Hump Day Giveaway: Another Mother Runner “Flag” Hoodies

The mother runner duo (that's me, SBS, in Smith shades next to Dimity) making waves on the Oregon coastline.
The mother runner duo (that's me, SBS, in Smith shades, standing next to Dimity) making waves on the Oregon coastline.

Every so often, a garment enters our lives, and Dimity and I can't figure out how we ever limped along without it. Example A: the Saucony Bullet Capri, with its wide, stomach-flattening waistband and large, stash-an-iPhone-and-GUs pockets on each hip. Now we're topping those capris (and jeans, shorts, yoga pants, skirts, and even a swimsuit, in my case!) with a new item of adoration: the Another Mother Runner "Flag" Hoodie.

Where to begin our ode to this latest offering in the Mother Runner Store? After a group brainstorming session, the graphics were created by Denise Dollar, a member of Team AMR who has a strong design background. The yellow, orange, and blue stripes of the tituluar AMR flag represent the covers of our three books. (Subtle, but it makes us smile.) The mother runner from the cover of Train Like a Mother is blazing a trail across the flag, leaving stars in her wake. Also on the back, down near the right hip in small print, it reads, "another mother runner." On the hoodie's front left chest, in lieu of a polo pony or alligator, a pair of women's running shoes stand.

A patchwork of flags: photos on left from the beach; top right is Dimity awestruck in Yellowstone; bottom right is me with my twins admiring Crater Lake.
A patchwork of flags: photos on left from the beach; top right is Dimity awestruck in Yellowstone; bottom right is me with my twins admiring Crater Lake.

This full-zip hoodie is a cuddly weight, brushed on the inside for softness and comfort. Its color is called Eco True Navy, a lovely heathered dark blue.

It's fitting it's a go-with-everything color because this is a go-everywhere hoodie. On Dimity's recent swing through the Pacific Northwest, she and I let our mother runner flags fly on our backs on Oregon beaches. Then she sported the hoodie in Yellowstone, while I ventured to Crater Lake and the Oregon Caves in mine. We are sure mother runner Jo impressed the local celebs when she wore her AMR flag hoodie in Hollywood on her recent vacation. Best running friends Jonna and Reagan smiled in their hoodies while wearing them in Happy, Texas. (Yes, ma'am, that's really the name of the town.)

BRF's Reagan (left) and Jonna planting AMR flags in a Texas field.
BRF's Reagan (left) and Jonna planting AMR flags in a Texas field.

Two other mother runners will be smiling--and displaying the AMR flag--when they each win an AMR Flag Hoodie in this week's special giveaway. To enter, tell us where you'd wear this adorable, flattering hoodie. Could be as far flung as Hollywood or Yellowstone, or as close to home as #AMRinSaucony Amy wore hers--on the sidewalk outside her house. Simply click on Comments banner under this post on our website and tell us.

Can't wait to win an AMR Flag Hoodie? (Yeah, we didn't think you could!) You can buy one here. Once you get your hoodie, we hope you'll share on social media a photo of yourself wearing the hoodie somewhere fun or exciting. 

Reagan and Jonna again, above Amy (in AMR trucker hat) and Jo (the Hollywood sign got cropped out of photo).
Reagan and Jonna again, above Amy (in AMR trucker hat) and Jo (the Hollywood sign got cropped out of photo).

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 9/16/15 and ends on 9/22/15. We will announce the two random winners on our Facebook page on 9/24/15, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $58. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

679 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Another Mother Runner “Flag” Hoodies

  1. I would wear the hoodie at home, at work, and everywhere in between. I seen to always be cold and never without a hoodie. I’d love to be styling in the AMR hoodie.

  2. I would proudly wear this hoodie to work, to meet my running buddies now that it’s fall, to run errands…just about anywhere! I would love this sweatshirt! The amr shirt I got with my book for mother’s day didn’t fit 🙁

  3. Basically anywhere, except on the beach in a 90 degree day! I really like the design, and appreciate that the hoodie is a zip up. Perfect for right before a race.

  4. I would wear it while camping in the boundary waters, and during night support of ragnar, and we’ll ANYTIME I want too!!!

  5. I’d rock my hoodie everywhere: school pick-up, in my own classroom, pretty much any place where I could show that I’m 40, I’m a mom and I’m a kick ass runner!

  6. I wave my BAMR flag w/ pride everywhere, but that usually just means Pittsburgh w/ my BRFs. It’s finally starting to feel like fall for morning runs – perfect for a sweet hoodie!

  7. I would wear this beautiful hoodie while running my Saturday errands: the public library, Costco, & Publix. You better believe I would also wear it to stay warm at work!

  8. Where wouldn’t I wear it??? B4 and after a run…fall in New England is almost here. Yoga, errands…I would have to work pretty hard to keep my kids from “borrowing” it…aka taking without asking and forgetting where they left it!

  9. I would live in that bad boy! I’d sport it 1st thing in the am while pouring coffee to open my eyes, then while making my clan of 4 school lunches, school drop off, bike rides around the hood, fall soccer games & the biggie….NYC for after my marathon! Love all your goodies. Nice job

  10. Of course I would use it as a “to and fro ” hoodie from run, to dropping off the kiddos to going to the beach – now that would be a good picture for social media 🙂

  11. I’d wear this everywhere! Glamorous places like grocery shopping and Target, as well as important places like stopping by school to check the PTO mailbox or hanging at the library with my kids. Everywhere!

  12. are you kidding?! Soccer, bus stop, school drop off, pre-school drop off, grocery store, market, napping, gardening, walking, cozy on the couch, pre-school pick-up, Costco, playground, school pick-up, bus stop, cleaning up kitchen and making dinner, soccer practice, well, pretty much all day everyday 🙂

  13. By the way, someone needs to spread the word that ALL 4th graders can sign up for a FREE PASS to all national parks & federal recreation areas (LOADS of places all over the U.S.!). Sarah’s picture with her kids at Crater Lake reminded me… 🙂

  14. Camping/hiking and post-run chills and snuggling on the couch with husband/kids/dog/cats and over scrubs at work and to the pumpkin patch and PTA meetings and walking on the beach and … well, you get the idea!

  15. I am 10 days away from the birth of my second kiddo. I envision this hoodie accompanying me during some middle-of-the-night breastfeeding sessions / walks around the neighborhood / while I lay passed out in my recliner covered in various newborn-related substances… But, I’d look good for all of it!

  16. I would wear this wonderful hoodie everywhere! But specifically around the Omaha, NE to Topeka, KS (Since I have a trip planned to Topeka in the upcoming couple of months). It looks so cozy!!! It would be perfect on a rainy day like today!

  17. I would wear this hoodie in around the town in Northwest Indiana! The weather is finally starting to cool off and I can’t wait to wear my hoodies!

  18. I’d wear it everywhere!! i love a soft hoodie! but i’d wear it with pride when I am in Disney World running my first marathon in January!

  19. As a volunteer cross country coach, I spend a lot of time traveling to meets on school buses. The AMR Flag Hoodie would be the perfect “travel” jacket! 😉

  20. I’d wear it to Happy, TX!!! That’s almost as good as Intercourse, PA! I’d wear it there, too. This is a serious MUST HAVE. My (AMR trucker) hat’s off to you guys are your fabulous design team.

  21. I will wear this hoodie EVERYWHERE! Out at the bonfire, when I’m snuggled up on the couch during the cold MN winter, out at an early morning soccer game, when I wander around the grocery store looking for things that I don’t actually need to buy… the list goes on and on. 🙂

  22. Post run out and about when I don’t want to take the time to shower but should put dry, non-stinky clothes on and want to look cute.

  23. I think the AMR hoodie will be perfect to throw on after a post-run shower. It will be perfect for when I can’t get warmed up after a cool fall run that was followed up by a 15 minute gab session, at the end of the driveway, with my BRF who I just ran 10 miles with, but we still have more to say!

  24. I would wear the lovely AMR flag hoodie to all the fun places we moms go to… the trail for a run, the gym, the playground, the grocery store… and would definitely wear it to lounge around the house 🙂

  25. I would proudly wear it all alone on my runs in the country, but I’m sure the few people that see me will be a little jealous that they can’t be a BAMR with an awesome hoodie like me!!

  26. Soccer games, swim meets, XC races, flag football games… I always wear hoodies when spectating kids’ sports– layers are key for unpredictable weather!

  27. Where wouldn’t I wear it? Well, maybe work, because I have to dress professionally, but after work I’m always in my running clothes/hoody to hopefully be more active each evening!

  28. Now that the weather is getting cooler, I would wear mine back and forth from my early morning (5:15am) workouts at United Strength Academy!

  29. I would wear it to my very first marathon–Marine Corps this October! I’m training using your Finish It plan. And after that…I’d wear it EVERYWHERE! 🙂 What a great hoodie!

  30. Pretty much everywhere! To and from the gym, over scrubs for work, over tee shirt to dance practice and soccer games. I live in Florida, a hoodie is my winter wear:)

  31. I will be sporting it in the very lovely and picturesque Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes, Delaware. Its soon to be my hometown!

  32. Super cute hoodie! Love it! I would wear this to my school’s football games on Friday nights. It’s just now starting to get a bit chilly in the evenings, and this hoodie would be perfect!

  33. Love this! I would wear it on my typical Saturday outing–a fair parade, followed by a volleyball game, then two soccer, games, a play date, and a birthday party, and two fast food stops along the way to keep everyone hydrated and energized!

  34. Hoodies are my favorite clothing item! You would seem sporting this hoodie at my upcoming Ragnar Relay, on my way to neighborhood boot camp, heading into Washington, D.C. and alllllll over Virginia!

  35. I’d wear it running my kids to school. My two oldest ride their bikes, and I run along behind with the jogging stroller. We’re the neighborhood’s traveling circus!

  36. I’d wear it everywhere I am daily : early morning runs in Hudson Valley, preschool drop-off, courthouse, office, courthouse, client meetings, preschool pick-up, and home as part of my post-work comfy clothes uniform.

  37. I would wear this hoodie during every run I do with my kids. I am training my two kiddos, niece, nephew and young cousin to be runners. My little band of runners have a goal to run 2 races every month in 2016. My Mother Runner hoodie would be my Jolly Rodger for my band of mini runners while we kick asphalt.

  38. I’d wear it everywhere on Ft Carson. My family and are are getting ready to be stationed there and it would come in handy to use on the trails during the cool weather!

  39. I would wear it everywhere!! I love it!! I would definitely wear after cool runs and to my daughter’s cross country meets! Show her what she has to look forward to!!!

  40. I would wear this hoodie proudly while running through the crispy autumn leaves on my favorite trail in Maine… Which would then lead to a glass of wine on my porch while my husband puts the kids to bed!!

  41. I would wear it on my next trip to San Francisco. Layers baby! Of course, it will also be perfect for post runs this Fall in Indy.

  42. Where wouldn’t I wear this hoodie, should be the question! I’d wear it post run, while making breakfast AND to work AND to the swim meets/soccer games/gymnastics meets AND while watching TV with the family AND while making dinner … I think you get the idea. LOL! I have not had a new hoodie in ages, might have to put this awesome looking one on my Christmas list, should I not be a winner. 🙂

  43. At the post-run dinner/brunch (depending on the day) held by the running group at my local running store…and around the house…and after a race…and…well…wherever I happen to be when I’m cold, which is pretty much whenever I’m NOT running!

  44. Living in Extreme Northern California where it is 40-60 degrees all year round… I would wear it nearly every day; in the redwoods, at the river, along the ocean. It would be well used and loved.

  45. All over Seattle but to work (gotta love working at Microsoft) and to my kids school for sure. You never know when you will meet a new running friend and my AMR shirt has started many a conversations for me.

  46. I would wear this hoodie EVERYWHERE! It’s super cute and I’m always in need of a new hoodie! Perfect for cool fall nights around the campfire!

  47. Would love love love to wear this hoodie as I get acclimated to Idaho chilly weather, after living in Hawaii for the last two years! (Military move)

  48. I’d wear mine everywhere- to work on chilly mornings, to pick my daughter up from school, on walks with my kids in the evenings.

  49. I would wear this hoodie to work. I am lucky to have a job where I can run during the day and come back to the office. This would be nice when I get the shivers after the sweat goes away! I love it!

  50. This will keep me cozy in the Texas winter. Nothing makes me feel more loved than to cuddle on the couch with my littles, under quilts and wearing a soft and comfy hoody! I would be my go to for post-run, errands, and park playing.

  51. I’d love to wear my hoodie with my other mother runners when we’re in Disney at the wine and dine half marathon! Then I’d wear it a lot in Oklahoma….with my running group, at clergy meetings, doing mission trips…running is a part of who I am so I’d wear it all over the place!

  52. I’d wear my hoodie everywhere! Races, volunteering, I’d want the tribe of mothers to know I was totally on their side 🙂

  53. I would love to rock this hoodie at my first marathon in Mankato, Minnesota in October, and then all around our town in northwest Minnesota for all 8 MONTHS OF WINTER. Because, well, I live near Canada, and winter will probably start next week here! =)

  54. What a great looking hoodie! I will wear it to arenas all over Ontario Canada. Both my kids play an ice sport (hockey for my son and ringette for my daughter) so I’ll spend many hours watching them practice and play. I’ll need something to keep me warm and bonus if it looks cool!

  55. I would wear it to work in the morning – where I leave at 530am to get to the gym, workout, and walk to my office before 8am. thanks!

  56. I will wear this to the Kansas City Half Marathon in October and then all over Kansas and Missouri! Oh and Chicago! LOVE it!

  57. I would wear this quite often during our extremely cold winter. Nothing better than a comfy hoodie, especially one that represents mother runners!

  58. I’ll wear for the Alaska midnight mayors marathon in June 2016. My first marathon in 10 years to celebrate the big 4-0. Plus I’ll be cold because I’m from az and it looks so cozy

  59. Anywhere and everywhere… But would be especially perfect post-trail run or while hiking out in our beautiful Wasatch mountains this fall (would go great with the golden aspen out here… Just sayin’)

  60. I have a feeling this would be my go to uniform all winter, but also, it would look great on the sidelines at my son’s basketball games. I have a feeling I’m going to need to ask Santa for one for Christmas.

  61. I can’t think of a place that I wouldn’t wear this awesome looking hoodie! It would be a particularly nice addition to my post-first-26.2 attire in October! 🙂

  62. I would wear this great sweatshirt to Chicago Bears games and when I watch at home. They are blue and orange so it would be perfect. They also aren’t very good this year, so at least I would look cute when they are losing.

  63. I would wear it everywhere!! Dropping the kiddos off at school, to the store, heading to the gym, or Saturday morning post run swag. 🙂

  64. I would definitely wear this gorgeous hoodie during the chilly fall months of MI…after a run, taking my kids to school, grocery shopping, lounging, watching football, playing outside with my kids…:-)

  65. I would probably wear this in the bathrom . Even to shower. Because I would never take it off. 😉 Actually, I would proudly wear it when Winter finally arrives down South. Hiking, running, driving, grocery shopping. And probably while foam rolling and watching Dancing With the Stars when the kids are in bed.

  66. I love this! I would wear it everywhere! Preschool drop off/pick up; play dates; fall runs; the Y; 5 year soccer; you name it this would be my go to jacket.

  67. Where wouldn’t I wear it? Work, school, races this fall, Thanksgiving! I’ve got lots of mother-runner friends who would LOVE one of these! Awesome colors and message! It’ll keep me warm during my below-freezing WI winter runs

  68. Probably everywhere! It looks like a cozy layer for when it gets a little bit cool. I’d wear it walking to school, going to the Y, and probably for all my errands around town.

  69. I’d wear mine to watch my big boys play soccer while my toddler plays on the playground. I might even wear it to hold my office hours!

  70. You didn’t ask, but my favorite feature is that since it zips up, I don’t have to worry about it messing up my hair (who am I kidding, I usually have a hat or a ponytail). I would probably wear it everywhere—down South a hoodie can get you thru most of the winter 🙂

  71. I can imagine I would wear this to watch my older boy run cross country, my younger boy play baseball, to the gym or while I hang around the house. I may never take it off!

  72. i think I’ll wear it just about everywhere! My kindergarten classroom when it is cool, my sons’ soccer games, and maybe even before and after my first half marathon in November!

  73. Where wouldn’t I wear the hoodie?? All three of my children participate in sports so I would wear it on the soccer fields and cross country course. I love being outside in the fall so the hoodie is perfect for layering on fall days picking apples or pumpkins.

  74. I would live run. My favorite zip up hoodie zipper just broke. I would live to rock your gear. Meeting you guys this winter has motivated me to run again and my first half in 31/2 years is in 9 days!!

  75. Almost everywhere! It’s still hot as heck in Texas, but that means the air conditioning is always blasting – I could use a good hoodie to wear running errands and even at work when my office door is shut. 🙂

  76. I would totally rock this after a run when I run in a store and I am freezing from being all sweaty (we ALL know how this goes) and probably just around town once it actually cools off in Flordia

  77. Where would I wear this hoodie? Why, I would wear it to the store. I would wear it to the beach. I would wear it the library. I would wear it to sleep. I would wear it everywhere!

  78. I would wear this cute hoodie in chilly Michigan. It looks just right for fall bike rides, apple picking and looking for beach glass along the lakeshore!

  79. Where wouldn’t I wear this hoodie? To preschool drop off, toddler music class, shopping errands, parent meetings, post run with my fellow MRTT mother runners, trips to Tahoe, Disneyland, and every where in between!

  80. Everywhere! I walk my girls to school every morning and pass so many wonderful Mother Runners as we shout out how many miles, what kind or were we’ll be running that day. I’d wear it every morning and any afternoon cool enough down here in Balmy Houston. Must say, I love the flag! I found AMR in 2008 and have loved all 3 books. I love the representation.

  81. This is adorable! I would wear this walking the dogs now that the mornings are getting cooler, also while taking the kids to school. And since I will be moving to Amarillo, TX soon, I will wear it all over in hopes of meeting up with some other mother runners!!

  82. Totally cool hoodie. I would be wearing it on beach walks in garden city, sc and around driveway pit fires that should be starting pretty soon.

  83. Pretty sure I’d wear it everywhere …. Which is admittedly a pretty small radius in Nashville considering I’m a brand new mom and not venturing too far yet!

  84. Ooh, I love this! I would wear it everywhere, but especially to preschool drop off/pick up, because that’s where I’ll be spending soooo much time this year.

  85. Where wouldn’t I wear it? I love hoodies more than the average person. And I work from home so a bonus that it can be work and casual wear!

  86. I will wear it everywhere! I love hoodies and lost one last year which hadn’t been replaced! Am hoping to run the London marathon so, it would be in my hand luggage to wear on the plane and in the UK!

  87. I have lots of soccer games to go to this fall, I’d probably wear it to them. But, I practically live in hoodies so I’d wear it everywhere!

  88. I’d wear this hoodie during my down time when I travel to trade show. Next stop for me is Baltimore, then Farmington CT, then Orlando. You’d get lots of free press from me. 🙂

  89. If only this giveaway had been a bit earlier, my answer would have been “wear it on the plane to Cozumel 70.3! But sadly I leave Friday. So it will have to be worn to & from my marathon training runs – if the weather ever cools down – and to keep me warm driving my old, open air jeep around town.

  90. Will debut it running the Washington Mall around the monuments when I bring home my daughter from college, then it kicks off Tri training for me (going for my first in 2016!),

  91. I live on the cool Oregon Coast where a sweatshirt like this is mandatory year around. I’d also take it on the road with me as well. My husband and daughters enjoy volunteering at some of the races I’ve done this year. We have made fun weekend getaways out of my races this summer taking our the family RV for some family road tripping. Step aside Griswold, Another Mother on the road spreading the love of running!

  92. That is super cute! I would, honestly, wear it to the local brewpub for a pint with my hubs. That’s about the extent of my casual wear opportunities (that is, more than yoga pants at home on the weekends!)

  93. Love it! Heading out to London in October and part of my trip involves a run in Hyde Park would love to wear this awesome looking sweater before and after.

  94. I live in California, basically all over so cal, including running and tri races here. Planned, Palm Springs Hits, Revel Canyon, Carlsbad Half Marathon and LA Marathon .

  95. I’d wear it after my (World of Beer Coconut Creek Run Club) run club’s runs. Im always freezing after, even in the Florida heat!!!

  96. As soon as the weather cools down here (It’s Sept & 100 degrees in So Cal- WTH??!!), I suspect I’ll be wearing this EVERYWHERE. Super cute!

  97. love love love! I would wear this hoodie everywhere but I would especially love to rock it after the Seattle Marathon that I’m running this fall!

  98. I would wear this hoodie every chance I got: after work whipping up a quick taco supper before kid activities, on my bike ride to yoga in the park, post-track intervals when I need something to throw on while I pop in the grocery store for milk … And on and on and on! Want!!

  99. I would wear that AMR hoodie EVERYWHERE! More specifically, I would wear it after I meet my RBF for a run and coffee – don’t want to get cold on the cool down!

  100. Oh the places I could wear this hoodie! I would probably wear it when I travel for business and i’m not going straight to a meeting. Planes are soooo cold! Also would wear it when I travel for fun……plans right now are Nashville in Nov, Orlando in Dec, Las Vegas in March.

  101. Truthfully, I’d wear it everywhere – I love fall in PA – but with the zipper it would be great for before & after a run!

  102. I started listening to your podcast while training for my first marathon so the perfect place to where this hoodie would be after I cross the finish line!

  103. I love this hoodie! I would wear it everywhere, of course. Most significantly, I’d wear it to warm up after my first marathon next month. Your books inspired me to get off my butt and challenge myself to run distances I (not so long ago) thought were crazy! If I don’t win, this hoodie is on my wish list.

  104. I love it! It would be perfect to give the illusion of put-togetherness as I juggle preschool drop off and pickup, work, and squeezed in runs. All in a 2 1/2 hour time frame. (I still want to know who the idiot was who thought 2/12 hours was a good idea!!)

  105. Hello hoodie! Chicago’s summer temps are fleeting and hoodies come in mighty handy in the evening when the temps drop just below that I’m-comfortable-in-a-t-shirt area. That’s when I’d wear this hoodie!

  106. Where WOULDN’T I wear it? It’s so cute – I would wear it whenever I could (especially school pickup where I’m always looking for another mother runner that could become a BRF)

  107. I’d wear this cute, fun, cuddly hoodie before and after I run, to my son’s school, to the grocery store, to work, etc. Everywhere!!

  108. Well for starters I would wear it after yoga class twice weekly, and Body Pump once weekly and after the TC 10 mile and the Trick or Feet and the list goes on and on!

  109. I’d wear it on my kid-taxi rounds in the evenings. Gotta dress in layers to handle going from the Boise fall to an indoor pool.

  110. You’ve outdone yourselves with the design of this hoodie. Love the colors and the graphics. I’d wear it everywhere, including the office. (Thank you, casual dress code.)

  111. I would wear this along the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky when I run in the 200 mile Bourbon Chase relay October 16-17. It would look great with a glass of bourbon in my hand.

  112. I’d wear it any day! I work part time from home and usually after a run in the morning, I’m at my computer and slightly chilled from the shower.

  113. I would wear it on my post stroller run Sunday trip to the coffee shop with my one year old where I drink coffee. we share a breakfast sandwich, and I talk about the things we saw on our run while she babbles happily.

  114. I am in love with soft, zip hoodies. I am always cold and I know that it would be a nice go-to item to pack into my bag for both work and play. Frankly, I’m already picturing the comfortable feeling that I seek post-work each evening with this hoodie. Looks great!

  115. I’d wear it to bed…with my running clothes on underneath. Because…well, I just don’t seem to get out of bed for early morning runs and workouts unless the coziness of bed is tempered by the stretch of a sports bra and the only thing I need to sort out at 5 am is socks and shoes!

  116. Oh, that is a CUTE hoodie! I would wear in it Hawaii, where my husband and I are going (sans kids! it’s a work trip!) in October…although if it’s too warm to wear in Hawaii, I’m sure I could get good use out of it this winter in Minnesota. Brr.

  117. I would wear it to work on my casual days. I might even keep it at work to snuggle in when my office is ABSOLUTELY, FREEZING COLD! Which, by the way, is most of the time 🙂

  118. I would probably wear mine everywhere. As soon as I get home from work I change into leggings or yoga pants and a tee and a hoodie, especially in the winter!

  119. I would wear this hoodie to work because my office is a cold 62 degrees. But I would wear it to be reminded of my goals and the training I am trying to put in.

  120. I would wear this hoodie as part of my “mother runner schwag” that I am proud to wear when I get home from a long day of teaching 2nd Grade.

  121. Well, I’m about to start visiting colleges with my son. So I would definitely wear it to keep me warm and strong on those momentous–and slightly scary–trips.

  122. I would gladly wear this hoodie after a run, either while I stretch or (more likely) while I run around doing laundry, dishes, and feeding the baby, eventually collapsing on the couch.

  123. The real question is “Where wouldn’t you wear this hoodie?” It’s cute and functional. I’d totally sport it around town running errands, going to XC meets & basketball games, and hitting up all of the fall festivals that will kick off soon.

  124. While I would love to say that I will wear it somewhere exotic, I will probably wear it most often over my pajamas as I drop my kids off to school. . .

  125. Love it! I’m guessing school pick-up is the wrong answer? 🙂 I have lots of running stuff and lots of ‘real’ clothes but not a lot of throw on comfy stuff to wear for school pickup so that’s where I’d wear it.

  126. What a darling hoodie! I would wear it everywhere; in my St. Louis neighborhood, in Memphis in December when I travel with some BRF’s to do the St. Jude’s Marathon Relay, when I travel to Iowa later this fall, this hoodie will be the perfect accessory for the gloriously chilly fall weather that is on the horizon!

  127. I’d wear it everywhere. Once the temperature drops a little I live in sweatshirts. Football games, soccer games, karate, grocery store, work. It would come with me to everything.

  128. I love this!!! Although I live in AZ, I get cold easily and always need to have a sweatshirt with me, so I’d wear this everywhere!

  129. OK THIS HODDIE ROCKS!!!!!!! Since hoodies are a staple in my wardrobe, plus I really need a new one bad, I would wear this everywhere. Right now I am thinking about wearing it as I run errands around town and in the car as I travel for the holidays. I would love to wear this and represent the tribe in Montana!!!!

  130. Every where! It looks like one of those old perfectly worn in perfect color hoodies that you are always on the hunt for because you always need one in rotation. 🙂

  131. I’d love to wear this hoody to the 36 soccer games and all of the practices that go with them that my kids are playing in this fall before I run the NYC marathon!

  132. I’d wear mine to the Cumberland Gap when we go camping there this Oct. I’d also wear it all around town while I function as the “Mom Taxi” 🙂

  133. I’d wear it (post trail run, of course) around my hometown of Whitehorse, Yukon – and hope my Alaska neighbours won’t be too jealous!

  134. Perfect for Texas winters! I’d wear this hoodie to xc meets, after a long run and on our planned trip “out west” next summer!

  135. I love your hoodie. I live in Wyoming so it would be seen all across our state but I am also trying to run half marathons in as many different states as I can. (North Carolina in November, Florida in January). I’m not only another mother, but at 60 a grandmother!

  136. I would wear this hoodie all over Toronto plus eastern Ontario over Thanksgiving weekend (ours is earlier than yours!) to represent the Canadian members of the tribe!

  137. As a mother runner of four boys, I would wear this hoodie everywhere. Errands, swim practice/meets, cross country practices, lacrosse games, park, grocery store – you name it and it would be on my back.
    This is such an exciting giveaway!!

  138. I would wear this awesome hoodie everywhere I go, from work to errands to kid’s activities- field hockey and cross country running. Fall is coming soon (but not this week, still hot!) to Oakville Canada and I look forward to cooler weather and wearing cozy hoodies.

  139. This is the perfect winter coat for Florida! I would wear it as soon as it gets cold (which could be mid-November through the beginning of March). I’m also headed to Canada at the end of December, so I can wear it then-with a few more layers added to it!

  140. This is awesome! I would totally wear this hoodie after rocking the upcoming Zooma Nashville or for next year’s girls’ running weekend: RAGNAR Chicago! it would be perfect for chillin’ between my legs of the race.

  141. I’d wear this cute hoodie pretty much anywhere – taking my kiddos to school, to the gym or out shopping around. Can never go wrong with a good, go-to hoodie!

  142. I would wear it here in Honolulu in the cool early morning breeze, because when it gets in the 70s, I get chilly! #hawaiiproblems

  143. In addition to being a new wardrobe staple, I’d wear this to as many National Parks I can visit in during the 2015-16 school year. My daughter is in 4th grade and will have access to all the National Parks. Looking forward to many family adventures!

  144. I would wear this awesome hoodie…well, why not everywhere! First up would be RnR LA, then Tulsa, and it would be perfect in Moab in the spring

  145. All over the place! But mostly on the track during my kiddo’s gymnastics class. (Gotta get those runs in when the small ones are occupied!)

  146. I would wear it on a plane. I would wear it on the train. I would wear it to the gym. I wouldn’t wear it to go swim. I would wear it to my running club’s book club. (and I can’t find anything that rhymes with “club” so I’m done)

  147. Where would I wear it? Where WOULDN’T I wear it?!?! I’m in the Midwest, I need it now for the evenings and lounging around my house, going to the grocery store, going to packet pickup for races, and for first thing in the morning when I get out of bed!

  148. I would rock this sweatshirt with my daughter at her next Endocrinologist appointment at Riley Hospital for Children for her T1D! She is learning to run with T1D and I would wear this with pride and brag on her brave and bold spirit!!!!

  149. I would wear that beautiful hoodie at the library that I work in, on a trip to AZ in October and just everywhere so people could ask me about it.

  150. I will proudly wear this after my early morning run as I sit and drink coffee at my local coffee shop..or, it will be perfect in Cape Cod when I attend my cousin’s wedding in October. 🙂

  151. I’d wear that hoodie everywhere! I can just picture it now…. Grocery shopping, school pick up line, soccer practice. Domestic Bliss meets Runners Heaven!

  152. I would sport this awesome AMR hoodie at my favorite campsite in the Uintas next to a fire surrounded by family and friends!

  153. All over North Dakota, which I call home, as well as all the other places across the country where my work and vacation travels take me.

  154. I would wear mine on my trip to Orlando next month. I’m sure I wouldn’t actually need it in Florida, but it would make the plane flight much more comfortable!

  155. I’m not a mother runner, but I would love to win the hoodie and give it to my mom. My mom is my my running partner and always pushes me to do the best I can when I run. I don’t know where I would be without my mother runner. She would wear it on our runs together!

  156. I would wear that awesome hoodie on a mountain trail in Montana while trotting though the snow that I know is just around the corner (sigh). Might allow me a few more days of running up high as it gets colder here.

  157. I’d wear it to walk the kids to school on cool fall mornings. (And I hope I’d get to wear it on more exotic adventures I don’t know about yet!)

  158. Is it lame to say that I’d totally wear the crap out of that sweatshirt on our evening puppy walks at home? It’s getting cooler at night in NH and this is the perrrrrrrrrrfect comfy BAMR sweatshirt for the fall! 🙂

  159. I’d sport that cute sweatshirt here in St Louis on chilly, damp, fall Saturday mornings while watching my kiddos on the soccer field or one of their equestrian events.

  160. I would love wearing this during the fall – especially the annual fall foliage festival at my in-laws cabin in New Hampshire.

  161. I would wear it everywhere around San Antonio and to the Port Aransas beach this fall. What a great post-run hoodie for winter!

  162. I have been looking for the perfect hoodie for my 4 day Grand Canyon hike in November! Bright Angel trail here I come!

  163. I have 2 half marathons and and the TC 10 mile all within 5 weeks (beginning next weekend). This hoodie would be perfect post race!

  164. I would wear this awesomely aborbs (that’s what kids are saying now, right?) hoodie everywhere! To the store, to daycare, to the park, to the gym. I know, that doesn’t sound, glamours, but it is where I go 🙂

  165. I love zip up hoodies. It looks so soft. I would wear it on vacation, in the evenings as it cools off and after I clean up and cool down after runs. Truly love this and hope you bring them to Rocknroll San Antonio. Good present!!!

  166. I would proudly wear this MR HOodie here in the “great” middle east to the Tree of Life and then to the gym here and to the mall when I can get there, and off on the road when I’m able to run in the heat of things, and believe it or not after some of their races that they actually do have! They just happen to have them in the ‘winter’ We even have a color run here!

  167. So glad it’s not pink definitely for post race to fend off the chill ESP. Now with fall. Too bad I don’t have one for this weekend

  168. I would wear this hoodie everywhere, just like I wear my other AMR sweatshirt! To and from school drop off. to the gym. Working at my home office. Going out on our boat. Love it!

  169. Love, Love, Love it. I would wear it everywhere. Looks perfect for a beach vacation, but since I live in the cool mountains, it could be my nightly comfort.

  170. Um, where wouldn’t I wear this?! I live in Oregon and live in zip up hoodies, especially in the fall. I’d rock this grocery shopping, on date night, or while I’m chilling around the house with my 1 year old.

  171. It would be the perfect thing to wear on my way home from my Saturday morning long runs with my brfs. The cold has set in in San Jose CA and I now need something to snuggle into after a hard long run chatting with some great women.

  172. I’d wear it around my university campus! I’m a mother runner back at school and I’d love to show my AMR colours around school!

  173. This hoodie would be so comfy to wear after races in the fall! I always like something soft and cozy to wear for the ride home 🙂

  174. I would wear it after long runs on Sundays, when I have my compression calf sleeves on, grocery shopping, cross country meets to watch my two daughters, coaching girls softball. In the morning before my next half marathon, The options are endless !! Would love one of these beautiful comfy sweatshirts !!

  175. Oh I think you would have to pry mine off my cold dead body!!!! Lol!!! Really this lil sweet baby would be worn to kid drop in the morning then I bolt off to either TacFit class or to pound out some miles!!!!

  176. After a long run on a weekend, it would be the perfect thing to cuddle up in and enjoy a lovely fire in our backyard…with a cold beer.

  177. Where wouldn’t I wear this AWESOME hoodie!! I would wear it anywhere and everywhere but would be especially proud to wear it each day as I do childcare in my home to show the little ones I care for each day to be strong and never give up on their dreams!!

  178. I would wear my hoodie to work..daily! I am a PE teacher and during this transition time of year, when I need to wear something in the cool morning, I could easily wear a hoodie! Our warm afternoons cause the A/C to kick on in the gym and I would even wear a hoodie then! (I am always cold!) On the weekends, a hoodie would be perfect after an early morning run! Baseball games, swim meets…the list is endless!

  179. Oh yes, I would wear this hoodie every day! I love a soft cuddly hoodie, not too thick, to layer with jeans & t-shirts. In a slightly bigger size, so I can pull the sleeves down over my hands!

  180. Fall has finally arrived in Nor Cal this weekend and I’d rock this on my early morning walks. Injury prevents me from logging miles faster than a snail’s pace, but I’d love the reminder that I’m still another mother runner!

  181. I’d wear it while enjoying my new-found love of bike riding. I received a cool green cruiser for my birthday and that hoodie would keep me cozy while I put more miles on Birdie (so named because the bike is green and birdi means green in a lot of languages. That’s probably TMI.)

  182. It would be the perfect thing to wear in NJ as the weather turns cooler! That’s when I’m always struggling for an outer layer – too cold for short sleeves, too warm for fleece. I was honestly just saying “I wish I had a hoodie!”

  183. I would definitely rock this at my 6 year old’s soccer games on Saturday mornings! Especially fitting as I’ve always finished my long run for the week beforehand. Oh, and then everywhere else, where does one NOT wear a hoodie?

  184. I would definitely wear it before and after swims and runs. It’s getting chilly out, and although you stay warm during the workout, I’m always freezing afterwards!

  185. I’d wear it everywhere and everyday! I love hoodies- and this design rocks!
    Errands, dog walking book reading after long run lounging before tempo run anxiety
    Outside to beat the chill, inside because the ac is still on in the south. Did I mention how much I love hoodies??

  186. I would wear mine in January on a trip to Argentina! well… assuming it gets chilly at all there in the middle of their summer!

  187. I would wear it to my book club so when I leave at 11 PM because I am getting up to run in the morning before the kids activities start and someone says I’m getting old, I’ll point to my sweatshirt and say I’m a 48 year-old young at heart Bad Ass Mother Runner!

  188. Looks so comfy and cozy, and the perfect coffee drinking on a cool morning hoodie. It also looks perfect for bringing camping, or to leave in the car while trail running, to toss on when you are chilled on the drive home!

  189. I’d wear the heck out of that hoodie, down to edge of Lake Coeur d’Alene before I head out for a run and then again afterwards when I am my way to the grocery store and the school pick-up line!

  190. I would love to wear this hoodie all over Greenville, SC! I’d also wear it in Richmond, VA after I finish my marathon on November 14!

  191. Oh my gosh, I LOVE it!!!! I would wear this everywhere. Seriously, everywhere! I’m a hoodie aficionado, and my AMR hoodies are my absolute favorites!

  192. I would wear it EVERYWHERE!! Too vague? I would wear it before school drop off/grocery store/coffee shop/ no makeup/barely teeth brushed/but I don’t care. Then I would wear it to way too early soccer games/dirt bike races/and all the other kid activities that occur too early or too late. Then I would wear it after a race when the post-race sweaty chills set in. In other words, EVERYWHERE! Kudos on an awesome design!!

  193. Is carline an exotic enough destination? What about the grocery store? Looks like the perfect piece to wear on these cool NC mornings as I race around dropping kids off and running errands.

  194. I am a hoodie loving girl and I wear them everywhere! I would rock this bad boy to the gym, to class (cause I’m still trying to finish my college degree), to school to pick up my kiddo. I’d wear it hanging out with my girlfriends and to the store when grocery shopping. I can tell this AMR hoodie would quickly become a staple in my wardrobe.

  195. I would wear it next month in Chicago before and after I finish my first marathon! I live in Florida, so I will need something warm!

  196. Loving the retro style girls!! I’d wear mine when I finish the chilly Northern MI Sleeping Bear 1/2 next month with my BAMR buddy coming all the way from England 🙂

  197. I’d wear this awesome hoodie when visiting our cabin in northern Minnesota. I can’t wait to do some trail running through the woods up there this fall!

  198. I’m going to be wearing that bad boy during the Detroit Marathon Relay! (well, wearing it til I hand it over to freshly minted 10K BAMR Laura M. and taking off out of the relay exchange zone myself!)

  199. I would proudly wear my #BAMR sweatshirt at the finish line of my first 26.2 November 7th, Revel Canyon City. It will look great with my finishers medal!

  200. I would love this hoodie! I’ve read all three of your books, which have inspired me in more ways than I can express! With your Finish Strong half marathon plan, I am ready to push myself and beat my PR by 20 minutes. I am a BAMR through and through – can’t wait for my race, thanks to all of your inspiring words, podcasts and training plan! Thanks, Dimity + Sarah!

  201. Easy! Waking up in chilly Virginia with 3 elementary school kiddos- THIS would be my throw-it-on-over-Jammies-so-the-bus-driver-can’t-tell-I-don’t-have-a-bra-on-yet!!!

  202. I would wear the mother runner hoodie every where! Walking my dog on cool Colorado mornings, standing at the start line of my next marathon here in Colorado, snuggling with my yummy husband on our back porch with a glass of wine and on a girlfriends weekend away in Estes! The real question is: where would I NOT wear that hoodie! 🙂

  203. Everywhere! I love hoodies! Now that we’re getting into fall in Wisconsin, this is much needed and will be worn around town all the time!

  204. the sweatshirt is perfect for errands around town, soccer mornings, and countless other fun and casual fall activities. I can’t wait to wear it!

  205. A super comfy hoodie…..where would I not wear it? Truly, though, it would be great to have a way to show my AMR pride around Grayslake Illinois!

  206. I’d wear it to a soccer game, I’d wear it when I took a plane. I’d wear it near and far, and in a Northern Michigan car. I’d wear it on a run and then out of the house for some fun…and I am pretty sure I need a second one.

  207. I am new to the running world as my daughter in collage has asked me to start running with her. I would wear the hoodie on my early morning runs. Perfect for the change of seasons.

  208. I would wear this hoodie everywhere. Denise did a great job on the graphic. It I knew how to use an emoji I would insert stars here. This is just the kind of graphic that someone is going to ask you about it and then you’ll have a larger tribe.

  209. Where wouldn’t I wear this?!?! I’m kicking myself that I don’t have one for Reach the Beach Relay this weekend. Love it and love what you gals are doing!!

  210. I would wear this hoodie on my “home” run– with my BRF on our “first” run together after we recover from our injuries. Knee surgery for her. Tibial Stress Reaction for me. LOVE LOVE the flag! Run On Mother Runners!!!

  211. It would be what I would change into when getting home from work or after a run. I’m new mommy and still breastfeeding, so a full zip hoodie would be VERY convenient!

  212. I’d wear this hoody after trail training the next two months. Heck, I’d wear it out for groceries, out for dinner, to the movies …

  213. It’s almost fall here in Massachusetts, so I would be wearing itt everywhere! Especially cool mornings standing at the bus stop, or on the soccer fields or on chilly evenings. Love it!!

  214. I would wear this hoodie while cheering on my oldest daughter running her first “Girls on the Run” race and while I go to the pool for water running to overcome my latest stress fracture 🙂 Love it!!!

  215. I would love to wear it after my goal race in November – my first 50K. Winning this would be awesome, but just having the weather cool enough to wear a hoodie would make me so happy!

  216. All over southern NH! Dance studio, soccer games, music lessons, grocery store! I’m already a vocal AMR “ambassador” and this would make it even more fun to encourage local friends to join the tribe!!

  217. Uhm, pretty much everywhere! My fall/winter/spring wardrobe is running tights or go to denim skirt and hoodie +\- vest. I’d wear this bad boy All.The.Time!!!

  218. I would wear it to my boys soccer games and wear it during my upcoming trip to Washington for the Marine Corp. Marathon. Looking forward to seeing AMR at Chicago Marathon Expo. I didn’t get in the lottery to run it so I am a volunteer. Cool looking hoodie!

  219. I love love that hoodie! It has been so hot here in San Diego that I may be wearing it in the ice cold secrecy of my air conditioned home. Or book a trip to the PNW so I would have cause to wear it. But El Niño is coming – I think. So I would let the world know I am a BAMR!

  220. It would get worn to work every day this fall. Wyoming is in that time of year when you need winter clothes in the morning and summer in the afternoon.

  221. I like to travel to races. A goal of mine is a half marathon in all 50 states and having a standard packing item makes it easier not to forget anything so I would wear this to and from all of my races.

  222. I’d love to wear this in the north Georgia mountains after I run my first 50K and most likely it would get worn frequently in carpool line.

  223. Three upcoming trips and I can hardly wait…Sturgeon Bay, WI, Winston-Salem, NC and Missoula, MT. It’s that time of the year to be wearing a hoodie:)

  224. I would wear it after running right now as the weather is cooling a little here in GA in the early mornings and late evenings. Very nice looking jacket!

  225. I’d wear it to Disney World in November where I’ll be running my 11th half-marathon at Wine & Dine! It will be the happiest hoodie on earth 🙂

  226. I would wear it to put on after an awesome workout at my gym (before I had to hit the chilly air outside) or on any upcoming vacation, or ummm to the grocery store or just to do errands or ummm, everywhere?…it is beautiful!

  227. I love the Hoodie!! ☼ I’d wear it (very proudly) on our up-coming vacation to Pensacola, Florida to see our son and his fiance!

  228. Immediate thought: I’d wear this everywhere! Second thought: This would be perfect to layer on our November trip to Disney World! Certainly, I’ll run into some other mother runners who will recognize our tribe flag while waiting to see Mickey and the gang. 🙂

  229. So cute! Well, I’d dream of wearing it to our Ragnar Adirondacks trip next week (won’t arrive in time!) so for now, I’ll dream of wearing it on a crisp fall night on my front porch. I love that fall is creeping in slowly in Maryland!

  230. I would debut it at the expo of the Detroit Marathon! After that, it would be making several appearances at cross country meets, basketball games and track meets throughout mid-Michigan.

  231. Where wouldn’t I wear it is a better question. I could wear it to work when it’s 90 outside and the a/c is cranked. Or on late fall hikes with the family, or around the house with PJs.

  232. I would wear it to drop off my daughter on chilly mornings before I heat up on a morning run. And to the grocery store , gymnastics, the movies…

  233. I’d wear this adorable hoodie with pride in Decatur, GA where I live, in Knoxville, TN – my hometown – whenever I visit, and in fabulous NYC this November when I run my very first full marathon!!! (Along with my much anticipated NYC trucker hat I ordered) 🙂

  234. I would wear this on chilly Chicago morning’s as I drop off the kids before I go for my run, and than again when I pick them up from school later that day. To work to keep me warm in the middle of the night as I care for patient’s while the rest of the world sleeps.

  235. I would wear that sweet AMR sweatshirt to the softball fields with my 11 year old to the soccer sidelines with my son to swim lessons with my youngest daughter here in Brooklyn Park, MN and everywhere in between!

  236. Love the sweatshirt. I would wear it everywhere, knowing it would be a conversation starter because can a runner ever talk enough about this thing we do that we love and hate??!!

  237. I’d wear this sweatshirt when I squeeze in my daily runs during our family’s FIRST EVER trip to Disney World with our 3 little boys in October! Getting the early morning run in before the craziness of Disney so Mom can keep HER sanity amidst the chaos – isn’t that what being Another Mother Runner’s all about?!? 😉 Would be proud to represent AMR in Orlando!

  238. I would wear this on chilly Chicago morning’s as I drop off the kids before I go for my run, and than again when I pick them up from school later that day. To work to meep me warm in the middle of the night as I care for patient’s while the rest of the world sleeps.

  239. I live in the Bay Area and it’s much colder here than where I used to live. I would wear it all over the place here and also to work because it’s cold there too!

  240. Seems it’s a sign (from a higher power) that ya’ll revealed this fabulously awesome hoodie to the tribe the day after MY DOCTOR CLEARED ME TO RUN IN A MONTHS TIME!! If I won this, I would wear it every single day until October 15 (except for at work cause that may cause upper management to squeak), but soccer games, grocery shopping, napping — I would wear it loud and proud daily! After October 15, I would wash it and continue to wear it religiously!!

  241. I LOVE THIS SWEATSHIRT, I would wear it every Saturday after my long run to keep that Happy Feeling going throughout the day and I would wear it on those days when I really don’t feel like looking professional at work (I teach preschool, would much rather wear yoga pants, running shoes and THIS GREAT SWEATSHIRT!!!

  242. Everywhere I could!! Running quick errands, camping, walking the dogs, bike riding with the family, the possibilities are endless! By the way Loving the colors of this cozy looking hoodie! Oh and the best part showing off mother runner status!

  243. I’d wear it plenty…including on an upcoming trip to Cape Cod. I’ll be in MCM taper mode, so it will be perfect after my twelve miler.

  244. I am headed on a business trip to Doha, Qatar in early October. No doubt I’ll be running there as my half marathon is the following week in Boston. Would love to share the AMR love in the Middle East!

  245. Love it!! I live in hoodies in the fall & winter. Running errands, chauffeuring the kids, to & from the gym… I’d wear it everywhere!

  246. I’d wear this great hoodie as soon as I could get out of my work clothes. What’s almost as good as a long run, snuggling down in a soft fleecy hoodie!

  247. I’d wear this hoodie anywhere in Boston. We spend time in Acadia National Park every summer and would be happy to take photos of the hoodie on top of a mountain there. Hoodies in national parks series?

  248. My BRF and I are getting ready to hit Vegas, baby, to celebrate her 40th. Ironically there will be no running, so supporting the tribe in this hoodie would be a lovely way to go!

  249. Omigoodness; I’d wear it everywhere! Think I’d especially like it for hands-free pumping! That pocket is so perfect for holding the pump so I can bop around the house and get my running gear together.

  250. I wear jackets year round and especially at my job bc we have to keep temps cool for our patients. I would wear this daily (with a weekend washing of course) to my job in a Cardiac Rehab where we exercise patients back to health after heart issues. My husband says my wardrobe is made of jackets 🙂

  251. As an evening, post kids bedtime runner this will be perfect to put on when I get home from work and get in my running gear (so I have fewer excuses to get out later), a good motivator that to call myself a runner and wear with pride I have to get out and run!

  252. My 5 year old and I have decided that every day she has off of kindergarten (teacher work days, etc) we are going to go on an adventure! With her 3 and 1 year old sisters in tow, we have gone as far as 2 hours up a mountain to pick apples and as close as 10 minutes down the road to a new chocolate shop (yes, you read that right!) and a new park! With fall weather hitting North Carolina, this hoodie would be perfect to throw on as we head to our next adventure (or perhaps back to that chocolate shop…)

  253. I live in Chicago, cannot think of any place I wouldn’t have it on over the next 7 months! Definitely when I am running around the park with my kids and for sure during the never ending pumpkin patch excursions!!

  254. I live in a small town with very few runners. I am always getting comments on my race shirts. (Which I wear daily!!!) Slowly but surely I am attracting some “Mother Runners!” This sweatshirt would just be an awesome addition to my already super cute repertoire!

  255. I would wear this rad sweatshirt next month when my BRB and I take on the Chicago marathon together! It’s seems perfect for cool nights in the Windy City!

  256. I don’t have any trips coming up (except to Minneapolis for my first marathon), but I would wear that hoodie all over West Central Wisconsin. I have the orange trucker hat and I love the idea of wearing it with the hoodie.

  257. Definitely all around my new small town in CT; but also through the airports back to my hometown of Green Bay, WI, through packet pick up, on to dinner with Katherine Switzer in preparation for a new 1/2 marathon where I plan to surprise my friend running her first 1/2.

  258. I will wear this hoodie absolutely everywhere!! I am a hoodie-wearing mother runner and love nothing more than a nice one with a full zipper so I can regulate my temperature throughout the day. I can so see myself cruising along in my convertible sporting the AMR flag!

  259. Right before my 40th (!!!) birthday next month, my husband and I are running a trail 30k and camping the night before at the park. I’m crossing my fingers it cools down here in Texas so I can cozy up to the hubby in my new sweatshirt by the campfire.

  260. I will wear this everywhere! House, store, bus stop, preschool. And especially after I cross the finish line at the Columbus half marathon!

  261. I would wear my hoodie after my morning run, when I drop my kiddos off at school and many other times too. I like that it’s a zip up and not pull over.

  262. I’m sure I would wear it everywhere! But I would be most anxious to wear it when I head to PA to visit my daughter who is going to college there. I know it will feel especially cold to me there since we live in TX.

  263. I am always cold so I would say the hoodie would be on me everywhere I go. Out to get the mail, a quick run, to the gym, my cruise for thanksgiving and many other places!! Looks so comfy!

  264. Besides wearing it all day while I work from home, I will definitely have it on when I make my daily run to the stores such as Target, Walmart and Giant Food Stores! Definitely will be a wardrobe staple! Love!

  265. In the near future I’d wear it to family camp weekend at my son’s sleepaway camp and to wander around the Brooklyn Botanic Garden during his City Farmers class on Saturdays. In general I could see myself wearing it everywhere, all the time!

  266. I just had to retire my favorite hoodie that I have worn since high school that I used to call my security blanket. My kids have been begging me to get rid of it for years. The AMR hoodie would be the perfect replacement and still make me feel bad ass!

  267. Great post. My kids were just laughing at me the other day because my current sweatshirt is very old with a broken zipper yet it’s the only one I have. I would wear my sweatshirt everywhere. Around town, on a hike and most likely in the house because the mornings are now getting very cool but it’s too soon to kick in the heat.

  268. How perfect- I was just shopping for a new hoodie but couldn’t find one I liked! I’d wear to the endless practices (football, etc) I attend for my kids! And probably everywhere else! Love it!

  269. I would wear it post run for my lunch packing and bus stopping and I can see wearing it on chilly mornings to the pool and at my parents place on the deck overlooking Lake Erie while watching the kids play on the beach.