Hump Day Giveaway: Three Icebreaker Wool Tees

Icebreaker-clad Dimity and her homies at 12,000' elevation, far from any home-related tasks.
Icebreaker-clad Dimity and her homies at 12,000' elevation, far from any home-related tasks.

I envy people with well-organized homes: Once I've parceled out my energy for mothering, meal preparation, laundry, work, running, and the occasional socializing, I don't have much left over for organizing or decorating. So digital photos rarely get printed out and framed; the kids' toys are a hodgepodge jumble of Legos, Zoobles, Magic Markers, and Groovy Girl accessories; our few silver candlesticks or vases are the color of the bottom of my kids' feet after they shoot baskets barefoot in the street.

But one task I'm dedicated to: swapping out my winter clothes for summer ones, even if it only means moving my few colorful cotton skirts in front of the charcoal grey and black one or stashing sweaters into an under-bed box. This switcharoo allows me to feel like a wannabe-organizer--and gives me the sense I have new clothes, even when they are just the same tanks and capris from last year.

A few wool items, though, stay front and center in my drawers year round: Icebreaker merino wool workout wear. "Wool workout wear?" you might be saying to yourself, as you swelter in summertime heat and humidity. To which I reply, "Yes, WOOL workout wear!" The fiber that's been around since early animal domestication functions better than any 21st-century, human-made fabric: Wool insulates in the cold weather yet miraculously keeps you cool in hot temps. Even wet, it retains its weather-regulating properties. (Trust me: I live in the Pacific Northwest, so I know from running in the rain!)

Under that wool long-sleeve on Dimity (right) lies another layer of Icebreaker wool.
Under that wool long-sleeve on Dimity (right) lies another layer of Icebreaker wool.

Icebreaker gets its merino wool from sheep in the mountains of New Zealand; it's deliciously soft and not scratchy. On a recent epic run--climbing 4,000 vertical feet in about seven (7!) miles--Dimity layered an Icebreaker Aero Short-Sleeve Crewe under a long-sleeve Icebreaker top. I wore an Aero Crewe solo on a San Francisco run that started and ended in warm sun, but looped through several miles of fog. In both scenarios, we ran in thermoregulated comfort.

1, 2, 3 views of Icebreaker Aero Crewe: the same number of winners in this week's giveaway.
1, 2, 3 views of Icebreaker Aero Crewe: the same number of winners in this week's giveaway.

Thanks to today's giveaway, three of you will experience the wonders of wool: We're giving away an Icebreaker Aero Short-Sleeve Crewe to three lucky ladies. To enter, tell us what weather conditions you are facing your runs these days. Are you baking in a heat wave? Soggy from storms? Goose-bumped due to gym A/C on high? Click the Comments link under this post on our website to share what weather you've been running in lately, and you'll be entered to win one of three Icebreaker Aero Short-Sleeve Crewe tops.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. It begins on 7/9/14 and ends on 7/14/14; the winners will be announced on 7/19/14. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $59.99. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law. 

712 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Three Icebreaker Wool Tees

  1. the weather here these days…it’s hot, it’s cold, it’s torrential rains and wind and sometimes hail..and it’s the middle of July. Not always sure what I need to wear on my run these days.

  2. Baaaaaaaaa. Baaaaaaad Ass Mother Runner. Someone pulled the wool over my eyes! I’ve been fleeced! I haven’t been able to run much since the end of May because of a hoof problem. Just starting to trot again, baby lamb steps on our cool Vermont mornings. I’m not feeling like a dyed-in-the-wool runner these days. My “gate” is totally crooked. It’s flocking annoying. I know your heart bleats for me. (COME ON! I feel awfully sheepish here. How many bad puns does a woman have to resort to for a shirt!?)

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  4. Today I ran in shorts and a t-shirt. The wind was a killer—strong and cold—but when the sun came out—it was warm and toasty! Was thinking I wished I had a long sleeve on! July 14th in NE Iowa…I can NOT complain!

    Planning on Chili tomorrow for lunch perhaps?

  5. I’ve been sweatting like a pig in the hot southern Arizona sun with the addition of monsoon humidity. I’d love to out the material to the test here.

  6. HUMIDITY! It’s been 75% to 95% humidity here (central NY) for a couple of weeks. And plenty warm (70’s – 80’s at run time). It makes those dark 20 degree winter mornings look pretty good!

  7. It’s fog season where I live, so not too unbearable as summers go. But natural fibers are the way to go for the balance between warm and cool, with our weird summer weather!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Hot and humid conditions in Missouri, if I don’t go late in the evening I just stay inside on the treadmill, dreaming of cooler fall temperatures.

  9. Lots of hot & humid days here in OH, with some not-so-great-for-running winds. Doing more early morning or late night runs but still soaking pretty much all my running gear

  10. I know I shouldn’t be complaining, cuz it has mostly stayed in the 80s this summer so far, but i am still wishing for the 50s/60s of spring and fall.

  11. Living in Buffalo, I could use this for cold or warm weather running. I just started running this spring, so I don’t have a lot of gear yet. This would be a nice item to add!

  12. I’m in Michigan, so the weather varies from day to day. Hot and humid today, so shorts and T’s, but last week, I had to wear two layers on top as it was chilly.

  13. Here in Albuquerque we are used to dry heat! But monsoon season is in full affect and we are experiencing our yearly thunder and lighting storms! So when I’m not worried about getting struck by lighting it’s humid! It’s such a bummer because I’m a new runner and really getting into it!

  14. I am Running in incredible heat & humidity in VA right now- it’s like running in a hot cloud! As a Brit living abroad I am finding it HARD! Love the winter running best. Would LOVE to try icebreaker –
    Have heard lots about them!

  15. Super hot, humid, step outside and you are dripping with sweat Maryland summer weather 🙂 it’s not “snowmageddon” here anymore so i will take it!

  16. I live in Illinois so the weather has been hot, humid, and sticky. I won’t complain because it’s still better than the crazy freezing cold winter we had! 🙂

  17. Humidity, humidity, and more humidity. I am trying really hard to remember that humidity is better then a polar vortex!

  18. In Ohio it has been a mix of hot and humid for a few days, then it will be beautiful, mid 70’s for a few days. Not bad for July!!

  19. In Fort Campbell, KY it’s hot and humid! In the 90’s and even when the sun is going down on my runs I’m dripping sweat!

  20. Living in the high country of Wyoming I can one day be running in the warmth and dryness of summer and then the next day be facing cold, rain, possibly snow!

  21. Hot and humid in Pittsburgh. Ugh. I either run first thing in the AM or melt in the heat. I almost miss our cold, icy winters!

  22. It has been hot and humid here in Oklahoma! Fortunately, it is still only in the high 90s, and not 110+ yet, but the humidity is a killer!

  23. It’s been in the high 90’s here…and while I usually beat the heat by running super early (pre-pre-dawn!) this week I’ve been having to run after the sun is already up. It’s a soggy, hot slog for me lately!

  24. Hot, humid & generally sweltering conditions in the North Carolina Piedmont makes for some sweaty, thirsty runners. Always have to take a second shirt to change into after a run or a race. But we wouldn’t live anywhere else!

  25. I can’t complain at all. I live in Idaho and although it gets hot for a few months, it still cools down nicely at night. I run as the sun is coming up and temps this time of year are around 60 degrees at that time. It’s perfect.

  26. Central Arkansas is roasting with high temps and ungodly humidity! I’m a puddle before I’ve even hit the first mile these days. It’s making me regret signing up for Fall races!

  27. I am one lucky mother runner, in terms of weather! I live in the temperate Pacific Northwest, and my little town is surrounded by the sea. Therefore, it doesn’t get too hot (80 is a scorcher) and it rarely gets super cold. These shirts are perfect! Thanks for the chance!

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  30. I forgot to mention that I live in Ottawa – weather is super humid and hot in the summer and bone chilling in the winter.

  31. I have worn smartwool socks for the past 2 years and I cannot wear anything but. I have retired all other socks. I would love to try out some of the wool shirts and interested in learning more about them.

  32. It is hot and humid here in Indiana but soon it won’t be. Wool is wonderful. I knit it all the time. It’s high time to work out in it.

  33. Tuesday night it was muggy, but ok in the breeze, and we watched a line of thunderstorms roll in (luckily 3 minutes after we got inside!).

  34. I have been running in Wisconsin, and this years weather has been crazy cool. Like I don’t know if I should be rotating my running wardrobe yet. We have had a couple of “too hot to run days” but not enough if you ask me!

  35. Hot and humid in SC! I have been running around 6-6:30am and the pea soup is already starting to brew at that hour.

  36. Even though the temps have been low for time of year, it has been so muggy. The humidity makes me slower than I already am. It really adds to the resistance. I think you should get an extra 1/4 mile add
    credit for every mile when humidity is over 75%!

  37. I live in upper Michigan…I get it all! Monday was sunny and 80s, Wednesday was 50 and cloudy, and yesterday was 70ish. There’s no ‘switcharoo’ for this gal–I need my sweaters and jeans (and wool) year round!

  38. Phoenix is baking but I’m on vacation in SF and going to run the Coastal Trails Golden Gate Half. Cool and foggy, yay!

  39. My family and I are traveling across the country for a five week, family-filled vacation. I’ve run in many different locations and weather. Although there’s been plenty of humidity and weather, I come from the desert and really enjoy running in, and through, all of the green, growing things that come through this weather.

  40. here in Michigan I think we are having pretty much perfect running weather!!! it’s cool in the mornings and in the evenings. Lunch runs have been warmer, but not that much humid along the lakeshore. Training for my very 1st marathon and I think I picked the perfect summer to train!!!!!

  41. Outside it is hazy, hot and humid with thunderstorms bringing more moisture, loud thunder and crazy lightening. So running lately has been inside, in the dark-ish, stale-ish basement on the treadmill.

  42. I’m practically having to swim through hot, muggy, humid air on my runs. I’ll say it…bring on the winter! I’ll take freezing temps over this!

  43. I live in Florida so…. heat+humidity(x2)+sweltering sun= no one in my home will come near me after a run because I am, to quote my 2 year old, “all sweaty”.

  44. We finally have absolutely, positively perfect weather conditions for running! (This is saying a lot for Minnesota!)

  45. I am a definite heat wimp, so to avoid the swelter I run on my basement treadmill with a fan less than two feet away pointing straight at me!

  46. I live on the Pacific Coast of California where is is always perfect running weather mild 50’s or 60’s year round but I am currently inland for a week…they have a heat advisory!!!! It is above 100 degrees! Needless to say, I joined the YMCA for the week so I could get my runs done and not die!

  47. It is sweltering, oppressive, sticky, and just flat out yucky outside here in NJ! My little man and I hit the streets in our jogger at 530 am to beat the worst part of the day. All the heat helps build fall marathon PRs; right?

  48. We’ve had a nice spring and early summer here in Austin, TX, but the heat has arrived. I will be baking during all my afternoon runs and dripping from humidity during my early morning runs.

  49. It’s been hot here during the day in Eastern Oregon, but the early mornings still provide comfortable running temps.

  50. I’m mostly dealing with heat and humidity, in Tulsa, it’s in the 90’s if you wait to run after 10:00 a.m. The majority of my runs are about 5:00 a.m. but the humidity is usually 80% and higher, so I am always soaked by the end of my run. Merino wool is a great wicking fabric so I hope I win one of these!

  51. Varying degrees of hot with high humidity but scarce rain, although the hurricane that skirted us last weekend brought some temporarily LOVELY weather!

  52. Hot, sunny, and humid here in PA! But, still enjoying the sun and freedom of tanks and shorts vs. tights and gloves!

  53. today it seems to be cooler compared to earlier this week. Not as humid. But wait and ask tomorrow and it could be way different since I am in Wisconsin!

  54. These last few days in central WI have been delicious…low humidity, sunshine, and 70s. Really it couldn’t get much better then that…except to add a layer of merino wool! 🙂

  55. Humidity. But some days NH is blessed with dry air and a perfect breeze…which must be what keeps me here through frozen snow-covered ice-glazed winters!

  56. In “Hotlanta” it is hot and humid. I am running on a treadmill for the first time. My local Y needs to turn down the a/c because I am sweating like mad!!!!

  57. I mean, I love me some wool in all seasons, which we seem to be experiencing in Chicago weekly. Some hot, some chilly, but thankfully no snow right now.

  58. Hot! Hood River had a spell of 90+ weather this week, not as warm as some part of the country, but warm nonetheless, and certainly warm for runs. I used it as a training tool for an upcoming relay race where two of my legs will be smack dab in the middle of the day, with potentially warmer temps.

  59. HUMIDITY – I’m in Georgia y’all…humidity is its own season here. Your palms start to sweat before anywhere else – that is how I tell if humiditiy is up that day. sigh.

  60. I’m 35 weeks pregnant, which means I’m stuck on the dread mill running in our nicely air conditioned house. I know it might sound crazy, but I’ve become so bored of running inside and tired of running pregnant, I’m actually looking forward to running out in the elements! Even if it is incredibly humid and hot…I just want to be outside again!!

  61. Humid, with or without hot!! If I can get out early it’s 73 with 87% humidity. If I wait two hours it’s 87 with 73% humidity. Either in Memphis or vacation at the coast, I can’t escape this combo for three to four months every summer.

  62. Our weather has been hot and muggy with pop-up thunderstorms, so you really never know what you’ll run into.

  63. The dense tree foliage on my run route trap the damp, cold air from the night, which then opens up to swealtering heat emitting from the meadow’s tall grass due to the rising sun as I run through the more open area of the route.

  64. It’s really hot where I’m at so I try to get out early enough but even then it’s in the upper 70s at 5:30 a.m. But it beats running in 100 degree weather!!

  65. I live in the Midwest and really never know from day to day what type of weather we will have. Today is cooler, but it can go to hot and humid in a matter of hours. This shirt would be awesome to win! 🙂

  66. I would greatly love one of the icebreaker wool T-shirts. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (2 hour north of Green Bay) and the weather here is unreal. This morning at 7:00 am it was 42 degrees (no joke) and this is July. It gets extremely cold during the fall and unbearable during the weather. The wool T-shirt would be a great asset to help keep me warm during the cold runs. Thank you!!!

  67. OMG!!!!! Mom you are so wet everywhere! Gross….and toss in 3 girls making odd faces at me after my recent 6 mile trail run while pushing my 5 year old. I was dripping wet from head to toe. Thanks for the love girls. ( other 2 biked)

  68. Here in Tucson it is hot with a little humidity. That humidity is the killer though, every year it comes around with the monsoon and every year we act like it’s the first time we’ve experienced it. Early mornings are still really nice and in the low 80s.

  69. I live in Ohio, for the past 4 weeks it’s been sweltering. I’ve been running in the early morning, which makes it a little easier. Finally the weather in Ohio is changing this week with lower humidity. Should make for a better, faster run.

  70. oddly enough here in Chicago it’s pretty cool. At this moment it is not even 60!! I am loving this summer for running, not so great for beach and pool!

  71. I’ve gone from cool, dry morning air in Utah, to muggy heat in North Carolina, and headed for more muggy heat in Kentucky in a few weeks. Needless to say, I prefer the cool, dry morning air at home in Utah!

  72. Its Michigan! So it can be scorching heat one day and freezing rain the next! Heck — I have run in both in the same day!

  73. Thanks to work travel, I have hit the thick, humid air of Atlanta and oven-like air of Dallas. But usually, it’s beautiful, warm Colorado sunshine.

  74. It has been beautiful 70’s in Minnesota the past week! I think we deserve a few beautiful days after the polar vortex we ran in this winter! Wool is a great layer for all seasons around here!

  75. Hot and humid! Seriously not enough Nuun in the world… Moved from Washington state (perfect summers! And, yes, I am biased!) to Nebraska and this humidity is turning outdoor running in the summer into a serious sweatfest.

  76. Running in the sunshine at 515am. A little humid this week, and I am loving it as I remember how bundled up I was all winter.

  77. Just outside of Denver, I can no longer run at my usual time after work, around 4 pm- too hot and sunny! But running before, at 5 am, is nice and cool but a little dark!

  78. It’s been pretty hot and humid in Chicago lately…we seem to have gotten over that Pacific Northwest-like fog we had a couple weeks ago.

  79. I live near Denver like Dimity, so you can be nice and warm at the bottom of your run and cold at the top!

  80. So far this summer its been great running weather here in ND. After the horrible winter we had I’m loving it!!!!

  81. Lately it’s been pretty muggy in my hood in the PNW, even heading out early. Cooler, but sweat-filled all the same.I wear wool all fall/winter/spring, but haven’t given it a try in heat.

  82. It can definitely get Humid here in MN during the summer so I am an early morning riser to beat the heat but because our Winters can get long…….I am loving the heat! I’d love to run in these merino wool tees! Love them!

  83. We’ve hardly had a summer yet. Winter dragged on forever up here and summer hasn’t got the kick behind it. I expect we’ll get a week of warm in August… sigh…

  84. My last 2 runs have been perfect conditions with no wind, temps in the low 60s, and blue skies. However, I’ve battled a number of chilly, windy days this summer too.

  85. High 70s with humidity in the 80s first thing in the morning. 90-100 if I wait for an evening run. That’s enough incentive to get up every morning.

  86. We have been ranging from hot and humid with a high of 25-30 degrees for 3 days and then dropping to 13 degrees in the evenings. We have had a crazy summer so far but nice for running with the cooler weather

  87. Suffocating humidity during my early morning runs here in the south. While the rest of the country is praying winter will end, I’m dreading spring and summer because my performance really declines in the heat & humidity.

  88. Hot and Humid and stormy weather here in upstate new york. Come home drench in sweat and loving every minute of it.

  89. Baking!!!! 92 degrees today in sunny Central Oregon. Early mornings are the coolest but I’m not a morning person 🙁

  90. Tame low temp summer in Northern Michigan. Perfect for running, not so much for going to the beach.

  91. Humid. And coming really soon, humid and hot and soggy in the Midwest. Would also LOVE to see how these babies work in the frigid and humid temps we get here in MN.

  92. Hot & humid!!! Have to wait until at least 7:30 or 8:00 pm for runs to allow for some temperature cool downs!

  93. It was 88 and humid for yesterday’s six (on AMR’s Marathon Finish It Plan), but I kept thinking back to negative digits in upstate NY which seemed to last until May. Reminded myself I’ll take the heat.

  94. It’s soooo humid you can’t breath. But I run as soon as the sun shows a peak of light so at least it’s not as hot. I come back in the house and you would think I got caught in a monsoon. While I eat something for recovery before showering for work, I start to freeze because I am dripping in sweat!! Good thing is it forces me to hurry into the shower.

  95. It’s a normal scorching July here in central California. My goal is to get my runs done before the sun is all the way up. I just purchased a hydration vest and now wonder how I got along for so many years without it.

    At least it’s a dry heat. 🙂

  96. In central FL, it’s 72 degrees at 5am in the dark with 100% humidity! And it’s only getting hotter! Great training weather!

  97. +32*C today – very hot for Calgary, but I won’t complain; I prefer that to the -32*C we can get in the winter! I LOVE my Merino wool socks and would be so excited to win an icebreaker shirt!!!

  98. Its been hot in southern Ontario for a couple of weeks – humidity making it feel like 37 or 38 degrees celcius at times, which is about 100 farenheit. A couple of really wild, thunderstormy days and today was notably cooler and drier. I don’t mind the heat, though, and would rather run through hot, humid summer weather than the crazy winter we had this year!

  99. 90 degree dry heat in Pocatello, Idaho. I have an awesome tan, that gets more comments now, than the fact that I am training for a 70.3!!

  100. Here in SW Ohio we’re enjoying a relatively cool streak with humidity in only the 80%s instead of 90%s. But give it a few days and I’m sure the oppressive heat & humidity of summer will be back.

  101. here in fl it is hot, hot, hot and humid, humid, humid. though I’m not doing a lot of running…..hysterectomy last week, so walking slowly is more my game right now.
    I love icebreaker shirts so much.

  102. Warmer than normal temps for us, so we have shifted to runs course to when the sun goes down, which is between 9:30 and 10!

  103. Midwest temps have been tolerable, butt since i can’t get out early enough I still end up sweating like a piggy at the gym and come home to goosebumps in my air conditioned home.

  104. Dealing with the heat and humidity of summer today (lower 90s), then tomorrow forecast is much, much cooler (mid-70s).

  105. Gorgeous northern CA summer, cool in the morning, hot and dry during the day. Usually cools again by 7. Can’t complain!!

  106. Really hot, really humid weather here in NC, but that’s par for the course for summer. My clothes are soaked with sweat by the time I get home, and I run in the early mornings! I’m already looking forward to fall and winter weather for running, and we’re only a few weeks into summer!

  107. I live in Southern California where our weather is glorious 10/12 months…but in July – the emphasis is on “SOUTH” in Southern Cali as the humidity levels skyrocket. I mentioned to a friend yesterday that I actually prefer August over July because at least in August the ridiculously high temps (105-110) burn off any semblance of moisture in the air so we can have a “dry heat” instead of humidity! hahaha Hey, we gotta find those silver linings, eh?

  108. It’s been inside, on my treadmill. I turn off the AC during the day, though, so it still gets a bit muggy and around 77 degrees. That counts for something, right? It’s paradise compared to the 95+ degree temperature outside with the 8000% humidity.

  109. I am up and out the door by sun up to avoid the worst of the heat. I still come home red faced and dripping in sweat. Lately, there have been runs here in northeast Tennessee that have made me miss winter (gasp!)

  110. Reno, NV desert. In the mornings it can be 40* and by 2pm it can be 100*…. Although it’s desert and we don’t get much precipitation, my last 2 Tuesday night runs have been in a thunder storm. Weird but true. In less than a 6 month period last year I ran in 104* down to -3!! Not too shabby!!

  111. Northeast Ohio has offered many conditions, but lately it’s the humidity that’s attempting to own me! Low 60’s at the beginning of my runs, who knows what by the end! The only sure thing is my hair goes from straight pony to frizzy ponytail when all is said and run! 🙂

  112. I run at 6am, but it’s still 65 degrees at that hour, which is a bit on the warm side for me (I’m a serious heat wussy). Wool shirts makes my brain confused, I can’t wrap my head around the fact that they wouldn’t make me hot!

  113. I live in about the most NW corner of the NW – Bellingham, WA. Having grown up in the sweltering eastern portion of the state, I am happy as can be with my 76 degree summers now. Wool is absolutely a staple over here as I can wear it year-round. Keeps my feet nice and comfortable – and dry! I even wore some wool running socks while visiting my folks in the sweltering part of the state. I went on a hot run with my wool socks (because that’s all I have) and was pleasantly surprised that my feet didn’t bake. AND as a former production planner for Nordstrom, I can say without a doubt that wool is luxurious AND practical. How can you beat that?

  114. We are melting from a not-dilightful combo of full sun, high temps and high humidity. I’d love to see what wool would do

  115. I live in Mississippi, so humidity is killer during the summer. Today we ran at 5 a.m. and it was about 74 and the humidity met us at the door.

  116. The LOWS are in the 80s here now, highs in the 100s. I went on a miserable 4 mile run this morning and vowed during it to stick to the treadmill at the gym for anything over 3 miles.

  117. It’s quite nice here right now with sunshine and little humidity. Supposed to change soon, though. I trained and ran in wool for my recent marathon. I have pale skin and sunscreen never seems to be enough on those long runs so long sleeves it was. I also used it all winter in subzero temps!

  118. I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We like to say that if you don’t like the weather you should just wait 15 minutes. Yesterday was muggy gross hot, then it rained so hard you could not see, then the most beautiful double rainbow came out. Then it got dark. Sometimes you can have three seasons in one day 🙂

  119. Well I’ve been working out in 40 degree weather plus humidity! It’s killer, I feel like I’m sweating while I’m inside with AC! As for wool though, I swear by smart wool socks (and have never gotten a blister) so a wool shirt should be just right too.

  120. I usually start my run when it’s in the 50’s and end in the 70’s. It’s been pretty mild this summer but has finally started to heat up!

  121. In Wyoming, it’s never ending wind and dry heat. I LOVE Icebreaker clothing. You never stinky when you wear it, it keeps you cool and dry, and it’s the most comfortable running clothing I have ever worn!

  122. I go for runs before the sun comes up so it can be in the upper 50s to low 60s when I start. I am usually heading into the home stretch just as the sun comes up over the mountains. Love this time of year!

  123. It is starting to get hot here. I live in Colorado and although it is a “dry heat” it has certainly been warm the last few days

  124. Here in Eastern Oregon, we are fortunate to have nights cool off to the 50s so early-morning runs are lovely. Except this morning, when the temp was in the 60s with 70% humidity. I am a wimp with a hint of humidity and I think it makes running feel 10 times harder (I am SPOILED in the humidity department — we usually see 10 to 20 percent here – dry, dry, dry!)

  125. I am lucky enough to be vacationing with my sister and our kids in Britain so the temps are cooler than Minnesota in the summer (practically perfect in every way for running and hiking). I keep bracing for the forecasted rain (since rain is almost always forecast in Britain)!

  126. Usually run in Ky but I am on vacation in FL right now and it is hot hot hot and humid! Thought for sure that the flat FL landscape would be helpful but the heat and humidity sure are over compensating for the flat terrain.

  127. Here in Southern Ontario (Canada), we’ve had storms with tornado warnings & floods, days with sweltering heat and today brings quite chilly temperatures (our temp tonight will be 8C!) so I’ve been training for my first 1/2 Marathon in every possible condition, it seems. A temperature-regulating wool shirt would be FANTASTIC!

  128. I’m in NC where it gets up to 98, then an afternoon commute thunderstorm makes it EXTRA steamy in the evenings. My poly shirts just stick to me, but wool is crazy comfy!

  129. HOT, humid, sticky, thick, Kansas summer heat!! I’ve resorted to running my speedwork inside on the treadmill, so I can push it without worrying about dehydration, but still running my long runs outside in the sauna!

  130. If I get up early to run before work/family duty – it’s almost long sleeve tech tee and capris weather. If I do a lunch run, it’s heat stroke bad bad. Early Morning it is.

  131. This Pacific Northwesterner is baking in the July sun! We get about 2 months of summer starting on July 5th. SO not acclimated to this heat!

  132. Every day is a surprise. Our summer highs are anywhere from 70-95 degrees and humid… but I’m not complaining – summer in Wisconsin is just too short!

  133. We have been road tripping and camping and we’ve had every kind of weather imaginable. My sweat glands are working overtime!

  134. We’ve had beautiful weather for the last week, but I was sidelined by an injury. I’m hoping the weather will continue for at least the next 1 1/2 weeks, when I’m scheduled to tackle my first half marathon.

  135. Humid morning runs, 60-70 degrees. I LOVE my Icebreaker half zip, it got me through this winter but I’ve never thought of wearing it in the summer!! Thanks for the tip!

  136. UGH. Getting PT for a bad back. So, not running at all at the moment. In my dreams, however, I need lovely attire to outfit me on my perfect 40 dew point days!

  137. It’s hot in Portland OR right now. I’m lucky to run in the early morning when it has cooled off nicely. I usually get to run at about 60 degrees – perfect!

  138. My Alaskan born blood is boiling in this sunny California heat, though I’m extremely grateful not to have the humidity to deal with. My hat goes off to those ladies!

  139. We are sweltering in the 90’s in Tulsa with the over-100 days soon to come. I still run outside, though, and think of the lovely winter days in the 40’s when I can wear my Icebreaker half zip. (Love it!!)

  140. I live in Wisconsin…where our crazy weather can fluctuate 50+ degrees on any given day. We had an endless winter, but today’s forecast is partly sunny and a perfect 73 degrees. 🙂

  141. The joke about NNY weather is wait 5 minutes and it will be different. This morning was ideal running weather. 60 and breezy.

  142. I live in central Texas, and it is hot and humid from June-September. I’d love to try one of these shirts!

  143. A relative heat wave for my area (80 degrees) but when I think of my friends in other areas of the US it doesn’t seem to so bad and it is great weather for sitting around and enjoying post-run ice cream.

  144. Yikes! All of the above. Its finally warm in WI but heat then storms, some mornings are still in the 50s. Last week 40s! I don’t know what to wear.

  145. We went from mid-70’s temps to upper 90’s practically overnight. It seems a little more tolerable when that type of transition take place over the course of a week. I made the mistake of thinking 9:30 was early enough to beat the heat with yesterday’s tempo run. I was doing an 11 min/mile pace with my heart rate in a range that I’m accustomed to seeing at 8 min/mile paces! I know I shouldn’t complain much. Before we know it the snow will be flying.

  146. It’s hot and humid here in florida. I’ve been running in the mornings to beat the worst of the heat.

  147. Most of the time is hovering around 15-17C. Windy… lots of wind. We have not had summer weather yet…

  148. I’m in Wisconsin where every day’s weather can be different. Today we do not have humidity so it’s wonderful. Normally July and Aug are sticky and hot so I’ll gladly take this!

  149. It’s been getting hot here in Sacramento, CA. We have already had several days over 100, but I should feel lucky because it’s a dry heat, right?? I don’t care if it’s a dry heat, it’s still hot!

  150. We have had an unusually cool summer here. Bike rides in the morning have been cool with some humidity in the air which cause a bit of a chill.

  151. It’s been surprisingly pleasant this summer here in Nebraska! Today it’s only 83 and was quite nice for a mid-morning run, despite the humidity. But since it’s Nebraska the weather can change drastically in 24 hours so who knows what it’ll be like tomorrow.

  152. I just moved from Dallas to Denver. While my new neighbors here are complaining about the “heat wave”, I am loving it because it’s dry and it cools down at night. Mornings here are a delight to run in.

  153. Here in Enid, Oklahoma Iwhere the wind comes roaring down the plains, we face an average of 25+mph winds daily. All of us runners have a special dance on days when it isn’t windy. We may not have but one hill in town, but heck , the wind resistance is comparable to trekking up pikes peak. Oh and it’s 101 degrees today.

  154. I am trying not to complain because our winter wasn’t just cold but also icy, which made outdoor runs almost impossible. However, it is HOT and HUMID. I sweat from everywhere, places I didn’t even know produced sweat, sweat. That being said, early morning runs are a must and I feel extra strong when I conquer a run in these temps!

  155. Living in Chicago… the weather is ALWAYS unpredictable! from the negative 40 degree weather we had earlier this year, to the 90% humidity we experience for a couple days of “summer” or the fairly chilly, upper 60s with heavy winds. Yesterday and today have actually been GREAT weather days – low- to mid-70s and mostly sunny! We have also had some rain here and there – but usually overnight. but that just means waking up to muddy and wet terrains! it’s always an adventure living in Chicago weather 🙂

  156. I have been running in the morning hours to avoid the heat and humidity of living near the ocean in Virginia. I wear a wrist sweat band every run so the salt won’t sting my eyes as my sweat drips down my face! I am NOT going to complain though, as this past winter was a long and cold one to run through. I love to run outside year round to feel and see the beauty of nature around me through winter, spring, summer and fall.

  157. Baby it aint cold outside. It is HOT HOT HOT. Running at 5:30 is the only relief besides the frigid AC of the gym.

  158. Well, I live in Texas. So it is HOT and HUMID at all hours of the day. Our overnight lows are generally around 76 degrees.

  159. We are baking in the heat and drenched either from the extremely high humidity or the pop-up afternoon rain showers.

  160. Our Alberta climate is crazy…super hot one day and then thundershowers and lightning the next. Running in the morning is a great bet as it is less shwetty!!! I live in an area that is not to humid, but we do need to keep hydrated and cool on runs – always a challenge in the summer. Keep water bottles in freezer to help keep water cool too!

  161. I am melting in the glorious sunshine. I love it when I am not runningand I never avoid it; but truth be told, my optimal running condition is 60, overcast and with sprinkles after the first half mile!

  162. In northeast Illinois we’ve been going from rainy to hot/humid,to cool/windy. I will take this compared to the “Polar Vortex” we had this past winter, way too cold!

  163. In the southeast, my major weather complaint is that it’s soooooo humid when I run in the morning. It’s always 95-100% humidity and the temperature is right around the dew point. It gets less humid as the morning goes on but then it gets too hot.

  164. Running in hot Tucson, AZ. Early mornings are my friend – but still much warmer than I would like if I had my choice! It’s this time of year I start dreaming of moving to the Pacific Northwest…

  165. I am facing a sofa as my current running conditions! 🙁 I have a partially torn Achilles and this has been the longest summer watching the beautiful weather go by while I sit. I can’t wait to get back into running.

  166. It’s been SOOOO hot and humid around Boston these days. Lately I’ve been longing for those sub zero temps from winter!!

  167. I live in southwestern Ontario. It’s been a crazy summer so far, with sweltering humid days where the temperature reached 31C but with humidity felt like 38C (that’s 104F!)–yes, I did a 12K with hills in that!–as well as heavy thunderstorms and rain. Today’s cool, however and I am indoors wearing a sweater: WTF?! I would love some thermoregulating wool, because otherwise, I’ll be rocking two wardrobes of workout clothes this summer: my fall/winter gear AND my spring/summer gear!

  168. Right now it is dry instead of rainy hear. Cool in the mornings but a scorcher by mid-day. Majority of the year I run in drizzle and cold.

  169. Here in MN, it was 90 and humid Sunday. Today? In the high 60s and low humidity. (I prefer hot and humid thought others may not agree with me.) I love, love IceBreaker apparel and have several of their tops, tees and sweaters. Can never have too much because it works year ’round.

  170. Humid, humid Maryland weather! Although running at 5am at least I don’t have the sun to battle with as well. I don’t mind it though, always lived here so I’m used to it (mostly).

  171. What I am running through seems to change on a daily basis. Seems to be going from nasty heat and very humid air to cool and rainy. Throw in there a few nice days in the 70s and that seems to be it in a nut shell lately! So every thing except snow!!! But give it time and we will be back to that!

  172. Running through swarms of gnats, so would love if the wool came with anti-insect properties! Otherwise, the morning running weather in Northwest WI is LOVELY! Can’t lie!

  173. It’s been hot even up here in the woods of central Maine… but that doesn’t mean I’m without my wool! I always run in wool socks and we as a family love Icebreaker. My husband spends his winters working outdoors and loves his Icebreaker pieces (especially the undies) but of course me in classic Mom form don’t have any of my own 🙁

  174. Like SBS I live in the Portland OR area. Cool mornings are perfect for running but it can warm up quickly. This is the first I have heard of WOOL for running wear, very intrigued.

  175. Bizzaro weather in Chicago– foggy, cold mornings. Sun/humidity in afternoon. Rain @ night. I think I need me some wool:)

  176. I have Olympic Tri in two weeks and the weather is predicted to by 109* Yikes! Usually I run/train in moderate weather 80’s for most of the summer months 🙂

  177. H-O-T H-O-T H-O-T! But at least not humid, since I live in the high desert. My husband swears by wool socks, even in this heat, so I can imagine the wool tees working the same way.

  178. Running weather conditions these days include muggy, hot, sweaty and gross….but we NEVER get a snow-pocalypse in south Florida so I’ll keep my yicky summer weather.

  179. These days, if I don’t get out the door before 8 AM, I’m melting like a popsicle by the end of my long run. Last weekend it was 100 degrees in my driveway at 2 PM. Yikes!

  180. Hot, and because of the July monsoons, a bit humid in Albuquerque. It’s not too bad early in the morning, though!

  181. I am in the true “Northern California” in Red Bluff between Chico and Redding or north of Sacramento. It is a terrible drought with HOT, HOT, HOT weather. It has been up to 112 dry heat. So my runs start at 5:15 a.m. and it is still hot.

  182. Sacramento can’t seem to decide what season it is. Monday June 30th was 105 degrees. Then it has been bumping up and down between 98 and 88 ever since. by Friday this week we are supposed to be at 86 with a low of 57. I am constantly dressed inappropriately, even with layers 🙂

  183. Right now we face either perfectly pleasant or horribly hot and muggy. No real complaining because I got it done over a horrific Winter.

  184. We are enjoying a rare streak of mild weather here in Wisconsin. Typically July offers temps in the 90’s and high humidity. We are hovering below 80 and low humidity for the past week or so. I am enjoying every minute of it because I know it won’t last. I think the pleasant weather is our reward for enduring such a long, bitterly cold winter.

  185. I am baking like grandma’s apple pie. It is hot as Hades in good ol’ Utah. Now granted we don’t have the humidity, but it is the desert and running here is hot, dry and nearly unbearable at times. Even early runs if the sun is up, you’re baking.

  186. Being from dry Colorado I am melting in the humidity in Illinois visiting my parents! The cooler temps, extra oxygen and flat runs don’t seem to make up for the extra moisture:(

  187. I’m mostly gym bound with a stress fracture these days but, in the rest of my life, I am facing hot, humid days with occasional thunder storm breaks. Ahh – Northeast summers.

  188. I’m baking in the heat here in Boston. Also occasionally trudging through the rain as well. Hot rain. Ugh. But I vastly prefer hot rain to the treadmill, so out I go.

  189. My running weather is currently around 60 degrees as long as I get up early enough. The evenings usually cool down to about 80 degrees, which is not too bad, but I love the crisp cool morning runs!

  190. Northern Michigan has not seen too many hot days so we are still running in comfortable temps (although yesterday was in the 50’s all day).

  191. Heat! Usually I run early in the morning, but since I’m training for Hood to Coast, I’ve been mixing in afternoon and evening runs. I’m so much slower when it’s hot!

  192. Hot temps! My early morning runs are in the 80s, but it’s better than the 90s/100s later in the day. My run got rained/stormed out this morning, though.

  193. Mostly it’s hot and sunny, but during next week’s relay there will be a combo of hot and sunny mid-day runs with cold and dark nighttime runs in the mountains. I’m hoping there won’t be any rain, but one never knows!


  194. I’ve been running early or late to avoid most of the heat. Low 60’s in the morning, but last night it was still over 80 when my girls and I headed out. This weekend, however, we have a 2 day, 40+ mile, adventure run that looks to top out in the 100s!!!

  195. From Snow and rain in March to what the heck is this heat, we live in Washington in July, any time is a good time to be outside running!

  196. The mornings aren’t too terrible right now. They are pretty humid which sneaks up on you. Running during the day is out of the question for me. I hate the heat and humidity in KC. I was Breckenridge a couple weeks ago and it was PERFECT. Dry and in the 60s. Loved it!

  197. Heat and humidity…sometimes I feel more like I just returned from a swim than a run…even at 5:45 in the morning. I’m thankful for the seasons though…and the heat reprieve we had over July 4th weekend. 🙂

  198. Hot, hot, hot! Yesterday was 108 at 6pm. Ugh, desert in the summer is no bueno and usually moves the workout indoors.

  199. Normally it’s heat and humidity this time of year, but yesterday started of cool after a nice thunder shower moved through.
    I try to avoid the treadmill at all costs this time of year, too much God given glory to soak up!

  200. Yesterday it was 95F and 82% humidity. I was dripping in the first five min of my run. I should have run in the storm that rolled in a hour later.

  201. Our weather is HOT in Portland and we are heading into 8! days of high 90+s this week. My next race is Sunday and even with an early start, they are closing the course earlier than originally planned. As a redhead, my best bet in the hot sun is coverage. I’m a believer in lightweight fabrics for sun coverage and these look awesome!

  202. I live outside of St. Louis, MO, so right now I’m running in hot temps with high humidity. I could deal with one or the other, but both together make a lot of my runs pretty miserable. It sounds like an Icebreaker shirt would be a great help!

  203. It HOT here in the central valley of California! My running gals and I get up early to run and beat the heat. This morning we ran at 5:00 am.

  204. I live in Whitehorse, Yukon – we are in the best part of the year. Days are warm (22 deg C), nights are cool (10 deg C). And the best part – today sunset is 11:25 pm, and sunrise is 4:46 am. There’s so much time to get a run in under gorgeous skies!

  205. If I want to run outside it’s a heat wave for us but more times then anything it’s under the A/C in the gym!

  206. LOVE Icebreaker wear!
    These days the Pacific Northwest weather is refreshing and inviting in the early mornings, but it does tend to get sweaty and drippy by noon. Since I’m not a warm-weather gal it’s cooler to avoid the mid-day runs by heading for the trails.

  207. The weather in Iowa has been PERFECT these last few days!!! Great for me, the fair-weather runner. The bugs…not so perfect.

  208. Hot and humid! 70s early morning with 70% humidity and anywhere from 85-90s in July. The heat index Sunday was 106. A treadmill or a swimming pool workout can be a wonderful friend. 🙂

  209. It’s been pretty nice here lately — it was a little humid yesterday morning for my run, but I live in Southern California, so I am not really allowed to complain about the weather!

  210. I haven’t been running lately 🙁 MOre because I am just now getting out of my first trimester slumber, versus anything weather related!

  211. This is Minnesota. This week I’ve run in 85 & sunny; 75 with a dew point of 74; 52 and cloudy; and this morning is a perfect 64 and sunny. I live in wool year round!

  212. So boring but really…I am very happy with the running weather lately! I have run in heat and rain but it is a welcome relief from the deep freeze the winter brought! Happy running!!

  213. I live in southern California, so its just hot and dry…I’m thankful for access to a treadmill indoors when I need it!

  214. It is HOT! 68 degrees before 7 am and it doesn’t get much better in the evenings either. If I have to run at noon, I try to stick to the trail near a local creek so that I get some shade from the trees and cooling effect from the water.

  215. Really hot and humid here in KS with heat indexes over 100. I have been getting up to run at 5 am and the humidity is still at 100%. I get done and am soaked to the bone!

  216. I’m in NC and spend time in SC at the beach. It’s hot and humid. Get out early, find runs in shade and not too bad.

  217. I’m in West Texas, so it is hot, hot, hot. The good thing is I run before the sun comes up, so it’s under 80 degrees and no sun beating down on me. The occasional race in the daylight really throws me!

  218. I run on my lunch break so I always end up facing the midday heat, but I’ve learned that hot weather training has big payoffs for Fall races!

  219. I’m a preggie BAMR right now, and unfortunately, just have not had the giddy-up to run…which is terrible because I know how much it would relieve the stress and craziness I’ve been feeling. However, if I were running right now, it’d be in hot, dry, very sunny weather – it’s been 25-31 degrees (Celsius – I’m a Canadian BAMR) most days.

  220. Super hot and dry in Utah. It was 103 last night at 6 PM. I am good up to 100 degrees. Then I have to head inside. But at least it is a dry heat!

  221. I have been visiting my parents in central california, so Hot. But im adraid that the conditionds in portland when i return will be nearly as hot.

  222. Right now, I’d be more than happy to trade in our 3 Hs (hazy, hot, humid) for the 3 Ss (sub-zero temps, slippery, snowy), but not willing to trade in the “bright at 5am” mornings for anything!

  223. Has been high 90s and a bunch of over 100 days here in the Central Valley of Camifornia. The key is to get out early or pay the price!

  224. Hot and very humid – even a 6 am! I don’t feel body confident enough to run in just a sports bra, but I sure wish I could do it!

  225. It’s hot and humid on runs (and every other minute of the day) here in arkansas. I feel like I need to stop and pick my face up off the ground after a run because it has melted off in the sun!

  226. I’m a knitter as well as a runner. I can’t say enough about the benefits of wool and Merino wool is by far the very best. I even use it for my 3yo!

    Our Northern WI summer this year seems to be a continuation of the winter…. cold and wet. I’m sure that will change just in time for my race next weekend. When it will be 95 with 85% humidity!

  227. The Midwest keeps you on your toes. One day you could run in the 50’s and the next you can be melting in 100% humidity.

  228. Cool and lovely for my a.m. runs and hot and sweaty if I’m running after work. The low humidity is nice, but I still sweat like a mad woman!

  229. Florida. Hot & soggy humid most of the time, although that tropical action off the coast sucked away a lot of the moisture over Independence Day weekend, and we got a short but much-appreciated break.

  230. In SBS’s hometown digs of Portland, Oregon, it’s hot and muggy, even at 4 AM (thanks, insomnia!). I try to wear the skimpiest things I have, and lots of flashing lights, of course.

  231. Heat & humidity nearly wrecked me on my 5 miler this weekend. But today is cool and comfortable. This is July in Wisconsin!

  232. Hot, hot, and hotter here in Northern VA…followed by humid and frequent evening thunderstorms, which are putting a “damper” on my post-work runs. Looking forward to vacay in Wyoming where I can run without soaking through my clothes!

  233. I’m currently roasting and melting in FL with high temps and crazy high humidity. My hubs keeps thinking it’s raining out because I get home drowned in sweat.

  234. Hot and dry in Denver. I’m not an early morning runner so I usually suffer and go much slower and shorter during the summer days.

  235. Hot and humid! I’m in Maryland and this morning at 6AM it was in the 70s (not too bad) but 90% humidity. I feel like I’m dripping all the time!

  236. I live just outside Minneapolis where it tends to get nice and humid for the summers. Running at 5:30am helps a bit because it’s not as hot, but the humidity seems to always be just about 100% at that time of day. I’d rather run in cooler temps with higher humidity than warmer temps and the mosquitoes later in the day!

  237. Running in St Paul, MN these last few days has been wonderful, we are having cool mornings. However, the thing about MN is that can change so quickly, cool one morning, hot and humid the next.

  238. In Eau Claire, WI early morning running has had temps in the 60’s and 70’s with high humidity. Enjoyed a couple of low_-humidity runs in Rapid City on vacation the past few days.

  239. I don’t always respond to the give-away contests, but these shirts look too incredible to pass on.
    I am a St. Paul, MN runner, where life dictates when I run. Preferably I am out the door by 5:30am when it can be damp and chilly. But husband travel days mean I might sneak in a run before picking up kids at 4pm, when MN cold is MN HOT in the summer sun. And to squeeze it in, some nights I run at 8:30 or 9pm, still light in St. Paul during the summer, but those bright colors in these great shirts will surely help!

  240. It has been hot and somewhat humid – i have never appreciated my a/c as much as I do after I finish a run in the heat!

  241. Hot, hot and more hot in SoCal. I want to sleep in since it’s summer and we don’t have to be up for school but it’s too hot to run much later!

  242. My running group I am apart of meets as early as 6AM on the weekends to run our long runs to beat the heat/humidity,,,by 6 it is already in the 70s…so running conditions for me here in the Midwest are pretty warm:)

  243. My run group meets at 6:30 pm for our midweek Tu/Th workouts. These days, in Charlotte, NC, that means 90 degrees and high humidity, sometimes with a storm threatening. Last Thursday we got caught out in a thunderstorm, and let me tell you, nearby lightning strikes are EXCELLENT motivation for speedwork!

  244. It’s been pretty humid here in KS, but definitely keep reminding myself of how bitterly cold it was this winter and I’m loving every outside run! My early morning speed sessions on the treadmill aren’t so bad either. 🙂

  245. Living in Vegas means to run in temps less than 90 degrees I must run before 6am, and even then I’m a sweaty mess after just a few minutes. I never thought about wool clothes in this heat, but in willing to try! Wool works great for my feet!

  246. The weather is just beautiful here in sunny Calgary, some might say hot but the memory of winter still stings a bit and I’m loving the hot sun on my skin!!

  247. Heard you crazy girls talking about these on the podcast and I’m intrigued! Dallas, TX, the land of summer heat and humidity, can be very challenging to run in! Would love to try this material out and see if it will work!

  248. I am running in the South Texas heat, so I am interested in trying out the wool tee. Sounds crazy!

  249. Minnesota in the summer. One moment cool and crisp and the next hot and humid. Regardless of the temps always dealing with the bugs!!! Keeping the skin covered is sometimes necessary.

  250. Hot and humid in NJ. I’m not a natural morning runner, but was up at 5:30 AM this morning to beat the heat.Looking forward to an upcoming weekend in the mountains where it should be cooler.

  251. I’m on the east coast of central FLA……heat and humidity make summer running somewhat challenging! but i’m persevering. 🙂

  252. I love Seattle in the summer. This year especially has been quite lovely with many days at 80F, just warm enough to make the early morning run even more essential. Knowing that I won’t even attempt to run if it’s approaching 80 has been a nice motivator to get me out of bed in the AM.

  253. Another Pacific Northwesterner who is not appreciating the hotter temps as of late. Trying to run early but that’s getting warmer too, bah!

  254. I haven’t tried Icebreaker clothing yet. I’m thinking that northern Alberta weather in all 4 crazy seasons would give this product a run for its money! Right now we’re actually having beautiful hot weather +30C so we’re grateful to see the + in front of that number! Hot to run, but no complaints here – get it done early:)

  255. I am running in the heat, with more heat, with a side of heat. I try to run early in the morning so I don’t have the sun baking me on top of all the heat 😉

  256. It’s definitely warm but I can usually run in the morning when it’s not as hot. I can’t complain too much….it’s beautiful!

  257. Right now in the Pacific Northwest (Sandy, OR) it’s hotter than usual. So we are having to run very early morning or late in the evening. Us Pacific Northwesterners aren’t accustomed to heat waves, lol

  258. I really shouldn’t complain, because this July is not as hot as sticky as usual in Southern Ohio. High of 79? So much better than 90s we usually have this time of year :).

  259. In Quebec it is suffocatingly hot and muggy one day, then cool and breezy the next… feels like a yoyo summer that requires a variety of running clothes!

  260. Lately, I can’t get up early enough to beat the heat!! But I’m still happy to be getting out there..

  261. It really depends on the day in the northeast… One day it’s hazy, hot, and humid, the next rain, finally every once and a while you get those perfect warm days… But they are far and few between!

  262. Early morning runs to beat the heat! Even while living at 7,000 ft is cooler, you are just that much closer to the sun, and the sun is intense!

  263. Hot, hot, hot here in SD in July. And humid. Can’t wait for fall – my favorite running season. Miles of crunching leaves on the bike trails!!!

  264. Baking implies a dry heat – here in the oh-so-humid Midwest, poaching is more like it… or perhaps steaming…

  265. A heat wave, which in Seattle isn’t nearly as bad as elsewhere, but we don’t have AC and I refuse to run on the dreadmill. So it’s hot, sweaty runs…at least until the rain returns in August.

  266. Oh so hot and humid. But, after complaining all winter about the cold and snow, I’m trying hard not to complain about the heat!

  267. I’ve been evading the worst of the heat here in Portland with early AM runs. Reeeally hoping things cool off a bit by the end of the month, I’m going to be running my first marathon in Eugene!

  268. It’s been really hot and humid lately. I have to wait awhile to shower after my morning run because it takes so long to cool down enough to stop sweating!

  269. It’s been other really hot or humid or both here in Raleigh. My runs have been slow and sluggish but I’m focusing on getting myself out there anyway!

  270. Hot and muggy (the muggy we are not used to here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)… with the occasional thunderstorm thrown in!

  271. I live in Idaho. All the weather in a year. If I don’t like the heat of summer I simply go into the mountains.

  272. Ran last night in a wonderful summer rain shower which seems to happen to me frequently this summer but generally it’s hot and humid here in Virginia when I’m out for a run

  273. It’s been hit and miss lately. One day it’s humidity overload and the next it’s not too bad. I usually run at 5am, so I thankfully miss the hotter temps!

  274. Coeur d’Alene summers are beautiful and I like to run in the early early morning before it gets too warm.

  275. Living in the far Northern reaches of Idaho (Coeur d’Alene) our weather is usually pretty darn perfect this time of the year but we’ve been in a bit of a heatwave the last 2 weeks with temps consistently in the 90’s. I try and beat the heat when I can by running early in the morning and if that’s not possible I hit the treadmill in climate controlled comfort.

  276. Right now I’m running in nearly ideal running weather! If I get out by 6 AM, temps are still in the mid-60’s! I live in the high desert so humidity is like 20%. It’s really perfect right now!

  277. I have been running in the wind…which is sort of nice when it is hot, but mostly I don’t love it…so it is either outside in the wind or inside on the treadmill…the hot humid treadmill…

  278. Summer in Indiana so far has had me running in overcast 50 degrees to full on sun,humidity and upper 80 degrees. Complain? Heck no, just enjoy the miles in whatever Mother Nature gives me!

  279. We are getting a heat wave in Seattle! But in the morning it is still sub-60, so that’s the time to run when possible. Even during the rainy season, it is such a beautiful place to run.

  280. Beautiful sunny cool mornings. Has to be early mornings as I don’t like running in the heat and humidity.

  281. Lately it’s been a little bit of everything…hot an sticky or cold and rainy. In true Minnesota fashion, if you don’t like the weather….wait 24hrs, it’ll probably change.

  282. MN summers – mostly hot & humid, but we have been getting lots of rain too. So, basically I am wet after my runs, either from rain or my own sweat!

  283. It has been unbelievably humid! The hot I expect and can handle, but it’s the humidity that is killing me these days.

  284. Heat and humidity if I run outside and occasionally rain…if I am in my basement on my treadmill it is still hot

  285. Ha! Pick the day, this is Iowa. Today is lovely, last week was cold, a couple days ago it was so humid I thought I lived in a rain forest. Mostly I am wearing one of my favorite things in this mostly hot weather — tanks with built in bras! Why wear two items of clothes when you can wear one?

  286. Perfectly cool Oregon mornings, the sun just coming up over the Cascade Range: summer running in Oregon is the best.

  287. Right now in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) metro area, we’ve been experiencing a LOT of rain. And when it isn’t raining, we’ve been having a few days of warmth with high humidity, then a couple days of cooler, drier low 80 degree weather. Then it goes back into the high humidity weather. Its been a weird summer so far and I can’t believe it is almost over for us up here. I hope we have a warmer than normal Autumn.

  288. Hot, humid, and more hot and humid. Actually, last night I waited until a strong line of thunderstorms rolled through so the 96+ degree heat we had all day (feels like 104)dropped down to the upper 70s. This was great, however the humidity was in the 90s still and it was rapidly getting dark. But, I got my miles in!

  289. This morning’s run at 5:30AM – 75 degrees and 87% humidity! Run in the evening and it’s mid-90’s.

  290. I have to admit that the weather for most of my runs lately has been fantastic. I am usually done by 6:30AM and that is the best part of the summer day by far. Most days are not humid even by my standards and temperatures have been mostly 50s and 60s. I am loving it.

  291. Lately the sun has been hardest to deal with; it just seems to be baking me during every run. But yesterday was cloudy and I had a lovely run, kept my pace for all 5 miles.

  292. I have been dealing with lots of heat and humidity. Even though I run at 5:00 am, I am always drenched with sweat and looking like I took a shower after my runs.

  293. Hot hot hot! It’s already in the 80s most mornings here in NorCal. If I don’t get out before 8am, the likelihood that I’ll go decreases sharply! 107 was the high yesterday. Sigh.

  294. It’s been hot here in Ohio, but nothing too bad. I run early, so I don’t have to struggle through the midday heat. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  295. Living in MN, it’s different all the time! Last 2 days have been cool and refreshing. Last week was hot and humid. A lot of June was rainy. BTW, my sister gave me an Icebreaker tank for Mother’s Day and I LOVE it! It has become my go-to top for races and long runs!

  296. Early morning runs here in Colorado are still in the 50-60’s. But after training outside for a half this winter these sometimes feel hot 😉

  297. Soul crushing humidity is the norm here during the summer. We did have a slight reprieve for the past few days but it was ticking upward again as of this morning.

  298. I’ve been running in hot, humid weather. I woke up at 5:30 am for a 6:00 run thinking it would be cooler and more tolerable. I struggled to breathe through the whole run!

  299. Its been HOT and HUMID. or HAWT and less humid. I am always torn, should I run when it is extra hawt out and less humid, or just plain hot with more muggy air.

  300. Well, as most everyone knows, here in Indiana its a toss up what the weather will be at any given moment. My theory is to be prepared for anything!

  301. Very hot and humid…even on a very early morning run I look like I have been for a swim instead of a run!

  302. We’ve had a very mild summer so far, so definitely have been lucky to have some ideal running conditions in Wisconsin…not too warm!

  303. Super hot and humid in Boston. I was worried I would have to cut my clothes off this morning when I got home!

  304. We have 80+ degree weather beginning at 4:30am and 95% humidity from now until late September here in sunny (and rainy) Central FL. Basically anything that wicks moisture away from the skin and protects you from sunburn is what we all are wearing.

  305. Portland is ramping up for a heat wave! Mornings are in the 60’s, but in the afternoon it reaches 85-90°! Thankfully usually with very low humidity.

  306. All of the above weather here in DC! Super humid, even at 5am; risk of thunderstorms regularly in the afternoon/evening and when I just can’t take the heat, the COOOOOLD a/c in the gym. At least it’s not 10 degrees and icy anymore!

  307. We are lucky here in MN. Our far…has been totally bearable! I went for a run this morning and it was gorgeous. HOWEVER…there is another issue right now. The gnats are out of control this summer. Everyone is noticing it and fed up with it. I think my perfect running outfit right now would probably be a beekeepers outfit! I would hope they can’t get through that!

  308. Seen it all in the past 7 days in CO! Ran in 90 degree heat mid morning, followed the next day with a downpour run during an afternoon storm, as well as a cool 50 degree jog early am. We truly see it all!

  309. Here in Southern Ohio the weather seems to change every hour. It’s either a humid swampy mess or storms are rolling in with a strong breeze. These dripping sweat from my nose days of summer make me vow to appreciate Winter more when it returns.

  310. It is hot and humid in South Dakota most July days, but the wind saves us! …well, if it isn’t blowing us over while we try to run with the stroller! 🙂

  311. I never know what I am going to get. Yesterday a.m. was hot + humid, this morning was cool + dry. I was happier today 🙂

  312. Gratefully Wisconsin mornings have been a cool 57-60 degrees. My personal hell is running in heat and humidity.I am loving these morning runs!!

  313. So far, just the sticky humidity that Chicago summers are known for–but I expect the heat will join the party soon :/.

  314. Here’s in our nation’s capitol, I’ve been getting my run on with temps in the 70s at 5 am with 1000% (that’s right, I added an extra “0”) humidity.

  315. It’s been highs of 95-100 degrees here, so I’ve been waking up early to run. At least at 6 in the morning I don’t need sunscreen!

  316. I live in Canada and run in the early morning. The weather for my runs lately has been perfect. Cool, but warm enough for me to wear those cute running skirts I don’t get to wear very often.

  317. Thankfully, lately the weather hasn’t been bad at all. In fact on July 3, I wore long sleeves on my 6 am run!

  318. Hot and Humid here. The kind of weather where half way through your run, you have to stop and wring out your socks and empty out the lake in your shoes.

  319. Normally it would be 80 by 8am here so our muggy, rainy weather is a nice change. While the humidity is still ridiculous it is great not to be baking in the sun! This weather has made me believe I would love to live in Seattle.

  320. Normally, we have sweltering humidity to deal with in Iowa this time of year. BUT as of late, the weather hasn’t been normal and it’s been beautiful spring like weather with lower temps and less than normal humidity. YEA!!!

  321. Has been hot here in OKC….my neighbor and I have been running at 7 am well before temps get to upper 90s! This morning have thunderstorms so no running outside….

  322. HUMIDITY! In the Ohio valley here and if I can get my run in by 6:30 am I’m good, it is still humid but hasn’t yet become unbearable. These summer mornings are beautiful but I much prefer a late fall run!

  323. There’s been a lot of rain around here lately, but the last couple of days have been low humidity, breezy and upper 70s, low 80s. Rare and I’m not complaining!

  324. I’m running in humidity and trying to avoid the heat by running early but still sweating buckets! It’s been raining an awful lot for June/July so there’ve been many indoor elliptical days to avoid thunderstorms.

  325. My running wardrobe is at the mercy of our Canadian east coast summer which has been all over the place. We have had a handful of hot humid days with most runs being a comfortable mid 70’s (given that I am running morning or later evening). Given the long cold winter we had I am not complaining! Well except for the hottest run of the season when my body was not hydrated and I got the heat goosebumps…yeah that wasn’t a good run 😉

  326. I am not the greatest summer runner. I much prefer cooler temps for running but would not give up my summer for runs. Even at 70 and sunny, I am still sweltering! So I just put in shorter runs and try to get exercise other ways… biking, swimming or elliptical.

  327. If I WAS running, it would be almost perfect weather for Minnesota – warm but not hot, and low humidity. Life has gotten in the way over the last couple months. When I start running again in a few weeks, I’m hoping for more of the same – especially after surviving last winter’s polar vortex (and running in it!).

  328. After this past Iowa winter I will never, ever complain about the heat so right now I am running in beautiful, hot and humid temperatures as I train for fall races.

  329. I’m running in wonderful Michigan weather! We are enjoying a beautiful summer after a very long winter.

  330. It’s been hot and humid in the Philly area… even 5am feels like a sauna. I have been known to detour through the neighbors’ sprinklers in the middle of a run!

  331. I’m running in the torment that is my basement treadmill because my kids are with me all.the.darn.time and it’s an exercise of it’s own to get motivated to do it. The plus side is xtraining is going well and my foam roller isn’t covered in dust!

  332. I got busy at the end of the year and only ran sporadically. I am working to get started again. July in Kansas is a hard to get going again. I try to go early in the morning or after it has cooled off in the evening. I think one of the biggest problems other than the heat and humidity are the pterodactyl-sized mosquitos!

  333. “Holy Hotness Batman” was the description for my run yesterday. It was 95 degrees and a whole lot of humidity. I am actually wishing for winter.

  334. As the weatherman says, “triple H: hazy, hot, and humid”. Although, it a been more humid than hot so I guess I can’t complain completely. 😉

  335. Our weather has been…weird. It’s been a surprisingly mild summer, which I love for running. Those hot, humid days sap my energy.

  336. It’s all about the heat and humidity here in MN! Some friends who moved to CA from MN recently came back to visit for the month of July and keep talking about how it gets way hotter in MN than it does in Cali in the summertime!

  337. Oh the humidity! Even before the sun comes up I’m dripping sweat. So gross. BUT it isn’t the polar vortex anymore so….

  338. So living in New England, we run the gamut…Last Sunday morning felt like fall, and yesterday the heavineess of the humidity was oppressive…the gym is no better, I usually have sweat dripping onto the treadmill, and then shiver when I get outside. Do they make bras out of Merino wool, cuz that would be the best!

  339. Weather changes so often in the this summer’s cycle. Today was blissful 66 cool degrees with a gentle sunrise at 6 o’clock. Ahh! I could use that the rest of the season!

  340. I live in NorthWest Ohio. In any given week, it can be rainforest humid, rainy, foggy, windy or chilly! I alternate between biking and running so these shirts would be perfect for the breeze I create while riding and the moping up effect I need while running!

  341. It has been a little bit of everything! Hot and humid one day to breezy and mid-50’s. Not complaining, I kind of like the variety.

  342. After a spring that took it’s time ending and a summer that didn’t want to start, Southeastern Wisconsin is finally warm, sunny, and occasionally humid.

  343. It’s been hot and humid in Jersey on weekdays but we’ve been having beautiful weekends (knock on wood). My weekday workouts have been EARLY and sweaty – gotta beat the sun. My long runs on the weekend have been very pleasant – again the key is to get out EARLY!

  344. Not bad for central PA summer so far! Though the few hot and humid days we have had bring out the biting flies that like to accompany me on many runs. Then again, who doesn’t like some incentives for speed work?

  345. I live in South Texas…it’s brutally hot and humid. Morning runs are super humid (I’m sweating in places I didn’t know i had sweat glands) and evening track workouts are so hot and dry my mouth feels like it’s full of sand.

  346. I live in south Texas, so heat and humidity are almost unbearable in the summer. I run as early as possible and I’m still drenched just a few minutes into my run. Not sure about wool, but I’d be willing to give it a try.

  347. It went straight from cold and snowy to hot and humid here in Pittsburgh, PA (which I should not be surprised about since that’s what it always does here).

  348. I love in Vermont. The past couple weeks it has been hot & humid. Running becomes a challenge if I don’t get out there in the morning. Though I hate winter I do run through the winter months here. The coldest I have run in is -5 degrees. Running in 90 degree weather with humidity is a huge change. My perfect is the 40’s or 50’s. Happy Running!

  349. These days, I’m running at 5:30am in super high humidity in FL! Every day this summer, it has been sunny in the mornings and thunderstorms in the evenings. The thunderstorms even cause steam to rise from the hot roads! You’d think that at O-dark-thirty in the morning it would be cool, not in FL… and we’ve been doing speed work. Crazy!

  350. I’m in Central Texas so I get a good amount of heat and humidity even at 5 am when I run. Its not my favorite weather conditions for running, but there us something satisfying about being drenched in sweat.

  351. My running weather has been just about perfect for the last couple weeks. Even though I’m off work during the summer, I’m still an early morning runner. I’ve had temps in the 60s with very little wind, even long before the sun comes up.

  352. Madison, WI has surfaced from the polar vortex and a very soggy start to the summer… and this week is delivering absolutely delicious running weather — clear, sparkling, low 70s. I think it’s a peace offering, because the hot & muggy is coming, followed by the unforgiving frigid!

  353. Had a fabulous early morning run the other day soft sun and 70, BUT typically I’m breathing the water thanks to the mid-western humidity and storms of late. Am I wet from the rain, humidity, or just working my tail off????

  354. In typical VT fashion I can be running in beautiful 50 degree breezy weather or sweating in the 90’s and humid, so versatile workout wear is a plus. Will wear nothing but wool on my feet (Darn Tough & SmartWool), maybe it’s time to branch out to shirts!

  355. waaaay too humid in upstate NY these days but it does get very chilly in late fall and could use something to keep me warm!

  356. It is a sweltering, hot, sticky mess right now in Virginia. It’s kind of like running in a sauna by mid-day, but not as bad in the mornings, which is why the rooster and I are going to start running together soon.

  357. Hot and humid here in Central Florida even before sunrise… even “wicking” workout wear has nowhere to wick the sweat to! I’m drenched before finishing the warm-up…

  358. Hot hot and hot. Living in the sweltering temps of southeast Louisiana means even a pre-dawn run is in 80 degree heat with 85% humidity. More like slogging than running!

  359. Hot and humid or wet, wet, wet. Not sure if it is better or worse than the cold, ice and snow of this past Ohio winter. And I’m no sure whether I’d rather live up “north” like I do now or back in the “South” (Hotlanta) like I did for 20+ years. Either way, I’m betting a wool shirt would be more than handy and replace the ugly, smelly long underwear top I wore all winter – lol.

  360. My runs have been in nice temps this week. AM runs in 60* temps with light winds to keep the bugs/misquitoes away.

  361. I live in Concord, MA and ski in VT every weekend with my husband and 3 boys and discovered icebreaker this winter. It is awesome. I was very skeptical, as I have always avoided wool due to the scratchiness. So, now my friend Annie and I signed up for a trail running camp in CO–our midlife crisis-and we will be running in the mountains. This would be the perfect shirt!

  362. Hot and sticky in the south, but I still managed to get chilled after a run or workout. Would love to try the wool shirt to see how it works both during and post run. Wool in the summer in the south doesn’t seem doable, but I would love to find out.

  363. Usually the weather in WI isn’t too bad in the early morning, but two weeks ago I was a drowned rat during my 10-mile run as I train for my first marathon.

  364. Wet is the name of the game here in MN, whether it’s humidity or pouring rain. I was thrilled to run the Red, White and Boom half on the 4th at 6:30 AM in less than 80 degrees!

  365. Humid and hot here in NC. We got a lucky break though on July 4th when I ran Four on the Fourth. Another PR for me !

  366. Hot mornings in Denver, followed by serious rain in the afternoon (and sometimes hail). We’ve got it all!

  367. So humid. So humid that a layer of sweat appears when stepping out the door. Then it gets hot and stays humid. Summer in Alabama is not for the weak.

  368. Beautiful in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest, it is a little warm this week, will be 90 when I run the See Jane Run, but I am just happy I can run this summer (BAD ankle sprain last summer), I wouldn’t care what the weather was.

  369. Hot and humid most days in central Ohio! Although I can’t complain about the recent cool mornings, they’ve reminded me that I’m not getting worse at running, it’s just been toooo warm!

  370. It’s been humid and sticky here in metro Detroit. As a fan of cool, crisp weather, I was pleasantly surprised that I made decent time on my first ever solo 5 mile run!

  371. Here in Central Texas we are getting closer and closer to 100 degree days. They are expected to hit this weekend… and there is no rain in sight.

  372. Here in Omaha the summer weather has been hot and wet. Not to worry the fall will bring cold and dark! Wool would be good!

  373. I’m running in the hot and humid Northeast. Every morning I want to sleep in a bit (its summer break for me too, I am a teacher) but I need to roll out of bed to get my run in before I melt in the sun.

  374. The heat and humidity are here! (Not happy.) Being a runner near Memphis, TN, I’m used to it…but still not happy!

  375. Early morning runs have been a must in Ohio. The temperatures have been pretty comfortable if I go early, but the later it gets the heat and humidity sets in and this runner starts to get pretty soggy and stinky!

  376. I’m running mostly in very humid conditions in NC, but we have had a few gloriously crisp, humid-free mornings in the low 60’s lately.

  377. Perfect Minnesota summer weather: cool enough to run comfortably in the mornings, warm enough to go to the pool in the afternoon.

  378. Living near Detroit and the humidity is a killer. I’ll take the Polar Vortex any day. But we are half way through summer right?