Hump Day Running Giveaway: Entry to Princess Half-Marathon, Plus Hotel!

Even in the pre-sunrise darkness, the racers sparkle and shine at runDisney Princess Half Marathon.
Even in the pre-sunrise darkness, the racers sparkle and shine at runDisney Princess Half Marathon.

Until you've been to a runDisney race, you can't quite believe how monumental, exuberant, fun, and, well, magical the event is. Being surrounded by nearly 30,000 women runners, most of whom are festooned in sparkles, wings, tiaras, and all things bright and shining, is an unparalleled experience--and that's just the expo! Come race day, at the start under pre-dawn darkness, you think you're dreaming. But then you get to run through the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, and you know it's so much better than any visions that might float through your head.

Ba-bang! Fireworks (and klieg lights)  illuminate the sky at the 2013 Princess starting line.
Ba-bang! Fireworks (and klieg lights) illuminate the sky at the 2013 Princess starting line.

If you've been dreaming to have this experience, we can make it become a reality for two of you. Each winner will receive:
-a free entry to the 2014 runDisney Princess Half Marathon;

-a two-night stay at a  Walt Disney World® Resort;

-a 2-Day Magic Your Way® with Park Hopper® Option theme park ticket.

What each winner will not get from us: airfare; meals; time off from work; childcare; and perhaps most difficult to procure, "permission"  from your family members to attend, if you choose to fly solo.

two mother runners
Will *you* be one of the two bada$s mother runners to win this deluxe runDisney prize package?

Even without the airfare, meals, etc., this is an amazing prize package and we're thrilled to be giving it away. Before you enter, though, please keep your feet on the ground for a few moments, and determine whether you can get yourself to Orlando, Florida, for a weekend in a little more than two months. (The race is Sunday, February 23, 2014, and you'll need to pick up your race packet the day before.) Take a look at your calendar and your checkbook, and pragmatically ask yourself if you can swing this trip.

If your answer is a Magic Kingdom-size yes, here's how to enter this running giveaway: In the Comments section below this post on our website, tell us which Disney character you love best, and why. It doesn't have to be which character you'd dress as come race day if you win (come on, you'll have to wear a costume--we will be!), but which character is closest to your heart. (If you are reading this via email, do not just  hit reply with your answer; you must go to our website to enter via Comments link under post.)

women who ran half-marathon race
Tall Tinker Bells at this year's Princess. (Dim in front; yours truly second from left. Look for us, minus wings and lime green, at 2014 Princess expo and race.)

[Some fine print for this magical prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18; no geographic limitations as long as you can get yourself to Orlando. Sweepstakes begins on 12/18/13 and ends on 12/26/13; the two winners will be announced on 12/28/13. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $1,250. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.




766 responses to “Hump Day Running Giveaway: Entry to Princess Half-Marathon, Plus Hotel!

  1. I’ve really connected to cinderella lately as my little ones have become obsessed. Just the thought of a shoe changing your whole life is something I firmly believe in…my running shoes did it for me!

  2. My favorite princess is Merida at the moment. She is willing to fight for for what she wants. I try to instill this into my life and my children’s lives. “If you have a goal, work for it.”

  3. My favorite Disney character is Alice from Alice in Wonderland. This was my favorite movie as a child, and as I watch the movie with my daughter, I can quote the movie word for word. In the movie Alice says ” I give myself some very good advice, but I very seldom follow it”. I can relate to that far too often!

  4. As a Disney super fan, its hard to choose just one. But I guess I’ll have to say Tigger! I love his free spirit and his zest for life, even if he is a bit clumsy!

  5. While I look most like Merida , I most admire Cinderella. She overcomes adversity and chases after what she wants. Cinderella escapes being locked in her room by her evil step mother and chases down the Duke as he is leaving to prove that she fits the glass slipper. She is taken to the castle and her dreams come true. I like to think I have the same tenacity and perseverance to achieve my dreams.

  6. Merida from Brave is my favorite!! It is wonderful to watch a strong, brave, adventure seeker, independent, intelligent, family-loving young woman be the main character! And I love to watch the relationship develop between Merida and her Mom. It gives me tears in my eyes every time I watch and think of my young daughter and how I will always be there for her yet I hope to teach her to be brave and strong and independent.

  7. Cheshire Cat. In high school our marching band did a Disney themed Halloween show. The clarinets were Alice in Wonderland. I was the Cheshire Cat. My brother, who is 10 years younger and has autism, remembers this and loves to find Cheshire Cat treasures for me. I have a collection of items from the last 20 years that remind me how lucky I am to have such a sweet and thoughtful baby brother.

  8. Definitely Belle! On first thought, it is for her love of reading and thirst for adventure. But mainly it is because she is brave in the face of danger and bigotry — sacrificing herself for her father and then standing up to the villagers to defend the Beast. Truly a role model.

  9. I have to say I most relate to the new character Elsa from Frozen. I would do anything for my sisters! And I love the snow 🙂

  10. I’m a Tinkerbell fan for sure! She adds magic with a little pixie dust, but definitely has her feisty moments – much like me! My screen name/email across many forums – VegasPixie – has always been a tribute to my favorite fairy!

  11. My favorites are Mickey and Minnie! Their love reminds me of how I love my hubby 🙂 My running mantra is credited to Dory from Nemo. Just keep swimming!! She’s my fav running inspiration.

  12. Lewis/Cornelius from Meet the Robinsons. Just watched it this past weekend and cried like a baby, like always. He had it rough, but never gave up. “Keep Moving Forward” is something I’ve had to tell myself on many a runs (As well as various icky parts in life).

  13. I feel so out of touch with Disney characters currently, so the only one that comes to mind is Mater – his happy, go lucky, look at the bright side approach is how I STRIVE to be! (and can you tell I have a 4 year old boy? no princesses in this house!)

  14. My favorite Disney character(s) are Lady and the Tramp. I love their love story and it shows that where a person comes from doesn’t matter as long as you have love.

  15. Minnie Mouse is the character closest to my heart. That was my godmother’s nickname for me and she was there when I first met Minnie as a child and got to tell her we had the same name. Every time I see Minnie, I think of her.

  16. My favorite Disney character is Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. After learning to love and not destroy everything he becomes such cuddly creature in his own odd, alien way. Plus, I love watching a movie that takes me to Hawaii!

  17. My favorite Princess is Bell. she shows how woman can be unique and different. Have the brains and the beauty and see people for their own beauty.

  18. Oh how I love Jesse from Toy Story. She’s not your typical Disney Princess. she has spunk, stands up for herself, comes to the rescue of her friends even of it means having to overcome her own fears. I love that this is the first Disney character my daughter loved and still loves 4 years later.

  19. The first character that can to mind is Merida from Brave. The first reason being she is an adventurer, something I always strive to be. Secondly, I love when our girls and boys have strong, brave girls in their stories. Thanks!!

  20. My favorite Disney character is ‘Mater from the cars movies. He lives joyfully, is genuine to who he is, and his character just makes me laugh.

  21. I think Merida is currently my favorite character. She like me in many ways. She’s willful, headstrong, strong-willed, short-tempered, courageous, bold, daring, quick-witted, and quick-thinking. I like to think I have those characteristics. Thanks for this give away. I’ve done one runDisney run before -tower of terror 10 miler. I would love to do the Princess Half!! thanks!!!

  22. Princess Tianna! She had a dream and was willing to work hard to get it- no matter what! That’s what it takes in life… And never let the frogs stand in your way.

  23. Wreck It Ralph! He wanted to be more than what everyone thought he was (just a bad guy). He started out wanting to prove it to everyone else but ended not caring what everyone thought of him and only caring what he knew of himself. We as runners often start out with completely different reasons for running but it turns into something so different in the end just like it did for Ralph!

  24. Goofy!!! Because he is clumsy and silly and just out to have a good time. Just like I will be when I run the Princess Half Marathon!!!

  25. Well Alice in Wonderland of course! And not because of her awesome name. Because she wonders, is strong, isn’t afraid of the odd and unknown and doesn’t let a mean Queen scare her!

  26. This is a great question. I would say Tinker Bell. I took a poll with my son and daughter, just to see what they would say. I was surprised, my son said Goofy and my daughter said Donald Duck. Can’t go wrong with either of those.

  27. I would say Goofy. He’s my favorite because like me he marches to a different beat. Till this day watching Mickey Mouse club house with my daughter he makes me laugh.

  28. No doubt- Donald Duck is my Disney crush. He gets angry and frustrated, but underneath it all, he is a lovable guy with a good heart. Plus, like a mother runner, he knows how to shake a tail feather. I have always liked Donald, but I came to really love him when I trained for my first ever big race, The Disney Half. That was a few years ago, and ever since, I’ve dreamed of going back to a Disney event to recapture the magic.

  29. My new favorite is Anna from frozen. She never gave up on her love for her sister, she stood up for her when no one else would and she was willing to sacrifice herself to save her sister. This true love for her sister is inspiring. It’s how I love my sisters!

  30. My current fav is sully from monsters inc. my kid love him and he just a good time guy. Through the years I have had many; it changes as I move through different ages and stages in my life. I think I just need a little sully these days.

  31. Belle is my favorite princess. I love to read almost as much as she does. (I don’t walk down the street reading! Lol)

  32. I love Stitch! He shows us that you can have a high badness level but still do good things and find your place in this world. Just like in Lilo and Stitch in our Running Group no one gets left behind!!!

  33. Ariel because she is a redhead. As a small
    girl it was hard to relate to the other princess because they had pretty brown/blonde hair like I wanted. I also enjoy swimming.

  34. Cinderella! There’s just something about her that shines that anyone can overcome anything. The strength to overcome people who try to stop you and finally coming out on top! A WINNER!

  35. Goofy… He is always dearest to my heart because my dad would always do his voice for me and I think Goofy is hilarious! Now my daughter loves him and we’d watch Goofy’s cartoons together. She also does a pretty good Garsh 🙂

  36. It may sound really weird but my favorite has always been Jumbo (Dumbo’s mom). There aren’t many positive mothering role models in Disney movies but Jumbo was playful and kind. She loved her son unconditionally and despite his differences. She was willing to go to bat to protect him when he needed it. That and I can totally relate to her temper. She was one bad ass pachyderm mother!

  37. I’m most like Cinderella. I was a single mom to a 18month old, a 3 1/2yr old and a 4 1/2 year old..all boys! After 7 yrs of working on myself and healing I met and married my Prince Charming. Any man that would take on my chaos plus me, encourages my running habit by buying me shoes for Valentine’s day and registering for mom’s day races and makes me feel like a princess is my real life fairy tale come true!!

  38. I love Merida from Brave. Even though she doesn’t quite know what she wants, she knows that she doesn’t want to settle just because that is what she is supposed to do. She remains strong and independent while learning how to respect and value her mother’s advice.

  39. Ariel from The Little Mermaid has always been my favorite Disney character. She’s musical, stubborn, rebellious, curious, loyal and determined. All she ever strived for was to be part of a world she did not understand and she didn’t quit until she made it. She didn’t let fate pick her destiny, she chose her own way and made it happen. Through the good and the bad, I try to be like her everyday. In the end, I’m choosing my destiny and keeping Ariel close to my heart along the way.

  40. I often joke that I used to be Snow White but I drifted (wahhhwahhh)…But really I love Pocahontas. The morning before you sent this out I took a Disney princess quiz and it told me I was Pocahontas! I am sort of a carefree spirit who definitely defies convention. I am also a taurus, so makes sense I am strong willed. I am a princess who loves to run the hidden pine trails of the forest! Man…wish there wasn’t so much sno out there so I could just go for a trail run, wind in hair…so carefree. Anyone care to join me?

  41. My favorite is Goofy. We recently took my young son to Disney and seeing the ultimate joy on his face when he got to see Goofy gives him the most special place in my heart.

  42. I’m kinda liking Anna, the new princess from Frozen. We can relate to her awkwardness and appreciate her sweetness! However, I’m also quite partial to the one that started it all, Mickey himself!

  43. My favorite character is Dale – he always has his best buddy chip with him and, even when he’s nutty, you can’t help but love him!

  44. Winnie the Pooh – he has always been my favorite character! I even had my senior pictures done surround by Pooh Bear…he’s just so cuddly!

  45. I love Eeyore! Not only is he cute, but he says the cutest things! “It’s not much of a tail, but I’m sort of attached to it.”

  46. This is really hard. I just adore Belle, but Mulan has my heart. She is brave and clever and saved all of China! And after the Wine and Dine half, she congratulated me on my “medal of honor”!

  47. I love Ariel in the little mermaid. Ive watched more times than i can remember and now share with my children. Classic!

  48. Since this is for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, my favorite princess is Belle. I always loved that she had her nose in a book, just like me as a kid! Wish I could spend a little more time with a book these days!

  49. TINKERBELL!!! All day long.. every day.. 8 days a week and twice on Sundays. It’s Tinkerbell all the way for me. Always has been, Always will be.

  50. Never being comfortable in the limelight, I love the supporting characters of the great Disney movies. Whether it be Abu from Aladdin or Flounder from The Little Mermaid, I love noticing how their support and friendship play such vital roles in their friends lives. They serve as motivators, voices of reason, and encouragers.

    My ultimate favorite supporter is Tigger to his buddy Pooh. Tigger is completely confident in who he is. He even has his own theme song where he lists all of his strengths and attributes. While that could make him conceited, it does the opposite–it frees him to not depend on others for identity and allows him, instead, to completely love and support his friends for who they are, not asking for anything in return.

    As a mom, I need that inner confidence to love my kids hard but not rely on them to make me who I am. Leaning on that, I can support and encourage my mom friends (and especially my mom running friends!) to live to their potential and be their true selves.

    As Tigger says, “The wonderful things about Tiggers is I’m the only one!” and as I like to tell my three girls (and even myself), “The wonderful thing about YOU is YOU’RE the only YOU!” Fun fun fun fun fun!

  51. Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, he is just like my husband and two year old. They are both loud, make huge messes, but love me more than anything else. My husband keeps telling me to add cute too. Also, stitch is about “ohana” (it means family). We love each other and will do anything to make each other happy! As we all know, family is the most important thing.

  52. I ran as Merida at the Disney Princess 2013. She is my ultimate favpurite character as her struggle dealt with staying true to herself. I had to make the most difficult decision to pull put of Tink 2014. Staying true to myself means that I had to give up my dream of attaining my coast to coast and running with Princess Jodi. This chance to win would not only make my dream come true but it would allow me the chance to run with my BRF !!!! What wouldn’t a BAMR do to win this?!?! Just like Merida, I would run fierce , proud and strong making another mother runner so very proud!!! Princess Alana

  53. My favorite Disney character is Tigger! Why? Because he’s upbeat, positive and happy-go-lucky and he’s a really good friend! He has a wonderful zest for life and he is impulsive and fun, not to mention having a bouncy pouncy tail! I absolutely LOVED the Tigger Movie where he searched for his biological family and ended up realizing the true meaning of family. And the best thing about Tigger is…that he’s unique just like us – “the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is that I’m the only one!” 🙂

  54. Wendy from Peter Pan. I love taking care of others and making people feel special. And just as Wendy didn’t want to grow up, I like to think of myself as young at heart. I hope that I can always hold on to that childhood wonder and the belief that there is good in everyone.

  55. My favorite Disney character is Simba. I met my husband when he and I were Disney Cast Members in the summer of 1994. “The Lion King” was about to be released in the theaters and we spent the summer promoting the movie. The following year, our wedding first dance was “Can you feel the love tonight?” from the movie. I have very fond memories of that adorable lion.

  56. I like Merita because she breaks the rules and confinements of society’s standards and pushes her own limits, constantly challenging herself. When she falls she gets back up and of course the best part is she is Brave. Which is essential as a runner, you have to have the courage to start the race and be brave to finish.

  57. Tinkerbell is my absolute favorite. She reminds me that there is a little magic left in all of us no matter what our situation. This race is on my bucket list!

  58. I love Minnie Mouse! She is always so sweet and full of love. I try to be that kind of person to anyone that I meet! Who doesn’t love to spend each day with the love of her life. She reminds me of my husband and myself!

  59. Since I’ll be a few weeks short of turning 70 on race day, I’ll pick an oldie; Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Her adventure began when she chased after a white rabbit, so she was a runner. After tumbling down the rabbit hole, she faced challenges with courage and even found time to eat cookies. My hero(ine)!

  60. Pooh bear! Because he just takes life as it comes. He has his best friend and honey and that’s about all he needs. He just makes me smile! 🙂 (should I confess that both daughters and my dog have, at different times, been pooh for Halloween??)

  61. Tough question! Off the top of my head, I would say Nemo’s dad. It starts with his willingness to travel across the ocean, far from his comfort zone, to rescue his son, but more importantly I like him because of what he gained from his journey and how he grew. His line at the end of the movie, “Now go have an adventure,” is one of my all-time favorites. I thought of it as I was sending my 4-year-old to preschool for the first time. Marlin learned that he couldn’t hold onto his son and keep him safe forever. Instead, he had to let him go, let him explore, and let him make mistakes. From starting as an overprotective parent, he grew to someone who could encourage his child to be all he could be.

    As a side note, I would love to run Disney Princess again. My first race ever was the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2011. At 24 weeks pregnant, it was my daughter’s first race too :).

  62. Dory from Finding Nemo. She may be a little forgetful, and a little gullible, but she has a heart of gold and knows that true friendship is really the family that you choose.

  63. My favorite character(s) are Chip N Dale. I remember as a kid going to Disney World, my twin sister and I were dressed alike and we took a picture with Chip N Dale. I was amazed that there were twin chipmunks. Now of course I know differently. They’re not twins but they reminded me so much of me and my twin. I love the way they treat and protect each other. I like that they do everything together and I like that you don’t see one without the other. There’s nothing that they wouldn’t do for each other and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my twin. Chip N Dale are the best characters for me.

  64. I noticed a couple of years ago when my son pointed it out to me that Andy’s mom from Toy Story appears to be a single parent. My son thought it was so interesting that Andy had only a mommy just like him and I immediately formed a mom-bond with his mother. How can you not be impressed by her? Raising two kids alone (I’m overwhelmed 90% of the time and I only have one), moving, and somehow managed to throw a birthday party for her son with a kick ass present. Maybe it seems silly to some people, but I made this realization at a time when I was so overwhelmed and burnt out and that cartoon gave me some hope that I could do it too. Less than a year later I decided to start running and train for a half marathon and my sanity is (almost) fully restored!

  65. I love Belle, because she chose to stay in a horrible situation to save her father. My parents adopted me, and saved me from foster homes. My husband and girls mean everything to me, and I really relate to her willingness to exchange her life for their sake. I also love how she sees through the beast’s bad qualities and helps him become a better man! She is awesome! My girls would think I was cool forever if I ran this! Thank you for the chance!

    [email protected]

  66. As a little girl I, loved all the original Disney princess like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, but the princess that I like the best is Belle. She is smart and independent. She is not afraid to be different. She loves books which is one of my personal passions is reading. I don’t play video games or have fancy games on my iPhone or iPad. All I go to when I have a few moments is read. Yep, my nose is in a book. Can’t help that! Also, after watching Belle, little girls might realize that reading is cool! With that influence, Belle has helped my girls find the fun and adventures in reading. Belle also does not wear her heart on her sleeve. She rejects Gaston, widely considered the best catch in town. She also does not immediately fall in love with the Beast. She eventually develops feelings for him as she gets to know him as a person, and is even able to overlook the Beast’s ghastly appearance. Belle is beautiful but does not show an excessive amount of skin.

  67. Cinderella has been my favorite since I was a little girl. Why?
    For one thing it didn’t matter which social class she came from, in the end it was her heart that mattered. Also, she was tough! No matter what life threw at her or how difficult things became, she never gave up and never gave in to a bad attitude.

  68. My favorite Disney character is Belle because I grew up watching “Beauty and the Beast”. I would watch everyday and wish to find someone to love as much as she loved the Beast. She loved him for who he was and not his looks. Also I know all the songs by heart and can’t wait to share it with my future daughters. I also was Belle for three Halloweens as a child because I loved “tale as old as time” ballroom scene.

  69. The most dear to me is Merida from Brave. She is a spunky, free-spirited and headstrong red head. She reminds me a lot of my own spunky, free-spirited and headstrong red head.

  70. My favorite character is Micky Mouse. We took our 3 girls to Disney 2 years ago for the first time. My youngest was 4 years old. We didn’t get into that much Disney with the girls other than the a few princesses. So when Lucy say Micky Mouse, she was so excited and wanted to meet him. She talked nonstop about wanting to meet him. I was so surprised because I didn’t think she had really seen anything Mickey related. So we got a fast pass to meet Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. She was so happy and the smile on her face was priceless. We got her a Mickey Mouse stuffed mouse on the way out. So, Mickey Mouse will always have a place in my heart thanks to the big smile he put on my daughter’s face.

  71. One of my favorite characters is Lightning McQueen because of the friends he made once in radiator springs, like the friends I made because of these rundisney races! Thanks to these races and the facebook group that was created for these races, I met an amazing friend! But My favorite is really Minnie because of her love for Mickey! I was a Disney bride!

  72. I would have to say Princess Jasmine. Aladdin was the first animated movie that truly amazed me. I was mesmerized by the colors and the animations of the movie. Eventually I become THAT girl…the one who decorated everything in her room with Aladdin. No judging, it was the 90’s!

  73. I will say any character from Tangled, except for Mother Gothel. I love how Rapunzel and FLynn both find who they really are and what they believe in.

  74. Being a long time scuba diver, my favorite Disney character is, of course, the Little Mermaid. Love her long red locks and ability to live underwater (at depth!). Being an older mother runner (at 52), though, perhaps I need to lock onto a new fave. Don’t really want the wicked step mother or Cruella Deville. Maybe cinderella’s fairy godmother?

  75. Tinkerbell has always been my favorite character. I love here because she is spunky, magical and was the 1st character I met at Disneyland as a kid.

  76. Dug from the movie UP is my favorite Disney character. He’s sweet, loyal, faithful and an all around wonderful dog…SQUIRREL! I got the chance to meet him in Disneyland a couple of years ago and I felt like I was 5 years old meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time. The most magical part of our stay was meeting Dug.

  77. The Little Mermaid is my all time favorite Disney character! I remember being younger and wanting so bad to be a mermaid. I was even trying to get my parents to change my name to Ariel. I think for me it was the idea of life under the sea and being around all the sea creatures that turned this movie into my favorite. I would love to do a runDisney race and dress up as my favorite character!

  78. I love tinkerbell, she is many strengths if a mother and a women all in one.
    She gives such inspiration , and of course she can fly.

  79. Merida is our current favorite. She is a strong willed young lady and I love that. My daughter and I watch Brave at least once a week!

  80. Minnie Mouse is my fave character because she is always kind, loves to give, and is a good friend! All things that I think are the best kinds of traits to have!!! Plus she loves her Mickey and my hubby is my Mickey. 🙂

  81. My favorite character is Dumbo. He is my favorite because sometimes you need a “magic feather” to help you realize that you can do anything you set your mind to do if you just BELIEVE! You only need that little “something something” to hold on to until you realize that YOU had the power WITHIN yourself to do it all along!!! It’s this “belief” that I take with me as I run through chemotherapy for breast cancer. Princess is 2 days before my reconstruction surgery and hysterectomy and I’d love the opportunity to celebrate with my daughter!

  82. Pooh Bear would be the character I most identify with. He will do anything for a friend, even face some of his biggest fears to find Christopher Robin. He also can’t refuse a sweet treat!

  83. Ariel will always have a spot in my heart. I used to spend my morning at the community pool and then when it closed for lunch I’d go home and watch The Little Mermaid. This was a daily occurrence one summer. I used to want to be a mermaid when I grew up! I just bought the movie for my daughter. I haven’t seen it in at LEAST 12-15 years… and I could still recite every. single. line.

  84. It’s this “belief” that I take with me as I run through chemotherapy for breast cancer. Princess is 2 days before my reconstruction surgery and hysterectomy and I’d love the opportunity to celebrate with my daughter!

  85. There are certainly characters I admire (Belle for her smarts, bravery and kindness, Mulan for her devotion, Tiana for her determination, etc). But if you ask which is closest to my heart, it has to be Ariel –for reasons completely beyond the Princess herself. My best friend in college and someone who changed my life for the better in more ways that can be counted, loved Disney, and especially loved Ariel. We lost her to cancer when she was just 34 years old, and that loss was huge. A few years later, my daughter was born and I named her Julia — after my friend. On her first birthday, she received a gift from my friend’s husband – an Ariel snowglobe that had been part of her treasured Disney collection, and her favorite. Snowglobes are magical worlds anyway, but watching my baby peer into Ariel’s face in her swirling globe, knowing that the other Julia had done the same so many times before her, was something I’ll never forget. A few weeks later, I shipped the snowglobe across the country to my other best college friend, who was feeling low and was missing her Bestie. The strength of Ariel’s character has come to represent so much more than the independence and spunk of the Disney version. She’s a symbol of forever friendship, and bonds that connect us well past our carefree college days. Ariel is the character closest to my heart – in fact, she’s part of my heart.

  86. My favorite character is Cinderella. Her spirit was continaully beaten down by the step mother and step sisters but she persevered. In the end, despite all the negative voices, good things came to her. Plus, who doesn’t love those glass slippers?!

  87. My favorite character is Cinderella. Someone who deals with adversity with such grace and humor is sure to be successful in any situation she encounters! And of course her mice friends Jaq and Gus and adorable too!

  88. My most favorite Disney character is without a doubt…Tinkerbell. In college, my sorority was known as the Pixies and ever since, Tinkerbell has been a reminder of those special sisters I almost never get to see anymore.

  89. The Disney character closest to my heart is Princess Tiana from “Princess and the Frog.” Tiana is a hard-working young woman who is willing to sacrifice to make her dream come true. She works around the clock at multiple jobs to save the money needed to open her own restaurant. In college, I worked three jobs at a time to pay my own way through 4 years of undergrad and 2 years of grad school on the way to my dream career. More recently, I’ve been working my butt off training for Dopey 2014. One of my favorite songs to train to is “Almost There” from “Princess and the Frog.” This song/movie/princess inspire me to keep working hard because I’m almost there! 🙂

    Princess 2012 was my first half marathon and I’d love to get to chance to go back in 2014!

  90. My favorite Disney character is Belle. Belle is a reader who always tries to bring out the best in others and believes in their inner goodness even when they can’t see it for themselves. There is a lot of Belle in my BRF, NB. And yes, I am the Beast in this scenario! In 2010, NB encouraged me to start running as a way to turn my 50th birthday into something I would always remember. We set a lofty, scary goal of a Half-Marathon. Yikes! When Belle looked at the Beast, she wasn’t put off by his less than desirable exterior. She was determined to see his inner beauty. The same was true of NB who didn’t accept my very unathletic exterior–almost 50, over 200 lbs and 38Gs. She refused to accept my excuses (women with boobs don’t run), pushed me out of my comfort zone (my feet hurt–ice bath?? are you kidding me!!) and forced me to enter the Princess half in 2011(bring the family-it will be like a vacation!). We read your first book and trained follow Galloway intervals. Our team name was “Coast to Coast Belles” because NB also convinced her sister from Delaware to join us. I was extremely worried I would not finish the race because I was so slow, but I crossed the finish line, went back to the hotel and wept because my time was 16:10 per mile and I really wanted to be under 16:00. I was so disappointed in myself and I wanted to give up on running. Well, Belle didn’t give up on the Beast and NB didn’t give up on me either. That year we ran the Disneyland Half as well and earned the Coast-to-Coast medal for 2011. I haven’t done a Disney race since. I would love to return to where it all began and finish this fairy tale with a happy ending!! NB, her sister and her daughter have already registered. Dimity and Sarah, help reunite the original Coast to Coast Belles and pick me!! This race would be my first half under 200 lbs–What a way to celebrate ONEderland!!

  91. My favorite character is Aurora. When my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia a few years ago, we spent a lot of time at the hospital – they had old school VCR’s with a huge video library to keep the kids on the oncology floor occupied. Aurora’s parents had to make a lot of tough decisions to keep her daughter well and safe, and so did I – cancer treatments are hardcore, and it’s hard watching your 4 year old going through that, but you hope/have faith that it’s the right thing for her.

    In 2011, 6 weeks after her diagnosis, I ran Princess Half as my first half marathon, and dressed as Aurora. It was an emotional race, for sure.

  92. I like tinkerbell. Having a little one now, I have been watching all of the tinkerbell movies and I really have really fallen in love with her all over again. While I tinker in a lab and not in the fields, i can so relate to her tinkering nature. I boy have i made my share of mistakes, just like miss tinkerbell!

  93. My Favorite Character is Mulan. She struggles with who she is in the beginning, but through her journey she discovers who she is, accepts who she is and more importantly, embraces who she is. She is kind, loyal and thinks outside the box.

  94. My favorite character is Dumbo. He is my favorite because sometimes you need a “magic feather” to help you realize that you can do anything you set your mind to do if you just BELIEVE! You only need that little “something something” to hold on to until you realize that YOU had the power WITHIN yourself to do it all along!!!

  95. My favourite character is Belle. I think mostly because when I was in high school our choir sang the songs from Beauty and the Beast and so they were etched into my brain. I also love that she was such a book nerd and had her feet on the ground. She values family over all else and can see beauty when others can’t.

  96. The character that is closest to my heart is Mulan. We adopted our daughter from China in 2006 and Mulanms strength not needing a prince to rescue her is something I love. As far as my costume that I will run I if win one of the two entries! I will run as Minnie Mouse this year. I already have permission from the family and my break calls perfectly. I need a little House of Mouse in my life while going through college as a wife and Mother and still maintaining honors grades. Now that is A BAMR!!

  97. I fell in love with Merida from Brave! She is strong willed, determined and knows what she wants! I also really like that she loves being outside and being active. She is a great new Disney role model (even if she doesn’t listen to her mother when she should). Plus she is a red head like my fire-cracker daughter!

  98. The character closest to my heart is Ariel. She believed in what her heart was saying; Heard the melody that was playing – she believed! Doesn’t every mother sacrifice their “voice” to provide the best for their children and family? She gave her dreams the wings to fly – she believed!!! Hope to see you soon.

  99. I have always really loved Belle from Beauty & the Beast! This is the first Disney movie that my oldest daughter fell in love with so that is one reason Belle is close to my heart. Also, Belle & I have a lot in common: a passion for books/reading, brown hair & hazel/green eyes, & a nutty, but lovable dad 🙂

  100. I’ve always loved Belle! One, she had brown hair and so do I AND she loves to read and so do I! I’m dying to see the Beauty and the Beast Castle 🙂

  101. I’m most like Aurora. When I was a baby I was raised by my Godmother. I had one, not three :-). In my eyes, she was truly magical, she took me away from “evil forces” that could have significantly impacted my life in a very negative way. My “fairy Godmother” cared for and loved me until my 18th birthday and then I went away to college where I did meet my fairytale prince. I’m married with a child of our own. Occasionally my birth Mother (Maleficent) tries to find where I am, but it’s best to keep that door closed. And they all lived happily ever after…….

  102. Mickey Mouse – he is the symbol of the magic. I dreamt for years as a child of going to Disney World. In fact, at one point (maybe I was 4?) I believed I had been there because my Grandma had gotten me the iconic Mickey shirt. I wore it with such pride! I was 11 when I finally made my first trip (nothing like a divorce to get a parent to take you to Disney!) It was every bit as magical as I had hoped. Disney remains a special and wonderful place every time I’ve gone and always, always, I come home with a Mickey souvenir (a watch, a polo, earrings, and, eventually, an adult sized Mickey tee.)

  103. Elsa from Frozen is my favorite. The entire movie was such a sweet story about sisters, but I really relate the firstborn traits Elsa showed by trying to do the right thing even when it backfired on her.

  104. Pocahontas is my absolute favorite! She’s free spirited, but also grounded in reality. She loves adventure and is true to herself.

  105. I think mico from Pocahontas pretty much sums me up. Through running I’ve become carefree for the most part and now eat everything in sight. Life is pretty dang good.

  106. My new favorites are Elsa and Anna from Frozen. I am an only child but I have “sole sisters” and we brave the brutal cold temps to help each other just like those sisters did.

  107. Mickey Mouse- while he is THE symbol for Disney, the parks and all the magic that comes with it there is some thing about Mickey that makes my heart a little warmer and my smile a bit bigger. It might have to do with the fact that while my kids have had love affairs with all the Disney characters- Cinderella, Robin Hood, Buzz, etc. they still shriek and get giddy when the big cheese arrives. Those three circles (which yes I have a matching tattoo of with my BFF) are love, hugs, laughter and family to me.

  108. Dory is my favorite. Her advice of “just keep swimming” is often on repeat in my head. On very good days I have her optimism – but most of the time I am more of a worrier like Marlin.

  109. dr. doofenshmirtz … “I used to have goals. They were evil goals, but they were goals.” It’s important to keep trying and to enjoy devising and executing the (training) plans even if you don’t always get your (PR) goal.

  110. Ariel– for sure! Although I most definitely would not be sporting an Ariel costume. That midriff action would be appalling!

  111. Mickey Mouse. I grew up going to Disney every October with my family. The excitement, magic and wonderment of what Mickey represents is what drew me and my family there each time. Now, that I have kids, my daughter never sleeps without her Mickey and minnie. It’s so special to see her excitement of Disney even though she’s never visited Orlando

  112. It is all about the princesses with my family. My daughter and her friends (college now) enjoyed identifying with the princesses through school and dressing as them for Halloween, etc. Great group of girls and it all makes me laugh since secretly, I have always enjoyed the Disney princesses, especially Cinderella!

  113. Belle- She is my favorite! She was the first princess to have brown hair like me, she loves to read, and she wants ‘so much more than this provincial life.’ I think we all need this as moms!

  114. Have to be LILO! She does what she thinks is right, and flies int the face of convention. She brings people (and aliens) together and makes them like each other. Plus, girlfriend can SURF!

  115. I love the character Mulan. I can completely relate, being a woman in a man’s world (US Air Force). She is so strong, never gives up, and in the end, doesn’t have to “get the guy” in order to feel successful. Perfect role model for my little girl, who has been telling me every day she wants to grow up and be a Captain in the Air Force.

  116. It’s all about princesses around our house. Since it would be hard to choose just one, I’ll have to go with Anna and Elsa from Frozen – our current fav Disney characters. My little girls truly have a deep love for each other and mirrors the love I have for my sister.

  117. I love Belle from beauty and the beast. I dislike Disney movies because they all make me cry but I love Beauty and the Beast. Belle is sweet kind and finds love.

  118. This is a new one….Anna from Frozen! Fell in love with both sisters and the message that true love comes in many forms, family most importantly. And Anna looks like my 4yo daughter; beautiful inside and out!

  119. Ariel! I always wanted to be a mermaid. Which is weird, because swimming with fish totally freaks me out. And I’m a terrible swimmer. Maybe that’s why I admire her! Also, she saves her prince. I like that.

  120. Mary Poppins has always been a favorite of mine. I think I’ve always tried to figure out how she balances her firm but gentle ways against the absurdity of the adventures she has with the children! When I have movie afternoon with my kids I always suggest it first because I just want them to love it the same way I do.

  121. Its so cliche but its Belle. I absolutely LOVE to read and seeing a movie character be as engrossed in her books as I was always gave me a thrill! Not to mention that she never fell for sneaky Gaston’s tricks and loved a good meal and I was sold as a lifetime fan!

  122. My favorite Disney character is Alice from Wonderland. She is a lady but highly curious which often leads to TROUBLE! I completely get it since I started running out of curiosity to see what my limits were but I had no desire to be covered in road grime or fall into the racing world. I jokingly remind my running buddy on long training runs that we must all be mad here! Good reminder from the Cherish Cat for Alice and my crazy runner self.

  123. Sleeping Beauty for sure! When i was growing up i HATED my name. and all little girls need yet another reason to feel different or self-conscious, right? Then i learned that Sleeping Beauty’s name AURORA means DAWN….. MY NAME! It made me feel so special. like i could be a secret princess too. As an adult i l still love it so much. Many other reasons have been added to the list of why it is my favorite, but the memories of my childhood and the happiness that watching Sleeping Beauty brought me is #1!!!! i WOULD DEFINITELY BE DRESSED AS SLEEPING BEAUTY WHILE RUNNING!!!!

  124. Does Pixar count? I’d have to say Merida from Brave. I have her hair. I would have killed, as a little girl, to have a strong beautiful character with curly hair.

    And I dabble in archery so I could run with a bow!

  125. I’m going to have to say I’m a Minnie. She always looks on the bright side of life, and is very positive. She makes me happy, and with all the craziness in the world, I hope that I can pass that positivity to my kids.

  126. Tiana for me. I loved Ariel as a little girl. It was such a meaningful experience for me to take my daughter the see Princess and the Frog. To finally have a Disney Princess that represented my daughter was wonderful.

  127. love them all. right now though the sisters from Frozen, Anna and Elsa, have stolen my heart. I love that it was true love between sisters that saved the day. reminds me of my sister and all the women in my life – running buddies included – who pick me up, listen to my hopes and fears, and always give me a good laugh.

  128. I really gravitate to Anna and Elsa from Frozen, because I see this sisterly connection and struggle with my own daughters daily. The two are so different but have such love for each other and want to protect each other at all costs.

  129. Ariel – I guess I was the perfect age when the original movie came out and I lived vicariously as a mermaid for at least 4 years after that :). During that time my single mom of 3 didn’t have a lot for us for Christmas… so my grandpa built some furniture for my room and painted Ariel and friends on it for her to give to me at Christmas (needless to say I was amazed and ecstatic). The little mermaid is also a story close to my heart as it’s origins are in Denmark as are my other Grandfather’s (Broholm) family. All in all, these things coupled with my love of swimming, singing, and lovely Dark Haired Men, I’d say it was just meant to be! ;D

  130. Really hard for me to pick. My current favorite is Olaf. I mean who doesn’t love a happy little snowman!! How I would love to run disney!! Pick me!!

  131. It would have to be lady from lady and the tramp. Honestly though it’s because I had a much loved lady stuffed animal when I was a little girl that my kids now have and both love to cuddle with. I love that my kids love toys that were special to me too:)

  132. My favorite character is Rafiki from The Lion King. I always thought he was funny yet respected when I was younger. I have three small under 5 children. They would love to watch me dance through the Disney princess half.

  133. The Disney character closest to my heart…I can’t pick just one! Every Disney movie I’ve ever seen I have loved. But since I have too pick just one it’s Sonora Webster from Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, because she just overcomes.

  134. My favorite Disney character is a tie– love the spunk of recent characters Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, and the girls from Frozen. Want my daughter to be a strong girl who works hard, chases dreams, and loves family and friends as fiercely as these girls do. Love that Disney is making children’s movies with girls who are great examples of this personal strength!

  135. Growing up I loved Goofy- I remember my first Disney watch was Goofy with the backwards arms 🙂 Now only since Thanksgiving I have 2 new favorite characters: Ahna and Elsa!

  136. Ever since I learned the story behind Tinkerbell, she has been my favorite of all the Disney characters.

    She is known to be sometimes act spoiled, jealous, and even ill-tempered. Other times, she is kind and generous. The extremes in her moods are caused by the fact that she’s so small, she can only have one feeling at a time, so she is out-of-balance when she misbehaves. Most of us can relate to having those kinds of mood swings….I know I can for sure. Too bad Tink didn’t have running to help give her some perspective and balance!

  137. I enjoy most things Disney but I haven’t had a true favorite character until just recently when we watched Frozen. Olaf the snowman cracked me up and I loved the way he just rolled with whatever was thrown at him!

  138. Ariel is the character I can identify with the most. She is curious, not afraid to try new things and she is a mermaid. I have always wanted to be a mermaid/princess. What could be better then that?

  139. My favorite Disney character is probably Donald Duck. I’ve loved him since I was a child. I always thought he played second fiddle to Mickey and felt bad for him, so I decided to make him my favorite. But it was a tough call between Donald, Dumbo, and Peter Pan! What a great giveaway to some lucky BAMRs!

  140. I would have to say Mickey Mouse at this point as my two year old constantly calls for him “Mimi” and I love seeing Disney thru his eyes! Can’t wait to take him.

  141. My favorite would have to be Stitch. He’s adorable, mostly good, but still a little naughty. Plus, he gets to live in Hawaii with his ohana, surf, AND fly a spaceship… Sounds like the life to me!

  142. My favorite has to be Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I grew up reading the books with my grandfather and saw the animated movie when I was still young. It would a character and story we bonded over and it’s a way for me to still remember him even though he passed 12 years ago. I cherish those memories SO much. 🙂

  143. I’ve always loved Sleeping Beauty. Who wouldn’t love to be able to sleep forever, wake up, and look like you had makeup artists with you the whole time? And because sleep right now sounds amazing with having a 2 yr old and 4 month old!

  144. My favorite? Belle, the reader. I learned to read loooong before I learned to run and loved everything about it: the fantasy, the escape, the travel, the people/characters, the words, the paper, the everything.

  145. Merida! So much to love about her. She is a bold, fierce spirit who is willing to take on the weight of her kingdom in order to do what is right. The love shared between her mom and she is a beautiful testament to mothers and daughters everywhere and how both might have to give a little in order to bring out the best in each.

  146. Wow!! It’s tough to just pick one, all the Disney characters have wonderful qualities that I feel I can relate to. As far as princesses go I would say Belle is my favorite. Shy, a loner, would rather be engulfed in a good book then with all the drama. A total daddy’s girl, who would do anything for him. She’s brave but vulnerable at times. She stood up to the beast and was able to break through his walls and win his heart and he hers. It’s definitely my favorite of all the Disney love stories!!

  147. Winnie the Pooh, because he is cute and snugly. Both of my kids went through an adorable phase as toddlers to preschoolers where they were inseparable from their stuffed Pooh. To me, Pooh is a sentimental reminder of sweet, sweet children before they got older and sassy.

  148. Lightening McQueen! My son loved loved loved him when he was 2. It was his first “favorite” and therefore mine. He will always hold a special place for me!

  149. My favorite Disney character is Belle. She saw the Beast for the beautiful person he was on the inside. She always stayed true to her love of family (her father) and her personal love (reading).

  150. My favorite character is the mama elephant in Dumbo. Her unwavering live and protection for her child makes me cry every time! Now that is a BAMR!!!

  151. I’ve always loved and could relate to Belle! A little quiet, different. Tries to see the good and magic in everything and everyone!

  152. My favorite disney character is figment! Figment makes me think like a child by using my imagination all the time and while running it allows me to day dream a bit and get through the tough parts 🙂 and my favorite colors royal purple and pink. I really hope to run disney one day it’s my favorite place on earth.

  153. My favorite character will always be Ariel. She was curious, adventurous, stood up to authority figures, and always followed her instincts. I also loved how she wasn’t afraid to take risks and break the rules.

  154. I love that all the princesses have such great virtues – strength, beauty, intellect, grace and more. My favorite is Merida because she is brave and so very true to herself. A total BAMR, she is!

  155. My favorite Disney character has to be Belle. She is smart, shows honor to her father and is able to see the best behind the beast in everyone.

  156. Cinderella has always been close to my heart since the early 60’s. I first fell in love with her in the Ocsar and Hammelstein musical version and of course i became enchanted with Cinderella when the magic of Disney came to life. Fast forward to 2012-2013 I am now in my 50’s and learning to run. Like Cinderella, I have realized that dreams do come true even though they may take awhile. I have learned that miracles do happen when I have the faith to take the initative to strive towards those dreams as I run through the finish lines. This past year has been amazing to me as I have now become a runner. It may be corny, but for me it is true…Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life. I believe running shoes, determination, and dreams have enhanced the miracle of my life.

  157. I instantly thought of Belle. I’ve had a love of books since before I could read, and I vividly remember a librarian introducing me to the Boxcar Children series in 1st Grade, my first chapter book – I was hooked! Like Belle, I love how you can get lost in a book – it transports you to another place and time. You can become anyone, be anywhere, do anything. I also love the meaning in the story “Beauty in the Beast” – true beauty lies within. It is a lesson I hope my children always take with them as they go through life.
    And one of my favorite quotes is from Mr. Walt Disney himself – “If you can dream it, you can do it.” I have thought this to myself many times when I have mentally struggled with something, like training for my first half marathon last summer!

  158. My favourite character would have to be Merida. I most identify with her because she takes a harder path but it’s ultimately more true to who she is. She makes mistakes along the way, but owns them, and dors everything in her power to undo hurts she may have caused. Especially to her mother. I also think she’s a great rolemodel for young girls everywhere. Be true to who you are. Believe in what you know in your heart. Be brave to go out into the world and face your fears. What any mom would want for our daughters!

  159. For a long time, Belle was my favorite because of her love for books, but my new favorite is Rapunzel for her strength and because of her unwillingness to give up on her dream, no matter what the obstacles. I’m running Tinker Bell in January; how fun it would be to do the Princess Coast-to-Coast!

  160. DORY!!!! I flippin’ love her and wish I was as funny as her. I also TRY to have a positive outlook on everything like she does, I mean she turned a Meet & Greet with sharks into a positive experience 🙂 “Just keep swimming”

  161. I am probably most like Woody; a leader around the house, true and loyal to family and close friends, but somewhat apprehensive to newcomers. Really though, aren’t all we moms like Cinderella…overworked and under appreciated? 😉

  162. Definitely Cinderella! I would like to think I am just as happy as she is while I scrub my floors (and I’m totally sure I sound like her when I sing. ha!). The simple things in life make me happy, like finally scrubbing away the paint stain in my kindergartener’s pants and having dinner ready on time. Thankfully I found prince charming a few years ago and life has been great. No wicked step-mother here!

  163. Whaaa??!! This is my D.R.E.A.M. Race!! It is on my bucket list and THE reason I stared running. I’d give anything for this opportunity. I’d have to say Merida is my (and my four year old princess obsessed) daughter’s favorite princess. She’s brave, she’s tough, and she’s the best princess role model. Like a Mother Runner, she doesn’t wait for life to happen to her, she gets it done herself! If I could take my daughter with me and show her that girls don’t give up and don’t stop chasing their dreams after they grow up and become moms, I can’t think of anything better.

  164. I seem to continually make “questionable” decisions in my life. (Nothing illegal!!) I feel like I’m channeling Pinocchio at this point in my life!! I would bring my bff who lives 8hrs away from me, because she’s my voice of reason…. My Jiminy Cricket!!!

  165. I have to say that Disney has created some amazing characters — but one that I leave always loved is Ariel! I love her curiosity and determination!

  166. goofy is my favorite… well because i too am a goofy spaz/hot mess most days lol. this would be a great birthday present for me! This race is on my bucket list! 🙂

  167. I find myself most like Cinderella. Although I do not have evil stepsisters or a stepmother, I feel as though I have come a long way from my past and secured myself a prince that at one point seemed so out of reach to me. I also have had a lot of people, as Cinderella had mice an a godmother, helping me along on my path in life.

  168. This is absolutely one of my dream races always has been. I’ve always been jealous of the people who get to run a Disney Race. My favorite character is Donald Duck because I can distinctly remember my dad talking like him when we were kids (my dad is no longer alive) but every time I hear Donald Duck I think of my dad and how proud he would be of me. I hope someone amazing wins this prize – good luck!!

  169. Sago (hello)!

    Pocahontas is my favourite Disney character! I am Seneca/Cayuga from Six Nations and I was in awe when I first saw her character on screen. I felt proud to see our culture represented by disney and loved how beautiful they created her. I believe that we can hold our traditions and cultures and still live as a child of earth. There are no boundaries of colour or race when we look at each other as brothers and sisters. 100% my favourite Disney movie and character! <3 Pocahontas

  170. Sneezy – I’ve loved all the dwarves since I was little, SW was my Grandpa’s favorite movie. My allergies are always pretty bad, so he seems appropriate!

  171. Mary Poppins is my absolute favorite. She is such an amazing, bueatiful, intelligent woman. She was magical and the kids loved her! I have a tatto of her with the words “she believed she could, so she did” when I first started out on the self improvement journey to become a better me all around I got it tattooed. It has been my motto ever since. I am now my “Mary Poppins” because of the things I have archived just by believing in myself.

  172. Hands down, my favorite is Dopey. His sweet awkwardness is something I found comforting as a child. Being an awkward youth and far from graceful I found a kindered spirit with Dopey. I always have and still to this day will skip to all the parts of Snowwhite that Dopey is in and then do it again. I absolutely love Dopey, even still at 35 years old.

  173. The character I most identify with is Belle. As a librarian, I treasure the power of books and the stories they tell. I also appreciate her ability to see through people’s facades and see the true person inside.

  174. Dory from “Finding Nemo” is my favorite because during the later miles of a marathon, I use her sing-song mantra, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”, except I say to myself “just keep running, just keep running”.

  175. Donald Duck, he’s been my favorite since I was a little girl. I just think he is so adorable, the way he walks and talks. He makes me smile when he’s throwing a fit because nothing ever seems to go quite right for him. And when you meet him at the parks, he’s silly and flirts with you…fun, even if there’s a good chance there’s another girl inside that costume!

  176. I love all Disney Characters but the one I think is dearest to my heart is Alice because she is just so funny and witty!

  177. Mickey Mouse, without question. Without the mouse there is no Disney, and there is no character that immediately makes me feel the Disney magic like he does. “I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.” – Walt Disney

  178. Ever since I was a little girl, I was a BIG reader; when I was young, I kid you not, I got grounded from BOOKS multiple times! Belle, from Beauty & the Beast, holds a VERY special place in my heart because of this! Even in college, when days were rough and I didn’t use running as a stress-outlet, my bff/roomie and I really only have five movie we watched, and we can quote, line-for-line, Beauty & the Beast.

    Belle is so wonderful because of her passion for reading! I also like that she is able to see past people’s exteriors and into the truth of the person (not just the Beast, but also Gaston and others).

  179. I have always been fond of Donald Duck. I love the voice. When I was 14 I was Donald for a costume contest at school. I totally rocked it! Running at Disney would be awesome!

  180. Belle is my all time favorite Disney character. She’s smart, loves reading, cares for others and stays true to herself. Besides, she lives in France!

  181. My all time favorite is Dopey. I still to this day will watch Snowwhite but skip to the parts he is in. He’s close to my heart because I always felt like he was a kindered spirit. I never felt comfortable in my skin growing up. I was the knobby kneed awkward girl for so many years. I have always been clumsy and didn’t come into my own until late in life. Dopey’s awkward sweetness always warmed my heart. I just absolutely adore him even now at 35 years old.

  182. With out a moments hesitation Merida!!!!! I too have the crazy red curly hair (not as red), I drove my parents crazy w/all the “but why do we do it that way” questions as a child, and I think she is a total bad ass warrior princess!!!! I also think that after she has kids she will be a total Bad Ass Mother Runner too!

  183. My favorite Disney character is Mary Poppins. She’s an amazing woman–sensible, strong, whimsical, fun, serious, kind, a little sad, clever, magical, plus that carpet bag of hers, with the limitless capacity! And her dance with the penguins.

  184. Snow White! My favorite disney movie – Ioved her so much that when i was 3 and my younger sister was burn, I refused to call her anything but Snow White apparently

  185. As of Thanksgiving weekend, my answer to this question has changed! Elsa, singing “Let It Go” … and her sisterhood with Anna .. love, love, love.

  186. Sully Monster….. I love how his heart is transformed throughout the (original) movie, and how he discovers that love and laughter trump fear. It never fails, the last frame of that movie always brings a tear to my eye.

  187. Oh my gosh, tough question! I think this answer continually changes for me as I change. When I was little I would of fallen in line with every other girl and named the prettiest princess I could think of. Ya know, one that is treated like a true princess and adored by everyone around her. As I struggled through my teenage years I would of picked the strongest girl I could think of-melda from brave would easily describe my teenage years. The years that I knew what I was doing, the years I was strong and vocal about my opinions. Fast forward to a parent of two small children- I would say dory from “Finding Nemo”. Somedays my motto is “just keep swimming” and sometimes I forget where I am going or what I am doing but in the thick of it all- a positive attitude will always see me through!

  188. My favorite Disney character is Belle. I love that she saves her father and sticks up for him, but my favorite thing about Belle is that she looks on the inside to judge character rather than the outside…I love Mrs. Pott’s and Chip too :)!

  189. Since I was a kid, I could always relate to goofy. Despite how much I tried to fit in, it’s always been apparent that I’m just a little goofier then everyone else.

  190. Merida from Brave. She is an independent woman with survival skills. She made a mistake, owned it and by doing so helped to teach a generation to consider their traditions.

  191. Cinderella is my favorite Disney character! It was one of the very first book my dad gave me, and the very first I read all by myself. Cinderella made me understand that good things happen to good people no matter how difficult life can get. I now gave my original Cinderella book to my daughter, and I hope she enjoys it as much as I did!

  192. What a great giveaway!! I love Belle, probably because I have great memories of watching Beauty and the Beast when I was growing up.

  193. Probably Merida (and her mother!) is my favorite right now! I love that it wasn’t a typical story, and that her redemption story didn’t have to do with being rescued…she was the rescuer!

  194. My favorite character has to be Winnie the Pooh, he has always been my favorite due to his heart and the love he has for his friends. Winnie the Pooh has always found the bright side to any problem and its ironic that he loves honey which is sweet and he is sweet.

  195. Jiminy Cricket- “Smart, funny, wise, loyal, debonair, easy-going, cheerful, charming, brave, dependable, dedicated, skeptical, happy-go-lucky” “Jiminy is rather wise and optimistic. He can be a bit aggressive when upset, but means well.” Most importantly, Jiminy teaches right from wrong, as a mother to four beautiful daughters, I too have taught this message.

  196. This is an amazing contest, running a Disney race has been my dream. I love Tigger….he is unique, high energy and always finds the positive!

  197. Merida is my favorite. She is full of personality and completely sassy, not your typical princess. Love the big red curls too. She would definitely be a BAMR when she grew up.

  198. My favorite is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She sacrifices everything for her family and believes in others. She always chooses to do the right thing, even when no one else will.

  199. I love Belle….she is sweet and she reads books. I love reading almost as much as I love running. I wish I would finally win something; this would be amazing. Sigh…

  200. There are so many Disney characters that I love and that represent different phases of my life. Before I had my 2 boys — I loved all of the princesses. If I had to choose now, I would say Jessie from Toy Story. She is loyal, strong, exuberant, resourceful, and yet a little vulnerable — all the qualities you need to be another mother runner!

  201. The chipmunk Dale is my favorite character because when I was 5 years old my family went to Disney in Florida and we watched a Chip and Dale show at night. My dad who died a year later sat me on his shoulders to watch the show. That is one of very few memories I have of him and his name was Dale.

  202. Little Mermaid came out when I was high school and there was something about her that I fell in love with. I think it was the wanting to break away and escape from life that you are living. Imagine that – a teenager wanting to break free from home…

  203. I like Cinderella best because she is always gentle and kind, despite her difficult circumstances. She is also a hard worker who never stops dreaming! “A dream is a wish your heart makes…”

  204. I have a serious love affair with Eeyore–he’s so dark and moody yet wiser than the rest. He just brings out the teenage girl in me. 🙂

  205. Tiana is my favorite because she believes hard work makes dreams come true. Reminds me of myself and other mother runners who know how far a little hard work can take you!

  206. Disney has some phenomenal characters, but there is a soft spot in my heart for Woody. I love Tom Hanks and I can hear his personality come through in the character of Woody!

  207. Rapunzel – she doesn’t know her own strength but finds it when she needs it – either hitting Eugene with a frying pan or standing up to Mother Gothel.

  208. As a teen and young adult, Pooh was always my favorite, contemplative and loyal and always getting himself into awkward predicaments.

    As an adult, I have taken a liking to Tinkerbell, just as loyal but also feisty and stubborn in her own right!

  209. I have so many! Where do I start? But I would have to say a Lilo and Stitch, not one without the other: Ohana means family and family means no one is left behind or forgotten

  210. Rapunzel!! I have long blonde hair I love braiding for runs and my favorite scene, from watching over and over again with my daughters, in the movie is where she first runs free from her tower and she is torn by her emotions! I often do this on my own runs about feeling guilty spending so much time from my family running and then euphoric because I love running and it makes me a better mama!!!

  211. I would have to say two, I know, I know the rules say one. 😉 I would have to say Mulan and Merida. They are lovely ladies who refuse to fit into an “idea” of what life has for them. They insist on living life on their own terms. Plus they are tough. I love them. 😉

  212. I love Mrs. Potts from beauty and the beast and I feel like her most of the time, taking care of everything, but sometimes I wish I could be a little bit more like the mischievous Tinker Bell. She can get into some trouble!

  213. The Disney character I would be is Snow White. She takes care of everyone else. I tend to do this at the neglect of myself. It is an ongoing battle that I work on every day.

  214. My favorite Disney character has always been Cinderella! I can totally relate to all her scrubbing and cleaning up after everyone!

  215. Mulan is my favorite Disney character. She is strong, believes in herself and will do anything for her family. My daughter and I would love to have half her martial artist skills!

  216. Which Disney character I love most? Probably Belle. She made the most of a bad and unfair situation and in the end positively changed the lives of herself and those around her. 🙂

  217. My favorite character is Tinker Bell. I will never forget the first time I saw her fly out of the castle at WDW. I was 27 and I think I cried like a baby. My daughter who is 2, is falling in love with her too. I may be 34 yeas old but in wear a Tinker Bell necklace everyday. In fact I never take it off. I am not sure exactly why I love Tinker Bell. I have just fallen in love with her and her pixie dust.

  218. My favorite princess is Jasmine. She is strong, independent and beautiful. Money is not what is important to her but love, friendship and integrity. These are things I try and teach my girls 🙂 The Disney princess run would be an excellent way to show my girls another way to show independence & strength. They of course, would join me on this journey. Thank you!

  219. eeyore… because so often I get caught up in the negativity of day to gay life and an increasingly difficult business. I always know when I can picture Eeyore saying what I’m thinking, it is time to climb out of that hole!

  220. My all time favorite Disney character is Mickey Mouse! Think about it, he built an empire by driving a steamboat. That is truly following your dreams!!!

  221. The Disney character I most love is Nani, the older sister in Lilo & Stitch. I can’t think of another Disney character so full of love for her family and willing to sacrifice for their betterment. I <3 Lilo and Stitch!!

  222. Alice in Wonderland because she has great curosity and is wise. She makes statements such as: “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

  223. I have to say that as an adult, I really love Tiana. She worked hard for her dreams and goals. She is a good role model for boys and girls alike. I also really like Jessie from Toy Story. She’s fun and adventurous.

  224. Without a doubt Rapunzel. She’s smart, fierce, independent and won’t take any sh$&. She’s a mother runner in training!!!

  225. My all time favorite Disney character has got to be Tigger. T-I-double g-r! The boundless energy, the unlimited enthusiasm, the sheer love for life…I could only hope to be that energetic (bouncy) about my early morning runs. I would certainly boing my way through Disney if I won the trip.

  226. My favorite character is Snow White. Was my very first movie and saw it with my grandma. Every time I see Snow White I think of her!

  227. My favorite character is Rupunzel. I love the courage she shows in stepping out of her comfortable tower to follow her dreams!

  228. Oh wow. What a dream come true this would be. My 41st birthday is on February 21st. What great way to celebrate. I think I most identify with Dory in Finding Nemo. My running mantra is, “just keep running.” I’ve said that to myself many times when I’ve wanted to stop.

  229. first of all doing a disney half is my total dream! i LOVE disney, actually makes me smile just thinking about being there! as for characters: ah, i love them all, but my family fave would have to be Donald. He’s so ornery but so funny . And talking Donald Duck runs in my family: my dad, brother and son all can talk Donald!!!! you just have to love that duck!

  230. My favorite Disney character is the Genie from Aladdin. ‘”Did you rub my lamp? Did you wake me up? Did you bring me here? And all of a sudden you’re walking out on me? I don’t think so! You’re getting you’re wishes, so SIT DOWN!” I always think of the Genie’s words when I need a good laugh or a reason to not quit. Make my wish to run the Princess Half come true!

  231. for the record, hump day is this Friday, when my husband gets home for R&R from his deployment, just in time for Christmas! I would go as Cinderella. I do all the work around the house, picking up after four kids since my husband is gone, but I know my Prince charming will be there soon to rescue me!

  232. I identify with Alice. We both get bored and seek adventure. Being 5’1, I would love to find something to make me grow taller. The best part about Alice is she didn’t need a prince to save her. She got herself out of Wonderland and back home. I love that about her.

  233. Tinkerbell is my favorite. She’s sassy & classy and not a princess! My least favorite character is Donald Duck…my first trip to Disney World at age 11 I happened to have my first pimple. It was a whopper right on my chin and Donald Duck pointed at it and started laughing at me. He and I have not been friends ever since!

  234. Definitely Belle! I try to see the best in people and I’ve always got my nose in a book. In fact, when I was in college, a friend used to call me Belle because I would read while I walked to class 🙂

  235. ARIEL! Although with the acquisition of Star Wars – Princess Leia is awesome too! And would make a great running costume!

  236. To be honest, my first thought was Rumplestiltskin from Once Upon a Time; I absolutely love the way Disney reinterpreted their own characters and his character in particular is so complex.
    Traditional Disney character that is my favorite though, I’d have to say The Cheshire Cat.
    Disney Princess? Pocahontas.

  237. Walt Disney himself! I can always count on the perfect Walt Disney quote, he is always an inspiration. At the beginning of May I could hardly run a mile. I have worked hard to train for my first marathon. This particular quote perfectly sums up the past 7 months, “All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

  238. Aurora, aka sleeping beauty. I’m not sure why I identified with her so much, I thought she was just beautiful and I always imagined a romantic tale about my prince coming to wake me with a kiss. Not quite what happened in reality, but my hubby does wake me every morning with a kiss before he leaves for work!

  239. Piglet! Even though most times he was apprehensive & timid, there were many times that he mustered a little courage and surprised himself (and us) by facing his fears!
    Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind, and just go for it! 🙂

  240. I am going to say Christopher Robin (from Winnie the Pooh). He said, “You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” That mantra has inspired me in my running time and time again.”

  241. My favorite Disney character is Princess Belle. I love to read books (I’m really nerdy and like Epic Fantasy just like she does!). And I relate to being open-minded about people who are different because I work in the Bronx with a super diverse group. She was willing to sacrifice herself for someone she loved (first her father and then the Beast) and I think most mothers can understand that!

  242. I like the all princesses because they follow theirs heart and dreams. Would love to run at Disney, it’s on my bucket list!

  243. This would be a trip of a life time. My favorite Disney character is Merida from brave. She is my daughters favorite as well. Merida demonstrate strength and individuality and that girls can do anything the put there mind to.

  244. My favorite princess is Mulan. She is not one of the most famous princesses, but she probably prefers it that way. 😉 She is honorable, courageous, and will do anything for her family.

  245. “Belle in the yellow dress!” as my then 5 yr old called her during our only trip to Disney World. Sweet Belle offered my girl an escorted walk to the castle after waiting the standard hour for our photo with her. THE most magical moment ensued over the next 20 minutes and years later we still bring friends to tears retelling the story! Belle = Disney magic to me. 🙂

  246. Princess Belle holds a special place in my heart. Her loyalty to family. Her love of reading. Her compassion and ability to see the good in all beasts. She is not a damsel in distress kind of princess, she a take care of business woman!

  247. Princess Tianna from The Princess and the Frog…hard working princess-never give up on your dream..even if you have to kiss a few frogs along the way 🙂

  248. My favorite Disney character has always been T-I-double guh-er (TIGGER)
    I read the AA Milne books as a child and would watch the classic movie every time we went to our local library.
    I love his sense of humor and bounciness.

  249. I think that my favorite princess is Rapunzel. She is fun loving and independent, yet loyal!! Would love to run the Princess Half! Love Disney World….bucket list race!

  250. It’s so hard to choose. I think I will pick Mickey because it all started with a mouse. Everything that is Disney started with Mickey. I think about where I started and never thought I’d run a 1/2 marathon. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it.

  251. Definitely Helen Parr, aka “Elastigirl” from the Incredibles. Just like Helen, I sometimes feel like I am failing or falling short at this balancing act of motherhood. Laundry, dinner, homework, extra-curricular activities, character building, outside the home career, reading… I am also an elementary school librarian and feel like a mother to nearly 650 kiddos (which comes with doubt and insecurities X650). We always doubt ourselves because being a mother seems to require super powers. It is during these times that our little charges show us their own super strength, resilience, or spirit that we may have had a hand in developing. Mother Runners are Elastigirls! We stretch ourselves to the extremes to get it all done and still manage to run and train.

  252. Would love…love…l.o.v.e…to win this!!!! My favorite character is a classic…Cinderella. I always loved the part where the mice made her dress 🙂

  253. Cinderella holds a special place in my heart. My next door neighbors were like grandparents to me growing up. He was the only grandfather I really had. He called me Cinderella. Every time I think of Cinderella I have warm memories of him.

  254. I am a classic kind of gal…so to me it has to be Mickey himself. I love his progression through the years and smile whenever I hear the quote “it all started with a mouse” by Walt Disney.

  255. Roger Rabbit. He pressed on even though he was faced with danger and a bad rep. He kept hope that the good spirit of laughter and true love would prevail and make life right once again. I love a good sense of humor and his reminds me to keep smiling despite the fact that reality may not be very pretty some days. He reminds me that I run for the same reason he likes to play pranks…to keep smiling. =)

  256. I used to love the Mermaid growing up. The girl who becomes a woman and fights for her true love. As a mom though, I don’t like her a bit. She has an attitude, is disobedient, disrespectful towards her father, not to mention that she makes a pact with the devil, runs off after a man at sixteen years of age and makes it seem likes it’s OK.

    Sorry, got carried away with my Mermaid issues. LOL! I do like kind-hearted Belle, who can see others for who they really are, regardless of their appearance.

  257. I love Merida from Brave! I love that she is her own person and sets out to prove that she can make her own decisions in life.

  258. I’m going to have to go with Rapunzel, for a couple of reasons: 1. she’s my daughter’s favorite, and 2. Her big huge eyes remind me of my little girl’s big huge eyes.

    Second runner up? Ursula, the sea witch. I think she’s just misunderstood.

  259. My favorite character has always been Donald Duck! I remember my first trip I disney and I just love Donald dick! He is so lovable, silly and a super great friend! Since that trip back in 1988 I have always had a place for Donald in my heart! Would love to get to see him again! Would bring me back to 1988 and feel like a kid again! My best friend and I still fight owe who was the bigger Donal duck fan!! Crossing my diners I get the opportunity to run Disney!!!!

  260. I would say Queen Elinor (already have costume from Disney Halloween trip in 2012) because she grew as a mother. I loved the transition from the Queen of the mundane (c’mon its very easy to get into that rut) to experiencing adventures with her daughter. As a mom, I hope to continue to grow and always be open to learning something new.

  261. Baloo the bear from Jungle Book. I grew up on JB, and when I was little I fantasized about living in the jungle with a buddy (a BBF!) like Baloo. Oh to live such a relaxed, laid back life and live in the “bare necessities”! Baloo had a heart as big as the jungle and was full of joy. Love that bear with the swingin’ butt!

  262. I might say Jack Skellington. I relate to his extreme enthusiasm for taking on strange projects! I’m also a big fan of Mrs. Incredible. And if he counts now…Han Solo is very close to my heart!

  263. I love the mom from the Incredibles (Elastigirl) I love that her kids don’t really know that she was a super hero before she became a mom & that she has to of course go save her husband & the day all while worrying about her kids! I think she is the quintessential mom! Mom by day super hero when need be! Plus that movie has one of the best lines from a Disney movie, my husband says it all the time when something is lost and I have to find it, “Women where is my supersuit!”
    Running a Run Disney race is a bucket list item for me and I was planning on doing the Wine & Dine next year but I would love to be able to take my Best BAMR training partner to do an all ladies race!

  264. Eeyore is nearest and dearest to my heart. I fell in love with him in high school. I thought that I was a fly on the wall and then got involved in sports and extra curricular activities and started feeling like people were noticing me. I guess I just always felt close to him.

  265. Dory from Finding Nemo is my favorite Disney character. Despite challenges (hello my short term memory has been known to fail me time to time…) she keeps on swimming. Her up for anything attitude and her ability to live in the moment are amazing and remind me that I need to do more of that in my life!

  266. My favorite has always been Ariel. I always wanted that fairy tale wedding and got that 15 years ago when I married my husband in Disney.

  267. Definitely Pocahontas. She defined and challeged “The system” and took a chance in the unknown. That is the story of my life. I left my country and my family to pursuit my dreams of a career I could only get in the US, and later a family and the best job I could ever asked for, and lastly and foremost, I dared to dream I could become a runner, then a half marathoner, then a Marathoner, and finally a Ragnarian that ran through the night in the forest… I did it. I still use a song of the POcahontas soundtrack (Just around the riverbend) in my races playlist as it drives me forward

  268. Oh my gosh, talk about great motivation to train! I have always wanted to do a Disney race! Hard to pick a favourite Disney character but think I’ll have to go with Ariel since my daughter is a striking redhead and she reminds me of her.

  269. My favorite character, the one I identify with most, is Zazu from the Lion King (the hornbill). He is sort of the pragmatic caretaker, and a little sarcastic at times (“didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?”) but he truly does care.

  270. I love Rapunzel. Her strength, determination and bravery are underestimated and she makes her dreams come true. Self doubt, humor and honesty are all in the mix and she is able to overcome!

  271. I always loved Mrs. Incredible. She is a kindred spirt. Flexible, strong, smart and would do anything for her man and kids.

  272. My favorite has and will always be Belle. She came from humble beginnings and was very well read. Her dad, like my own, supported her with his strange wittiness and convinced her she was beautiful even before her meeting with the Beast. I’d love to run the princess run! I’ll be graduating medical school and see this as a great thing to accomplish before graduation in 2014.

  273. My favorite Disney Character is Belle! A book worm (like me) who can see the best in everyone…who wouldn’t love that?

    Just reading the description of the race gave me chills…actually running it would be a dream come true (Isn’t that what Disney is all about?)!!

  274. Princess Tiana. She is determined, focused and motivated. She followed her childhood dream until it became a reality, her Daddy would be proud 🙂

  275. I am the typical nerd girl, so Belle is top of my list. If I could have a library like hers, I would never leave. One that big, I could run in and read at the same time.

  276. eeyore has been my favorite since childhood but it was only recently that I realized why I liked him best; he is my complete opposite personality wise!

  277. I love Buzz Lightyear! Determined and stronger than he realizes! That’s me, after I did my first half marathon at 44 and Portland Marathon at 44!!! Yahoooo ❤️

  278. Mickey Mouse. I was learning to walk and my grandmother had given me this huge stuffed Mickey Mouse. I saw it, yelled out “mickey!” then trucked across the room as fast as I could. When I reached him, turned around and saw where I had come from, I freaked out and promptly sat my butt down. To this day, my nickname is Melanie Mouse and I have a small tattoo of a mouse to represent my love of Mickey, where it all started 🙂

  279. Cinderella has always been my favorite. And free entry to this race would kick my butt in gear to start training for a long run again!

  280. I have always wanted to be Tinker Bell since I was about 5 years old. She is cute, can fly, and is always trying to help people and make them happy with pixie dust. How cool is that!! I don’t really like pink either so she is perfect.

  281. Dopey is the dearest to my heart. My father never claimed me as his child growing up, only my older brother who was my best friend. Every summer , his dad would pick him up and would spend the whole break away. I would be so sad. My brother drew me a picture of Dopey and mailed it to me. I cherished that drawing like it was worth millions. Anytime I see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs I think of my brother. I have a small ceramic Dopey that still sits near my bed and have kept my brother’s drawing of Dopey.

  282. I would have to say Belle. She’s smart, caring and independent. She’s also not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

  283. Cinderella!! I have dreamed of a princess happy ending and found my prince 8 years ago. My three year old daughter loves Cinderella too and it melts my heart to watch her watching the same movie I loved as a little girl.

  284. Elastigirl! She is one tough Mom who STRETCHES thin to take care of her family and ballance all she has on her plate. Love her!

  285. I would have to say Mary Poppins! Might not be a bad costume idea, either!!! One of my first Disney movie memories, watching it on a borrowed laser disc player. Mary Poppins is magical; it’s “old school”; it’s the true magic of Disney!

  286. Definitely Dori – especially in running – just keep swimming (or running!) It’s also a good mantra as a mom – if you just keep going you are going to eventually get where you need to be: with kids, with running, with life.

  287. Dory! She is the best! And how many times have I told myself to just keep “swimming” (insert running) – too many to count!

    Dory: Hey there, Mr. Grumpy Gills. When life gets you down do you wanna know what you’ve gotta do?
    Marlin: No I don’t wanna know.
    Dory: [singing] Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.
    Marlin: Dory, no singing.
    Dory: [continuing] Ha, ha, ha, ha, ho. I love to swim. When you want to swim you want to swim.
    Marlin: Now I’m stuck with that song… Now it’s in my head.
    Dory: Sorry.

  288. I have always loved the puppies from 101 Dalmatians! They are cute, adventurous, funny, and creative! My son loves them, too, now!

    By the way, running a Disney race is a dream of mine and winning this race entry package would truly be a dream come true!!

  289. Pocahontas!!! She defies convention and sometimes does what is considered taboo. She is strong willed and I can relate to her!! She is loyal and believes in fate. My fate is to someday run a Disney race, not sure when but someday!

  290. It has to be Mickey! He embodies everything Disney to me. I’ll never forget crying the first time my daughter, then 7, encountered him and got his autograph. I still get just as excited to get my picture with him every time we make a trip to WDW. I love Mickey and RunDisney so much that I even have the outline of his head tattooed on my ankle with 13.1 inside to symbolize my first half marathon at WDW in 2012.

  291. My favorite character is probably Mulan, but she is only marginally beat out by Rapunzel and Remy (from Ratatouille). There are so many to choose from! And of course we have all probably watched the entire Disney catalog with our kids!

  292. I have always had a soft spot for Donald Duck, he was the under dog and he has had my heart. Just recently I just found out my Mothers favorite is Donald also, extra plus!!

  293. I personally relate and love Goofy the most! He is such a clutz and yet he has such good intent. It totally reminds me of my life and running experiences. Nothing real gracefully, as much as I wish there was, about my running but I keep trying and keep getting out there. The Goofy movies are the best! I mean I can so relate. In each of the movies there is some family event that Goofy builds up in his mind to go a certain way and his son is never quite as excited and so much more realistic. This is how it goes with my oldest daughter and I, especially when I get her to sign up for a kids race. She loves the idea of it, but somehow when it comes time to train and actually “run” the race she is never as excited as I am and it never turns out the way I wanted. But like Goofy I keep trying and keeping thinking it will work out. It always does of course :-). Goof is the quintesential optimist and I so relate to that personality!

  294. I love Dori from Finding Nemo. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! Sort of my mantra in a tough race. Sounds more like, “Don’t think, just go. Don’t think, just go. Don’t think, just go.” Wonder where I heard that from??? 😉

  295. Friends that know me well call me Snow White. I’m the one that runs outside in her underwear, in winter to chase away a looming hawk, gotta protect my birds. Second trip out in my underwear again of course was to rescue a scared, thin homeless cat that was being bullied by another much bigger cat, chased up a tree. Baby bunnies abandoned by their mother, bottle fed them. I was pretty neurotic about the feral cat and her babies trapped at the neighbors house after over 2 feet of snow fell late spring a couple years ago. I shoveled a path from their house to mine, (I was feeding them). I’ve mellowed a bit, but I have a soft spot in my heart for little creatures. Oh! And the main reason I received the name Snow White…I love to identify bird calls while running with my friend Julie. (She’s afraid of birds and could care less).

  296. Mulan is my favorite Disney character. Her story of bravery and girl power in a man’s world is inspiring. She chose to protect her family and in the end became a hero…that is an awesome fairy tale!

  297. My favorite would be Cinderella. My brother gave me a pop-up Cinderella book when I was a child that I loved. I still have it 38 years later.

  298. This is really old school – but it is one of the first memories I have of watching Disney movies (I saw it back in the ’70s). I always loved the three good fairies from Sleeping Beauty: Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. They were some tough old ladies, grandmotherly and loving, but kind of bad ass, too. If forced to pick just one – then I’d go with Fauna, the green fairy (even as a young girl, green was my favorite color and still is!)

  299. Mickey Mouse has been and always will be my favorite! I am especially fond of Sorcerer Mickey…I sure would like to command brooms to do my housework for me… °o°

  300. As a child I loved Winnie the Pooh. I collected many Pooh stuffed animals and now my youngens enjoy them. I like his kind heart and his sunny disposition. Who doesn’t love some Pooh?!!!:)

  301. My favorite Disney Character is Mary Poppins! She always knows how to take a situation that may be challenging, daunting or difficult and finds the good and positive in it. She’s a tough cookie, but is kind and knows how to have fun. She’s also a great role model for girls who are tough but also feminine! Love her!

  302. My favorite is Cinderella. A hard worker! If I ever get the chanc to run Disney, I will dress up for sure! Thanks for the chance to win!

  303. My new favorite (and who I just *had* to get my picture taken with when my family was at Disney on our last vacay) in Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-it Ralph. She is misunderstood throughout the movie until the very end when everyone learns that she is the star of the game. Even when the other character broke her spirit (and her car) she picked herself up, practiced, and won the race. Plus her ride is made out of candy – how bad-ass is that?

  304. Cinderella because she was overlooked and under respected, yet she did not develop an angry or selfish heart. She maintained an attitude of service and selflessness… in the end, her hard work and kind spirit was recognized and she reaped her rewards!

  305. My favorite disney character is Nemo’s dad, Marlin. He was afraid of taking any risks, and I can relate. In 2013 my theme for the year was “face your fears.” On January 4, 2013, I ran my first half marathon, and I was terrified. I faced that fear and I have since ran 3 relays, countless 5k’s and 10 halfs. I am training for my first full marathon in May of 2014. I am just as scared for the marathon. But I believe have to move outside of your comfort zone in order to grow. I relate to Marlin’s search to find Nemo because it took a huge push for him to change his behavior and start living his life not in fear, but with the attitude that “I can do hard things.” I had to do the same thing in my life, and running is my outlet for that. It has enabled me to be brave enough to make other positive changes as well.

  306. This is one race my (small and brave) daughter would love to see me run. I’m not too up on the Disney repertoire, but did enjoy Tangled. Rapunzel is a frying-pan wielding badass who conquers her fears.

  307. I have been in love with Goofy since I my first trip to Disney World when I was 6 (I’m now 45). I have made a point to get a photo with Goofy every time I visit (and I’ve been 10 times so far). Now my kids make sure I get a photo with Goofy when we go!

  308. I’m so old school, Mickey is my favorite, with Donald a close second. I don’t have a reason for Mickey, I just loved him as a kid. As for Donald Duck, I had an uncle Donald, he was always doing things to make the kids laugh. One thing he did was talk like Donald Duck. For years, I called him Uncle Donald Duck.

  309. I love elastigirl….I would love to be able to stretch my arms…especially when driving so I can fish a sippy cup out the back of the van for my screaming babies! 🙂

  310. Definitely Belle, the first disney movie I received as a kid, and for awhile the only one I had, I wore that VHS out 🙂

  311. I heart Belle! She was the first princess that was actually smart and not just a high pitched, ditzy lady! I love that Belle reads!

  312. Minnie Mouse is my favorite character because
    she is always in good spirits and brings happiness and
    joy to all of the people around her. She can make the
    worst situation better, especially when it comes to her hair bows and if
    they get ruined…she turns it into a positive.

  313. Dumbo is my favorite Disney character, because he learns to embrace his uniqueness and turns it into a positive. Also, he’s freaking adorable and I want to hug him.

  314. Belle—because she is a hero who loves to read and didn’t care what everyone else thought of that. An introvert’s dream!

  315. My favorite Disney character is Winnie the Pooh. Come on, how can you not love a cute cuddly bear? I love his rumbly tumbly! 🙂

  316. My favorite is Flynn Ryder from Tangled. Mostly because he makes me laugh. Seems like a fun guy to be around and very charming.

  317. Mulan is, hands down, my favorite Disney “princess” because she’s not a princess at all. She’s funny and flawed and her parents are disappointed in her. (Sounds super familiar!) Plus she’s voiced by Ming-Na Wen who is one of my favorite Chinese American actresses and is now kicking major butt on Agents of Shield.

  318. Hard to pick between Merida and Tiana….. both independent, strong characters with chutzpah…… I think I would have to pick Merida, because I die for Scottish accents. Although rocking a ball gown while cooking Gumbo is pretty badass as well!

  319. I’ll go with Eeyore. I love him because he just seems like he needs someone to love him. Really, really love him. And he says the simplest, most clever little things.

  320. Merida. There’s a litany of reasons.
    1. She’s a badass. She’d be the ultimate BAMR!
    2. She’s Scottish.
    3. She’s not afraid to blaze her own trail; traditions & expectations be damned!
    4. She wears her athleticsm like a badge of honor.
    5. I always wanted long, curly red hair…

  321. My favorite character is Merida from Brave. She is as badass as princesses come! Independent, fierce, active, tough…She’s MY type of princess!

  322. Mickey Mouse has always been my favorite, even my nickname at summer camps. I think I love him because he reminds me so much have being a kid. He’s just so classic, happy,positive and go lucky. No worries about anything.

  323. My favorite is Alice in Wonderland. I love a good cup of tea, having any reason to celebrate, such as an “unbirthday”, and running makes me feel like I’m in a wonderland!
    Suzanne May

  324. So hard to choose just one! I thought about it on this morning’s run. I often mantra Disney lines like Mike an Sully’s “I don’t know but it’s been said, I like scaring kids in bed” when I need a cadence boost. Sometimes it’s Dory’s “just keep swimming” when I need to forget about my feet. In the end I kept coming back to Genie in Aladdin. He’s flamboyant, hilarious, good humored and just plain fun.If you are going to go, go large. Love that genie!

  325. Belle was my favorite prior to the new Tangled. Which means Rapunzel is now my favorite. She is tough, and beautiful. All while being locked in a tower for years she still managed to know who she was, and have goals in life. Plus, she uses a frying pan as a weapon…pure genius!

  326. My favorite Disney character is Tigger. I love him because he is so joyful. He lives his life with enthusiasm. He is such a good role model with his eternal optimistic outlook, and he is always ready for a new adventure!

  327. I think Mickey and Minnie are my faves…as most people’s but they are just timeless and represent youth and energy…Love!

  328. I think Belle, because she loves books, and because she dreams of life beyond her “provincial town”. That was me, growing up. Also, I have a wonderful memory of first seeing that movie with my sister, on my birthday.

  329. Since I was a little girl it has been Mickey. I have lots of Mickey collectables. I even had a Mickey dorm room with my awesome roommate who also loved Mickey. My kids even buy me Mickey things cause they know I love them. Running at Disney would be amazing 🙂

  330. Definitely Dory from Finding Nemo! I adore her! Her spirit is so alive and she has such a can-do attitude! I have thought of her singing “just keep swimming” many times over the course of my hours of long runs for half-marathon training, and turned it into “just keep running”. It always puts a smile on my face! So would winning this prize package!!! 🙂

  331. Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She is tough, yet beautiful and can stand up for herself! She sees the best in people even if the world can’t see it. She is a great role model for young girls!

  332. Closest to my heart is Ariel! Reminds me so much of myself at that age. Grew up in a very small town and dreamed of travel and getting out of there to experience the world! I’ve also secretly always dreamed of being a red head! Wish I had her singing voice! 😉

    **Hope this isn’t a duplicate bc my phone are my 1st comment but I don’t think it posted.

  333. I was always a Sleeping Beauty kind of girl, it was the first movie I saw at the theater as a kid. I asked the kids this morning who their favorite characters are and my son made my morning. His favorite character is Dash from the Incredibles because he can run super fast and he wants to run fast like mommy. On a side note I am not very fast, but I will take it.

  334. Oh man, oh man, oh man… dream race. My favorite character is Cruella Deville. I’m a nice person. I’m a good mom. I’m an elementary teacher. I don’t even swear, but I love to indulge my inner bitch now and then (when the kids aren’t around.)

  335. My favorite Disney character is Dory from Finding Nemo. “Just keep swimming” has gotten me through many runs–and other sticky situations in life.

  336. My favorite character is definitely Goofy. I’ve adored him as long as I can remember- including when I stood on a chair at a character breakfast in my preschool years and declared my love for him. Now my son seems to have the same affinity as he belly laughs watching Goofy and the art of skiing (pronounced shee-ing). 🙂 He’s a really silly guy as my little one says. What is better than a kind soul that makes you laugh?

  337. Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). I don’t know why, but Sleeping Beauty was always my favorite of the Disney movies when I was little.

  338. I loved Rapunzel…she has so many hobbies, admits she’s scared and then faces her fears head on, and looks adorable no matter what her hair style is!

  339. Hands down Ariel. So many to choose from but The Little Mermaid will always be my favorite Disney movie. She had THAT many sisters and still came out that sweet; she’s allowed to be a little selfish when it came to picking her prince. :). And don’t forget her amazing voice!

  340. Cinderella has always been my favorite – even as an adult, who doesn’t wish for a fairy godmother to come make everything fabulous? I’ve already got my prince charming, and I’d rather have new running shoes instead of a glass slipper these days.

  341. Dory is my favorite character. Not only does she have my favorite saying, “Just Keep Swimming”, but she teaches us all to be who we are, don’t be afraid to love people, and be happy with life. I want to be more like her:-)

  342. Mike Wazowski. He’s just a straight up good dude, and even though he isn’t the scariest, he knows how to teach and coach it. And we all need someone like Mike in our lives that has with some encouragement for us.

  343. My favourite Disney character is Belle. She is such a positive character for girls. She is a “princess” who rescued her Prince, instead of the other way around like it usually works.

  344. My favorite character has got to be Nemo. My son was born with one ear and one small skin tag where his other ear should be. Nemo has a special place in my heart because Nemo has a small fin that makes him different like my son has a small ear that makes him different. They share so many of the same personalities, it’s like Disney morphed my son into that character! The same stubborn streak and abilities to overcome obstacles. Nemo has always shown my son that just because you may be different, it’s no excuse to hold you back. And I learned that I can’t hold him back, either!

  345. My favorite Disney character is by far Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Like every mother runner, she is focused and determined to chase that rabbit, and she overcomes all manner of obstacles, strange and wonderful, to get it done.

  346. I’ve always loved Cinderella the best! I loved that she could make something beautiful using her mean step sisters leftovers and she was still so nice even when they were mean to her. I also liked that she had little cute mice for friends. Who doesn’t love Gus-Gus! 🙂

  347. I have many favorite Disney characters. We are HUGE Disney fans in this house. If I had to decide on one I think I would pick Goofy! I love the way he is so carefree about live and just rolls with it. He is silly and yes a little Goofy but he has always had a special place in my heart! Maybe it’s that I would like to be a little more like him!

  348. My favorite Disney character is Nemo – Finding Nemo was one of my son’s first favorite movies and seeing the movie or characters now always reminds me of the years when he was so little and we’d snuggle up and watch the same movie over and over. He’s 12 now, so we don’t snuggle so much, but I have fond memories of our time on the couch.

  349. I’m not really a princess-y person, so I’d have to go with Mulan. Why? Because she can take care of herself and she’s a warrior. She can be strong and brave even in the face of fear. If I could fight the thing that makes me most afraid (losing my son due to his inoperable brain lesion), I’d fight to my death for him.

  350. My favorite is Mulan. She did everything in her power to save her family, and kicked some serious butt! Her devotion to her family reminds me of myself and what I will do for mine. I also love that she shows how strong a woman can be.

  351. Ariel, hands down. From 1989 to now. Forgive her for giving her voice away for a man. I would love to swim like that and never be cold in the water and be able to talk to crabs and tang fish. Of course, now that I have a daughter Merida makes me smile, so tough and independent and ends up realizing how wonderful her mother is in the end.

  352. Cinderella was my first love as a small child, but Belle has to be my favorite because she saw beauty where no one else did!

  353. Disney has such great characters, how hard to pick just one!!! One of my favorites is Ray from Princess and the Frog. He was willing to fly up a nose to save his friends!

  354. Snow White. Tinkerbell 2013 was me and my BRF/BFF’s first half marathon. The weekend was incredible. We only stopped for a pic with Snow White. During the weekend, she found out a loved one was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She has inspired me over the past year. So, as I head into Tinkerbell 2014, I am running as Snow White in honor of her and her kids’ bravery over this past year.

  355. Who would have thought it so hard to choose my favorite character? My kids are young (4, 6, 8), so I have a lot of exposure to Disney. From my own youth/teenage years, I have an affinity for Belle; because she won’t be held down by social norms of her day. More recently, I’ve grown to love Rapunzel, because she’s willing to face her fears & take the adventure of a lifetime, while continuing to be sweet, seeing the best in people. BUT, I’ll have to choose Mulan – she’s come back into my life again & she is kick @$$. Trained with those men & showed ’em who’s boss? Used quick thinking to save the emperor? She’s got it all!

  356. I really love Scuttle, from The Little Mermaid. As a mom to young children and a teacher to really little guys, it makes so much sense to me as to why he makes up words! Sometimes I don’t always have all the right answers either, but I can make a good story up for an answer. He’s a fun guy!

  357. Buzz Lightyear is my favorite- mostly because he reminds me of my son’s preschool years. But also for his adventurous spirit.

  358. I’m not a princess-y person. My favorite Disney character is Alice from Alice in Wonderland. She makes terrible decisions like chasing after a rabbit,ingesting drug like substances, and getting advice from a sketchy caterpillar. Sounds like something I would do.

  359. Donald Duck, Mexican Donald to be precise, is my favorite character. It is not something I can really explain. I don’t even really remember when it began, but sometime in my childhood I adopted him as my favorite! He is the one I run to when I want to show off my medals and get a finishers picture! (Yet another reason why Wine & Dine is so perfect.) I have learned to stand tall when I am near Donald. He may have a temper in the cartoons, but he is quite “hugable” in person. You just may not want a picture of yourself bending over in a running costume to hug him! Thanks ladies for this great give-a-way opportunity!

  360. My favorite is Belle. I love her for being strong, driven, smart, curious, and not needing someone to save her. Great role model for our girls!

  361. Hmm…everyone has picked such “nice” characters! ;). Cruella DeVille is my most favorite, and next to a superhero, she’s my “go-to” Halloween costume.

  362. My favorite Disney Princess is Megara from Hercules as I can relate to a character who put up with a bunch of garbage only to get burned by a guy who didn’t appreciate her. She compensated by throwing up a wall and used sarcasm and jokes to hide her disappointment while remaining just a little bit romantic on the inside 🙂

  363. My favorite Disney princess has always been Belle. I have even dressed up as Belle for Halloween (as an adult!) She has a good heart and truly sees the best in people. Both qualities I admire. I am a reading teacher so I love to read as much as Belle.

  364. Princess Merida is closest to my heart because of her drive to change her life.
    Second would be Princess Elsa because I understand the hard feelings of responsibility weighing on shoulders.

  365. Cinderella because a weekend away from working full time, chores around the house and mothering a teenager plus one year old and crossing the finish line of a sold out race would make me feel pampered as if I had the magical slipper

  366. I’d have to say that Belle is the closest to my heart because she is strong-willed (and maybe a little stubborn), and despite all his flaws she manages to find the good in the Beast fall in love with him. She sees the good on the inside and she makes the most of a bad situation.

  367. I, for some reason, have always liked Goofy. I guess it was because as a teenager, I always felt a little goofy myself. And it has stuck throughout the years. Yeah for Goofy! Yeah for the Princess half marathon! My very good friend is registered (it is her first half) and she is giddy with excitement!

  368. I’ll admit it–I generally hate the modern Disney movies and characters. I have two nieces who were sucked in by the whole princess thing. I realize that the more recent movies are different, but it’s kind of too late for these kids. My son is 14 and has refused for years to watch anything Disney because he assumed it was too childish for him. So I’ll say that my favorite character is Pluto, because that’s the stuffed animal I liked when I was a kid.

  369. I’d choose Belle. She loves reading, she loves her family (sweet, wacky Maurice), and she falls for the Beast instead of vapid Gaston because she looks deeper than the surface! Oh and she’s got great hair and a beautiful voice, which can’t hurt!!!

  370. I wish I were like Mulan – courageous and willing to take on adversity for the sake of those she loves. I think I am more like Belle, though. Nose in a book and able to see the inner beauty with little patience for stupid people.

  371. Mulan! definitely Mulan! she wasn’t a mother (yet) but she certainly was badass!! she didn’t let her gender stop her. I expect she would wear a “still waiting for my uterus to fall out” shirt. (and I still cringe thinking that you haven’t seen this movie yet Sarah…….)

  372. Donald Duck! When I was 3 I had been very sick and put in the hospital. My grandmother brought me a Donald Duck doll that I took everywhere. If anyone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always Donald Duck!

  373. I would definitely say Mrs. Incredible (apparently her first name is Helen). I wish my arms would stretch that long! Her home life is crazy, her baby bursts into flames yet somehow everything turns out ok. Just for clarification my baby does not burst into flames, however she can shriek pretty loud!

  374. My favorite character is Ariel from the Little Mermaid. I remember when that movie came out and I used to sing the whole “Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat…” song with my best friend in 8th grade.

  375. I have always loved Ariel from the Little Mermaid. She’s courageous, curious, and carefree. Not sure I am all three of those things everyday, but I think most days I’ve got at least one of the three. 🙂