• As women, we know there's only one way to go: forward. Alas, often at a nonstop pace. This tee, with its three runners going to-and-fro in almost yin-yang circle, sums up that can-do, keep-going approach to life. It has a gracious women's cut and is in sizes XS to 3XL. Size Chart
  • BEST FOR: Runners who have been sidelined for 2 months or more and want find their running legs again PREREQS: Approval from your doctor or physical therapist to resume a weight-bearing activity. The ability to walk briskly for 60 minutes without pain. This demonstrates that the site of injury or bone can handle the impact forces of running. (See FAQ below for more details.) NUMBER OF WEEKS: 12-15 If you have had a long-term injury or illness, are postpartum, or simply hit a roadblock in life or motivation, this is an effective, safe, and fun program to find your running groove again. You'll spend 12 to 15 weeks–you go at the pace that works best for your body—incrementally getting stronger and running longer while two expert coaches, Jennifer Harrison and Elizabeth Waterstraat, will be by your (virtual) side the entire time.
  • Running in Chicago is, well, magnificent, so for this running tank top, we morphed our brand name in homage of the Windy City: Another Chitown Runner. Complete with an outline of the city's iconic skyline, plus the city flag's four red stars and blue tones, this tank will show your Run Chicago pride! Sizes XS-3XL. Size Chart. 
  • Minnesota: home to the motherlode of mother runners! (Plus, it's Dimity's home state.) This Run MN tee features an outline of the mighty state with the word "run" and our shoes cleverly interwoven into the outline. We are pleased to offer this tee in sizes XS-2XL. Size Chart
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    Run Montana Tee

    This tee is part of our 2022 series celebrating the states we're visiting for in-person races. (At long last!) It was made for our first stop, the Missoula Marathon in jaw-droppingly gorgeous Montana. The state outline, complete with the word "run" and our shoes logo, is in (big!) sky blue ink, set on a heathered charcoal tee. Equally at home with shorts, joggers, or  jeans. Available in sizes XS-2XL. Size Chart
  • We love Oregon, the home of Another Mother Runner! This hoody pays homage to the quirky, running-centric state. On the front it says "another mother runner" with our shoes logo. On the back is an eye-catching Oregon icons and images. (Our designer really outdid herself on this one!) The hoody is a rich alpine green—a color that basically sums up what Oregon feels like! Available in sizes unisex XS-3XL. Size chart
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    Run Oregon Tee

    Oregon: It's a stunningly beautiful state seeped in running history. (Plus, it's Sarah's adopted state.) This Run Oregon tee features an outline of the PacNW state with the word "run" and our shoes cleverly interwoven into the outline. We are pleased to offer this tee in sizes XS-3XL. Size Chart
  • RUNNER RUNNER running hat

    A colorful declaration: This black running hat proclaims "RUNNER RUNNER" in a rainbow of hues on the front, making it a go-with-everything topper. This hat has our shoes logo on the bill in teal green, the same color used to say "another mother runner" on the side. It's performance headwear designed by BoCo Gear: the Run Hat style.
  • RUNNER RUNNER: The declarative words say so much thanks to the rainbow-bright letters and repetition. Make no mistakes, folks: I'm a runner!  This yummy-soft lifestyle tee has a gracious women's cut and is currently available in sizes XS-2XL. Size Chart
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    Runner Tee

    Sometimes it's really that simple: You are a runner! A bright orange statement on a soft heathered gray tee is a great way to share your true identity. This cozy shirt is offered in sizes XS-4XL. Size chart
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    The greatest hybrid hat ever! All the style and sass of a trucker, yet all the athletic practicality of a running hat. Thus, the Running Trucker. This BoCo Gear creation is lightweight and wicks sweat as fast as you pump it out--and it exudes style. This design celebrates the beauty and majesty of the Big Sky Country landscape of Missoula, Montana, with mountains, a lake, trees, and a cloud-filled sky (natch). All in lush shades of green, blue, and white. "Another Mother Runner" is embroidered on the front of the lovely landscape. On one side of the gray laser-cut mesh is the state of Montana embroidered, with an elk marking Missoula's location. On the top of the bill, our shoes logo is embroidered; on the back, stitched in pale blue, it says, "many big-sky miles."
  • DATES: October 16-December 10, 2023 BEST FOR: Active women ready to have nutrition—and their bodies—work for them, not against them. NUMBER OF WEEKS: 8

    In a perfect world, you’d eat foods that nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Food that keeps your legs running strong, your mind humming, your spirit soaring.

    In this imperfect world, you—if you’re like us—scarf down bars over the keyboard; skip meals because you’re spending hours behind the steering wheel; eat “meals” of leftovers and baby carrots, consumed over the sink, and washed down with wine; and crave sugar every day at precisely 2:15 pm sharp. Even though you know better, you can’t seem to make changes that stick. The combination of decision fatigue, lack of energy, sporadic sleep, and belly bloat has put you in a position of reactivity—and defeat. Led by Ellie Kempton, MSN, RD, Simply Nourished Like a Mother is an innovative, eight-week program that serves up a foundational nutritional toolkit—the only one that you’ll need to spur lasting changes and a permanent transformation.

    You’ll learn to eat for energy, not because of emotions; you’ll understand how your body digests different macronutrients (and why you should eat food in a specific order); you’ll taste how food can be healthy, healing, easy, nourishing, and delightfully flavorful all at once.

    Ultimately, you’ll intimately experience the freedom of food as a form of daily medicine.

    Not only does this comprehensive program serve as the foundation for any further personalized support you may need, but it is also designed with you—a busy, multitasking, active woman—in mind.

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