In a perfect world, you’d eat foods that nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Food that keeps your legs running strong, your mind humming, your spirit soaring.

In this imperfect world, you—if you’re like us—skip meals because you’re spending hours behind the steering wheel; eat “meals” of nuggets, washed down with wine; and crave sugar daily at 2:15 sharp.

We’re here to let you know that optimal nutrition doesn’t have to be perfect—or even complicated.

The Nourished programs, designed by Ellie Kempton, MSN, RD, systematically build simple nutrition habits that streamline into one another—and blossom seamlessly into your life. Along the way, you’ll stabilize your energy (see ya, midday blahs!), improve your digestion, and optimize your weight.

The Nutrition for Running programs, designed by Stephanie Howe, Ph.D. in Nutrition and Exercise Science, offer detailed, step-by-step advice for optimizing your fueling for everyday workouts, long runs, and race day.



Many Nutritious Miles
12 months: all of 2023
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8 Weeks
Next session: October 17-December 20, 2023



8 Weeks
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2024 Dates to Come
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Nutrition for Running: Half Marathon and Marathon
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Nutrition for Ultras: On + Off the Trails
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Denver, CO; Mother of one four-legged

Coaching since: 2011.

Coaching certifications: MSN, RD

After a workout, I: immediately begin thinking about what I’m going to eat (duh!). My favorite post-workout meal? My original Microwavable English Muffin + egg, with avocado, butter (glorious butter!) and a drizzle of raw honey.

Two athletic accomplishments:

  1. Two-time Olympic Swimming Trials qualifier.
  2. Four-time Athletic and Academic All-American.

Two maternal accomplishments:

  1. Do four-legged kids count? Ok, good. I rescued a racehorse off the track, and, despite a few broken bones and concussions I incurred along the way, trained him to be a three-day eventing competitor. (Selfishly, I’m hoping kids are less dangerous.)
  2. Currently raising my Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy to be my running partner.

Don’t ask me to: Go more than three days without dark chocolate or grass-fed butter; they give me wings!

Coaching style in one word: Empathetic. I listen to your story, which drives my protocol for you.


The brains behind Simply Nourished Like a Mother is Ellie Kempton, MSN, RD, a former collegiate swimmer who found her calling in the pool. Her diet was motivated purely by speed and ease; she ate foods that could be prepared quickly to optimize free time and to fuel faster swiming—or so she thought.

When her “fast” foods only made her slower and eventually very sick, her paradigm shifted. After a diagnosis of autoimmunity, but before completely giving up, she found her elixir: real food. It transformed her performance, health and life.

Since then, she’s become real food’s marketing agent. After all, real food offers transformative health benefits. With a practice based in Denver, she’s thrilled to make nutrition simple and accessible for everyone across the country and around the world.

While nutrition scenarios vary from person to person, Ellie focuses on stabilizing energy, improving digestion, and optimizing weight—three pillars that allow for more clarity, focus, and happiness in your life and athletics.

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If you’d like to join us and a payment plan over the course of the program would be helpful, we’ll do our best to accommodate that. Please email us and we’ll figure it out.

Because each program is thoughtfully structured, you’ll be able to follow the program on your own. All the materials should be printed out and kept in a binder, and the weekly meetings are recorded, so you can watch at your leisure. So even if you fall a week behind, you can catch your breath and then jump back in when you’re ready for the next week’s materials.

We are unable to issue refunds or do-overs for any nutrition programs.