Hump Day Giveaway: To a Tee


Dimity sporting a great smile--and the version of the tee we're giving away--as we dwarf running legend Bart Yasso.
Our lovely model is the other mother runner SBS often runs with on Thursday mornings

In case you haven't gotten the memo (or our S.O.S.!), we are struggling to keep our heads above water as we write, polish, and punch up our Train Like a Mother manuscript, due the day after Labor Day. Thus we're foregoing having Hump Day Giveaways for a few weeks...but I couldn't resist having a final August one of our tees that we sell in our online store. It seems fitting since we're basically living in our tees--either running in them when we're burning off stress or pitting them out as we hunch over of our Macs. I don't know about you, Dimity, but laundry is piling up Chez Shea, so I keep reaching for the same tees. Hey, at least I try to alternate--the "another mother runner" tee one day, the "The more I run, the less I want to run away one." the next. (Yes, I often wear the same shorts day in, day out, but the undies are clean. Usually.)

You, too, could be pretty in pink

So we're giving away one of those tees (winners' choice) to three lucky ladies chosen at random from those who tell us what deadline, obligation, or pressure is bearing down on her in the next month or two. I mean, misery loves company, right?! J/K, J/K: Dimity and I are loving this creative process creating the sequel to Run Like a Mother. It feels like even more of a conversation with this awesome tribe.

439 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: To a Tee

  1. The first day of Kindergarten for my oldest child is looming in front of me. I’m excited and happy for her, but also sad…..a bittersweet kind of feeling. Maybe I need to sign up for another race to get my mind off of this day!

  2. I am looking forward to moving in the next 3 weeks. Although, Packing the entire house can be stressful. As well as my step-son coming to permanently live with us, and my Mother-in-Law moving in with us and trying to keep my 3 year old on a schedule that slightly resembles normal. I am new to this running thing (only 3 weeks) but already I look forward to my morning runs, even if I have to wake up an hour earlier to fit it in.

  3. Going back to work! I’ve been a SAHM for so many years now, that I am very intimidated to begin part time work this month!!

  4. Upcoming…starting to train for my first full marathon! I’m excited and nervous. I’m comparing various training plans and they all seem so different! Time to pick one and go with it. Training needs to start end of Sept and I also need to build my base back up too!

  5. I haven’t trained as well for my triathlon on Sunday as I should have, and I’m working on a fitness certification and my psychologist license so what am I doing now? Watching 24 on netflix & reading blogs.

  6. The deadline looming over me is getting three of my four kids ready for the school year. My husband is a high school football coach so I am officially a football widow already. The amount of school supplies and everything else x 3 could drown a small child.

  7. I am counting the days left of summer vacation. My ‘back to school’ deadline is rapidly approaching. As a school district employee, I love my summers off! Only this week until I have to return to the work routine.

  8. Ugh, finding a new job is weighing on me. I’m seasonal, and my contract ends soon. I can only spend so much time staring at my resume, hoping for something permanent!

  9. The pressures of a new school year are bearing down on me right now. As a teacher, I have a new principal this year, new teachers that I am working with, and 40 some children that I teach throughout the day. I am glad to say that my students are wonderful and make my job worthwhile. Oh yeah, and I have a two year old who is living up to “the terrible twos.” I’m so glad I have a supportive husband who has been wonderful through these first few weeks of school.

  10. I’ve got my first big race since a disaster HM last spring coming up in October. I’m anxious but confident. The other ‘deadline’ looming over my head is the three years we have until we send my oldest, special needs son off to middle school. The start of a new year kind of freaked me out when I realized where we are and where we need to be in three short years.

  11. Back to school next week! I’m a teacher… the transition from summer to school is tough, especially now that I have little ones. I also finally feel like I’m getting my running groove back after taking nearly 4.5 years off! I hope I can keep up the momentum once I’m back in the classroom!

  12. My deadline is for two back to back events – the Finger Lakes Triathlon in Canandaigua NY on September 11 and the Rochester NY Half Marathon on September 18. I have done the tri before but never attempted a half. Wish me luck!!

  13. My highly anticipated deadline is my first race EVER! September 25 Susan G Komen race in Milwaukee, WI! I’m scared, nervous and excited! I have been telling myself I just want to “finish” but seriously, I want to do GREAT! I have never pushed myself hard and I believe this has been the greatest experience ever…thanks to so many supportive people around me!

  14. Chicago Marathon October 9th deadline- sounds easy, but throw in dad starting chemo for lymphoma, kids starting school, kids fall activities, working three days a week, husband training for Chicago and basically trying to stay sane- this deadline seems huge

  15. Upcoming deadline… my 3rd marathon is September 24th. I’m nervous about it- don’t feel like I’ve trained as much as I should have. We’ll see how it goes!

  16. Just about every day I wake up and feel like I am treading water just trying to keep my head above. I tell myself this is what life is like as a mother runner with 3 kids under 5 [I can only say that for a couple more weeks so Iwill be saying it as much as posible!].

    The list of what I am not stressed about might be shorter. I bewon’t list all of my deadlines or it might make me even more stressed.

    Misery does indeed like company πŸ™‚

  17. My oldest son is starting kindergarten soon. He will attend an abbreviated school day on August 30th and will continue with a regular schedule on September 1st. Of course I have been looking forward to this for months but as the date draws near, I find my anxiety levels rise as my head is filled with all the “what ifs.” I know we will all survive but the fear of the unknown has my stomach in knots.

    Good luck with the book as your final deadlines approach! I am very excited to get my hands on a copy of Train Like a Mother next spring!

  18. Deadline is 1/2 Marathon this weekend , first in almost 15 years, attacking it with a sore knee. Worry is will I finish , but I shouldnt worry cause Im doing it with friends , some long time runners other tackling it for the first time. Other deadlines are the everyday ones that really zap my energy and stress me out no end … but the up side I keep telling myself is life is good, the family is fit and healthy , happy overall so its all good.

  19. Right now, I’ve got so many! I am running a training group for a 10K in Sept., a 5K in October (the Skirt Chaser!) and am training myself for the Rock’n Roll Half Marathon in Denver on Oct. 9th. On top of that, I have really been stepping up my marketing efforts for my Stroller Strides business and I am also planning a big one year anniversary party on Oct. 7th for my Stroller Strides business. My to-do list is a mile long!! A new mother runner shirt would really make it all worth it! :o)

  20. I have a few deadlines looming that as they get closer are really starting to stress me out! I am training for my first half marathon on Oct. 30th, I start my last semester of my second bachelor’s in about 2 weeks and just applied to sit for the CPA exam. I won’t know the date of the CPA exam until my application is “approved” so I need to start reviewing so I can be prepared for whatever date in the near future the test will land on.

  21. Why put my website up there? I haven’t been able to write, let alone run, lately. What dares get in the way? I could be serious & tell you about my other half unemployed for 2.5 years and the looming weight of just supporting our family of 7 but we’re healthy, happy & generally laugh every day. So I think I’ll say that 1) my employer is retiring 2) handing over the reigns to me 3) get my necessary licensing 4) school 5) Installing new software 6) Learning new software 7) Input our business, clients, accounting into new software 8) find new office digs 9) tour prospective office digs 10) narrow down options 11) prepare & negotiate office lease 12) Keep up with daily influx of deadlines, statements, client communication, accounting (ohhh the accounting..), taxes, receipts, deposits, mailings, payroll, HR issues, new technology to help cut down time (yea RIGHT) 13) hire help/new associate 14) train new associate, 15) Marketing 16) find new clients 17) Meet new clients 18) Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. 19) Volunteer somewhere (?) and 18) One child becomes a senior, one a junior, one entering junior high, 2 finishing elementary (senior pictures, prom, dating, scholarships, college, graduation, car, driving, 3 schools, 3 instruments, 5 sports, sex education…) – I’m going back to bed. Thanks for making me think about all that πŸ˜‰

  22. My daughter’s birthday party is coming up, looking at a 5K first week of October but dealing with plantar fasciitis, and working on a grant application for a school garden.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Just reading some of the entries makes me calmer — we’re all juggling a million obligations. My list: work ramps up next week (I’m faculty/Dean and students come back to campus); bringing an author to campus early October; first half-marathon first weekend in October; co-hosting a conference end of September. Love this website.

  24. This post couldn’t be any more timely in my life! Where to begin? First, LOTS of work projects and deadlines all happening at the same time and lots of people on vacation. UGH! Second, Hood to Coast is next week and I am the team captain. Third, my sister is getting married in September and I am the matron of honor and have helped plan a lot for the Big day, her bridal shower, and her upcoming bachelorette “party”. We are doing the Eugene Women’s Half Marathon the weekend before the big day! Good luck, Sarah and Dimity! Just know that all your hard work is much appreciated and you have a very loyal following that can’t wait to read your new book.

  25. Back To School are the saddest three words in the English Language! I LOVE teaching, but I love my fun summer days home with my family the most. Last week I moved classrooms and have to nail down a curriculum & syllabus for a new class I’m teaching this year. Just being on campus got the teeth grinding and the showing up at work naked dreams started. With just 3 weeks left before we are back to uniforms and homework and packing lunches and grading, grading, grading, you know there is only one thing that calms me down. Lace up & Head out. Preferably with Another Mother Runner!

  26. I am opening a new office (#3) in September at a brand new hospital. I am preparing for my 3 kids to head back to school, with my twins heading to first grade (all day school)! My nanny is leaving after 6.5 years. I am running my first marathon on September 18th! It is a very exciting yet emotional time for all of us.

  27. Amazingly enough, the only thing pressing down on me at home is the deck needs to be sealed before the rain starts. But other than that, it’s only the stress of marathon training and that’s the right kind of stress! Phew, I better cross my fingers!

  28. The beauty of freelancing is juggling multiple deadlines simultaneously – at least I tell myself it’s a beautiful thing. Right now I’m (big breath):
    organizing a storytelling festival, writing web copy, interviewing for a magazine article on naturopathy, there are 40 lbs of cucumbers to be pickled in my kitchen, and I think there are some kids in my house somewhere who call me Mom.

  29. My first 1/2 marathon is just 4 short weeks away. As this looming deadline gets closer and closer, I am getting more and more anxious. Several questions flood my thoughts daily, “Am I physically ready for this?”, “Am I mentally ready for this?”, and the most popular of them all, ” What was I thinking???”. It’s funny how as your deadline gets closer, your mind starts messing with you. Just trying to squash the self-doubt so I am ready both physically and mentally to meet this “deadline”.

  30. I’m turning 40..September 8th. I have 5 more pounds to loose before the big day. This is pressure…yikes! I think I’ll juice my way the next 3 weeks…..and run like a mother!

  31. Getting two children ready for the start of school while handling my mom’s recent medical emergency AND doing rewrites on my book due to come out later this year. YIKES!

  32. 1: Finish home school plans for first quarter by September 1st.
    2: Fifth baby due September 24th.
    3: Preparing family for move to Singapore before Christmas.


  33. Let’s see…my oldest baby is starting Kindergarten in a few weeks. My lil guy is turning two about the same time. So, I have a birthday party to plan and schedules for school/daycare. My own work schedule. Hubby got a new job, so working noon to 9pm isn’t going to help me out much with all that. Oh yeah, my first 1/2 marathon is October 15th. So, I”m feeling the training pressures, but enjoying it too. Oh, and my biggest lingering deadline is to finish my final project for my master’s. I’ve been “working” on it or various versions of it for about two years now. So, I’ve committed that this is it. I will be done in time for graduation in June or else!

  34. In November, I will turn 39. This may not qualify as a “deadline”, but I am dedicating the 12 months leading to my turning 40 to focusing on ME. As a mother of three young lads and a lifetime sufferer of anxiety/depression it’s time to make some changes that are permanent. Without going into the varied details, let’s just say my goal is to make “39” the most pivotal year in my life.

  35. My deadline is nearly here…my sons 4th birthday party on Saturday. I haven’t had much time for myself as I get ready for it but I’m looking forward to it!

  36. It’s back to school time! It is a bitter sweet thing, I love summer so much. The lazy days, the fun filled beach days, lake days! It’s all just so fun. But I have been with my kids 24/7 since they got out of school in June, so we are all due for a break from each other. So I need to start getting all those lovely back to school things started, but I am still wanting my summer days.

  37. My first duathlon is a month from today and I am completely unprepared and nervous. I’m pretty sure I can finish and it will be a PR but oh, boy! Doing a half marathon in November and it’s the longest race in a year due to injury…so I guess that will be a post injury PR. Haha!!

  38. A few things coming up: My father-in-law’s 70th birthday party this weekend at my house, getting the kids ready to go back to school, and my marathon on 10/2. Nothing too stressful, but enough to keep me pretty busy!

  39. I am currently working toward my first half marathon! Since my heaviest point between my 2 last kids I have lost 70lbs! I can’t wait to accomplish this goal-I never thought that I would run any race in my life let alone a half marathon!

  40. I need to get my Librarian I and II civil service exams done and in the mail before 10/1. It not hard but time consuming–I have to get all my transcripts together plus all the continuing Ed casses I’ve taken, copies of my certification, diplomas, etc, etc. My next chance is March 2012 so this is my window. I also need to get my Girl Scout Troop Finanace Report in for the 2010-2011 school year. It was due at the end of June but I was so busy packing the house to move I kept putting it off. That cookie jar full of receipts I have to tally was very easy to ignore.

  41. Right now I am training for a half marathon, squeezing my workouts either before or after work. Normally this isn’t such an issue but this month and for the next two I will be training for my new position (just got promoted), training someone to fill my position, and filling in for a co-worker on maternity leave. Hello 11 hours work days πŸ™ Running is the only thing keeping me sane!

  42. Deadlines for me include –
    *Training for a half Marathon on Oct 1
    *Applying to Grad School by Sept 1 and signing up for classes that start Oct 1 (if I get in )
    *Moving out of my townhouse by Nov 1 and finding a new place to live

    Im going to try and do all of this while I manage working a full time job, working a part time job, and being a good mom to my 3 year old and a good wife to my wonderful husband!

  43. Lots on my plate right now… have been left without a job, taking year 2 and 3 of my degree since I’ll have the time, training for my 2nd half, in London, UK (I’m from Spain) on Sept. 25th, juggling 3 kids and above all doing my best to be happy! Need to lose about 35-40lbs so that’s where I’m headed too!!!!

  44. I have until Oct 8 to get over my unnatural fear of being mauled by a wild animal. That’s when I’m running my first 1/2 marathon in the mountains of Utah. I avoid hiking and camping for fear of being attacked by a bear, rabid chipmunk, or cougar (whether it be a mountain lion, BYU Cougar, or older woman). My solution: stop watching accounts of animal attacks on the Discovery Channel, learn to run fast and/or climb trees with simian-like speed, or carry bear spray. BTW Just so no one thinks my fears are unfounded, I have been chased by moose on two separate but equally frightening occasions and I’m pretty sure a malevolent squirrel tried to break into my house and steal my toothbrush.

  45. In the next two months I need to (in no particular order):
    – love on my two little boys (ages 2 years and 4 months) as much as possible while working full time as an editor and writer
    – love and support my globe-trotting husband
    – produce six directories ranging in size from 32 to 400ish pages on topics as diverse as lighting and yachts to catering and technology
    – create two printed Previews for exhibitions dealing with jewelery and cars
    – write five daily newspapers during the above-mentioned car exhibition
    – keep running at least 4 mornings each week before work to avoid our daily 100+ temps
    – turn 35

    I attempted a 5k in 1999 but at the time I weighed nearly 200 lbs, which means I barely made it over the finish line — while walking! I took control of my weight a few years later, but never attempted another race.

    While I was pregnant with my second child I decided that I would run the Standard Chartered 10K in Dubai (I’m a Montana girl who relocated to the Middle East 5 years ago) next January . I’m doing it to celebrate the fact that I am a proud mama who isn’t afraid to tick the box for the 35+ age bracket. And let’s be honest – it feels great to have lost most of my baby weight along the way.

  46. I’m studying (or trying to study) for the Project Mgmt Professional (PMP) exam – my goal is to take and pass this by the end of Oct! Oh, and btw, I have the Nike Women’s 1/2 in Oct, another 1/2 in Nov and Calif. Int’l Marathon (CIM) in Dec. Yikes!

  47. Short-term deadline: I need to finish a class syllabus before Friday morning’s faculty meeting. I sort of forgot to bring the textbook along on our trip to the mountains, so now I have approximately 24 hours to get it done. Oops.

    Next deadline: I’d promised myself I’d edit and submit an article before the summer was over. Obviously, that’s not going to happen with the semester starting on Monday, but I am going to get it out sometime in the next couple of months. I hadn’t counted on the fact that my brain would not be able to edit properly past 10 pm at night and that was the only kid-free time I had all summer (lest I sound like a whiner, the article is based on my dissertation, and my exhausted had-the-kids-all-day-and-the-baby-had-a-rough-night brain just couldn’t function to edit effectively. Half the reason it needs editing so badly is because I’d written large sections of it after 10 pm at night in the first place…). Anyhow, with the semester starting, I’ll be able to take an hour or two after I finish teaching to just write and edit and get those articles out there.

  48. I am returning to teaching after a year-long maternity leave…so I have to learn how to train and teach at the same time! And I joined the Turner’s Syndrome Foundation team and pledged to raise $500… No backing out now!

  49. School starting next week for my first grader, just started selling Thirty-one so I want to reach my goals for the new consultants, and I am running my first half-marathon Labor Day Weekend. Also, the normal daily life of finding time for three kids, working full-time, taking care of the house, finding a minute with my husband, and time to run. A day in the life!

  50. I’m a bridge engineer and this is our busy time to be out in the field inspecting bridges. Lots of deadlines and reports due all while keeping the kids happy and getting ready for back to school. I need to go for a run!

  51. Hmm, starting a new job next week, getting 3 kids ready for the start of school, training for my first half in October, and supporting my husband in his triathlon and marathon training. Running keeps me sane, most days it really is the easiest part of my day!

  52. Grant application, Mid-Tenure document, Teaching, Writing, new experiment, editing my graduate student’s thesis (ugh). Messy desk at home–bills to be paid! At least we finally got the lawn mowed, house sort-of picked up, laundry not too bad and food purchased. The 14-month old seems to be pretty manageable (today only, right?). Oh, and we’re going to do some landscaping DIY at our house. Good thing I’m a horticulture assistant professor (half way to TENURE!!!) and this is my area of expertise.

    On top of that, I’m a brand spankin’ new runner. I’m at the end of week 5 of Couch to 5K, but I already feel like a “runner” even though I’m super slow. It’s totally my me-time! I love that the super fit runner down the street who waves and says hi to me when I go running feels like a friend even though we’re not even close to the same running league. I’ve been watching and listening for a long while now and I can finally say that this Mother Runner community is amazing. So glad to be slipping into it at long last. Also? All that stuff up there? Totally manageable when I’m running. Ahh…

  53. Back. To. School. Oh, plus training for a half, leading our church’s mom’s ministry, running my etsy shop and helping host a holiday bazaar. But back to school is creeping up FAST! I only have 13 more days of summer with my kids! Time to squeeze in memories while I still have them in my own two hands!

  54. Thankfully my most recent deadlines just passed (huge event at work, new baby getting tubes and first day of school for the 6 year old – all within a week of each other), but I’m planning on doing my first Disney race in May. My sisters and I are wanting to do the Expedition Everest Challenge, but I’m finding it SO hard to find time to run at all with the craziness of life. I’m determined to not let my sisters down!

  55. I’m struggling with my deadline for training for the Nipmuck Trail Marathon. I’m way behind and have a feeling this marathon will be a struggle.

  56. I’m training for the Chicago Marathon in October and the Goofy Challenge (half on Saturday; full on Sunday) at Disney in January. I’m struggling to get as many miles in as I can while taking care of my 2 kids (3 years and 9 months) while working full-time. I definitely run to get away. πŸ™‚

  57. 28 more days until I’m due to give birth to our third amazing child. Hoping my body will quickly recovery so I can return to my 530am runs with the most awesome women’s running group in Duluth!

  58. My life is full of deadlines…but nothing awful right now. Half this Saturday that I hope to hit sub 2 (and PR), Grand Rounds in OB-Gyn 9/6 on non-pharmacologic treatment of depression in women, quad Cities full marathon 9/26, and Nike women’s full with my sister Oct 16th. Lots of running and talking about running! Otherwise, the big stuff doesn’t hit until later.

  59. Right now I’m training for a 1/2 marathon in November…the days are getting shorter, I work full time and it was 112 degrees in Phoenix today, which makes outdoor training runs a challenge. And….I just started a new position at work which is requiring long 11 hour days several times a week. Oh yeah, and my kiddo started kindergarten this week. Oh…AND my husband is simultaneously training for his 1st full marathon too. I think I’m being pulled in 962 different directions. But…I wouldn’t trade it for the world! And nothing puts me back in the right frame of mind like a good run – I’m so GLAD I have that November 1/2 marathon deadline – keeps me on track and the runs keep me from going certifiably insane!!

  60. Its not so much a deadline but in about two months I’m due to deliver my second child… Hard for that not to weigh on one’s mind πŸ™‚ and back, hips, bladder etc. especially while I’m still trying to run 3 days a week. I really want to keep in shape because I’ve signed up to run my first 26.2 next April and need to start training “ideally” one month post-partum *crosses fingers for an uncomplicated labor and delivery*.

  61. Oh my goodness–my parents are coming for a 17-day visit in 2 DAYS, I have to get my kids ready for new-school transitions (high school + middle school) PLUS get my own first-grade classroom ready (new room + new grade level!), figure out how I can be 3 places at one time on 8/31 when my husband (doh!) scheduled a major work event AT OUR HOME set to take place at exactly the time I have “Back to School Night” (not optional) at my school AND our son has Freshman Orientation… breathe!… breathing…

    …and then, after it’s all ready-to-go, my parents leave AND TheHub heads off on a 10-day work trip…seriously, everyone skidoos on the first day of school!

    Do you know what a 1st grade teacher needs every evening during the 1st week of school? Some wind beneath her wings, is what. πŸ˜‰

    OH! And my friends & I got into the Twin Cities Medtronic 10-mile race via a lottery drawing! So I *definitely* need to keep up the training for that!!! 10/2 is race day!! Woot!

  62. Let’s see, I’m the fundraising chair for our school and our largest income-generator is a workathon scheduled a week before my 2nd half-marathon in October. The following week our fall book fair rins, and of course no one wants to volunteer, so it’s usually all me. Throw in somewhat regular visits to my mom with dementia 2.5 hours away and the start of school with a 12 year old who made the JV soccer team for her school and two younger daughters (7, 8) at a different school and I’m ready to run away!

  63. I’m losing my job next year (good to have such notice, but bad because it’s totally de-motivating!) and in the next few months I am determined to upgrade my skills to make my job search easier!

  64. as i was talking to my running partner this morning, we both admitted we were feeling nervous for our 2nd 1/2 marathon on Sunday .. and probably at the same moment we both thought, and one of us said, that we didn’t want to feel the pressure to run it as fast as we did last time . .so i guess that took some pressure off, but i’m still feeling a bit nervous!

  65. I’m staring down the Chicago Marathon October 9th date. I fear my training is at the level it usually is and I’m freaking out. BUT, rest assured, come hell or high water, I will be ready race day!

  66. Getting my 3 kids ready for the new school year (school supplies, clothes, etc…). Also, training for my first 10k on Oct. 9th.

  67. I have a pretty stressful deadline, pressure, and obligation all wrapped into one—I just found out I’m pregnant!

  68. I’ve been training for my first half — Mother Road. And now…..I have a stress fracture of one of the little bones in my foot. No running for WEEKS!!! Oh no.

  69. My husband and I are leaving for a long weekend in Aruba in 2 weeks and we have so much to do! Our in-laws are staying at our house with our kids and I have to clean, do laundry, and grocery shop plus put together a fabulous wardrobe for our vacation. This is just abou the best kind of stress on earth! Aruba, here I come!! Woohoo! Oh yeah, and I’ve got to get my runs in for the half I’m training for…

  70. I have GOT TO find a job within the next 3 months. With the econemy the way it is , I amfreaking out! There are no job openings in my career field amdI am feeling the pressure!

  71. In the next two months, I will:
    train for an 8k after ITB injury
    Attend my 20th high school reunion
    Get a new boss, and my new boss will get a new boss
    Have my inlaws move in with us while my DMIL has radiation for breast cancer
    Watch my husband host a national conference for 2000 people
    Have my husband then leave for 10 weeks to train for a new job
    Chase a soon to be four year old
    Try not to crack up.

  72. I have the Bismarck Marathon on September 18… first marathon….that now with the course change has a 1 mile long 4% grade hill. IKES πŸ™‚

  73. My current pressure is that I must set a deadline for a stoopid project at work, when my honest opinion is that it should die a quick and quiet death instead of turning into an outdated, poorly written publication (I’m an editor). How about the 32nd of Never??? I’ve already gotten pushback on that. So now my best option is to rewrite it. How to become an expert on medication reconciliation in the next week or so? Sigh. I’d be inspired greatly by running in an awesome new shirt πŸ™‚

  74. I have less than 6 weeks until I run another half marathon…then a second one the following weekend! I’m not sure if I’m crazy or what! I ran both events last year but they were further apart…we’ll see how it goes!

  75. The past 3 years I’ve been a k-5 small group reading teacher. Yesterday I found out that due to a lack of funding I’ll be a 1st grade teacher. Wh wh what? Talk about pressure! A week from Monday I’ll have 22 little friends sitting in front of me and all I have is an empty classroom and a panicked mind. Trying to figure out where to start!

  76. Pressure of school starting for all my 5 kids, with some big milestones… twins starting kindergarten, daughter starting 5th grade (& momma needing to give her “the birds & the bees” talk soon), next son starting middle school, and oldest son now a junior in high school and ready to start driver’s training! Gulp!!! But my motto is “never let them (the kiddos) see you sweat!!! And that’s why I run…my reset button!!

  77. I’m running the Twin Cities 10 Mile on October 2nd and that is LOOMING over my head. I ran my first marathon back in June and got injured in the last few weeks of training. So after the marathon I took a little time off to heal and I’m paying for it now. I feel so slow and so sluggish and I am so regretting that I let myself relax for so much time after the marathon.

  78. Last week I agreed to work on a project at work in addition to my normal duties. I had NO idea what I was signing up for and quickly learned for the next 4 months…my life belonged to our training department! I am a manager of a team in a call center and the company I work for is reinventing our training curriculum. My job…which I did choose to accept the challenge…is to spend my “free time” reading over module after training module making sure the company that is creating it provides accurate information. I am finding that my normal duties, the additional project duties, training for a half marathon in November and getting my “OM” on a few nights a week after work is a bit much. Oh well…all will be finished in a few months and I believe the saying goes…”that which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

  79. I have a long to do list. But the one big item is to finish a manuscript for work. I have been procrastinating. I need to make a deadline for myself and just do it!

  80. I started running April 12th, the decision in itself to run was a miracle, since I have never been able to run, ever. I finished my first 5k in June and have been signed up for the Disneyland 5k in Jan. Last week I decided a 5k is not a challenge to be working toward and signed up for the Tinkerbell 1/2 marathon! As for deadline/challenges, I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old (woot! ) and I teach 32 fabulous sixth graders who keep me on my toes everyday!

  81. I’ve been a stay at home mom for nearly four years and I start a new job on Monday at my local community college. I’ll be teaching adults basic math. Excited and nervous!

  82. Gotta love August/September. It is always pressure time. So, I have end of quarter at work, 2 girl to get back to school ready, 2 girl scout troops bridging in September (yes, I am leader for both), & my first 10 mile & first half marathon coming. I could really use a clean running shirt πŸ™‚

  83. The next couple weeks/month are nothing but deadlines. I am a professor so my first deadline is Monday morning, when I not only have to have a syllabus ready for a brand new class, but I also have to have some semblance of a lecture prepared. August 31st is my next big deadline where I have turn in an end of year summary for a grant we received for the film festival I run (the work involved in getting the grant BTW is way more than the amount of money we received.) Next deadline is Sept. 1st, this is the due date for for a conference proposal for the BIG conference in my field. The conference is pretty competitive so the proposal needs to be GOOD. By the end of September I have to prepare PhD exams for 4 of my students (my first time ever doing this, a little nervous as no one gives you a handbook on how to be a good professor/mentor). October and November will be the exams and I have to quickly turn them around and prepare for the students’ oral exams. November, I have two articles due for publication. December means I will have to finish grading for the classes I am teaching and it is also the month of my 2nd HALF MARATHON!!!!

    Needless to say this semester is nothing but deadlines and I am already battling the stress induced insomnia (not good for training).

  84. My mom is in town for just shy of 2 more weeks which means I have to get every single doctor, dentist, chiropractor appointment in and finish all my dream summer projects before my crafty mom/babysitter leaves. Not to mention school starts in a few weeks and I’ve got to get both my son and myself (part-time preschool teacher) ready.

  85. My deadline is getting my classroom ready for my second graders! They’ll be here Monday! I love this time of year…new school supplies, setting up the classroom, having a fresh start. It’s the best!

  86. School starts Monday, and my room at school isn’t ready…and neither are my lesson plans. And of course, my daughter will be a big first grader Monday, so I have to make she’s ready (clothes, lunches, etc.) as well.

  87. Re-starting training for a 1/2 after my first full this past June (I really should have learned the word “maintenance” before now). Oops.

  88. I’d love one of your tees! There are a few still on my wish list! (Rise, run, rinse, repeat is at the top!) My looming deadline is the end of summer. So many “fun” things I wanted to do, and so many not so fun things that need to be done. Such is life, the next season always looks easier until you get there!

  89. Three deadlines I’m staring down — sending my eldest off to HIGH SCHOOL tomorrow morning! Yikes!, starting back to work teaching community college math next week, and running Chicago Marathon on 10/9. That one is almost as scary as the first.

  90. Imogene Pass Run from Ouray, Colorado to Telluride,Colorado 10 miles literally straight up and 7 miles down. All of which you must obtain by certain time limits or else you are disqualified.:/ September 10,2011. Most scenic run ever. πŸ™‚

  91. I’m a teacher who teaches at the school where her kids go. Needless to say, I’m excited to be going back to school to get away from my own two kids, then, soon enough, I’ll be looking forward to days off to get away from other people’s kids, lol! Looking forward to Lake Geneva and my first half! Yes, lots going on for this little lady!

  92. I have 2 BIG fundraising cycling rides I am participating in–a 51-mile ride at the end of this month (Venus de Miles), and a 70-mile ride in mid-September (Cystic Fibrosis Cycle for Life event). And since my daughter has Cystic Fibrosis, we are trying to make sure she has all of her necessary meds and equipment before we change health insurance on September 1st. Oh, and I am also volunteering as a personal motivator, helping a woman get started in her running, through the Skirt Sports KickStart program here in Denver. I will be running the SkirtChaser 5K with my athlete on October 1st and get to watch her cross her 1st finish line! Busy times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

  93. I’m training for my first 1/2, I’ve never ran over a 5k in my life and the weekend after next is my 3.5 mile run w/ USA Fit Cypress. After that it just keeps growing and growing and I’m so nervous and excited!

  94. Well, I am training for a 10miler on the 28th…. but also the Niagara Half-Marathon in October…it’s the dog days of summer and I have TOTALLY enjoyed my summer, but anticipating the beginning of the school year with excitement! I am a TEACHER and I TOTALLY admire all you stay-at-home Mothers! The two months in the summer exhaust me with my 3 and 6 year olds!

  95. Hmmm… Let’s see…
    Just home from 10 days in TX with the kids, in-laws were already here to help hubby begin pressure washing/treating our fence. Grocery shopping (because there wasn’t much left after we were gone for 10 days), school-supply shopping (because school starts in a week), cooking for 6, and helping out with the fence. Still haven’t unpacked, but I’m almost out of underwear so I’ll have to do that soon. Volunteering at a triathlon on Sunday, playdate on Monday, and need to schedule one more with a new mom in town (before school starts!). Teacher conferences on Tuesday.
    And the Friday before we went on vacation, we got our first stack of paperwork to fill out to BEGIN OUR ADOPTION! Woohoo!!!!

  96. The Portland Marathon is sneaking up on me and I almost feel like it is a project with an incredible deadline that I won’t meet. It is my first marathon so I already have butterflies and trying to scramble around to make sure everything is perfect. I got a new pair of shoes on Monday to make sure they would be good and broken in by race time. I don’t know if anyone else faces it the same way but I want to do all the Mother Runner’s proud! πŸ™‚

  97. My deadline isn’t really a deadline–just a hope of an end to some problems we keep having. Between expensive home repairs (new AC unit, among others) and auto repairs ($2600 on one vehicle and unknown amounts on another still in the shop), I feel like we are running a marathon trying to keep up with the day to day. I am SO ready for a break. Please let it be soon. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the great opportunity! I’ve wanted one of these tees for a while, just haven’t gotten one yet.

  98. Due date…. January!!! Would be great to sport a new tee as I start to run again after baby #2! I promise I’ll do my best to not struggle w/ moivation again!

  99. Well I am another mother runner that is for sure. I am feeling the pressure to train and perform. I am newly divorced with 2 kids and I am training for my final triathlon of the summer and for a 1/2 marathon in the fall. I want to impress my values onto my children and show them how I live a healthy lifestyle despite our new circumstances. My house is in the final stages of being purchased and we just moved into a new house. So time is not somthing I have in excess! Running is my way of dealing with our circumstances and I would not change a THING! Both of my kids just finished a Triathlon and my son’s first 5K in in 3 weeks. Kids are 8 and 5. We train together as a family and so far it is working! I am slightly injured, but I will not let that stop me from running with my kids. Pressure or no pressure! The race will go on and we will be crossing the finishline together!

  100. I have two big deadlines coming up: school starts on September 6th and I am teaching fourth grade for the first time in 6 years, and the Philly Marathon (my first) is on November 20th. Both events require immense preparation and commitment!

  101. My sister and I are trying to figure out which half marathon we want to do. We’re thinking about either the DRC or White Rock. We only have a couple of months to make up our minds!!!!

  102. Wow! This makes me crazy just thinking about what is ahead in the next month or two! Thanks for reminding me of how crazy I am to take on so much! πŸ™‚ Next week I have my first 50k trail run…a little scared but so excited about! Then the day after the race I start my fall semester of college. And in the midst of all this I am training for my first 70.3 in October! Still not all…I have 2 kids starting school next week and we are getting ready to get a pool built! Oh, and I work fulltime on the night shift! I just got tired thinking of all the training and craziness I am and will be going through in the next few months! Love the challenge, journey and pay off! πŸ™‚

  103. I feel like as moms we are constantly running from deadline to deadline and just trying to remember to breathe in between. I have plenty of deadlines at work that I try to not think about constantly while I am at home with my family. My son had to be potty trained to start pre-school in a few weeks, so we just took away the pull-ups a month ago…he seems to be doing well, but we’ll see how we make out on our 8 hour car trip next week! The school deadline is looming, so many forms to get completed, supplies to buy, and trying to keep my son upbeat about leaving his daycare and starting school – even though I’m so nervous for him. Luckily my son has the same teacher our daughter had, who we loved! I will remind myself to breathe.

  104. Deadline? Well, I’m training for the Divas Half Marathon in Puerto Rico in November… a much needed and looked forward to vacation with just the hubs and I, kinda like a second honeymoon… and I’m beginning my training in a month.

    Also, like Christina Joy, I homeschool my son… I’m still trying to get my plans ironed out, even though we started school this week and I don’t have all my books yet, and I’ve changed curriculum/educational philosphy a few weeks before school began! I must like to torture myself.

  105. Umm… I have soooo many self-imposed deadlines, like many other moms/runners. Ones that no one but me will know if I do not meet (exactly)… i.e. loads of laundry, changing the sheets before bed bugs set in, you know how it is. Anyway, anxiety over deadlines is *worse* than a deadline, if you ask me. I LOVE to run (3rd mara coming up in Oct.). I LOVE your blog, podcasts, and book. And I love the shirts… I hope I’m picked πŸ™‚ Just bein’ honest πŸ˜€ Can’t wait for TLAM – best wishes with your deadline ~ your labor of love is sure to be worth all of your effort! πŸ™‚

  106. My deadline is this coming Sunday, my first race since a leg injury in late April. Signed up for a 10k, thinking I still had a couple weeks to train for it (only been back to running for about a month and and just barely getting to 5 miles last week!). Oh well…6.44 here I come!!!! And thanks to you guys on FB-you all are pushing me forward-even if I don’t know you!! thanks so much!

  107. I am gearing up for my second Half Marathon…The Halloween Half Marathon in Stuart, Fl. However, I am slowly coming to remember why I backed out of this last year, with both of my kids in school and working full time and football practice every night, there is little time to get enough sleep to be awake enought to run in the morning! Of course, I am going to do everything I can to prevent myself from backing out a month before the race again this year! (at least I didn’t I didn’t pay the race fees last year..but I will be paying them early this year so I have no excuse to back out!)

  108. I homeschool our children and the new year needs to begin when Daddy starts back to school (he’s also a teacher). That means I have 10 days to get the year’s lesson plans done. Doable, right?

  109. I’m getting ready for my first marathon – Nike Women’s. That, in combination with the first day of school (I’m a teacher) is weighing heavily. I’m getting pretty worried about how to keep up with the most intense part of training and launching a successful school year at the same time.

  110. I’m training for my first half marathon – sept. 5. My husband and I are remodeling a space to open our photography/video studio, and we hope to be moved in by September 1.

  111. I have been off all sumer training for a tri which has hindered my half marathon training. Now i am on vaycay for a week, back to work the following week and then the half 2 weeks later…deadlines!

  112. My boss undoubtedly cannot go 48 hours without piling on more projects. She is a work a holic perfectionist who needs an outlet……running did not work so well for her. My enjoyable deadlines are my half and two full marathon training plans!

  113. My big deadline is my 1st Half Marathon on Sept 10th. I’m trying to juggle training, and my 1st born going to Kindergarten. I think I’m dealing with the Half better LOL

  114. Well, some how I managed to sign up for two major events within months of each other. August 27th I am competing in my first ever Sprint Tri. It will be in Charlotte NC. In October I am doing my first ever full marathon (Portland OR). As crazy as it sounds, training for both as worked out very well. The long runs have given my great endurance and stamina and all the cross training I have done has helped my to stay injury free. I am VERY nervous about both but even more grateful to be feeling strong excited for the adventures!

  115. Well, some how I managed to sign up for two major events within months of each other. August 27th I am competing in my first ever Sprint Tri. It will be in Charlotte NC. In October I am doing my first ever full marathon (Portland OR). As crazy as it sounds, training for both as worked out very well. The long runs have given my great endurance and stamina and all the cross training I have done has helped my to stay injury free. I am VERY nervous about both but even more grateful to be feeling strong excited for the adventures!

  116. I am an attorney in a one woman practice. I’m always swamped with deadlines. Couple that with the kids’ back to school madness and I’m feeling a little crazy.

  117. I am an On-the-Go Mom of two (ages 12 & 6). I’m also a military spouse. My husband is currently on deployment, so I have my hands full. Between all the summer camps, play dates & fun outtings; I try to squeeze in a run, always keep my shoes and socks in the car. πŸ˜€ It helps me to handle all that life gives me.

  118. I’m relatively new to my company (3 months) and we’re about to go on a hiring blitz for the fall. Problem is, we don’t have a training program. With a very complicated product and high pressure to deliver impeccable service, they opened a training and development position that I WANT. My deadline is to deliver a creative, innovative, first-of-it’s-kind training program to my boss ASAP so I can make the job title mine before she hires someone else. It’s the worst kind of deadline-no idea when it is, so I have to think like it’s always a day away. Yet I have to make sure I’m spending time on my current position and creating a quality product that will show her what I can do. Eeeek!

  119. My deadline is my 10 yr high school reunion on October 22! I have 10 more post-baby pounds to shed before then and would love to be down to my High School weight by then! Yikes! Just started running again a few weeks ago so I appreciate the inspiration!!

  120. I am 40 years old and just started running for the first time ever in April. I am participating in the Women’s Run/Walk training program at Shelby Farms so my goal is to be able to run the entire graduation 5k the Saturday after Labor Day. We’re up to running 7 minutes at a time and wow it’s hard so I’m a little scared, but I know I can do it. I’m very determined – my hubby calls it hard-headed :).

  121. I’m still a newbie runner with just one official 5k under my belt. I was planning on running another 5k October 1st. Meanwhile, I’ve been able to work up to a little over 4 miles with an eventual plan to work up to a 10k. Unfortunately I have an IT band issue right now and it’s mild but I am worried that I’ll lose my stamina for 4 miles, or maybe even 3, since I’m not very seasoned.

  122. I just finished training to complete my first Tri–woot!woot! I just got the Chaos(how I lovingly refer to my boys) back in school, got a half marathon in October and one in December, got a promotion at work and trying to plan a wedding..just like you ladies always foot in front of the other!

  123. I’m currently training for a half marathon which is also a part of my training plan my first full marathon (half in Sept in Omaha, full in December). I’m ok with the half since I’ve done that distance before, but freaking out a little about the full. Also I just started volunteering with the Red Cross which doesn’t have a deadline, but after being a full time mom for the past 10 years, going back to being gone part of the week and then running my 3 boys around with school and sports…well, I’m a little frazzled. The training has been a blessing (my “me” time). Looking forward to getting my paws on your new book!

  124. I have a self imposed deadline- after having my 2nd baby last sept, I gave myself 1 yr to get back to where I was (13.1 12 weeks prego). SOOOOOO Sept 28th and I should be at about 10 mi. heres to hoping big!!!

  125. I am training for my first half-marathon in October, having only recently run a 5K for the first time in my life. So every weekend a challenge is there for me to overcome! This Saturday it’s 5 miles and I’ve found some other mother runners to meet up with me so I have a group to keep me going. 5 miles sure seems like a lot, so 13.1 is looking pretty scary right now! Thanks for all of your inspiration and motivation.

  126. I am a ex-long distance runner (college) who fell off the running wagon, got married, had two kiddos, and am trying to get back on the running wagon now that the kiddos are starting school in 2 weeks! Which unfortunately is extremely tough after so many years, but here I go…. :0) At this point my motto is that finishing is an accomplishment, the times will come the more I run… I hope… :0) Run Like a Mother is currently on my nightstand and I am working toward a 5K that is 8/27!!!

  127. School starts for the three of the four of us in two weeks and my first Olympic Tri is approaching. A big September race seemed like such a good idea before August started.

  128. My deadline is Saturday at 6:30.. To try and overcome the heat to run my first summer 5k since moving to Georgia from Michigan…this heat is hard to acclimate to…wish me luck

  129. what’s my deadline, obligation or pressure? the start of school on Tuesday, 8/23 and we don’t have the standard shopping done (needs – new undies and socks for two kids, one backpack, lots of college ruled filler paper, pencils, cap erasers, pink pearls, flash drives, etc…..) and I’m on vacation…………….gotta squeeze in dentists visits for kiddos and getting physical forms signed by the pediatricians office before they run their first cross country meet on the first day of school

    not stressing too much yet, so I’m gonna go run, have a beer and enjoy the sunset now
    Carolyn in NC

  130. My deadline in Monday – I start work again after the summer off. I am a school psychologist and we have to get in to the buildings 5 days before the teachers, etc. πŸ™ It’s a bit lonely at the beginning of the school year! And of course summer is just kicking into high gear here in the PNW!

  131. Where do I begin?…I am a freelance designer with serious and awesome clients that want things yesterday. Cranking out wellness and healthcare enrollment pieces daily and barely sleeping. Plus I have two little ones and and a husband who needs me.Sneaking runs in the a.m. is the only way I am grounded and I am training for another full in October and a half in Sept. It is 20 miles or bust this Sat.! I have often thought that I need a shirt that says, “I should be committed.” But I am all leveled out after a good 6 miles. HA! No medication needed.

  132. My first ever triathlon!!!! I have a quiet competitive streak and knowing I flat out can’t compete on a crappy bike just gets under my skin!!!! And it’s 20 frigging miles y’all, on the frigging bike! I thought I’d be freaked out over the swim bur I’m not! Did I mention the swim is in a lake where there are alligators??? Welcome to south Louisiana…but yeah I’m worried about the bike!!! Go figya!!

  133. October 16th!! That day is hanging out there right now. My first marathon. Nike Womens Marathon. I think I need to rethink training in the sweltering Arizona summer! This may be my first and last Nike Marathon, unless they change the date or I move to cooler weather!

  134. I’m a 6 month old runner and have signed up for the St.Jude Half on Dec. 3rd. Whew–that makes me nervous!!!! So nervous! So nervous!!!!! I keep telling myself… Like the litle train that could… You can do it…you can do it!!! Hopefully, I will be able to finish with pride!!!!!;)

  135. Wow! So many deadlines it’s hard to just pick one! Running my first half-marathon (St Jude’s in Memphis) this December, teaching my classes at Community College begins next week, kids started school this week (1st grade and 6th grade)……and it seems that my calendar is packed from now until 2020. Giving my first two webinars this year, presenting at a national conference, and hoping to finish this pesky dissertation by May 2012. Wish me luck girls! I TRULY RUN TO KEEP FROM RUNNING AWAY!….STRESS RELIEF IS MY MOTIVE!

  136. Don’t hate, but I just turned in two freelance articles yesterday!! Deadline complete! But I also signed up for a 10K yesterday (run is in Oct), so I’m looking forward to that! Also, must paint my bathroom and re-install the toilet before I go crazy sharing with everyone else. πŸ™‚ Always something at home, isn’t it? Looking forward to the sequel! I just finished your book this weekend.

  137. I am training for my first half marathon on September 18th. I am a teacher and just went back to work and am very worried about how to get my training in the next few weeks while working, taking care of the family, kids in school.

  138. Just moved, so while my deadline isn’t set in stone, I have to get the mountains of boxes unpacked, sorted and stowed, all with the help of a 3 year old who delights in helping by putting back in boxes all the things I take out. It feels like a never-ending task. At leaset daily runs keep me sane.

  139. A deadline that I am challenging myself with is ’40 days to a Personal Revolution.’ It means practicing yoga, meditating and eating clean for 40 days straight. It’s something I always wanted to do, and I am hoping my take home message will be to ‘let it go!’ I struggle as a single mother of a 4 yr old, working full time and not living near family and friends. I want to do this for me, to be a better mother and person all around. One who is slow to anger, and can remain calm during stressful times, like today, when you think you are going to the doctor just for a 4 yr well check, and end up getting referred to a pedriatric cardiologist. Life is always full of challenges, that will never change, but the way I react to them can πŸ™‚

  140. The end of my academic quarter, the toughest one so far with classes I hate, is at the end of the month. I’m so behind….can’t I run and study at the same time?

  141. I am making big decisions at work about career direction and need to do it in the next two weeks! Nothing like a little timeline to put the pressure on! Thank goodness for the psychotherapy of running with my Bestie!

  142. I have a half marathon on Sept. 11 (my second one this year!) and the Army Ten-Miler race on Oct. 9. Thu far, I’ve only squeaked out 2 10-mile long runs and have 13 on tap for this weekend. I’m not only freaked out by the upcoming races, but also the 13-miler this weekend. What if I bonk? What if the humidity is killer this weekend, as forecast? What if I can’t finish my training run? I only have 3 long runs left! What if….?!?!?

    The weather this summer has been so hot & humid that my training and my pace have suffered greatly and my morale is in the toilet. Is it obvious?!? πŸ™‚

  143. Everyone going back to school at our house. One in college, one in high school, one in junior high, and one in elementary. And this mother runner is a teacher, and getting ready for the Disney 1/2. Enough said

  144. Hmmm…kids starting school (I am *NOT* ready to have a child in kindergarten). Marathon Nov 5 where I have publicly stated I will finish in under 4 hours. Gotta get busy & speedy!!

  145. Workin toward my 2nd half on 9/13!!! I would looooove another mother runner shirt & would wear it proud!! Thanks!
    Blue grass, IA
    Mom to 3 precious boybarians πŸ™‚

  146. I’ve been frantically trying to figure out my workout routine. Summer break is nearly over…which means back to work for me, start of kindergarten for one, back to daycare and preschool for another, and a new job for hubby which requires so much travel he will never be able to do drop off or pick up. OH, and I’m taking graduate courses. The pressure I’m feeling is to take this insane schedule and block off 30 minutes for me 5 times a week to stay a healthy and happy (and hot!) momma!

  147. After getting my BS seven years ago, I’m going back to school to get a degree in something actually useful… And my program starts on the 29th! Sooo much to do before then. Also, my husband and I are running the VA Beach rock ‘n roll half marathon on September 4th, and our little guy is teething, and therefore waking up at all hours of the night, which makes early morning runs far more difficult.

  148. I wish I had a firm deadline for when my IT band will let me run (I mean really RUN) again. After 2 1/2 months of PT, I’m very frustrated. I have signed up for a 5K on Sept. 24, so here’s hoping that I can at least jog through it.

  149. I am a teacher. School starts Monday. There is curriculum that I need to teach but I have no information, Teacher Editions, nothing. The people who are suppose to be incharge of the whole thing no nothing either. I am stressed. I’m training for a 1/2 in November. I’m too tired to run but I’m doing it anyway.

  150. I’m running my very first 10K on Labor Day. I’m slow. Very slow. Slower than slow actually and if i can finish in between 1:30 and 1:45 I’ll be a happy girl. And I already signed up for my first half-marathon. The Zooma Atlanta. How’s that for optimism. They are asking every one to finish in under 3:30. bwahahahahaha…. I’m scared but hopeful.

  151. My deadline that is looming is for work….I process payroll, and I’m coming upon another deadline to get our consultants paid! πŸ™‚

  152. My deadline is a self-imposed one; only three weeks left of summer vacation, and so many things I haven’t done with my girls yet! We need to shoe-horn all those lazy days of summer kind of activities into the last few weeks.

  153. I homeschool my 3 children, ages 9, 7, and 5. I work full-time as a Paramedic and I am training for my first half marathon. I have daily deadlines of getting lessons taught to the kids and weekly deadlines for my training schedule. And hopefully all the other stuff gets fit in there too.

  154. I am feeling the crunch with my first full marathon on August 27th, professional development days (I’m a third grade teacher.) and back-to-school night August 30th and 31st, packing up my 92 year old grandma as she has sold the home she’s lived in for 64 years, flying with her on Sept. 2 to her new place in Florida, first day of school on Sept. 6 and my oldest son starts kindergarten! Whew! I’m feeling the crunch, but all of the craziness is for positive causes and life events. Good luck on the book, girls!! Cannot wait to purchase and read your next awesome resource. πŸ™‚

  155. Oh the pressure! I am training for 2 full marathons (my first & second ever!), the second being NYC with the Shoe4Africa team- so I have to raise some serious $$! Almost halfway there, but planning a few more fundraisers. So between fundraising, training, working part-time and most important, raising 2 of the most adorable & ACTIVE little boys ever, I am one busy mama! But I love it all & wouldn’t change a thing! OK, maybe a few extra hours in each day…

  156. My boys start school tomorrow, I start school on Monday. I want to do a 1/2 this fall, but can’t get into the groove of training. I could go on, and on, and on….

  157. I’m running my 1st 1/2 marathon on Sunday and I still can’t even bring myself to think about it. I’ve only been running for a year and am so nervous about it I may actually vomit. This coupled withe starting a new job after being at home with my babies for 7 years, sending my baby to grade 1, and just generally being overwhelmed…I just think I’ll curl up in the fetal position and hope it all works out.

  158. MCM is October 30th, my first day back at school is 9/1 (I’m a teacher) and I have two boys going back after Labor Day (waah, my baby is going to kindergarten) who require back-to-school supplies, clothing, shoes, etc. What am I stressed about? Getting in my LONG runs! 20 miles tomorrow – eek!

  159. My husband is in the military and we are going to have to move all the way across the country from RI to CA with two toddlers in tow. πŸ™

  160. Getting ready for school to start on the 24th & I am preparing to switch positions at work in two weeks. I am also preparing for my first sprint tri on August 28, my first century bike ride on Sept. 11, and another half marathon on Sept. 24th.

  161. Well I could say I have a lot as well. In three days, I have the Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon–fifth time and hoping it is a charm and a PR. Also, I am teacher so I am working on getting my classroom and lesson plans prepared before my students come to meet me on Open House next Friday. Plus I have changed grades so new curriculum to learn and I signed myself up for a 40K Triathlon at the beginning of October. I did my first Olympic Tri in June in Philly and I got the bug to do more so I signed up two weeks ago to do this little over an Olympic distance. Busy, busy, busy plus the Army Ten Miler and Hot Chocolate 15K, too.

  162. I regsitered for a triathlon at the end of September that I have not been training very well for!! That deadline is looming!!!!!!!

  163. I am training for my 3rd half marathon this year. I am the mom of 5 children and ran the first two with my daughter. During my 10 months of training I lost 34 pounds. Now my daughter has left for college and I need to train on my own. I plan to make her proud and stick with my running.

  164. Well, this week is start of preschool for one, start of Kindergarten for another, and end of one job and start of a new one for me. Crazy busy week!

  165. For the first time in 4 years I am not staring down my OWN back to school deadline (graduated magna cum laude in June, while working full time and being married with 2 kids,) merely my KIDS back-to-school countdown.
    And a measly half marathon on 9/24 πŸ˜‰

  166. My first born started Kindergarten today and I’m Co-Directing my 1st 5k race. Trying to balance our new schedule, race to do list, Mommy to do list and keeping up with mileage. After missing a few runs in a row and nearly having a meltdown at home I realized I have to schedule in my training for my sake and my families. Even though I have important deadlines up ahead it’s my daily therapy session and it must be a priority.

  167. Our running trio- all in education are starting new positions. One ESOL promotion, 2 returning to the classroom after 6 years as SAHM. AND Monday, we start training for our first marathon!!

  168. Well, let’s see. My employer is off-shoring jobs and no one really knows when they will be laid off. A co-worker (and good friend) is leaving voluntarily, putting me a in lurch for a big project that we’re ramping up. And, my mother-in-law is coming for a visit this weekend. I foresee a long run in my near future… πŸ™‚

  169. First half marathon for me November 6th. Few months away but I feel like it’s approaching quick and my motivation isn’t where it should be.

  170. Well, let’s see…i have. 1 year old son, David, whois my pride and joy. Married 5 years to ,y college sweetheart. I have my first 5k on sunday, then i have my pediatric advanced life support training and final exam next week. (oh did I mention I am a full time Emergency Room Nurse? Haha) my husband starts back to school for his last year at univerity of richmond, and that is gonna put a severe damper on my workout schedule. We’ve even started stroller strides so that i can get my workout in, have some grown up conversation and not feel like i am totally ignoring my child. Plus, he likes the swings after wards. So my deadline would be trying to make sure that i pass these tests, not just for me, but for the well being of my family, and for those little. Ones that cross path in the last place any mother runner would want to see them go. Now to go work on my drug calculations!

  171. preparing my 3 for school ~ and going back to work (since my 16 year old was born) happening in the next 3 weeks…. EEEEK!

  172. Besides the work deadline I found out about today (budgets are due on MONDAY?!), I am trying to simultaneously train for my first duathlon at the end of September and my 5th half marathon, they are within a week of each other. All while working full time, commuting an hour each way, raising two small kids…sound familiar?!

  173. Running related: The Applefest 5K in 3 weeks, I need to beat my brother in law this time (I was 5 seconds behind him at the last 5K, but he’s 10 years younger than me and former Army, so I’m counting it as a victory!)

    Home related: First Day of First Grade for my oldest in 2 weeks!

    Work related: I need to pack my entire cube by Friday, so they can move me while I’m on vacation next week. I found out TODAY I need to pack. I’ve been there 16 years and I have 16 years of crap, this is going to be interesting!

  174. My looming deadline is to order a wetsuit for a tri at the end of the month. If the weather stays warm, I don’t need it, but if temps suddenly get colder, I don’t want to get caught without one when it’s too late! I can just picture dragging three kiddos all over town to find a last-minute rental…

  175. My deadline – school starts again in 2 weeks. I promised myself that I would revamp my science and art curriculum this year. Art is done, science isn’t quite done. Must finish soon!

  176. Deadline I’m most looking forward to? Another marathon in October. Deadline that’s looming and I’m dreading? Crazy family coming to stay for a week in less than 2 weeks.

  177. I work for a university research center, our orientation is looming and I’m responsible for a lot of the transition as new people arrive and the school year starts. Add to the mix two young kids who are being shifted between all kinds of crazy camp and daycare summer schedules and a husband who has deadlines of his own. I can’t wait for September when things get back to…..normal?

  178. Finishing up all of the summer activities for the kids and trying to finish all of my work that needs to be done so that we can get packed and go on vacation to Yellowstone the last week of summer! Too much to do, and too little time … just looking at the goal of a “vacation” helps to keep me going, but this shirt would help too πŸ™‚ .. Woot Woot!

  179. St George Marathon….6 weeks away, a whole season of waiting and training and now I’m just nervous that I won’t be able to hit it.
    Also, more pressing right now is the 1/2 finished 5 gallon paint bucket just waiting to be put up on the walls…

  180. My deadline doesn’t have a set-in-stone date yet. But it will most likely be two weeks after Easter, which seems so far away but with all the work I have to put in it won’t be. I am heading up the organization of the CROP Hunger Walk Pensacola FL 2012. I’m looking forward to the challenge and the end result of raising money for our local food shelter but am dreading the work.

  181. So many pressures! We just moved to a new city which means new schools for both my daughters. Finding doctors, orthodontists, swim teams,hair stylists and most importantly a new running partner. I have a half marathon looming early November and am missing my next door neighbor who was always waiting for me before dawn at the end of my driveway. Been hard running solo and training for the half alone is harder! Trying to keep up the motivation and reading your posts always helps.

  182. I’m the president of women’s ministries at my church (a middle sized church so a pretty large job) and we have a class coming up to teach hand sewing. It just seems very chaotic and unorganized but I think we’re doing ok. I’m just nervous especially since I won’t be there because I’ll be at the expo for a half marathon. lol

  183. I have my first half-marathon on October 15th. I am getting nervous but I am only half way through my training. I am hoping I am able to complete the race running.

  184. Deadlines…. hmmm… my husband and son are out of town for the next few days.. I only have 3 days to pamper myself! Haircut today, massage tomorrow…. no really…. school starts soon and as a teacher at an independent school I have the opportunity to write my own curriculum – lots of freedom, but ack.. lots of freedom! so I sit here, as my house is finally quiet to work…. ugh! School starts whether I am ready or not. Thank goodness for running… training for my 2nd Half.. more nervous about this one than the 1st one (now I know what to expect!)…. I want to do well, I want to nail the hills and post a faster time.. not sure if that is all possible at once… while still doing the mom thing, the wife thing, the work thing…. always something!

  185. My quickly approaching deadlines are just about here. My first Marathon is October 9 – The Chicago Marathon and then I’m heading to San Francisco the next week to do the Nike Women’s Marathon! Crazy but super excited!

  186. i still can’t decide on a preschool for my daughter, i will be baby sitting 2 boys in addition to my own 2 children starting in a couple of weeks, all while under going neurological testing for MS.

  187. I’m a teacher in a new school and new grade. I have only a couple of days to get the room and my mind ready. I’m already having school dreams and minor heart twinges. My second half marathon in is 6 weeks. YIKES.

  188. A deadline I’m looking forward to – next week I hand in the final two papers for my masters degree. I’ve been working on it since I was pregnant with my first child – who turns 6 next month…

  189. I am currently 8 weeks into training for my second 10k in September and then my first half-marathon in November. Eeek! I’m still a little intimidated by the half, but I am confident that my body can show my mind who’s boss πŸ™‚

  190. I am currently 20 wks pregnant and just started running again due to miserable morning sickness and lethargy. As I get back into the swing of things I feel many looming things and deadlines. I plan to run the womens half marathon here in AZ the 1st Sunday in November. But I struggle knowing how hard just being pregnant has been thus far. Here’s to the ultimate deadline childbirth!! πŸ˜‰

  191. I’m training for my first 5k on October 2nd. We’ll be celebrating my twin girls 2nd birthday the day before so I’m sure I’ll need to burn off some stress.

    I love your book and the tees! Can’t wait to read the next one!

  192. I am training for my first 1/2 marathon on Sept 17th, but I start college on Aug. 22nd full time. I am hoping to continue my regular training schedule as well. I have one preschooler and one first grader. We are also attempting to do at least a 5k per month this entire year. So far we have managed.

  193. Where do I begin. I am doing the Rockies Warrior Dash on Saturday, which really isn’t a big deal, other than running a 5K with obstacles at 9500 ft. But the big thing that is looming is the Iron Girl triathlon in Boulder CO on the 27th. Due to military obligations and life just getting in the way, I am in no way ready for a 1/4 mile swim, 17.2 mile bike and 5k run. I thought about not doing the tri but I am not a quitter so my goal is to tough it out and hopefully finish before the 90 year old, who by the way, kicked butt last year. After the triathlon I start training for my first half marathon in December, the Vegas Rock N Roll Half marathon.

  194. I have 3 half marathons coming up. (also 2 5K’s but I’m doing those with my daughter who is 7 so those don’t count. LOL!) 10/1 Run Like a Girl in Bellingham, WA, 10/29 Salty’s Alki Half Marathon in Seattle, WA and then on 11/27 I’ll be doing the Seattle Half Marathon (in Seattle, WA obviously). I just keep on training! I read your book and you’ve inspired me to maybe do a full within the next year or so.

  195. I’m doing my 2nd triathlon on september 10th just a few days after my 3 kids ages 4, 8, 10 start school. Should be an interesting week! Glad it is a taper week with everything else going on!!! Best wishes on your book deadline!

  196. I have a CT scan on my chest next week to check on a spot on my lung they found during an unrelated test… that’s the biggest pressure I have on me right now! This comes right as I was getting back into running more regularly and starting to train for a 10K this year, a half in the spring and a marathon next spring!

  197. going back to work! i have been a stay at home mama for 8 years, the kids are both in school so it was time, although I think I found the perfect gig (my workout schedule will NOT change!)

    i also have my second half ironman coming up on 9/11

  198. My big deadline is the start of the new school year in a week. Not only am I a runner, with three kids, I also work full time at an elementary school and am in grad school full time. In the next week of vacation from school and work, I want to get my office organized, including all of the filing I neglected last year, and get everything organized at home. This semester is going to be rough, and I want to minimize my stress! Hopefully my effort (interspersed with lots of relaxing time still!) will allow me to start out work and school with less pressure.

  199. Deadlines….Wow. Such a crazy scary word-should be called starting line. We are at the starting line of our new school year, not until Sept. 6th. Back to school for the kids and back to me bus driving all the kids…as well as a countdown to a 10k trail run this weekend and a 1/2 marathon trail race the 27th. Happy Hump Day!

  200. I was layed off from my elementary teaching job last spring after teaching part-time for 3 years. I got a recall notice on Sat. for a full time in middle school. Ahhhh! I have 5 year old twins starting Kindergarten. I have to decide by 8/25 to either take the job or decline and be removed from the recall list. So my decision is be a mom or a teacher.

  201. I found out at the end of the school year that my son (3 yrs old) got a place at the preschool of my dreams. The only problem he has to be potty trained. He was at the point that he could go on the potty, he just didn’t want to stop playing long enough to go to the bathroom. It was an emotional roller coaster but last week he finally got the hang of it! Monday we have the readiness “interview”, one week before the interview he got potty trained.

  202. Trying to find someone to watch my children over Labor Day weekend, so I can go on an all-expense-paid vacay with my best friend. It’s not looking promising. πŸ™

  203. I started a new job on August 1 and my oldest child, my daughter, is leaving for college in just a few days. So, not only am I adjusting to a longer commute and a new job, my daughter and I have to pack up all her things and move her 1500 miles away, all within the same month. I actually have added miles to my weeks because I can’t sleep anyway so I might as well get up and run. I also am kinda sorta planning on running the Empire state half marathon in Syracuse so I can go and visit her in just a few months!

  204. My boys start school next month, and that is definitely the deadline I am dreading. It’s not school, per se, but rather all the sports and activities that go along with it that I DREAD!! Between school, homework, sports and activities for 3 boys and a husband that doesn’t get home until after they’re all in bed, I should lose my sanity by the middle of September. I LOVE SUMMER!!

  205. I am training for my first half marathon – New Orleans Jazz scheduled Oct 29. I am super nervous, as my longest distance is 8.5 miles and I consider myself a new runner!

  206. The Zooma Great Lakes 1/2 Marathon which just happens to be my FIRST half marathon ever!!! I’m training hard and trying to get myself ready. I’m a half virgin and a newbie runner so this is a BIG challenge for me. Before starting any training, I read your RLAM book which really helped me (SO MUCH!!!) get myself prepared for this amazing journey! I consider myself a BAMR and can’t wait for your new book! I’m sure it’ll be fantastic!

  207. Graduating with my Masters in Theology (it took me 10 years people)! Running my first marathon. Going to Israel for 2 weeks. And putting on my first ever benefit auction for the non-profit my husband and I run. All this on the same month this Fall! Yikes!

  208. I am feeling the pressure to be mother and father while my husband, Adam, trains and prepares for deployment in February. Very stressful as a full time mom, working mom and taxi! All this builds your character, right? At least, thats what I hear!!

  209. I have a deadline…Monday at 7:20 my summer officially ends. My son starts middle school and I go back to work as an 8th grade math teacher. 75 students will walk in and out of my room that day bringing all the baggage that they bring…I KNOW they will learn and pray that they grow!

  210. If I didn’t have deadlines, nothing would get done. In fact, my husband claims that if it weren’t for his help, I’d still be sitting in my freshman year dorm on the couch waiting to move (that was 14 years ago!).

    Currently, I’m juggling work deadlines (producing an annual report and new branding) and two races – a 10 miler and my first-ever half. The good news is I’m righ on schedule with work and training – deadlines work for me!

  211. October 16th! I am 41 years old, just started running this year and less than 9 weeks away from my first half marathon. Yikes!!!!! I am still out of shape and training is intimidating with just puting my first 10k behind me a couple of weekends ago. I often wonder if I can do this… but then remind myself that I am a strong woman and need to be a role model for my daughters. I can do this… I am behind the 8-ball like a mad woman but I am in it to complete it!

  212. Warrior Dash in 4 weeks and a half marathon the end of October. All while being a proud Army wife with 2 young children to raise.

  213. Coordinating the annual Fun Run fundraiser for my son’s school is making me crazy right now! Sponsors, t-shirts, volunteers, prizes, etc. have taken over my life and house. Ack!!

  214. I have got two big ones! The deadline for my last assignment of my grad school career is Friday. And one of the biggest races I have ever done (post-baby no less) is this Saturday. Just a little something called the Pikes Peak Ascent. What have I gotten myself in to???

  215. I have my VERY FIRST half marathon on 9/18 (Rock’N Roll Philly) followed by my SECOND half on 10/2 (Diva half in Long Island) and a local 5K for a group of mother runners running their very first 5k. All of this right after returning back to work for the school year and having to leave my boys at my moms all day :*(

  216. So that I can graduate in May, I need to finish one dissertation chapter and outline the next on in the next 4-6 weeks.

  217. Uh – two half marathons in a 5 week span (10/9 and 11/5). I’m freaking out. I ran my first ever this past May and these two sprang up at the same time and instead of deciding between the two, I think I’m going to do both. My training has kicked into high gear just as summer camp is winding down for my 4 year old and her preschool open house is next week. Holy crap!! (and I cannot WAIT to get my hands on the TLAM book! So excited!)

    1. I get to re-up my pediatric written board exam. Yippee. Not. At least I have the Warrior Dash at Copper Mountain this weekend!

  218. my deadline is this sunday. half marathon #3 for the san diego triple crown. I started running just a year ago and its changed my life.

  219. I am most stressed about my son starting 1st grade….it’s going to be so different not having him at home all day…I get teary eyed just thinking about it. πŸ™

  220. I am training for my first half marathon in October. Things were going swimmingly until disaster struck and I was out of the game for 3 weeks with pneumonia! GAH! When I finally was able to get out there and run, I totally overdid it, doing a total of 8 HILLY miles in less than 12 hours (I’m still fairly new to running and have only ever done 6.75 in one outing). By the time I was done the last mile, I could barely walk. My knee was a total mess and I was limping for days. I took about a week off and tried again. 2 short miles on the track was all I was thinking but after about a quarter mile, the pain was back times about a million. I could barely walk and stairs were not happening at all. So I got my butt to an orthopedist who decided I have a VERY pissed off tendon. After a LOT of ice and Advil, I have been cleared and can very slowly start running again. So, long story short (not really at this point, right???) I now have 9 weeks to strengthen my knee and learn how to run 13.1 miles!

  221. The biggest deadline I have is a marathon October 2nd-and with school starting and various other commitments, I’m trying to figure out squeezing in my last few long runs before the race!

  222. My biggest deadline is training for my first triathlon while running a household, raising 3 boys to be responsible and polite men, and working!! Honestly, working gets in the way of my life sometimes!! But, my first super sprint triathlon is Sept. 11 and there are so many unknowns!! I think of a dozen new questions daily!!

  223. Deadlines bearing down? How about my sister’s wedding on the other side of the country this weekend (for which I managed to lose a whopping .10 lbs)? Or the first day of school for 3 out of 5 the day after I get back? Or hubby’s FORTY FIRST birthday Sept. 2. Or the half I’m running on Sept. 11? Or… Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a shirt!!!

  224. Deadlines, obligations, pressures, oh my! My husband has been out of work since January and unemployment runs out next month, my daughter starts 1st grade next week, I’m training for a 1/2 marathon in October and a full in November, while nursing a separated shoulder from falling off my bike last month. My 3-year-old son is acting up and licking anything and everything in sight, I’m so scared he’s going to get sick! The icing on the cake is that I hate my job and am looking for a new one, but I’m scared because my husband doesn’t have any prospects, so I fell like I’m basically stuck with this one until he gets a job. Thank goodness for my running groups! Who cares that it’s 101 outside!

  225. Kindergarten for our daughter. She has been attending preschool, but I’m not ready for all day Kindergarten!

    We are also attending an out-of-state wedding before school!

  226. Of late, I feel like life is a series of deadlines – the big ones looming right now? A proposal to write to hopefully land a new client (though I’m conflicted cause I’m not sure I’m ready to dive back into working full time). Back to school is the other biggie tight now because it means my youngest is going off to Kindergarten – and while I’m sure he’s ready, I’m almost certain I’m not!

  227. My number one is my marathon on October 1st. I have such a fear that something will happen to me before then that will render the past 12 weeks of hard work totally useless. That would stink.
    Other than that, the unfortunate end of Summer coming up as I have to send kids back to school next week, and the return to REAL real life as hubby’s quarter off of nursing school draws to an end and he heads back to school the first week in October. Gotta finish up any and all looming projects before he is back to classes and clinicals five nights a week and I go back to single parent duty. Man it’s been nice having a husband around again for a couple of months…..

  228. Well, I was training for my first 10k, and last week I reached 10k training distance, so my dear training partner (who is training for the half marathon in the same race) decided that I would be much more fulfilled on race day if instead of the 10k, I completed the half along side her. πŸ™‚ So, I said YES and on Oct. 16th we will be kicking off for the Walla Walla Marathon. Ive only been running for 8 weeks and I am so in love with this sport it makes me weepy each time I increase my distance. πŸ™‚

  229. homework…the never ending deadline!
    plus half marathon #3..coming up September 4
    plus being team mom for 2 soccer teams and having to get all ready for opening game..uniforms, banner, website, sponsor

    just typing this gives me a migraine

  230. My son’s Eagle scout project. He began working on it in May, and he is planning on getting it installed in September. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel…

  231. The deadline on the horizon for me is my first half marathon on October 1st. I feel positive that I’m gonna finish (barring injury), however, I’m worried about what I’m going to focus on starting October 2nd…..

  232. Deadline #1…Labor Day….My 5-month old will be going to daycare. She’s been at work with me for the last 3 months, and it will be hard to say goodbye, but as you all know, a full-time job with baby in tow is no walk in the park. Maybe I will get some work done.

    Deadline #2…October 9….My first 1/2 marathon. I have run longer distances, but not this soon after having a baby. In fact, today is my 80th day in a row of running. I feel freakin’ fantastic.

  233. School! Starts next week, SO not ready. well, maybe not. Ready for a couple less kiddos during the day, NOT ready to get everyone up and ready for the day. Really must get school supplies….

  234. 3 big deadlines for me – finishing my summer class that I am currently teaching and getting everything graded by next Wednesday, getting everything ready for my kids’ birthday party (a combined party since their b-days are within 2 weeks of each other), and training for a 1/2 marathon for September 17. And my husband is finishing up 2 of his Ph.D. classes he has been taking this summer….so no one is getting a lot of downtime here! We will both feel much better mid-September πŸ™‚

  235. I am a crafter and am busy getting ready for craftshow season! It’s a lot of fun but also comes with a lot of deadlines!

  236. I’m currently in the middle of training for my third sprint Triathlon in October. I was pleased with my results in the first Tri, I tried, and not so thrilled with my time in the second, so I’ve gotten serious about training again to see if I can’t reach a level of improvement that will please myself.

    I’ve also committed to teaching a Level III Reiki Workshop in mid-October. I’ve taught Level I, twice, and Level II, once, but I’ve yet to teach a Level III, and I need to get to planning and preparing!!

    In the meantime, school has started, my car’s in the shop, it’s lease-renewal time at my office, and I’m supposed to go on a weekend scrapbooking retreat next weekend and haven’t figured out which project I’m going to work on!

  237. The start of a new school year. My daughter was diagnosed with ADD last year and we struggled through the year and fought to get her help (which the school was not willing to do) so I’m back to fighting for her and trying to help her succeed!

  238. I’m due October 3rd. With runner-to-be #2:) I just figure based on comparing their activities from the first few movements in utero & the way #1 IS eventhough she’s still shy of 2! I have most everything ready for the baby to come, but man is that date ever LOOMING in my future, as I’m sure all of you can remember/relate to!
    As fall starts to make its way in here in Minnesota, the itch to run is very VERY strong, but mostly impossible for this pregnant lady’s body to scratch. I am really looking forward to snowy walks with the sled though! (And getting back to running, which is necessary for mental health as you all know:) ).

  239. I am starting a training program for my next half marathon, but finding it hard to stick with the plan because I injured myself last time around. I want to do the race I just need to train smarter and get on the ball about it!

  240. The pressure of a new school year! I’m a teacher so I’m home all summer with the kids which I love. Now we need to get ready to say goodbye to the relaxed days and all our time together and enter the craziness that is all of us adusting to a new school year!

  241. Some of my deadlines are school is in session starting today! And the major one is the birth of my second daughter being born. End of October is looming closer and closer. Hopefully I will be ready!

  242. I switch from half marathon training to full marathon training this Sunday. I have been able to get by on less mileage than usual for my upcoming 1/2 but that October 29th marathon date is fast approaching and I need to get my ass in gear!!!

  243. I run the alumni program at an arts college, and the summer is quiet and slow with all the students gone from campus. I get lulled into a false sense of calmness, forgetting how fast the school year sneaks up on me every year. And with it come new programs to create, new alumni mentors to recruit, new mailings to get out. Now it’s almost the end of August and I find myself having to make up for a whole summer of slacking off (shhh, don’t tell my boss!). Maybe I should just go for a run…

  244. My big looming deadline right now is dinner! I am having guests over and although it is 2 pm I am sitting on the computer instead of cleaning and menu planning which btw are not my favorite things!

  245. I have work deadlines that I have been avoiding all summer. I can’t believe that school starts in 6 days. I was going to get so much done. Oh well!

  246. I am taking a certification exam for my job. It means I need to study. Study with an 18 month old? Yeah, right. Looks like some late nights are in my future.

  247. I feel a little out of the stress loop of all these busy mothers as I have absolutely no deadlines. In fact, I am really looking forward to school starting next week and having the youngest out of the house for 5 mornings a week for 3 hours each day. Yeah!! My first kid free time in over 9 years. That means I can run, bike, hike, do weights, and maybe if I’m feeling up to it, clean the house. I don’t have any race plans so training will be for the pure joy of it.
    I pick up contract work here and there but fill it in according to my schedule. Life is good.

  248. I completed (above my own expectations I might add) my first race in July (8K), I’m now training for a 10K in 3 weeks and 3days, I have a 5K in 9 weeks and 4 days, I’m hoping to round out the racing year with a 1/2 marathon in 10 weeks and 3 days!! Also, I’m getting ready for a child’s consignment event in 2 weeks that I’m working and planning my best friends baby shower in Nashville (3 hours away) in 4 weeks!! My 18 month old son’s tubes are coming out (stayed in almost a year) and we’re trying to ween him off of other meds (he’s been a sick little booger!!) Stressed? That doesn’t even begin to describe me right now!! HOWEVER, running is my outlet, so bring on the hills, the hot muggy miles, the intervals and cross training, I LOVE it and they love me back!!

  249. Well, I’m an editor, so I ALWAYS have some deadline looming. I have ten quizzes due to an online educational site by the end of this month. I’ve written ONE. I also have a book closing in September, so that’s another deadline. And in my running life, I have a half-marathon in October. At least that’s the fun kind of deadline.

  250. The start of the school year, I am a teacher and I have no idea how I will get it all done while taking two grad school classes and takeing care of my two children!!!! But it will all get done with a good run fit in.

  251. Oh, it’s gotta be the Chicago marathon! We have hit a summer burnout all the sudden. Our next long run is 20 miles. It’s gettin’ real. Our first marathon, and it’s oh so close! We will be ready! We will finish! Oh, and I would look so good sportin’ the “Badass Mother Runner” tee all over Chicago! I have the long sleeve and LOVE it!

  252. oooh- my first half marathon is in just a week! august 27th is coming up fast, and to really put a crunch on it, ive only had 2 runs since an injury that kept me off the road for almost a month! yikes!

  253. I had a big deadline in July that stressed me out for 2 months…..our town celebrated it’s 100 year anniversary & I took over the planning of the parade (from someone who did nothing for a year)….anyway, it went off with no issues and I’m glad for the experience.

    Now, I’ve just got a few smaller deadlines…getting house cleaned and ready to try to sell. Getting boys ready to start MDO in a couple of weeks. My first half-marathon in November.

    We just got back from a 2 week vacation (cross country drive with a 4 & 2 year old) and now I’ve got to figure out deadlines for the fall….thanks for the reminder!!

  254. September 18 – Maui Marathon. That’s not the stressor though – the stressor is packing the whole family up and taking 2 separate flights to get to the main island and then a 3rd to get to Maui – not to mention, after the race, pack them all up again and do the same trip back home in reverse! I think the marathon will actually be my stress release πŸ™‚

  255. The stress of beginning to potty train my son. His third birthday is right around the corner and I can feel the stress coming from all angles… “is he potty trained yet?” is the question I receive all the time. Not a huge stressor compared to most but in my Mommy world it is weighing heavy on my mind.

  256. My son’s first day of kindergarten is looming near. As is the birth of our third son. A very busy few months coming up for us.

  257. I should have applied for my daughter’s passport a couple weeks ago, but I haven’t yet. Good thing I haven’t bought tickets yet for our November trip to Kenya, right? *nervous laughter*

  258. OMG I am FREAKING out right now!! I haven’t run since my 18 miles on Saturday and haven’t missed a run in 4 months until this week. My husband and I are teachers with three kids of our own. That’s five different schools, schedules, supplies and start dates. I’m running the Air Force Marathon in about 5 weeks, planned so that I could mostly train over the summer. However, it coincides with the madness of August in Ohio! I also have a Mother-in-Law that lives with us, and that alone should be worth the coolest t-shirt in the whole world!! πŸ™‚

  259. I’m a single mom, working full time, long commute, etc…. So, every day seems full of deadlines…. But I also feel very blessed with good friends, family and health. I am planning my longest race to date mid Oct, 18 mile run… So, that’s the only thing on my radar that has me a little bit nervous…… Would love a shirt!

  260. I have a half coming up on 9 October and am feeling woefully under-prepared for it. I haven’t been getting my long runs in because I now work on my usual long run day. I keep saying that I’ll fit it in on a Friday instead, but that means taking Spud out in the stroller for now +16km runs and both he and I aren’t really up for that! I’ll run my race, but am sort of thinking that maybe I should have taken the summer off from training for anything and just run because I love it. It’s seeming a bit like a chore right now which I hate.

  261. My scariest deadline approaching is 9/17 for my first Marathon. I’ve been training hard & I’m ready to do it! Fastest approaching deadline is my son’s first day of 4YO preschool. Where does the time go?!?! And I am NOT ready for this one—they grow up waayyy too fast!

  262. i have already missed almost every deadline that i was supposed to meet this month. school forms turned in on time? no. pediatrician physicals for my girls done by 1st day of school? no. i was even wrong on the times for our back to school open house this morning.
    the only deadline i have a hope of meeting is my marathon in october- i’m not really on track with my training schedule, but i think i’ll be fine for the race. maybe. hopefully. : )

  263. The only thing bearing down on me right now is a work deadline… which I am clearly procrastinating on as here I sit entering a giveaway when I should instead be working on my looming project.

  264. Every day seems like a deadline to me lately. I’m teaching 4 classes (at a community college) in the fall, and there’s always grading/prepping to do. That’s on top of running a household and taking care of my son (17 months) and my husband. But I thrive on the pressure (most of the time; other times, I want to hide in a corner). Life is fantastic!

  265. I have been training harder than ever for my next half marathon. My deadline is 10/8. I am trying for a sub 2:00 & at this point I’m hoping that the question is not if I make it but by how far I make it.

  266. I’m a stationery designer on the side (my real job is mom, of course) and I’m working with two brides right now. One set is due to ship this Friday! I’m really looking forward to putting all the final touches together πŸ™‚

  267. New season of football (Being Team Mom & it’s way more competitive for 9 year olds than I anticipated!). New season of competitive basketball for the older kiddo. Training for a marathon (My FIRST!). School schedules, supplies & various sundry that go along with. Work projects for the current job…finding a new job bc the current one is on thin ice with proposed cuts.

    Doesn’t it always seem that there’s not just one specific date that looms as a deadline…but many that seem to loom at a time. AND THAT’S WHY WE RUN!

  268. Getting life together so that things go smoothly next week when my husband goes back to work (he’s a teacher), the new sitter starts, the kids start school, I stay on top off all of my projects due at work…. and somehow I have to fit running in there!! πŸ™‚

  269. My deadline…get my newborn to sleep through the night by my 6 week check up so once the doctor tells me i can run again, I’ll actually have the energy!! πŸ™‚ I had to stop at the end of my pregnancy and i miss it so much!!

  270. My first EVER 5k race THIS weekend. I flip-flop from excited, to nervous, to nauseous, to excited again. I just hope I survive it with some amount of grace and dignity. πŸ˜‰

  271. Good golly. In the next month or so our company is being sold to another company – so just a little stressful deadline. πŸ™‚

    And a Half Marathon in October (where I am hoping to beat my PR by 20 minutes – going to be hard, but very achievable!)

  272. My deadline is trying to find childcare for my two boys. Before/after school for my 1st grader, and all day for my 4yo. Problem is finding one thats close, flexible hours, and that opens early enough is hard! I’m tempted to start my own daycare just to solve all of the problems. I can’t be the only one!

  273. My first full Marathon is in October (NWM) and my runnning has been so lackluster as of late. My legs have turned into cement overnight. Im scared and I need to find my mojo and FAST. Couple that with kiddos going back to school, both my parents turning 60 and dueling parties for both in the next few months and I absolutly feel weighted down. Guess its no surprise my legs feel so heavy. I keep on keeping on though, knowing that life ebbs and flows. Send me more flow universe, please!

  274. School starting, new puppy, soccer practice and cross country practice same day in different directions with one parent driver… Still don’t know how THAT is going to work πŸ™‚

  275. Two sprint tri’s coming up–my first ever. I went a little crazy and signed up for the second one having not yet done the first, so I’m freaking out a bit. Especially since it’s in a lake and apparently some God-awful amoeba just killed some teenager who swam in a nearby lake…Oh, and school starting and new morning routine and have I stocked up on tissues b/c I seemed to recall that it was barely the first week of school when all the new germs turned our house into one big end-of-summer head cold?

  276. I have the pressure of preparing for surgery this Nov. I will be out for 6 long weeks… running! Ugh! SOOOO I am preparing to be strong and fit before surgery day. I am running harder and running longer. I am preparing myself of things to do while I can’t run…….to be surrounded by the running community like “Run Like a Mother” on fb and by reading books like “Train Like a Mother”…..seriously! Other things I plan on doing while I can’t run is finding all of our family running pics and choosing which ones will go in a collage I will call “Our Frame of Fame” I’m scared that I can’t run for 6 wks and I will do everything to surround myself with the word RUN without being able to.

  277. Right now I am trying to get all my ducks in a row before I leave for a three-week business trip to Japan. Aaackk! I’m also trying to figure out how I’m going to get in my runs while I’m gone. So thrilled for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, but also a little terrified of leaving my kids for so long.

  278. A fun deadline is the half marathon I am racing in at the end of September. Not so fun are the deadlines at work the next two months.

  279. I teach math part-time at a community college and am teaching a certain course for the first time this fall. Classes start on Monday, but I don’t have the syllabus done yet! I HAVE to finish it by tomorrow night so that it can be copied on Friday.

  280. My life is a neverending deadline!!!! I am a lawyer, so I have a horrible appeal deadline looming over me, along with a couple of trials. Add into the mix my 14 year old’s cross country meet schedule and my 6 year old’s soccer schedule and the pressure builds. Oh, and did I mention that I am trying desperately to fit in training for the D.C. Ragnar realy? Yeah, that, too. Aaaaaahhhhhhh! A new shirt would be a nice diversion. πŸ™‚

  281. My deadline is my book club! Yeah, yeah, I know, big stress, Terzah, right. But seriously! 1) I’m a librarian. 2) Book club is Monday and I’m the host this time, so I not only have to read the book in 5 days, I have to plan the food (and this is a book club that likes eating as much as reading). And I also have to clean my house. And no that doesn’t get done regularly. 3) It’s the first one we’ve had since May and we want to make it work. What kind of example am I????

  282. Well, I have a BABY due in a week, so that’s my main upcoming deadline. πŸ˜‰ But also, we just moved into our first house a month ago and I have a ton of self-imposed deadlines regarding getting this place in order: when I want light fixtures installed by, when I want to have furniture picked out, and on and on. Now whether I actually get those other things done depends on when baby decides to make her appearance–the clock is ticking!

  283. Sometime soon, I need to wean my 6 month old from the need to be swaddled for sleep. Not looking forward to it, but it has to be done.

  284. Cramming for my first ‘business review’ at new job that I LOVE, this is where the CEO of company gets to grill you on all the charts and facts in front of your colleagues, not enough antiperspirant in the world to save that shirt from pitting out! And Oh Yeah, my new employee is starting tomorrow, I have not created a schedule beyond 9:00am. This is seriously encroaching on my ability to train for RockNRoll Half in Philly – Sept 18, this week’s long run is going to suck.

  285. Deadlines loom, the most pressing being company in the form of my Mother in Law arriving this evening. (note I am on here, and not fantically cleaning like I should be-denial) 3 kids to get ready for back to school, one 2nd grader, one starting kindergarten, and one starting pre-k at a different school. Trying to get supply lists done, uniforms in order, (ugh) and preparing for company just makes me want to run away!

  286. It’s back to teaching on Monday 8/22 so I’m frantically pulling together syllabi and for some crazy reason we decided to rewrite the lab manual – urg! Will it all get done? Probably not but i’m still making time for a run!

  287. The whole summer has been nuts and we just have event after event. I almost want to blow some off but I hate to miss things. Then at the end of Sept I have a family vacation and a business trip back to back followed up by my 4th (and final, I think) half marathon of the year.

  288. With my daughter starting high school next week, that milestone is looming large. I hate having to transform into the ‘homework hag’! Also studying to acquire a green building certification for work, which requires more memorization than my brain can handle at times! Lately on my runs, my mantra has been strong body=strong life. That little phrase powers me through a lot!

  289. Things are tight for us financially right now, as I’m sure they are for a lot of people. I finished my first ever race (Zooma 10K) in July and set my sights on the Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon on October 9th in Denver. My husband lost his job and I realized I couldn’t put my desire to run in the race above needing the $100 race entry fee for our family. My boss recently asked me what I was training for, and I told him the Rock N Roll 1/2, but mentioned I wasn’t going to enter, it was expensive. And he sponsored me- he paid for my entry and now I’m sooo excited to try out my first 1/2.

    1. That is the most awesome thing I have heard all week! Good for you & good for him! Good Luck to your husband in his hunt!! and Good Luck on your first half! You’ll be hooked on the distance…maybe not in the middle of mile 9…but when you cross the finish line you will feel amazing!!

  290. I am drowning alive in back to school prep for 12 kids… registrations, meet the teachers, mounds of paperwork, shoe shopping, clothes shopping, crazy lists of “necessary” supplies, doctor appointments, eye appointments, dentist appointments, ortho appointments, sports physicals, soccer practices, soccer games, volleyball practices, football practices, and on and on and on… When school finally starts I will be sad for the kids to go but so happy that we made it!

  291. Well, it doesn’t compare to having to survive home life while finishing a book and keeping up with running, but I have an application roll-out at work that we have been working on for the past 5 months. First, we had to decide which product to implement, but now we are at the jumping off point of getting the application ready for end users and writing up documentation for the IT support desk. I am ready to rip my hair out because I haven’t had any training in using this product, yet I am writing all of the documentation and doing much of the testing and will probably end up doing much of the user support for the next 4 months. And even though the g0-live date keeps getting moved back the tension keeps mounting as university classes are about to begin again!

  292. I have all the usual client headaches, plus training and fundraising for Nike. But my real goal is that I’ve given myself 12 months to transition my work from my client-based stuff to something more inspiring to me (hopefully surrounding the Betty blog). That would require a lot of work between now and then, but would give me the flexibility to pull the kiddo out of after school care when he hits first grade.

  293. I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon on behalf of the Susan G. Komen foundation. As the race approaches so does my deadline to meet the fundraising minimum. I want to raise so much more than the minimum but it is difficult in this economy. I’m sure I will make it!

  294. Deadlines, deadlines. I have 3 projects at work that have various deadlines – most of them this week! I am chair of a local organization and am working on our fundraiser for next month. School started for the kids this week and so did all the due dates for paperwork, volunteer forms and of course, their homework. With the start of school, I am trying to re-find the balance of work, kids and personal life. Oh, and keep up with my exercise goals – which currently is just to do my running and the Insanity workout. Busy, busy, busy! But I like it that way.

  295. I decided to tackle painting the exterior of my house on my own, and for the first time, a month ago. Needless to say, the weather hasn’t cooperated and this task is dragging on. I’ve gotta get it done before the snow flies (we live in Alaska). So every spare sunny moment is spent scraping, sanding and painting. Can’t wait till it’s done!

  296. Trying to get our house ready to put on the market which involves re-doing most of the front yard and backyards, installing flooring in most of our house, new window dressings, re-staining deck, etc. Oh yeah and my husband’s biological clock is ticking – no pressure or anything. Sheesh!!!

  297. Keeping with the theme of your book(s), I feeling nervous/anxious/scared/excited for my FIRST MARATHON, the Nike Women’s, on October 16th. Everyday I look at my training calendar, mark off another workout, and take a big gulp- it’s closer than it seems…

  298. I am going back to work full-time, in two weeks. I have been working part-time since my son was born almost two years ago, so this seems a little daunting. I’m training for two half marathons, too, one in October and another in November. I’m worried about fitting it all in!

  299. October 2nd I’m running in the San Jose Rock n Roll Marathon. It will be my 2nd half. I feel like my deadline is each weekend trying to get those long training runs in… what a challenge with a busy family! This week is the deadline on top of me… homeschooling my son and having everything ready for that. Try to have fun with the book in these last few weeks, Ladies! I can’t wait to read it!

  300. My youngest daughter starts Kindergarten in Sept. Where did the time go? And I’m training for my 2nd marathon in November while juggling work, 2 beautiful girls and a terrific hubby! Life is busy, but awesome. Wouldn’t give it up for the world.

  301. My deadline is about 5 years from now when both my car and my mortgage will (hopefully!!!) be paid off around the same time. I can’t even imagine how this might feel… it seems that every paycheck is back out the door the same day it comes in. It’s hard, as all you guys are well aware. Running is definitely my sanity, and it helps that the cost is low. But I would sure love to look cute at the same time… I’d LOVE one of these shirts!

  302. Adoption paperwork is looming! We (I) have about 45 pages of paperwork to complete before we can start our parent training in September. Four lists of to dos going- work, home, adoption, Girls on the Run coaching… so I’m glad I’m not the only one with laundry piling up!

  303. I am also a teacher and I go back on Monday. Grad School starts back up the following Monday. Add to that two kids starting 2nd grade in September, and an energetic 3 year old beginning Pre-K. I am definitely not ready for summer to end.

  304. Deadlines…none. I know, you are jealous, but hey, my baby starts college in a week. I’ve put in a lot of years. My only deadline is making that tuition payment. I’ll be broke, so I sure would like to win a t-shirt!

  305. My first marathon looms on September 18th. I teach and the beginning of the new school year is coming up fast. While it is exciting, it is also nerve racking (even after 17 years!)

  306. my “deadline” is September 10th. That’s when baby girl is due. Got to prepare for her arrival and my temporary departure from work. Lots to do.

  307. I am inundated with deadlines. Two of my classes ended and grading is not done yet, which overlaps with the grading I need to be doing for my 3 other classes which are done Friday and due to the registrar by Monday. And then fall semester looms, with new classes to ready (my recurring nightmare, day one of class and no syllabus done) and I still have not bought all the school supplies my kids need. Did I mention I am not packed nor are my 4 kids (hubby gets included in that count) for our vacation which begins tomorrrow. How can something seemingly so fantastic (9 days at the beach) feel so stressful!

  308. I am training for my first marathon in October (Chicago) and the time is going way too fast!
    When I signed up there was 6 months to go, now there is less than 2. I go back and forth thinking
    confidently “I can do this” to lacking confidence, “What am I thinking!! I can’t do this!”


  309. I am a teacher and school starts next week. After an amazing summer of freedom, camping, and morning (not evening) runs, my head is not easily getting back in the game. I just need a little more time. Please?

  310. I am a WAHM who self-publishes an annual logbook for scrapbookers and pretty much have the entire 2012 edition, including creating all 52 scrapbook layouts, to put together between now and October, so I totally feel your pain!!! LOVE your shirts… been eyeing them for a while so I’d love to win one. And just a quick plug for your podcast too… can’t wait to hear more!! Thanks for the inspiration & opportunity!! πŸ™‚

  311. I just ran my very first half marathon about a week ago, so now I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. All my other deadlines seems so trivial now. I’m free to run for fun again!

  312. I don’t know which the bigger challenge is — getting my butt kicked by the speedy devils at Santa Barbara Running and Racing, who I’m training with for the SB Marathon in November, or the monster spells of my teenage daughter. Either way, both are putting me through my paces, for sure! Not sure if there is an end in sight for my running (wish me luck — 3rd time’s the charm to qualify for Boston, right?), but there has GOT to be an end to teenage madness!

  313. Might seem trivial but I want to get “bathing suit ready” for an anniversary trip to Miami Beach with my husband…at the end of September. I’m having severe motivation problems…

  314. Deadlines? My life is a big deadline! Just getting everyone up and out the door most days is a huge daily deadline!

    But, I do have this little half marathon coming up in October. I probably should get to working on it.

  315. I have two race dates to prepare by: Aug 18th Philly half marathon and Oct. 16th Hershey half marathon! Then to make sure I don’t lose sight of further deadlines (I mean goals!) I am doing my first road trip half marathon in Arizona in January! Without deadlines time seems so far away.

  316. I recently went back to school and have to take a math placement test. I struggle to help my kids with math, so this upcoming test is cause for some stress!

  317. For me it’s the beginning of the new school year…two boys in school and I teach enrichment classes on Tuesdays and Fridays. We’ve had a great summer routine going, and while I will be thrilled to get back to mornings alone when I can run whenever and wherever I please, it’s always tough to adjust to a new schedule. Plus, there are lesson plans to write, school supplies to buy, uniforms to wash, lunches to pack, oh, and did I mention winterball (baseball) has just begun again for both kids, too?? So every single night we will be at the ballpark. If I think about it too much it makes my head almost explode!

  318. What’s weighing on my mind right now (besides working full time, raising our 7 month old baby, training for whatever race I feel like I can do right now, while trying to get my body back together in one piece again) is making a potential career shift and go into teaching. I’m finding it takes sooo much time to mentally prepare, physically prepare and research all of the options, logistics, etc. and I just don’t feel like I have the time right now to devote to such an important decision. Really, it’s the mental piece that’s getting me. Right now, working out, training for races and connecting with all of you working/running/mamas is keeping me sane, happy and validated πŸ™‚

  319. Well I have one smaller one and one HUGE one! Smaller one is a 10kkm race here in Monrovia Liberia and I have got over 65 of our staff both Liberians and ex-pats to sign -up with me!!! Aug. 28th is race day. The HUGE one is after 6 years, working fulltime, being mom/wife, and training/running for 2 marathons and 1 half all while living in a post-war country-I am going to hand in my PhD thesis at the end of Sept.!!!!!! YAAAHOOOO!!!!

  320. With school getting started next week for my 7 year old (daycare/preschool for the 3 yr old) and deadlines, deadlines, deadlines at work, it seems my running gets put on the back burner. I finished my first half marathon in May and took a little “break”. Now I’ve been trying to get back into it this summer and have struggled. I haven’t quite found that sweet spot of kids/family + running. I’m pretty new to your blog/website. I love it! Looking forward to reading your book for more inspiration.

  321. My biggest deadline is finding someone to watch my kids last minute for tomorrow. My flight leaves at 9 am. I’ve found 3 different people for Friday, Sat, and Sunday, but still working on tomorrow!

  322. Lots of deadlines. First 10K in September. First 1/2 marathon in December. But the one that worries me the most, I actually have a year to get done. But I’m not sure if that’s enough time. My oldest starts preschool NEXT fall. So I have 1 year to potty train. Most of you are probably thinking that 1 year is enough time. Well, you don’t know my daughter. She’s as bull-headed as her mother. She knows/understands the potty. But absolutely refuses. I’ve tried bribing here with everything I can think of (including all the ice cream she can eat). But all I get in response is “No thanks”. Literally. That’s what she says. ME: Abigail, do you want to go sit on the potty? If you go potty, you can have [insert bribe here]. ABIGAIL: No thanks. I should be happy that she’s polite about it, I guess. πŸ™‚

  323. I am a kindergarten teacher and we are in the middle of our first week of school. (Daughter is in second grade. ) Every day I have a million deadlines – cutting out a cajillion laminated nametags is one. : ) I love the blue shirt!

  324. Material selections for our renovation. Doors, knobs, windows. I love it and hate it all at once. I don’t love trudging all around the city. I love the creative freedom. I don’t love trying to find a sitter for our 15 month old. I love that we’re building the house of our dreams.

  325. Well let’s see…I’m a single mom of three, going to school full time, and working part time….pretty much all of life is bearing down on me right now! LOL

    My new semester starts next Monday…I am both super excited and super dreading it! Also I’m training for the QC Marathon Relay with some friends…coming up 9/25!! Eeek!

    I would love a tee!!

  326. At work, I will be given more accounts in the fall. With running, I’m training for a half in 12 days and my 3rd marathon later this fall. But the big doozie will be on Sept 6th when my twins go to kindergarten. The past 2 years have been really fun and pleasant- I understand what they want and they listen to me. They didn’t go to preschool so it’s been these miracle babies and me for the past 5 yrs during the day. (I stopped working full time when they were 18 months old). I am sure others may think I am ridiculous… it’s half day K, you’ll see them in the afternoon. But, our summer will be cut short, they won’t be coming to the gym with me anymore, we won’t be hitting the zoo as much as we did each month, etc. I’m happy they are together in the same class and I’ll try my best to find out what happened at kindergarten.

  327. My deadline: St. George Marathon October 1st. It’s been 8 years since I’ve run a marathon and this time I have a time goal I’d like to meet. The big marathon day is beginning to loom over my head. Although I really, really, really looking forward to this challenge, it will be nice to have my Saturdays back. πŸ™‚ Good luck to you ladies with all you have on your plate!

  328. I was promoted at work and the new gig began yesterday. Actually it would have begun yesterday except the person who was in this position previously is still working and still habitating the office and, welp, uhhh, I’m wandering about. I guess that’s not pressure-filled, is it? Wandering? I wish I could pressure almost-ex-co-worker to just leave already but whatevs. So there’s that and the fact that my newly 13 year old daughter (that idea alone is enough, right?) starts 8th grade in two weeks, and lo, no back to school shopping has been done. I am unclear if any summer reading or math packet has been done, either. You know what? None of this is very stressful or pressure-filled, but I would really love one of those Badass shirts.

  329. I have two big deadlines coming up! One is Aug 26th, my 22nd birthday and the day I fly with my almost 3 year old to Alaska where my husband recently got a job!!! We’ve been packing up boxes and shipping them up there to him for the last few weeks, and all the other prep is stressing me out. Not to mention the 10 hour trip from Houston, Tx to Alaska with a pre-schooler by myself…. oh did I mention I’m pregnant on top of it all! Which brings me to my second deadline! Oct 13th our little girl is due!! Can’t wait to meet her and to be able to really work out again!

  330. My biggest (and most favorite) looming deadline is running my next half-marathon in October. Training like crazy and can’t wait!

  331. I am a mother of three returning to school to follow my passion. I gave up engineering and have gone back for music performance. I am absolutely loving it, but school starts soon and between the kids, running, trips, and adventures practicing has not quite been accomplished. Oops. So now I have two weeks to get back in shape before some auditions. It was worth it, though, this summer with the kids was incredible.

  332. Well let’s see…
    training for my 1st triathlon after not running for 8 months due to injury;
    getting ready for homeschooling my 3 kids;
    preparing to be a Den Leader for Cub Scouts for the very first time;
    assistant coaching my kids’ cross country team;
    teaching a PE class to 4th/5th grade homeschoolers for the first time;
    and learning the ropes as the financial secretary for the athletic organization under which my kids’ teams operate

    yea, I’m lounging around munching bons bons here. You, too? Thought so. πŸ˜€

  333. I’m training or my longest run to date that is in 3 weeks, a 25K. I’m struggling to get my long run in every week, and I seem to panick every weekend wondering when I’ll find the time. I’m more of a ‘finisher junkie’ rather than caring about my time…so I just keep picturing myself crossing the finish line, hopefully upright.

  334. It’s almost September. The time is here for mucho decision making. I feel like I have mounds of things to decide and tasks to complete before school starts in 2 weeks for my 3 kids. (ie: SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING). Will you volunteer here? Are you available this date? Can you chaperone a field trip on such and such a date. Oh, and I am going to back to work part time when school starts. So…..I feel like I have a lot of obligations, decisions and tasks ahead…..

  335. It is 9 am and I walk in my classroom in pj’s and slippers. There are 38 5-year-olds looking at me wide-eyes and giggling because my hair is in curlers and I have zit cream spots on my chin. I have a lesson plan book, but the pages are as white as the toilet paper stuck to my shoes. Bulletin boards are black and blank and there are no crayons. The kids all smile and sit on the carpet and some on chairs and some on tables because there aren’t enough squares on the rug. I begin reading a book and the principal walks in and tells me it is my year to be observed and evaluated and it starts now…I hear water…the sprinklers pop up and spatter the grass…I look at the clock and it is 5:30…My heart is racing like I just ran a 21 minute 5k, but I breath a well earned sigh of relief…the anxiety is gone, school doesn’t REALLY start for a couple more weeks…

  336. The obligation really stressing me out right now is business travel. I have an 18-month old at home and I’m still getting used to being away from him overnight. I’ve had a few short overnight business trips which were fine…. but I have a WEEK-LONG trip coming up and frankly, the idea of makes me want to RUN AWAY! (with the baby, of course) I am also training for my first half — the Hamptons Half Marathon on September 24 — so the idea of traveling for a week and messing with my training schedule also gives me the hives. πŸ™‚ (Kidding.) (Sort of.)

    Those shirts are SO cute! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  337. My deadline is my husband’s return to work…we just brought our third child home from the hospital last week. I want to make sure I attempt all of my normal activities with my husband’s help so that I convince myself that I can do it alone with 3 kids! This week has been hard with very little sleep for me and my husband’s cross country camp starting in earnest. I have until next Tuesday to have some help.

    Good luck with your work girls!

  338. At this time I have nothing bearing down on me. If you had asked that question last week though…. Summer camp had just ended, my three boys 10, 8 and 6 were home. I was also in the last week of two of the three summer courses I took. I had two finals, one exam, a quiz and an extra credit discussion question to complete for Anatomy and Physiology II, one quiz, a final and an extra credit case study for Cost Control in Food Service (I’m a Nutrition Major) all of these to try and bring my letter grade up to the A I wanted. I finished Saturday night at 11:45 to tired to even celebrate with a glass of wine. Now I have two weeks of entertaining, I mean vacation, with my kids, and then it’s back to school for me on the 29th. I love it but I wish I had known what I wanted to be when I grew up when I was 17 not 47.

    Oh, and I did get the A’s and I had my glass of wine Sunday night.

  339. Another teacher and a runner. (That could be a whole new book idea!) πŸ™‚ Trying to get ready for a 1/2 marathon too. August becomes quite a transition time, because in the summer, I can run, cool down, and relax with the kids for the day. In August, I run, come home, stuff my face, shower, and speed to school to get there on time. A little bit of a different vibe in the house. Running, however, has reminded me to slow down and appreciate what’s going on around me. Good luck ladies, I can’t wait to order the book.

  340. So many, where to begin. This Friday is the last day for the sitter (2 1/2 weeks with kids home and trying to work and no sitter – yikes!), school starting for my 2 boys, the 1/2 marathon that I have to decide if I’m going to run on 9/18 and then the 1/2 marathon I AM running on 10/2, and work related: the Accounting text book I’m working on which I have no idea the due date, but the pages aren’t finalized yet, so the part I do – I know I’m not running behind :). Gosh that does not seem like much, but with the 5 appointments for different things I have left this month it seems like I’m in a rush all the time.

  341. I am planning my daughters first birthday. I know I should keep it small, keep it between nap times, but we have a huge family who all want to see her and I came up with an awesome Alice in Wonderland theme… I might be a in a bit over my head

  342. next semester of nursing school starts in 5 days…. not that THAT’s stressing me out or anything. Some days I fear I will wake up as just another casualty of motherhood. A student with a falling GPA, a wild look around my eyes, and 3 kids who look at me like I’m insane.

    I’m so glad I have running, my BFF’s and this tribe of great ladies out here to support me.

  343. I am training for two half marathons this fall, one month apart. I’m certain I can be ready for the first, but hopefully, hopefully, I will “stay” ready for the second. But I have real motivation for the 2nd as it is ZOOMA Great Lakes, and I get to meet Dimity and SBS and other badass mother runners!!

  344. HELP! I am preparing for my FIRST major ART festival, I have my new Mommy and Me art class, a homeschool/ teacher art lesson swap and professional development presentation to prepare for and a new GSP puppy to run every stinking day. My son also turns two in the next month and I am searching for a Tow Mater cake pan or design to make his birthday cake. I NEED a new running shirt…..and ya’lls would definitely make my day!

  345. This year, I’m serving on the board of my kids’ homeschool co-op. I’m currently building a new web site for the co-op, which has been…challenging, for a couple of reasons. One: I haven’t done any professional (or personal) site work in nearly a decade. Two: my husband started a new job a few months ago that requires him to live elsewhere during the week. Three: my five-year-old is my shadow. OK, that’s three reasons.

    Thanks to my husband and my 15-year-old son, prep for my other deadline — half marathon in October, my first! — is going great!

  346. I teach (legal writing). And school starts next week. That means a whole new crop of students all thinking they’re perfect and deserving of As. And a whole new crop of of papers to grade. Pressure? Yes. But this is the first year I’ll be running through it all (I just started running this past spring). And I have the feeling that even though running takes time, it will end up releasing it (and me) as well….

  347. My first child starting Kindergarten in a few weeks! Where has the time gone? I just hope I can let her step on that school bus! I might be running after it πŸ˜‰

  348. Back to school…I teach second grade, and we start back to school tomorrow. It seems as though no matter how much work I get done over the summer, there is always a certain level of stress (and panic) that consumes life in mid-August. Plus, I love the lack of routine in the summer. The only thing I make sure I get done is my run before the kids (6 months old and 4 years old) wake up!

  349. Back to school – I’m the teacher and mom. I’m so not ready – we never had any true summer here in the PNW and I am missing my sunshine recharge!

  350. My deadline would be similar to yours. I was happy to organize primary sources and create a website for a non-fiction writer. NOW he’s decided that I’ll polish his writing and keep him on track so the book & articles can get finished. EEeeck! This is slightly out of my comfort zone (writing on running would be awesome) but this is on military history. BEST OF LUCK Sarah & Dimity, I know deadlines or tough in the creative process!

  351. My deadline does not have a date, yet. My husband is looking for a new job (thankfully while keeping his current one). It looks like we will be moving, with our 14month old, from Austin to Seattle. This is the hardest deadline for me for several reasons. 1. I feel like I have no control over if he gets this job or not. 2. We are moving AWAY from family. 3. There are so many details to plan, but we are still in limbo- are we going, are we not going, should he take the job, should we stay here and keep looking?, etc.
    The only way I stay reasonably calm is to RUN! Even in the extreme heat we’ve been having this summer (I cannot hibernate) I must get outside to quiet my mind.

  352. Let’s see: school starting in 3 weeks for my 3 kids, which means trying to fit in the last “Hurrah” of summer, cheer/football season underway so practices every night, and trying to fit in mileage for a half. At this point things won’t be calming down until November πŸ™‚

  353. Beginning of school for my kids. Something, I’m thankful they look forward to, but also a bittersweet time for me. I enjoy the freedom of summer and the amount of time I get to spend with them. Each year it takes me awhile to adjust to having kids in higher grades (4th and 2nd this year- I can’t believe that!). Also, I have a sprint tri in September and I know I need to do some more swimming and biking before then (let’s hope for calm Atlantic Ocean come mid-Sept!).

  354. My looming deadline is October 16. I will be 55 years old and running my first half marathon. As a lifelong runner, I had never raced until this year and hope to complete 9 races in total. What a year it’s been! No longer running for the joy and fitness it enables, but personal challenge and a competitive spirit I didn’t really believe I possessed. I think I may have set myself on an entirely new course.

  355. It’s been a long time coming, but I am studying (yuck!) to be a certified personal trainer! My deadline is late November. It seems so far away, but yet it’s closer than I think!

  356. I am training for my very first half marathon coming up in October, which has a deadline but is also a blessing because I’m training with my best friend. I am also feeling the pressure of dragging out bins and bins of my children’s clothes to prepare for a clothing sale in a few weeks. Must. Tag. Clothes! πŸ™‚

    1. I’m Amy C’s best friend and running has truly been a blessing in our friendship. It’s amazing the benefits of running!

  357. Confirm gender of baby #4 so I can begin the great purge of all the baby loot from my older kids I will not need, organize the closets once the older 2 are in school, so that I will have plenty of time to enjoy this baby and get back to running like a mother come spring!

  358. I’m training for my first ever 5K, deadline is October 1. I’m very nervous but proud of last nights accomplishment of jogging a mile, I haven’t done that is at least 10 years! It has been a long difficult road but I just remind myself one foot in front of the other.

  359. I suppose the start of school for 3 of my kids (one for the first time) on 9/6 and 9/7 (two different schools. obviously.). I love this time of year but I hate not having my kids at home (yes, I’m one of “those” moms). My next running “deadline” isn’t until 10/28 but that’s one I’m excited about – the race that started it all for me!

  360. The new school year schedule for work and my kids. Training for my second half (where I secretly hope to come in at the 2hr mark).

  361. I’ve been training for the Warrior Dash, and it’s 10 days away!

    As far as a work deadline, we need to gain five more consumers in our region by December. It’s on me and a co-worker to make that happen. December doesn’t seem that far away now.

  362. Pressure is definitely coming down on me, to paraphrase David Bowie. I work during the school year so have been off since the end of June. For the month of July I was dealing with a crisis at home, which had preoccupied me since Christmas. It looks like the crisis has passed, and my family has been spending August trying to reconnect. And now September, and work, rolls around. This year is the first time I am absolutely nit ready to go back. I need more time ti decompress.

  363. Back to work (outside the home) next week, after a 3 year hiatus. I’m nervous but excited. My older daughter starts 1st grade and my younger one starts her new preschool schedule all in the same week I start my new job. It will be quite a transition and a change for us but I think it will all work out well.

  364. The start of school…I am a teacher and need to get my 5 kids, myself and my classroom ready for school.

    A 50th wedding anniversary party for my inlaws who never had a ‘real’ wedding….for 100 people!

    A block party the same weekend as the anniversary party.

    The Chicago Marathon…I’m in training and a pace group leader for this years marathon and I’m soooo not ready.

    Really…,I’m not ready for any of it. I dont want summer to end!

  365. I’ve got a couple coming up. First I need to notify the school district of my intentions to homeschool and we’re moving into our new house in a couple weeks. Also, I’m going back to work (a couple days a month) in Sept, after giving birth in July. Finally, I signed up for my first 5k in Nov. Whew! Love your blog, ladies.

  366. Homeschooling, anyone? I need to notify our public school system in one week of my “plan” for education for the year. Yowza. I’ve been much more focused on my plan to complete my half marathon in October BEFORE the first full marathon runner finishes.

  367. A deadline I am looking at is work. I took the summer off to be with the kids and they return to school next week. I am starting a new job that also requires that I get a license, so I need to start on that right away. I am not ready for the summer to end, but I know once the routine of school starts I will enjoy my job.

  368. I guess my biggest “deadline” is my due date with my first child (Oct 19th). With this deadline has come a frantic rush to finish up on lots of projects at work so that I can really enjoy my maternity leave. Can’t wait!

  369. Back to school (for me!) August 30…it’s been a LONG time since I have had classes, and I feel overwhelmed with the time commitment already. Jury duty in September, and my first full marathon in October! It’s going to be a wild ride these next few months!

  370. I’m helping to organize a three-day event where 130,000 students and their parents will come and learn about university options. It will all be over in 61 sleeps (not that I’m counting or anything!!!!).

  371. There are always deadlines! πŸ™‚ Taking my brood to vacation with my folks is a nice one. Getting ready to teach a class at church. Helping my daughter get ready to run her first 1/2 marathon. I’m running too! (But I was told we are not running together. We are simply running the same race.)

  372. My biggest looming deadline is the beginning of the school year (I am a teacher). No matter how many years I do it, the transition is always a hard one and I never feel like I have everything ready to my satisfaction. Since having kids, I always feel even less prepared for my return. We get in the groove relatively quickly, but I do mourn the summer freedom a bit. On top of that this year is the final leg of training for my first half marathon…I have been enjoying my morning runs but they will soon turn into late evening runs after long days that begin at 5AM. Thankfully, the taper begins the second week of school, so there isn’t too much overlap. Hang in there girls! Can’t wait to read the new book! πŸ™‚

  373. My deadline is this morning… Back to work at a job where I love the work, but loathe the agency for whom I work. The end of summer also means sending my youngest to kindergarten, a moment I am not sure I am prepared for. Wishing I could go for a run instead!

  374. Oh my, August has been the month of deadlines…first Iron Girl, then my Sister’s wedding, as of 1am this morning, a blanket I made, to donate to a benefit for friends, which has to be turned in today. It seems there is always something. So what’s next that’s big? The Rochester 1/2 Marathon, which I am fundraising for our local Arc Services (people with special needs,) September 18th, hoping to raise the minimum of $250, and am at $100, so…

    1. Is this Rochester, NY? I live there (Irondequoit) and am considering running this 1/2 if my calf pain behaves. I’ve been holding off entering to see how I feel.

  375. I have the opportunity to apply for a full time job, and it is exactly what I want! But I am not sure if I am ready to go back to work full-time. So that is the decision I need to make. And soon, the job opening closes at the end of the week. Scary!

  376. I have a deadline I’m looking forward to: on Sept 29 the class I’ve been teaching all summer will be DONE! Whew! In order to finish it up there will be tests, final exams and a skills check off to arrange. Gotta keep hanging in there. Almost there!

  377. I could make a list: The beginning of school for my two boys (both of whom are going to new schools, the younger to pre-k–big kid school); a half marathon in October and a marathon in November; my own work, which I want to do, which has been on hold for months for many reasons. Ack–time to go running.

  378. Currently I am in my senior year at the University of Maryland UC Asia Division! I am so excited to be this close to my degree but boy o boy is the stress getting to me! Seriously, I broke out in a head-to-toe rash last week! URGH! So – my schedule this semester is 4 courses – all 400 level – and soon-to-be the death of me! lol! Finals are this week. I just completed my second final today and will do my last one on Friday at 2pm! Then we get a week off and the next session starts – Up next, Statistics! EEEEK! Wish me luck! I hope to be a proud mother running graduate in January 2012!

  379. Right now I am training for my first 5k. I do not feel it’s an obligation but it does have a deadline….Sept 30. When I think about this day I feel a little bit scared and a lot of excitement. My motto for this run is as long as the letters DNS or DNF do not appear next to my name the numbers that do will not matter!!!!!

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