Hump Day Running Giveaway: Treat Your Feet With TriggerPoint, Balega, and Sof Sole

We've been talking a lot about feet this month, from Role Mothers' rules for strong and injury-free feet to deep runners' territory with black-toenail FAQs. It's only fitting that we offer up some good old pampering, too. Trade in your threadbare socks and ragged (fragrant?) insoles for a brand-new set, plus a foot roller for good measure.

Behold, the triple threat: Balega Enduro socks, Sof Sole Airr insoles, and the new TriggerPoint Nano Foot Roller. Now THAT will surely make your piggies dance.

You know you're a Mother Runner if...the sight of this running paraphernalia excites you more than anything in your closet.


I personally can sing the praises of a good pair of running socks. As a sputterer, I start and stop throughout the year, love running one minute, despise it the next. (Note: I keep coming back.) I'm currently in a pretty good/consistent stretch, doing four to five miles a few days a week. And the one essential that made a difference for me when I began running more than three miles was...good running socks. My everyday cotton pairs did not cut it any longer. Luckily, Balega came into my life. Add in a pair of insoles and a foot roller, and I now I feel like a living a fancy marathoner's life.

Need a little help getting those feet in motion? The Final Waves of the 5K: Run/Walk and 5K: Race Spring Challenges in Train Like a Mother Club start on Monday, March 28! Sign up now!

Ready to treat your feet? Three random runners will win three pairs of Balega Enduro No Show socks, a pair of Sof Sole Airr insoles, and a TriggerPoint Nano Foot Roller, an $86 value. To enter, tell us: Speaking of threadbare and worn down, what's the one running item (clothing, accessory, etc.) that you just can't part with? A lucky sports bra? Your first part of nice socks? Tell us in the Comments section below this blog post on our website, and you’ll be entered to win.

The details: This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 3/23/16 and ends on 3/29/16. We will announce three random winners on our Facebook page on 3/31/16, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $86. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

506 responses to “Hump Day Running Giveaway: Treat Your Feet With TriggerPoint, Balega, and Sof Sole

  1. I have to tape my 2nd toe, so at this point it’s my atheletic and K tape, my orthotics, cushioned socks, and my Hoka One One shoes. Can you tell I’m coming off a foot injury????

  2. My black nike capris I bought from Costco back 9 years ago now! Probably spent under $20 CDN on them. Went a few years 30lbs heavier than I am now, or when I bought them, and they always fit great! They’re like the sisterhood of the travelling pants, except they stay with me! Wish Nike still made them!

  3. My favorite running shorts. They have to be 5 years old, and I keep going back to them. I have purchased several other pairs, but none can compare. They are falling apart at the seams, but they are not going anywhere.

  4. I finally got rid of my 1st running skirt. It was black with “Run Like a mother” screened in pink on the back. It served me well on the start of my running journey.

  5. My favorite sports bra. I’ve added several others to the mix that were supposedly the same make/model, but they don’t fit quite the same.

  6. My running jacket. I’ve had it since I trained for my first marathon and I can’t bring myself to replace it. It’s super warm and comfy even though it is pretty old. My favorite part is the slot for an old school
    iPod in the sleeve.

  7. I still have my first half marathon shirt. It’s 2 sizes too big, and too short at the same time, and I haven’t worn it in years, but still keep it.

  8. All the race shirts! So many shirts, so many memories and I can’t seem to get rid of any. Time to have a blanket made!

  9. SAUCONY Kinvara shoes! The first year they came out. They are super bright orange. They helped me enter the world of running. I can’t part with them!

  10. For me it’s the collection of ‘runderware’ that I have. I only wear them for running and they are showing signs of wear, tear, and holes! I’d hate for anyone to see me wearing them, but I don’t want to ruin any of my other daily pairs.

  11. I have a pair of Nike capris that my husband bought me. They are over 4 years old and have faded from black to grey, but I will keep wearing them.

  12. probably pants. I keep trying to find others but I have two pairs that just fit perfect and I have yet to recreate those :/

  13. Old comfy socks that I don’t toss until there are holes in heels. Even then I give them a few more farewell runs.

  14. I have a pair of Sauconys that I ran my first marathon 15wks pregnant in AND wore to drive myself to the hospital in labor to deliver my daughter. My favorite!

  15. I have a great sports bra that I love. It is a cross between a regular bra and a sports bra but without the uncomfortable underwire.

  16. Somehow I lost one of my wool Balega socks, but I loved them so much that I still hold onto the one i have because I hope to find the missing one!

  17. Right now (or at least this winter) it’s my fleece gloves with these silver finger tip thingies – so I can keep my hands warm while I run but can still use my phone without having to take them off.
    they’re magical. 🙂

  18. I have a pair shoe inserts that I got when I was having the problems prior to my very first marathon. At first I was just trying to save money by not replacing them, now I’m kind of sad to let them go and I leave in my shoes even though there’s holes in them. They have been through three marathons 6 half marathons and at least 10 pairs of shoes

  19. I still have my original Garmin. I fell and shattered the face a couple of years ago but it still works and it’s a familiar weight on my wrist so it stays around!

  20. My lucky tank top! Although the luck ran out when I wore it for my debut Marthon, it’s still my favorite; super-flattering and muffin-top concealing!

  21. I can’t live without my YANA Women’s 2-in-1 Running Tights with Front and Back, Water-Resistant Pockets. I live in south Florida so I had them cut and hemmed a few inches above the knee but those pockets are fabulous, enough holding space to hold everything I could need and run without a belt on all but the longest runs!

  22. I have a pair of fun colourful striped smart wool socks that are nearly see through in the heel and toe but until a real hole forms I’ll wear them sparingly.

  23. I have a pair of C9 spiderweb design capris I wore during my first marathon that I can’t get rid of. The seams are fraying and pulling apart but I love them. They should go in the trash but the memories flood back every time I put them on. They make me feel like a badass.

  24. The one thing I can’t live without is my anti chafing stick when wearing shorts and my compression socks! Gotta take care of your skin and feet and legs!!

  25. My Saucony vest that lights up. They replaced the battery for free when it stopped working! And I love having extra pockets.

  26. My first Garmin. It doesn’t work anymore, I bought a new triathlon GPS, but for some reason, I can’t just throw the old one away.

  27. Definitely my CWX compression tights! Putting them on is the only time I experience ‘muffin-top’ , but they definitely improve my recovery after a tough or long run! I will never go back! Oh and the muffin top definitely motivates me to stay on track with my training that day!

  28. I can’t run without my Garmin 220. Although it’s a bit stingy with the miles sometimes, it seamlessly updates my running apps so we’re good.

  29. I still have my first race t-shirt — a charity 10K I ran with my dad while I was in high school (ahem, at least 2 decades ago).

  30. My first pair of Balega socks, never thought I would spend that much on socks. Worth every cent!!!! Love love love them.

  31. I am still rocking my original glove/mitt combos from my first winter running 10 years ago. There’s a hole in the finger that now conveniently allows me to work my smart phone!

  32. It’s this pair of liner socks. They are short and thin and they wick and I’ve had them since freshman year of college (!!) in 2000…ufda!! But they won’t die.

  33. I can’t seem to part with my sweaty, smelly pink and silver yurbuds strap-on iPhone case. The phone doesn’t fit right, it’s a challenge to get the earbuds plugged in. Yet it’s what I started running with, so it stays!

  34. The pair of under armour boy short undies purchased for my first half marathon and only worn for races!!! And only the long races!

  35. My first skirt sport running skirt. It was a gear upgrade from the first race I ran. Its “well loved” and a little stretchy in the waist, but I can’t seem to get rid of it.

  36. my first running skirt – it is now too big and I have to cinch that drawstring so tight that I have a “gathered waist” look going – but they were on me when I started this whole “running thing”

  37. I can’t seem to part with my first pair of running capris that are 8(!) years old. I will put them on once every 2 or so months and take them for a 3 mile jog and remember why I don’t wear them. (They have lost most their waist elasticity and fall down). I am realizing they are sentimental as I ran many of my first races in them.

  38. An old pair of Brooks shoes that basically have no sole left and have multiple holes. I just like them so much and save them for rainy days so I don’t ruin my current shoes.

  39. My Adidas Boston classics. I cannot find a single other pair of shoes that even comes close to the same comfort level and it bums me out!

  40. A pair of athleta presto shorts! They are truly too big now, but the are still my favorite. They don’t make them anymore so the drawstring is absolutely necessary to keep them up.

  41. I actually have a pair of Patagonia underwear that I wore on all my long runs while training for my first half and full marathons, 5 years ago!! I can’t bear to part with them. I took the last year off running to focus on my marriage and kids and in the meantime gained 15 pounds. I’m just getting back to running again and I’m pretty sure there is NO WAY those lucky undies are gonna fit anymore!!

  42. My arm band…I just cant find one that fits just the right way and trust me I have purchased new ones and they just aren’t the same.

  43. I’ve only been running since July, but I already have 350 miles on the first pair of sneakers I bought in October once I decided I was really a runner. They still looks so new so I’m having a hard time giving them up to upgrade.

  44. My running jacket! It’s seriously the best jacket ever, blocks the wind, snow, rain, and everything in between. It’s also a soft fabric that doesn’t make the annoying swishy sound when I run. I’m pretty sure it’s been worn every day for the past 8 years or so fall – spring, but it’s amazing and I just can’t seem to part with it….even though we all know it’s slowly losing its fabulousness.

  45. The one item I can’t part with is my 2003 NYC marathon shirt. I love it tons and although it never sees the light of day anymore as I tore it when I fell on a trail run (lots of tears for the shirt and a few for my bleeding knee), the shirt reminds me that with a little determination, I can do big things.

  46. Love my balega socks. I save them for my long run and race days and use other socks on my short run days!

  47. It has to be my overtheshoulderboulderholder I can’t run without strapping the girls in, but the cost for a bra to contain them is a bit out there, so I hang on to them as long as I can

  48. My belega socks and headset although I have to share them both with my Son! He loves my socks and seems to get to our “sock drawer” first in the morning to snab them up! I will happily share though because it has become a fun “thing” for us to joke about and have fun with. Sometime its the smallest things in life that bring us together isn’t it.

  49. I have a pair of running capris from the North Face that I got at a discount store about 10 years ago. They are faded, stretched and so thinned out they are almost see through! But I love them so much and they are still my go to!

  50. My Pittsburgh Great Race 2013 baseball cap! It was my first real race and I ran it with my Son, which was an awesome bonus!! I was so proud of both of us when we finished-and so enjoyed running around Pittsburgh. It totally was a GREAT RACE!!

  51. I have my very first pair of running shoes, the ones that got me out the door every day. I honestly just can’t part with them because they got me started on my journey!

  52. I love my Soleus watch. It does a great job of keeping track of my time and I don’t kill my phone running a GPS app.

  53. I’ve got a few pairs of Balegas that I’ve had since I started running a year and a half ago (so not so old!). They’ve got a few holes and are threadbare, but I still love them!

  54. Oh my- my very first pair of running-specific socks! I bought them in 2011 at the expo of my first half marathon (yikes, that’s an old pair of socks!) and for a while they were my only pair of running socks. For a long time, I wore them for every race and ever training run that I felt needed a “lucky boost.” They’re thinning, faded and bloodstained, they disgust my husband, they’ve been replaced by newer pairs…but I just can’t throw them out!

  55. Any of my Tasc brand running gear-I have capris, shorts, shirts, tanks…they are fantastic in the hot south and are my go to clothing, especially for my long runs!

  56. My first pair of Balega socks . I don’t which model they are but they are my go to for every half that I run. They’re my lucky socks.. they make me feel powerful even if I’m running like a turtle…….

  57. I have a pair of Asics EverySport Shorts 2 that I LOVE and can’t part with – so hard to find this style 🙁

  58. I have an old athleta running skort that I keeo coming back to. The compression shorts underneath fit just right! I’ve worn it for so many races!

  59. First off… “A sputterer” Me too!! It’s good to know I’m not the only one. 🙂

    My sports bra is my must have. I’m blessed and when I bought my first sturdy $50 bra for running I knew I’d never go back to anything less sturdy. The ache was gone and I didn’t have to smash down my chest.

    When I got a pair of Balega socks in an AMR swag bag they became my favorite socks for running. Amazing.

  60. I can’t part ways with the first tech race shirt that I earned 7 years ago. It’s an unflattering shade of green, but it tells me, You go, girl! every time I wear it.

  61. I have a quarterzip from at least 10 years ago that I still wear on the regular. The color has totally changed over the years but it is the perfect length and mix of being not tight and not too loose.

  62. I have an old pair of running shorts….they are threadbare and absolutely worn out, but soooo comfy. Can’t bare to part ways!

  63. My first pair of “proper” running shoes. Even though they are stability shoes and u don’t need that level of support now, I still keep them and putter around in them.

  64. I can not part with my hydration belt. It’s definitely become my safety net. I even take it on short runs (just in case). It also helps hold my cheap running bottoms up.

  65. I can’t seem to part with my running shorts from four years ago 😉 they are getting pretty tattered, but I LOVE them!! They were my first “running gear” purchase years ago, besides my first pair of Brooks! I don’t like to part with my running gear….

  66. I can’t believe I am admitting to this, but I love my Saucony running shoes so much, I put roughly 25 to 30 miles a week in them, and i haven’t bought a new pair in…i can’t admit when or someone on here will hunt me down and force me to give them up. I do keep having babies and retire them when pregnant…so they aren’t that overused!!! I don’t run as fast in anything else, honest!!!

  67. I cannot part with the handheld water bottle I bought when my long runs became long enough to require hydration…but that’s only because my kids have claimed it as theirs, and occasionally I’ll find the lid floating in dog’s water.

  68. Hmmm… I don’t think I could ever part with my running hat. Luckily it’s washable. But it keeps my hair out of my face, the sun out of my eyes; I’d wear it indoors if I thought I wouldn’t get strange looks.

  69. I have the best Northface running/wind vest that a BRF gave me for my first marathon in 2001. About 4 years ago, I accidentally set it on a burning candle which promptly melted a portion of one shoulder. I still wear that thing ALL the time even with the burnout section. I set a half marathon pr in that last year on what was my 29th half! I’d have to hold a funeral service if I ever got rid of it.

  70. A lightweight running jacket I bought over 11 years ago. I cannot find another I like as much. It is perfect for the barely cold mornings in Arizona during “winter”. Unfortunately holes are springing up around the waist and the zipper is permanently zipped about 2 inches from the bottom. One day I will have to settle for a new jacket. Maybe Next year??? Again.

  71. The only thing I really can’t do without is my four-legged BRF, Barkley, my border collie. Everything else just depends on the conditions and type of run. But I can’t ever leave Barkley behind!

  72. I can’t part with the first wicking visor that I purchased 14 years ago. I haven’t heen able to find another one like it. It looks as good as it did on Day 1!

  73. My AMR Finishing=Winning shirt! Got it when I met the AMR team at a meetup – it has a few stains now, but I can’t live without it!

  74. I can’t part with one of my running shirts….my husband hates the way it smells and refuses to hug me when I wear it. But I love it 🙂

  75. An old t-shirt that now has holes and is thin as can be but softest shirt in the world and my husband hates it

  76. My MCM Brooks running socks from 2014. I wore them in my first marathon and a lot of miles after. They are super thin and can’t be worn now. But they got me through my first 26.2 miler.

  77. My smart who ol socks. I wear them on my Saturday long runs. They are see through at the ankles, but I just can’t see them go.

  78. i have the greatest pair of running capris! They always stay in place but now they are becoming thread bare 🙁 Still can’t find a good pair to replace them!

  79. I hate to run without my Flipbelt. It’s lower profile than a fanny pack and keeps the things I need (my phone, lip balm, kleenex) where I need them. For some reason, its purchase was what finally made me feel like a REAL runner.

  80. My first pair of actual running socks.. They’re showing their age but I will continue to wear them until i can’t. 🙂

  81. I cannot live without a quality pair of running tights. I like the high waisted ones that keep everything in place and they stay put too so there’s no fidgeting during my run. A great pair of running socks would rank right up there too!! Gotta keep those feet healthy to keep logging the miles.

  82. I have a pair of black capris that I have had for about eight years! I have run so many miles in them, and they held up really well, but they are starting to wear out. My favorites.

  83. I haven’t really been running long enough to have any gear that is that well-worn… I did wear a regular ol’ baseball hat for a while. It used to belong to my brother, and when I swiped it from him it was still like new. I have basically destroyed it with sweat stains and actually wearing it out in the sun where it has gotten faded almost beyond recognition. I don’t wear it running anymore (too hot!! got a breathable one ;)) but I do wear it on “dirty hair days” 🙂

  84. Some old, ratty socks with holes in the toes! I just switch the socks around so the hole is near the pinky toe and it works just fine. 🙂

  85. I have a tennis ball that I can’t do without. It hits massages the spots that the foam roller can’t quite reach. Ahhhh!

  86. Oh my goodness – I have a (ratty!) T-shirt that I’ve put in the Goodwill bag twice only to pull it out when I need something ‘comfortable’ and pretty (it’s a strong pink with some subtle rhinestone work LOL) So thin and soft (washed 100s of times! )

  87. My Garmin Forerunner 305. The band is falling apart – I have a ponytail holder wrapped around the band to keep it down! It’s huge on my wrist. I joke that it looks like I’m wearing a TV on my arm. But it’s recorded every mile since I started running. 3 marathons, 7 half marathons, and countless other races and runs.

  88. I have a old pair of running shorts pre 2006 that barely stay on, but I LOVE THEM! As long as the drawstring holds…

  89. A pair of pink running socks that are almost threadbare and my water vest that is hugely stretched out! Ran all of my first longer distances with these.

  90. An old pair of green running socks. First pair I ever bought. Can’t wear them anymore (the toes are totally worn through) but I can’t seem to part with them.

  91. I learned how to become a runner in a pair of Vibrams. I loved them so much that even after all the lawsuits I continued to wear them. I have had them for 8 years, I don’t wear them anymore but they always make me feel like a runner when I look at them.

  92. I have a pair of shorts that I’ve had for years, they are faded and probably look terrible but they don’t ride up, they’re not too long and not too short and they even have a pocket. Doesn’t seem like I’ll be getting rid of them anytime soon.

  93. A dry fit long sleeve T that I got at the Nike Women’s Half Marathon 2010. It is so soft and comfy. But it permenantly stinks because I have worn it so much. I still can’t get rid of it though.

  94. It’s almost time to put them away for the season, but I love my Saucony running glove/mittens… The ones that have the flap over the glove fingers to turn it into mittens. I love that I can start out with the glove and mitten on when I’m still cold then pop off the mitten part when my hands start to get warm but it’s still the dead of winter & too cold to go without anything.

  95. An pumpkin orange sweatshirt from my first marathon. It’s terribly unflattering but it’s getting worn out because I love it and makes me so happy when I wear it.

  96. My beaten up 2 year old sports bra- my favorite and I always feel like I am going to have a good run when I put it on.

  97. My Sof Sole socks that I got in my goody bag when I attended one of your mother runner parties a couple of years ago. They are so soft!

  98. An orange knockoff replica soccer jersey from the 1998 men’s Dutch National team….why???’s like I can’t let go of my distant soccer roots! At least it’s not 100% cotton, lol

  99. I’ve got lots of stuff I love, but I’m not so attacted to it. if it smells? it goes. if it doesn’t breathe? it goes. I’ve dumped several awesome race shirts because I hate to wear them.

  100. My 4 year old white and pink flowered Lululemon skiort-I spent my birthday money on that skirt-it was my first time in there ever. It’s lost its leg band gripy-ness, a seam is falling is not quite as white as it used to look but I love this skort like an old pair of jeans!

  101. My first mizuno wave rider 16s. First half marathon shoes and just can’t seem to throw them away 2 years later.

  102. Must say, it is my balega socks. Once getting my pair in the marathon challenge, I won’t run without them. A good pair of socks does make a huge difference!!! Thanks for the introduction AMR.

  103. I have one sports bra that I cannot part with – it’s my absolute favourite. It’s coming apart at the seams, but I always reach for it when it’s clean (and sometimes when it’s only a bit clean). Luckily ‘support’ is not necessarily at the top of my list of bra requirements, if you know what I mean!

  104. I definitely have a sports bras circa 2002. I am pretty sure the bra lady at the running store ladies night was appalled when I told her.

  105. I have a baseball cap that’s been “retired” from running but I don’t have the heart to get rid of it. It was there with my first run so how can I say goodbye to it?

  106. My phone armband. Best invention ever! I can’t live without my tunes or my tracker that tells me my pace, distance, etc.

  107. Got one of my fav t-shirts from Another Mother Runner at the hershey Half marathon expo. I can’t get rid of t-shirts, tech shirts, race shirts…..I have a problem.

  108. I have a certain shirt from a race that I did well (for me) at that I like to wear at races when I doubt my capabilities. It reminds me I can do it.

  109. I have some running shirts that are yellowing (they were once white) but still love to wear them because they remind me of the beginning of this crazy adventure I’m on.

  110. My first SweatyBand (it’s a runDisney one) because I bought it when being able to run was a wish/dream. It still reminds me & inspires me.

  111. I just found your podcast and blog and love them! ❤️ I have a few things I can’t part with…my VS sports bras and favorite capris.

  112. I still have my first pair of real running shoes that got me through my first half marathon and cemented my love for running. They hang in my room, with my medal.

  113. I have a very old sports bra I used when I used to march drum corp. Though the elastic is gone, I still put it on once a week thinking I’m still 20 years old!

  114. I cannot even think about not having my orange and white BAMR visor. Every time I wash it, I hope it is not “the wash” that does it in!

  115. One of my running things I can’t part with…just one?!?!? My Smartwool winter running socks. They helped me survive winter running…2nd would be my Nightrunner lights that also helped me make it through dark winter running. 🙂

  116. My favorite pair of super soft orange running shorts from Oiselle. They fit perfectly, they’ve never chafed and been with me for many MANY miles, and I simply love the color and design.

  117. I do have to say I love my old pair of Nike running shorts. They fit just perfect right around my waist! Would love to add the Balega socks to my favorites when running!! 🙂

  118. My running shirt that promotes finding a cure for type 1 diabetes in honor of my son! Wear it every race!

  119. My four legged running buddy is the best running accessory I have. He gets me moving on days that I would rather not go. Also, I still have the first pair of nice running socks a friend gave me. I didn’t believe they could make that much difference but I’ve now been converted

  120. I have an old pair of Nike running shorts that must be at least 10 years old. Even though I’m no longer that size I still get them out and wear them. I love the feel of their silky fabric. And the are still feel light as a feather.

  121. I have a pair of Sugoi Midzero running tights that I’ve had for ~15 years! They were perfect for Canadian winter when I bought them; after hundreds of washes, they’re now perfect for early spring or el nino winters! 😉

  122. Just started running last year. Haven’t gotten rid of anything yet….but my favorite under armour socks have a hole in the toe. I have quite a few items that I purchased this year that I should weed out…like tights that won’t stay up (maybe I’ve lost weight? !)

  123. I’ve held on to my first pair of running shoes for sentimental value even though they are worn. A somewhat yucky reminder of where I started.

  124. A polka dot headband! I bought it about 7 years ago and cannot part with it. I keep thinking I’ll find another one I love, but I never do. It’s getting pretty gross, but I still wear it!

  125. What an amazing giveaway. For a person who is currently in a nasty PF flair up, and have dealt with it off and on for 20 years, insoles and the roller would be greatly appreciated. Love the socks too….great fit!

  126. Oh my gosh, I have a huge collection of running hats and I can’t part with ANY of them. They all have different memories for me. Some of them are downright nasty (think white hat turned yellow with sweat/stink/rankness) but I can’t say goodbye!

  127. Tough one.. My lucky hat that is so stiff from all the salt and sweat over the years! Can’t bring myself to wash it or toss it u love it so much 🙂

  128. My Garmin. I bought a used one thinking I’d just give it to my mom and never need it. Decided to try it for one or two runs yet, now I can’t leave without it. Sorry mom!

  129. I have a fleece pullover that my kids really want me to ditch. They say I am attached to it like a kid to his blank i.e. But it never fails to warm and comfort me during or after a chilly run.

  130. The capris/skirt that I ran my first marathon in. They stink to high heavens and I never wear them anymore, but I can’t get rid of them!

  131. The tech shirt from the group I trained with for my first attempt at the 1/2 marathon…injury stalled that effort but I came back the next year to complete the goal. That shirt reminds to just keep picking myself back up and trying again!

  132. I have a sports bra I love, I had another just like it that I had to toss about a month ago because I couldn’t get the funk out. I am hoping the last can make it.

  133. My first pair of dri-fit socks – Nike brand – given to me at my first sprint tri. It was raining and lightening while we were racking our gear (a borrowed bike for me!), waiting to see if the race was called, and the lady next to me noticed my very soggy, very novice cotton socks. She reached into her bag and gave me her brand new extra socks along with some great advice. The race turned into a bike/run, but I never forgot how included that made me feel in a situation that was easy to be intimidated. I always bring those socks with me as good luck and pack a new pair of my current favorites to share with another racer! I love this running/tri tribe! Best people ever!!

  134. A pair of Fila performance capri’s that I “borrowed” from my oldest many, many moons ago. They are well worn and have mystery stains but I keep them in rotation because my phone fits in the butt pocket perfectly.

  135. I still have one of my first race shirts. It’s my “fast shirt” haha. It has a permanent nasty sweat smell to go along with the nasty sweat stains in the pits. I wear it to all of my races. It’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.

  136. My very first race shirts are holy (and not in the church way), but I just can’t seem to part with them because the designs are so cool and they have sentimental value.

  137. I can’t get rid of my oversized running shorts. I have lost weight since becoming a regular runner and I don’t know why it’s so hard to accept that I am a different size now. (Socks are hard to throw away, too!)

  138. Some of my very first non-cotton running shirts are now too big (woo hoo!) but I can’t get rid of them either! Now saving them for a future pregnancy so I won’t stretch out my current favorite shirts!

  139. I have a green nike ball cap which I wore when I walked/jogged my first marathon ~ I’ve done many half marathons since ~ I hold onto that stinkin’ cap because one day PERHAPS THIS YEAR I intend to wear that cap as I RUN my first marathon (10 years later!). And there’s the tennis shoes I wore to walk/jog that marathon too ~ they carried me, I can’t toss’em (*I don’t wear them)!

  140. I’ve had the same pair of Nike cold weather tights with a super wide waist band that still do a great job of holding me in!

  141. I have a few headbands (like my BAMR one) that have no stretch left in the elastic, but I just can’t part with them!

  142. I love my brooks glycerine
    When I roam they draw me back
    Havnt met a better shoe for these IRONMOM Running feet…the foam roller is my frenemy!!! And good running socks are a must balega for sure!!!hot pink ones make me happy!!! Happy Running!

  143. I still have my first running hat. It is the most comfortable to me… Can’t seem to replace it. Have bought quite a few since but is the one that I always wear.

  144. Hmmmm…..some of my favourite sports bras have been hanging around a loooooong time! I don’t have much to hold up and they were pretty good quality so I guess that combination has made them last!

  145. My Nike Women’s Marathon finisher tee shirt from 2008. It’s all faded and no longer soft, but I still wear it sometimes!

  146. I just can’t part with my first running hat. It fits my abnormally small head perfectly. When it started to come apart, I had my friend sew it back together. It’s the best hat ever!

  147. I can’t part with the shoes I ran my first half marathon in. Well, I’ll be honest I ran my first everything in those shoes, 5K, 10K, half.

  148. I cannot bear to part with my first running capris (2 identical pairs, bought at the same time). They are actually still in great shape, but I’ve lost a LOT of weight; they are now at least two sizes too big and therefore the “compression” they once offered is now null. Sorry/not sorry about that!

  149. Oh that’s so tough but I swear by having a good sports bra…and of course, good running shoes. The other stuff is definitely a “need” but you got to start with a solid foundation. 🙂

  150. I still have my Baby Boot Camp tech hat. Without this group of amazing Moms, I never would have run my first half and full marathon.

  151. A pair of running pants for colder weather- they are starting to really fray so don’t wear them much- but they are the perfect weight for a colder day – not too hot, not too bulky… Some no name brand but my favorite pair!

  152. I’ve had a pair of running shorts for longer than I can remember (10 yrs? Maybe 15?). They are dorky looking but soon comfortable and no between the thigh chafing!

  153. I can’t part with my first pair of running shoes.. or my second. They are so old and just all sitting in a box in my basement. Not sure why I can’t part with them. I have gotten rid of more recent pairs but that first and second pair I can’t get rid of.

  154. My Gortex winter running jacket I bought in college (10-15 yrs ago). It was a lot of money for me at the time but it has kept me warm through many miles.

  155. I have 2 Champion sports bras that I have had for years! The elastic is not like it used to be, but I still love them. And they don’t chafe like my new ones.

  156. Believe it or not, I still have my very first pair of Brooks Running shoes from 2010. I keep them in my car for “emergencies”. I just can’t part with them!

  157. I have a pair of purple capris that I love even though they are a bit too big and don’t have a drawstring. I keep them because the color makes me happy.

  158. My first running skirt. One of these days it’s gonna slide right off my rear due to waning elastic – but I haven’t found another I like as much!

  159. I seem to hold on to everything…I have a few pairs of shorts that are not much to look at, but I still wear; winter gear that has gotten too thin to actually be warm and is too big; and pretty much every tank I’ve ever bought.

  160. A pair of Red running shoes I bought over 10 years ago. I never wear them but I love their look. Why do they have to change colors/styles every months?

  161. It is a tie between my first pair of running shoes ( since been relocated to garden work) and my iPhone holder. I feel naked without it

  162. My first real pair of running shoes: Brooks Adrenaline…no longer run in them but they have been relegated to mowing the lawn duty.

  163. I have an adorable pink running dress I bought a few year ago. I’ve since lost weight so it doesn’t really fit anymore and the built-in bra does nothing but it is too cute to get rid of it!

  164. The shirt I received from the very first race I entered. It is now tattered and stained, but I can still make out the words, “Turkey Trot, Richmond, VA 2008”. This shirt shows me how far I have come in a few short years. I may no longer wear it often, but it won’t leave my possession ever.

  165. My mom went to the Nike store while on a trip to Oregon, and brought me back a sports bra that was on clearance. I loved it so much, I tried purchasing another on their website, but could not find it anywhere. I’ve been holding on to it for about 9 years, and have no plans of retiring it!

  166. I started running about three years ago and I still have two or three of my first running tanks. They just hang out at the bottom of the drawer. I can’t part with them yet!

  167. A shirt with a quote from John “the Penguin” Bingham. “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is I had the courage to start”. Shirt is old and stained, not getting rid of it as it characterized my adult onset running

  168. I am still hanging on to the very first long sleeve technical shirt that I ever owned as a runner. It was actually a gift. It is very plain (solid beige) and I don’t really wear it but I also cannot bear to donate or toss it… Sentimental fool!

  169. I have two Nike tech shirts that are getting to the point where they’re so threadbare, they are bordering on being non-existent. But I heart them!

  170. These days, it’s my 2 baseball-style running hats. LOVE them!
    These days, it’s my 2 baseball-style running hats. LOVE them!

  171. The first pair of running capris I bought when I first started running (almost 7 years ago). They are ripped, but I can’t bear to part with them.

  172. I have a couple sports bras that I have been wearing for longer than I would like to admit. I only just replaced one of them because it started biting me in the back during my runs! Mean ol’ bra.

  173. My favorite running visor–it is stinky when wet (sweaty) but is so much more comfortable than my other “replacement” visors.

  174. I cannot part with one of my first pair of Saucony running capris They are in my fave color, comfy, practical zipper pocket and I bought on sale! 🙂

  175. A hat I got from an Athleta sponsored race 4 years ago. I have a small head, hats are hard to find that look ok, but I’m most comfortable wearing a hat when I run. It’s getting very gray, rather than white, but it looks good on my pin-head and bright yellow designs – makes me smile in the dark, early morning.

  176. I can’t part with my race shirts. Even though most of them chafe me or don’t fit quite right, each one symbolizes an accomplishment. Maybe I just need to take a picture of them and then set them free.

  177. I cannot part with my favorite fleece-lined tights from Lululemon. They are so cozy and have many running memories attached but they are getting so thin it’s almost obscene. Good thing I mostly run in the dark!

  178. I keep ALL my running shirts. It is a nice reminder of the runs I have done…I have thought about having a quilt made using them but don’t want to cut them up!

  179. My first Skirt Sports t-shirt. It’s totally pitted out and gross. But it says Don’t Sweat It and it makes me feel like a superhero.

  180. I too learned about the comfort of balega socks. I love them! But every once in a while I see my cotton socks with a logo I love I got first and I have to wear them. I curse myself after a few miles and say I will never do it again….

  181. I cannot part with a C9 sports bra. It carried me (literally) through two marathons and no amount of washing will get the funk out of it, but it’s so comfortable.

  182. I have the hardest time replacing shoes. I find a pair I love and then run in them all past their usefulness! I also still have all my track shirts from high school but those are just sentimental value!

  183. My favorite pair of shorts! I’ve had them for years and have never chafed in them (knock on wood). I always wear them for my long runs and races. I know when the time comes for their journey to end, I will have to give them a proper goodbye. But until then, we’ll have many happy miles!

  184. I can’t part with my soft soft Balega socks. I will do even the smallest wash load, so they will be ready to wear again on my next run! One other item I can’t seem to do without is my white rain jacket… I will wear it till it is June… 🙂

  185. I’ve got a pair of tights I’ve had for more years than I care to admit. They’re not see-through (yet) but they definitely have a lot more stretch than they probably should!

  186. My lightweight jacket with a pocket for my phone! Any week now, the weather’s going to get too warm for me to wear it, and I don’t know what I’ll do. I don’t like armbands, and now that I’ve run all winter with my phone in a pocket, carrying it in my hand seems like such a burden.

  187. The shirt I got from my first half-marathon — totally worn out, faded, and probably doesn’t smell good even after it’s been washed.

  188. I can’t part with my armband that holds my phone and gel and sometimes my pepper spray. It is really starting to look worn out but it is my favorite. I do love me some socks! I love new socks but have a hard time parting with the old socks. When I can no longer run in them then they become my roam around the house socks.

  189. I still have a pair of tights from my college rowing days. They have to stretch a little more than they used to, but still super soft and comfy for cold weather runs- Even after 20+ years.

  190. My race shirts. Sometimes I tell myself I can part with at least some of them and then I come to the realization that was a lie.

  191. I have a white Suogi zip-up long-sleeved top that gets me through every winter. It has a really terrible gray discoloration on one shoulder now from some laundry accident. But it works so well to keep me warm, I can’t part with it until it falls completely apart.

  192. I can’t live without my Garmin Fenix 2 watch. It allows me to seamlessly transition from a run/trail run to a bike ride and upload everything to Strava. Such a lifesaver!

  193. I love the SofSole socks I got from an AMR house party years ago. I’ve continued to buy SofSole socks, but the ones you gave out a few years ago were gloriously sturdy. They are getting pretty grimy, but I still use them for long runs.

  194. Two items I cannot part with: my favorite running socks that are no longer in production and my favorite sports bra. Both should probably be replaced, but they’re just so comfy that I can’t bring myself to do it.

  195. As someone who is plagued by sensitive feet I seem to be prone to blisters. Until I got my first pair of Smart Wool socks that is! I can’t even begin to describe what a difference these have made for my feet. They’re expensive, but totally worth it and I have slowly been working to replace all of my cotton socks with these. I never run without them and my feet thank me!

  196. I have a lucky running top that has been worn in all 15 of my marathons. I can’t part with it even though it is getting worn out.

  197. When it comes to my running gear and races I am very superstitious with what I wear, but I do replace things. The one thing that comes to mind that I cannot replace is my first 10K long sleeve shirt. There was a lottery to get in the race and they actually pulled my ticket. I was so nervous we had to get bussed to the starting line. I remember wearing a garbage bag for the first few miles due to rain and after that I said screw it and ripped it off. I remember the last 1/4 mile we had to go straight up hill, but we could see this huge American flag after that there was the finish line and I could see my husband with my baby son in his stroller (incidentally my son is almost 17 now). Needless to say I cannot get rid of the shirt. It has been washed so much that the print is so faded you cannot read it along with very thing spots. Still good though, I think I will keep it.

  198. The long-sleeve tee shirt from my H.S. cross country team, my (maiden) name is peeling off the back but I love it so much. I still wear it almost every week, its so comfy and brings up great memories!

  199. I can’t do without a my water bottle. I carry it with me everywhere. I get dehydrated very easily. It reminds me to drink. I have water bottles in several colors.

  200. I don’t have an emotional attachment to any of my gear. I still have pretty old (15+ years) stuff but I will happily dispose of it when it is no longer useful.

  201. Sports bras. I don’t need much support, if you get my drift. So I feel like they still work decent long after I should likely be using them.

  202. The pair of Saucony Mirage’s that I ran my first marathon in, and I am betting I won’t get rid of the current Saucony Mirage’s either: broke my ankle training for my second marathon in them — rolled on a black walnut on a 20-mile training run, and now, almost five months later am clawing my way back. I will keep them as a reminder to never, ever take running for granted.

  203. It’s tough to think of something I can’t do without. I’m not being humble, I just have a lot of stuff, and none of it’s irreplaceable, although some items are essential–as a full-figured runner I need a bra that’s more a carefully engineered piece of equipment than an item of clothing. Right now the front runner (no pun intended, but if it works, it works) is my Panache Ultimate Maximum Control Sports bra. If something happened to it I’d have to get another fast. I have a few others that will do in a pinch. The Panache may not be the best looking or the most comfortable, but it’s the best for me for running.

  204. I have a pair of socks that I love to wear in the winter that I just can’t retire. You can essentially see through them at the heels, but I won’t let them go just yet!

  205. Shoes. I hate to admit that I still have almost every pair of running shoes I’ve bought since I started running 7 years ago. They line a wall in my basement and my husband threatens they will be gone. I buy different colors so I always have cute shoes to wear with any outfit. I did donate one pair after a Tough Mudder, I need to get rid of more! Especially since I have a heel strike and wasn’t good at replacing shoes in the beginning.

  206. My first pair of Saucony running/bike shorts. The elastic is pretty much shot meaning there is no compression whatsoever but I trained for my first half marathon in them in 2013. I can’t bare the thought of parting ways with them. I mean, they did keep my thighs from chafing!

  207. I bought two pairs of Fila running shorts the first summer after I started running. They were the first shorts with built in undies, and the shortest pair of shorts I have ever owned. Still are.

  208. I just can’t get rid of race tshirts – even ones I don’t like and have never worn. It is a huge issue. I just need to purge.

  209. My first running shirt that I bought for myself two years ago when I became “a real runner”. It is getting worn and has nubbies from my running belt but it is purple (may favorite color)!

  210. I have had the same running shell jacket since my undergraduate university days (and, that might be approaching 2 decades soon…). It was the first specialized running item I purchased, other than shoes. I just replaced it this year, but still wear it sometimes because its so comfortable and familiar.

  211. My iPod Nano – 1st generation. It’s 10 years old but still works well enough so I can download the AMR podcasts to take on my runs.

  212. Two things: a pair of tights I’ve had since high school (and I turn the big 4-0 this year) and my first pair of really good socks – they’re woolly but soft, Warm, dry fast, and cover my ankles. And they have a hole on the bottom of one foot.

  213. I have a sports bra that I got when I was in college. I am now 38 years old. I’ll let you run the numbers on that one. Its longevity has slowly gone from a funny thing to an amazing thing to sort of a mystical thing. And while its race day status is long (long) past, I feel like I’ll have to make it into a pillow before I throw it out. It’s been there for me longer than most of my human friends.

  214. A Moving Comfort running skirt! It’s getting worn out but it is my go to skirt for races because it has pockets on the outside side which are easy to access!

  215. My first pair of “real” running capris… They are an old pair of Nike’s, that are still so soft and so comfortable. The left knee has holes in it though, from one time when I tripped over a curb and fell on a run when I was chasing after some kitties. (Let me love you!) I haven’t worn them in years, but I cannot bring myself to part with them!

  216. I cannot part with my first pair of Nike Tempo Running shorts that I bought ~9 years ago. After I started running I went and bought these REAL RUNNING SHORTS (no longer cotton undies and regular target brand gym shorts for me) and it was an important day! They smell like they’ve had 9 summers of wear, so I pretty much only wear them for yardwork now, but I can’t part with them!

  217. I’ve only been running a year so nothing is very old yet. But I used to power walk charity marathons (the Moonwalk in London and Edinburgh) and I still have that white socks I wore for those. Even wear them occasionally!

  218. My pink sports bra. There’s no way in the world I can run without it. Once I forgot to change bras before a run…those first few seconds of jogging sent me right back home to change!

  219. I have a pair of purple running socks that I wear for every race. I have other socks I wear on non-race day. Purple is my favorite color and in our area it’s hard to find them.

  220. My white Nike hat. I’ve tried looking for other hats, but I’ve had it ever since I began running. I don’t know what I’ll do when it falls apart. It stays on during wind, rain, etc. It’s my one thing I wear no matter what.

  221. My 15 year old pair of Nike running shorts are THE BEST. They are long enough to cover my rear and then some, and blousey enough that I can sit down in them and not cut off my thigh circulation. I feel covered throughout any run. It’s been hard to find shorts that fit like this so when I got a pair for my birthday that were similar, it meant I had two pairs of running shorts. I’m sure my running friends are relieved.

  222. A pink running hat my mom got for me – my mom, sister and I all wore matching ones for the 2011 Disney Princess half-marathon. It has seen better days, and I have purchased a bunch of hats since then. But it’s still my go-to.

  223. A black Amphipod hydration belt. I’ve had had it for years and it is falling apart. I’d replace it, but the company has changed the style and their new versions don’t fit my waist and continuously slide up on me. The Velcro on my belt was tearing off, so a friend sewed it back on. Then it tore off again, so my friend replaced it with WHITE Velcro. It looks pretty shabby.

  224. I have a champion long sleeve shirt that’s definitely on the smelly side but the stretchy long sleeves with thumb holes are just too perfect for cold weather running. I can’t part with it.

  225. I’ll never be able to part with my first Twin Cities Marathon Finisher shirt. It was from 2013 and it’s neon green. Like so many light color tech shirts, the pits have gotten a dingy color. Generally I toss my shirts as soon as I see that, but I can’t toss this one.

  226. I cannot part with my favorite tights. They may be ten years old and a little worn around the ankle but they have the perfect compression and th perfect fit.

  227. My old white & turquoise Saucony Triumph 10s. They keep getting demoted. Running- then walking- then only running errands- then snowshoe running shoes – now only for gardening. I have other old shoes but can’t let these go….

  228. I cannot part with my original Headsweats sun visor. Its just comfy. I have had to sew it together a few times. I also have replaced it with a few others.But, I usually grab it when I need an extra boost to get out the door and run. Ha Ha. It has taken me over many miles and has always been there like a good running friend that always shows up. I always wear a visor while running. Hats are too much since I have thick long hair.

  229. Love my running hat, a white “Manhattan Cross Country Club” hat that I “stole” from my husband 5 years ago when I started running! It keeps the sun out of my eyes, and I can pile my hair up underneath it when it’s really hot and I want to get it off my neck.

  230. a nike tank that I’ve had for 6 years. I don’t think they make it any more, but it is just so perfect (kinda smelly tho)

  231. My first real running bra. It doesn’t fit quite right anymore,t he velcro is weak so a strap goes flying every once in awhile but it’s has “supported” me through so much, I don’t want to get rid of it.

  232. A pair of compression capris that I tore a hole in the knee in a spartan race, they were too pricey to get rid of. Still wear them

  233. Some of my favorite race shirts won’t leave my closet! I don’t wear them any more but I just can’t part with them. Not sure why. Don’t have a good reason. They just never make to the “get rid of pile”.

  234. About the only thing I can’t run without and wouldn’t give up is my spi-belt. I carry my phone in it. Just got to have my music and I don’t like it on my arm!

  235. I can’t part with my balega socks, they keep my feet blister free. It is time for replacements as they are showing wear. Would love to win this CONTEST !!

  236. My technical tee from the first half marathon I ever ran. It is old and a few sizes big but I will not part with it.

  237. I finally had to ditch them but it was hard to let go of a pair of bamboo socks I won from a local Turkey Trot. Would love to try those Balegas…

  238. I have a race shirt from my first Chicago marathon that I cannot part with. A few weeks ago, I crashed my bike while wearing it. It is now mud stained and there’s a hole in the sleeve. But I washed it and affectionately put it back in my running drawer. To be worn again….

  239. My “Running is Cheaper than Therapy” long-sleeved shirt. It’s pretty corny, but since I’m a therapist, it’s great! Also, it reminds me of my dear friend who was with me when I bought it and who lives too far away!

  240. My one pair of Balega socks that I received from a meet up with Dimity at Lucky Foot in Richmond VA. No other socks compare and when I have a race scheduled that week, I save my Balega socks for it! My local stores only care the guy versions and these are women specific and they fit me perfectly! My almost 50 year old feet cry when they don’t get to wear the Balegas!

  241. My first half marathon was a relay and I made shirts for our team. This pink cotton bedazzled shirt still hangs in my closet. I don’t think I’ll ever part with it.

  242. For me it’s one of my running hats. It is a Brook’s hat that says, “Run Happy.” It’s a white hat so it had little hope of staying nice to begin with but now it looks a stained up mess. I wear it anyway. The brim is the perfect length to keep out the sun and the rain.

  243. I cannot part with my first pair of running shoes. Their bright red color often winks at me when I’m digging into my closet. They were $78 and a real indulgence for me back when I took on my first 10K.

  244. I finally had to get rid of some original running shorts because the elastic gave out. They had rub marks from the running leash I used with the first dog I had as an adult.

  245. I have a number of items I can’t part with, but my favorite has to be my first race t-shirt. I trained and ran that first race (Crazylegs) in Madison JUST FOR THE SHIRT, promising everyone that when I got the shirt, I would be done running. Eight years later, 20 or so half marathons, a full, seven Crazylegs races, and numerous 5ks later I’m still going. The shirt started it all.

  246. I have about 10 pairs of used up running shoes that have seen me through training and races, I just can’t seem to part with them.

  247. I have an old pair of Balega socks a friend gave me to lift my spirits when my mom died. Only a true running friend could appreciate how wonderful that gift was. Every time I put them on I have warm feelings about my mom and my friend.

  248. I have a running hat that I love. I have others of the same model in different colors..but I can’t find this color anymore and it was the hat I wore when I qualified for Boston. The brim separated from the rest of the hat, and it’s currently glued together but I can’t seem to throw it out and still wear it!

  249. I cannot live without my fuel belt, it hold everything from my phone, water and even hotdogs for my pup who runs with me.
    It is the best.

  250. I still have the first fuel belt I bought. Its sort of falling apart and I don’t love it but I haven’t found anything else that I like more so I just keep using it.

  251. My winter fleece-lined running pants. I’ve had them forever and the fit is definitely out of style, but they keep me toasty on those 10 degree morning runs!

  252. I have this pair of shorts that are pretty old. They’re nothing special really (though the pockets are nice!) They hold a lot of sentimental value though. I got them for my birthday one year when life was hard and it seemed everything had fallen apart. They remind me that I can get through anything, and that I can do hard things. I wore them when I did my (only so far) half marathon, and boy was it hard!

  253. I still have the shorts I wore when I ran my first marathon nearly 20 years ago. I was also wearing them when my husband proposed to me at the finish line of my 3rd marathon.

  254. My very first pair of little Nike 2.5″ tight shorty shorts. It took me a long time to be brave enough to wear them all by themselves, and I felt like a complete BAMR when I did! I’ve bought newer ones since the originals have hit that magic point of achieving a little transparency, but the original pair still sits in my drawer. (Hey, they still work just fine under things!)

  255. My first pair of “real” running socks that have two slippery layers to prevent blisters. They are so old I can’t read the brand anymore. It felt decadent back then, when my now adult children were little, to pay what seemed like an exorbitant amount of money for socks designed for one activity!

  256. I have a pair of compression socks from runningskirts that I have deemed my lucky socks. They are white with a pink heart on the side. If I wear them to a race, I’m sure to run like the wind (and look cute doing it). They are circa 2011.

  257. I have the same black nike running hat that I’ve worn for since I started running 6+ years ago. It’s been sweat on and washed countless times but it doesn’t matter how worn and old it is. Every time I put it on, my mind zeros in on running. I feel fierce and fast. I feel ready to go!!

  258. This lady can’t live without her balega socks. I purposely buy girly colors so the hubs doesn’t “borrow” them. Like running on a cloud, folks!! 😉

  259. I’m not really attached to any running gear either–there’s nothing better than needing to buy cute new running stuff because the old stuff is worn out! 🙂

  260. A Nike Drifit t-shirt I got 12 years ago while working at the University of Vermont. The logo on the front is flaking off but it’s still one of the few t-shirts I wear running.

  261. Has to be my Smart Wool running socks! I have darned them a couple of times…..I’ve had them for 7 years! That’s also my first pair of running socks. Can’t get rid of them 🙂

  262. As a fellow Queen Sputter er, I can’t live w/o my Balega socks! I got them w/my first pair of real running shoes and I refuse to wear anything on race day. Balega socks or death!

  263. Gosh, I’ve been running for so long and thank goodness have transitioned from sweats to tech wear which I love, but I do still have and wear a pair of spandex Champion biking shorts I bought on sale for $5 for one of my kids when they were in high school for soccer practice. They’re my go to shorts in early spring and late fall.

  264. Haha! I don’t have any gear that I am attached to. I always think that giving away items just makes more room in my closet for new ones!

  265. My first real pair of Balega running socks. They are now a light brown color instead of white haha! But they still feel the most comfortable.

  266. Can’t do without my first ever long sleeve Sugoi Dri-fit shirt- a 10 year or so old reliable shirt I wear to fall/winter races. Also, a couple of Adidas pocket shorts. Why don’t they make shorts with full pockets anymore?!

  267. I have a ratty old hat that says “Run Girl Run.” I am pretty sure I bought it at the Flying Pig Expo in 2008 or 2009. The material is splitting off the brim. It’s stained. But I haven’t found another hat that I find as comfortable. I have it in my gym bag right now.

  268. I have all my old race shirts, they are almost ready to sew together into a quilt! I also keep race bibs… I need to come up with a creative way to show them off too 🙂

  269. I have two sports bras that I haven’t managed to get rid of yet…neither of them is especially functional, thanks to bent hooks. They’re like my bottom of the drawer underwear…I could wear one if I got desperate, but otherwise they’re just taking up space.

  270. I still have my first marathon shirt from 1999. It’s cotton and ill fitting. I never wear it, but it has a picture of the twin towers and I wouldn’t ever part with it.

  271. A ratty old long sleeve cotton shirt from a 1988(!) marathon my husband did. I wear it over a short sleeve tech tee to keep my arms warm at the start of my run, especially this time of year. Once I’m warmed up, I take it off and tie it around my waist.

  272. My very moving comfort first sports bra from about 6 years ago. The metal clasps are rusted and all mangled from multiple washes, but I just can’t get rid of it. It has seen me through lots of training and racing. At least I am up to date on my tetnus shot:)

  273. My amphiPod belt. Holds an iPhone (even the new huge ones!) a dozen gels and keys. It’s like a Mary Poppins bag for runners!

  274. I have a green long sleeve shirt that is just the right weight to wear as a top layer in a race. I bought the shirt at the Chicago marathon expo in 2001! I’ve worn it during at least 5 marathons and many, many half marathons. It’s probably time for a new shirt.

  275. I once heard (maybe even on the podcast!) that a sports bra should never live to see its first birthday. Maybe I’m just cheap, but I could never part with a good sports bra so quickly.

  276. It would probably be my favorite pair of Asics distance running shorts. They are so light weight, have multiple pockets and I get compliments all the time. My only regret is I only have 1 pair!!

  277. I have a purple tshirt that has been with me through thick and thin. It’s pretty faded and fits on the baggy side but I don’t see me giving it up anytime soon!

  278. I have a blue Brooks long sleeve technical shirt that stinks to high Heaven. My kids won’t come near me when I have it on because of the smell BEFORE I run. It has a small hole or two in it. I just can’t part with it. It was my one long sleeve running shirt for a long time and I wore it in my first half marathon.

  279. My first pair of Balega socks. They look like they’ve been through several wars at this point but still feel good!

  280. There are so many things I must have on my runs, but topping the list is my phone for music and to track mileage and pace as well as my Flipbelt to keep it – and anything else I need – in.

  281. I love, love, love my very first pair of Balega socks. I’ve had them for 6 years now and they’re still my go to for runs I dread.

  282. I’d have to say the sports bra. It’s the first one I bought when I started runnin. It hardly does its job anymore, even for the much-less-than-voluptuous-chest that I have. But I just can’t part with it.

  283. Because we’re not quite out of the winter woods yet…I have to give a lot of love to my Saucony run mitts. Before I found the mitts, my hands were forever freezing in running gloves. But now, they stay comfortably toasty warm, no matter how cold and windy it is outside

  284. It has to be my first pair of Mizunos…I found my match on sneakers. I’ve since had 4-5 other pairs and can’t seem to part with that first pair. I wear them as walk around shoes and outside but still can’t bear to wear them for yard work for fear they get muddy. They took me far longer than other pairs of shoes and were the best!

  285. My first pair of smartwool socks, they have seen me through my first marathon and lots of winter training. They are the best pair I have ever owned, despite the bright pink colour fading away. It wouldn’t break the bank to buy another pair but I simply loved these ones.

  286. Pretty sure my first pair of Balega socks will become my thread bare, can’t run without, item. I love them!! How many times can I wear them before I have to wash them?! 😉

  287. When I find a pair of running capris I love, I have been known to wear them until they get holes in the seams. Even then, I have worn them with black underwear so the hole is disguised until I can get a new pair a love.

  288. My long sleeve cotton shirt from my first marathon (in 1999!). I never wear it, but I can’t part with it during my semi annual clothing purges.

  289. I can’t part with my first running skirt – I bought it with a gift card after reading about skirts on AMR. I was skeptical but it became my go to running gear and I wore it during a couple of PRs!

  290. My running hat, it is old gross but works great in the rain. I can’t part with it bc I don’t want the good hats to get gross and it has worked so well for me.

  291. My first pair of polarized running sunglasses…I can’t wear them anymore because the nose cushions have fallen off and they are scratched all to heck and back, but they were the first running gift my husband ever gave me and represented my “arrival” as a runner!

  292. I have some Nike Tempo shorts that are at least 5 years old…they really need to go, but they are so soft and comfy now!! They have actually held up well because I air dry them!

  293. I can’t part with my TuneBelt armband, which holds my phone even in its Otterbox case. It’s the one thing I will replace immediately if needed!

  294. I can’t part with my favorite racebelt which fits perfect and has toggles instead of snaps, I am going to have to figure out how to fix the toggles they are getting very very thin,

  295. Pretty much all of my running gear. I rarely buy new things so, when I do, it’s usually for something special (a big race) and I then can’t bear to part with it.

  296. I just retired my pink running hat. It’s so old the reflective piping was worn off. Luckily I got a hat as a finishers prize at the HAT 50k this weekend 🙂

  297. Sadly as my race gets closer it’s my foam roller. My first half is just a few weeks away and I want to cross the finish line as injury free as possible.

  298. My team cross country tshirt from my junior year of high school. I don’t run in it often, but it is nice and soft and working on holes. Can’t get rid of it. It’s from 1997

  299. My first running skirt. The shorties don’t stay in place the way the used to, and I end up with the chub rub every time I try to run in them. But I can’t get rid of them.

  300. I can’t part with my under armour warm gear turtleneck! That shirt is years old and the best thing for New England cold weather!

  301. As a new and overweight runner, I find my essential item to be Vaseline or Body Glide, which is not as fun as it sounds.

  302. I cannot part with a pair of black compression capris from Old Navy. They are three years old and no longer compress anything but I wore them to run my first half marathon and can’t bear to let them go! I still wear them but they feel more like yoga pants and they are so loose I have to keep hiking them up over my stomach.

  303. I honestly don’t have anything that I can’t/won’t part with. Though it is hard to donate the pairs of old sneakers that I really loved.

  304. I can’t part with the orange throw-away shirt that I wore in my 3rd (and most recent) marathon. My stepdad had given it to me b/c it was old, paint-stained, and had no emotional significance. However, it was cold and windy that day, and though I usually throw off my layers in the start corral or in the first couple miles, I could not bear to remove any layers. I wore that ugly, bright neon orange shirt the entire 26.2 miles. (And my mom’s black & white zebra scarf!) It wasn’t until a couple hours after the race that I even found out that the back of the shirt says “S&S Plumbing.” Hahaha
    Part of the reason I love the shirt is b/c it is the reason that I set a 10-min PR. It was covering my phone (on my arm) the entire 5+ hours (b/c I had expected to throw it off), making it impossible for me to take pics or text friends. I had nothing to do but RUN.
    Now I sleep in it & wear it around the house, remembering that day I set an unexpected PR, as a BAMR. 🙂

  305. I have a purple sports bra that was given to me by a friend. It’s JUST the right stretchy-ness, even a little big but not too much, which means that I don’t cringe when I think about trying to get it off!

  306. My XL “Gotta Love It” UWEC Women’s Cross Country Sweatshirt. I bought it in college when I was on the team, back in 1990. I was a size small to medium back then and bought it XL to wear over my layers of clothes to run outside in during the upcoming track season. I still have this trusty piece of equipment and use it in the Wisconsin Winters! Ahhh, comfort clothes!!!!!!

  307. I still have my shoes that I ran my first marathon in from 2013. I never wear them anymore but just seeing them in my closet reminds me of how much I love running and how far I’ve come. I’ll never throw those out.

  308. My running skort – I love it, so pefect, modest, yet fun, pockets, shorts that stay down. Can’t wait for warmer weather so I can wear it again!

  309. I have a sports bra by Title nine that I cannot part with! It is something I’ll always wear with a shirt because of the fading. But love love love it!

  310. My first pair of “running shorts” six years ago were gray sweat shorts — not wicking, not anything technical– that I bought because they had pockets to hold my phone, which held my music and the couch to 5k app that got me started. I wouldn’t run in them now (oh, the chafing!) but they are so soft and comfy that I wear them all summer for gardening and house projects. Soon they will probably disintegrate.

  311. I have a pair of recovery socks that my BRF bought me after my first half marathon in 2008. They are old, I no longer wear them, but I still have them.

  312. The shoes (Brooks Ghost) I wore to train for and run my first marathon! They’ve seen better days. The soles are worn down, the spring is gone, but I just can’t get rid of them. I kinda want to bronze them like baby shoes!

  313. I have some very old but trusted Nike shorts that I’ve run 4 marathons in. The last two marathons I’ve converted to capris, mainly due to trend, but I won’t throw my lucky shorts!:)

  314. I have a bright orange vest that I still love even though the zipper for the pocket that stows the hood is broken and I’m now using safety pins to keep it closed (I don’t like having the hood flap around).

  315. My poor running hat! I love it. It is bright pink and makes me visible while keeping the sun and sweat out of my eyes. It isn’t nearly as pretty as the day I got it, but I still love it 🙂

  316. I have an old cruddy headband that I love. It doesn’t pinch and doesn’t slide despite the elastic losing it’s punch.

  317. My Patagonia silk weight running shirt in green aloe has been with me for four years and gets worn at least once a week. I’ve worn it to three marsthons so it’s also my lucky shirt. It looks brand new and is my go to in hot weather.

  318. My first pair of running capris. Wore the seams out and got them fixed. They are too big now but I can’t let them go. I even think about going to get them taken in sometimes. Is that even possible- they aren’t slacks! These tights got me through my first mile running without stopping and now I’m up to 5 – 6 miles a day when time and kids permit.

  319. My first pair of balegas. I still love them so much! I don’t run with them anymore, but I use them with my other sneakers.

  320. My Smith Optics Serpico aviator sunglasses. My eyes are sensitive, so I wear them year-round. Plus, they make me look cool (which means “fast”…right?)

  321. My favorite pair of running tights! They almost have a hole in the thigh but I just haven’t been able to find a pair I like as much – tried a bazillion too!

  322. Ugh… my Carushka sports bra. I have AA’s, and just need a “cover up”… this barely there bralette does the trick, but it’s (gasp) 18 years old!!

  323. My first running skirt – even though I can’t wear it anymore because it falls off. I loved it. So bright and colorful and the pockets on the shorts underneath held all my stuff. So it just stays in my closet. I probably should pass it on to someone, but so many memories!!

  324. Very hard to pick one item…it’s a tie between my 3 year old Garmin and my flip belt. Both are seriously awesome!

  325. My Chicago Blackhawks visor. I’ve been wearing it since I started running 5 years ago. It has definitely seen better days and unfortunately it shows all my sweat/salt stains so it has to be washed quite frequently. It started off a nice deep black color but is now a dull gray, but of course the Blackhawks emblem is still going strong. My husband gave me a new one for Christmas, but it’s just not the same (even though it’s identical to my trusty original).

  326. For me it’s a pair of Nike shorts that have been with me since the beginning of my running experiences. I love that it has deep pockets, plus, the memories! Ha! Never mind that I’ve sewn the crotch and replaced the drawstring more than once.

  327. My navy running hat that I wear to every rave. Salt stains are a permanent part of the hat, but I love it. And my sister has the same hat so we can be two sides at all races.

  328. So hard to decide! I have one pair of favorite capris that have been around a looong time and are wearing out – but I can’t find a replacement so I just keep hoping the holes don’t get bigger!

  329. I have these knee length black shorts that I really love. My love extends so far as to have purchased another pair, but I just cannot give up the first. They are comfy and well broken in so that I don’t need to worry if they will chafe or itch. They are reliable and even though they are old and worn, this may be why I love them so much.

  330. Some of my old, stained race shirts. I wear them on my treadmill, in my basement, early in the morning where nobody else can see them.

  331. My combo flip belt for my phone and wireless earbuds. Now if I could get a pair to last more than a couple months.

  332. My “badass mother runner” visor! It keeps the hair, sweat, and sun out of my face. People must wonder about me when I wear it in the dark, though!

  333. It WAS my sports bras. I bought a pack of cheap ones and really loved the fit! I did break down and toss then all when I saw a rave picture of myself and it looked like I ran the race braless. That embarrassing moment was enough to make me toss and actually spend some money of sports bras!

  334. A pair of capris getting somewhat ragged and not nearly as fitted as they used to be, but I wore them through a lot of the training for and my first half. Still my go to, dreading the day they just can’t go any more.

  335. My hydration belt is my sidekick. It holds everything I need it to, fits me in a way that feels comfortable, and has been with me for every long run I’ve been on. Its tattered and worn, but I haven’t found one I love quite as much.

  336. I am good about replacing stinky bras and threadbare socks. The one item that has stayed with me for several years is my FitBit. I am obsessed with tracking my steps and it has gone on every single run with me since July 2012.

  337. I have a pair of capris that I love. They are the perfect fit, have pockets, and also have a huge tear in the knee from a fall I took I while back!

  338. My favorite pair of black running tights have logged many years of snowy winter miles with me. I haven’t found anything that comes close to those tights!

  339. My first pair of “real” running shoes are still in my closet! Even though I don’t wear them anymore, I can’t quite get rid of them.

  340. I have two sports bras that have seen better days! But I don’t need much support up there anyway 😉 so I still haven’t replaced them.

  341. I have a pair of compression shorts that are my favorite that will keep living on. Really need to find some alternatives that feel as comfortable when I run!

  342. my favorite sports bra – they changed the design so when i tried to replace it i found it did not fit the same. now its tattered and doesn’t really support “the girls”…

  343. My Under Armour tights.I love them so much and haven’t found a replacement I like. I’ve had to sew them. Sigh.

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