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    This hat sports our winged shoes, born out of a six-word story by a mother runner: "My running shoes are actually wings." The image "says" so much! This currant-plum-blue ombré running trucker is by BoCo Gear. We designed it as a companion to this cute hoody. Wear this hat running or wear it running errands: A running trucker has all the style and sass of a trucker, yet all the athletic practicality of a running hat.
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    Triathlete Tee

    Because you can be Another Mother Runner, Swimmer, AND Cyclist! A bright yellow statement on a heathered gray tee to tell the world that you do it all! This cozy shirt is offered in sizes XS-4XL. Size chart
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    Trail Runner Tee

    Because you are a trail runner and want the world to know! A bright teal statement on a soft heathered gray tee is a great way to share that you'd rather be running off the beaten path! This cozy shirt is offered in sizes XS-4XL. Size chart
  • Part of our 6-Word Stories Collection, this story speaks volumes: It hits at the very core of why we run. Its message resonated so strongly with us, we chose it as the winning phrase in our 2020 treadmill giveaway contest. Since we know it'll hit home with runners of all shapes and sizes, we offer this tee in XS-4XL. Size Chart
  • Part of our 6-Word Stories Collection, this tale tugs are our hearts because it's so dang true: Somewhere in a run or race, running morphs from a physical activity to one that captures your spirit and soul. And when the going gets rough, sometimes it's that other "element" that carries you to the end. As with many of our tops, we offer this tee in sizes XS-4XL. Size Chart
  • BEST FOR: Women who are in perimenopause, or women in their 40s PREREQS: None NUMBER OF WEEKS: 6; June 5 - July 16, 2023

    A random Tuesday morning, and I (Dimity) was floundering. "I kinda feel like I'm losing my mind these days," I text a friend who works in healthcare. "This perimenopause thing is no joke." Despite living a healthy lifestyle—eating my veggies, exercising most days, meditating somewhat regularly, etc.—and owning a dog-eared copy of The Menopause Manifesto, both my body and mind were not the familiar friends I'd inhabited the previous 48 years. My mood scraped the bottom most days; my sleep felt jagged; my memory had gaping, frustrating holes; and I felt like I had zero control over anything. If you're in your 40s, you may very well know what I'm talking about. (And for that, I'm sorry. It sucks.) Yes, it's easy to chuckle with a friend about having to get up in the night to change your shirt, soaked with sweat like you just ran three tempo miles: It's good bonding, right? That said, the whole perimenopause situation—hot flashes that stem from hormone fluctuations, which also contribute to poor sleep, unexpected weight gain, a cloudy mind, and other symptoms like anxiety, depression bloating, and constipation—are far from laughable. It can bring you to tears on a daily (hourly?) basis, and make you feel like you are, in fact, losing your mind. Which is why we created Talking Perimenopause: a Six-Week Salon. No, we aren't going to "fix" your perimenopause in six weeks, but we are here to help you understand what is happening to your body, in real, accessible terms. We offer doable ideas and ways to ease symptoms. We answer all your questions, and call in experts to give a deep, helpful dive into multi-level topics like exercise and hormone replacement therapy. We have enlightening conversations that provide both validation for your symptoms and offer important group connection. Along the way, we teach you to grow broccoli sprouts; define the (important) difference between estrogen, xeno-estrogens, and phytoestrogens; help you figure out if hormone therapy is a good individual call for you; remind you of the value of throwing some weight around; and, of course, make sure to laugh regularly. At the end of six weeks, you'll not only feel better physically, you'll also feel mentally connected and be ready to continue to navigate, with grace and perspective, your perimenopause.
  • Turn up the volume when proclaiming to the world what you are--another mother runner--so we amped up our logo on this sassy tee. (Fist bump!) We updated the colors on this popular design, offering it on a lifestyle tee with a more gracious fit in a wider range of sizes. We are pleased to offer this tee in sizes XS-4XL. Size Chart
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    Let us introduce you to the greatest hybrid hat ever! All the style and sass of a trucker, yet all the athletic practicality of a running hat. Thus, the Running Trucker. This BoCo Gear creation is lightweight and wicks sweat as fast as you pump it out--and it exudes style. The front says "another mother runner" in an ombré-like reverse-fade that starts out a cool spearmint green and deepens to a rich teal. The words are encircled by the laces from our shoe logo at the bottom of them. All set against a go-with-everything gray background. On the white back mesh, the empowering phrase "stay strong" is embroidered in a lovely shade of mint green.

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    BEST FOR: Beginner to intermediate triathletes who have their sights set on a sprint-distance race PREREQS: The ability to swim 100 yards in a pool without touching the bottom or hanging on the edge. It doesn’t have to be pretty, and you don’t have to keep your face in the water the whole time. If you can’t do that but are intent on this plan, enrolling in an adult swim class and/or private lessons is a great idea. For the run and bike portions, being injury-free is necessary. NUMBER OF WEEKS: 12
    • *Race Date

      Step One: Select your race date:

      If you don’t know your race date yet, please select a date that you estimate will be close to your race date. When you solidify it, let us know and we can change it.

      Training Date

      Step Two: Your training will begin on:

      Mark this date in your calendar as your official start date! (If your program has already started, no worries; email us and we’ll help you jump in.)

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  • DATES: February 27-April 23, 2023 BEST FOR: Active women ready to have nutrition—and their bodies—work for them, not against them. NUMBER OF WEEKS: 8

    In a perfect world, you’d eat foods that nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Food that keeps your legs running strong, your mind humming, your spirit soaring.

    In this imperfect world, you—if you’re like us—scarf down bars over the keyboard; skip meals because you’re spending hours behind the steering wheel; eat “meals” of leftovers and baby carrots, consumed over the sink, and washed down with wine; and crave sugar every day at precisely 2:15 pm sharp. Even though you know better, you can’t seem to make changes that stick. The combination of decision fatigue, lack of energy, sporadic sleep, and belly bloat has put you in a position of reactivity—and defeat. Led by Ellie Kempton, MSN, RD, Simply Nourished Like a Mother is an innovative, eight-week program that serves up a foundational nutritional toolkit—the only one that you’ll need to spur lasting changes and a permanent transformation.

    You’ll learn to eat for energy, not because of emotions; you’ll understand how your body digests different macronutrients (and why you should eat food in a specific order); you’ll taste how food can be healthy, healing, easy, nourishing, and delightfully flavorful all at once.

    Ultimately, you’ll intimately experience the freedom of food as a form of daily medicine.

    Not only does this comprehensive program serve as the foundation for any further personalized support you may need, but it is also designed with you—a busy, multitasking, active woman—in mind.

  • Do your PDF's get put in a pile somewhere over there, never to be seen again? (Or maybe they don't get printed at all?) We've streamlined your life by creating a book with all your Simply Nourished Like a Mother materials. You'll have everything from the introduction to the notes pages in one easy-to-access book. What's more, we've included five bonus delicious recipes—think Bombshell Brownie Bites and Ellie's [magic] English Muffins—that fit beautifully with the nourished lifestyle. Wire bound with plastic front and back covers. 82 pages, including Table of Contents, all materials, five pages for notes, and five bonus recipes. Priority mail domestic shipping included. We are unable to ship internationally.
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    The greatest hybrid hat ever! All the style and sass of a trucker, yet all the athletic practicality of a running hat. Thus, the Running Trucker. This BoCo Gear creation is lightweight and wicks sweat as fast as you pump it out--and it exudes style. This design celebrates the beauty and majesty of the Big Sky Country landscape of Missoula, Montana, with mountains, a lake, trees, and a cloud-filled sky (natch). All in lush shades of green, blue, and white. "Another Mother Runner" is embroidered on the front of the lovely landscape. On one side of the gray laser-cut mesh is the state of Montana embroidered, with an elk marking Missoula's location. On the top of the bill, our shoes logo is embroidered; on the back, stitched in pale blue, it says, "many big-sky miles."
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