The tube or the Smith sunglasses! I have tried all kinds of belts but can not find one I like. They either fit all wrong or bounce too much which annoy me. And I think I would just look cool in the sunglasses. I would never spend money on myself to get either of these items.

  291. the saucony shoes- while training for the chicago marathon this fall, i started developing some knee issues. i switched to saucony shoes and the problem went away- i’m never going back to any other shoe again!

  292. Wow! So hard to choose one! The Smith Pivlock Asanas would be amazing. A great pair of shades is a must for summer runs (when it’s not so dark for early morning runs) and cross country skiing. The reflection off the snow can do a number on the eyes!

  293. I would love to win ANY of the Saucony gear!!! My Hubster tried to get capri’s I’d like for Christmas, and it’s the thought that counts, right? I am almost due for a new pair of my Saucony Ride’s and have too many upcoming 13.1’s and 26.2’s. They have been my go-to shoe for over 20 years!!

  294. Bullet capris! I would love to try them based on all of Sarah’s rave reviews. I have a late February marathon coming up, and I think they would be perfect for stashing my fuel!

  295. I have been yearning for a pair of sunglasses for when I run. It’s cold here in Connecticut and my eyes are always watering as I train for my first marathon!!! The Smith sunglasses would be a wonderful treat!

  296. I’m craving the Smith Pivlock Asana sunglasses. I’ve never owned a decent pair of running sunglasses, so these would be an amazing treat, not to mention looking seriously badass!

  297. The trigger point rollers – a good new year’s resolution to roll/stretch more. thanks! I have heard great things about that cookbook too — will look next time I visit my library.

  298. The Tube!! I miss my Skirt Sports skirts from the warmer weather days past (I live in Chicago) as I can stash so much in those pockets. Now I stuff essentials in my jacket pockets and everything just bounces up and down. So annoying! I love the sound of being able to run without the bounce!

  299. I’d love the Smith Pivlick Asanas Sunglasses. I’ve never had a good pair of sunglasses for running I always have trouble with steaming up. I end up running without which has I know is pretty bad for my blue eyes. These look amazing!

  300. TriggerPoint set please! My poor feet were so sore, and I was moaning so much, my daughter asked if she could rub my feet.

  301. I would love the bullet capris! I have been eyeing them for a while because of the extra side pockets. I crave them so I can stash some honey stinger gel in them while training for my first marathon.

  302. TriggerPoint Therapy’s arsenal, please and thank you! I’ve been eyeing the massage rollers for a while. As a new-ish runner I’ve had issues with muscle soreness and tightness even after stretching. This arsenal right here may be just what my body needs.

  303. The Smith Pivlock Asanas sunglasses would be amazing for my ironman training. They would look fabulous on the bike and also on the run. Yay for second chances! 🙂

  304. The Saucony gear! I LOVE bullet capris and definitely pass the weekly limit for wearing the one pair of I have before washing again!

  305. Wow- so many fun options! I have to say the sunglasses look amazing and would really help my Irish eyes from the sun. Then again, the Saucony bullet capris have been on my list to try forever…. 🙂

  306. Saucony gear! I’ve been craving the bullet capris – capris are my favorite to run in for most weather and I LOVE the side pockets.

  307. I would LOVE to receive a redfox rover! I have 7 kids and I’m training 6 of them for an upcoming (March) 2k (for the younger ones) and 5k for the older ones. This would help my crew keep the pace in training!!

  308. Saucony clothes and shoes!! I love the brand and I am training for my first Colorado marathon and I know that I will need a new pair of shoes:)

  309. I am somewhat new to running (less than a year) and am in need of a great pair of sunglasses! The Smith Pivlock Asanas look awesome!

  310. I’d be all about the Saucony gear. I’ve been wearing Asics running shoes for years and I’m so nervous about making a change, but I’m due for new shoes. Also, based on all the recent BAMR feedback I got recently about running in the AM or PM, I’m slowly acquiring cold weather (even colder at 6am!) running gear–so the long sleeve and skull cap would be AMAZING! Thanks for the second chance 🙂

  311. Saucony gear! Some of my favorite running clothes got caught in a laundry room flood, and I still don’t know if they’re salvageable! :co

  312. I would go for either a new pair of kicks or the bullet capris. Although, the Red Fox Rover would be pretty awesome too. Decisions, decisions….

  313. They all look wonderful, but I would have to say the Smith Asanas. Training for my first Ironman here in Florida and I cant seem to find a pair that dont fog in this humidity. They are so cute…BONUS!

  314. I would love the Saucony package! I don’t have any of their clothes, and am looking forward to trying them. What a great after Christmas surprise!

  315. I would love to have the socks. I just found out my toes have arthritis from years of pounding the pavement, and they would feel wonderful on my feet.

  316. balega socks please! I need more socks because all of mine keep ending up in my 13 year old daughter’s sock drawer. If I get these, I’ll hide them behind the cleaning supplies, she’ll never find them there!

  317. I’d *love* to win some of the awesome-looking Saucony gear! I’m constantly in need of cute running gear and I’m pretty tall as well so the top would be awesome, as well as the capris or shoes! 🙂 Highly considering turning to trail running and these items would look great out in the wilderness I’m sure!

  318. I would love to try the trigger point tools. I have a foam roller that I use daily and wonder how much more the trigger point specific aid would help. I cannot run currently so this would bring so much relief and hopefully some running!

  319. I desperately need the Trigger Point Therapy foam roller! I’m training for my first TRAIL marathon and between the hill repeats and strength training, I’m so sore it hurts to squat on the pot!

  320. #1 Pick any Saucony gear! I could always use another top that fits my long torso & arms (hello, I’m nearly 6′). For my Christmas gift I picked out a pair of trail shoes from my boss. And my husband & mother bought me TWO 100 mile race entries. I’m super LUCKY!

  321. I love balegas (only socks I wear!!) so I’m tempted to go for those, however, I wear a $15 pair of sunglasses so I’d love to sport those beautiful Smith Asanas!! #pickme #neednewglasses

  322. After much debate, I’ll say the Saucony option. I could really use a second pair of wind-resistant pants for these cold months, so that I’m never faced with the choice of running in damp pants vs. putting them in the dryer and shortening their life vs. settling for an indoor workout, which is never as good.

    Thanks for this second chance!

  323. I would love, love, love some of the Saucony gear, especially the gloves. I’m in Michigan and it was 18 degrees this morning…having something warm and cute may be quite inspiring!!! Plus, if they come in pink, they would totally match my shoes 🙂

  324. If selected, I would choose the Saucony Omni 14s, because I go through two pair of running shoes a year, but the bullet capris were a very close second! Thanks for the opportunity!

  325. I would love to try the Handful Adjustable Bra. For some reason, I am awful replacing sports bras when I need to, and I never branch out and try something new. I know I am long over due to do so. My girls are neglected when I run and I am sure they would appreciate the extra boost!

  326. Wow, this giveaway is actually a little painful!! Choosing JUST ONE?! I got zero running gear in my stocking this year, so (Santa–) I need it all! If I have to choose just one, though, it would be the Smith sunglasses. I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of running glasses for quite a while and I’d love to own a pair that are both functional and also make me look super BADA$$!

  327. I would love the Smith Pivlock sunglasses! I did not get them this year and have been struggling with day runs and bike rides in the sun! My second choice would be socks because no one can ever have enough balega socks.

  328. Ahhh…so hard to choose! But I’d say…the Bullet capris! I’ve eyed them ever since hearing you rave about them!!

  329. I could definitely use the Saucony Bullet capris! During my first ultra last year, I realized my ‘go to’ capris were not as ‘go to’ as I would have liked them to be. On my second attempt at this ultra, I would love to have my clothing not be an issue. The Bullet capris could do the trick!

  330. I would love the red fox rover. I just got my two non-running friends to run two 5ks with me at the end of last year and we all commented on how more fun it would be to have music to listen too.

  331. The Smith Sunglasses! I asked my husband to get these for me for Christmas, and guess what, he didn’t take the hint!

  332. The Saucony Bullet Capris, I have heard so much about them that I’d love to try a pair. I just can’t stomach the price tag yet.

  333. Oh second chance at Santa – Trigger Point foot roller, please for me. Found out during 4 months of rehabbing from stress fracture that my feet really need some work. Like the LAX ball, but the roller would be sooooooooo much nicer.

  334. I would love the saucony gloves because I have 5 pairs with NO MATCHES!! Where do those other gloves go? How can I be missing five different gloves?!?!

  335. I really NEED the Smith Sunglasses! Why? 1. I live in Colorado where we have over 300 days of sun (sorry, don’t mean to rub it in Sarah), and 2. My daughter borrowed my running sunglasses last week and lost them. Grrrr….and 3. I just really, really want them. 🙂

  336. Sunglasses – the dog jumped on (and ruined) my last good pair and I hope to do a lot of riding as well as running outdoors in 2016.

  337. I would love the Tube waistband holder. I’ve been dying to use the zombie running app (yes, I’m that sort of geek), but carrying my Note 5 is a bit cumbersome when I run. I also have a lot of arch pain when I run, so the trigger point foot roller would get a ton of use. Happy New Year to you :). Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  338. Oooh, the Balega socks for sure! I’ve been a “white sock” runner and am hoping to expand into some color this year… this would be the perfect opportunity to get started on that!

  339. I love the Saucony gear. I received a Saucony hat from a Secret Santa and wear it religiously in the cold weather. It is the only hat so far that keeps my ears warm even while wearing ear buds.

  340. I’d love the Saucony capris! I currently have one pair of running capris, and I MAY have just worn them (dirty) on multiple successive days before…

  341. I’ve been drooling over the Smith sunglasses for about a year now. The adjustable nosepiece is one reason. I have a, ahem, large nose and I’m guessing these would fit comfortably. Also, one of my resolutions is to “solidify your reputation as a badass mother runner”. So, there’s that.

  342. I would LOVE the Saucony gear, especially the long sleeve shirt. My workout clothes are so, so sad. Somehow, I feel guilty enough for the time my running takes away from my family, so I have a hard time also spending money on it. I’m working to change my thinking on this, but in the meantime, it would be great to have workout gear I feel great in!

  343. So fun!!! I would LOVE the Smith Pivlock Asanas sweet sunglasses! I have a hard time finding sunglasses that fit right. This pair sounds like a perfect fit! The anti-fog lenses would be a bonus! I have floaters from many years of not wearing protective eyewear. These would serve my eyes some good!

  344. I’d love to win the sunglasses. I’m so bad and never run in sunglasses bc I only buy cheap ones and they fog up horribly. I did get a new bad ass mother runner shirt for Christmas though so my husband did pretty well.

  345. I would love the Saucony gear! I need to branch out from all my black, black and more black workout stuff for safety reasons and just a need for something new in the New year. Thanks!

  346. The sunglasses!! My eyes are so light sensitive and every pair I have fog up so badly, I can’t wear them when I run:(

  347. I would love The Tube! I have had my eye on this for a while. My friend had one and she loves it. My armband had just about had it, so I need something else to carry my phone in and this looks perfect!

  348. I’d give a huge high five to the sacouny gear! Adding any color to this drab, sunless, slushy, wet, January cold and dreary time would put some pep in my runner step! BTW, those kicks are awesome to run in! On my second pair!

  349. Do I have to pick? I was REALLY good last year. It would be hard to choose between Saucony gear (my favorite) and trigger point therapy kit. I love workout clothes, but I probably need the therapy kit more.

  350. I would like to win the triggerpoint therapy prize. I have their regular foam roller and the stick version and know how perfect they are for my pre-hab and rehab. Currently I’m dealing with some upper back/shoulder issues and I could really use the longer version of the foam roller so I can do the rolling that Sarah demonstrated in a recent blog post.

  351. I would love the glasses! My children keep stealing mine. I want something to call my own! It would make this mother so happy.

  352. Thanks to you ladies, I am HOOKED on Saucony wear and would love, love, love a fun pair of Bullet capris (so hard to find in Canada and when you do, it’s black only – booooring) or the fun pink gloves because, again, CANADA. Brrrrr.

  353. I would like any of these gifts. Who I am to look a gift horse in the mouth!?!?! Right now any little ray of sunshine,e to pull me through the next few months would mean the world to me! Even if all I can do is wear it around the house for a bit!

  354. I’ve been lusting after some Smith sunglasses for a while now!

    1. I would LOVE to have the clear lenses for my winter runs because most days the cold wind is making my eyes watery and then dried out for the rest of the day.
    2. I want to wear more cute headbands/buffs in the summer, but I’d to lose the sun protection from a visor
    3. I know they would solidify my BAMR status 😉

  355. I’d like the Red Fox Rover speaker. I’m adding biking to my spring training to prepare for a RAGBRAI bucket list ride in July!

  356. The Smith Pivlock Asanas are my choice. I had them in a shopping cart wish list I almost gave my husband, but then thought I could make my old sunglasses work for now. They are 13 years old and have some issues, but I don’t like to splurge on myself. I am having a hole in my retina repaired next week and am thinking how great it would be to have new sunglasses during these bright winter runs. And yes, I admit I wouldn’t mind looking a little bit badass these days too!

  357. I would love the socks. I have been running for 2 1/2 years and while I went and got fitted for proper shoes, I have never been able to justify spending the money on nice running socks. I still run in cheap ones from target!

  358. It is hard to pick, but I would definitely have top Hopi with the sunglasses! I don’t have any, right now, and desperately need some. My eyes would really thank you! Also, they look really bada$$, and I love them 🙂

  359. I desperately need the Trigger Point Therapy NANO foot roller! I’m freaking out because the bones and muscles in my feet have started hurting so badly after runs. I would love to keep it at work to roll my feet on while sitting at my desk.

  360. definitely need those Saucony’s. I need an new pair of running shoes but with the holiday expenses, they took a backseat to presents, travel, etc.

  361. Bullet capris hands down. They were on my wish list! BAMRs everywhere rave about them and I must try them for myself. Also would love to sport them in my first half this fall as a way to bring a bit of AMR with me to the race!

  362. I could definitely use the skull cap! I started chemo treatments the week before Christmas and it would help keep my head warm on cold runs!

  363. The sunglasses! I have sensitive eyes and have to wear sunglasses basically anytime I run outside in the daylight. I need to go get a good pair for running but like most mother runners haven’t had the time or money to put into finding a pair for me.

  364. The Saucony kicks! I got a pair of fashion boots for Christmas, which I really WANTED. But I didn’t get a pair of new running shoes, which I really NEEDED.

  365. I’d LOVE a new pair of kicks! I”m scheduled for hip surgery for a bad labral tear soon and my current shoes are at the end of their running life. It would be fun to strt my recovery in new happy shoes 🙂

  366. It is hard to pick, all of these items are on my wish list! I would have to go for the Smith Pivlock Asanas. I have drooled over these glasses for a long time and do not have a pair yet. I love wearing sunglasses on my bright day runs and at the end of the summer last year mine ended up at the bottom of the lake, but that’s a different story! I would LOVE to be able to sport these glasses on my runs!

  367. Balega socks would be my first choice. Can you just imagine six beautiful new pair of those beauties in a drawer, just waiting to be worn for the first time?

  368. I would love the Trigger Point Therapy package. I am starting my training for my first 1/2 marathon, and desperately need to work muscle massage and stretching into my routine – this package would help make that happen. Happy New Year AMR!

  369. During Christmas shopping I put Bullet Capris in my shopping bag on line, and there they sat……I would love a pair as I am slowly returning from a foot injury and would wear them on my treadmill run/walks.

  370. I’d love the Smith sunglasses! I’ve been in need of running sunglasses for a long time but haven’t been willing to spend the $$ on nice ones!

  371. Would love the Saucony Bullet Capris. I have very few (count 2) colder weather tights/capris and the Bullet is an awesome pair with pockets and no muffin top!

  372. Would LOVE the Balega socks!! I have one pair and they rock my world :). I hinted to the husband for stocking stuffing purposes but my hints didn’t do the trick! They are so comfy and I’m always struggling to find the right sock. Balega is IT!

  373. I would love the Saucony gear! I absolutely love the bullet capris. Another pair would be great so I could give mine a break from their heavy rotation! their in!

  374. Wow – I would be happy with anything on that list. If I had to choose, I think I would choose the Belega socks. I’ve wanted to try them and my feet could use a little pampering in my sneakers!

  375. I’ve been DYING for some bullet capris! I’ve had to pass up sales of them in the past b/c A) they’re still so expensive, even on sale and B) they’ve been out of my size and color (XL, black). But I think they’d be a great way to kick ass along the roads where I train for half and full marathons. They even MIGHT just help me get that elusive sub-30 5K. 😉

  376. I’m smitten with Saucony gear. I constantly have my Saucony Shopping basket full, but need to get past the Holiday bills before I can even think about new gear for myself; shoes in particular!

  377. I would love the shirt. I am kicking off the New Year starting to train train for my second marathon. The shirt would be perfect for winter and spring running where I live! P.S. I have two pairs of bullet capris. I ❤️ them!!!

  378. I would LOVE the TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller! I am not a foam roller and know that I should be…especially to kick my lingering plantar fasciitis. My husband tried to make me a foam roller out of PVC piping….while I love the creativity, PVC piping just doesn’t cut it.

  379. The Handful Bra – I have wanted to try one of these FOREVER and have just never been able to justify spending the money. Would love to see how it “holds up” for my CrossFit workouts!!

  380. I would love the Smith Pivlock Asanas sunglasses – they look awesome! It would be great to own a NICE pair of sunglasses instead of the cheap ones I can afford 🙂

  381. I would LOVE the balega socks. They are my absolute favorite to wear everyday and running….and my pairs are all very well loved right now.

  382. I would live the trigger point gear. After hearing your podcast I realize I need to roll out those muscles to avoid injury. I’m training for my first 26.2 and I want to stay injury free!

  383. Capris. I am in desperate need for capris as I was doing my cross training this morning I have found three holes in the capris I’m wearing. While this may add some ventilation to my girl parts, I see some embarrassment if worn in public.

  384. Oh my gosh, it is hard to choose! I am going to say the Balega socks though. I have two pairs and I am constantly reorganizing laundry so that they are in the rotation more frequently. Love them. Thanks for kicking off 2016 with a great giveaway!

  385. Went running on Monday, and was dressed well for the first 30º day of the year. Winds made it feel even colder. The only thing I was missing – GLOVES! Took the whole first mile for my fingers to warm up. The Saucony gloves look perfect for morning runs like that.

  386. So many good choices! I drool over the Saucony capris as my current old capris have no pockets…and despite celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas AND my birthday in December I didn’t get a single piece of running gear!

  387. I’d love the long sleeved shirt! The ones I have now aren’t quite long enough for my long arms, so this one looks great!

  388. They are all great prizes, but the Saucony capris look great. I love the capris as they have pockets (love my pockets). I was treated nicely at Christmas, so I have no complaints.

  389. Wow! Merry Christmas all over again! I would love the Saucony items. I am starting all over again with training in the winter. I was diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes and it has thrown me completely off track. I am struggling to manage my blood sugars with my running. I do not want any excuses to not train and these items would help me try to be a BAMR again!

  390. I would love to win a new pair of Saucony shoes! I usually buy myself a new pair for Christmas as a backup, but didn’t have a chance to this year. This would be a perfect “second chance!” 🙂

  391. My stocking was devoid of running gifts I wanted as well. I have to say I would love the bullet capris. I’m contemplating an advanced 10K training team and I think the block appraise would just make me faster. I always by running clothes on sale and this would give me my first pair of something brand new!

  392. I would love the saucony long sleeve shirt! It’s a balmy 7 degrees out this Connecticut morning and I only own one long sleeve to run in. I’m starting PA school this month and I have two classes that are 2.3 miles (who’s counting?!) away and I want to run from one class to the other. (It’s running from stats to cadaver lab – I can’t possibly smell worse than the cadavers, right?!)

  393. You ladies have made it so hard to choose but I would love to win the Tube! I have an iPhone6 plus and it doesn’t fit anywhere but my winter jacket that I have and in thinking ahead having the Tube would allow me to run with my hands free and keep my fuel nice and out of the way as well. Thank you so much for sponsoring this giveaway!

  394. What a generous giveaway! Since i HAVE to choose, I’d choose one of the Saucony items (the shoes!). I need new shoes and my daughter is getting married in 3 days, so gue$$ where all our money i$ going to? haha! Thanks for the chance to win!

  395. that is hard! I would love to try the Dash long sleeve shirt, I’m trying to be braver with running outside this winter….the tube was on my wishlist and I didn’t get…so I just ordered it! Looking forward to trying it!

  396. While the shoes did catch my eye, the foam roller is what calls to me. Too much stress and an injury that could use some serious foam rollery goodness and I would not have to use the germ laden one at the gym.

  397. I would love the self-massage package because my daughter freaks every time I borrow hers, but I am in desperate need of new kicks! Please and thank you Happy New Year

  398. It’s so hard to choose!! But I could certainly use a good pair of running shades, so I’ll pick the sunglasses. I have yet to find a comfortable pair of sunglasses and I honestly wouldn’t splurge on them either. I’ll just tell myself to wear a hat if it’s sunny, or try to run in the shade… neither of which are going to help me with the wrinkles around my eyes from squinting. 😉 And as a person with a stigmatism & light colored eyes you could say that I need these sunglasses. LOL
    Hoping to win. Good luck to all who entered!

  399. While I want a number of those things, The saucony Omni are one of my fave show models and I always can use new running shoes

  400. Any one would be a great addition to my running obsession, but I love Saucony anything! Thanks for this opportunity!

  401. I’d love to win the Saucony gear! I am just getting back to running after having my second child. All of my clothes are old and nothing fits!

  402. This is tough, as Id be thrilled with any of them, but I think I’d have to choose the sunglasses. They are badass! Living in SC, we have plenty of sunshine and I can never seem to find a comfortable, fog free pair.

  403. My choice would definitely be the Saucony Omni shoes! They are the shoes I always wear and need a new pair right in time to train for Big Sur Marathon!

  404. Oooh, easy. Smith Pivloks. Will disguise lack of sleep, keep away the hawking Chicago wind, and make me *feel* faster. Thanks for the second chances!

  405. Bullet capris for this chica! I split one of my favorite pairs of capris right before the holidays, much to my dismay!

  406. Oh, what to choose. I think the Tube, as I struggle with carrying my phone and keys, and hate using pockets because then my pants fall down…

  407. I would love the Smith Pivloc sunglasses! Reflections off snow in winter and Antifog would come in handy! Shades are always cool 🙂

  408. Its gotta be the foam rollers! My calves are please, do something for meeee!
    Its gotta be the foam rollers…my calves are screaming…me..meee…please do something nice for meeee!

  409. I’m so torn. A second pair of kicks it the Trigger Point STK? Hmmm… the STK! I have the grid and love it but find it to built bulky to travel with.

  410. That’s a tough one! My fingers have been freezing right through my gloves lately! I could really use a pair of running gloves!

  411. The Handful bra would be my pick. My ” girls” are fairly small and could use a little oomph! Happy 2016 and thanks for all you do SBS and Dimity!!!

  412. Those sunglasses are badass and I would love to win them. My Walmart specials keep down the glare but they fog up like crazy. With race fees and spending on other gear, haven’t had the extra funds to get nice sunglasses so winning them would AWESOME! 🙂

  413. I would love the Handful Bra; having the right support during winter marathon training makes all the difference! Thanks AMR for the generous giveaways and the chance to win!!!

  414. Oh my goodness! So many goodies! I would love a pair of the smith asanas. I haven’t invested in a pair of sunglasses but yearn for them all year. Even though it is snowy and cold in the twin cities, the sun shines brightly all winter!

  415. The Bullet Capri! I got a pair of the Bullet shorts and LOVE them. Love the fit, the feel and the pockets. Capri’s would be wonderful.

  416. I would love to give those sunglasses a try! I have held back from splurging on running sunglasses, but found the cheaper versions to be more annoying than helpful.

  417. I could really use a new pair of saucony shoes. I love the nomads. I’m training for my second ultra and my our probably need to be replaced.

  418. I would love the trigger point foam roller, it is less than half the size of our old foam (and it is just that foam) roller and it would be easier to stash and make my husband so happy . . . less clutter. (goals this year stay “run healthy” by stretching, rolling, core work and for the hubby get rid of clutter.

  419. Oh my I so want to win the saucony bullet capris!!!! I love capris – they are practically the only bottoms I run in – but I am fickle and finicky and struggle to find a pair that stays put on my mother hips while also offering pockets. I have only heard amazing things about the bullet capris and know we could have a meaningful sweat relationship!!!!

  420. I’d go for a pair of Saucony running shoes. I’m training for the Tobacco Road Marathon in March, and I’m about to hit the 400 mile mark on my shoes – time for a new pair! I’ve also been struggling with right ankle issues, and I think a pair of Saucony’s could help provide support AND cushioning. Happy New Year!

  421. I’d love to win the Smith Pivlock Asanas. I’ve never had a good pair of running sunglasses, just a cheapy pair from Target that fog up constantly and typically end up on the top of my head as an accessory.

  422. Ooh la la!! I would LOVE the Saucony gear! Those bullet capris are on point and the extra long sleeves on the shirt are just what I need for my long monkey arms. 😉

  423. Oh I love you all! As I train for my first ultra, fueled along by several of your podcasts and a dash of crazy, I’d LOVE the trigger point gear to help roll out the aching muscles! My dog eats the tennis balls I use for self massage, while my kids walk on my older foam roller like stunt children in the circus! Thanks!