Hump Day Giveaway: Winner’s Choice of Saucony Running Shoes

Sunshine on Sauconys: my current collection of Guides (Guide 6 flanked by Guide 7s)
Sunshine on Sauconys: my current collection of Guides (Guide 6 flanked by Guide 7s)

My mother often laments, "No matter how many shoes I own, I never own the right pair."

What she means: She doesn't have the perfect black pair of heels to coordinate with the dress she's wearing to my cousin's wedding and the rehearsal dinner. Or the ideal pair of brown comfort shoes to carry her comfortably on walks by Lake Michigan  and stylishly into Chicago restaurants while on vacation.

Thankfully, I didn't inherit this problem from my mother--at least when it comes to running shoes. The Saucony Guide series feels tailored made precisely for me and my needs. The toebox is wide enough so my curled-up little toe isn't crunched, yet my scrawny heel is held snugly in place. The lightweight support device on the inner side of the midsole prevents my high-arched foot from rolling over too far on impact, yet it doesn't act like a straightjacket on the movement of my feet. And best of all from my perspective: The forefoot feels cushioned but lively. (I might be an Athena, but I like a slightly nimble shoe.)

My blue no-suede shoes
My blue no-suede shoes

I am so devoted to the Guide series, I have a stockpile of pairs (some people store water and batteries in case of emergency. Me, I always have several pairs of running shoes at the ready!), and I rotate between three pairs. Further proof of adoration: The aqua blue/ViZiPink pair of Guide 7s I sported at both runDisney half-marathons this winter served as my inspiration for the colors of our newest tech tee.

All that said, I am open to trying different styles of Saucony shoes. At one of our parties last week, a Saucony rep recommended I try the Cortana 3. (It was a classic case of, "If you love the...., then you'll totally dig the...) The opening line of the description on Saucony site told me her suggestion is spot-on: "Runners seeking a lightweight yet supremely cushioned ride, along with the supportive feel of a more traditional everyday shoe, will love the Cortana 3."

Saucony shoes in shades of Train Like a Mother orange: Mirage 4, Peregrine 4, and Cortana 3 (from top to bottom)
Saucony shoes in shades of Train Like a Mother orange: Mirage 4, Peregrine 4, and Cortana 3 (from top to bottom)

Like I said: It's my mother who can't find the right pair of shoes, not her daughter. And Dimity and I (and Saucony!) are here to help you find your ideal pair. The winner of this Hump Day running giveaway will get her choice of any one pair of Saucony running shoes. To enter, tell us what is the #1 feature you look for in a pair of running shoes. Do the weight of a shoe your paramount concern? Do your kicks have to accommodate your burgeoning bunions? Is cushioning for your creaky joints what you crave? Click on the Comments ribbon below this blog post on our site and type your type priority in a running shoe there to be entered to win. 

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. It begins on 4/23/14 and ends on 4/29/14; the winner will be announced on 5/3/14. One entry per person. The value of the prize is up to $150. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law. 

Saucony Guide 7s: running shoes fit for a queen (Elsa, that is)
Saucony Guide 7s: running shoes fit for a queen (Elsa, that is)


1,293 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Winner’s Choice of Saucony Running Shoes

  1. I love saucony shoes. They have the perfect fit at the toe so no cramping while running and comfortable support under the arch. I love them. Just about to compete in my first fun run, still wearing my comfy ole Saucony’s, but badly in need of a new pair.

  2. Like Michelle said “While I love love love looking at pretty running shoes and all their wonderful colors…the ONLY thing that matters to me is fit and comfort. I want support, I want a wide toe area, I want a snug heel FAR more than I want pretty looks!”

  3. While I love love love looking at pretty running shoes and all their wonderful colors…the ONLY thing that matters to me is fit and comfort. I want support, I want a wide toe area, I want a snug heel FAR more than I want pretty looks!

  4. Stability. I had my stride and feet analyzed at Road Runner Sports in Carlsbad and they told me it looks like my ankles are about to snap when I run… so I’m in the Saucony Hurricanes. However I was in the Guide 6 before and they worked better for me. The hurricanes are giving me numbness and calloused toes. I’d love to try the Cortana!

  5. If the shoe fits when my foot immediately goes into it. Have had so many pairs in life that if it doesn’t fit immediately, it won’t EVER fit right

  6. I’m a creature of habit – have been loyal to Mizuno Wave Riders! I find them light and well-fitting. But I’m willing to try something new…

  7. I want great support while still a lightweight shoe! I carry enough of my own weight around, I don’t need any extra!

  8. I look for cushion! And am looking forward to trying a new type of shoes to replace my worn out aasics. #motherrunner

  9. Saucony guide is my “Go to” shoe – I love it. I look for a comfy stability shoe with plenty of room for my wider feet 🙂

  10. Saucony Kinvara is my absolute favorite running shoe by far!!! Cannot wait for the 5’s to be released May 1. I have versions 2-4. They are the best running shoe out there.

  11. Zero drop and a wide toe-box!! I have wide feet! I love my Altra’s but they don’t look as awesome as some of the other shoes out there. I want to love the Virrata’s!!

  12. I am still trying to find what I look for in running sneakers…I tried neutral shoes and got injured, tried stability shoes and got injured, tried neutral with custom orthotics and got injured…so I would LOVE to try a new pair since I am just getting back into marathon training (MCM in Oct) after having a baby 12 weeks ago and my first 20 months ago – I know my feet have changed since pre-babies.

  13. My shoe must have a wide toe box for my bunions, so,that’s my priority. Stability and comfort follow a close second. Sadly, wide shoes are often only made in the less flashy colors. Do shoemakers think because we need the width, we don’t like a little flash?

  14. I got fitted for running shoes 5 years ago- and realized I had been running in the wrong type of shoe for 10 years! I was put in the Saucony guide series, because they come in wide width. I didn’t know I had wide feet- my heel is actually very narrow. Boy, did my running get more comfortable, and I now longer have hip issues. So the availability of wide width is what I look for, although i haven’t looked for a new style of shoe in the last 5 years. I just finished my 6th half marathon, and my feet are great!

  15. The right cushion and heel-to-toe drop to start. I’m devoted to the Saucony Ride! It’s the perfect balance for me. If I can find them in a fun color great – if not, I’m still happy.

  16. My shoes must be able to accommodate my flat feet. There are some running shoes with too high an arch and it’s nearly impossible for me to run in them without wincing in pain. (Been a Saucony girl for years and years!)

  17. The shoe has to be comfortable. My current obsession is the Kinvara. I can’t wait for it to come out on Thursday. Woohoo!

  18. Comfort and good arch support! I have been wearing Saucony’s since high school and am a total devotee. I don’t run in anything else! (or work in anything else, for that matter!) (or do much of anything in anything else as well, haha!)

  19. I love the Saucony Guide Series! I love the cushion that it provides, makes me confident that I can run and that the impact on my joints will be okay since I have rheumatoid arthritis I need to do everything possible to make sure running doesn’t aggravate everything.

  20. I have a high arch and the amount of cushioning in the shoe is crucial for my running comfort. Also, I need some style in my running shoes! I love the wide array of bright colors running shoes come in now.

  21. A test run. A shoe may have all the elements I crave in a neat little package, but it isn’t until I actually take the shoes for a spin that I can commit. Either in store or at the very least returnable on-line…free shipping both ways is a bonus.

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  23. Toe box became very important as I lost my first toenail to running in a too tight pair. My current shoes are an entire size larger than those!

  24. LIke you, Dimity, I have a colorful array of Saucony’s. Over the years my priorities have changed: since I am a Saucony girl, I know that I can get the support and wide toe box that I need and the stability that I want but I have always had to settle for color. a couple of years ago, I wrote to the Saucony company to let them know that those of us who need more support also want flashy colors, too! So..long story short…given all of the other things that I need can be had with Saucony…my priority is color…the wilder the better…currently going to be running in the wild purple hurricane’s when I can get my mother runner hands on a pair.

  25. LIke you, Dimity, I have a colorful array of Saucony’s. Over the years my priorities have changed: since I am a Saucony girl, I know that I can get the support and wide toe box that I need and the stability that I want but I have always had to settle for color. a couple of years ago, I wrote to the Saucony company to let them know that those of us who need more support also want flashy colors, too! So..long story short…given all of the other things that I need can be had with Saucony…my priority is color…the wilder the better…currently going to be running in the wild purple hurricane’s when I can purchase a pair.

  26. support for my high arches and small enough in the heel for my freakishly narrow heels and yet plenty of room in the toe box!

  27. Lightweight, cushioning, and no blisters!
    Saucony Guides and now Rides are my favorite, currently rotating between two pair of Rides.

  28. I’d have to say I need a wide toe-box to maintain the pain associated with my growing bunions (thanks MawMaw)!

  29. All I need in a pair of shoes is something supportive. Color and style doesn’t weigh in on my running shoe purchases, they have to kind to my feet, first and foremost. Good thing saucony makes some awesomesause supportive shoes.

  30. I have really narrow feet so I need shoes that hug my feet. If they are too wide, I get blisters. Blisters are never good.

  31. This may sound weird, but the right length. I bought a pair of running shoes that I loved and so the following year I bought the same style and size, well they turned out to be too small the second time around. This happened to me twice. It is frustrating, 6 1/2’s are too small and 7’s are too big.

  32. I inherited my mother’s weird feet, so I have some strange requirements. I need a narrow heel, but a wider toe box to account for my growing bunions. Thanks, mom.

  33. I definitely need cushion and a wide toe box. I have very wide feet at the toes, but narrow at the heel, and I’ve got to have room to wiggle my toes!

  34. I need some cushioning in the forefoot, but stiff enough to not aggravate the joint of my big toe. Also locks my heel in place and finally, looks super-cute. 🙂

  35. I want to have a smart running answer – and there are many factors I do consider – but I have to admit colour and cool-factor are at the top of my list 😉

  36. I started running at the beginning of the year, and I’m still not sure what type of running shoe I need. I’m looking for a shoe that is comfortable enough to run in for long periods of time, and does not cause any mysterious foot pain for extended periods after my run. I’ve been an athlete my whole life, and I don’t expect my feet to feel or look good after a run. I’m just looking for a shoe that will allow me to continue to run, and to train for my first half marathon at the end of June.

  37. The #1 feature I look for in a pair of running shoes is COMFORT! I started running when I weighed 250lb. I’ve shed 60 pounds so far (thanks to running!) but have yet to find a comfortable pair of running shoes! Thank goodness for foot baths lol

  38. My running shoes need to have a fairly spacious toe box since my left toes apparently do some kind
    of funky dance when I run. 🙂

  39. I over pronate and had an issue with plantar faciaitis. Only Saucony shoes did the trick! Stable and light, my two must have requirements. There are no other shoes in the world for me!

  40. After having surgery on both of my hips, I need cushioning. I wore Asics when I ran in high school, but several years ago the guy at our local running store talked me into trying Sauconys. I haven’t put another running shoe on my foot since!

  41. I usually go by what the running store person recommends. They video you running on a treadmill and ask questions. Then we go from there. I do not have a favorite.

  42. I love my sauconys!!! They are the most comfortable running shoe I have ever owned! Years ago I had a pair and retired them and went into a Nike shoe and never really loved them but wore them anyway (plus I had spent the money on them). After retiring them I knew what I had to do…go back to Sauconys…I have worn them ever since and will probably never stray again!

  43. LOVE love love Saucony shoes! Sometimes my feet ache even when I get up but knowing I have a new cushy Saucony shoe makes it soooo much easier to get up. And their design helps keep bunions and blackened toenails away. Bonus is the design of the shoe doesn’t make my size 11 (used to be size 10 before pregnancy!) feet look like clumsy boats!

  44. I have a pair of Saucony’s and I LOVE them! The reason I chose them, and the thing I most look for in running shoes, is that the front is wide enough for my forefoot, without the heel being too wide so I have slippage. Saucony shose have been PERFECT for that! I also look for cushioning without being cumbersome.

  45. I love my new Saucony Peregrines. Low offset, nimble, and being bright turquoise with coral accents doesn’t hurt! (The Mirage is the road counterpart and will be my next shoe!)

    I look for an odd combination — low heel-to-toe drop, but with some significant support. High arches + overpronation = picky about shoes!

  46. I like ’em minimal and flat…..working on strengthening my feet and using good foot landing form. After that…..cute is good!

  47. I first look for overall “type” — I like a lighter-weight but not uber-minimal, flexible performance shoe, as zero-drop as possible. Then, of course, the colors!

  48. I’m a total Saucony girl – wide toe box, and narrow heal, but love me some cushioning. I was in the Guide for 5 years, but have recently switched over to the Ride. May have to give the Cortana a try…

  49. Perfect, I am currently looking for new running shoes! I need LOTS of cushioning for the many miles ahead!!!! 🙂

  50. Lots of room in the toe box and a nice snug heel, my heels are narrow and slide in many shoes. But a close second is color. I love bright shoes!

  51. Ahhh, shoes. Love ’em and hate ’em. I have a past of plantar facitis (before running) and now have issues with my knee. Still looking for that perfect shoe that will help me keep both of these issues at bay!

  52. Oh, mamma! I totally need new running shoes, thanks for the reminder!(makes note to head to running store)
    I always look for something that will fit my giant feet that also will accommodate my orthopedic insoles- while still being comfortable, lightweight, and some-what stylish.

  53. My shoes need to have a wide toe box to accommodate my morton’s neuromas and I also need a cushioned shoe. An added bonus is to come equipped with wings to help me run like the wind. The Cortana just might be the ticket.

  54. The #1 most important feature for me in a running shoe is a wide toe box for my C-width shoes and swollen big toe joint. I like my running shoes to be lightweight and cushioned as well and don’t like it when the shoe touches my ankle bone. I’m training for a road ultra 50K right now and am thinking this may be my last as my creaky joints are not happy with me. I love my Triumphs and Kinvaras but would love to try the Mirage or Cortana or A5s as long as they are neutral shoes.

  55. I need a perfectly neutral shoe. If the shoe turns my feet in or out ever so slightly, I get an injury–either by hip gets angry or I get tendonitis in one of my ankles.

  56. I love lightweight shoes but when I’m really putting on the miles (and I will, training for the Chicago marathon and Dopey), I need to make sure the toe box is roomy enough that I don’t get blisters and that they have enough cushion/ support for hours on my feet.

  57. Needs to be comfy wide enough in the toe box to accommodate my freakishly large second toe, but not so wide that the rest of my foot is swimming in it.

  58. The #1 feature: the fit. It must fit my foot well; snug in the heel and plenty of room in the toe box and instep. Everything else, even the cushing is just bonus.

  59. The most important feature to me is stability. I learned the hard way with a very inflamed calf muscle requiring prescription anti-inflammatory meds that I was wearing the wrong kind of shoe, and finally got myself fitted!

  60. My shoes have to be cushy and comfortable. I used to have to worry about orthotics in my shoes, but since switching to Saucony I’ve had no troubles.

  61. I look for a shoe that my heel/Achilles Tendon feels good in. Nothing too low where my foot feels like it’s just going to come out and it has to be a stability shoe. If there are 2 shoes that feel the same, I’m going for the bright more obnoxious one.

  62. I wish I could choose my shoes based on color or cool factor but unfortunately, I have to choose for stability. So, sometimes I get lucky and they are cute, sometimes not.

  63. Hard to pick the most important, because it is a blend of equally important characteristics. However, I would say support, if to pick the most important. Also, flexibility, comfort, appearance, durability, breathability.

  64. I look for stability, comfort and bounce. The idea of “racing flats” kind of scare me. A high arch, with some mild pronation going on, I need something that I can do speed work in, race in, and complete a run of 20-25k in without foot issues. Ideally something to carry me to my next goal of a full marathon in 2015! With such high milage I will need a great brand of a reliable shoe!

  65. My orthotics have to fit in them #1 and the fore foot needs to have some cushion. Neutral shoes are generally great, but have fallen for the Nike Vomero. Would like to try Saucony again!

  66. i look for a pair of shoes that feel like they’ve disappeared on my feet. that means they’re lightweight and fit well 🙂

  67. I definitely look for arch support and stability. Shin splints stink, so anything to help avoiding them rocks for me!

  68. Like Goldilocks I have two different running shoes right now… the first is too loose in the toe and feels heavy, the second is too tight in the toe but feels great every where else… maybe this will be my third shoe that feels just right??

  69. Durable and affordable! My current running shoes are two years old and they also double as my everyday/work shoes. At the beginning these shoes were strictly running but then quickly turned to everyday/work/running shoes when I was experiencing ankle pain while pregnant from my old work shoes (which were my previous retired running shoes). Since there isn’t much room in my budget for shoes, I have to make sure the ones I get can multi-task!

  70. The first thing I look for is cushioning, and then I look at color; the flashier the better. I love the AMR Orange color.

  71. A good solid shoe that fits my arch. I have tried many brands and Saucony has been by far the best match to my foot. Not too heavy, but heavy enough to support over marathon distances!

  72. I think I aim for comfort and I need something to help me run faster. Those exist right? Oh, how I would love a new pair of shoes. Momma needs some new shoes!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  73. my narrow foot needs to be held snugly so I don’t curl my toes trying to “grab” the bottom of the shoe…that makes for ugly toenails and blisters!

  74. A wide toe box is a must for me. I’ve bruised too many toes and lost too many toenails from not having enough room in there.

  75. I look for light support with comfort. While I have a favorite style and brand, I’m also open to trying new things! And I’m always open to coordinating my kicks with my outfits…fastanista here!

  76. I look for whatever creates the most natural feel for my foot. Fairly new to running, but getting up for my first half in June, I’m still working on finding the perfect shoe!

  77. I’m a sucker for consistency – I want to find a shoe that I can buy again and again and know it will work every time. Pretty colors don’t hurt, either!

  78. I have loved the Saucony Guide for many years… until my knees were injured and I switched to running on my toes. Since then I have been trying to find just the right fit. I believe the Saucony Virata will be it! I would love to get these in the coral/purple color combo (orange is my favorite). I am getting back into running and have found that running on my toes is much easier on my knees – here’s to success!

  79. I want a running shoe I love with out having to break them in for several months. The balls of my feet burn for weeks when I get new shoes and I don’t dare run more than 3-4 miles in new shoes until I break them in. once I break shoes in I can run marathons with out pain in my feet, but while breaking them in my feet HURT! I need a wide toe box for my big fat front of my feet, narrow heel and not too much stability for my medium arch and please cloud like great cushioning for my 46 year old feet that have run for 33 years.

  80. Short to no drop, wide toe box, breathable, good reputation. Loved the Brooks Green Silence but they discontinued them. Switched to Newtons ❤

  81. I look for a shoes with a wide to box. Once that criterion is met, I love for an awesome color scheme: not black, not too much white, some pink or blue or purple…

  82. I have to have that overall just right, comfortable feeling no matter what; and following closely behind, I hope to high heaven the shoes are the perfect amount of color and cool to offset my big, orthotic-wearing, ailment-laden tootsies!

  83. The No. 1, must-have feature that I look for in a running shoe is a very roomy toebox. I have Morton’s toe (second toe is longer than my big toe), which is classically aesthetically pleasing (think: Statue of Liberty’s foot), but a pain in the rear when it comes to running because that second toe is always mashing up against the front of my shoe. Every Saucony shoe model I’ve worn in the past five years (Virrata, Kinvara, Guide, Mirage) has a great roomy toebox and has helped reduce or eliminate pain and black toenails.

  84. after having foot surgery last year the TOP Priority is the “CUSHION”- comfort and support. Saucony are the only shoes where I can dial in the “cush” I need to pound out the miles

  85. Comfort (not too tight for my wide foot) and cushion. It’s tough to find a good shoe to get you through 26.2, but Saucony works for me.

  86. I want a shoe with cushioning that feels like it is part of my foot. I bought my first Cortanas last fall and have fallen in love with the combination of lightness and cushion. I am on my second pair. Looking through my closet at my retired shoes I am seeing are Saucony’s (and I am pretty sure I am not ever pronouncing it right when I go to my local running shop)!

  87. Arch support and fit are important. I can’t stand it when my shoes are too tight in the fore & mid foot, makes my feet cramp up, & I have to make sure the shoe isn’t too high on the sides of my ankles or it rubs my ankle bone raw!

  88. My winning combination: support and cushioning (with more emphasis on support). Cute, fun colors are an added bonus. 🙂

  89. #1 Support. I have been devoted to the Guide series since 2009..yes I keep track of my shoes. I looked in my closet and I have 6 pairs, 5 are retired.

  90. I don’t need a new pair of running shoes… said no runner EVER!!!! I need great support but are light weight.

  91. The #1 thing i need is arch support. I ran my first half in what i thought were awesome new shoes. Turned out i didnt have any arch support. I felt like i had broken feet for a week!

  92. I need a shoe that can fit my long, narrow foot snugly without allowing heel slippage–and a not-too-cushy/squishy ride.

  93. I LOVE my Saucony Kinevaras!! I have rheumatoid arthritis and it has affected my feet, so comfortable shoes are so important. I love the lightweight shoes, but want a little cushioning too, and they are just perfect!

  94. I’m a Saucony only gal, I’m not even willing to try anything else so I’m uber excited for this giveaway!

    Comfort in the toe box is the most important for me. I don’t like my toes to feet squished. Followed by several other factors (trail or street, etc).

  95. The number one feature I look for is a shoe that will not bruise my toe nails. I need my toes nails to look pretty for summer.

  96. Is it wrong if I say color?? I mean of course, you need to find the right shoe for your foot…but I love me some flashy running shoes!! I’m the girl who always asks to see ALL of the color options of my chosen shoe, and chooses the one that’s the most fun and bright. It inspires me to run when I have fun shoes to wear!

  97. I look for a shoe to fit my ridiculously long toes and I want them in BAMR colors.
    I swear I go faster if my shoes are cool!
    I love the Guide series and would love to try the cortana.

  98. Last year I discovered the Guide 6 (they look like they have flames on the side) and I love them! My favorite thing is that I haven’t had any toe/heel/arch/knee pain while running in them and I get to call myself Fire Woman when I run in them (see aforementioned flames comment). They are ready to be retired so I would absolutely to try the Guide 7 or Cortana 3.

  99. I have very narrow feet with high arches! Anything over 3 miles kills the top of my feet my hips and lower back. I have yet to find a shoe that helps with these ailments during running.

  100. I need shoes with just enough support to keep my high arches from over-pronating, but not enough that I end up supinating ( like my current pair cause me to do, sigh). And I must have lots of cushioning as a heavy runner to help protect all the joints in my legs and feet!

  101. I have the hardest time finding a shoes that does not hurt my midfoot area. I look for a shoe with a wide midfoot and toe box and a lot of cushioning.

  102. For me it’s all about the wide toe area! I always get a “D” width running shoe just to accommodate my ugly toes. If I found a stylish looking pair of wide-toe running shoes, I’d have the perfect dream shoe situation. 🙂

  103. I need stability with a nice wide toe box for my Fred Flintstone feet (short and wide). I love my Saucony Guide 5s and 7s!

  104. I need a neutral, medium to wide shoe that is light and has medium-ish cushioning. I love it when I get a new pair of shoes and it feels like I’m running on clouds 🙂

  105. I look for a wider show with major cushioning especially in the mid foot and toes most shoes pad the heels most shoes make the middle of my feet hurt really bad.

  106. It must have stability for my pronating right foot, cushioning, so I don’t feel each small rock on the pavement, and bold colors to justify new running clothes!

  107. I like a shoe that feels good and provides enough cushion to handle long runs. I’ve had the Brooks Adrenaline GTS shoes since I started running. I tried Asics once but didn’t like them. I really like my shoes (and have 2 pairs currently in rotation) but am looking into other options now that I’ve been a runner longer.

  108. I look for a wide toe-box paired with a heel that won’t slip and slide. Can’t have my little piggies falling asleep on a run!

  109. I simply want to be pain free in my shoes. No blistering and enough arch support so my feet aren’t crying after a few miles.

  110. A shoe that cheers me on. “Go, Sarah, keep at it! Don’t give up! You’re a badass.” Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Saucony are you listening? 🙂

  111. I like a shoe that fits snug on my heel, and not too tight across the top of my foot. Oh!… and they make me run real fast. =)

  112. They have to make my arches feel like they didn’t fall under the weight of my pregnancies! I’d always had nice, high arches that needed little. Not so much now, after two pregnancies with weight gains that are a little too embarrassing to admit.

  113. I need a shoe with a good cushion and a tongue that stays in place. I go crazy when the tongue slides down. Like crazy.

  114. I look for shoes that are well-cushioned & long-lasting. And if they’re pretty, that’s even better! 🙂 I love colorful running shoes!

  115. I find a shoe and stick with it for a LONG time, so I’m usually shopping by color! (But I’ll buy an ugly shoe, if it’s the model I need and the price is right.) =)

  116. Honestly, I’m just starting out with running and haven’t gotten a pair of “running shoes”. I’m just using tennies that I already have. It’s on my list of priorities. so it’s nice reading what other people look for.

  117. I look for lightweight and wide toe box, I have a pair of cortanas and can’t seem to transition into even another pair I love them so much , they feel Luke home to my feet:-)

  118. My #1 priority when shopping for running shoes is the weight! I need a lightweight running shoe. After wearing one for so many years on the road, it’s hard to run in anything heavier.

  119. #1 feature I look for in a pair of running shoes – shoes that fit well so I don’t get black toenails. Pretty colored shoes is a close 2nd!

  120. Comfort…I always get shoes at my favorite running store and try running in them before I buy. It’s more of an overall feel than anything specific.

  121. #1 would be cushioning/rock plate. I hate stiff midsoles! Eck! I look at the tread and drainage – would be #2 & #3 on my list. These are important for trail running. Colors? I hate neon brights. Gag me.

  122. I like something comfortable and that will help prevent injury (or, at least not cause one). I am prone to shin splints and IT band issues, and I don’t want a running shoe to exacerbate the problem. I also like shoes with fun colors and hopefully to be relatively inexpensive. That’s not too much to ask, right?

  123. Not only do I have bunions, but they are in two different spots. My left foot has your typical side bunion while the bunion on my right foot is on the top. That makes it twice as hard to find shoes that won’t irritate either one of them!

  124. I have several brands and styles that I cycle through, but they are all similar: support, moderate cushioning. In my current rotation is a pair of Saucony Omnis. I also prefer bright colors because who wants to wear another pair of boring grey and blue shoes?

  125. Initially, I look for bright colors (especially in Winter). I want something that’s going to get me excited to get out on a run on those days when I don’t want to. White and light colors do not do it for me!

  126. I have feet shaped like flippers-big, wide and flat. Insoles go a long way for the flatness, but a pair of shoes wide enough for my toes is hard to find. Saucony are some of the only ones I’ve found that both fit, and are actual supportive running shoes. Bonus points for all the new colors they’re adding!

  127. The right shoes for me are Sauconys!! I’ve tried them all and have settled on Sauconys as being the right fit for my foot. I currently run in the Rides, Kinvaras and Cortanas. And I need a new pair of Cortanas to wear in my upcoming marathon – they are the perfect combination of lower heel drop, lightweight and nice cushioning.

  128. Neutral. No major issues, just need something to carry me over the road. I love Kinvara’s. So light and feel like they are molded to my feet.

  129. SUPPORT! I tried a pair of neutral shoes once because they were fun looking (lol) and after a 3 miler I was on the couch with awful back pain OUCH!! I have learned my lesson that unfortunately fit before fashion in this case ha ha ha

  130. Support! If I don’t have adequate support my shins hurt and running is no fun. Good supportive shoes for me! 🙂

  131. I do enjoy a roomy toe-box!! it’s just kind-of fun to say…TOE BOX. The Saucony’s are some of the only shoes that accommodate a big, solid, foot. Again, LOVE the roomy toe box:)

  132. I look for a shoe that will fit my tiny but wide feet. Size 6 shoes for little Flintstone feet are hard to find.

  133. They have to fit my narrow-ish feet without tying the laces all funky or adding inserts and such. No faking, they just have to feel good from the beginning!

  134. Thats tough. Cushion is definitely important. I’m not sure about what’s next. I got my first fitted running shoes for my birthday last year. They are saucony. I find them much better than the nikes I use to wear.

  135. Love a shoe that feels like a natural extension of my body. Like it is a part of me. It not only feels good on my foot, it makes me feel good all over when I lace them up! *sometimes this even includes the color, I can look at a shoe and smile just because of its happy colors!*

  136. OMG
    My favorite shoes have motion control so they are a tad heavier than a cushioned shoe. I am trying to move to a lighter shoe but with the stability of a traditional shoe and these seem perfect. The awesome colors just make you want put them on and run that extra mile. These would be a nice birthday gift as I turn 50 today!!!!!

  137. I’m still looking for “that perfect shoe” too…one with comfort and stability….have been eyeing the Saucony shoes…now I want them:)

  138. Definitely cushioning. Saucony is the brand that was recommended to me when I started my running journey 18 months ago and I haven’t looked back!

  139. Cushioning and toe room for my wide foot is important to me in a running shoe. I have gone between New Balance and Saucony, but I do prefer Sauconys overall.

  140. Definitely good support and cushion, especially after ACL surgery last year, the knee needs the cushion. Currently training for half marathon and maybe another full one so new shoes would be awesome!

  141. I look for something that’s relatively lightweight. Also something wide enough in the front area so my bunion doesn’t get squeezed. Mainly all-around comfort, support and cusioning.

  142. I want My Shoes to make me look (and sound) like I am the perfect picture of a graceful BAMR floating along, effortlessly, even when I am barely dragging my BA across the finish.

  143. I need a shoe with cushion for my arthritic back, support for my wobbly ankles, color that matches my outlook, and laces that don’t come untied. That’s all.

  144. I have to have alight weight shoe, otherwise I feel like I’m running with bricks tied to my feet. Shoelaces that stay tied are also a highlight.

  145. Yes, a shoe that fits my burgeoning bunions and my arch that is anything but delicate, and that will lessen the blow to my ever-aging joints! And for the love, let it be in a fun color!

  146. I know this will sound weird to the common person but not to a runner…I need my shoes to feel like I am getting a foot hug. It must feel apart of my feet, not sit independent of my feet. I don’t care about color or style…

  147. I just need something to correct over-pronation, and something that hugs my heels if I lace the shoes with my special trick. I don’t care about color or looks!

  148. I have only been a mother runner for 3 years and have worn Saucony the whole time except for one pair of a different brand (which will remain nameless so you don’t get sued). Huge mistake, the worst shin splints I ever had!! I over probate so I need a shoe with stability. And I just signed up for my very first full marathon so I will be needing a new pair. I plan to use the Run like a Mother training plan to finish.

  149. The terrain of my upcoming race decides not only how I train but what shoes will take me there! As long as they are Sauconys I know they will fit right and feel good…. now if deciding on the color was that easy 😉

  150. I like a cushioned shoe that is also light so they don’t feel clunky (I.e. so I don’t sounds like a horse clomping along as I run!)

  151. I need stability or my knees hurt. However when comparing one stability shoe to another I always look for a shoe that is slender through the heal so I don’t feel like my foot is slipping out.

  152. I just need the footbed to feel right, whatever that means. It’s something I know almost instantly, and it will determine whether the shoe will work at all or whether it’s destined to fail. And it’s tough – I haven’t found that magic since a nameless shoe company discontinued my favorite a few years ago. Agh…

  153. Room for my toes, without being too big all around. That’s the most important thing I look for in a running shoe.

  154. The most important feature for me is a wide toe box. I inherited my father’s wide feet and for many years I could only wear a man’s shoe. Just like all runners are not petite, all runners do not have dainty feet!

  155. I look for whatever the nice lady at my local running shoe store tells me to. Comfort and a wider toe box and something that isn’t magenta.

  156. Well I have trouble finding shoes. I have bought and returned 4 pairs of shoes the last month in search of the perfect pair. I look for a nuetral shoe that are so comfy that there are not any irritations so I forget I have them on.

  157. My #1 feeture I look for in a running shoe is cushion. I suffer from shin splints, so always looking for a soft landing!!

  158. Cushioning to help absorb the impact and protect my knees is my first priority in finding a running shoe. Getting older stinks but it doesn’t have to hurt!

  159. My number one feature of a shoe is stability! Having endured several injuries because of ill-fitting shoes, I have learned not to mess around and stick with what works!

  160. My favorite shoes have always been the cushiony ones, even though I currently am running in not so cushiony ones now!

  161. My number one requirement of running shoes is to keep my toes happy and healthy. I have adjusted shoes and sizes to accommodate a few nails that like to go to toenail heaven every once and a while. Don’t you just wish there was a toenail fairy that gave better shoes or a race entry with every loss? ; ) I would adore a new pair of shoes that would respect my toenails and keep them grounded for the long run.

  162. I look for shoes that won’t change my running form too much. Then out of that model, I pick the color that goes with the majority of my running outfits

  163. Is ‘makes my plantar fasciitis go away’ a feature? If not, wide toe box is pretty key for my freakishly wide feet.

  164. I overpronate, so I need something that keeps my feet very stable. A wide toe box is a close second on my list. I’ve had a pair of Saucony’s and I LOVED them. I’m about a hundred miles overdue for new running shoes right now.

  165. The most important things I feel for (my feet are so bad I never get to look and pick shoes by how cute they are – it’s all about the feel) when picking out runners are a wide toe box and minimal stitching across my bunions. I need those babies as clear as possible to avoid pressure.

  166. The only running shoe I wear. They are the best for my achey brakey feet and help keep me pounding for my high 40+ miles weeks. I dream to have enough Saucony to rotate every few runs on my way to ultra marathon dream.

  167. Arch support. I never realized how important good arch support in a shoe could be until I started running! Oh, and I like if they are brightly colored and cute too.

  168. If I have to think about my feet when I am running, my shoes are not right. Saucony’s make me think about what running on a cloud would be like! 🙂

  169. I love Saucony’s! They are the only brand of shoe I buy, fit’s my feet so nicely. And love the springy bright colors!

  170. Cushioning for my shins. I am on my 3rd pair of Saucony rides and can’t imagine ever trying another brand again. I love them!

  171. I have orthotics that have to go in my shoes. I can’t have a medial post because that puts too much pressure on my arch. I need them to be comforatable, and not pressing on my arch, but also not having my toes fall asleep. Color is good, but not a necessity.

  172. Most important in a shoe: stability! I need to keep upright and not kiss pavement. Saucony Guides have been my go-tos for years! And Mommy needs new ones soon!!!!

  173. I usually look for a good recommendation from the folks at the running store! I’ve tried differnt kinds and have always had a good experience. I actually just tried Sauconey for the first time and I am loving them! That is not just a shameless plug for a new pair of shoes either…I think they are great. They are cushioned but still firm. And, forgive me, I also do look for a great color in my running shoe!

  174. I am a complete Cinderella when trying on running shoes. I try on pair after pair until I find the right ones for my Fred flinestone-esc feet . I even compare shoes but putting two different pairs on at once! I look for a shoe that doesn’t squeeze my pinky toes, has a moderate amount of structure and feels light.

  175. A roomy toe box is my must-have. I was an Asics addict until they discontinued the 2100 series, and since then have struggled to find the right shoe. I’ve debated trying Sauconys, but never bit the bullet. This would be the perfect way to do it without dropping the $$$!

  176. I look for comfort and flexibility. The first time I was fitted for a running shoe I was put in the Saucony guide and wear them to this day. They are my absolute favorite running shoe.

  177. Number one feature is stability for me. Good cushioning & a roomy enough toe box are next on the list! I have been wanting to try saucony!

  178. I love plenty of toe wiggle room, so a nice wide toe box is a must. (I am ending training for the half challenge, and not a black toe nail in sight.) I also love a little extra “bounce.”

  179. I am a saucony kinvara addict. I love a lightweight shoe in a funky bright colour that makes me feel slightly cool (kids advise me on the best colour way) and the combo of brightness and light shoe make me feel like my feet can fly..or so I tell myself as I push just a little faster.. A little farther..

  180. I look for shoes that hug my feet in a sweet embrace. My daughter just began running with me and I purchased a pair of Saucony for her to train in. I had to have a chuckle when I read this post because when she ran her first 3 mile training run wearing her new shoes, she was so excited about the added bounce in her step!

  181. I need the perfect fit! Toe box width, correct pressure points on the balls of my feet, and stability! Have been wearing Saucony shoes for years! Love them!

  182. Love running shoes that are comfortable and lightweight. Don’t really care about colors so much if the fit is perfect.

  183. I swear by Saucony and will not buy anything else. I feel as though ive tried them all and this brand just works!! Comfortable, wide toe box, light weight, flexability, durability, fit… the list goes on. Simply amazing!!

  184. I do prefer Saucony running shoes. I don’t even know which is my current style though, something I could afford at DSW. The weight of the shoe is important to me and toe space. I hate for the little piggies to be too crowded when I run. IF I could find a super new pair that made my knees feel better I would buy a hundred pairs:)

  185. I’m no more deserving than anyone else, but I do -and – have loved Sauconys for the last 4-5 years, and have gone though a few iterations. My present top 3 list would be : neutral, light and supportive (I know, sounds like an impossible dream.) have loved my Guides, and now working through a pair of Triumphs. It’s all good!

  186. I need shoes with great support to help with knee issues. Beyond that, I LOVE fun bright colors to make me feel bright and cheery 🙂 They are the perfect complement to a great running skirt 😉

  187. I need room for my bigger 2nd toe that is also snug around the heel…love my last pair of Saucony’s but still looking for the perfect shoe. 😉

  188. Of course I, like most others, at the #1 spot, need a shoe that fits comfortably and provides support. But the main factor I look at, after the necessities, is a shoe that I feel confident in. It’s like that little black dress and shoe’s your mother is always trying to find. I need something that I feel faster, stronger, and radiant in. Right now I’m rocking a pair of Saucony Kinvara 4’s in the White/Coral and I feel like every girl is jealous of my shoes. I also have a pair of Mizuno wave’s in a nice blue that make me feel like the real deal.

  189. My current shoe rotation contains 2 pair of saucony ride 6…. For me the shoe needs to be tailored without rubbing, and needs to hold my heel without movement, yet not feel restrictive….and have the right balance of cushioning without feeling bulky…….when I find a pair that fit I grab them…

  190. I love my Saucony Triumphs! Most important to me is a wide toe box and forefoot cushioning to avoid aggravating my neuroma. The lighter the better, but without sacrificing the protective cushioning I need.

  191. Cushion is important for my painful heel spurs, width for my orthotics and and wide enough toe box for my soft corns between my toes! All about the comfort of my feet 🙂 I also love vibrant colorful shoes as well.

  192. I fell in love with barefoot running so I love minimalist shoes. Until I developed posterior tibialis tendinitis when I upped my mileage training for my first marathon. So now I look for a minimalist shoe that also has good ankle support.

  193. With a post surgical right heel from plantar fascitis, and a left heel that I am terrifed will end up that way, I look for support, support, support. Cushion is a plus, and I’d love one day to actually get some cool flashy colors that I drool over!!!

  194. When I’m looking at new running shoes, my number one priority is usually arch support. I have a ridiculously high arch, so it can hurt at times. I have found that Sacouny is usually great when it comes to that. After that, the weight and then overall appearance of the ahoe! But I love my Sacounys!!!!

  195. To me running shoes are an investment in my physical (and mental) health so I never skimp on support and comfort. I love a nice cushion-y shoe. I try not to get hung up on colors…but when you wear size 11, the shoe that is highlighter yellow from heel to toe might not make the cut no matter how pillow soft and feather light it might be!

  196. Saucony is my favorite brand because I look for a wide toe bed and good cushion and stability–Saucony is always the brand I come back to because they offer those things and more!

  197. I must have proper support through my entire foot, but mostly in the arch…with two MATCHING SETS of heel spurs, planter’s fasciitis and a genetic bunion (same place on my mom, grandmother AND sister) the shoe MUST pass the test for all three of my special little needs…color doesn’t matter in any way…when I find a shoe that works well for me, I most certainly buy more than one pair and stay with it as lone as possible!

  198. I swear by my Sauconys – I started wearing them because of the wide toe box for, you guessed it, bunions! Even with one toe ‘repaired” the Saucony Grid Omni has been my shoe of choice for my last two half-marathons. They are super comfy, and offer all the stability I need to run injury free.

  199. Fit and comfort, which I believe go hand in hand. I just want a pair of shoes that lets me forget about my feet!!

  200. The ideal shoe for me is one that will keep me as injury free as possible! After two years of running, I’m still trying to find the perfect shoe. I started with a stability shoe and after all kinds of injuries, I switched to a shoe with a little less stability. My old injuries (IT Band, sore hips and shin splits) disappeared, but I developed a soreness on the top of my foot. I have tried every brand EXCEPT for Saucony! I’m due for a new pair and have been putting it off because choosing the right shoe stresses me out! I hope one day I will find my forever shoe!

  201. Although color is a very big influence for me, it usually comes down to the weight of the shoe. I’m also a big fan of off-set lacing, although that doesn’t make it break the shoe.

  202. Love, love, love my Sauconys – they’ve helped my wide, flat feet across many a finish line. I’m sure a pop of color would enhance the beautiful sunrises I enjoy on my morning runs!

  203. Support is key. As much as I love color scheme I’ve made the mistake of choosing style over function. I want to be able to run as long as I can so the shoe with the best fit is the choice for me!

  204. My hard-to-fit flat and wide feet love the Kinvaras! Logged in many miles during marathon training.. My feet and the growing threadbare spots on tge Kinvaras would love a new pair!!!

  205. I love cushioning and support but they must be lightweight. I feel heavy enough running and heavy shoes just won’t cut it!

  206. Lately it is all about color! The more neon, the better! Actually, on the technical aspect, I like a lot of cushioning, like I am running on pillows. Saucony shoes are my favorite!

  207. Cushion and support without feeling bulky and heavy. And after my first half, a nice roomy toe box to save my poor toenails!

  208. Love my Saucony Kinvaras! Those bad boys have a lot of miles on them and mama could use a new pair of shoes!

  209. I love a light weight shoe with some good cushioning! They also have to fit my orthotics. I currently love the mirage!

  210. All the wide shoes seem to come in boring colors. I need some happy colors to match how I feel when I’m running along to my playlist…HAPPY! Cue Pharrell Williams!

  211. Mid to high stability for my over pronation is a must! Then its down to a wide toe box and then great colors!!

  212. Cushion and support are a must for the perfect running shoe! Fun colors are a bonus. I haven’t run in Sauconys before. Might be time to give them a whirl!

  213. Neutral but if course a good fitting. I need new running shoes that allow me to keep my nails..I keep loosing them!

  214. After some toenail issues, I learned that a roomy toe box works for me. Other details? Cushioning, lightweight and not too much white. I can usually tell when I put a shoe on if it will work for me.

  215. #1 feature has to be arch support

    I like a shoe that fits my foot well, and don’t like adding inserts

    Gag! I’m ready to be called “old” for that comment!

  216. I look for plenty of support and cushion. Even though I’ve lost 100 pounds I’m still, shall we say, larger than your average runner and need as much as I can get. A new pair of shoes would help me train for my first half-marathon!

  217. Stability! As long as I have a good shoe that provides stability I am a happy girl that can pick fun, bold colors to match my happy mood

  218. After being pregnant my feet shrank instead of getting bigger. Now I am trying out all new shoes to figure out which ones fit me the best. Why get dress shoes with a heel when you get comfy running shoes!

  219. I look for comfort always a large toe box to accommodate my Fred Flintstone feet with the beginnings of bunions. I know within 5 minutes of trying a pair of shoes on if they are going to work or not. Saucony’s have been a favorite of mine for a long time, money well spent that’s for sure and I love all the different colors to match all my different outfits 😀 !

  220. Definitely CUSHION, then stability and then weight. I love my Saucony Triumphs and am proud to be in my 3rd pair 🙂

  221. I have been in the Triumphs for a while now and really like them, but do want the Cortana to work out too! Priority for me as a neutral runner is forefoot cushion comfort, lower heel-to-toe, and a flexible shoe 🙂 Loving this giveaway and love how the Sauconys feel on my feet!!!

  222. Hips are not the only thing that widen once you have a couple kids, apparently your feet do too. I now need a wider shoe to prevent blisters and to house the orthotics that I now need to keep my feet comfy. These have a narrower heal…hmmm perhaps these are worth a try.

  223. Need a wider toe box to keep all my toenails! Want to try something lighter, but really want cushioning and support for long runs. Would love to be wooed and wowed by saucony!

  224. I have PA and have trouble with my joints. Cushion is a must and I also like them to be fun colors! Something to make me smile 🙂

  225. For me, cushioning and a roomy toe box are my top priorities. This would be perfect timing as I am just getting back into my running routine after having my 4th baby 8 weeks ago. My feet have changed with every pregnancy so my pre preggo shoes never work postpartum. My back is very achy now so better cushioning is #1.

  226. I *wish* I could choose shoes based on cute colours and designs. Sadly, I have to start with stability, and make my final choice based on comfort and feel. I usually love the look of the shoes I don’t choose, but at least my feet are happy.

  227. They must have the Goldilocks factor – juuuust right! Roomy toe box, but not so big that my toes have room to move around and rub off toenails. Good cushion, but not too squishy. And pink

  228. As a fairly significant overpronator, stability is a key feature for me. Bright, pretty colours are definitely a nice fringe benefit 🙂

  229. #1 feature for me would be overall feel. My running shoes should feel great when I run in them from start to finish: good cushioning, stability, perfect toe box, and great colors are a bonus!

  230. Heel width/heel cushioning–my heels are narrow and slip out of most shoes, I have to tie them so tight to accommodate for the narrow heel that its difficult to find a good fit.

  231. I need a shoe that is light weight and cushy soft. I have always worn Nike (and loved them) but decided to try something different this time around (no names please, but it’s not Saucony). Unfortunately, I don’t love the new shoes. I would love to give Saucony a try. The colors are great and so many of my running friends wear them. Should’ve know to follow in their footsteps 🙂

  232. Ok, they have to be comfortable and everything, but really, I’m my daughters hero if they’re also purple. Sad but true.

  233. I look for a nice roomy toe box! I have a wide foot and its no fun running in a shoe that has my toes all cramped up

  234. I’m a diehard minimalist shoe fan!!! I want zero bulk in my running shoes, and I don’t even want to have to wear socks. My current favorite running shoe is actually the Saucony Hattori!!!

  235. I have major bunions, and I also look for something with a wide toe box. Gotta keeps the toes comfy. I also like to have plenty of cushion.

  236. I have to have comfort first of all and narrow width. I prefer a minimalist type shoe so far…but I am a newbie runner (6 months into running, did my first half last weekend!) so I am still trying to find more than one shoe that I am in love with! 🙂

  237. I like a nice looking shoe designed for a neutral to mild pronator. I’ve enjoyed the 4mm drop in the Brooks Pure line but when marathon training I realized that I needed a shoe with more cushion for those longer distances.

  238. Our family love love loves Sauconys!! Even my 2 year old sports them 🙂 In a running shoe, I have to reallygreat shock absorbtion, cushion and stability! And I do prefer them to be fashionable, which Saucon definitely is!

  239. I am a creature of habit. My Pro-grid guides worked when I started running in 2010 and I have never been willing to move on to another! So it’s my Saucony’s every run!

  240. Cushion and something neutral I tend to pound/clomp when I am tired and appreciate running shoes with a lot of cushion. I also love a bright colorful shoe to get me through rainy/snowy “do I have to go out there” runs.

  241. I have worn Saucony for years. Love the shoe! love that I have room for my toes to wiggle, even in winter when I have to wear extra socks, but they aren’t so wide through my arches that I get lace them up nice and snug. I have very long, very narrow feet and these are my favorite running shoes!

  242. I need a lightweight neon colored (preferably green, yellow or orange) minimal drop shoe for less than $100.

  243. I love some cushioning at the forefoot so that my second toe doesn’t go numb (an old non-running injury), but enough mobility that I can flex and point my feet to prevent calf cramps.
    Bright and flashy colours don’t hurt either, though 😉

  244. It sounds too simple, but I don’t have any “special needs” so I just look for a neutral shoe with some cushion but still lightweight. Saucony Rides are actually my favorite!

  245. Cushioning! I like to fill as if I’m bouncing on soft pillowy clouds as I stride. Plus I’m prone to stress fractures so anything that distributes my foot strike evenly is a winner.

  246. My shoe was chosen for me by the specialist at the running store. I stick w that brand but have them order me the coolest colors every year!

  247. I need lots of cushioning under the ball of my left foot. Most shoes only cushion the heel so I have to be pretty picky. I do like saucony.

  248. I always opt for a lightweight but still supportive shoe, which helps me feel like I’m “floating” while running instead of plodding along. Oh and definitely color, as I have learned really does affect how you feel about your running shoes! 🙂

  249. My shoes need to feel like I am wearing pillows on my feet. I wish for a good color but pillows is my #1 requirement:)

  250. First of all, these are all gorgeous shoes!! I look for some stability and some width. I have always wanted a brightly colored shoe so that’s what I love about these!!

  251. I need a roomy toebox. I’ve got sensitive big toes and the Saucony’s are perfect. They were my first running shoe and I still wear them.

  252. Aside from the obvious fit factors, the #1 requirement is pink! There must be pink somewhere in the shoe. I have ones that are all pink and others that have just a hint of pink but pink must be present for me to buy them.

  253. I have AA width feet…”bird feet” according to my husband…so I look for a shoe that won’t make my feet feel like they are sloshing around the entire time I run.

  254. I like shoes that are so comfortable on my feet I think I’m going to run fast! (the body achieves what the mind believes)

  255. Cushioning and stability. As I’ve gotten older, I have had increasing problems with shin splints. A good quality shoe makes a world of difference for me. With less of an impact during my runs my pains are almost completely gone.

  256. I wear a neutral shoe and am a fan of Brook ghost. Would LOVE to try a new shoe, which currently not in my budget!

  257. Small heel well. I have narrow heels so of it’s too big I slip right out of the shoe! I also need a roomy toe box:)

  258. Definitely the right fit after pregnancy I swear my left is now slightly bigger than my right so finding the right pair can be challenge since most stores don’t want to sell a left shoe in 7.5 and a right in 7 (I’ve asked and been turned down several times)

  259. Lightweight, just enough stability, a shoebox that’s big enough that I don’t lose toenails, and a snug heel… In other words: the Guide.

  260. Hard to define “feel”. I don’t have problematic feet but I am picky about they fit, and feel, which is the cushioning I guess?

  261. My main concern when buying running shoes is support. I have big feet so I usually just buy whatever I can find in my size with good support. I always do a happy dance when they end up being a color I like.

  262. Big toe box and breathe-ability! I run the most miles in the Texas summer and need any relief for my hot feet!

  263. Oh, geez. I have size 11 feet, so they have to actually be big enough! I also have a wider forefoot and a relatively narrow heel, so that’s always a challenge to fit. I also prefer that they don’t sport the geriatric look. I’m also flat footed and my left foot tends to roll in a lot, so something that contends with that is always helpful. I’m currently wearing Brooks Dyad and have loved them.

  264. I seek a shoe that is the right mix of cushion and stability. I’ve tried the Brooks Ghost and have recently settled on the Brooks Ravenna. Always on the lookout for the next best shoe for running.

  265. I’m having new feet problems lately, so I’m looking for a roomy toe box in a running shoe. After having a daughter, my feet grew (and grew a little more!). I tried ordering my favorite brand in a 1/2 larger, but am realizing that my squarish yoga toes aren’t working out in my old faves. Breaking up is hard to do, but I’d love to try the Sauconys!

  266. I The most important to me when trying n running shoes is fit. Unfortunately, I have “wide” feet for a runner. This means that my shoe choices have been seriously shortened. I would love a funky pair of shoes that fit! My shoes right now are grey…:/

  267. I always buy the same kind, but am wanting to try something new. I want a little suppot but not too much and a pretty color. Purple?

  268. I look for shoes that fit like my favorite pair of slippers. Comfort, comfort, comfort! I love Saucony!

  269. Lots of cushion in the heel, good arch support & the ability to really tighten down at the ankle. I have narrower feet & don’t line it when my feet slosh around whe exercising.

  270. I look for a good fit and a shoe that does not slip on my heel. I have been wearing Triumph’s over a year now.

  271. Neutral shoes, with some extra room (just a half-size up for me, please), and any color other than white are all I require!

  272. I love a minimalist shoe that just feels good! But I’ll always pick the brightest color of the line 😉 I love love love the Kinvara line!

  273. I need a stability shoe that provides good cushion. I would like to be not such a pound he pavement runner, but even though I’m small, I can’t stop landing with an aggressive foot fall.

  274. Many years ago I ran in Saucony’s. I’ve since wandered off into other brands. Last year, because of injury, I switched, yet again. I’m having a gait analysis in a couple weeks – and don’t honestly know what I need/like in a pair. Am very willing to give Saucony’s another try…

  275. I look for running shoes that are cushioned enough so that my myriad foot issues (arch muscle being too short, poorly healed break in my left foot) don’t hurt. Awesome rockin’ colors are a massive plus!

  276. I like a light shoe…but I still need some support. The Mirage has been my favorite so far…although the Cortana looks fun to try as well.

  277. I love Sauconies! Sauconys? Sauconees? Whatever…I. Just. Love. Them!!! I have used their Pro Grids for years because without them, get this, my Achilles creak!!! Yes, they creak. And when I approach 500 miles in a pair, my Achilles start to creak too. I can’t pick one specific thing about them I need, so I guess I should say I need Saucony’a uncreakifier!

  278. I need a shoe that is wide enough in the toe box to accommodate my wide feet, but tight enough to grip my narrow heal. It all needs to be a very cushiony shoe.

  279. I love a shoe that give my toes room to breathe with a neutral ride. It doesn’t hurt if they’re lightweight and nice looking either!

  280. A pair that is big enough for my left foot, but not so big that I get blisters on the front of the toes on my (considerably smaller) right foot.

  281. I am currently a Guide 7 girl, but after reading your thoughts, I would love to try the Cortana 3! I look for magic in my shoe…I am always sure the new shoe will make my legs feel fresh as a daisy even after a 20 mile run!

  282. Like every runner I am looking for the perfect shoe. Plenty of room for my toes, snug on my heels, lots of cushioning for my cranky knees, zero drop to soothe my ITB, zero seams, weightless, laces that magically stay tied, and traction for running in the mud and rain.

  283. My biggest requirement is width. My feet are a bit on the wide side and I often have to size up a half size or more. Right now I am running in Saucony Kinvaras, but I desperately need a new pair!

  284. I have to have a wide toe box. I have custom orthotics and they take up a lot of space. My feet also swell really easily so wider is better! Too bad you can’t say that about ones hips!

  285. Has to have a wide toe box! The word bunions makes me feel like a 90 year old woman but I got ’em and need to keep them happy so they don’t hurt me.

  286. Nice and neutral with some room for the piggies! Fun colors are a welcome bonus. The rest of my running uniform is pretty drab so I like to throw in a little bit of flash with my shoes!

  287. Support for my bad hip (torn labrum cartilage in 2012) is what’s most important to me. I have to take good care of my hip so I can continue running for many years to come!

  288. I run on my toes so it’s all about the heel drop for me. My beloved NB 890v3s are shredded and I’ve been putting off buying shoes, mayhaps the universe wants to gift me some Saucany’s? 😉

  289. I love the low heel/toe drop, lightweight, bright colors offered by Saucony. It is not only my choice running shoe, but my every day tennis shoe, as well.

  290. Light weight with support to help aid off nasty shin splints. Of course they need to be cute and stylish too!!

  291. I love Saucony! They have the perfect amount of cushion without being too heavy, and they don’t crush my toes.

  292. I need a combination of smooshy cushioning and support to keep me from rolling my foot out, which I tend to do when I am really fatigued. I have 3 pair or saucony shoes that I go between depending on distance. The older shoes are short distance while the newer ones that haven’t been so abused are reserved for longer runs.

  293. Might be a boring answer, but a support shoe that will hopefully prevent my severe over-pronation. A cool color is a fun bonus!

  294. I have had many brands of running shoes. Most are Saucony. When I look for a shoe, it needs to be neutral and have lots of room in the toe box. No squished piggies here, and I like a lot of cushioning. That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

  295. I look for an awesome bright color and very supportive features (since I have plantar fasciitis). I want them to be cheerful to look at and not painful for my feet later. Would love these beautiful shoes!! Run happy!!!

  296. A neutral shoe with a narrower heel and wide toe box are on my list of musts. Lastly the color if there are options as a girl just needs to have a great color running shoe!

  297. Comfort!! I prefer a minimalist shoe and can be seen running around the stores trying them out before buying. Color is also important and I LOVE the orange!

  298. I usually exceed a women’s size 13, so most women’s running shoes don’t fit well for running. This leaves me to buying men’s shoes. My ideal running shoes are not only to be comfortable, but to be the brightest colors possible so they don’t actually look like men’s shoes! I might have big feet but I love my shoes!!!!

  299. I am very partial to Saucony shoes. I currently LOVE the mirage for the road and the Peregrine for the trails. cushion used to be my number one factor until I kept getting the same injury. It was then that I looked for a more “natural” shoe and have love the mirage ever since. SO for me…its a shoe that helps promote my natural running stride and is light and flexible. I also love a roomy toe box as i am prone to black toes (boo).

  300. Roomy toe box, yet snug fit around the rest of my foot is my first priority, then cushoning. I’m currently in Asics GT-2000, only because the store didn’t have my regular Saucony in the size I needed (and I needed new shoes stat).

  301. Honestly, color is the first thing I look at. I love fun flashy shoes. After that is fit, feature, etc. But show me some neon pink or orange shoes and I guarantee that I will at least consider owning them!

  302. I pick my shoes based on the sole. I need a little bit of cushioning, but nothing too thick. I love Sauconys though!!! They’re my go to brand:)

  303. I’m a size 5.5 so usually don’t have much of a choice, but I look for one with a large toe box but it is never big enough. My big toe always seems to create its own little “sunroof” after only a couple of weeks! I too had a stash of saucony guides 5 stashed in my closet just recently ran out and can not locate them anywhere in my size would love to win another pair.