Strength/Cardio Circuit

“I get so sweaty doing this workout; I love it! I usually do this in the gym, so I'm naming the machines I use, but of course most could be done with just a pair of dumbbells if that's what you've got. I do 30 seconds at each spot and I use an interval timer (app on my phone) so I don't have to keep looking at my watch. I move to the next thing every time it dings. After the second time through I get a 1-minute ‘break’ and grab some water. Do circuit 4 times and follow up with a 3-4 mile run.  The below example focuses on triceps and biceps, but you can customize it to any muscle groups you want."
Jenni, another mother runner

—Free Motion Triceps

—Free Motion Biceps

—Tap feet (alternating) on step bench for 30 seconds

—Walking lunges with 10# weight overhead (arms straight) - I do this to the next machine I'm using - about 20 lunges?

—Matrix Biceps machine

—Matrix triceps machine

—Walking lunges back to original starting point (10# weight overhead)

—30 seconds Pop squats (or jump rope or run in place)

—Walking lunges to the dumbbell rack (about 20 - with the 10# weight overhead)

—Dumbbell hammer curls

—Walking lunges back to starting place

—Free motion reverse triceps



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