Special V-Day Giveaway: Sleep Much?

The #1 reason we're tired? Um, we have kids.

Like most holidays, Valentine's Day is no holiday for moms. On Thursday night, I was scrambling for V-Day gifts (nothing says I love you more than a Star Wars Lego book, right?); on Saturday I was policing the glue stick usage as we made 18 Valentines for Ben's class; and Monday morning, as you're reading this, I'm going to be cutting gobs of strawberries for V-Day parties.

Add in running, regular chores, a little work and forget the special pink and red M'n'M's. I'm just ready for bed.

And by bed, I mean sleep. Not reading, not pillow talk, not a little V-Day romance. I mean drooling, then twitching, then REM, then dreams, then waking up at least 8 hours later. I am extremely anal about my sleep habits. Lights out by 10, and preferably by 9:15 or so. Boring? Yes. (If you don't believe me, ask my husband: on Friday night, when I was crawling in at about 8:45, he said, "Really? On a Friday night?" Really.) But the truth is, I know sleep is more important to my well-being than my diet or my running. If sleep comes up short, nothing else--my patience, my productivity, my ability to think clearly--has a fighting chance. (In other words, pink M'n'M's by the handful!)

So leave it to two women, both former college basketball coaches and athletes, to try to maximize what little sleep moms get. As chronicled in the newest issue of O magazine, Susan Walvius and Michelle Marciniak were fingering a pair of silky soft basketball shorts, and immediately wanted to wrap themselves in them. The result? Sheex, self-described performance sheets. Made of a polyester and Lycra blend, these stretchy sheets are designed to keep you cool and comfy: they regulate your body temperature as capably as your favorite running outfit does. Just like running in cotton leaves you hotter and clammier than running in a tech tee does, sleeping in cotton can cause you to overheat and sweat, as one of us--not naming names--who ο»Ώis hitting the perimenopause can attest.

Or, I could just sum them up as Amelia did last night when she crawled into our bed and pronounced them, "running sheets."

Running sheets that make you want to run right to bed.

In the running sheets, I don't sweat. (So it's SBS who is hot flashing, but I can soak a tank top too.) And neither does SBS, who had some crazy dreams during her slumbers in them, which she chalks up to deep REM. Will they improve our running? Not sure, but I'm not sure I care either. Whether you're Kara Goucher, who is staring down the Boston Marathon after giving birth in September, or a tired mom hoping to hit 10-minute-miles without a jogging stroller, we can all use as many (non-pharmaceutical) tools in our sleep aid box as possible. Performance is good, but feeling rested? So much better.

So in honor of Valentine's Day, we're toasting to a different kind of sweet: sweet dreams. We're giving away a set of Sheex to a random winner. All you have to do is tell us: What constitutes a good night sleep for you? No--or less than three--interruptions from the peanut gallery? Five or nine hours of continuous sleep? Nine? Dreams you can remember? Waking up on your own time?

Give us some details on your slumber preferences, and you may be sleeping in some Sheex.


p.s. Loved, loved, loved the response to last week's giveaway--and I'm not just saying that because it's V-Day. A whopping 555 of you declared, "I am a runner!" I heard you all roar, but only one--a lucky Bretta Hayes--can take home the sweet Brooks Glycerin Skirt and Jacket. Bretta writes: "I am a runner. I'm a momma, a wife, a friend...and soon to a marathoner. I AM a runner!" We believe you, Bretta! E-mail us at runmother at gmail dot com and we'll get you set up, Brooks-style, for your marathon.

290 responses to “Special V-Day Giveaway: Sleep Much?

  1. A good night’s sleep for me is 7 hours uninterrupted with neither kid waking up and needing me. It happens less than once a week, but a gal can dream…

  2. A good night’s sleep–for me–is composed of drinking chamomile tea, doing a few yoga poses, getting in a few minutes to journal, and feeling like my body has had a good, active & productive day. I can work in a few of these elements most of the time, but getting them all together: that’s rare. : )

  3. A good night’s sleep for me is when my husband is the one who gets up for the kids throughout the night instead of playing possum.

  4. a good nite’s sleep is definately one that hasnt been interrupted by the assorted other beings in my home (2 kids, husband, cat and dog) and also waking up on my own with out prompting from the afore mentioned roommates.

  5. A good nights sleep for me is getting in that bed and knowing that this is the most important and best thing for me. That my family isn’t going to be at its best if I am not at my best. It took me a long time to realize this- I used to stay up trying to get ‘things’ done or stay up because it was ‘me time’. I was a go to sleep at 12 – 1 in the morning girl! On a work night! Now, I have been going to sleep at 9 latest 10! Its a different me, I love it and realize now that sleep IS part of what makes me the best mom AND runner I can be!

  6. A good night’s sleep for me means that no kids crossed the threshold of my bedroom doorway, and if they did, their voices only disturbed Daddy (I heard every breath they took as babies, but now SWEAR I don’t hear a thing most nights…) and I get to sleep until at least 7am.

  7. A good night sleep is no one throwing up in bed, no one crying in the middle of the night.

    A good night sleep is cuddling, and yet still having enough space to actually roll over.

    I will miss those cuddles on day.

  8. It is a good night if I can be asleep by 9:30 pm and not wake up until my alarm goes off at 5am. This rarely happens as I almost always wake up around 12 MN, look at the clock and fall back asleep and then again sometime around 4:30am when I lay there for 15 minutes then finally admit that it is morning time and roll myself out of bed. Running sheets would be nice!

  9. A good night’s sleep for me is being able to turn my brain off and fall asleep within 10 min. of putting my head on the pillow and not waking up for 9 hours. Needless to say, it is a rare occasion that this actually happens.

  10. Oh, the idea of cool, cool sleep. As another perimenopause sufferer and one with a hot πŸ˜‰ husband sleep often eludes me…

  11. A perfect nights’ sleep for me would be no snoring husband and kids that slept all night! Ahh, just the thought of it………..!

  12. A good night of sleep for me is when my alarm clock goes off at 5:30 and that’s the first nose I’ve heard since hitting the pillow! No kids crying before the alarm….

  13. Dream sleep for KP: In bed at 9 (yes really!), no snoring from sleeping partner, no letting the dog out, no waking up in clammy t-shirt, awaken on my own – well rested in a quiet house with hot coffee and yoga and no work….
    ahh I can dream too, can’t I?!

  14. As the mother of a 1, 3 and 5 year old, I wake up completely disoriented if I haven’t been disturbed at least 3 – 5 times in the night. So a good night’s sleep for me means not having to change any poopy diapers or leaky pull-ups during one of those nightly interruptions. (And being able to get in a morning run before hearing “MOMMY!” so I can shake off my morning crabiness.)

  15. Nine hours of uninterrupted sleep is my dream! But being pregnant and getting up to pee in the middle of night and having a two year old seem to ruin that for me.

  16. At least 8 hours of sleep is a must these days. I realize with less sleep I am cranky, tired, and way less focused. That means either an earlier bedtime or a bit extra sleep in the morning. I’ve come to realize that waking too early and sacrificing needed sleep to get in a workout often defeats the purpose for me. I need to either get to bed early (difficult for this night owl) or be creative finding workout time during the day. And, of course, a night without interruptions is key!

  17. The perfect sleep for me is a super hot bath and a glass of wine. The bath must be so hot it is painful to get in. It’s the fastest way for me to get warm in our drafty house in cold Wisconsin. Then, 7 or 8 hours is a luxury. All 3 kids must be asleep by the time this happens and no wake-ups through the night. Perfect!

  18. The best night’s sleep of the week is always Saturday night. I stay up watching SNL with hubby, secure in the knowledge that tomorrow morning is “his morning” and I get to stay in bed until 10:00 or whenever I want. Because I know I can sleep in, dream crazy dreams, then go for a run on the track on Sundays, I sleep great Saturday nights. (And he’s the same way Friday nights, because Saturday morning is “my morning.”)

  19. I like a nice, long sleep – at least 9 hours, maybe even 10. And I love to wake up slow on a sunny summer morning. Wake up, doze a little, maybe chat in bed with my husband (I’m obviously remembering pre-child days here).

  20. A good nights sleep is one where everyone in the Z household goes to bed happy and wakes up happy. Sometimes that means that we play musical beds with lots of cuddles and sometimes it doesn’t. (Thank goodness for King Sized Beds!) But I’ll enjoy it now, because this time will be gone all too soon….

  21. A good night’s sleep – ahh – 8 hours minimum, prefaced by a good read, with no dog stealing the bed, kids crying in the night, or waking up to use the bathroom or realizing I’m now cold from sweat (and I’m not menopausal!). Cuddling with husband a bonus πŸ™‚

  22. A good night’s sleep is at least 6 hours of straight sleep without crazy dreams, having to get up and use the bathroom, or a child standing next to my bed telling me they just threw up. A great night’s sleep is 8 hours of sleep without all of the above and my husband’s snoring!

  23. A good night sleep- both kids (3.5 and 2) sleep through the night & do not leak through their diapers. I’m in bed by 10pm and able to fall asleep quick which means- I probably ran that day, lunches/bags are packed for the AM, clothes picked out for the AM, no one is sick and work isn’t crazy. And I don’t wake up to pee. And the smoke detector or carbon monoxide alarm doenst decide it has a low battery and start beeping @ 2am. Ideally I’d sleep til 6am. Takes a planetary alignment for all those things to happen. =)

  24. A good night’s sleep would be 8 hours with interruptions or 6 without. Really great is 8 without interruptions but who am I kidding? Either of the above is more than I’m getting currently at any rate.

  25. I’m all about no interruptions. And it’s a super special morning if I sleep in past 7am. Usually the 4yo is standing next to me at 6:30 complaining she’s hungry…

  26. You said it! Uninterrupted by “Mom? Can I sleep with you? I’m scared.” and a good 8 hours! (although I’ll take the cuddles I can get from my boys! tee hee!)

  27. A good nights sleep is not having to wake to a crying toddler, having to find a lost paci for the baby, or hearing a bump in the night. And no alarm with the babies sleeping past 8am. Ahh, that would be nice. (And these sheets look awesome! I sweat like a man while running and while sleeping. I tend to lose clothes through the night as I get hotter.)

  28. A good night sleep for me, is solid uninterrupted sleep. No waking to use the bathroom, or for a drink of water. Solid quiet sleep. Oh, and no alarms.

  29. I like 8-10 — seriously– without interruption. I will take one from the four year old, or the puppy yelping or even a pull of the covers from hubby but more than three and the night is a throw-back and I need to def. get to sleep on the early side tomorrow. Right now…. I am up too late, off to bed I go. G’night.

  30. For me, a good night’s sleep means I was in bed before 11pm, slept through the night with no interruptions by any or all of our 3 munchkins and was up and at ’em early enough to start my morning with a quiet time with God and coffee.

  31. A good night’s sleep means I go to bed early (aka, have not already fallen asleep on the couch) AND I don’t have to set an alarm!

  32. It’s been so long since I’ve had what I’d call a “good” nights sleep, I can’t remember what constitutes one! I do know I sleep better after a good hard run, so being extra tired helps.

  33. A good nights sleep for me is going to bed before midnight and only having my newborn wake me up once or twice, then getting up at 8. Not ideal, but I’ll take what I can get right now!

  34. Oh, 8 hours without interruption would be amazing. As it is right now the baby gets up several times a night. On the off chance that she sleeps for a few hours, the three year old is the one getting up!

  35. I know a good night’s sleep when I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to pop out of bed. I’m usually waking up in a hotel room bed, or after a restless night of work dreams, or I’m jolted out of bed to catch a flight, or catching zzz’s in the back of a cab. Having a restful night of zzz’s in my own bed (and on sheets of my choosing) is such a treat!

  36. The best sleep for me is when my husband and I are on the same schedule and we can have a few minutes of pillow talk uninterrupted. I often work until midnight and when I get home he is already sleeping. And it seems I don’t get to see him or talk with him until the weekend. Sleep is much better when I can talk with my best friend before having to deal with the daily routine. My husband is my helper and without him I would go crazy.

  37. A night of no snoring from husband and being woken by my sweet 4 year old daughter after 7am with a gentle whisper of “mommy” in my ear. Tonight will not be one of those nights as I can already hear the snoring coming from the bedroom!

  38. aaahhh, a good night sleep! whats that?!? Just kidding! For me a good night sleep is measured not only by the hours, preferably some of them continuous but also by that feeling when I wake up that I actually want to start my day instead of running (literally sometimes!) away! I love to wake up and get in a good run, and that is when I know I slept well…when I actually want to go, well after the perfunctory freak out session of hating my alarm clock, of course!

  39. Glorious sleep….between 10-12. It’s the only time my 3 year old hasn’t woken up worried about scary monsters & my 4 month old hasn’t woken up to nurse. This too shall pass….I HOPE!!

  40. I would love 8 uninterrupted hours, but I don’t think that has happened since I had kids! A good night these days is 6 hours (which doesn’t really happen often since I run at 4 a.m.) with no interruption of any kind (which is also rare) from my 3 or 5 year old! Maybe I need those sheets for the kids!!

  41. Um…that’s easy. A good night’s sleep is one where I don’t have to get up to go to the bathroom! Unfortunately, if that happens, I also know I didn’t drink enough water that day!

  42. My idea of a perfect night’s sleep is to get in bed before midnight and actually get to sleep without being awakened in the first hour of sleep and then on and off throughout the night. (I have 5 children and 2 have their bedrooms connected to our room.) Despite that, I can still go to sleep at night with a smile on face knowing all of my sweet kids and husband are tucked in and safe under the same roof as me….the sleepless nights won’t last forever and neither will their childhood.

  43. Sleep means 10 hours of no one coming into my space. No phone calls, no alarm clocks, and no “Mommy may I have something that you won’t let me have if you are really awake?” That is my kind of sleep! πŸ™‚

  44. A good night’s sleep? I’ve forgotten what that is! Hot flashes every hour day and night for the last year or so have ruined my sleep. Those sheets would help a lot, I’m going to have to get me some of those. Hopefully this too shall pass,(and the sooner the better!) and a good night’s sleep of 8+ hours in a cool, dark room would be bliss (and no getting up to pee either).

  45. For me a good night’s sleep is into bed at 10, read for a while and then sleep until 7. Doesn’t usually happen, but that’s what I love.

  46. A good night’s sleep — hmmmm, I seem to remember those. But I have an almost-7-month-old baby and a 3 year old, so it’s been a while. These days, a great night is only getting up to nurse once, and falling right back to sleep afterwards. And morning wake-up coming after 7:15am. THOSE are some good nights.

  47. Good night’s sleep would be around 7-8 hours, no calls in the middle of the night of “Mommy, I had an accident!” or hungry 4 month old’s cries. Then I would wake up on my own right before the alarm, step out of bed and not feel my plantar facitis flaring up. πŸ™‚

  48. Sleep, as important as I know it is! – it’s the one area of my life that falls to the wayside with such a full load. With 3 small kids, a full time teaching job, and getting in those miles, there’s always something or someone that needs me. I feel pretty great with 6 solid hours, invincible with 8.

  49. I would like to say that a good nights sleep is consecutive uninterrupted hours of sleep. While these are rare gems, it doesn’t always mean that I wake up energized & motivated. So I have started trying to figure out the things that make me smile in the AM.
    1. Sleeping in my running shorts- comfy & half way to the treadmill in the basement
    2. A surprise stuffed animal- “Zucco Puppy for Mommy, Wah-Wah for me” and then the six year old promptly fell asleep in my bed.
    3. The dog sleeping in her kennel- My legs are magnets. If she is not in the kennel, she is sleeping on my legs. I love my dog , but dog in kennel= happy sleep.
    Sweet Dreams!

  50. I love my s!eep – preferably 8 hours or so! Now that I have 2 teenagers, I find I’m losing sleep at night, now I am sometimes the first one in bed. Now I sometimes find quiet time on weekend mornings instead of after the kids are in bed.

  51. A good night sleep is going to bed after a nice run sometime that day followed by dinner made by my husband served with a bottle of wine. Tonight should be a great sleep night!!

  52. Charlie brown said that happiness is a warm puppy. To me happiness is a warm waterbed and a dark room. I don’t even mind my husband snoring or our 5 year old climbing in, as long as they don’t steal the covers.

  53. My husband works midnights and I get up at 0400 to attempt a workout before work at 6….so a good night’s sleep for me is when my husband is off and I am off the next day…A warm snuggle behind me and no alarm clock, THAT is a perfect night’s sleep (oh and my 2 year old not wanting to play at 0500!)

  54. A good night’s sleep for me means me asleep before 10:00, my night owl husband doesn’t wake me when he joins me in slumber at 2:30, my little one sleeps through the night, and I awake without the assistance of said toddler or an alarm. How often does this happen? About once a month, since the alarm is required on work days!

  55. A good night sleep for me means that the kids didn’t sneak in to snuggle, and even my husband stayed on his side of the bed and gave me some space all to myself! πŸ™‚

  56. If I’m fantasizing about my Best sleep, then I’d say 8 – 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep. But I’m okay with 7 hours with only one awakening (between me or a kiddo).

  57. A good night’s sleep is when I am in bed by 9:30… followed by dead to the world sleep where I don’t hear my husband snore, the dogs get in and out of bed, or my husband get up at 3am to go to work. It also helps if the day before has been stressless and relaxing… but that’s asking a lot!

  58. A good night sleep = when none of the 3 kids or 4 pets wakes either of us and we get 7 to 8 hours. Been a roll lately with the exception of the 20 month old waking early a couple times a week. I’m with Dimity about the early bedtime too.

  59. A good night’s sleep? I don’t remember what those are like. It is nice to awaken on my own (without an alarm, crying child, or cat in my face). I recently started waking up super early to run, only to find that I would wake myself up several times a night in anticipation of the run. I’m not sure that will work out as well as I had hoped!

  60. A good night’s sleep is one where both of my children sleep in their own beds and I get about 10 hours of sleep. This has only happened once in the last 3 months;)

  61. A good night sleep has no children or cats wiggling around me all night, meaning I could be snuggled by my hubby all night long!

  62. Well, a good nights sleep starts around ten, ends around 8 the next morning,with zero interuptions, and is further made more acceptable by me being able to make a cup of coffee immediately upon waking, and sit and drink it before anyone bothers me. And, obviously, would be a day that I do not have to go to work after said cup of coffee. At least, this is my perfect nights sleep in fantasy land.

  63. A good night sleep is at least 8 hours when my head hits the pillow and my brain shuts off and I’m asleep in a flash and I don’t toss and turn or get up to go to the bathroom. I wake up and it feels like no time has passed but it’s been 8 hours and I am refreshed and ready to start my day. Used to happen a lot, now, not so much. πŸ™

  64. I am probably cursing myself, but my kids are awesome sleepers. A good night’s sleep is more than 7 hours…and not having to go to work when I wake up!

  65. Sleep? What’s that? My 6 y/o still gets into my bed in the middle of the night ( but he’s my BABY…I can’t make him get out! ;)) and my husband snores like crazy. I’d PREFER to sleep alone but that’s not happening anytime soon. I NEED these sheets..they’ll be life changing for me! They’ll help me get some sleep so I can run super fast! πŸ™‚

  66. A good nights sleep? Anything more than 5 hours for this 38 year old newly divorced mother of 3, who just finished Run Like a Mother and her 5th run EVER with her new running shoes and her 3.2 mile run yesterday!! Thanks for your inspiration and laughter, love, love, love it! Never ever thought I could run, much less get better sleep because of it!

  67. A good night’s sleep starts with a few minutes of reading, then sleep…..for at least 7 hours, preferably 8, and waking up to the alarm (not a kid or the doorbell for carpool)!

  68. Perfect night- the illusive night-begins with a morning run to get rid of my jimmy legs and my bad temper. All my kids tucked in, so I don’t have to worry, husband in town, dishes washed and the big “O”! The last of these is a guantee of a good sleep, all those happy hormones flowing and physically worn out! It really is worth it girls!

  69. A good night sleep now a days is when it’s just my seventh month old waking up just three times in the night, my three year old waking up once talking me about the coyotes that are going to eat her ( 45 minutes after falling asleep breastfeeding) son…… But the sick dog rescind she doesn’t need her 3:30 am potty run on a zero degree night!

  70. A good nights sleep is not waking every hour to nurse my 6 month old, (yes he still gets up every hour) and in between those times my 2.5 year old either has peed the bed, needs a drink (pee in bed X2), is hungry and/or scared. So a 3 hour stint would be the most amazing experience of my life!!

  71. A good night’s sleep is waking up when I am ready to wake up, not when someone else thinks I should be up – whether that’s at 5am or 10am! Also, waking up with only two of us in our bed, and the kids still in theirs.

  72. No little fingers or toes touching my body all night and being able to wake up on my own in the quiet of the early morning. Birds chirping are an added bonus πŸ™‚

  73. At least 8 hours, and past 7am, with no night sweats or other perimenopausal symptoms to awaken me. Clean sheets make it even better! And no husband snoring!

  74. The best night of sleep I can possibly get is one where I wake up when I’m done sleeping. One night last month when I had the house COMPLETELY to myself (for the first time in six years), I slept from midnight ’til 2pm. I didn’t realize I was so exhausted, or that I needed sleep that badly! Being able to sleep until I’m done and then veg in bed the next morning…that’s luxury!

  75. When I go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 7 or 8am and not one tim in-between. I have two boys age 5 and almost 2 along with 2 cats—I don’t remember the last time that happened!!!

  76. If I can get from 10:30/11:00- 3:30a before anyone under 4 feet tall comes in, then I call it a good night’s sleep. Sad. I know but what are you gonna do?

  77. 7-7 1/2 hours is good enough if uninterrupted. Or at least it WAS…it’s been so long, I’m having to ASSUME things haven’t changed! πŸ™‚

  78. 7 hrs of straight sleep… without husband snoring, without children yelling for me, without coughing, sneezing, congestion… just simple straight sleep

  79. A great nights sleep for me is when, I am so sore from running my first half marathon that I collapse into bed and fall straight to sleep, knowing my husband has taken the “on call” status with the kids and I only have to drift into that sweet slumber that I HAVE EARNED!

  80. I get the best night’s sleep if I go up around 10pm, husband isn’t snoring, dog isn’t barking at something and 2 boys stay in their beds until at least 6:30. So sad to think about the days when I could sleep until 11am!

  81. A good nights sleep is when my 4-year-old does not get up, multiple times, throughout the night to have me tuck him back in bed. I don’t think I’ve slept through the night since my kids were born! Honestly!

  82. A good night sleep for me is when my little ones sleep on their bed (a full next to our king) instead of coming back over and plastering themselves one on each side of me…some nights they can’t touch me enough. It’s sweet, and I love this time when they are little but a good night’s sleep is when I can sprawl out and twist and turn as I like (happens about twice a week).

  83. Funny to see this post… I just blogged about my lack of sleep this morning ( A good night sleep is one where I am not visited by my cover-kicking, hair twirling, stomach kicking daughters. I love a good night’s sleep but am unable to kick them out of our bed during the night. Guess I’m too big a sucker for a snuggle… It shows.

  84. I need 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and a good happy dream too. My two children have always been great sleepers, both learned to sleep through the night at 2-3 weeks. Yes, I’m lucky, and spoiled.

  85. 5 uninterrupted hours of sleep…no snoring, no 5 year olds invading my space, no trains blasting their horns at 3 am, ahh…that would be heaven. Eventually, I’d miss the snoring and the cuddly 5 year old.

  86. Comfy, cozy, 8+ hours of uninterrupted dreaming of finishing Kona…or running Big Sur…no aches or pains in my dreams and, man, am I fast! (and oh-so-cute in my running skirt!)

  87. well it used to be if the kids slept through the night but rarely did i sleep then anyway for fear that something was wrong. now with 3 dogs and one of them old and afraid I’ll lock him out if I let him out in daytime hours so he’s in and out at least once in the middle of the night. this week its been only getting up to take the inhaler and cough medicine once in the middle of the night not waking up in a raging coughing fit I can’t stop. I alo require a short nap on days when I wake up from coughing because its not even restful sleep these days. Yuck. new sheets would be devine!

  88. a good night’s sleep? after i get home at midnight from work? i’m anxiously waiting the night when my baby no longer wakes up at 3a to feed… please wait until at least 7a!! (which is still not a full night, but still…)

  89. OMGrapeJelly and I am so glad someone else fesses up to the perimenopausal- I am only 36! Almost fell off that dreaded yearly table at the news! But to be able to have a half a nights sleep-6hrs without the little voice saying Mommy will you come get in bed with me, only to awaken two hours later and begin what I pray is not the beginning of musical beds as I take my lumpy pillow and snuggle next to my husband whose alarm goes off 30min b4 mine! Oh and lets not talk about the dreams…

  90. Right now a good night’s sleep is defined as my head hitting the pillow at the end of the day knowing I did the best I could that day living my life… did I do something for me (usually running or the gym), did I tell my hubs that I love him, did I spend some QT with each of my kids, did I bust my butt at work, did I take my dog on a walk… for me, it doesn’t matter how many hours of sleep I get, but the feeling of satisfaction as I go to sleep that makes it a good rest. Every day is not perfect or close to perfect, but I try to live each day the best I can so I can go to sleep knowing I tried (and that’s when I usually say to myself that tmrw’s a new day!)

  91. A good night’s sleep for me is falling asleep at a reasonable rate when my head hits the pillow (I, too, am no later than 10 pm), every sleeps through the night and I wake to the sounds of only “I eat” instead of screams of fighting. No one wants to start that day. lol

    My bed is sooooo important to me. Ask my husband and he may say more important than him. Not, well….lol

  92. A good night’s sleep? I have always been a super-heavy sleeper–when I can revert to my “remember nothing from the the nighttime,” pre-children style, I am thrilled. It may be 7 hours, it may be 10, but it feels so good. As it is, I am happy if I fall back asleep immediately after my 3-year-old wakes me.

  93. For me, a good night’s sleep happens when I am able to fall back asleep quickly after waking up due to dog or husband snoring, teenager making midnight snack,college aged son coming in at the crack of dawn… least 6 but 8 hours is divine!

  94. A good night’s sleep? What’s that?? πŸ™‚ Seriously, a good night’s sleep is one in which my alarm doesn’t go off at 5 AM, that involves at LEAST 7.5 hours, and the cherry on top – waking up on my own good time BEFORE my kids wake up. Now that is dreaming!

  95. A good night sleep for me is everything. My best night sleep is not being waken up by my son. He likes to body slam me! Usually I can wake up before I get slammed because he could not be quite if he life depended on it. I caught him and we talk to a bit. I tell him I want to sleep for a bite more. He lets me sleep for about a half hour then if I don’t get up he comes and checks up on me every 15 minutes until I do. I love him very much but I could just….

  96. I am like Kara!! I’m training for Boston and just had my baby boy Colton in November πŸ™‚ A good night sleep would normally mean 8+ hours but these days I’d be happy with 4 hours of uninterupted sleep. Told hubby all I wanted for V-Day was a full night’s rest….but awesome sheets would be cool too! πŸ™‚

  97. A good nights sleep means only up 1x to attend to children, and at least 7 if not 8 hrs. A good nights sleep is always followed up with a morning run too! I struggle to get up and run if I didn’t go to bed soon enough, or if I’ve been up multiple times with kids or had them in my bed.

  98. A good night’s sleep for me is getting to sleep before 10:30 and waking up around 6-6:30 to head to the gym to run before the kiddos wake, but that’s only great if we ALL sleep through the night:)

  99. A good night of sleep is 7 hours in a row, without waking up to use the restroom, stretch to stop leg twitching or escort the cat out of the room because he’s purring too loud. This seldom happens. Luckily, my kids are older and past the days of waking me up in the middle of the night. Also luckily, the insomnia I had been experiencing off and on for the last three years seems to have “cured” itself since I started running regularly last August (knock on wood).

  100. A good nights sleep is when no wakes me and it lasts for more than 7 hours. I know it’s been a good one when I don’t want to hit the snooze–I’m a morning person so if I don’t want to get up I haven’t had enough sleep!

  101. A good night sleep in my bed means 7 hours of dreaming followed by waking up just before the alarm goes off. Then I know I’m rested. Lately, my favorite recurring dream has featured (believe it or not) me running with the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico. Apparently Christopher McDougall’s “Born to Run” made a REALLY big impression on me.

  102. My “good night” of sleep is my baby girl (15months old) going down at 6pm (her normal bed time) – me crawling into bed at 9pm to read until my eyes are super heavy and then lights out by at least 10pm. I have stopped setting my clock (I hate, hate, hate waking up to he annoying sounds of an alarm) and I rely on my little one to wake me with her noise at 6:30am every morning!
    I’m not joking about how long my little one sleeps either! I read “Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child” and she has been sleeping 12hrs a night ever since. It’s my secret weapon – getting lots of sleep! She has spoiled me from being such a good sleeper – I can only pray that whenever it is we have baby#2 they will sleep just as good!

  103. A good night’s sleep for me is 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. If the kiddos wake me up…it takes me a good hour to get back to sleep!

  104. A good night’s sleep begins when I’m not clicking away upstairs everything that needs to be done the next day. I sleep horribly when I’m stressed! Relax with a book, rub lotion on, and drift away until I wake on my own (usually 7-8 hours is my perfect time). Just writing about it makes me tired!!

  105. A good night’s sleep involves kids who sleep through the night, and consequently, do not crawl into my bed (…even though I do love snuggling them).

  106. A good night’s sleep is one that is uninterupted. No kids waking me, no waking up soaked (I too young to have flashes!), just sleeping straight through! I love waking up with the sun shining in my window in the summer. It starts my day off great!

  107. A good night’s sleep is when I go back to sleep after any interuption (crying baby or the need to use the bathroom) without laying awake for hours and get at least eight hours. I can’t remember the last night’s sleep without any interuptions.

  108. A goodnight sleep to me is when the 4 month old sleeps through the night, when the 6 year old stays in his own bed, when the cat doesn’t jump on the top of the headboard and almost knock the picture above the bed down, and when my husband isn’t snoring!!! How many times do you think all of the above happens???? NEVER!!!!

  109. I haven’t slept well since my first son was born in 2005. And both of my children sleep through the night (I know, I know, I know – don’t ask me how it happened, it just did). But I have to go to the bathroom and then I have a tendency to soak through my pjs as well. Plus – I seem to anticipate my 6:45 am alarm at starting at 4:45. I consider it to be a stellar night of sleep if I am out by 10 and sleep until 5:30. Sleeping past that would be a dream….aahhh!

  110. A good nights sleep would constitute 7-8 hours of sleep with no interruptions from: 1) a sick or frightened child 2) a restless husband 3) a woofing dog 4) myself on the days that I am preoccupied by something that has to get done the next day 5) a lumpy bed.

  111. Any amount of time over 6 hours without calls from the other room for blanket tucking, milk, scaring away monsters, searching for lost pals, requests to get up, insert 3-1/2 year old logic here…

    The last time that happened was actually a few nights ago and my husband and I couldn’t figure out why I had so much energy the next day. I turned into Suzy Homemaker and cleaned the whole house, made banana bread and apple crisp, got the laundry done and even asked what he wanted made for dinner so it was on the table before he got home. Obviously I need sleep more often!

  112. I am a mom of a dozen children (yep, all ours!). Now that our youngest is four, I am most certainly getting a few more uninterrupted nights sleep than I have for the past 21 years. Of course, now I am beginning to deal with night sweats, so those sheets sound heavenly! What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  113. A good night’s sleep means being able to sleep uninterupted for 8 hours and then being able to lounge in bed for another 10 to 30mins once awake with or without cuddles from hubby or lovely children.

  114. Being able to go back to sleep when I wake up at 3 or 4AM for a bathroom break! I used to be able to sleep 7 hours straight but now wake up and toss and turn for hours.

  115. 1. Minimal snoring from my husband.

    2. Fewer than three nursing sessions from the eight month old.

    3. No random hours long play sessions with the two year old.

    4. No nightmares for my newly minted four year old. My little Valentine was born four years and four hours ago exactly!

  116. A good night sleep = all three kids sleeping through the night and my husband at home, (not working nights!) and getting into bed by 10pm… which rarely happens!

  117. I *love* sleep. I love it more than running, ice cream or sex. Getting enough of it makes all of those things better. It’s fundamental. For me good sleep is on a soft but firm mattress and clean sheets, with soft white noise (rain falling, or if I can’t get that, a quiet fan or humidifier) in the background, and it lasts 8 hours or more. I don’t mind an interruption to go to the bathroom. But multiple interruptions due to wet beds, kids’ bad dreams or illness, husband’s soft little snore….these can turn me into an insomniac for a night.

  118. I’m always in bed for a full nine hours, but I have two little night-time roamers, so I’m getting far less than that in sleep. I’ll take as much sleep as I can. I used to love to sleep in, and don’t mind lying in bed for hours after I’ve woken up…which happens about once a year these days:)

  119. I’d say a good nights sleep would be looking at the clock only once during the night, no daughter waking me up at 4 (although I’ll take that since I’d NEVER give up my baby girl for a nights sleep), dog waking me up at 5, or alarm waking me up at 5:40 to get out and run after all those interruptions! Lol

  120. I just don’t know. I can’t even begin to describe what sleep is to me these days. I have a 5 yr old, 3yr old, 2 yr old, and a 3 month old. Do I need to explain?

    1. Maria, I had to laugh when I read your post. I have a 23 month old and a 6 month old. At times I feel like I’VE got my hands full. You are an inspiration to me. YOU ARE ONE BADASS MOTHER RUNNER πŸ™‚

  121. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!! A good night’s sleep….ah, what a lovely thing! For me, going to bed knowing I made a difference in someone’s life that day, not having to dread all of tomorrow’s activities, and no interruptions is the perfect way for me to sleep!

  122. 1. Children in bed
    2. a glass of wine with my husband
    3. snuggle up in bed with a good book or an episode of Leave it to Beaver (totally would have loved to be a 50’s housewife!)
    4. fall asleep
    5. eight hours straight of no numbers or colons (:) between the numbers…its always a bad night when I see those red numbers and symbols on my clock
    6.after those eight hours I awake out of a vivid dream…that’s always a sign that my sleep has been good, very good!

    Steps 1-6 are always a recipe for a good night sleep!

  123. A good night sleep – 5 solid hours without waking up from hot flashes. I haven’t had one of those nights in years – thus I am always tired. This affects running, but what else can I do? Hopefully the sheets will help πŸ™‚

  124. A good night sleep is when I can actually fall asleep quickly and not continue to think of the to do list, the plans to remodel, what to pack the kids for lunch because I haven’t made it to the store, whether I remembered to email me client to confirm our mornin appoitment and the list goes on. Then to be able to stay asleep without waking because you hear a cough, the dog”s tag jingling, your husband’s sleep apnea machine is way too loud or just have to pee! So for me, falling asleep quickly and staying asleep for at least 8 hours!!

  125. I am finally experiencing a good nights sleep after we decided to kick the kitties out of the bedroom. It was hard to do, and I’m not sure they forgive me yet, but it’s nice not to wake up 3 or 4 times to them fighting on my legs!

  126. A good night sleep is one with no interruptions – from my brain, my family, or any external sources. AT LEAST 8 hours, and waking up on my own – no alarm clock or child screaming that we have to be somewhere soon.

  127. Ahhhhh! A good night’s sleep! I almost forgot what that was until the other night. The kids had a full day of running hard and playing..which made for an early bedtime for them…which meant an wonderful bath, a few good chapters of reading time, fresh sheets from doing the laundry (finally!) earlier that day, and light’s out by 9:30pm!!! Not waking up until 6am the next morning, feeling refreshed, revived and ready to take on another day!!!! Note-must run kids to play more often!!!

  128. Goodnight sleep? A night I sleep. Not surf Nick for Diego. Not talk about what we are doing tommorrow. Not hearing the baby cry or worrying about an ingredient Im missing for tomorrows dinner. Just sleep. Its elusive but its AH-mazing.

  129. A good night’s sleep is one where I don’t have to ask my dear husband to turn to his side in hopes that he won’t snore and that I actually stay asleep for the whole night (have had insomnia since pregnant with #2, she is 4).

  130. For me, a good night’s sleep means 8 solid hours and waking up with that oh-so-elusive “refreshed” feeling. Add some sweet dreams to that and you have my perfect night’s sleep!!

  131. Perfect sleep for me is 8+ hours in a nice dark cool room, blankets all the way up under my chin with no alarm set and no noise in the morning – just peace and comfort until I decide it’s time to get up.

  132. Like so many others, I have two little people who still love to wake up in the middle of the night (but never at the same time, of course). These days a good night of sleep would mean anything more than five uninterrupted hours, but I think it’s been more than a year since that happened. I’ve also started the night sweats, which doesn’t help. Maybe the new sheets could do the trick? πŸ™‚

  133. Any night of uninterrupted sleep is great to me!! With 4 young children, rarely does a night pass that someone isn’t up out of bed, but a stretch of sleep without waking up is a prize in itself.

  134. I’m like you Dimity, I like to be in bed by 9:30 and definitely before 10. 9 -10 hours in ideal but I can survive on 6-8. Anything less than 6… WATCH OUT!

  135. A good night sleep is when everyone is tucked into their own beds and the baby makes it a full 8 hours without needing to be tended to. Oh…and I wake up when my body says to, not when an alarm goes off or a child wakes me. πŸ™‚

  136. 8+ hours of sleep is wonderful! Bonus if the sun is up before I am. I can take one quick interruption in my sleep and go immediately back to sleep, but 2 or more interruptions is no good. I am lucky in that I fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, and can go back to sleep quickly. My husband on the other hand, takes a long time to fall sleep, wakes up at every noise, and cannot get back to sleep if woken after 3am. Ouch.

  137. A good night sleep would be one where I get to fall asleep first and not wake up for at least 7 hours. No waking up sweaty and wet.

  138. Falling asleep quickly…no middle of the night interruptions…waking up on my own…and I’ll add a very good sweet dream too!

  139. A good night sleep is when I get to run earlier in the day and my two little boys stay asleep all night! I notice a huge difference when I’m not exercising or my kids don’t get enough active time too! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  140. A good nights sleep would actually be one that I don’t wake up until my alarm goes off . . . Those are the good ones! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  141. A good nights sleep is when my 15 month old actually sleeps on his OWN – instead of WITH me in our bed (crowding my space)… :sigh: :yawn: I think it has been a good 5+ years since I have actually had a “good nights sleep” LOL

  142. Oh, I want to sleep. So badly. Training for a 1/2 marathon + full time job + 7 month old who wakes at 2 & 5 to nurse… my bed is my FAVORITE place, especially on Saturdays, after our mom/baby swim class, when the 2 of us retire to our separate sleeping spaces & take well-deserved naps.

  143. I’m a single mom and therefore quite lenient with my son as to whose bed he sleeps in so he pretty much always sleeps with me – so a good night’s sleep is one where the silliness ends by 9, I don’t get a kick in the head, ribs or back all night and we don’t wake up until the alarm goes off πŸ™‚

  144. A good night’s sleep is falling asleep within 15 minutes and not waking up in the middle of the night, and getting at least 7 1/2 if not 8 hours.

  145. A good night’s sleep is when it’s cool in the house, warm in my bed. Husband’s not snoring, hogging sheets or bed space. Kids are asleep at a reasonable hour in their own beds without assistance and a miracle occurs and I get to fall asleep and wake up on my own schedule. Okay, that’s a dream night’s sleep. In reality a good night’s sleep is when I get to sleep uninterrupted for more than 8 hours, even if I have to sleep in the closet to get it. (Yes, I’ve done that.)

  146. A good night’s sleep is one where I am not woken up…for any plethora of reasons. Bonus if I am able to wake up on my own time (read: no blaring alarm or other force causing me to get out of bed)

  147. A good night’s sleep for me is when I can fall asleeP with 30 min of hitting the pillow, rather that staying up thinking about all my to-dos and worries, and sleep 8 or so hours. Though if I can fall asleep right away, I’d even be satisfied with 7 hrs.

  148. A good night’s sleep is when my husband and I are in bed by 9:30 (with no sports on tv as background noise) and my 7-year-old doesn’t climb in the bed with us in the middle of the night declaring he either has a belly ache or has had a bad dream. The other 2 kids sleep great, so I never have to worry about them. I love to sleep and hate to wake up.

  149. For me, the mother of two-still-living-at-home young adults, a good, full night’s sleep during the work week means no one is “out” later than 9:30pm, no one’s car alarm is going off @ 3am for the 2nd night in a row, my “to do” list is safely written down and not bouncing around in my head(!), my hot flashes take a night off (please, just one or two nights a week!) and I have everything prepared for the next morning (gym clothes & work clothes laid out, lunch made or at least planned out, breakfast prepped, vitamins ready to take, etc.). These “sheez” sound interesting and very appealing!!

  150. A good night’s sleep for me is one in which the greyhound sleeps through the night, my 6 year old stays in his own bed, and my husband lets me leave his nightlight off. Needless to say, I can’t remember the last time all three of these things happened at once.

  151. Sleep has been a challenge of late, so first and foremost I need my son to stop waking up between 4:30 and 5:30 on a regular basis so we can all get back to a better sleep routine.

    As for me, I love having fresh sheets. I sleep on flannel sheets year round, and I love when they are super fluffy on that first sleep.

  152. A good nights sleep in falling into bed and not waking up by my husband snoring, my son coming throught he door saying he can’t sleep, not hearing my daughter sneak a phone call at midnight, the dog not waking me up by scratching or jumping up on the bed or by the night sweats I have started up with in the past month or so. I need those sheets =)

  153. @40 we finally purchased our ‘grown-up’ / dream bed … it is King sized and fits the two of us, our 2 dogs and for the 4:30AM nursing, our son. It makes the 5:30 runs easier to get out of bed for!

  154. A good night of sleep….who knows??? What I do know is that if I got a good night of sleep it can be verified by whether I can get my teeth and hair brushed before scrammbling around to get the kids breakfast the morning after that sleep.

  155. A good night is less than 3 wake ups from the kids, dog or cats. Preferably greater than 6 hours. How sad is it that I consider it good even waking up three times? I think I haven’t really slept in 8 years.

  156. I need no less than 8 hours of sleep. And with 2 little girls under 2, this means I usually go to bed by 8:30pm (or pass out exhausted, rather). And that’s fine with me! I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6:30am when my girls wake up–something I never thought I’d get used to (early rising) but now love and appreciate.

  157. I know I’m in for a good night sleep when I crawl into a freshly made bed (by my husband). No one wakes me up during the night, I don’t have to fight for sheets and blankets with hubby (who usually steals them when he gets home from work) and the dog sleeps past 5:00 for his breakfast. Heaven.

  158. A great night of sleep is nine uninterrupted, quiet hours next to my hubby. With four children under five, that doesn’t happen all that often, though I have to say that I have the best husband in the world who understands that I “need my sleep” and tries to help me get it. Baby was up at 4am, this morning, though…not much one can do about that!

  159. I would give anything for that night’s sleep I would often get when I was young – that sleep when I’ve gone swimming, played outside all night with my friends, had a bath and crash into bed utterly exhausted and sleep a full 8 hours. I try to mimic that with good runs and an early bedtime these days!

  160. A good night’s sleep – I can hardly remember. My fantasy is husband asleep before me but not snoring, no 3 year old running down the hall to our room at 3 am and 8 hours later, leisurely time to get up stretch, pee etc before the chaos begins!

  161. A good night’s sleep for me = 5-6 hours of completely uninterrupted sleep (no husband or kids waking me up). A great night would be to sleep until 8am – even if I had to get up 1-2 times, I love waking up when the sun is shining!

    If my hubby reads this – note to self about what you could get me for pretty much any birthday/Christmas/Anniversary/etc! πŸ™‚

  162. A good night’s sleep is no interuptions from 10 – 6:30. A great night’s sleep is one interuption around 3 to recover my daughter and have her say “I love you, Mommy,” before going back to sleep seconds later.

  163. A good night sleep starts early, I don’t wake up to go to the bathroom (my water consumption during the day is very large) and I wake up after 7:30.

  164. Gosh, I have been a resident, pregnant or breastfeeding for 12 years. I have no idea what a good night of sleep is. A relatively good night is — in bed for 9 hours with only 2 interruptions to sleep. That’s good for me and I can feel happy and energetic with it.

  165. A good night’s sleep is one that is uninterrupted by screaming toddlers, sleepwalking 5 year olds or potty breaks (mine or theirs!) Bonus is waking up on my own but I’m still awaiting that day!

  166. Checking on kids before I fall asleep, after having a better than average long run, and knowing that not only canI sleep in, but I can roll over, grab my really great book, and read for at least another hour before anyone needs anything from me.

  167. I like to wake up in the middle of the night. I like to wake up and hear my dog and husband snoring…to go check on my daughter…who is 13 and doesn’t need to be checked on…then back to bed where no one needs me to do anything and I can soak up the comfort of nothing…and then a few more hours of sleep after that.

  168. After four years, my second daughter finally (usually) sleeps through the night. Since I also have a 6-year-old, I spent an awful lot of (years of) nights with my sleep interrupted every few hours before this recent development occurred. I still can hardly believe I usually get a relatively solid 7 or 8 hours a night. That is, when I’m not all sweaty. See, I need those sheets.

  169. Have to get at least 8 hours sleep or I’m really horrid the next day! Plus, I’ve found wearing my compression leg sleeves is super awesome, because my legs get cold when my pj legs scruntch up but socks keep my feet too hot. Perfect!

  170. Sleep best for me is when I can wake up on my own. To be honest I sleep the best when I’m eating well and after a good work out.

  171. A good nights sleep is one when I can sleep through the night. A better night sleep is when I can sleep through the night and get at least 8 hours. The best night…sleeping uninterrupted, 8+ hours, and waking on my own (let’s just say, I rarely get a good nights sleep, let alone a ‘Best’ night sleep).

  172. A good night sleep for me is when I fall asleep before my husband starts snoring, before the dog(s) make their way into my bed and not waking up when my husbands 3:50 am alarm goes off!

  173. I am 47 and have the sweats happening now, so many nights I wake with those or having to Pee : ) TMI. So a good night is when I don’t have the premenopausal sweats and don’t have to run to the bathroom, or one of the kids has had a nightmare…..

  174. I’m happy to only wake up once a night. I go to sleep by 10 every night and I’m usually awake at 6 am. If I’ve slept right through, I feel awesome. 1 interruption, not bad. More than that, I feel awful!

  175. a good night’s sleep happens when my 4 y/o doesn’t pull my hair, kick me or kick off the covers. (he flies solo in his big boy bed when he turns 5 in just 2 weeks!!)

  176. A good night’s sleep for me is all my kids sleeping through the night, no night sweats, post sex with my hubby by my side (not retreating to the guest room), no calls from patients and the prospect of a good workout at 5AM!

  177. A good night’s sleep is 8 -9 hours without waking up because the husband is snoring, the dog is barking (or drinking, or sighing, or scratching), the kids are calling, or because I need to pee a hundred times. I can expect a good night’s sleep to come along once every few months. πŸ™‚

  178. Going to bed before 10pm and sleeping till I wake up. Usually I wake up to gentle poking and a quiet “Mama” from my 4 year old – at least he is pretty cute for an alarm clock.

  179. A good nights sleep is when my kids wake up after 6:00. When your 3 year old wakes up at 4:45, and never goes back to sleep (last night), that does not constitute a good nights sleep. Urg.

  180. Sleep means going to bed without he tv on, and waking up when I wake up. My kids always say, don’t you always wake up when you wake up? And I reply, no, normally I wake up when YOU wake me up! 10 hours is heaven, 8 adequate, 6 survival only.

  181. A good night’s sleep equals 8 hours, no potty break, and no night sweats!! What is up with that? I am only 40 (I’m hoping no perimenopause??!) but I have had on and off night sweats for the past year or so. So I really need these sheets for a good night’s sleep.

  182. I have an infant so what constitutes wonderful sleep changes nightly. Last night was wonderful though! Eight hours. He woke twice. Once to feed, another he was just playing. This morning I am well-rested πŸ™‚

  183. Eight solid hours, no kids waking up with sick tummies or nightmares, no dogs deciding they want to go out at 2am, no husband snoring…just me, the pillow and deep slumber!!!

  184. I get between 6 and 7 hours of sleep. I am such a morning person, and I really would rather get things done early in the morning (runs and chores). However, my husband is a night person so I end up staying up later than I’d prefer to have some time with him and finish up things around the house (and it doesn’t help that there are often two kids fighting sleep). We like to sleep in a cool room, but with the weather like it’s been, we’ve actually been running a heater. Maybe that’s the problem. Hmmm.

    I consider a great night of sleep one where I don’t have to get up with either kids and I sleep cool enough not to wake up a lot.

  185. 8 hours, no bathroom breaks!

    While I rarely have little ones waking me up anymore (knock on wood) lately I have been dreaming, a lot. It wouldn’t be so bad but I seem to be awake enough to know I’m dreaming. Not very restful, ugh.

  186. A good night’s sleep is one where I open my eyes in the morning and don’t feel like I immediately have to close them again. It’s when I wake up and don’t feel the need to snooze the alarm 3+ times. (Yes, I am a chronic snoozer.) I can actually sit up and then put my feet on the floor without feeling like someone or something is forcing me against my will!

  187. I am not functional without at least seven hours of sleep. Sleep is what keeps me sane…it is not possible for me to make it through the day without a “mommy melt down” if I haven’t had enough sleep!

  188. A good nights sleep is being able to wake up early. That just doesn’t happen at all right now. Before kids, I slept like a rock. Now, even the tiniest noise wakes me up and getting back to sleep is a real challenge.

  189. A good night’s sleep for me is about 8 hours of real sleep, hard sleep. This is rare, I am a look-at-the-clock-every-hour, get-up-to-pee and check-on-the-kids a few times a night kind of girl.

  190. About 7 hours straight, no waking up. Doesn’t happen often. A close second would be to wake up when I want to instead of to “MOMMY!! MMMOOOOMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!”

  191. A good night’s sleep would be waking up to the sound of my 1 year old babbling happily to herself in her crib at some hour that begins with a “6” or later. (Not waking to crying or to the sound of my 7-year old asking “can I go downstairs yet” at some earlier hour.)

  192. Oh sleep how I miss you. Kid #1 didn’t sleep through the night until age 2 then suddenly became a champion sleeper. Kid #2 JUST slept through (until 5 am) LAST NIGHT. So I am celebrating six straight hours for the first time in over a year. But I’d prefer eight!

  193. A goodnight starts with all the kids being asleep by 8. I get to bed at 9, fall right asleep, do not wake up to go to the bathroom, no one comes into the bed to sleep with us, and I wake up when the alarm goes off at 5am. With luck, this happens once a week!!

  194. Oh it seems like every night we are racing to the sheets and praying for a good nights sleep, which has been redefined this past year when we had our first child- 7 months ago. With our little co-sleeper, a good nights sleep would mean waking up only 2x (not every time i turn) to sleep nurse, no potty breaks, no teething wimpers, no sweaty cuddles, waking up on my own internal alarm, and knowing that there is beautiful weather to go out and run, bike, you name it in ;). This little 20 lb heater was nice in the depth of winter, but now that spring is around the corner, sheets that keep our body temp regulated would be a DREAM that i’d love to have πŸ˜‰

  195. Not having to get up as soon as I wake up! Every once in a while, both kids will sleep longer than I will, and I can lounge in bed for a few minutes before my feet hit the floor. That is the best.

  196. a good night’s sleep is when I go to bed when I am tired, not 2 hours later after chores, and i wake when i am ready, not when the 3 year old starts demanding warm milk!

  197. A good night’s sleep for me means having more than 30 minutes to catch up with my husband after our 3 month old has drifted off to dreamland AND that I get more than 4-5 hours of steady slumber before she awakes for her mid-night feeding (with a stress on the singularity of that feeding!).

  198. A good night’s sleep is uninterrupted by prodding children, whining dogs pressing their cold noses to my arm, or snoring husbands. I go to sleep early and don’t wake until my body is ready to start the chaos all over again.

  199. A good night’s sleep is 5 or 6 hours uninterrupted. I know I’m probably not at my best without at least 7, but ever since my boys were born (and now currently transitioning into wearing underwear to bed instead of pull-ups) I’ve found “uninterrupted” to be the operative word for good sleep.

  200. A good night’s sleep means to bed by 9:30 and up at 4:30 the next morning with no wakes by my husband (who, when he has insominia thinks that any noise or movement from me is an invitation for a conversation-yes, it has gotten ugly) and my boys (which is pretty rare these days). Unfortunately, getting to bed by 9:30 is a rare feat indeed.

  201. A good night’s sleep means everyone’s tucked in bed, sleepy and healthy. Then hopefully a good 6-7 hours….but that rarely happens!

  202. 7-8 hrs uninterrupted, which means getting into bed no later than 10. I’m getting better at this, though I still fight my night owl tendencies at times. But I’m always happier come morning when I’ve gotten this much shut-eye (and this getting-older stuff definitely has me relishing low-key nights in more than ever before). Knowing my family is healthy, all together, snuggled in our beds, helps me fall asleep at night. A long, satisfying run earlier in the day also helps tremendously. … and, these sheets sound amazing – waking up a sweaty mess is so not fun. I’ve been thinking about finding some of those wicking PJs…ugh. Thanks for writing about these, definitely will be checking them out!

  203. I’d be thrilled for 5 hours straight. Between the snoring husband, three snoring dogs (on the floor in my bedroom), a 4 year old with bad dreams, a 2 year old with a missing pacifier and my over-hydrated self needing to run to the bathroom twice a night I’m lucky to get 3 hours straight. Come to think of it, I’m ready for a nap. ;o)

  204. I’ve never been able to sleep “through the night”… but a good night sleep to me includes 8-9 hours from head hitting the pillow till alarm ringing almost EVERY night! I rely on sleep and exercise to help me be the happy, productive, mom, friend, sister, daughter and employee that I am……

  205. It becomes a good night sleep when I wake up knowing it’s a non-work morning and I can be free to do whatever. I also think the best night sleep I have had is always before a race. The excitement at the break of dawn makes you disregard the worst sleep moment even with a 3 hour tossing and turning experience in bed.

  206. The best nights sleeps are the ones when I get into bed before 11:00 (rare), my husband turns the TV off right away (getting more frequent), and there are no interruptions by the children (SUPREMELY rare). If I could just get my favorite second-born to sleep in his own bed for the whole night every night for a week I think I may get out of my zombie-like state…maybe I’ll sleep in 14 years when they are both in college? Maybe not…as I think about all the crazy things I did in college and I was “sweet and innocent” and they most certainly aren’t!!! πŸ™‚

  207. A good night’s sleep for me is NOT waking up at 3:00 and having troubles going back to sleep. There is something about 3:00, I hardly ever make it through a night without seeing that number on my clock…but when I do, it’s a good night!

  208. Getting to bed at a decent hour and neither child having a bad dream, falling out of bed, or any of the other exciting sleep interruptions kids do!!

  209. A good night’s sleep is one where I DON”T remember my dreams. I NEVER have good dreams….only stressfull ones about schedules, kids, etc. Last week I had one about my first marathon coming up in March, and even it was stressfull! You would think I wouldn’t stress in my sleep about running….oh well, it must be my personality! So, either no dreams at all or please one dream about lying on a Carribian beach! Ahhhhhh that would be good sleep!

  210. The best sleep is when I am traveling with my husband and we don’t have any particular agenda, no alarms and no kids!

  211. Hot shower (or bubble bath) about 8PM, then bed (no toddlers screaming for a drink of water, no kindergartners yelling they have to go potty) and I sleep until I wake up – ON MY OWN TIME! Dreaming? Yes. This never happens.

  212. Lights out at 9:00, no 16 month old ‘resets’, no 5 year old cries ‘Momma, I have to go to the bathroom’,’Ok kiddo, then go’ is my groggy cry… Alarm at 4:46, snooze and I don’t hear the coffee pot start, alarm at 4:54 slap, alarm at 5:02 up and out of bed… Down to work at the computer with coffee and oatmeal by 5:10.. kids up at 7:00.. MY PERFECT SLEEP/AM….

  213. Honestly if I could sleep MY way, I would stay up late (midnight or later) and sleep in to my heart’s content (9 or 10). However, in the real world, I go to bed around 9 (because my husband does), read a little (or a lot), and get up at 6:40 so that I can get ready for the day before I get my preschooler up. If I’m SUPER tired, I’ll catch a nap in the afternoon (or if one of my kids won’t sleep without me).

  214. You’ve got to be kidding. I haven’t slept through the night since 2003 – Valentine’s Day to be exact, the day our first son was born. We’re currently trying to convince our youngest (21 months) that she would rather sleep in her crib than mommy and daddy’s bed. Maybe once that happens, I’ll be able to tell you what a good night’s sleep is. Do these sheex come with earplugs?

  215. A good night’s sleep is when I wake up the first time at the time I actually want to get up, not at hour and a half intervals all night long. It also helps if the duration is at least 7 hours!

  216. I feel best if I can get 8-ish uninterrupted hours, preferably ending around 8:30 in the morning. It’s funny how I can get the same amount of sleep, but feel better because it didn’t end until later in the morning. I am NOT an early bird!

  217. So timely, this post. Last night I was up giving a kid cough medicing at 3am. To me a good night’s sleep is uninterrupted. No sick kids. No husband tossing and turning. No dog hacking.

  218. A good night sleep would be at least 6 uninterrupted hours – no little voices calling out, no snoring husband, no 90 lb dog on night patrol through the house…..and most of all being able to turn off that voice in my head that’s trying to manage the 800 items on my to do list! Can’t remember the last time I had a night like that…but a girl can dream πŸ™‚

  219. Sleep induced by the exhaustion of a long run, laced with a layer of conquest knowing there are no dirty dishes or laundry in the house. Falling asleep without someone else watching TV in the same room and waking up on my own, not to the sound of small child cries or the wet tongue of a dog. I’m pretty sure this sort of night’s sleep only occurs in a hotel room on a work trip.

  220. Crawling into bed after a long day and instantly falling asleep, no tossing and turning just instant sleep. When this occurs it doesn’t matter if I’ve been out for ten minutes or ten hours I always feel super rested.

  221. A good night sleep for me means no crying baby, no snoring husband, and being able to wake up on my own without a wake up call from my 4 year old. It sure sites sound nice!

  222. A good night’s sleep is when I *sleep* all night – 7, but preferably 8 hours. The kids are old enough that they usually don’t wake me up. It’s the cat that decided at 5 am that he needs to be under the covers with me that rankles. So if the cats don’t wake me up until 6 or 7 and I slept all night, that’s a good night’s sleep.

  223. Oh my, fresh clean sheets…an early bedtime with no coming out of his room for our kiddo. Hitting the bed, and sleeping straight through for a 7-8 hour minimum. Then waking up on my own (no alarm, or child wake up) all with an hour to myself before greeting the world. Ahhhh….perfection.

  224. The extremely rare weekend morning when I can wake up in my own good, darn time. This almost never happens, and when I have the freedom to do so, I usually end up wide awake by 7am anyways.

  225. A solid 8, having gone to bed by 10:30 and waking up when it isn’t pitch black. Also, no waking up to go to the bathroom, being woken up by my husband coming into the room late, being woken up by my kids, or being woken up by hormones or being in a sweat!

  226. A good night’s sleep, for me, begins by turning the alarm clock OFF!! There is something about not having to wake up to the radio blaring or clock beeping that allows me to sleep so much better! Just the thought of sleeping until I wake up on my own is very relaxing!! Top that off with clean sheets, and I am in heaven!! I LOVE the smell and feel of just washed sheets! My kids are old enough that they sleep all night long, so I usually sleep uninterrupted. But, I always have an ear open for the sound of little feet on the floor or a cough in the night. So, the ultimate night of sleep is when my 3 boys are sleeping over at my parents’ house. Those nights I go to bed early (around 9ish) and can sleep like a baby!!

  227. I know it’s going to be a great night sleep when I tuck all my kids into bed and know they are safe and healthy. I don’t need much sleep, usually up by 4am.

  228. My kids are 4 & 6 so we very rarely have middle of the night visitors. I love my sleep, like Dim, and if I can help it, will be in bed by 9 and lights out by 9:30. This just makes sense when the 5AM alarm says “time to run”. Most nights I wake up and don’t yet know what time it is. Because it’s so dark at 5AM, when my eyes open at the undisclosed hour it could be 11PM or it could be 4:58AM. The best nights sleep, of course, comes when I wake up thinking it’s time to run and look at the clock to see that it is, say 2:30AM. I grin and roll over and know that I can go back to sleep “for real”. I also suffer from being way TOO COLDwhen I go to sleep and then way TOO HOT in the middle of the night. These new sheets would be sweet!

  229. A good night’s sleep for me= no snoring husband, the dog at the foot of the bed rather than laying on top of me, no 3am bathroom run, no ” I think I may have wet the bed” call from my son at 1am and not waking up with every sound. Can’t remember the last time that happened…..

  230. A good night’s sleep? I’ll take six hours, uninterupted, or eight with 1-2 wake ups (wet bed, nightmare, kick in the knee from my hubby). A great night? Eight, glorious, deaf and dead to the world, uninterupted hours of sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  231. My girls are older, they don’t wake me up in the night… usually, but this week one fell on the ice, so I was worried and waking her to check on her, we have two family members who are very ill so I wake up worrying about them, and now my husband has the flu and he wakes me every time he’s up in the night… “accidentally” πŸ˜‰ So this week, any night of sleep that is 6 hours in a row is going to feel wonderful… if I ever get there. πŸ™‚ I ran 5 yesterday and was exhausted, but didn’t get much sleep.

  232. A good night’s sleep is when my 4 month-old goes down to sleep at the beginning of the night, and only wakes up once to nurse. Glorious.

  233. A good nights sleep means no waking for bathroom trip, my kids or me. It means when the alarm goes off I get up and stay up and actually feel refreshed,not that I have to crawl back into bed. It means I am one hapyy momma!

  234. A good night sleep for me happens when I go to bed knowing my four kids and husband are happy, safe, & healthy. It doesn’t hurt to have lunches made for the next school day, laundry folded, dirty dishes put in the dishwasher, and a glass of wine. It’s a bonus to have those things and a perfect-weather-run that day.

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