Spring is blooming in the AMR Shop!

It's spring in the northern hemisphere and a young (and not-so-young) BAMR's heart turns to fresh running gear. Finally, we can leave all of our heavy fleeces, wooly hats, and double-lined tights behind and leave the house with our arms and legs free.

Winter wasn't all bad, though. The cold and quiet gave us time to craft fresh designs that have that mother runner flair.


Tank #1: My Pace. My Peace.

We gave one of our favorite phrases a new life and a new look! The design went through a bunch of iterations on Instagram. Wowza. Just look at one of them:


We so thrilled with the lightweight 100% poly tech tank that your input helped us design. This loose, unstructured fit works well with capris, skirts, and shorts -- or any other bottom you may choose!

Tank #2 and Tank #3: Many happy miles in navy and pink:

"Many Happy Miles" is what AMR wishes for every mother runner as well as how we used to end the podcast and sign our books. We'd sign other people's books like that, too, but were asked to stop.

These tanks are fraternal twins -- both made from the same forgiving 100% poly tech fabric that wicks away the sweat and keeps in the awesome -- but in two colors. Go pink if you want to stand out in a race or on an early morning or late afternoon run. Go blue to move unseen like a panther.


Tech Tee #1: I’m a mother runner. Try to keep up. 

Who says you can't teach a mother runner new tricks? For the first-ever time we’ve made the back of top be the focal point. And like the My Pace. My Peace. tank, we ran through a bunch of designs on Instagram.

SBS asked for color preferences on Twitter: orange or pink. Based on feedback, she called an audible and went for undisclosed option three: bright, grassy green!

The fit on all of our tech tees is generous. Plus, they feel like cotton but wick and wear like the poly they are.

Tech Tee #2: Run Oregon/Many Green Miles

Designed mainly to be sold at the numerous local races SBS will be at in May, our Run Oregon tech tee is update of our Run Eugene tee, made fresh with new colors—and, on suggestion of Molly (Sarah’s BRF), a few sly woodland creatures peeking out of the forest. It's made from our super soft yet super strong tech fabric with a forgiving cut.


Lifestyle tee #1: Another Mother Runner block 

Sure, the phrase is familiar, but the look is all new—and we love it! Turn up the volume when you proclaim to the world what you are.

The tee is a slightly stretchy Bella tri-blend, which is soft and shrink-resistant. The scoop neck lays nicely without ever revealing more than you'd like. And it proclaims your mother runner pride everywhere you go.


Lifestyle tee #2: BAMR* 

This tee went through numerous iterations, trying to get the tagline right. In almost Goldilocks fashion, first it was too snarky, then too clunky, but now, thanks to Instagram input, we think it’s just right!

What do you think of all of our spring beauties? Which one(s) are you ready to get on your BAMR bod?

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  1. All the shirts are great! My personal favorite is the Run Oregon shirt. Beautiful colors and i love the green miles 🙂 I’ll have to find you at a spring race!

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