October Challenge, Take 2: RUN4GOOD with Saucony and Another Mother Runner

Last Monday, when we announced the RUN4GOOD challenge, there were some technical difficulties, so we're giving it another go today. The links below all work now, and we're pushing the challenge deadline back a week: it now runs from October 1-November 4. We also saw a couple of similar questions, and I'll answer those two now: 
1. Yes, you must have  a smartphone to participate, as the RUN4GOOD App is the way Saucony tracks the miles.
2. No, the app doesn't work on a treadmill.



We love a good BOGO, and our partner Saucony might have just come up with the best free BOGO ever: fighting childhood obesity with the miles you run. It's the RUN4GOOD App, and, in case you didn't watch the video, here's how it works:

1. You download the RUN4GOOD App, available for both iPhones and Androids: iPhoners can get it here on iTunes, and Droiders can grab it here on Google.

2. Press start when you begin your run. Run to your heart's content: fast, slow, far, not so much. It doesn't matter because every mile counts.

3. Press stop when you end your run. Your miles get added to a collective pile that helps an organization that, in some fashion, promotes running for youth.

A mile marker I love to share.

Yep. Running For Good that simple and efficient. (Could somebody from the app development send a memo to organizers of our school fall festival that has about 40 games and requires a gazillion volunteers and prizes? Just kidding. Kind of.)

Anyway, some backstory: every month, Saucony picks an organization—typically a school, but not always—that promotes youth running and can benefit from a financial grant. (A quick aside: if you know of such an organization, here's the application info.)

Half of the grant is immediately given to the cause, but they have to earn the second half by racking up 10,000 cumulative miles in a month. Lutz  Elementary Miles Club shot past their goal in September with a whopping 17,000+ miles, and in October, Creekside Middle School in Patterson, California, is up to bat. Creekside has a 100-mile club, which encourages students to run 100 miles over the course of a school year.

As we help Creekside get their full funding, Saucony and Another Mother Runner are going to up the ante a little. We are offering three combo prizes to three random mother runners who RUN4GOOD: a Saucony gift card (good for a pair of shoesa sweet fall running jacket, a supportive new bra, or whatever one piece of running gear you need) and an AMR lifestyle tee of your choice.

Saucony's new Nomad jacket and our "The more I run, the less I want to run away" coordinate well, I must say.
Saucony's new Nomad jacket and our "The more I run, the less I want to run away" coordinate well, I must say.

How do you enter to win such a great prize?
1. You log at least 10 runs (of any length, but on separate days) via the RUN4GOOD app between October 1 and November 4.

2. Then you screenshot your history page(s) on your phone (example below) and email them to us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com by 5 EST on Sunday, November 7, 2013.

Don't worry: we'll remind you periodically through the month of October to RUN4GOOD and will call for your screenshotted runs on the 31st. We'll announce the random winners on November 11.

photo (7)
My September runs I remembered to RUN4GOOD on. A few helpful tips: remember to start the run—I ran at least 6 more times, which I didn't record—and, more importantly, stop it. Believe it or not, I did not run 27 miles at 2:04 AM on Saturday the 7th. I did run 8.8 though, during my night Ragnar run. So maybe the app just tripled it because it was so badass to be running at 1 am. Or, more likely, I forgot to hit stop run.

The RUN4GOOD app has a bunch of other fun features, like rewarding you for certain milestones, sharing your runs if you choose, and allowing you to join a team. (Search for "Another Mother Runner" if you're interested, but joining the team isn't a prereq to be entered to win a prize.)

As far as we're concerned, we just want to see 10 runs from you in October/early November—and a whole lot of miles 4 GOOD.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below. Otherwise, go all BOGO on us, mother runners!

20 responses to “October Challenge, Take 2: RUN4GOOD with Saucony and Another Mother Runner

  1. So I FINALLY both got the app to work and managed to get it to record a whole run. It spent a week refusing to let me log in or do anything. After restarting my phone, etc, I finally uninstalled it and reinstalling it seemed to do the trick. Then I took it out for an 8-mile run, but it started raining halfway through, my phone got wet and shut off and spent the next 40 hours drying out in a bag of rice. Thankfully it’s fine, but of course, the app has no record of even the 4 miles I know it recorded. Today I paused it ’cause I wanted to take a fall picture and yep, that was enough for it to act as if had no idea it had been recording a run and lose the mile I’d already done. At least the rest of the miles recorded as a run. I’m not thrilled that if I have to move out of the app at any time (maybe even if I get a phone call?) that it will drop all the miles even if paused so hopefully that’s a glitch they’ll fix.

  2. I’ve been having problems as well on my Android phone. Had 4 good runs then the app froze and hasn’t worked the same since reinstalling. Now I can’t view my runs…very sad because I want to help this school! I contacted the help desk but have not yet received a response.

  3. Add me to list of people unable to get this to work on an iPhone (5s). Grrr. I’ve tried two days in a row and even deleted and reinstalled it. I love the idea but am about to give up on the execution!

  4. Add me to the list of people who can’t get it to work on my iphone 5! I get error messages and it goes back to the log in screen.

  5. I am so excited for this contest! Saucony is my favorite brand. I did my first Run 4 Good time. I just recently joined the smartphone generation so it was my first time using a phone as a gps running tool. The only bummer was it wouldn’t let me join the Another Mother Runner team.

  6. Thanks for posting about this, what a great idea. I’ve downloaded the app (had a few error messages initially but now it’s working fine), and used it on a run yesterday morning. I liked that the screen continued to show my time/speed/calories when the phone was locked – other apps I use don’t have this feature.
    Being from the UK, I probably can’t enter the AMR contest – but it’s nice to have another reason to get out and train 🙂

  7. Thanks for posting this – what a great idea, I’ve downloaded the app (had a few error messages but now it’s working fine). I ran 7 miles this morning using it – I like that it continues to show time/distance/calories even when the phone screen is locked (I have my phone in an armband so I was able to glance at it every now and then).
    I’m in the UK so probably won’t be able to take part in the AMR contest, but glad to be running with another purpose now 🙂

  8. Also had problems getting the app to work on my iPhone. Downloaded from the appstore. Says I created an account, but it won’t log me in. Grrrr.

  9. I am unable to sign up – – installing the app was no problem. Creating my account is a different story. Errors all over the place.

  10. Here’s what our contact at Saucony says: If they’re on their smartphone it will open up the native Play Store app on their device, so it functions similarly to the iPhone. Did you get it through the Play Store, Eanista?

  11. Morning, the app won’t let me sign in or sign up! When I touch to enter my email it goes back to the tour screen
    I have uninstalled & re-installed it twice. I am using it on a Galaxy S3 (Android). Thanks!

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