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Special Valentine’s Day Profile and Giveaway: Sparkle Athletic

Sparkling, energetic Elise: Pretty much the most awesome finish line photo EVER, right?
Sparkling, energetic Elise: Pretty much the most awesome finish line photo EVER, right?

We want to add some razzle-dazzle to your Valentine's Day, mother runners. Because, let's admit it: With dance class, basketball practice, dinner to cook, and homework to be supervised, sometimes it's hard to let the romantic spark sizzle on a Thursday. (Or is that just in my house?!) So today we're doing a giveaway with Sparkle Athletic (the new business name of beloved Team Sparkle). Since Thursday is typically our Follow This Mother day, we're starting off with a profile of Elise, one of the three Team Sparkle founders. (We love these gals so much, we've already profiled Carrie and Kelly, and Kelly was on our podcast, offering up great advice on race costumes.)

Team Sparkle (l-to-r): Carrie, Kelly, and Elise
Team Sparkle (l-to-r): Carrie, Kelly, and Elise

Elise, a.k.a. "The Cupcake Activist" (which is a cause we can get most definitely behind!), tells us she's "still on a high" from her Ironman Arizona finish in November. "My race went smoothly, and I look forward to doing one again when all my kids are grown." While we could talk triathlon with her, we decided it would be a treat to focus on cupcakes, instead.

Best recent run: Speed training on the treadmill: eight miles just under an hour. [Wow! –the editors] Normally I despise the treadmill, but having a breakthrough workout, no matter where it is, is awesome!

Tastiest cupcake ever: Chocolate Toffee from Elizabethan Desserts in Encinitas, California.

Cupcake recipe you love the best: I’m a sucker for a great red velvet, but it’s all about the frosting. Must be the perfect, tangy cream cheese frosting.

First cupcake memory: Funfetti cupcakes at my 5th birthday party. They may have been from a box mix, but I still love them to this day.

Even tastier than red velvet: this red Sparkle Athletic skirt!
Even tastier than red velvet: this red Sparkle Athletic skirt!

Most far-flung cupcake: Chicken and Waffles cupcakes from My Delight Cupcakery. It’s hard to believe you’d want to eat chicken with your cupcakes, but this cupcake is heavenly. Perfect marriage of sweet and salty.

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Wipe the drool off your keyboard or mobile device because it's onto the goods we can deliver--at least two two random winners. One gal will get a Red Sparkle Skirt, a pair of Red Sparkle Sleeves,  and a Gunmetal Sparkle Visor, while another will get a Pink Sparkle Skirt, Pink Sparkle Sleeves, and Pink Sparkle Visor. We're especially jazzed about this loot because Sparkle Athletic usually doesn't do giveaways. The fact they're doing this one for us makes us feel extra sparkly and special--which is how we hope all you ladies feel on Valentine's Day!

To be entered to win, click on the Comments ribbon (below) on our website, and tell us what's added a little sparkle to your life recently. Maybe it was joyous laughter from your baby, a stellar report card from your middle-schooler, or finding that CZ stud you swore you'd lost. If it's brightened your day, we want to know about it.

Baby, sparkle plenty!("Obscure Dick Tracy References for $300, Alex.")
Baby, sparkle plenty!
("Obscure Dick Tracy References for $300, Alex.")

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States. It begins on 2/14/13 and ends on 2/19/13; the winner will be announced on 2/23/13. One entry per person. The value of each prize package is $72. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.


797 responses to “Special Valentine’s Day Profile and Giveaway: Sparkle Athletic

  1. Getting a pretty big PR from my 1/2 this past Sunday has really added some sparkle to my life. I can do it, I can continue to improve, & I will do it even though it can be difficult. I am stronger than I thought!

  2. After a somewhat stressful couple of (nerve-wracking) hours of our newly-driving son shuttling my husband and me around from errand to errand and town to town, we arrived safely (whew!) at home. After hopping out of the car and assessing his parking job, he exclaimed, “Sweet Jesus, I nailed it!” That was a sparkling moment for sure!

  3. I got an email from an old coworker that I have not seen in many years. We just reconnected on Facebook yesterday. She said that I was the reason she enjoyed coming to work every day when we worked together in the 90’s. Her sparkling comment made my day. And I am looking forward to getting together with her next week to catch up on the past thirteen years.

  4. Bare Minerals eye shadow compacts have been adding sparkle to my life recently. My 40 something face needs a little help to keep the focus on my strengths (blue eyes) versus my weaknesses (wrinkles anyone?) but the idea of grouping my eyes shadows as I rush to get ready post run just wasn’t my idea of fun. Enter the Bare Minerals compacts…several complementary colors all in one space…no thinking involved. The result…lots of compliments on my eyes these days.

  5. I enjoy the simple sparkles of everyday life : my 9 year old daughter who still holds my hand every day on our walk home from school, the sparkle in my spouses eye, my cat greeting me with love (0or is that hunger;-), snowflakes, birds singing on an early morning run… The list goes on and on

  6. A recent sparkle in my life was when I get home to find the dishes clean (and put away), the trash thrown out (and bag replaced), the dog fed (and walked) and my favorite show recorded for me. When my husband takes advantage of his days off to make sure I get my runs in & still have time left over just for us is all the sparkle I need to keep me going 🙂 Thanks Joe! I love you!

  7. A recent sparkle to my life was my husband bringing me two dozen pink roses at work on Valentines Day and then surprising me later that evening with two tickets to George Strait’s Farewell Tour concert that has been sold out for months! My daughter also created a collage on canvas with pictures of she and I over the past 14 years. It was great!

  8. My husband and daughter add sparkle to my life, seeing them enjoying their time together when I get back from a run makes my day.

  9. When my 5 year old daughter tells me I look gorgeous when not always liking what I see in the mirror at 9 1/2 months pregnant. – The Sparkle in her eyes reminds me it is all worth it when we will meet the newest addition to our family!

  10. My husband liked his Valentine’s gift this year. A good idea recognized adds sparkle to my day. Usually my gifts are flops.

  11. My husband, we barely get to connect with 3 teens in the house and our busy schedules, last night I thought…”I’ll stop and get a bottle of wine from that expensive wine store and we’ll have a romantic dinner”. As I walked up to the door, looking in the window I saw my husband!!! Buying the same special bottle of wine I was going to buy….wow…I quickly ran away so he would not see me. When he came home he said, “I am going to totally surprise you tonight”….. I wanted to cry…the sparks flew, after 25 years, we are still so connected and in love.

  12. My children’s love and my my love for them. We were recently in a car accident and it really taught me how to cherish my time more with them. Everyone is okay but I enjoy the slow moments now.

  13. The lights of my life – my 5 and 3 year old sons – make me sparkle. Today my 5 year old told me in the dressing room at Old Navy that I should “buy them all, Mama, because you are so pretty.” Love!

  14. Recovering from my IT Band Issues. I was given a BIG MAYBE to run in the Diva Dash 5K on March 23rd by my Physical Therapist. It has been a long Journey since January 1st . God knows his Plans. No Ultrasound Treatment on Thursday Valentines Day Appointment MADE MY DAD. I love My Husband. He treated us to cupcakes at home and Applebees for Dinner too.

  15. My hubby just surprised me for our 7th anniversary….arranged a babysitter, time off from my work, and once we reached our “surprise” destination, he also surprised me by bringing in my parents so that we could all celebrate our anniversaries together. My husband is my sparkle!

  16. My traing team is adding sparkle to my life! I am signed up for my 1st 1/2 iron and the push I get from my team is AMAZING!! With 3 kids, a full time job and in school there is no way I could get in training without having so many awesome people motivating me!

  17. My heart just melts when my daughter sends me videos of my grandgirls all the way from Massachusetts to Oklahoma. If we must live so far apart, it’s a great time with the technology we have, for sure!

  18. My 4 year old son was helping me make a silly decision this week. He finally asked me which of the options I liked better, and told me he just wanted me to be happy. So sweet!

  19. The sparkle I recently have been experiencing is the feeling of my little baby girl moving around inside of me! It’s absolutely incredible knowing I have a little human being inside of me that I will soon get to meet and because of that I feel so blessed each day 🙂 Can’t wait to meet her in April!

  20. New Altras that have helped heal a nasty case of sesamoiditis have helped add some sparkle. Although I’m currently resting again due to a strained tendon (foot injuries are no joke), my sesamoids are feeling good for the first time in months.

  21. I am a Pediatric Occupational Therapist. All of the children I work with bring sparkle to my life as I watch them gain new skills and be able to do something they never could before. On Valentine’s day one of my students made me a card and inside the card was this message, thank you for teaching me. This brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes.

  22. Tucking my kids into bed each night gives me four little sparkles that I am doing it right. As a military wife who is often alone that special time each night makes me remember that I can do it and that I’m not really alone.

  23. My baby girl’s smiles add sparkle to my days. Her whole face lights up when she smiles…which means that mine does, too.

  24. I am a pediatric physical therapist and on Thursday I was able to get a 12 year old boy to walk on his own for the first time in 6 years! This made my day, week, and month sparkle!!! My son (8 years old) and I went on a 2 mile run today in honor of my patient! If he can do it, we can go for a run too!! We have so many blessings we take for granted! Run and have fun!

  25. I treated myself to one of your shirts. “high mileage mom” and that shirt really makes me feel special and sparkly when I wear it. Of course, all my non-running friends haven’t even noticed what it says. I plan to wear it to my next group run.

  26. Recently the sparkle brought to me has been to opportunity to pick up my life and move to the West Coast- I’ve been in Washington a little over a month now and have loved getting to know my new home (without snow- I am from NY afterall!!)

  27. The most fabulous of runs added sparkle to my life. I didn’t even know I was running, I just fell into grooove with my music and my heart and I followed it home the long way. My kind of sparkle

  28. I’ve asked for diamond earrings for a few years from my husband. No real diamonds yet, but The $4.99 ‘diamond’ earrings my ten year old bought me for Christmas are by far the most sparkle I could have ever asked for. Every time I wear them I feel like the most loved momma in the world.

  29. Most recently it was the best massage I have ever gotten and bit was 90 minutes! Followed up with a very romantic dinner with my husband at a restaraunt that has a plethora of vegetarian dishes for me to choose from!

  30. My new medal from the Tinkerbell half marathon last month added sparkle to my life! It was my first race, and something I never dreamed I could accomplish. I have never been an athlete, and by no means would have ever considered myself a runner! After having a baby, passing 30 years, a surgery, and the stressors of life taking over, I wanted to do something for me. I signed up for the race, trained, and did it! I have never felt so proud of myself. I hang my sparkly medal up at home with pride. I even signed up for another half marathon in September. 🙂

  31. ‘You’re beautiful!’ Hearing my husband say these words to me always makes me sparkle. After 10 years of marriage, I still get the butterflies-in-the-belly feeling knowing that even on my worst days, I’m still sparkly in his eyes 🙂

  32. My 14 year old daughter’s best friend died suddenly this past November. I am in awe of how my daughter has handled a tough situation with strength and grace. Seeing my daughter continue to sparkle like her friend would want her to has brought so much sparkle to my life <3.

  33. Finishing my 2nd Half Marathon with friends in St Pete Fla last weekend put a sparkle in my step for sure. I loved seeing all the runners in their sparkle skirts!

  34. I know it’s cliche to get flowers on valentines day but my husband totally surprised me yesterday w roses & it made me giddy.

  35. My students make me sparkle. I had a small group of 2nd grade students perform a play called, Cupid’s Day Off. Watching them perform and light up brings sparkle to my life.

  36. Everytime I hear my three year old giggle, I sparkle! I make tickling him a part of our daily routine.
    He’s my little running buddy who never complains and asks queations like “How many miles, mom?”, “One more mile, mom?” or “After our run, can we go to the park?” I can’t wait til he’s old enough to run beside me instead of just riding in his stroller.

  37. what is making me sparkle a little more these days is improving my daily routines at home and feeling more pulled together! yay me!

  38. My daughter has added sparkle to my life! She is almost 2 and so she is at an age where she is learning new things every day. Her cuddles and giggles are the sparkle for me 🙂

  39. My husband! Even though he was out the door at 3am for work, he still remembered to set up a special surprise for our daughters and me on Valentine’s Day!

  40. My daughter opening her Valentines Day present and proclaiming her love for her family and that “This was just the very best day ever” (She’s 4 :D)

  41. My son is turning 12 and still thinks I’m the best mom in the world. I makes me feel very special that I still sparkle in his eyes.

  42. My DD17 is a senior and has OCD (diagnosed and medicated, not the OCD we all joke about). She decided to play a cello solo with the HS orchestra, which was a pretty big undertaking for her. I felt all sparkly and my tear ducts sweated profusely as she, after a couple hiccups, played the last 3/4ths of her piece flawlessly. This was a huge accomplishment for her and I will take those feelings and channel them into what I hope is a big accomplishment for me – a sub 2:00 half in June! Would love to Sparkle for THAT!

  43. My 3 year old’s rendition of “you are my Sunshine” on Valentine’s Day. Except instead of “You are my Sunshine,” she made up her own lyrics “You are my Mommy, My only Mommy….” My husband caught it on video on his phone and sent it to me at work. Definitely brought a smile (and a small tear) to my face!

  44. This morning my 2 year old birthday girl singing Happy Birthday to herself along with her singing Dora birthday card. She is all Sparkle!

  45. My sparkle moment was this week when a total stranger came up to me at the gym and said “I just want you to know I can see all the changes you have made recently, you look amazing” – It couldn’t have come at a better time because I was frustrated with my body that day, had hit a plateau but a nice comment from a stranger really helped!

  46. My 3 boys bring me sparkle everyday especially after a race when I see them at the finish line holding up handmade signs! They are so supportive and my little one always congratulates me for “winning the race.”

  47. My most recent “sparkle” moment came just this week, with a phone call from a friend who decided that she will join me at my 5K event this weekend, to share the miles and smiles…another runner has gotten the bug! But it gets even better! A third friend, upon seeing the two of us get silly on FB over this race…is going to meet us there and ALSO run! Sparkle this weekend will come from our three smiles as we cross the finish together!

  48. I’m a homeschooling mom, and I had the privilege of teaching my 5 year-old to read this year. Lately, my sparkle comes from being able to sit down every day and hear her read to me! 🙂 Also, the fabulous weather we’re having here in California, which allowed me to do a 3-mile run in capris and a short sleeved shirt!!

  49. Best finish line pic EVER!!

    Same thing that has always added sparkle to my life-my amazing hubby and wonderful kids! (and in the literal sense, that amazing hubs did treat me with a fabulously sparkly little piece of jewelry recently)

  50. I recently ran my first double digit run as part of the Train like a Mother Half Marathon Finish it Plan. I was so proud of myself! It still makes me smile when I think of what I’ve accomplished. 🙂

  51. A few days ago I ran a hill that I used to train on all the time (1 mile uphill the whole way), and I loved it. I tend to be very nostalgic about my old runs. 🙂

  52. Adding sparkle to my life this year is living in Colorado Springs for the year while my youngest son gets his year of attending a US high school. We usually live in Tokyo Japan and seeing Pikes Peak everyday, many times during my day, from many different locations, with sunrise light or evening glow has added so much sparkle to my life! I would love to run Barr Trail in a little cute sparkle skirt 🙂

  53. Does sweat count as sparkle? After 2 years of being terribly sick, and not being able to figure out why, I’m finally feeling better and able to RUN!! Life is good. 🙂

  54. Realizing that I am capable of more than I thought and pushing past fear. I can go back to school and I can drive in a big city!

  55. My day sparkled yesterday when my 9 year old boy (who has been on the grouchy side of life lately) was able to console and put to bed my 3 year old daughter when I had to leave for the evening and my husband wasn’t feeling well. My kid really shined last night! I’m so proud of him!

  56. It has been kind of an unsparkley week as I came down with a cruddy respiratory bug in the middle of training for my first half marathon! One thing that brought some bling to my week though is the spectacular news that my 12 year old son who was badly injured last summer was given a date to have the hardware taken off of his leg. He has one of those external fixators (some people refer to them as “halos”)holding his previously shattered leg together and now I am one step closer to having my running buddy back 🙂

  57. My two year old has been in a dance class for a couple months now, but she wouldn’t do anything without me. So I’ve been in dance class, as well. Yesterday though, she made it through the whole class by herself! I got to sit back and enjoy watching her learn and play.

  58. My son, unprompted, asked to my make cookies and help him get a card and flowers for a little girl down the street for Valentine’s Day. He’s 9. I’m blissfully proud of that!

  59. My new grandson! He is 7 weeks old and just started rolling himself over already- cant wait to get him in the jogging stroller! He (and my amazing fiancé) are the sparkle in my life…well ateast until I get my new sparkle skirt bling! 🙂

  60. My hubby had also done IMAZ. It was our 11th anniversary while we were in AZ. He bought me a diamond anniversary band. I proceeded to lose it 2 weeks later when we were back in IL (it was a bit big on my finger and i hadn’t gotten it resized yet). I FOUND the ring on February 1st!!! SPARKLE SPARKLE SPARKLE! And now it’s too tight thanks to Christmas cookies (and maybe not as much running as I should be doing).

  61. I have just started wearing running skirts and they make me so happy while running. They definitely add the sparkle to my day!

  62. My BRF is planning ‘Healthy Foods’ Girls’ Night Out at her house! Kids are invited and will be isolated to the playroom with her husband and any other men who dare attend.

  63. As I was returning home, mid-day, from my 3-year-old’s swim lesson, I saw a box sitting at my front door. I assumed it was a gift for my son’s rapidly approaching birthday, but when I opened it, it was a Starbucks mug from London! When I left my job as a project manager in Germany when it was time to return stateside, that was a project I was in the final stages of managing and one of my teammates sent me a mug to let me know they appreciated the work I had put into the coordination. So exciting! Now, every time I drink coffee out of that mug I will remember those great co-workers, even if that particular project was a little nutty.

  64. I’m so proud to be a mom of dancers. The other day when my car broke down, I packed up my daughter’s dance gear and ran 6 miles to the dance studio to deliver it to her. They tried on their pointe costumes that evening which were gorgeous. I’m so grateful to have been there. Thank goodness that running 6 miles with an added 5 pounds bouncing on my back was a possibility. It was a joy!

  65. My husband had been working on the West Coast (and we live on the East Coast) for the last seven months. Last weekend, just ahead of the blizzard, he came home for good! Getting to go to bed next to my honey again is definitely putting some sparkle in my step! Also, DH being home means I can sneak out for early morning runs while the kids sleep again – doubles and triples the number of times I can get out there!!! Sparkle!!

  66. Knowing my children are now old enough to stay home by themselves while I run in the neighborhood. Ready to tackle anything when I finish running especially those Valentine Cookies!

  67. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’ll share a story about that. My ex husband dropped my son off the other day after school and told me homeword was completed and our son’s book bag. I didn’t look, my son and I just played and spent time together until bedtime. When I prepared his lunch in the morning, I saw a note from him to me. He had drawn a picture of the two of us and it said “To Mom, from me I give my heart to you!” I absolutely melted. Although I don’t have an adult Valentine, my son truly knows how to show his love and is the best Valentine ever!

  68. The other day my training partner & I were doing speed work on the treadmill. I was ready to call it quits after my 5th 800 with the excuse that I didn’t have time to do a 6th which was on my training plan. She said “you’ve got the time, just go faster!” With no excuse I did my 6th and was greatful that she pushed me when I was giving up. Her push was the sparkle in my week.

  69. The mom of one of my daughter’s good friends put some sparkle in my life. Just when my to-do list was exploding between errands, work assignments and volunteer duties, carol dropped me an email to say how appreciative she is of all the hard work that I put into organizing our daughters’ Girl Scout troop. She went on with specific examples and accolades that I won’t bore you with, but the sure made my day! That email was the best bling ever 🙂

  70. One day after snowstorm Nemo dropped 2 feet of snow here in NH, I ran a race. It was the most invigorating 5K for me because it seemed as if everything was sparkling! The sun was out in full force making the snow gleam, the crisp 19 degree February air in my lungs felt amazing, and of course the scenery along the route was just pristine! I imagine this is what it would feel like to come out of hibernation!! At the finish I am pretty sure I was sparkling too.

  71. That feeling I get when I had an awesome run during the day, and no matter what happens on the busy Med-surg/Pediatric unit where I’m a night-shift RN, I can handle it all with a smile!

    Even if I’m smiling, 4 months pergnant, while someone’s draining anal ulcer just exploded on me.

    Happy running (& Nursing!!) everyone!!

  72. Today, it was finding out that not one, but TWO of my friends gave birth (both overdue, so hooray) at almost the same time, at the same hospital. Made visiting easy, and I got to snuggle two brand new, squishy, hours old babies.

  73. SLEEP! My 2yr old is FINALLY *starting* to sleep through the night!!!

    Ok, so we’re still only at 75% sleep-through success… But, after 2 weeks of sleeping downstairs on the hide-a-bed (literally, hiding abed, so she wouldn’t be able to find me for midnight-4am nursing sessions), I’ve made a return to my king size tempurpedic.

    It’s amazing what a little sleep will do for one’s mental stability… 😉

  74. Lately my sparkle has been my new running socks– three adorable pairs from the Sock Guy. Ever had days when the best part of your run was picking out your running clothes? Well, cupcake socks perk me up even when the running endorphins never seem to kick in.

  75. My husband. He really is one of the most amazing men out there. I’ve been really working on making sure we stay connected in the buziness of life with two kids and I’ve just really enjoyed him.

  76. Teaching ballet tonight, and having one of the advanced students have a “lightbulb” moment of clarity-followed by many thanks. IT was great.

  77. I love to play the piano (almost as much as I love running) and my kids have wanted me to teach them to play for quite a long time. We found a way to do lessons and practice each week and it has been an amazing experience for all of us. I absolutely adore our four kids and love being with them (certain moments excluded) and this has added another layer of joy to my life–being able to share something I love with the people I love the most.

  78. Running on the beach and finding not one but two perfect sand dollars as big as the palm of my hand completely whole. My first ever 5K was a beach run and I love to find things on my runs.

  79. Scrubbing my floor added a little sparkle to my life. More importantly the tinkle of my daughter’s laughter adds sparkle to my life. I am working at getting healthier so we can spend many years together.

  80. Tierra on The Bachelor had a special sparkle! No but seriously, getting to run today after 3 long days in nursing school is my most recent sparkle 🙂 Borrowed a Team Sparkle Skirt recently and so impressed with how great it was!

  81. A hand written love note from my 7 year old son saying, ” I love you so much mom, Thank-you for being my mom!” Melted my heart and put me on a high for the rest of the day.

  82. A coworker owns a beach house and wasn’t able to take his family this weekend so he offered it to us for free! Why yes, please and thank you!!! Packing and leaving tomorrow. Running shoes and clothes in the bag and hoping to get in some miles in the sand!

  83. Every single day when my students walk in the room and they smile at me, hug me, want to tell me all about what they did the night before. I feel like I make a difference in their lives. Makes me sparkle.

  84. Working on class Valentine’s w/my five-year-old a couple days ago and he wanted to make one for the little sister of one of his friends. She’s not quite two and the way he dotes on her always warms my heart.

  85. I just learned today that I won an entry to the Columbus Marathon. Oh, my. Makes the whole “first marathon” goal much more real!

  86. On Saturday, two of my BAMR friends invited me to go running. They knew I’ve been working towards a half-marathon and I just thought it would be nice to run with adults for a change since my usual running companions are my 2 and 4 yr olds. Halfway through our run, instead of turning left to come home, my friend turned right and we kept going. We ran 12 miles which is my farthest yet! That definitely put a sparkle in my step and my workouts this week were that much easier since I’ve gotten right over that mental issue of a ‘long’ run. Thank goodness for great friends who know I’m stronger than I knew I was!

  87. I am a 1st grade teacher and often get little gifts from students. I love each one of them but for Valentine’s Day I received a box of chocolates from a student that I often worry about his home life and the lack of care that he receives. Today when he walked in with a box of chocolates he was on cloud nine when he handed me the gift. My joy did not come from the chocolates but the fact that his story of how his mom took him to the store to get me something. He was so PROUD to give me a gift and I was so happy his mom had taken the time to make him sparkle!

  88. I would be the coolest mom to my little girl running in a sparkle skirt. Maybe it would convince her to sleep a little longer for that necessary run in the morning if I would bring her to school in this much cooler running skirt.

  89. Honestly, this posting. I’m a BAMR who was taking a break from training but started up again recently after learning my husband’s grandfather passed away from cancer. Elise’s determination & this post inspired me to get up before dawn and get to the gym. While at the the gym this morning, I was further inspired by a woman doing interval sprints at 12mph. Thanks for brightening my day and getting me to the gym this morning!

  90. My husband is a college basketball coach, and we are closing in on the end of another long season (that includes a great deal of single-parenting for me). My sparkle comes in realizing that it is through running that my mental and physical health remain intact and strong during these long and difficult days and months. We’ve banded together and made it through another “season” and our marriage/family is strong. I am so grateful.

  91. Absolutely pacing my 15 yr old son for his mile run in gym class. Not only did he beat his last years time by 3 minutes, but wasn’t afraid to have momma by his side on the track with the other high school kids! That’s the day I definitely realized that my kids are learning from me, and do know that they are capable of anything, even if they need a little help sometimes…

  92. 1st….HOLY COW on the 8 miles under an hour. High five to you momma!

    Curly ( my 4 yr old tot) is my sparkle. I was on more than E the other night. Had nothing left while taking care of 4 kids while my husband is out of town on business. I tuck her in, read her a book and head to turn out the lights. Night, night…I say. Oh, mom? I have a question. I think oh, no…what? ( in my head I just want the day to be over) she say’s…will you come back? Sure thing. I walk over to her bed. Mom, will you take me to the trail in the morning? I smile big and give her a huge hug with tears in my eyes…of, course I will sweet pea. Maybe, someday she will truly understand what that meant to me. Or maybe she already knows and that was her way of saying everything is going to be ok in the am mom when we run. Either way, she grabed my heart big time that night.

  93. Hill repeats. Well, not while I am doing them, but the rest of the day, I feel a little sparkle that comes from pushing myself hard, and accomplishing something. Did them today, I am up to 5 from 2. Need to start somewhere. Sparkle on!

  94. Watching my six year old daughter, who is the one to awaken my love of running, win a medal in the 1500 this week at a USATF meet and she did it against eight year olds. Proving that if you work hard no matter who you or what you are up against you always have a chance if you fight for it.

  95. first…love the sparkle attire…I need all of this to go with my hot pink shoes…would love to win it but if not…where can I get this…I want to be the first in Northeast Ohio..

    sparkle moment: from a 3rd grade girl runner on my cross country team after running 2 miles better than any of our middle school runners…coach, can I run another mile or two? what an inspiration from an Ethiopian girl who was adopted recently by an American family….sparkle, Rebke!!!

  96. I find my sparkle at my 5:15am bootcamp class where fellow women (and a few men) have all left their sleeping spouses and children to come give themselves an hour of workout before setting about their days!

  97. My sparkle today – the beautiful orchid plant my husband surprised me with and the sparkly, heart-filled cards my little girls made me!

  98. Honestly, I like running alone…no music, no small talk, etc. But, I am the leader of a Moms RUN This Town chapter in my town and felt the responsibility to organize a group run. We have met for 3 weeks now, and I have to admit that I am really looking forward to meeting new Moms that run on Sunday! It has allowed me to spread a little Mother Runner cheer and share advice to some ladies that feel they are all alone in their running adventures.

  99. My sparkle comes from my husband and three kiddos! 🙂 Knowing they will be at the finish line helps to encourage me to get there all the faster and not give up!
    **This would be a fun outfit for my relay in April!! 🙂

  100. It’s my b-day today too… So I’ve had a very sparkly day. From spending the day with hubby, and he kids being very cute..

  101. Thoughts about my upcoming trip to Florida for the Disney Princess Half Marathon have added some sparkle to my life! That and the smiles of my two little guys while they are doing their workouts! 🙂

  102. I find my sparkle every morning in my daughter. Whenever I wake her up for school she has the sweetest sleepy angel face. She reaches her arms for me, pulls me in, and we snuggle for a few quite minutes. It makes the rest of my crazy day easier to handle knowing I do it all for her and my son.

  103. This summer I started going to an amzing spin class on Wednesday afternoons during my lunch hour. The instructor’s name is Mitch. He played the BEST House/ance music and it really was one of the highlights of my week. As summer turned to Fall, I got busier and busier at work and started missing Wednesday spin with Mitch. Last week I decided I would try to fit it back into my schedule. I called the gym early on Tuesday morning to reserve my spot, brought my gym clothes with me, and had every intention of going when suddenly, my supervisor calls me in to talk about my schedule, my hours etc… I started thinking, maybe this isnt a good day to leave the office. But then I said, screw it, I’m going, and ran down to the gym. Still stressed from work, Mitch walked in and started the class. The first thing he said was this, “I an going to give you your internal weather report, sunny, with a chance of joy.” Well, I almost teared up because that is what I recieved that lovely Wednesday afternoon during a spin class…JOY!

  104. I haven’t had much sparkle the last few days because I’ve been struck with the flu, but winning this would defintely add that sparkle I need right now!

  105. Yay! I love these ladies and was very excited to see Elise profiled. Love when she blogs, tweets about cupcakes. My daughters always add extra sparkle to my life especially when they work together to throw a tea party in the living room. And to sweeten the deal, my oldest is looking forward to her first race this year. I can’t wait to share a run with her while pushing her sister in the jogger.

  106. Sparkle! I love that word! Today Valentine’s Day adds sparkle for me. While most think its about sweethearts, flowers, chocolates etc… To me it’s much more! Today is simply about love towards others. I love to give valentines and watch people light up and in effect sparkle. This day reminds me to bring my sparkle out and hopefully help bring others out as well!

  107. Today I found sparkles in coming home from work to be surprised with flowers and cards from my kids and hubby. Normally we do not celebrate today as I would rather he show is love every other day of the year. I was quite shocked. He also taught our kiddos to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” It was the best surprise!

  108. My boys getting excited about valentines day and creating valentines for their class. My 4 year old keeps bringing the candy hearts and asking me what they say. Then whatever it says he tries to act it out and give me a hug. So sparkly!

  109. Pulled out my marathon charm necklace (a “26.2” charm and one from each full marathon I have done) recently to help keep me motivated this winter. It adds a little extra bling and sparkle to my days!

  110. My brother is unfortunately losing his battle with leukemia right now so I look for sparkles in my life in the smallest way. Today it was the laughter & love of my children as they celebrated valetine’s day….and realizing my new training runs has helped me lose 2″ in my hips :). Plus if wearing sparkle attire helps me have a finish like Elise’s, I want to wear it at every event I do :).

  111. My BRFs who listen to me vent, cry, and express joy bring sparkle to my life! I love that we text each other all day, sending funny running anecdotes. We are running a marathon together next week!

  112. My sparkle comes from my 1yo learning to kiss. Granted, there’s a lot of tongue involved, but it really does make my day.

  113. Ran a very tough marathon in October & then found out I had paratendonitis in my achilles, so after 7 weeks off of running, I’ve been back now for 9 weeks & had an amazing 5 mile run with hill sprints this past week. It literally lit up my day & made me feel like I got my sparkle back with running!

  114. The one thing that has added a sparkle to my life right now is my family getting more active. I have gotten my daughter into walking and I have gotten my husband into races. I am hoping my son will be active when he gets older or just start crawling!

  115. My fitness group has added a lot of sparkle to my life. Because I have them, I’ve reached my goal weight & am training for my first 1/2 marathon & Oly distance triathlon 🙂

  116. We have just moved from Okinawa, Japan back to the US and getting to share the experiences of Arizona that I had as a child with my littles ones just makes feel great. Seeing their eyes sparkle just like mine did is priceless.

  117. Running is making me feel sparkly. I’ve been on a self-imposed hiatus since my marathon disaster last October. Been doing a lot of squats, lunges, and other strength training. I feel strong, refreshed, and have my eye on either Dallas or Memphis in December.

  118. I’m looking forward to running in the Portland Shamrock Run 15k Challenge on St. Patrick’s Day. Thinking about how much fun it’s going to be makes my day sparkle! (Also…a green sparkly skirt would keep me from getting pinched).

  119. Obviously my three little ones are the spalled in each day. However my husband is too. He watches the kids without complaint when we are both home because he knows how much running does for me mentally, emotionally, and physically.

    The other sparkler is running! Running has been the catalyst to help pull me out of some difficult times in the past few years.

  120. Having a former co-worker recruit me for a position in her new office has added sparkle to my life. It is an incredible feeling when someone has that much respect for you! Losing 50 pounds and cutting about 20 minutes off my 5k time has added sparkle as well!

  121. I was asked by two of my best friends to make their wedding rings for their wedding this July. Have been metalsmithing for a few years now, and am glad to set some diamonds to add some sparkle to their lives.

  122. I am a 43YO 7th grade math teacher. Who knew I could inspire my students with my running? I have been running less than 2 years. I was the kid that hated PE in school! Now I think it’s kinda cute when my students ask if I won my last half marathon. They get super excited when I hang another medal on the classroom wall. They want to know if they can stay after school & run with me. They even brag about me to their friends! Who wouldn’t get a little sparkle from that??? 🙂

  123. I have been doing the Les Mills Combat workout program for the past 6 weeks. I love it! I feel strong, and it works well as the XT for a running training plan, and I am finally losing weight and that I haven’t been able to do with running alone. It makes me happy!!

  124. Recent sparkle…being able to use training for a 1/2 marathon as an analogy for building a strong culture in my workplace by having strong beliefs to fall back on during the journey toward your goals.

  125. after losing faith in this techy facebook texting twitter society, a FB friend began to video and upload his daily posts. this (as a sociology teacher) gave me sparkle!!! in a non face to face communicating world, i hope this catches on! we need more connecting and interacting seeing and hearing each other. just something i was thinking about on my lunch hour run today 🙂

  126. Girlfriends! They have brightened my gloomy Michigan winter days! Nothing like a girlfriend “just checkin in makin sure I don’t disappear! I have pretty bad winter blues and being a hairdresser I am checkin in with alot of people making them feel better. I feel blessed to have a few good friends check in on me!

  127. “Racing” an unsuspecting male runner to the top of a hill and winning! He had no idea what I was doing or even cared, but I needed a “win” that day to bolster my sagging spirit and he happened to be in front of me at just the right moment.

  128. Deciding that I’m NOT afraid of coyotes anymore! It sounds silly, I know! But I live in the desert and the coyotes have been Out (yep, with a capital O) lately! I hear them yipping and howling and screaming at night like they are a force to be reckoned with! So when it comes time for my morning trail run…I’ve been putting on the headphones and heading for the treadmill rather than putting on the sunglasses and heading for the trails. Well, yesterday I decided I’m not afraid anymore (gulp…I repeated that in my head continuously on my run yesterday) and headed for the hills. One word…LIBERATING! Oh yeah, I’ve got my mojo back 🙂 Look out, coyotes! Here I come!

  129. my 11 year old asking(repeatedly) for me to sign her up and help train her for Ironkids the same week my 15 year old started her couchto5K training so she can run the Autism 5K in honor of her 13 year old sister with autism- family fitness makes me sparkle!

  130. My sparkle is taking up running! I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 4 years ago and told I would never run again. But I have beat that and this week I realized I am a runner! I have overcome!

  131. I’ve been struggling so much with my work outs (running or weights) since Christmas and I finally got my nutrition back under control and I’m kicking tail again! Regaining control and showing up big in the gym put the sparkle back in my day!

  132. Helping my son make home made valentines cards for his preschool class. He was so thoughtful with each one. Made me very proud!

  133. Spending Valentine’s Day with my 22 first graders added a whole lot of sparkle to my day today. Pizza, cupcakes & their sky high energy level made for a fun filled day 🙂

  134. After the not so sparkly realization that my 12 year old som is likely suffering from depression, I cried as hard as I’ve ever cried. I thought about how I have lived with depression for most of my life and how I don’t want him to flounder until he’s 30 to find stability and happiness. So, I asked him to start running with me, because, as we all know, running is an amazing way to hold the demons at bay. He smiled, and nodded his handsome head. Truth be told, he sparkled. 🙂

  135. My little 2-year old who loves to have “hugging time” every night before she goes to sleep. I could hold her forever.

  136. Seeing my daughters face when she pulled out the sword from the stone in Disney World…the look on her face when it came out of the stone makes me smile just thinking about it.

  137. My three year old daughter informed me recently that we could be best friends forever. Added a whole bunch of sparkle to my week!

  138. Would love to win this. Getting ready to run my first 15k in cincinnati’s mini heart marathon. Sparkle would help me get through those darn hills!!!

  139. After I ran my first 1/2 marathon last year I had a hard time getting myself back into the habit of running and working out. Then I had surgery which really knocked me back. My sparkle? getting back into running and working out and already seeing results! Getting a new pair of running shoes is also very nice 🙂

  140. After several weeks of being injured, I am back to running again! Very happy to be sparkling with sweat again as I train for the Boston Marathon in April!

  141. Finally getting back into a rhythm with running – after a loooong recovery from injury, it has been an uphill battle. Just getting to that happy place where going for a run puts a sparkle in my eye and makes me feel amazing!

  142. My 3 year old saying, “mommy’s going running! ” when he sees me putting on my sneakers…new to running this year!

  143. Actual sparkle: the birthstone bracelet my hubby got me for my 40th!
    Emotional sparkle: waking up yesterday morning to hear my 5 year old laughing in his sleep.

  144. My TLAM Own it plan has added a Sparkle to my step these last few weeks. I’ve done puh-lenty of races, but have never followed a “plan.” I love it!!!

  145. I have been a mother runner for 13 months now. I’m running in my first 1/2marathon in about 2 weeks and its the Disney princess 1/2 and I don’t have any sparkle. Does it come the pixie dust too?

  146. In August I started training to be a facilitator in a Trauma-Informed Mind Body Program (TIMBo). The TIMBo community has added a lot of sparkle to my life! I have met the most wonderful group of TIMBettes who have been a great source of support and inspiration. Together, we are starting a movement that will help women heal from trauma and stress.

  147. One sparkly thing is that one of my new year’s goal this year was to encourage my children to take a more active part in their health. My middle son has started running, 3X a week, just a mile for now, but a great start. WooHoo!

  148. The Valentine’s gift I received from my husband… A new pair of running shoes! Silly as it is, he knows the way to my heart is running gear!

  149. There is a little more sun everyday, which means we are closer to spring. That is adding a LOT of sparkle to my morning runs!

  150. The Hello Kitty Valentine tattoo my 2-yr-old daughter gave me. I put it on my hand and wore it proudly at work. Work has been extra tough lately, so I really needed visual reminder of my sweetie.

  151. Finishing the Tinkerbell 1/2 despite returning from 3 months off running due to an injury and dealing with health problems! What a joyful race!

  152. My physiotherapist fixed my hip and I get to run again! Tonight I got upped to 4 minutes running 1 walking, for 5 whole sets! 25 minutes on the treadmill has never been such a joy!

  153. I’m transferring to a new department at the end of the month and my department manager-to-be sent me chocolates because they’re sooo looking forward to having me! Naturally, being the “work mom” in my current department, I shared them with the “kids”! 😀

  154. Starting to do speed work has added sparkle to my life for sure. Mixes up my run and leaves me oh so happily drained at the end. Happy Valentines Day Mother Runners!

  155. It probably sounds silly but what’s added sparkle to my life recently is being able to run with my Vizsla. I’ve run with her before, always on leash and always miserably. Her constant tugging resulted in shin splints (for me) and just an overall feeling of misery. The experience really just made me hate running, at least with her. On mornings I would run without her, my husband said she would whine at the laundry room door or bark at the gate the whole time I was gone. Hearing this made me feel guilty for leaving her, in turning hating myself! So I had to choose, either hate my runs or hate myself…. or find a way to run with her safely off leash. I did some driving & found some awesome back roads, slower traffic neighborhoods, and even a paved trail with a killer hill, that I felt I could run with her confidently off leash. Sure it would take some time (and we’re still working on it) but so far, we’re free of any incidents, enjoying our time together. Nothing makes me feel better than seeing how happy she is when I’m lacing up in the morning and that is my sparkle!

  156. After an awesome run today(February) in the Midwest, I taught my three year old and one year old how to fly a kite, run down grassy hills and climb a slide. Then, settled down for a picnic. Seeing there serene little faces napping in the backseat before we got home was so wonderful!

  157. My little girl learned to write the first letter of her name and my son’s awesome parent teacher conference have definitely given me some sparkle! Both my kiddos have some special needs and seeing progress like they have made just makes my heart burst with pride, joy & happiness.

  158. After a couple tough weeks with the kids, the looks on their faces and giggles tonight when we shared valentines with the kids. I’m grinning ear to ear!

  159. I recently came home to a random package from Amazon with Mile Markers inside – thanks to my hubby. It wasn’t any special day – just a book he thought I’d want to read. Made my day sparkle for sure! 🙂

  160. my sparkle is my rediscovery of makeup:) I have 2 little girls and much of the time have felt like a zombie milk maid. but a friend gave me some new eyeshadow and mascara and lo and behold I still remember how to wear it and I like it SO much that I even wear it to run:) which will need to change in the summer due to sweat….but still. I feel pretty…..!!!

  161. After a three year weight loss journey of 60 plus lbs, I am excited to be able to participate in the Princess Half for my first half marathon. On top of that, I did 20 miles two weeks ago and I am about to register for my first marathon! I am so proud of this, especially because during this time my hubby was deployed for a bunch of the time and I helped take care of my Mama until she passed last August.

  162. Watching my 4 yr old (who has been petrified of getting her face wet) have a breakthrough at swimming class tonight! She completely submerged and swam and came up giggling! Dazzling dream come true for this mom! GO LIVY!

  163. My half marathon training has been going so flawlessly (minus some nagging upper back pain) that I am finally believing that training for , and running, my first marathon is doable! Chicago 2013 baby! Only 5 more days until registration opens!

  164. My husband gave me a charm bracelet for Christmas. I had kept checking them out every time we went on vacation, but couldn’t justify the cost. I love to wear it!

  165. Igniting the spark this past weekend between my husband and I. We love each other very much and have a great marriage. This past weekend we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on a kid free overnight. Dinner, drinks, a game of darts and a hotel room with it’s own very large jacuzzi. Rawr!

  166. I had my 6 wk pp checkup Monday and got cleared to workout “full steam” Monday and took my precious baby boy to his first lunch out today with some fellow mommy friends 🙂 great week!!

  167. I know it sounds ridiculous, but the little purchase that has been lighting up my life these days is a shower curtain. I found THE most happy and perfectly colored curtain to replace an old dingy white one for our main bathroom. Every time I go in that bathroom it makes me smile. In fact, sometimes I just walk by to get a mood lift!

  168. I am training for my pest half marathon and I did my final long distance run last night I got home sweaty and tried but man!! I felt amazing. My five year old son, Owen, walked up to me and said mommy…you are stinky and sticky but your smile makes me want to hug you so much. Can you please take me next time so I can be as happy as you! All the hard work melted right off and I knew then and there running had changed my life and made me a better person because it was flowing over into other aspects of my life 🙂

  169. The happy face on my 7 year old when I gave him Twistables crayons and some chocolates today. Such a good reminder that it doesn’t take much to bring joy to someone you love.

  170. my sparkle has been realizing that I can do what i set my mind to. getting back out there (training for my first 1/2 marathon) after lots of time off of running has been fabulous!

  171. Floral added sparkle for me tonight. After agreeing we wouldn’t do anything for V-Day, my sweet hubby came home with a bouquet of tulips – my fave. Put a sparkle in my eye!

  172. After the cancer center where we live told my dad there was nothing else to do we decided to go to the Moffit Center in Tampa. Today they did not really give any firm answers, but we have a plan and hope. Which is something we have not had for awhile!!!!

  173. My 7 month old sleeping through the night for 4 straight nights! I don’t think I’ve had 4 straight nights of sleep since before being pregnant! Happy dance!!

  174. I have been under a lot of stress due to losing my job in December and looking for a new one, and overcoming an injury led to not having an outlet for much of that stress.

    I started running two days ago and my injury has not been aggravated or bothering me..add to that I stepped on the scale today and I am down from October’s weight of 172 to 157.6!! That put a sparkle in not just my smile, but in my step and attitude! Having the release of endorphins and the weight loss really helped sparkle my positivity back into action!

  175. Giving out Valentines to fellow classmates in a training I am at, and hearing them express their gratitude.Corny maybe but fun

  176. Cleaning out the bathtub… all the accumulated soap scum and grime was pretty gross I must say. But now the tub sparkles! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  177. This might sound nuts but on Tuesday while home with 2 sick kiddos I cleaned my whole house from top to bottom. A feat that hadn’t been done in months! I felt pretty grimy after it was all done, but after a shower and then sitting on a clean couch, on a clean floor next to a clean end table I felt like I was sparkling (along with my house)!

  178. Both of my kids were sick with fevers and I was signed up for a half marathon. I begrudgingly told my husband, “I’ll stay home and take them to the urgent care “. He promptly (no hesitation at all ) said “no, go do you race. I will take them in, I love that you do these (1/2 marathons), see you after. What a dream husband!

  179. My 9 year old son recently told me he brags about me. I asked why. He said because of my plan to run a full marathon this fall.

  180. After a tough Tinkerbell Half, my husband and boys has been out running with me 2 or 3 days to keep me moving forward and not let the disappointment of that race get in the way of training for my next the Women’s Half San Diego and San Diego Half Marathon. (BTW, I will be showing my tribe pride with my new pink AMR tank top!)

  181. I recently received some praise from a colleague that never seems to be happy with himself or others. So I was thrilled to learn that he valued me and my contributions.

  182. At the end of a recent run I was so tired and not sure I would finish, but there was my 3yo waiting on the stoop to run the last block with me. Suddenly my blahs turned to rainbows.

  183. When I asked my 3-year old son this morning if he would be my valentine, he replied of course cause that means I love you! That made my whole day!

  184. I am a surrogate mother and yesterday, February 13th, I gave birth to twin girls for a wonderful family from New Jersey. Both girls are healthy and the look on the mother’s face as each girl was born made all the pain I experienced during the pregnancy totally worth it.

  185. After an injury sidelined me for several months I had been feeling a little down. Weight gain and the lack of energy was taking its toll. I borrowed a sweatshirt from my son and as we were sitting side by side I thanked him. His response was, “no problem Mom, you look hot in it.” Words cannot express how that made me feel, I was overcome with emotion. One of the most important people in my life thinks I’m beautiful no matter what, now that’s priceless!

  186. Getting to run a bit through the light snowfall, it sparkled on the trail and made the run prettier and gave me an added boost to get up that trail !

  187. I felt some extra sparkle from a friend who bought me some books for my birthday during a week when I really needed to be thought of.

  188. I recently got an email encouraging me to sign up for the monument ave. 10k because based on my previous time I qualified to be in a seeded wave for runners. I had already signed up but it was great encouragement and made me remember how training pays off. Plus I felt like a rock star being asked to sign up for a race.

  189. Oh, love heart me some Team Sparkle!!! I consider all the little things in life the “sparkle”. Extra snuggles from my kids, the laundry being caught up, a good run…

  190. Well, today is Valentine’s Day, and I’m just so stinkin’ proud of myself for actually making a big deal about it for my kids! I made them heart shaped pink pancakes, set the table with pretty dishes, Valentine napkins and crystal glasses. I bought myself tulips, long candles and more shiny decorations. I can’t wait for my kids to get home from school and see what I’ve done! I’ll be making their favorite for dinner: Spaghetti. This makes me feel sparkly because I actually thought ahead to make it special for them!

  191. My daughter really brightened my day this morning. As my husband and I were waving at her after she got on the school bus, she was making lots of funny faces at us and we were cracking up.

  192. My friend’s little girl that is 22 months old. She is a silly girl and always does something to make me laugh. She adds a sparkle to my day when I get to see her!

  193. My daughter is 5 and has been struggling with the beginning stages of reading since starting Kindergarten. Last weekend I sat down to read “one fish two fish red fish blue fish” by Dr. Suess and (here comes the sparkle!!) she read it to ME!-the first 5 pages, anyway, all by herself! There’s nothing like watching your child begin to read-so sparkly and amazing!

  194. My homemade safety pin & beads Valentine’s Day necklace that my daughter made me has added sparkle to my outfits (and life) all week long!

  195. My husband didn’t buy me anything for valentine’s day…instead he asked if I wanted to go for a run together. (Yes!) So we went and ran 5+miles, on this beautiful sunny 70 degree day…then he gave me a new Running magazine. Who needs flowers that die, or a card to throw away; My man knows the key to my heart…Running together!

  196. Finding something both me and my sister enjoy doing together ( running of corse). We are both new to sport and we have bonded in our adult years. She is not just a sister, but a friend.

  197. I had my second baby at the end of January, and have recovered much better this time around. Seeing my daughter loving her baby brother in spite of how badly she wanted a baby sister is making me sparkle, as is how much more she tells us she loves us nowadays!! Love both my babies and can’t wait to go on a run and take them both along in the double stroller!

  198. Last week, before taking my 8 yr old daughter to Girl Scouts, my energentic and very much a boy of a son came up to the car. He, being 5, reached up to knock on my window as I put my seatbelt on. I rolled down the window and he said, “Wait right here!”

    So I waited…as he dashed inside! He ran back out and stuck a folded piece of white paper in my face. He smiled big and said, “It’s for you!”

    On the neatly folded white piece of paper, was written “KIM” in red crayon. I unfolded it once, twice, three and then 4 times! In the center of was a very tiny red scribbled crayon heart.

    He beamed, said “I love you” and ran back inside to Dad.

    WOW! That make me sparkle! My boy is still sweet!

  199. Getting updates on the Rock n Roll New Orleans marathon — it just keeps getting better & better. Today they announced that Shalane Flanagan and one of my favorite mother runners Kara Goucher will be running the Half. Can’t wait!!

  200. Getting support from many runner friends from all over has added sparkle to my 10K training. Even if we can’t run together, it’s so nice to know someone is cheering me on.

  201. I’ve been watching the Batchelor and I was thrilled that the “drama queen” was kicked off. That added a sparkle to my trashy tv viewing this week. Did it make me run faster? No, but at least we know Sean won’t make a mistake and marry her.

    I’m happily married in NC 20 years now. That thought makes me sparkle, too.

  202. I ran my first 9 mile run on Sunday. I truly sparkled being able to accomplish this as just a few months ago I was on complete bed rest following my hysterectomy! Yay me! 🙂

  203. Signing up and training for my 1st marathon. It was the kick in the pants, I mean the sparkle I needed to get back into running.

  204. A compliment from a stranger at the gym the other day admiring how hard he saw me working, and a “keep it up, looks good.” def put some sparkle in my day!!!

  205. Just started a running group in our small town and it seems to be getting interest with all types of ladies! We even have a team of 5-6 ladies doing the Color Run in Baton Rouge this April!

  206. My Tuesday cross country ski workout: beautiful snow, sunny skies, perfectly groomed fast snow, it doesn’t get much better than that, my whole day was sparkly after that!

  207. My first 5 mile run was a sparkly big deal for me! Add to that – I did it solo!!! I usually run with a partner, especially for long runs, and double-especially when I’m adding mileage. But, she was sick 🙁 and I needed to get those 5 miles in (training for a 10k). Yay, me! Helped me get over that little voice of doubt in my head, too!

  208. I turned 40 last year and also ran my first marathon!! I still feel like I am ‘sparkling’ from the marathon even though it wasn’t that great. However, my sparkle this week is the fact that someone told me that I looked like I was 21 the other day.

  209. My husband has a new job that takes him away from home a lot. He emailed me the most heartfelt note on our son’s birthday a couple of days ago. I know he appreciates and loves me, but it was amazing to read what he wrote and realize that after 20 years of togetherness/18 years of marriage our love is stronger than ever. His words added a lot of sparkle to my life 🙂

  210. Big sparkle… I’m a 5 yr breast cancer survivor & found out this morning that my mammogram was normal! Happy Valentines Day to me!

  211. A little sparkle has been added to my life from my children. They have really gotten into the LOVE day and have shown me, as well as others around them lots of LOVE and have really started thinking about other people!

  212. Surprising my kids with fun things for Valentine’s Day. Gotta love the effect that marshmallows and chocolate have on little kids as a morning surprise!

  213. My husband sneaked out last night after I fell asleep at 8:30 (I’m 38 weeks pregnant and TIRED!) to pick up some flowers, chocolate and wine (that one is for after the baby is born) and I couldn’t have been more surprised this morning. It definitely added some sparkle to my day!

  214. A note my youngest son wrote for me that says “I love you with all my heart and all my soul”. Need I say more? 🙂

  215. I’ve recently gotten serious about running again. This past Sunday, I ran my fastes 5K in over 5 years and PR’d by 4 seconds. It has brightened my entire WEEK and built a ton of confidence.

  216. All the twitter and FB love from my friends after my little surgery procedure yesterday brightened my day. (I’m fine and hope to still get in my long run this weekend.)

  217. My son learning that he has earned a nomination from our state senator to attend the 3 military acadamy’s. He had no idea he had been nominated until he read the senators posting on line last night. A dream of his has come true!!!!

  218. My husband surprised me with coffee (the fancy kind) this morning. Sometimes it’s great to know that he cares enough to do the extra things like that for me! Definitely added sparkle (and caffeine to my day).

  219. My daughters laugh,everyday she laughs a little bit more and screams hysterically at nothing and everything. What makes this so amazing and sparkly is that her laugh is exactly like mine! 🙂

  220. My kids smiles and laughter put extra sparkle in my day. Especially last weekend, when my 5 year old called my belly “Smooth, Soft, and Saucy!”

  221. Last night I had the opportunity to reconnect with some of my former students at the high school where I used to teach. It was incredible to talk about everything they’ve accomplished and I’m still buzzing from the inspiration they’ve given to me!

  222. This really made me laugh the other day. When my 7 year old lost a front tooth, she wrote a note to the tooth fairy. It said, “Instead of money, could you please, please bring me a Kindle Fire? Please, I’m begging you, BEGGING you.” It never hurts to ask, I guess!!!

  223. I felt so happy I was sparkling this morning when I gave the kids their Valentine gifts. I nailed it!! Yay mom-me!!

  224. My best friend, and battle buddy from our time in the service, recently added some sparkle to my life by announcing she’s coming to visit in April!

  225. I’ve had a lot of sparkle in my life recently. From my first 14 mile run (I’m training for the Princess Half.) last weekend, the dozen roses my husband surprised me with yesterday, and the tremendous amount of productivity at home and work I’ve experienced in the last two days.

  226. I just now today got back under 190 lbs. I had been down as low as 176 but gained 20 after my Mom’s death in September. Here’s to coming out of a mild depression. Thank you Jesus!

  227. I have finally been loosing weight! I ate WAY too much while I was pregnant and have been very slow at getting it off. I have finally gotten on a roll and gotten below a HUGE milestone. I am now about 35-40lbs lighter than when I had my baby and about another 35lbs away from my pre-baby weight. *sparkle sparkle sparkle* 🙂

  228. I had a great run this morning after 3 week break. I took my kids to our homeschool co-op…. came home to some lovely flowers and beautiful art piece my husband had for me… S P A R K L E ! Or maybe it was a twinkle in my eye as I kissed him. 🙂

  229. Going to Canyon Ranch in AZ with some good friends last month. Time to focus on ourselves and enjoy each other! That was some sparkle!

  230. I dropped my 2 year old daughter off at her preschool all dressed up in her pink heart dress, and as I’m about to leave she runs back to and gives me a hug and a kiss and then starts laughing and says “I almost forgot”!! Made my day!

  231. Today I’ve giving myself some honest to goodness Sparkle! After running around making sure my kids and husband had an extra special Valentine’s Day (waffles for the kids, a Dunkin Donut delivery to my husband’s office), I enjoyed a guilt-free hour on the couch watching terrible (my favorite) TV and sipping tea. It was just the shot of sparkle that I needed today! (And good thing, because tomorrow I’m running fartleks with my running group!)

  232. My birthday was last week and not only did I have a wonderful day on my birthday, shopping, having a leisurely lunch alone while reading and going out to dinner. The next day, a sneaky friend brightened my day by anonymously leaving a bouquet of balloons on my doorstep. I <3 my peeps! 😀

  233. Music has brought a sparkle to my life lately. Specifically, rediscovering the piano. I haven’t played for over 20 years and just started again last month. It’s nice to have a challenge that involves sitting for a few minutes 🙂

  234. I have to say that the ladies at Oiselle are what get me moving everyday and have added “sparkle” to my running life. I feel so motivated to run stronger and faster. Ever since I was selected to be an ambassador for their company, my running life has become brighter.

  235. This year my Valentine’s sparkle is my BRFs. I went through a divorce last year and a switch in my head told me to run. I have never been a distance runner but had dreamed of running a marathon my whole life. The last time I tried my goal was to run one mile without stopping and I failed. This time I succeeded and ran my first half-marathon in October. I was saved by the women of Running for the Hill of It. They have been my support. Women I didn’t know a year ago now make sure I’m happy and fulfilled. We will run tonight on Valentine’s Day and make sure everyone knows they sparkle!

  236. What makes my day sparkle is my renewed commitment to get myself healthy this winter and sticking to it. I usually slack off in the winter months due to the cold weather and what nots and now even with the Blizzard of 2013 come and gone — I have continued to push myself.

  237. Sparkle in my day today was 1) having my husband’s band release a love song written by my sweet Bob, and having all proceeds to the song go forever to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Foundation. 2)Hearing my son count only 2 sleeps to go before a family vacation to Disneyland (my son’s first visit and 3) Hellloo date night after a run with my hubbers. Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!

  238. My sparkle this winter has been my new puppy. I have always been a self proclaimed dog disliker (probably hater is more appropriate)! For 10 years, I refused to even discuss with my family the possibility of getting a dog. Everyone knew that I held the trump card as the responsibility would clearly fall in my lap. I don’t like when dogs approach me, lick me, jump on me, shed on me, and have NO desire to pick up poop! You get the idea. So at a weak moment last summer I mentioned the idea of a puppy to my family. It was a weak moment in my life and the 3 kids and husband seized the moment as a dog would seize a piece of raw steak! My ship was sunk!

    So Winnie arrived at the end of October. An 8 week old, 3 lb, Mini Golden Doodle! (She will grow to about 22 lbs.) She has 100% captured my heart. I never knew that I could like or even love a dog. But I am smitten with my pup. She is fun, spirited, and full of life. Most of all, my kids are over the moon. And yes, the majority of care falls on me. I’m actually ok with it, even at 6am in a Chicago winter!

  239. What brightens my day is when I see my boys grow into responsible, polite young people, instead of staying self-involved and mildly rude.

  240. First seeing my girls so excited to go to school today, My sweet husband noticing the balloons I loaded in the front of his work van, then taking my lunch hour to go for a 3 mile run (and it was my best time yet). It is the simple things that makes your day priceless. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  241. I got the news of my clean CT scan with no cancer to be seen the day before my half marathon at Disney in January. And seeing my daughters face on her first trip to see Mickey gave me a sparkle too!!

  242. Today’s sparkle was my toddler saying “Happy Valentine’s Day Mommy, I love you Mommy” I rarely get those unrequested, so that made my morning 100% better!

  243. I am sparky because I had a great anniversary lunch with my hubby while my son was at school today. Something about having a meal without having to pay a babysitter is nice! What a great day!

  244. My 5 year old made out his valentines for his class last night. This morning I woke up to find one sitting on my nightstand! He made one each for the rest of the fam, too! *sparkle*

  245. Seeing my 3 year old daughter speak her mind, and my 6 year old son make compassionate choices, and getting a drastic new haircut that I love. (Btw, my husband thinks it’s totally hot!)

  246. That my mom has completed her treatment for breast cancer and had very few bad side effects and that I have passed two sections of the CPA exam and am waiting to hear on the third section (fingers crossed I passed)!

  247. My daughter “sparkled” my life recently…writing me a note (she’s only 5) that said. “Mom, I love you, love, Gabrielle”…totally unprompted!

  248. My birthday! This may be selfish, but I love any reason to celebrate, even if it is holding on to one more year in my 30s before welcoming the next decade. Bring it!

  249. My hubby’s 1 year post-cancer scans and blood work came back clear! He is still cancer-free! Definitely some sparkle added to my life!

  250. I am in the process of moving from the home where I have resided for 27 years. It is there that I raised my children, my garden and formed a book club that has been meeting once a month for 14 years. I have been having many pity parties as I pack up and donate many items. Yesterday I found a note that my daughter(now 35) wrote to the tooth fairy explaining that even those there was only 1 tooth in the pocket, she had really lost 2 and let the tooth fairy know that it was ok to check her mouth to be sure. I laughed out loud for many minutes. It was the sparkle in my day that I needed. I have run many Outward Bound Relays as a Full Moon Floozie wearing lingerie and many sparkles. It is my favorite way to run and the comments are priceless.

  251. I’m all sparkly because I am in the middle of wedding planning! It’s the most fun stress ever! My bridal shower/bachelorette party is going to be a mud run! Yes, I’m wearing a wedding gown and my beautiful grown daughter will be there along with lots of friends to drag me through the mud! I am also planning to do the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon next year and some extra sparkle would make it that much better!

  252. The bleak midwinter has a bit of sparkle simply by hinting that it’s not going to last forever! The last two mornings, I almost (ALMOST) could have turned off my headlamp for my last 1/2 mile or so – right around 6AM. And last night we got out of karate at 5PM and my kids noted with glee that “it’s not night time yet!” Granted, we needed the headlights on, but one could see ones hand in front of ones face. Somehow pulling into the driveway with an weensy bit of light outside makes the rest of the loooong slog of dinner-making/eating, homework-overseeing, lunch-preparing, dishes-doing, bottom-wiping, and (with any luck) House of Cards-watching go a little easier.

  253. My friend insisted that she watch my kids while I do some (much needed) shopping. Totally excited that I get to spend some time to myself and go to a store without my two monkeys!! 🙂

  254. My 8 year old son making a Perler bead heart for a girl in his class for Valentine’s Day! He is usually such a boy’s boy that I didn’t know he would ever have it in him.

  255. My son’s Valentine’s Day preschool party brought a lot of sparkle (or were those sprinkles?) to my day! I made AWESOME sugar cookies and let the kids decorate them. What a mess – but what FUN! 🙂

  256. I woke up today to an anniversary card with 2 gift cards…one to buy something sexy and the other to the running store 😉

  257. As vain as it sounds, my sparkle was from my bathroom scale. After 2 kids I have several extra pounds that no matter how much I run, or limit “cupcakes”, never ever seem to come off. This morning the scale finally showed 3 lbs lost after 2-months of no movement. A total of 11 pounds in 10 months! Still have 11 more to go. Here’s praying it doesn’t take another 10 months

  258. With Spring just around the corner in my part of Texas, I’m seeing more butterfly caterpillars on my plants. They are colorful and bring a sparkle of joy to my day. 🙂

  259. I just had some sparkle in my life! I found my current running shoes (which have recently been discontinued), in my size, in an awesomely bright color that I’ve never seen before. Yay for happy internet finds!

  260. Starting up a healthy living website with five of my best friends from all over the country has definitely added a bit of sparkle into my life recently! It’s given this S(not ever)AHM something different to play with and flex my creative muscles. I can’t wait for the “grand opening” – it feels good to do good!

  261. Realizing how fortunate I am to have two funny and creative daughters and a wonderful husband is making me feel sparkly. We had to put down our four-year-old Lab mix–my Best Running Partner!–on Monday and seeing our family come together has warmed my heart.

  262. The sunshine! It has been cold and rainy for seemingly weeks, and finally the sun came out to shine on us and warm us up… especially nice on Valentine’s Day!

  263. My 5 year old has had a great week at school, and that has been a HUGE sparkle in my life. He’s had more bad days than good recently, so a whole week of great behavior has made for a very happy mommy.

  264. No big sparkles lately but plenty of little ones from a great couple of snowy days on the ski slope with my twins to snuggling with my youngest every evening at bedtime. In my job working with lots of families, I’ve recently heard several painful, sad stories of trauma and abuse. It’s hard to hear what they went through. I’m always amazed that people are so resilient. It makes me try to be thankful and aware of the little things in life. It makes life great!

  265. Finishing my first half marathon in January and expecting to cross it off my bucket list, only to find myself searching the internet the next day looking for other women oriented half marathon events to do in the future. I thought I was taking on goal not adopting a lifestyle. While I’m not fast, I am loving having gone over multiple decades from runner to nonrunner to mother and now to mother runner (or in my case mother wogger because I walk/run or “wog”). The sparkle comes from coming home from a long Saturday am training with a clear head and warm heart, ready for some family time.

  266. A little sparkle in my life lately:

    1. Finding a new running buddy!
    2. PR on a 10K training run for my next half!
    3. Being okay with my decision to run my next half, then back off of training for a while to work on speed, tempo and stronger legs!

  267. I recently ran The “Tiny” Half marathon and made a new friend, Holly, around the 6-mile marker. The volunteers said they could hear us giggling a mile away, we were having way too much fun. She went ahead of me and at mile 11, her husband and kids were on the sidelines cheering for her with posters…little did I know that when I approached mile 11, they started yelling, “Go, Michelle! You’re almost there, stay strong!” Holly had told them to look out for me in my orange hat. That really brightened my day. Plus, they were waiting at the finish line for me too!

  268. The longer days! Now I only have a few minutes of pure darkness to run in before the sun comes up…and the sun is still up when I pull into the driveway. Definitely making me sparkle lately!!

  269. Remembering my dad, who would have been 71 today, is making me sparkle. He lost his battle with cancer on November 21 but remembering how hard he fought, to be with those he loved just a little longer, and the time we spent together his last year makes the bittersweet memories a little sparkly.

  270. A little sparkle coming from looking forward to a girl’s (and kids) trip next week!!! I can’t wait to spend more time with my BFF/BRF.

  271. A couple “non running” friends have signed up for their first ever races including 5k and half marathon distances! So excited for them and being able to help with training. New runners always add sparkle to my day!!

  272. Lately, my sparkle is coming from the excitement of going to the Disney Princess Half Marathon with my cousin who lives several states away-the sparkle is planning our Cinderella costumes, talking about the parks we are going to visit, dreaming of our girls only weekend, the expo and seeing SBS and Dimity! My sparkle is on!

  273. I am doing the inaugural Love Rox half marathon on Saturday in Richmond, VA. As a way to promote the event, the race organizers have coupled with a local florist to arrange for flowers to be ordered by your significant other to be delivered to the runners when they cross the finish line. My sparkle occurred last night when my husband, who is the most non-romantic person ever, let it slip that he had ordered me flowers. I am still in awe of his thoughtfulness and generosity. I’m sparkling just thinking about it now!

  274. My husband! He told be he was going over to a friend’s house for an hour to talk board games and kill some time, but he actually made me Red Velvet Milky Way Cake Cookies, and surprised me with the whole batch for Valentine’s Day this morning. I had pointed out the recipe as looking fantastic a couple of weeks ago, and he remembered.

  275. My little internal sparkle is that I’ve finally started to get back to a workout routine. I ended up taking December and January off and this month have been gradually building back up to a routine. And, after thinking about the sparkle question, this return to routine is making me happy. 🙂

  276. hmmm…my hubby is very anti-valentines day, but he gave me a present early anyways…wahoo fitness key so I can be lazy and record my treadmill and trainer workouts to garmin connect automatically…love it when he supports my techno-workout!

  277. My sparkle came from a home-made valentines card given to me by my four year old daughter that says “have a delightful Valentines day” inside. My husband helped with the spelling, but the rest was all her own.

  278. Volunteering with the Junior League and chairing our major fundraiser, the Mother Daughter Dance, which highlights girl power, has added sparkle to my days recently!

  279. Today’s run made me sparkle. It was sunny and warmish, something I have been missing in this cold Utah winter. It was the perfect Valentines day gift.;)

  280. …someone from our school just e-mailed me to tell me that they heard my son playing his recorder, (which he has loathed from day one), and that he was working so hard and doing such a great job. Makes my heart swell at the thought of him doing so great and that someone from school would take the time to send me a quick note to let me know. Pretty sparkly.

  281. In cold, snowy Connecticut, my only sparkle lately has been staying healthy while the rest of my family, including my parents who usually help with child care, have been suffering with nasty stomach bugs. Of course the impact of playing lone super hero for the whole family has been less than sparkly.

  282. Supportive running friends make me sparkle~ specifically, The Princess Posse from 2013 Disney Princess Half Marathon group on Facebook. They give me support, make me laugh and feed my anticipation of the Princess Half Marathon which is only 10 days away!! Making Dreams Come True!! This Princess wears running shoes!

  283. I’d have to say my cousins. We had a great get together on Saturday and I’m still glowing from it. My aunt was also there and she just makes me feel special. She brought along a children’s book that was read to her and my mom when they were little girls. It was very important to her to share that book with us as my mom is deceased. My cousin worked really hard to find that book and give it to my aunt. My family just makes me glow.

  284. Girlfriends who “get” you. A few old friends and I stole away from dreary cold Portland Oregon to sunny happy Bend Oregon (full of active people) for a girlfriends weekend. We all get so busy and wrapped up in our daily lives that we sometimes don’t take time to feed our souls. This weekend was all about reconnecting, supporting each other through life changes, openly being ourselves, and accepting/loving each other as we are.
    The sparkle has returned!

  285. My four year old made me feel quite sparkly this morning when I woke him up to give him a Valentine’s Day surprise before I left for work. He was so gracious about the gift, I felt both happy for and proud of him.

  286. My new running buddy! We met on Facebook and learned that we live only three blocks from each other. She has been joining me on my long runs as I prepare for my first marathon in LA in March. And just yesterday, she registered for the marathon (her first as well). Xx

  287. I’ve been a little down this week, so it’s hard to come up with a sparkly moment. It is, however, NOT raining at my Oregon home right now, and I see a ray of sun beaming through the trees. Small, joyful moment.

  288. My fantastic boyfriend has put the sparkle back into my life. After a recent divorce and worrying how I would ever get back into the game, he came along and swept me off my feet. And not to mention the beautiful ring he got me for VDay! <3

  289. I got a sparkle this week from my kids “taking” me for a walk during my recovery from a concussion. They wanted me to stay active. 🙂

  290. My sparkle came this morning from my son. He just started daycare on Monday and seems to have picked up his first cold. He was up multiple times last night because he was having trouble breathing, and this morning I had to suction out his nose and clean him up because he was so congested. But after we were done and I gave him a kiss, he looked at me and smiled the biggest, sweetest smile. Knowing that little guy is happy, even when he’s not 100% healthy, makes my whole day sparkle.

  291. Ok so two things have given me sparkle in the last two days. First I got an ITband wrap that works and second my husband gave me an awesome running bra for valentine’s day. Well ok three things my kids woke me up with Valentine kisses this morning ( instead of fighting lol)

  292. My latest SpArKlE was in the form of a letter to my son. I get sparkle periodically when I open my son’s fan mail and its a letter from a fan thanking him for saving her life. We hear from so many young ladies who are being bullied in school and at home from their own family!! (SMH – shake my head). Many of them are into self harm including cutting. The most recent letter is from a sweet girl in MN who used to cut because she didn’t feel like she was good enough. She wrote that My son’s music makes her happy. Many claim his lyrics insprie them to keep following their dreams – to never give up. I have 3 amazing, beautiful self-confident daughters. I can’t imagine how broken a girl must be to feel like giving up on her own life at such a young age. It breaks my heart a little even though I don’t know them. I get to meet some of them at concerts. And I get to read the letters of many more. It makes my day to hear from a girl who no longer wants to harm herself or end her life. And my heart beams with parental pride just a little knowing that my son’s life and message have something to do with that.

  293. I took a coworker out for lunch yesterday and we stopped by my house on the way there. As she was perusing one of my new paintings, she blurted out “Why don’t you do THIS for a living? This is awesome!”

    *sparkles fell*

    You ladies know how hard it is to pursue a passion in the middle of marriage/toddlers/40-hour-a-week job. There are a lot of dry spells where no one sees your work, no one knows how awesome you are.

    That one comment might have made my entire February sparkly!

  294. My sparkle came in the form of a text from my husband today – we work a little different hours and he was in work, while I was home getting son off to school, and getting another son to work and then off to my own job – when my husband texted me that a repairman that I thought was coming tomorrow was coming today at 2 — as I’m thinking “What? I did not clean up the laundry room???? Before I could reply he says via text (and I quote)”Don’t go ballistic, I’ll take care of the laundry room…..Happy Valentine’s Day! You are even stunningly beautiful when you are ballistic….and I love u!”…..okay, so that did put a sparkle on the day!!! 🙂

  295. I’ve been training for a new management position and my sparkle has come from the responses of my coworkers . Its nice to find out that you are well respected enough to have people actually be excited to follow you.

  296. I am leaving for a much needed vacation in two weeks! I’m going on a 5 day cruise from Miami to the Bahamas with my favorite band 311 and about 3000 crazy excitable fans. I also will be running the 10k coaster run in less than a week after I return so I am also looking forward to logging in some miles in the Bahamas, whether it be on the cruise ship or on the beach. Maybe I’ll even pack a sparkle skirt with me!

  297. My 3-year-old daughter woke up at 5:30 this morning and joined me in a Leslie Sansone power walking DVD workout. Watching her doing all the moves-side steps, kicks, clapping hands-in her kitty cat pajamas brought some sparkle to my day, and made my workout go by very quickly.

  298. I’ve had the worst week at work (actually took a vacation day today because I haven’t been sleeping all week, I’m so stressed….some vacation). So today I woke up to find a pair of custom Nike Free Run 2’s on my bed; one for me and one for my husband, with matching “love” messages on the tongues (you can see it here: My hubby totally made my Valentine’s day sparkle!

  299. I am still sparkling from my 10K race time last week–I won 3rd in my age group, set a PR, and (most importantly) beat my husband to the finish line for the first time! He said he ran slower than me so he could “enjoy the view,” but I know that my competitive husband was lying through his teeth!

  300. I am a pastor, and my birthday was just about a month ago (January 13, which fell on a Sunday), and the congregation sang Happy Birthday to me before our worship service. Definitely added some sparkle to my day, and I’ve been pumped up by the memory ever since!

  301. My valentines day sparkle comes from a heart-day date with my daughter for breakfast before school, and lots of love from all my runna- and non-runna friends near and far…Happy Sparkles!

  302. Heading for warmer climes on Saturday. The prospect of running on dry pavement and enjoying warm sunshine with my family has me sparkling up a storm.

  303. Sparkle has been to me all over the place lately. I recently found out we’re having another girl, I’m still able to run at least one mile at a time more than half way into my pregnancy, our house appraised for significantly more an we thought, my kids are being really kind to each other, and my hubs and I seem to be on the same page about just everything right now. It’s rainbow-sparkle-unicorn-puppy-bunny-sunshine party at our house these days!

  304. Every time my 11-year-old daughter asks if we can do another race together, it adds sparkle to my world. And when she bedazzles our race shirts we feel extra sparkly! I’m so lucky to have such a precious daughter!

  305. I work in a high school that is overcrowded and underfunded but full of the best students I have ever met. I hear please and thank you all the time. It has restored my faith in our future generation. Nothing adds sparkle to your day like helping someone and having them give you a very sincere and heartfelt thank you. I am so blessed.

  306. I felt a much needed sparkle of hope yesterday after finally seeing a dr. for my hip pain. While it was diagnosed as trochanteric bursitis, I was told my training for my first half would not be wasted. They would get me to the starting line. That sad, depressed feeling that had been hanging around got a much needed pick me up…sparkle, if you will.

  307. I had some sparkle this morning when I heard chickadees singing outside my window while I was drinking my morning coffee. That means spring is near – my favorite time of year!

  308. I have been running for 4 years and two weeks ago I got my sisters to start running. It has been great getting together on Sundays and getting our run on. Just one more thing to bring us together.

  309. My husband brings sparkle to my life. I always tell my husband he has a special glow because he is smart, kind, and generous with his spirit.

  310. My sparkle came this morning on the treadmill(at the gym)…I was attempting one of my first tempo runs…and the treadmill got stuck at the higher speed for a bit longer than I had intended to run at that speed. I could have jumped off to figure out the buttons but, I did it…I kept up the pace until I could punch the speed back a bit…woohoo…sparkle speed!

  311. Booking a trip to Disney for our family, kids 10 & 8, and sharing the magic of Disney with them. Bonus for me, our resort has a 1 mile running track!!! 🙂

  312. My 9 year old daughter asked me to snuggle with her this morning before getting out of bed… it was a great moment i shared with her- definite sparkle to my day!

  313. The thought of my in-laws coming to visit next week (from MN to OR) so my husband and I can have a night away has added a little sparkle to my life recently. It will be our first night away together since having kids (my daughter is 5 and my son is 22mo.)! Needless to say this is much needed and way overdue. 🙂

  314. My 11yr old, tought, athletic son put a sparkle in my day when I heard him practicing his viola and admitting he loved it! 🙂

  315. The fact that my eleven year-old daughter who has hated reading since she started kindergarten (mind you, I teach 8th gr. literature) has found a love of reading. We now spend at least 30 minutes each night reading together. No more arguing or fighting to get her to pick up a book!! LOVE IT 🙂

  316. My day got a huge dose of sparkle when I went to get my 7 month old out of his crib this morning. He was awake, happily cooing and when he saw me his face lit up with a huge smile and his joyful “I’m so happy to you!” sounds. Best way to start the day!

  317. I had sparkle the other day when a co worker wrote me a card telling me how she appreciates my positivity and my smile. It made me feel so good! I have it hanging on my refrigerator so it’s a constant reminder. 🙂

  318. My 6 month old baby has been adding sparkle to my days (and nights) lately. He is growing and changing so much and I love watching every part of it. And, best of all he has the sweetest smile and the biggest belly laughs I have ever heard from a baby.

  319. A little sparkle in my life woul have to be starting the adoption process in hopes of bringing a little one home from Haiti next year.

  320. I had been looking for just the right presents for my two very special friend’s birthdays and found just the perfect earrings on GROUPON this week! Whoo hoo!

  321. my two boys (age 3 yr and 6 m) are the sparkle of my life. Seeing them interact together and giggle is just wonderful!

  322. Lately my husband has brought the sparkle in my life. He is so supportive of my running & never complains when I ask to go for a run or to buy a cute new running skirt (I recently found the love). He spoils me <3

  323. Love the sparkle attire! My sparkle came this week watching my boys make Valentines for Daddy & I. They were soooo proud and secretive. Precious moment.

  324. My husband gave me some sparkle last night… It was a little flip book of 2 characters (which he drew the whole thing) … me and him, running (him falling and getting up) and then at last meeting in each other’s arms to share a kiss… what a great hubbie!

  325. This morning, Valentines Day, my six year old got up and got dressed for school and then banished me from the dining room so she could make me a Valentine’s Day card. It was so carefully thought out and creative and just gave me one of those ‘I can’t believe I helped make this person” moments. Much better than any flowers, candy, or jewelry. Definite sparkle!

  326. One thing that has brightened my day is listening to my soon to be three year old’s expanding vocabulary. Love to hear her say “otay” for okay and string new words together. I also enjoy my 7 year old thoughtfully asking me “How was your run, mom?” I always reply with an enthusiastic “great!”

  327. I got a suprise Valentine ecard from my 8 year old in my work email. He sent it from computer lab at school. Brightened my whole week.

  328. I’ve started making runner-themed jewelry and gifts (keychains, etc) as a hobby and its soothing to my soul and makes me happy to give to others! It’s the perfect sparkle!

  329. A friend getting a job change and getting out from under a boss who’s nickname is “Little Nazi”. (Can someone else’s good news be your own sparkle?)

  330. All my kids do, but my daughter in particular. A couple years ago we had some family photo’s taken, and the one I picked of her to put up on the wall was when she was aiming all of her fingers at us. (Kind of like when you put your hands up by your face and bear growl “I’m going to get you! 🙂 She thought she was literally shooting sparkles out of her fingertips at us! How cute is that? She brings love and laughter to us everyday.

  331. My husband has set big climbing goals, and that in turn has re-started my running spark(le) and I’ve set my own goal of three 1/2’s this year!

  332. My teenage girls telling me that I look young and stylish compared to a lot of other mom they know. I got my hair cut and colored yesterday. That always makes me feel sparkley again too!

  333. Studying hard with my son for his history test and having him get a 93% on it. I was more excited about it then he was. It was hard work getting his mind to remember all these places on a map and historical facts!!

    I am currently training for a 1/2 ironman in July. With every workout I do, I try to think of it as one more step closer in reaching my goal. The better prepared I am……the easier the race will go.

    Good luck to all those training for an Ironman. I must admit that goal is not even on my bucket list.
    Out of my league!!


  334. Having the opportunity recently, for the first time since having our kids (almost 5 years ago)to have a regular date night with my hubby thanks to the wonderful generosity of great neighbors!! 🙂

  335. Most recently…..the honest advice from one of my best friends on a personal dilemma. Amazing how great I felt after that talk! Friends are definitely the sparkle!!! 🙂

  336. Being a single Mom and going through a custody battle is hard enough in itself. However, I also work, attend college, and I’m currently training for my first half-marathon as well. Even though my two year old daughter brings sparkle to my life everyday with her love, hugs, and kisses, today will bring EXTRA sparkle because I also managed to acheive being on the President’s List! Today I will celebrate all the positive things that make me sparkle: my daughter, running, and being a dedicated student! Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

  337. My husband made me sparkle recently by telling me to go for a run!! THis never happens, I was thrilled. He is finally getting it, or at least some of the time:)

  338. Let’s see… skiing in Vail for the first time two weeks ago(especially if I forget about that moment when I realized I was stuck at the top of a double black diamond run), going for my first run yesterday in a week due to a sore IT band, and plans for valentines dinner tonight with my three boys: steak frites!!!

  339. I’ve felt a bit of sparkle on my last two outside runs: although the temperatures are still cold, there’s a whiff of spring in the air. It helps to set the mood for my day, and there’s a promise of good things to come.

  340. The sparkle in my life comes from the little things: the cup of coffee in bed brought to me by my husband, the hugs and kisses from my kids, the “sweaty, accomplished something good for myself” feeling after a run or a workout and good times with my mom friends who never fail to make me laugh.

  341. My student, Max, who has a horrid home life but always starts my mornings as though the day is going to be filled with sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns.

  342. I received a wonderful Valentines gift from my husband. I have been hunting for a deal on yoga classes in my area. He proved today that he really does listen to me. My gift-one month of unlimited yoga classes at core power yoga. That put a smile on my face!

  343. Recently moved and getting a little more sparkly each day as the family makes new friends and learns a little more about our new city.

  344. I am a nail biter. Or I should say I WAS a nail biter. My entire life I had that awful nervous habit, but I recently kicked it to the curb. My friend took me to get my first mani ever two weeks ago, and I picked out the boldest, sparkliest “ruby slipper red” shellac they had. “Go big or go home”, I said to the sweet little lady putting up with my excitement as she buffed and filed away years of self-destruction. My sparkly red nails make me smile because they remind me of a huge goal I conquered.

  345. My sparkly morning started at 4:30 a.m. I packaged valentine’s for my husband, 3 children, mother in law, great aunt, the girls at work, and my BRF. There were hearts and chocolate everywhere! Then, I went for my morning run! I love my life!

  346. A recent FaceTime conversation with my sister and 3 of my nephews, who could not help making goofy faces into the camera. 🙂

  347. Dressing up in Team Sparkle is on my running bucket list, so winning Team Sparkle gear would be awesome! My sparkle today is from the champagne I’m putting in French 75 cocktails tonight. The Valentine’s meal I’m making the fam isn’t super fancy (pork chops, sweet potatoes, green beans), but I’ll start it off with some appetizers and fancy drinks for me and the hubs. Making a regular day a little bit fancy makes my Valentines’ sparkly!

  348. I am coaching my first grader’s Odyssey of the Mind team. We had our first full run through of their Long Term Problem solution on Tuesday and they had me in stitches! These crazy creative and funny 7 year olds are adding some sparkle and shine to my life for sure!

  349. Being Valentines Day I am so thankful to have a husband and 2 middle school age girls at home and just found out that our new puppy was born yesterday. We will get to bring him home in 8 weeks, that’s a lot of sparkle!!

  350. Getting to eat lunch with my daughter at school yesterday (she was the special person of the week), seeing how excited she was for me to be there (even though I was late!) and then listening to her chit chat all lunch while forgetting to eat was very uplifting! Made my day!

  351. The other day my daughter came home from school and when she walked in the door she said “Wow, you look nice!” to me. Those are words I don’t hear very often around my house, especially from the kids! It sure made my smile bigger 🙂

    As a side note, that IS the most awesome race finish photo EVER!

  352. Watching my 8 yr old daughter helping her 5 yr old sister read a book and praising her all on her own – all while snuggled together under the covers in bed. A memory that will get me through all the bickering and fighting!

  353. Our family is going through a tough time right now, but my three little ones coming up and showering live on me definitely adds sparkle to my life!

  354. My son has just learned how to say “Sparkly” so I got him a Valentine with lots of glitter just so I could hear him say it. It was the most adorable thing to see him open his card in his crib this morning and say, “ooohhhh, sparkly” over and over again.

  355. My daughter who turned 2 in January has recently been showing extra *sparkle*, which adds immensely to my life. Her personality is really starting to shine! She’s super funny& playful (when her typical 2 tantrums aren’t showing).

  356. We had my son’s 3rd quarter conference the other day and the things his teacher said about him made my day particularly sparkly. 🙂

  357. I’m a Girl Scout leader, and my girls and I sparkled the heck out of our upcoming school fun fair. There was so much glitter we had to get a vacuum. Incidentally, you can get industrial tubs of pink glitter from you local craft store. 🙂

  358. I just started back running to try to loose weight. I am an avid tennis player and do some weight training but my cardio has been lagging other than the tennis which I only get to play 1-2 times a week. I started running maybe a month and half ago and am up to at least 5 days a week running anywhere from 3 to 5 miles. My sparkle moment was when I stepped on the scale today and I am down 7 pounds already! Running may not be my favorite activity but I love the effects it has on my body!

  359. My costume for the WDW Princess Half has actual sequins on it. If you’d told me three years ago that I’d be wearing running skirts and adorning myself with sequins for a race, I’d have thought you were crazy!

  360. The sparkle in my life right now is the most recent adoption of our English Pointer Belle and the decision to foster these gorgeous, smart, funny, sweet dogs as they are pulled from kill shelters down south and sent up north to find their Furever homes! giving back is a great sprakle maker!!

  361. This morning my husband woke me up with a (whole) tray of Chick-fil-A chicken minis and a huge pink teddy bear. It was so sweet and I just laughed about the entire tray of food! Don’t worry I did share the tray with my co-workers this morning!

    Saturday morning I did mile 8 mile run in my neighborhood wearing my pink team sparkle skirt. Last night I had several little girls from my neighborhood come up to me to ask me about my “pretty” running clothes. It was so sweet and really special to talk with the girls!

    Also Monday I turn 30!!!!! Need I say more.

  362. Recently when I workout at home and my two year old son is awake, he will ask to exercise with me and he’ll try to copy everything I do. When we are done we crank up the music and have a dance party!

  363. Love this contest. I have the perfect sparkle in my running life thanks to the AMR “Some day my PR will come” tank. The sparkly “PR” is not only beautiful, its just the motivation I need when I start to get tired.

  364. One of my great friends posted “The Mom Song” clip on my timeline this morning…I sure needed it…it been a rough couple of week with teenagers 🙂

  365. The sparkle in my life is most definitely my husband and 4 kids. I am also feeling pretty sparkle-y about the fact that I am making friends with the jogging stroller! It is great to be out and running again, especially with my 6 month old.

  366. I was definitely feeling all sparkly and proud last week, when I reached my goal of raising at least $5000 for the Spina Bifida Association! I’m running the half at the RnR NOLA race on Feb 24th, and it’s wonderful that I can enjoy the race, knowing I’ve already flown through the fundraising finish line. To date, I’ve raised over $5600! Hurray for Team Spina Bifida!

  367. I’ve been a runner/racer for about 4 years and just recently my husband started running. This past Saturday I had so much fun running Cupid’s Combo, a local 5 mile relay race with him,my first relay and his first race. Running with him truly is a dream come true.

  368. What’s added a little sparkle in my life is my new found motivation for training again. It has been missing for a long time, but now it’s back! Woohoo!

  369. My sparkle is my oldest daughter who went around last week(before it went viral) and put encouraging post-its on all the mirrors in the girls’ bathrooms in her middle school. The love she shows everyday and the spunk it took to think of that and do it(and she has now done all of the lockers as well~1167!!!!) blows my mind and she definitely sparkles and is a sparkle in my heart and eye always.

  370. While running on the greenway a few months ago, I lost my little floating heart (from Tiffany’s!) that my kids and husband had given me for Christmas one year. When I opened my Valentine’s present today from my husband, he had surprised me with a new one…just like the one I lost.

  371. I’ve been feeling super-charged and extra sparkly on my runs lately with new, FITTING, post-baby sports bras. In pink. It’s the little things, really.

  372. The sparkle in my life is being able to care for my two little girls. Having a roof over our heads and a husband who works so very hard to make it possible. (And being able to run) I love my life and all that I have!

  373. One of my favorite new things is a sparkly headband that I bought from Sparkly Souls ( They are absolutely beautiful, and they really hold back your hair! I liked mine so much that I ordered another color – pink – and also ordered one for my daughter, who is nursing a new baby and needs something comfortable to keep her hair out of the way. Check them out ~ you’ll be glad that you did! I first found them at a road race, but then searched for them online to get extra headbands.

  374. A very sparkly purple heart necklace on my desk this morning. It was made just for me by the 7 year old daughter of a friend. I have it around my neck as I write this and it is truly adding much needed sparkle to my life at this moment. Life is good!

  375. My recent sparkle moment was when I stepped on the scale and it read 10 pounds lighter than last month! I’m still workinkg on removing the excess poundage from my last baby.

  376. My sparkle today came from my daughter. She was so excited to give my husband and I the valentine’s cards she had made for us. She asked if she could just open them for us. It was so sweet.

  377. I was all a-sparkle after my last long run… 12 *pain-free* miles after many months of battling IT Band Syndrome! I’m not even sure the half-marathon for which it was preparation will be as moving.

  378. Full on sparkle entered my life this morning as I weighed in and discovered that since Jan. 1 I have lost 8.5 pounds!!! this is after increasing my running to three days a week, two days of grueling 60 minute workouts with a PT at 5 a.m. At 40-something it is no longer a matter of starving for a week and existing on chocolate pretzels and starbucks and losing 10 pounds. I’ve worked very hard and haven’t waivered. Gaining courage to tackle my first 10 miler in April; and if successful, my first half in May. My heart is full of sparkle and confidence today!!

  379. The adorably, hysterical Valentine’s Day card my daughter made for me has certainly added some sparkle to my day today. I love watching her creative spark!

  380. I struggled through a run this morning due to the cold air and tired legs. The ladies I ran with had encouraging words the entire route. Some days you have a bad run, but the friends at your side or that turn around to keep my sparkle going.

  381. What has added more than a little sparkle to my life recently are the trophies that my two children’s basketball teams won at their end of the season tournament!….Best season yet!!

  382. The exciting news that we are expecting our 3rd baby has added some sparkle to my life! Maybe this skirt will give my run the sparkle its been lacking this first trimester…

  383. What added sparkle to my day was when my 16 year old daughter came home and said she tried out for AND MADE the track & field team at school. When she was asked why she wanted to do track & field, her response was “I’m like mama, I just like to run”. This was one of the proudest moments I can think of. I have run for several years and never gave thought to how (or if) it affected my children. Now I know it did.

  384. My daughter adds so much sparkle to my life. Literally with all the glitter from art projects that can now be found on pretty much every piece of furniture. And figuratively as she always seems to keep her smile going, even after a long day.

  385. My kiddos brought my heart sparkles. This last week I have seen love in action as they help and encourage one another unselfishly. As mothers, I am sure you all know that when we see this kind of thoughtfulness from our children, we cherish it!

  386. I taught a high school student how to ride a bike. She never learned how to ride as a child and is going to Germany this summer. One of the planned activities is a bike tour. It definitely added sparkle to my day to see her push off and ride around the parking lot on her own. Now, on to learning how to change gears and riding in a straight line. 🙂

  387. The sparkles in my life came in the twinkle of my son’s blue eyes as he had found his own new valentine sweetie at a recent event. He apparently started chasing her with a foam bowling pin and she got a bowling pin too….they would run around chasing each other stop and tink bowling pins and then she would chase him. Lots of giggling and running. Makes this Mother runner proud.

  388. Waking up to a funny Valentine from my love, gave me my sparkle this morning, I was sad we can’t be together today but he’s already reminded me in a hundred ways how and why he loves me. Number 3 on the list was the fact that I laugh when I run…

  389. For me, I have found a spark through running. I am on week 5 of the couch to5k program. I have found so much more energy. I never thought I’d enjoy running. I am so glad I started this journey.

  390. We left the kids (2.5 and 1) with a babysitter and went out to eat to a restaurant last night– a NICE restaurant. And I got to eat my food without worrying a water glass was going to get pulled over, or if there was going to be a fight over playing with the candle, or if I’d even get to enjoy my food without sharing all of it. It was delightful! The best part, though, was that my husband agreed to go home earlier than planned, because while all that stuff was nice for a little while, I missed my babes!

  391. My husband had surgery last week and a the week before had a huge health scare, which lets be honest, wiped away most sparkle from our week. But the sparkle factor was my two girls. Ages 7 & 2 – and who knew they were cut out to be my little care taker helpers. They were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! So their willingness to help with whatever it was I asked and fits were kept to a minimum (she’s two.. still had a few!) They were the sparkle that kept me going the past two weeks.

  392. Writing a “love” note to put in my child’s lunch today. It made me sparkle knowing that he would read it and feel super special!!

  393. My sparkle today is watching how my two girls have grown. They were so cute getting ready this morning for school. And going off with their treats for their friends and classmates.

  394. Fitting into size 10 jeans. Something I haven’t been able to do since the 1st year or soy husband and I were together. 😉

    1. I just recently made it into a size 10 jean as well. My largest size was a 26. I haven’t been a 10 since high school. Congrats!

  395. We finally have tubes scheduled for my 1 year old son… he’s had the same ear infection since CHRISTMAS so fingers crossed that the tubes are the light at the end of this long winter sickness for my poor little man… That brings a little sparkle back to my life!