• Wow, Oiselle! Few things we love more than pockets on running bottoms, so the Mid-Length Pocket Jogger, with five pockets, speaks to our soul (sole!). This 7" short is made from soft, stretchy-yet-hold-you-in Nyelle™ fabric! There are large, secure pockets on the side of each leg, and three along the rear waistband (including a phone-sized, zippered one). Available in numeric size 2 to 20/22. On the side of the right pocket is our stacked logo, complete with our shoes, in persimmon orange and peony pink. Shorts are Ink Blue (a welcome alternative to black bottoms).
  • Brighten your pre-dawn fall and winter runs with this lavender long-sleeve tee. The colors, the soft fabric, the midweight, and the thumbholes: You'll love it all. Sizes XS-4XL; Size Chart
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    another mother runner Oiselle Roga Shorts

    Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $35.00.
    Wow, Oiselle! The Roga is a classic Oiselle short, with its flat waistband, extra large, center-back zip pocket, semi-fitted style, and Roga Stretch Woven body fabric that is drapey and fluid, forming (yet not clinging!) to your body. Oiselle dubs them, "the original non-poofy running shorts." Available still in numeric size 2 to 10. On the front of the left leg is the Another Mother Runner stacked logo, complete with our shoes, in black (to match the beautiful birds on the wide waistband!) and raspberry.
  • We believe a vest is perhaps the most versatile piece of running gear. This black beauty has an oversized line drawing of a running shoe with the words, "another mother runner" embroidered in blue on the left breast. Locals tell us it's the perfect piece for Hilton Head in November! It runs true to size and has a flattering women's cut in sizes XS to 3XL. Click here for size chart + details.
  • These Another Mother Runner-embroidered PJ bottoms are incredibly comfy + cozy—and cute AF! Made from 100% cotton flannel that's heavy enough to not be see-through, yet not sweat-inducingly heavy. They are a juicy shade of orange with darker orange and white stripes/plaid design. Our stacked logo + shoes are embroidered on the left hip in yellow, bubblegum pink, and burgundy. Sizes XS-2XL; size chart.
  • This high-quality vinyl sticker is beautiful in its simplicity, proclaiming you're a mother runner in vibrant colors and accented by our shoes logo. Perfect for use on a water bottle, laptop, on your treadmill, etc. Measures 3" x 1.34" FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING ON ALL STICKERS!
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    another mother runner Tifosi sunglasses

    Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $20.00.
    Look cool while protecting your eyes: These Tifosi-brand sunglasses were made exclusively for Another Mother Runner, complete with our brand name on the inside right stem. The style name is called Swank (!), and the light frame is designed for a no-slip fit and is equipped with shatterproof, scratch-resistant lenses. The frames are go-with-everything Satin Clear with Smoke-colored lens. Our brand name is in teal green. This style of glasses sells on the Tifosi site for $30 so these are a great bargain!
  • Whether you swim to cross-train or you're training for a triathlon, we've got you (well, your hair!) covered with this super-cute swim cap. Made entirely of high-quality silicone, it is a can't-miss-you shade of bright pink with pale pink swim fins + goggles in the squiggly style of our shoes logo scattered all over it. On both sides, it reads "another mother swimmer." (Tee-hee) 100% silicone. One size fits most.
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    Badass BibBoards

    Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $12.00.
    Badass BibBoards, the smarter way to hold a race bib securely in place! These custom-for-us BibBoards let you toss out safety pins and magnets and secure your race number securely without risking getting a hole or snag in your favorite tee or tights. Easily snap on and off for perfect placement. Practical and sassy, these reusable BibBoards add a bit of zhuzh to your race-day attire! Set of 4.
  • You've asked for it at countless expos, so here it (finally!) is: a lifestyle tee that tells the world you're a badass grandmother runner! You know that just because you are a female runner whose kids have had kids, it doesn't mean you aren't moving forward with purpose. This tee sums up that attitude and proclaims it to the world in berry, goldenrod, and white lettering on stripes of color. Size Chart
  • This high-quality vinyl sticker has attitude in spades: It's our favorite phrase, "badass mother runner," envisioned as "badass" tattoo'd on the knuckles of two powerful fists (plus our shoes logo, for good measure!), with the words, "mother runner" underneath. Perfect for use on a water bottle, laptop, your treadmill, etc. Measures 4" x 2"
  • This BoCo Gear hat is a hybrid called a "running trucker" with all the style and sass of a trucker, yet all the athletic practicality of a running hat. This steel-gray one sports our  favorite phrase, badass mother runner, envisioned as “badass” tattoo’d on the knuckles of two powerful fists (plus our shoes logo, for good measure), with the words, “mother runner” underneath. In shades of seafoam green, pale sherbet orange, and white.  
  • This hat is bright pink meets badass—and we adore it! This pink-and-maroon running trucker, by BoCo Gear, reads "badass mother runner" on the front. Wear it running or wear it running errands: A running trucker has all the style and sass of a trucker, yet all the athletic practicality of a running hat.
  • When we debuted the phrase, "badass mother runner" more than a decade (!!) ago on a top, we had to be a bit coy about saying the first word. Now, "badass" is the hero of this gorgeous lifestyle tee! Loud + proud, ladies, loud + proud. We are pleased to offer this tee in sizes XS-3XL. Size Chart
  • BADASS: a powerful word to describe a powerful woman, especially a mother runner! This go-with-everything black visor has you coming and going: The front reads "BADASS mother runner," while the stretchy back elastic merely proclaims "BADASS" It's designed exclusively by our pals at BoCo Gear.
  • This high-quality vinyl sticker sticker tells everyone, in a subtle way, that you're a badass mother runner. And, when your resolve or motivation is flagging, it'll remind YOU that you are a BAMR! Vibrant colors. Measures 4" x 1.93"
  • PROGRAM DATES: Rolling admission. Your program begins the Monday after you register. BEST FOR: Women interested learning how to get more comfortable +  knowledgeable about cycling. PREREQS: You do need to know how to ride a bike, but you don’t need to be able to ride it far. NUMBER OF WEEKS: 8 Riding a bike is fairly simple, but cycling—riding a bike for a workout—can be a little more complex. Not only do you need to be able to handle your bike capably and use your gears smoothly, you also need to navigate traffic, climb efficiently, descend safely, and give enough effort so you feel like you've had a good workout. (And don't even get us started on changing a flat tire...) If you're interested in becoming a more capable cyclist and/or want to integrate cycling into your running routine, Become a Cyclist is the perfect program for you. Coaches Jennifer Harrison and Elizabeth Waterstraat will be virtually hanging out in the back pocket of your cycling jersey, teaching you all the best tips + tricks they know as well as answering any questions along the way. In addition, your teammates—like-minded women also getting their cycling legs underneath them—will be doing the exact same workouts as as you. In other words, you may be riding solo, but you're far from alone.
  • PROGRAM DATES: Rolling admission; the program starts the Monday after you register. BEST FOR: Runners looking to expand their training to the trails! PREREQS: You need to be a regular runner—at least 30-40 minutes, 3-4 times a week for at least six weeks–with no current injuries. The first week of training features a 50-minute run, as well as some hill repeats and a trail run. NUMBER OF WEEKS: 8

    When you’re running on dirt through trees, not on pavement through suburbia, your spirit has the opportunity to truly soar. With cars, buildings, and other distractions to a minimum, you breath in the fresh air, flow through nature, and connect with your surroundings—and yourself—on a more fundamental level.

    That said, running on trails can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. Taking your miles off-road means adjusting your effort and paces; getting your body and running form ready for uneven, sometimes jarring terrain; acquiring the correct gear for more advanced trails; and having the basic skills to feel strong so you can run with confidence on all trails.
  • BEST FOR: Anybody who wants to run the 8K, Half Marathon or Marathon in Richmond, Virginia on November 16, 2024, as part of a team. "Better Together is the only way I want to do races now," proclaimed participant Sarah J. after her 2023 Better Together marathon finish line, and we couldn't agree more. Better Together combines everything that makes Another Mother Runner great: the power of community, a place to show up exactly how—and who—you are, proven training programs, and a collective finish line to celebrate. Whether you want to bring a friend and run the 8K side-by-side, aim for a PR in the half marathon, or take on your very first 26.2, Better Together turns your training cycle and race day into a team effort. As you train for the distance of your choice, you'll have training buddies (either virtual or IRL), regular team meetings to check-in with your coaches and teammates, and the feeling that you're part of something bigger than the splits on your GPS. Then, we'll gather for a celebratory race experience in Richmond, which proclaims itself America's Friendliest Marathon (and half marathon and 8K) for Better Together. Coincidence? We think not. TRAINING DETAILS 8K: 12-week program; training begins August 26, 2024 Half Marathon: 15-week programs; training begins August 5, 2024 Marathon: 18-week programs; training begins July 15, 2024 RACE DETAILS: Richmond Marathon, Half Marathon and 8K, November 16, 2024 Register for your race distance, and you'll receive an email with more details and next steps.
  • Rain or shine, this hat is destined to be your go-to running hat! The three cool-tone stripes on the black front match the repeat "BAMR" (stands for Badass Mother Runner) lettering all over the back. It sports a sewn-on AMR logo badge on front, too. This BoCo Gear running hat is lightweight and wicks sweat like a champ. The perfect "portable porch," it brightens up rainy runs and shields your eyes on sunny days.
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    Blue Shoes Running Trucker Hat

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    This hat is emblazoned with a large, embroidered version our shoes logo. The hat is a herringbone pattern of a lighter and a darker royal blue. Wear this hat running or wear it running errands: A running trucker has all the style and sass of a trucker, yet all the athletic practicality of a running hat.
  • BEST FOR: If you’ve had a situation, goal, or issue swirling around in your brain for a few months, taking an hour to talk through it is a great way to clear up the clouds and gain perspective.

    Maybe you’re a newer runner, and want to plot out your upcoming year of races with an experienced coach.

    Maybe you’ve had a disappointing race, and you need to talk through it—and get psyched for another training cycle. Maybe you’ve had a string of injuries, and are finally ready for an in-depth conversation about how to break the cycle. Maybe you’ve got your eye on a Boston-qualifying time, and need to know how to nab that sucker. Maybe you’re thinking of transitioning from runner to triathlete—or vice versa—and want help and want help laying out the steps (and strokes!) you’ll take. If you’re in one of these—or countless other what-do-I-do now—scenarios, a Coaching Consult is the perfect next step for you.
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    Cyclist Tee

    Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $18.00.
    Cyclist: Need we say more? A bright purple statement on a soft heathered gray tee is the perfect way to tell everyone that being a BAMR is more than just running. This cozy shirt is offered in sizes XS-4XL. Size chart
  • BEST FOR: Runners who want to complete multiple events in one weekend. PREREQS: You’ve been running at least 30–45 minutes 3–4 days of the week for at least 8 weeks. You’re injury-free. You don’t need previous experience running by heart rate, but it is helpful if you have run a half-marathon at some point. NUMBER OF WEEKS: 24 TRAINING BEGINS: July 29, 2024

    Disney Races are truly magical events. After all, where else can you start under fireworks, kiss Prince Charming, joke around with Donald and Daisy, and Let It Go with Elsa, then cross a finish line and receive some serious bling?

    However, two to four finish lines over as many days will not be magical if you are not properly prepared. If you’re slogging through the miles and barely able to muster a smile—let alone a bicep curl—for a shot with Wreck-It-Ralph, your Dopey or Goofy extravaganza will be memorable. Just not for the right reasons. With this 24-week, hands-on program starting on July 29, 2024, we’ve got your back and are laying a white-glove-clad, oversize hand firmly on it. The training plan we’ve created emphasizes both muscular and cardiovascular endurance and time on your feet: keys you’ll need to run every mile with a smile. But it's not all about the running. We'll be sure you're fueling properly for all your long runs. We’ll make sure your hips and glutes, typically the weak spots for most runners, are rock solid. We’ll have some fun too, brainstorming costume ideas and ideas. We'll entertain and educate you with podcasts and newsletters, and, of course, hit race strategies so that you not only enjoy your Dopey or Goofy Challenge, you’ll nearly fly during each mile. The end result? You feel primed and totally ready to run either challenge: The Dopey: 5K, then a 10K, then a half-marathon, then a marathon or the Goofy: a half-marathon then a marathon—no pixie dust required. Save
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