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    RUNNER RUNNER: The declarative words say so much thanks to the rainbow-bright letters and repetition. Make no mistakes, folks: I'm a runner!  This yummy-soft lifestyle tee has a gracious women's cut and is currently available in sizes XS-2XL. Size Chart
  • When we debuted the phrase, "badass mother runner" more than a decade (!!) ago on a top, we had to be a bit coy about saying the first word. Now, "badass" is the hero of this gorgeous lifestyle tee! Loud + proud, ladies, loud + proud. We are pleased to offer this tee in sizes XS-3XL. Size Chart
  • BEST FOR: Anyone looking to learn clear, science-based information regarding fueling during workouts; hydration; pre-race + recovery nutrition; and supplements. 8 Weeks: June 17-August 4, 2024 While running itself is fairly straight forward—pick a program, a race, and put one foot in front of the other—fueling for running is not so simple. To wit: How many carbs do you need to consume during a half marathon? (More than you think!) How many carbs should you eat before that half marathon? (Carb loading=a thing of the past.) How much water and electrolytes are ideal for your individual, active body? (It varies wildly!) Are there research-backed supplements that support your recovery and lifestyle? (Absolutely!) Enter: Many Nutritious Miles, a straight-shooting program led by sports nutritionist Jenn Giles, MS, RDN, CSSD, endurance athlete and mother of four who helps athletes from youth hockey players to 100-mile runners optimize their nutrition. Over the course of eight weeks, Jenn will help you dial your calories—and confidence. We'll dive into sports nutrition products (and offer some DIY options) as you personalize what works best for you; test your sweat rate so you can be sure you're getting enough hydration and electrolytes; detail optimal pre- and post-workout snacks; and give an overview of supplements that can be helpful—or harmful—to your active life. In addition, Many Nutritious Miles: Sports Nutrition features: Healthy recipes for a pre-workout nosh and a post-workout healthy treat; An Ask Me Anything weekly column from Jenn to clarify any questions you have; Optional interactive elements if you want to go deeper into hydration (hello sweat test!); supplements; and sports nutrition; •  Two live Q + A calls to check in personally and connect with Jenn. At the end of eight weeks, you will be confident in your nutritional choices around your workouts—and, as a result, feel stronger, more capable, and more energetic during them.
  • BADASS: a powerful word to describe a powerful woman, especially a mother runner! This go-with-everything black visor has you coming and going: The front reads "BADASS mother runner," while the stretchy back elastic merely proclaims "BADASS" It's designed exclusively by our pals at BoCo Gear.
  • BEST FOR: Anybody who wants to run the 8K, Half Marathon or Marathon in Richmond, Virginia on November 16, 2024 as part of a team. "Better Together is the only way I want to do races now," proclaimed participant Sarah J. after her 2023 Better Together marathon finish line, and we couldn't agree more. Better Together combines everything that makes Another Mother Runner great: the power of community, a place to show up exactly how—and who—you are, proven training programs, and a collective finish line to celebrate. Whether you want to bring a friend and run the 8K side-by-side, aim for a PR in the half marathon, or take on your very first 26.2, Better Together turns your training cycle and race day into a team effort. As you train for the distance of your choice, you'll have training buddies (either virtual or IRL), regular team meetings to check-in with your coaches and teammates, and the feeling that you're part of something bigger than the splits on your GPS. Then, we'll gather for a celebratory race experience in Richmond, which proclaims itself America's Friendliest Marathon (and half marathon and 8K) for Better Together. Coincidence? We think not. TRAINING DETAILS 8K: 12-week program; training begins August 26, 2024 Half Marathon: 15-week programs; training begins August 5, 2024 Marathon: 18-week programs; training begins July 15, 2024 RACE DETAILS: Richmond Marathon, Half Marathon and 8K, November 16, 2024 Register for your race distance, and you'll receive an email with more details and next steps.
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    another mother runner Tifosi sunglasses

    Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $20.00.
    Look cool while protecting your eyes: These Tifosi-brand sunglasses were made exclusively for Another Mother Runner, complete with our brand name on the inside right stem. The style name is called Swank (!), and the light frame is designed for a no-slip fit and is equipped with shatterproof, scratch-resistant lenses. The frames are go-with-everything Satin Clear with Smoke-colored lens. Our brand name is in teal green. This style of glasses sells on the Tifosi site for $30 so these are a great bargain!
  • Whether you swim to cross-train or you're training for a triathlon, we've got you (well, your hair!) covered with this super-cute swim cap. Made entirely of high-quality silicone, it is a can't-miss-you shade of bright pink with pale pink swim fins + goggles in the squiggly style of our shoes logo scattered all over it. On both sides, it reads "another mother swimmer." (Tee-hee) 100% silicone. One size fits most.
  • Brighten up your running wardrobe with this hot pink sleeveless tee:  Centered on the chest it reads Another Mother Runner with a running shoe graphic kickin’ things up a notch. This top is priced to move at just $20! Sizes XS-3XL
  • As women, we know there's only one way to go: forward. Alas, often at a nonstop pace. This tee, with its three runners going to-and-fro in almost yin-yang circle, sums up that can-do, keep-going approach to life. It has a gracious women's cut and is in sizes XS to 3XL. Size Chart
  • I Run Things Tee

    Let the world know that you run races—and that you’re in charge. (We love a good pun.) This is one of our top-selling phrases, and we offer it on a lifestyle tee with gracious fit in a wide range of sizes. We are pleased to offer this tee in sizes XS-3XL.
  • Part of our 6-Word Stories Collection, this tale tugs are our hearts because it's so dang true: Somewhere in a run or race, running morphs from a physical activity to one that captures your spirit and soul. And when the going gets rough, sometimes it's that other "element" that carries you to the end. As with many of our tops, we offer this tee in sizes XS-4XL. Size Chart
  • RUNNER RUNNER running hat

    A colorful declaration: This black running hat proclaims "RUNNER RUNNER" in a rainbow of hues on the front, making it a go-with-everything topper. It's performance headwear designed by BoCo Gear: the Run Hat style.
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