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    Run Montana Tee

    This tee is part of our 2022 series celebrating the states we're visiting for in-person races. (At long last!) It was made for our first stop, the Missoula Marathon in jaw-droppingly gorgeous Montana. The state outline, complete with the word "run" and our shoes logo, is in (big!) sky blue ink, set on a heathered charcoal tee. Equally at home with shorts, joggers, or  jeans. Available in sizes XS-2XL. Size Chart
  • Running in Chicago is, well, magnificent, so for this running tank top, we morphed our brand name in homage of the Windy City: Another Chitown Runner. Complete with an outline of the city's iconic skyline, plus the city flag's four red stars and blue tones, this tank will show your Run Chicago pride! Sizes XS-3XL. Size Chart. 
  • Rain or shine, this hat is destined to be your go-to running hat! The three cool-tone stripes on the black front match the repeat "BAMR" (stands for Badass Mother Runner) lettering all over the back. It sports a sewn-on AMR logo badge on front, too. This BoCo Gear running hat is lightweight and wicks sweat like a champ. The perfect "portable porch," it brightens up rainy runs and shields your eyes on sunny days.
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    The greatest hybrid hat ever! All the style and sass of a trucker, yet all the athletic practicality of a running hat. Thus, the BoCo Gear Running Trucker. Wear it running miles or running around town. This design pumps up the volume on the Many Happy Miles streaming-sun image. Set against an aqua background, it's as if the sun is rising on the right side of the hat, and rays of light are shooting across the front toward a black-and-white Many Happy Miles endless road logo with our little shoes on it. On the right side of the white laser-cut nylon mesh is a large Another Mother Runner logo patch.
  • As you may already know from personal experience, swimming is not a sport you can pick up with sheer muscle and determination. In fact, trying harder to swim faster might actually produce a negative effect: More splashing and thrashing will only exhaust—and frustrate—you, not make you the smooth swimmer you’d like to be. Truthfully, nearly every swimmer can benefit from an expert coach watching her form in the water and offering feedback. If you’re a beginner, learning and imprinting proper form will make a huge difference in your workouts and performance. If you’re a more advanced swimmer, small technique adjustments will improve your efficiency and speed in the water. FORM ANALYSIS IS A HELPFUL TOOL FOR SWIMMERS WHO: ○ Are fairly new to swimming; ○ Are intimidated by the swim portion of the triathlon; ○ Finish the swim portion of a triathlon exhausted, and are unable to utilize their fitness on the bike and run; ○ Have neck, shoulder, or other pain while swimming; ○ Want to become more efficient in the water; or ○ Are focused on minimizing the risk of future injury.  
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    Runner Tee

    Sometimes it's really that simple: You are a runner! A bright orange statement on a soft heathered gray tee is a great way to share your true identity. This cozy shirt is offered in sizes XS-4XL. Size chart
  • BEST FOR: Beginner to experienced cyclists who want to train virtually as a group, then meet in person either at the North Shore Century in Evanston, IL or Maine's Lighthouse Ride in Portland, ME, and conquer 25, 40 or 50, 62, or 100 miles on two wheels. PREREQS: The ability to ride a bike, and the equipment necessary to ride safely. (See below.) While no long-distance bike experience is necessary for any distance, beginning riders will likely enjoy the 25, 40/50, or 62 mile options before attempting a full century. NUMBER OF WEEKS: 25 miles: 10 weeks; 40 or 50 miles: 14 weeks; 62 miles: 16 weeks; 100 miles: 18 weeks EVENT DETAILS: Maine Lighthouse Ride in Portland, ME, and North Shore Century in Evanston, IL; both events are on Sunday, September 10. Please note: In order to make this a successful program, we need a minimum of 25 athletes (either location; any distance) to register by May 5. If we do not meet our goal, we will offer a full refund. (More details in questions + answers below.)
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    Run Oregon Tee

    Oregon: It's a stunningly beautiful state seeped in running history. (Plus, it's Sarah's adopted state.) This Run Oregon tee features an outline of the PacNW state with the word "run" and our shoes cleverly interwoven into the outline. We are pleased to offer this tee in sizes XS-3XL. Size Chart

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    BEST FOR: Experienced triathletes taking on the #motherlode of all triathlons: an Ironman PREREQS: The ability swim 500 meters or yards in a pool without touching the bottom or hanging on the edge; being injury-free; Ideally, you have completed an Half-Ironman triathlon—or at least run a marathon—before taking an Ironman, but if you’re starting from scratch, this 36-week plan can help you get to the finish line happy and injury-free. The first week of the plan calls for a 45-minute ride and a 50-minute run; completing those durations shouldn’t be too much of a stretch. NUMBER OF WEEKS: 36  
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      Step One: Select your race date:

      If you don’t know your race date yet, please select a date that you estimate will be close to your race date. When you solidify it, let us know and we can change it.

      Training Date

      Step Two: Your training will begin on:

      Mark this date in your calendar as your official start date! (If your program has already started, no worries; email us and we’ll help you jump in.)

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    This hat sports our winged shoes, born out of a six-word story by a mother runner: "My running shoes are actually wings." The image "says" so much! This currant-plum-blue ombré running trucker is by BoCo Gear. We designed it as a companion to this cute hoody. Wear this hat running or wear it running errands: A running trucker has all the style and sass of a trucker, yet all the athletic practicality of a running hat.
  • BEST FOR: Beginner to intermediate triathletes who want the team spirit and extra features and perks of the Race Like a Mother Program PREREQS: The ability to swim 50 yards in a pool without touching the bottom or hanging on the edge. If you can’t do that but are intent on this plan, enrolling in an adult swim class and/or private lessons is a great idea. For the run and bike portions, being injury-free is necessary. DATES: May 1 - July 22, 2022 (12 weeks) RACE DETAILS: The Forge Triathlon, July 22, 2023 Race Like a Mother is an immersive program that brings out the best in you as an athlete—and incorporates a supportive, in-person team spirit. For twelve weeks, you'll train virtually with a group of like-minded triathletes for The Forge Triathlon, a race designed with beginners in mind. Then, in late July, you'll gather in Lemont, Illinois (<30 miles outside of Chicago) to swim/bike/run and complete a sprint triathlon with the widest smile ever on your face. Please note: In order to make this a successful program, we need a minimum of 25 athletes to register by April 27. If we do not meet our goal, we will offer a full refund. (More details in questions + answers below.)
  • Set against a rich purple background, the fuchsia heart has letters spelling out "RUN" in goldenrod-yellow, juicy orange, and bubblegum pink. A small version of our shoes logo in pale pink is nestled in the "R." The entire design is a bit distressed, adding to the vintage look. This tech tank, perfect for all your warm-weather + treadmill runs, is made from 100% sweat-wicking polyester. Sizes XS-4XL. Size Chart.
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